The DesignateIR-V Three Beam Laser Green Visible / Infrared Laser / VCSEL IR Illuminator from US Night Vision by 3EIR

Made in the USA, the Designate IR-V laser is the smallest and lightest, three beam, tactical rifle laser available today. Built from synthetic nylon, this laser is designed to withstand recoil and will perform in all weather conditions. The Designate IR-V’s set-it, forget-it zero allows the user to zero the visible laser once. Then, both laser sights are precisely co-witnessed for accuracy. The laser’s small footprint lies below the weapons line of sight and allows the user to effortlessly switch to iron sights. The user controls have been carefully engineered for minimal drag, reliability, and ease of use. The newly added illuminator utilizes VCSEL technology providing illumination with exceptional distance and beam quality. Comparable products cost well over $3000.00. The Designate IR-V offers the end user options that they can afford. Simple user controls and a small footprint are just a few of the reasons to own one. Best of all, US Night Vision has introduced this new laser at an extremely competitive price point. The included CQB Filter diffuses the beam and provides perfect illumination for close up / indoor work where long-range illumination is not needed.

Ease of use and compatibility are some of the main driving forces behind the DesignateIR-V™ to include operation and aftermarket accessories.

• 4 Output modes, Green Pointer (Vis), IR Pointer, IR Pointer & VCSEL Illuminator, VCSEL Illuminator

• Centralized Arisaka Fire Button & Crane Remote Jack Port

• CQB Filter to switch between Spot & Flood on the VCSEL Illuminator

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