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Hill People Gear – Decker Pack System Expanded

February 26th, 2021

First released in 2019, Hill People Gear’s Decker Pack System Initially consisted of Decker Pocket, Decker Frame and Prairie Belt.

The Decker Frame shares the same frame and suspension elements as the Ute Pack.

The design of the Decker Frame allows it to accept any other pack bags which will fit within its compression straps which cradle the bag. In this photo, you can also see the hypalon capture flap that wraps around the bottom of a load and creates a shelf which is ideal for carrying out game meat from the backcountry or awkward loads.

Now they’ve added three new interchangeable packbag options, increasing the versatility of the system.

Decker Packbag – Small

The small Decker Packbag is 45L / 2500ci and shares the same dimensions as the Decker Pocket. It is a stripped down version of the pocket that does away with the buckles and the sewn-in hypalon center yoke. The Small Decker Packbag is offered in 500d Cordura and a lightweight sil-nylon. This pack size is meant for day hikes/hunts, but can be used for summer overnights if packed accordingly.

Decker Packbag – Medium

The medium Decker Packbag is a slick version of the Ute pack with a 60L / 3600ci capacity. It will be available in March in 500d Cordura and a lightweight sil-nylon. This is a good all-around option that can handle summer multiday trips, winter overnights, or be compressed down to a large day-pack.

Decker Packbag – Large

At 100 L / 6000 ci the large Decker Packbag is the largest packbag designed to be used with the Decker Frame. It shares the same Dimensions as the qui-Ya pack. This will handle winter multi-day trips but can still be compressed down to a fairly small size. Combine this with the small sil-nylon packbag so you can ditch the larger bag when you get to camp and run the small bag on your day hikes/hunts. It is available in 500d Cordura and a lightweight sil-nylon.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: OEM Spotlight Boydd Products

February 26th, 2021

It’s Friday and we’re kicking off the first FirstSpear OEM Partner Series of 2021. We’ll take a look at an OEM company that FS has partnered with and the equipment they produce. Today we are checking out American equipment company, Boydd Products.

How did Boydd Products get its start?
Boydd Products, Inc. was founded in 2015 by retired Police Sergeant James Boydd to provide law enforcement agencies direct distributor access to quality protective equipment at an affordable price. Boydd Products is a proud distributor for AVON Protection’s line of APR’s (Air Purifying Respirators) and Ceradyne brand ballistic helmets. Boydd Products is also a distributor for 3M Peltor and Paulson Manufacturing. In addition to distribution, Boydd Products has designed and developed its own line of products to include the patented rifle rated Compact Response Shields, Pat-Down Props training kits, and NIJ compliant rifle rated armor plates.

What new products do you have for 2021?
In 2021, Boydd Products has designed and will be releasing three new products to include: the new, patent-pending armored flip panel extension accessory for the rifle rated ballistic Compact Response Shield (CRS21), an innovative new patented straight baton for riot control and patrol use, and the Advanced Riot Shield (ARS) designed specifically for mounted units (motors, bicycle, and equestrian teams), allowing the shield to be stored on the user’s upper back, yet quickly deployable.

There are options for private label manufacturing all around the world, how did you find us and why did you ultimately choose FirstSpear OEM manufacturing?
We were already familiar with FirstSpear as we attend many of the same trade shows and conferences. Our experiences with the FirstSpear trade show staff have always been friendly, helpful and positive. Additionally, many of our existing customers utilize FirstSpear products and highly recommended them. For our OEM project we reached out to three different manufacturers to evaluate quality, durability, production capabilities and affordability. In mid-2020, Boydd Products made a trip to FirstSpear in Fenton, Missouri, and took a tour of the facility to see their operation firsthand. Besides producing a superior product, what impressed us the most was FirstSpear’s genuine interest in our product and their commitment to meet the detailed manufacturing needs of the OEM customer. This attention to detail resulted in minimal revisions during prototyping. The prototypes were high quality and produced in a short period of time. The choice was easy.

Why was Made in the USA important to the brand?
First of all, we know that when a product is made in the USA it creates jobs at U.S. factories. These jobs help support communities and provide more opportunities for the American worker. We are proud to contribute to that process. Also, having direct oversight here in the U.S. is a plus when it comes to managing quality control. When it comes to textiles and tactical gear, no one does it better than here in the U.S.

