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Wilcox Industries Wins Significant Contract to Supply the Ruggedized Aiming/Illumination Device – Enhanced [RAID Xe] to the Dutch Armed Forces

May 21st, 2024

NEWINGTON, NH – In early 2024, Wilcox delivered the Wilcox RAID Xe to the Dutch Armed Forces following its selection after several months of rigorous testing and verification throughout 2023. The contract, awarded in late 2023, encompassed a substantial quantity of the Wilcox RAID Xe compact and potent laser aiming device.

The Wilcox Ruggedized Aiming/Illumination Device – Enhanced, commonly referred to as the RAID Xe, stands out as one of the most compact laser aiming devices currently available in the market today. Equipped with several integrated features, such as a dedicated room illuminator and a customizable remote port compatible with a variety of remotes, the RAID Xe distinguishes itself from other competitors. The RAID Xe comes in black or coyote/black exterior housings, offering red or green visible lasers, along with remote pads tailored to meet the specific needs of end users. Employing VCSEL laser diode technology for sharp and clear illumination, the RAID Xe represents the pinnacle of advanced design, all contained within a housing the size of a business card and weighing under 360 grams.

The selection process and subsequent award were achieved through collaboration and support via our Master Distributor for the BENELUX and the Scandinavian Region, ARLE – Applied Research Laboratory Europe. Manufacturing of the RAID Xe unit (pictured below) will take place at Wilcox’s expanding headquarters facility in Newington, NH, USA.

In response to the award, James Teetzel, CEO, stated, “Wilcox is always listening to our customers. It is their collective guidance that has allowed Wilcox to design, develop, and now offer our next-generation RAID Xe laser module to their security forces. We are honored and privileged to provide meaningful equipment to protect the sovereignty of the Dutch Armed Forces and the country they protect.”

Wilcox RAID Xe

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Tactical Tuesday: Revamped Recon Tactical Pant

May 21st, 2024

The Vertx® Recon Pant has evolved into the Recon Flex and Recon X Pant – revamped tactical pants engineered to conquer your mission requirements. Crafted from a lightweight stretch mini-ripstop fabric (Recon X made with No Melt No Drip fabric), they deliver uncompromising durability and performance. Their athletic fit ensures maximum comfort without sacrificing a professional appearance.

Our redesigned cargo pockets are deeper, providing ample storage capacity for all your mission-critical gear. The adjustable kneepad panels with hook and loop closures allow you to cinch them down effortlessly, ensuring a secure fit and unrestricted mobility.

The Recon Flex Pant is available in OD Green, while the Recon X Pant is available in Navy, Ranger Green, and Scorpion. Gear up with confidence, knowing that our pants are built to withstand the toughest challenges, keeping you prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Marine Corps Set to Receive New Light Assault Weapon System

May 21st, 2024

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — Marine Corps Systems Command is pleased to announce the acquisition of the M72 Light Assault Weapon Fire from Enclosure Munition. The M72 LAW Fire from Enclosure (FFE) is a compact, lightweight, single-shot weapon system.

It incorporates an improved launcher featuring an enhanced in-line trigger mechanism and improved sling design. The M72 FFE comprises two configurations: the M72A8 anti-armor and the M72A10 multi-purpose, anti-structure munition. The M72A8 contains a high-explosive charge warhead that improves armor penetration, while the M72A10 provides Marines with increased capability for eliminating structures.

The M72 FFE is designed to deliver versatility and reliability, enabling Marines to counter threats effectively in close-range combat. Its performance is optimized for urban environments, vehicles, and complex terrain, ensuring operational effectiveness in these challenging scenarios.

The M27A FFE variants will replace the current LAW weapon system capability. The new system
allows Marines to fire multiple shots daily from inside a room and has less flash and back blast than an M9 pistol. The reduced visibility increases the lethality and safety of Marines.
“This new capability removes the Marine from exposure to enemy engagement by introducing the FFE capability, said Mr. Scott Adams, Product Manager, Ammo.

“The FFE and the reduced thermal signature provides the Marine with an added layer of protection.”

The MCSC team worked closely with their Army counterparts to procure this new capability. All
shoulder-fired rocket ammunition is procured through the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command,
the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition. This enables the services to combine orders to realize cost savings by leveraging economic order quantity prices.

The M72 FFE rocket underscores the Marine Corps’ ongoing efforts to lighten the warfighter’s load and increase lethality. PdM Ammo expects to begin fielding the M72A FFE in calendar year 2024.

Colt Introduces CBX Bolt-Action Rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor

May 20th, 2024

West Hartford, CT — Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC is thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated 6.5 Creedmoor caliber for CBX Tac Hunter and CBX Precision bolt-action rifles, expanding Colt’s lineup with enhanced performance and accuracy.

