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Colt Canada to Showcase New C8A4 Carbine During This Week’s Rampart Range Day & CANSEC

Colt Canada will be showcasing its C8A4 carbine as the conceptual prototype for the Canadian military’s ‘Canadian Modular Assault Rifle’ program at the upcoming Rampart Range Day on May 28 and the CANSEC 2024 trade show in Ottawa, ON Canada May 29 & 30.

I’m looking forward to seeing this as these guys are very much a dark horse in the small arms field, and consistently punch above their weight, having been selected by the Danish and Dutch armed forces as their principal small arms supplier, UK SF with the L119 family of carbines, as well as other NATO and allied SF and tactical law enforcement agencies worldwide.

4 Responses to “Colt Canada to Showcase New C8A4 Carbine During This Week’s Rampart Range Day & CANSEC”

  1. NTX says:

    Is that the same MUR that is subject to LMT’s patents?

    • NTX says:

      It’s also interesting that this is notated as the “General Service” concept, yet appears to have an ~11.5” barrel…which seems rather short for a general issue carbine.

      • Cuvie says:

        Yes, this is the monolithic upper which means that they’re paying LMT royalties for it.

        Colt Canada seems willing to eat that cost if they get a big contract since they’ve been making the IUR and MRR rifles for European military customers.

        Apparently, they’re also looking at making a 77 grain round as standard

        • LAV says:

          As far as I know LMT’s patent is expired in Canada[CA2485710C]. So unless they sell them inside the US they shouldn’t have to pay LMT anything? On a related note LMT’s patent in the US expires in 2026.

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