What sets your product apart from others on the market?
There are many great ballistic shield designs available from a variety of top notch manufacturers. Each are designed with a specific purpose. The rifle rated Boydd Compact Response Shield differs in that it is generally more compact (hence its name), lighter weight (7.5 lb. and 10 lb. panels) and modular in design. This fast moving, center mass ballistic shield can be carried and utilized by first responders and warfighters of varying sizes and strengths with less fatigue. When not in use, the shield can be slung and secured high on the user’s back. It can also be transported and quickly deployed from a vehicle, aircraft, watercraft or other confined area. The 6/12 FirstSpear Molle webbing and Velcro allows for attachments such as shield lights, medical kits, ammunition pouches, and weapon support brackets. An additional armored flip panel accessory can be attached to increase the area of coverage if desired (CRS21). The Boydd Compact Response Shield is available in 21” and 26” sizes and can be ordered in a variety of colors (Ranger Green, Black, Coyote, multicam & other custom patterns).

Why did you choose FS technology?
The CRS shield cover is built using FirstSpear’s 6/12 Modular Platform Technology. This technology has already been proven in the field and has been utilized by tactical teams all over the world for years. In addition, this platform provides our customers a newer and lighter weight version of our previous shield cover without sacrificing strength and durability.

For more information, check out

For more information about FirstSpear and OEMs, contact [email protected].

Tactics & Applications, LLC Acquires, Solidifying Hub of Online Shooting Community

February 26th, 2021

For nearly 20 years, has been regarded as the definitive source for factual discussion, learning, and exchange of ideas in an online forum for the tactical shooting community. For those in martial professions such as Law Enforcement, Military, or Security Contracting; it set the tone and standard for experiential and fact based input for the greater gun community. This is but one of many legacy footprints that can be attributed to the late Pat Rogers and many other esteemed and noteworthy members.

Since 2017, Tactics & Applications has provided members of the 2A community a social media based service they never had previously; a place where they could speak directly (and casually) to some of the greatest minds the industry has to offer. All this without their questions and discussions being marred, muddied, or distracted by conflicts of interest or irrelevant input from those lacking experience or credibility in the topics being discussed. This to ensure they get not only the information they are looking for, but with the proper context and frame of reference.

With the current state of affairs across both the political spectrum and social media landscapes, it is imperative that professionals and 2A enthusiasts alike have an unbiased safe haven for discussion, education, and community. Tactics & Applications has acquired to ensure that the atmosphere and avenues conducive to producing and archiving the information both entities are known for are safe and secure going forward. The sanctity and preservation of these information sources is therefore guaranteed beyond the whim and auspices of social media moguls, politicians, and other questionable actors.

The most historically relevant collection of data and experience known throughout the firearms industry and tactical end-user community, and the most recently relevant aggregate of quality content and discussion between the generators and audience thereof have now been combined under one roof. All this to ensure the longevity and proper care of the information and surrounding community trusted across the country with life & death conversation and decision making.

Founder and CEO of Tactics & Applications, LLC, Frank Woods, says “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be the curator of the great base of information that is Lightfighter, and the opportunity to continue the legacy of the forum, while making improvements to both communities for the good of all 2A enthusiasts.” He went on to say, “The gravity of this honor is ever present and I do not take it lightly. I’m proud of my team and their hard work to make this acquisition happen, and we are as excited as ever to move forward with the community.”

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Vortakt Barrel Works Adds Fully Automated Manufacturing Cell

February 25th, 2021

Groundbreaking technology expands production capacity in response to firearm industry demand

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (February 25, 2021) – Vortakt Barrel Works announced today that it is adding a fully automated manufacturing cell to expand its barrel blank production capacity, further improving the level of support offered to OEM firearm manufacturers.

“The market for firearms has seen incredible growth throughout 2020 and into 2021. Vortakt’s close working relationship with our sister division UNISIG allows us to rapidly expand our production volume to meet market demands. Adding this new automation cell is just the next step in our continued march toward unparalleled manufacturing excellence.” said Chad Weister, Division Manager of Vortakt Barrel Works.

