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CANSOF Begins Formal Fielding of SIG P320

In November 2020 a Canadian Special Operator had a negligent discharge with a SIG P320 pistol variant and suffered a wound. The pistol was just beginning fielding at the time but withdrawn from further service pending an investigation into the incident.

Shown is a SIG SAUER P320 X Carry. No details have been released regarding the exact model adopted by CANSOF.

In July 2021 CANSOF released the findings of that investigation exonerating the pistol.

Late last month the command issued a statement that they were once again moving forward with fielding the pistol. Interestingly, they don’t name the manufacturer or model.

Here is their statement:

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Statement on Bringing Weapon Fleet into Service Following the Unintended Discharge of a Holstered Pistol During Training

June 29, 2022 – Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) will bring into service a newly procured pistol. This decision is based on the outcomes of deliberate investigative and administrative processes examining the factors that led to the unintended discharge of a holstered pistol during a range training event on November 5, 2020.

Central to leadership’s decision to proceed with bringing the weapon fleet into service was ensuring members’ utmost confidence in the effectiveness and safety of their equipment and weapons.

The decision is based on the following factors:

• The investigation into the November 2020 incident concluded the weapon is technically sound and functioned according to the technical requirements.

•  Weapons technical experts trialed thousands of rounds without an incident reoccurrence.

• The investigation concluded the probability of this same incident reoccurring is assessed to be extremely low.

• Following the investigation, the Command assembled a working group consisting of operators, weapons experts and procurement specialists to develop and assess a number of options on the way ahead. The working group presented those options and analysis. The working group provided the recommendation to CANSOFCOM leadership to carry on with the process of bringing the pistol into service. Before a final decision was taken on the recommended way forward, leadership directed a third party safety/risk assessment occur.

• The third party safety/risk assessment provided additional information pertaining to the recommended way forward to the chain of command that assisted in informing the final decision.

Next steps

Bringing the weapon fleet with ancillary equipment into service will be conducted methodically and will adhere to the new Command implementation and fielding policies being introduced. Introducing these new policies is a direct result of implementing the investigation report’s recommendations. The safety of our members remains our top priority.

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