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L3Harris and Air Tractor Display AT-802U Sky Warden ISR Strike Platform at SOFIC

May 16th, 2022

L3Harris and Air Tractor, Inc. are teamed to produce the affordable, production-ready aircraft designed for airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and strike missions in extreme combat environments.

L3Harris also will have an interactive Sky Warden systems integration lab in SOFIC Booth #813 to demonstrate the multi-sensor operator experience.

The multi-mission platform provides the operator agility and flexibility to identify, track and react to counter threats and merges the capabilities of larger ISR and armed aircraft into one resilient package. It is also capable of takeoff and landing on unimproved airstrips – allowing the aircraft to be deployed and co-located with special mission operators. Learn more at www.L3Harris.com/SkyWarden.

See Eagle Industries at SOF SELECT

May 16th, 2022

Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation’s The SOF Online Auction & Raffle

May 16th, 2022

Task Force Dagger Special Operation Foundation (TFDSOF) will be the beneficiary of the SOF Online Auction & Raffle presented by Cubic, which is open now and closing May 17 at 8PM EDT.

Auction items include a Sig Sauer MCX SPEAR Kit, Framed American Flag swam during the 2021 Navy SEAL Hudson River swim, an Omega watch, Richard Childress Racing VIP NASCAR Experience, Horse Soldier Bourbon Autographed Commanders Select Box, Rustick Knives Tomahawk, HS Precision Rifle Package, Richard Childress Racing VIP NASCAR Experience, plus items from Daniel Defense, Kaatsu Global, Benelli, Glock, HUXWRX, JP Enterprises, ACTinBlack, Proof Research, Hammer Rifles, Black Hills Ammunition, Gentex, Vista Outdoor, Patagonia Lost Arrow Project, Beyond, Engense Armor, and many more.  We truly have something for everyone, Firearms, Firearm Accessories & Optics, Ammunition, Knives, Patriotic Themed items, Clothing, Sports Memorabilia, Sunglasses, Golf Products, and much more!

Our goal is to raise $60,000, and all funds raised though the SOF Auction & Raffle will directly impact families of the Special Operations Community and 100% of the proceeds will be applied to TFDSOF’s three core programs: Immediate Needs, Rehabilitative Events, and the SOF Health Initiatives Program.

To bid on an item or learn more about this fundraising event, please visit: tfdf.cbo.io


Sellmark acquires INFORCE: Bright Future Ahead!

May 16th, 2022

Adds top-tier firearm- and helmet-mounted lighting solutions

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – With much of the business world static and sheltering through the pandemic, Sellmark has continued to push forward and realize significant business growth. Sellmark is excited to emphasize the company’s growth with the addition of INFORCE, a top-tier lighting solution brand designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, military, security agencies and citizens.    

“We’re excited to add INFORCE to our family of brands. The brand and products are a perfect fit for Sellmark,” stated Sellmark founder and chief executive officer, James Sellers. “We strive to be the number one developer of brands and products for outdoor lifestyles. Given the robust customer base of military, law enforcement and quality-minded customers, the INFORCE brand fits seamlessly with our mission.”  

United States made and trusted globally, INFORCE offers branded and OEM products worldwide to producers, distributors, agencies and consumers. While customers currently employ INFORCE light systems internationally, Sellmark’s global resources ensure INFORCE devices are recognized, accessible and utilized on all six inhabited continents.

“Since day one, INFORCE has been committed to providing industry-leading rifle and pistol lights and accessories,” said Matthew Wolfe of INFORCE. “We are excited to partner with Sellmark and continue our commitment to quality products for our consumers and military and law enforcement partners.”

Currently, INFORCE produces standalone flashlights and light systems mountable to pistols, rifles and helmets for every outdoor scenario, from camping and low-light shooting or hunting to high-stakes, close-quarter operations. INFORCE light systems are available with high-intensity LED lighting from 400 to 1,000 lumens, as well as up to 400 Mw infrared illumination for night-vision compatibility.

Be Sure To Visit SOF SELECT

May 16th, 2022

SOF SELECT showcases those smaller companies that make a big, direct impact om the capabilities of SOF. The list of vendors continues to grow.

What you need to know:

-Pre-registration is not required

-No on-site check in

-SOFIC conference pass is not required to access SOF SELECT

-Connect with your brand POCs for more details or to schedule a time to connect at the show

See you there!

French Army Announces New Camouflage for 2024

May 16th, 2022

Last week the French Army announced that it is adopting a new camouflage pattern beginning in 2024.

The new Multi-environmental Bariolage (BME) will replace the currently used Central Europe and Desert patterns with a single pattern. According to research, it takes an observer 25% more time to detect a Soldier wearing BME than the older patterns.

Although BME appears similar to patterns worn by the US, UK, and other countries using MultiCam derivatives, the French explain it is inspired by the “Brun terre de France” color used for French military vehicles (seen below) and triangular motifs reminiscent of the camouflage of Scorpion program vehicles which will roll out simultaneous with the new camouflage.

Designed by the Technical Section of the Army, BME combat clothing was developed by the Army Commissariat Service. The French have budgeted 200 million euros and will begin issue in 2024. The uniform cut is the new Fighter 2020 F3 uniform developed under the FELIN program which is FR.

NGSW Signifies an Evolution in Soldier Lethality

May 16th, 2022

WASHINGTON –- The future Soldier will soon be significantly more lethal.

The Army recently announced that the Next Generation Squad Weapon, the XM5 rifle and XM250 light machine gun will replace the M4/M16 rifle and the 249 light machine gun, with some Soldiers expected to receive the weapons by the fourth quarter of 2023. New Hampshire-based weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer was awarded the contract.