The manufacturing cell is designed to improve upon the barrel blank manufacturing process and incorporates the following machines:

• Two UNISIG UNI-10-4-2i-450-CR Gundrills, each with 2 spindles to drill and ream barrel blanks, enabling all 4 spindles to run simultaneously.

• One UNISIG R-2A-1000 Button Rifling machine designed to function in tandem with the gun drilling and reaming operations.

• A Fanuc M-20iA Robot to transfer blanks from a drop-in feeder through each operation with engineered precision while also handling rifling tool exchange between each barrel blank, eliminating the need for any manual material handling.

With robotic automation driving the production process, the new manufacturing cell will be able to manufacture thirty barrels each hour, for a total capacity exceeding 3,600 barrels per week. The cell is designed to accommodate the most popular pistol and AR-15 barrel designs currently on the market.

For more information on Vortakt’s new fully automated manufacturing cell, visit

Elite Shotgun Shooters Hawley, Horton, Cherry, Frauens and More Join Team Remington

February 25th, 2021

Lonoke, Arkansas – February 16, 2021 – Remington Ammunition has announced its formation of an elite team of shooters who will compete in top national and worldwide competitions in 2021. The building of Remington’s strongest team ever included recruiting seven of today’s top shooters across all shotgun disciplines. 

For Trap, the team has signed Sean Hawley of Vernal, Utah and Chase Horton of St. Charles, Illinois. For Skeet, Clay Baldwin of Corona Del Mar, California and Lauren Burge of Mount Pleasant, Texas joined the team. Also representing Team Remington, for Skeet, Reanna Frauens of Coral Springs, Florida, Michael Luongo of Chester, South Carolina and Master NSSA instructor and 24-time NSSA World Champion Todd Bender. Finally, representing team Remington, in the sporting clays division is Tennessee’s Wendell Cherry, a world-renowned coach and sporting clays champion in the PSCA and FITASC circuits Cherry, from Red Boiling Springs, TN was the recent High Overall at the Zoli Classic, held at the South Florida Shooting Club in Palm City, Florida January 28-31, 2021.

“We’ve assembled a great group of driven and highly skilled ambassadors from the competitive shooting world who can win any event they are competing in,” said Jason Nash, V.P. of Marketing for Remington Ammunition. “These talented individuals are both great role models and great shooters—which is the theme for Team Remington—and guiding principles for how we choose our members.”

The list of career accomplishments from these athletes throughout their competitive shooting careers shows a true dedication and passion for the shooting sports.

Sean Hawley, an ATA Hall of Fame member, is one of the best All-Around shooters in the ATA competitive circuit. He is noted for his Doubles shooting and has won many awards at the Grand American. Sean is a multiple-time first team All-American and is involved daily in the shooting world as a gun club owner and the current editor of Trapshooting USA magazine. Chase Horton is the 2020 ATA Captain of the Open All-American team and has also won the 2019 HOA at the Grand American.

Both Clay Baldwin and Lauren Burge are the current World Skeet HOA champions and are the 2021 Captains of their respective All-American teams for the NSSA.

Reanna Frauens is an upcoming shooter and freshman at the University of Florida. She has won many awards in SCTP in both sporting and trap and is the current National Sporting Clay champion in the women’s FITASC event. A key talent, Michael Luongo is a serious contender at any competition he enters and has many major wins in his career.

Find legendary Remington ammunition at dealers nationwide and online. For more information on Remington ammunition and accessories, visit


Safariland Introduces Two Enhanced Armor Systems

February 25th, 2021

SHIFT 360 Scalable Plate Rack System and FAV (Fast Attack Vest)

ONTARIO, California – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets,  announced today that it has released two new highly customizable armor systems: the SHIFT 360 Scalable Plate Rack System and the FAV (Fast Attack Vest).

“Safariland’s armor represents the best embodiment of its mission statement: Together, We Save Lives,” James Duncan, VP/GM of Armor for Safariland said. “These new armor systems will offer even more flexibility for those who serve. The SHIFT 360 offers maneuverability and adaptable, user customizable coverage for the most extreme threats. And the FAV allows for life-saving protection for those who prioritize speed.”

