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WTF Offering Solution Dyed, Coreless 550 Paracord

WTF is excited to offer coreless, Berry & NIR compliant 550 paracord.  WTF’s paracord is made in the USA with solution dyed, INVISTA CORDURA® TRUELOCK™ yarn.  Solution dyed, as opposed to piece dyed, nylon yarn is inherently NIR compliant.  Excellent for zipper pulls, harness rigging, lacing, and more.  Because it is coreless, it’s more like a flat tubular webbing approx 2mm x 5mm as shown in the product pictures.

A coreless cord meters more consistently in automatic strip cutters and drastically reduces touch labor associated with gutting and heat sealing secondary ops.

Is it milspec?  Because PIA-C-5040 does not allow for solution dyed yarn, we can’t call this milspec.  This is otherwise made to as near milspec / PIA-C-5040 (superseding MIL-C-5040H) as possible.  If we didn’t use solution dyed yarn, it would be milspec.  In an ongoing effort for signature reduction, we chose solution dyed yarn for NIR compliance.

Not for life support or load bearing applications. wtfidea.com

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  1. Fun Facts says:

    It stops being “550” cord when you take the guts out.

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