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Camelbak’s New Products

Camelbak unveiled a couple of new technologies the recent OR Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. While they are intended for the commercial outdoor market, they have great applicability in the tactical realm as well.

Camelbak All Clear

The All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier kills 99.9% of bacteria. Purification is pretty easy. Fill the bottle with debris-free water. Then install the cap, press the button and in 80 seconds you have treated water indicated by a check on the LCD screen. However, you do have to flip the bottle upside down every ten seconds to make sure that it's being thoroughly treated. Once purified, remove the UV bulb, store it in the protective sheath and enjoy.

The water bottles will be offered with two different power sources. The first uses CR123 battery that will provide 70-90 liters of purified water before replacement. The second one, will use rechargeable CR123s that provide 32-36 liters per charge. The UV bulb lasts for 8,000 cycles which is enough to purify three liters per day for 6 1/2 years. The All Clear cap will fit 63-mm water bottles so you can use it with various brands.

Camelbak Flow Meter

The Flow Meter is designed to measure how much fluid has been consumed, how much remains in the reservoir, and how much time remains until the reservoir is empty. It can also be set to see if you are consuming fluid at a preset rate in order to help avoid heat injuries. While new reservoirs will be available with the Flow Meter already installed, units will be available to modify existing products.

These products will be available as early as Fall 2009 from Camelbak.


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