The third generation, SHIFT 360 is scalable plate rack system designed to accommodate multiple sizes ranging from small to extra-large SAPI plates. The lightweight, highly durable, flex internal lining system ensures a tight and secure fit and will support a variety of plate thicknesses. And the SHIFT is available with either Advanced Webless System with our new proprietary Divergent MOLLE (AWS) in 500D Cordura® nylon, or Traditional Modular Webbing (TMW) in 500D Cordura® nylon (Coming soon).

The SHIFT 360 is available in Black, Navy, Ranger Green, Tan, Multicam, Tactical Green, and Coyote.

The Gen 3 FAV provides front, back, shoulder and side soft armor ballistic coverage. The independent, bottom-loading front and rear rifle plate pockets accommodate 10”x12” and SAPI plate sizes. Our new external cummerbund system provides enhanced fit and adjustability with proprietary attachment options for Velcro or First Spear Tubes. An internal flex-pouch accommodates radio and accessory storage, while SWIFT Clip attachment offers compatibility with a variety of different pouch systems.

The FAV is available in Black, Navy, Ranger Green, Tan, Multicam, Tactical Green, and Coyote.

Princeton Tec Introduces New, Self-Contained Headlamp to MPLS Family

February 25th, 2021

Pennsauken, NJ – February 25, 2021 – Princeton Tec, manufacturer of headlamps and personal lighting for the outdoor, tactical, industrial and SCUBA markets, has announced the newest addition to the MPLS (Modular Personal Lighting System) Headlamp family, the Vizz Tactical – MPLS.

The Vizz Tactical – MPLS is feature-rich, with a dimmable 420 lumens white spot, making it the brightest of the series, and the 50 lumens dimmable white flood allows for close-up tasks.

For those requiring special light, the Vizz Tactical – MPLS is equipped with four color LEDS: red, blue, green and IR – all available in the same light and are programmable to set the preferred order of illumination. Each of the distinct beam profiles and customizations are easily accessed via a simple press, hold or double press of the large, easy-to-find push button located at the top of the light.

When not in use the Vizz Tactical – MPLS can be locked to prevent accidental turn on to prevent the 3AAA batteries from becoming drained. As with all of PTEC Professional Series headlamps, the Vizz Tactical – MPLS is waterproof (IPX7) and is equipped with regulated circuitry making it lithium battery compatible.

“Princeton Tec provides the best lighting solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs,” said Princeton Tec Vice President, Dave Cozzone. “As an American manufacturer, we take pride in delivering top-quality lighting products and meeting the needs of our war fighters who continue to put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms.”

VIZZ Tactical – MPLS Specs:

420 Lumens

1 Maxbright LED
1 Red Ultrabright LED
1 Blue Ultrabright LED
1 Green Ultrabright LED
1 IR Ultranight LED

Burn Time:
110 Hours

3AAA (Included) / Lithium Compatible

3.20z / 92g

IPX7 (1 Meter)

The Vizz Tactical – MPLS is available for purchase through authorized Princeton Tec dealers, or visiting

New Mini All-In-One Torque Driver from Fix It Sticks

February 25th, 2021

Chicago, IL- Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters has introduced the Mini All-In-One torque driver. Available individually, the Mini All-In-One provides five torque values commonly needed by expert and professional shooters into one compact driver. Developed from requests and input from shooters, the Mini All-In-One has torque values on the lower end of the scale useful for smaller, more detailed tasks such as tightening certain pistol sights, scope mounts, polymer accessories and rails and other soft material applications.

Using the Mini All-In-One is quick and easy because there are no settings to adjust or hassle with before use. Simply install any ¼” bit or socket into the Mini All-In-One as needed and tighten the fastener until the proper torque is achieved. A precise, graduated torque scale is laser etched on the side to indicate the torque value as it is applied. The settings marked on the side are 6 inch-pounds, 10 inch-pounds, 15 inch-pounds, 20 inch-pounds, and 25 inch-pounds. The Mini All-In-One can also be used to apply torque in between the specified settings by watching the inch-pounds indicator as torque is being applied.

The new Mini All-In-One Torque Driver kit works with all of the Fix It Sticks T-handle wrenches or any ¼” hex bit driver.

Perfect for use at the range or in the field, the Mini All-In-One Torque Driver is a great addition to any tool kit and has an MSRP of $55.00.