The new weapon system will use the 6.8 mm family of ammunition instead of the 5.56 mm ammunition the M4/M16 utilized. The 6.8 mm has proven to outperform most modern 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition against a full array of targets.

“We should know that this is the first time in our lifetime – this is the first time in 65 years the Army will field a new weapon system of this nature, a rifle, an automatic rifle, a fire control system, and a new caliber family of ammunition,” said Brig. Gen. Larry Burris, the Soldier Lethality Cross-Functional Team director. “This is revolutionary.”

Army units that engage in close-quarters combat will be the first to receive the weapons including those with 11B infantrymen, 19D cavalry scouts,12B combat engineers, 68W medics, and 13F forward observers.

According to Brig. Gen. William M. Boruff, the program executive officer in the Joint Program Executive Office, the course of action to support readiness with the new ammunition is going to be carried out through a combined effort of the industrial base at Sig Sauer and the Lake City Ammunition Plant.

“Now, consider preparing a new weapon fielding starting with absolutely zero inventory and the industrial base being established. It’s daunting,” Boruff said.

Despite starting from the ground up the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant has actively began producing rounds during the prototyping process and will continue to provide ammunition in the future.

In 1964, before the Army entered the Vietnam conflict, the M16A1 rile was introduced into the service’s weapons rotation. It was a significant improvement on the M14 rifle, and it became the standard service rifle for Soldiers.

“The Next Generation Squad Weapon and ammunition will provide an immense increase in the capability for the close-combat force,” said Brig. William Boruff, program executive officer for armaments and ammunition.

In 2017, the Small Arms Ammunition Configuration Study identified capability gaps, and in 2018, the Next Generation Squad Weapon program was established to counter and defeat emerging protected and unprotected threats.

“We are here to establish overmatch against near-peer adversaries, and that is more urgent and relevant today than any time in recent history,” Burris said. “We are one giant step closer to achieving overmatch against global adversaries and threats that emerge on the battlefield of today and tomorrow.”

During the prototyping phase, the NGSW outperformed the M4 and M249 at all ranges, and leaders said that the maximum effective ranges will be validated during another testing phase.

Burris said that with the help of industry partners, the Army accelerated through an acquisition process that normally takes eight to 10 years to complete in only 27 months.

More than 20,000 hours of user feedback from about 1,000 Soldiers were collected during 18 Soldier touch points and more than 100 technical tests have shaped the design of the NGSW system. The Army will continue to improve on the weapon systems by combining new technology while decreasing size, weight, power and cost.

“This is a process driven by data and shaped by the user, the Soldier who will ultimately benefit on the battlefield,” Burris said. “The Soldier has never seen this full suite of capabilities in one integrated system.”

“We committed to kitting the Soldier and the squad as an integrated combat platform in order to introduce and enhance capabilities holistically. We are committed to creating an architecture that facilitates technology growth and capability integration across those platforms,” Burris added.

The XM5, which weighs about two pounds heavier than the M4, and the XM250, which is about four pounds lighter, are still in their prototype phase and may change slightly by the time it is out for mass production. The XM5 weighs 8.38 pounds and 9.84 with the suppressor. The XM250 weighs 13 pounds with a bipod and 14.5 with the suppressor.

Currently the XM5 basic combat load is seven, 20-round magazines, which weighs 9.8 pounds. For the XM250 the basic combat load is four 100-round pouches, at 27.1 pounds. For comparison: the M4 carbine combat load, which is seven 30-round magazines, weighs 7.4 pounds, and the M249 light machine gun combat load, which is three 200-round pouches, weighs 20.8 pounds.

The overall length of the weapons with suppressors attached are 36 inches long for the XM5 and 41.87 inches long for the XM250. The barrel of the XM5 is 15.3 inches long and the XM250 is 17.5 inches long. The barrel on the XM250 is also not considered a quick-change barrel like the M249.

“We are facilitating the rapid acquisitions of increased capabilities to enhance the ability of the Soldier and the squad to fight, win, and survive on the modern battlefield,” Burris said.

By SSG Michael Reinsch, Army News Service

Safariland Brand Ambassador KC Eusebio Takes Home 9th World Speed Shooting Championship

May 15th, 2022

ONTARIO, Calif. – KC Eusebio continued his storied success at last weekend’s World Speed Shooting Championship. Eusebio finished First Overall in the Open Division for the ninth time—becoming the first-ever shooter to do so. Eusebio runs a Safariland 015 Holster and Model 773 Mag Pouches in a full schedule of competitions.

KC Eusebio’s shooting career began at the age of eight, and for much of his adult life, he has been a regular atop the podium. Eusebio has numerous World Championships under his belt in several disciplines. He hails from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and has taught hundreds of soldiers and civilians.

“Being the first to win nine World Speed Shooting Championships is definitely a highlight of my shooting career,” said Eusebio. “Speed is the name of the game and there might not be any shooting competition where the speed and quantities of the draw play such an impact on your performance as it does in the World Speed Shooting Championships. Once again, Safariland has helped me capture another milestone victory at the highest level of competition shooting. A big thank you to my Safariland family for always supporting me with the best holsters and gear.”

The World Speed Shooting Championship is considered by many to be the pinnacle of handgun competitions across the globe. It pits the top shooters in the world against each other and is sponsored by the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and the Steel Challenge Shooting Association.

When he is not competing, Eusebio is an avid hunter and conservationist and continues to instruct shooters of all types and skill levels, including the Special Operations community.

Eusebio’s background, list of accomplishments and contact information are available on Safariland’s website as well as his own.