The 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge delivers outstanding ballistic performance with reduced recoil, resulting in improved accuracy at extended ranges. By integrating this sought-after caliber of CBX Tac Hunter and CBX Precision rifles, Colt is providing shooters and hunters with unmatched consistency and versatility across various shooting scenarios.

Featuring a flat-bottom receiver to reduce flex during shooting, both models showcase a black nitride, button-rifled barrel with a threaded muzzle and protective cover for durability and adaptability to muzzle device attachments. Additionally, the 60-degree bolt throw enhances cycling speed and expands optics compatibility, optimizing aiming capabilities.

These meticulously engineered design elements enhance precision and reliability, making the CBX Tac Hunter and CBX Precision rifles precisely crafted for diverse shooting applications.

Colt CBX Tac Hunter Specifications:

• Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
• Barrel Material and Construction: Carbon Steel
• Receiver Material: Stainless Steel
• Receiver Finish: Black Nitride
• Stock: Gray Polymer Tac Hunter
• Barrel Description: 1:8 RH, 6 Grooves
• Capacity: 5+1 Rounds, Magpul® AICS Magazine
• Safeties: 2-Position Tang
• Trigger Type: 2.5-5 lbs User-Adjustable
• Overall Length: 41.75”
• Barrel Length: 22”
• Unloaded Weight: 7.2 lbs
• MSRP: $999

Colt CBX Precision Specifications:

• Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
• Barrel Material and Construction: Carbon Steel
• Receiver Material: Stainless Steel
• Receiver Finish: Black Nitride
• Stock: Platinum Gray Aluminum Chassis
• Barrel Description: 1:8 RH, 6 Grooves
• Capacity: 5+1 Rounds, Magpul® AICS Magazine
• Safeties: 2-Position Tang
• Trigger Type: 2.5-5 lbs User-Adjustable
• Overall Length: 49”
• Barrel Length: 26”
• Unloaded Weight: 10.95 lbs
• MSRP: $1,899

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The UXR Modular Rifle By PWS: Now Shipping to Dealers

May 20th, 2024

The newest product in the PWS lineup – the modular UXR platform – is now shipping to dealers.

BOISE, Id. 21 May, 2024 – PWS (Primary Weapons Systems) is proud to announce that the newest product in the PWS portfolio, the UXR (User Xchange Rifle), is now shipping to dealers across the United States. This rifle, previously introduced to the public at SHOT Show 2024, allows for revolutionary, unparalleled modularity. The UXR platform is currently available in .223 Wylde and 300 BLK with a .308 caliber option to follow shortly.

The true innovation in the UXR platform lies in the patent-pending Xchange system. The upper receiver of the UXR is the only serialized part of the setup, enabling the shooter to easily transition from configuration to configuration, caliber to caliber. The UXR also features an incomparable look and feel – combining functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics into one platform. Adaptability is the core principle of the UXR, showcased in its many customizable features such as an adjustable buttstock that can fold left or right, an adjustable cheek plate, and ambidextrous-able selector switch, magazine release and even the charging handle. The UXR platform also features a proprietary internal operation, or a “modified long-stroke piston system”, allowing the rifle to adapt and perform flawlessly with any UXR barrels regardless of caliber. This allows the user to swap calibers and barrels without needing to adjust the gas system each and every time. The newly designed Bore Evacuator reduces back pressure, especially when a suppressor is being used, making the UXR the perfect platform for suppressed shooting.

For more information on the UXR, head to the PWS website or contact your local dealer. For more information on PWS, head to

Kratos Design Group – Tenderizer MLOK Barricade Stop

May 20th, 2024

The Tenderizer Barricade Stop from Kratos Design Group is pretty straight forward. In addition to its aggressive teeth, it’s made of 4140 steel with a QPQ treatment and is MLOK compatible.

It also serves a hand stop.

B5 Systems Bravo Buttstock Officially Selected for US Army’s Additional Authorized List for Use on the M4/M4A1 Rifles

May 20th, 2024

B5 Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional grade firearm accessories proudly announces its Bravo buttstock selected for use on US Army M4/M4a1 rifles. This prestigious designation underscores the exceptional quality and feature points of the Bravo stock, solidifying its position as the go to choice for military and law enforcement professionals. Tested in extreme conditions and passing rugged evaluations the Bravo Stock is proud to carry National Stock Numbers in 2 variants.

(Black) NSN: 1005-01-706-2373

(Tan) NSN: 1005-01-706-2510

“We are honored the US Army has selected the Bravo stock to upgrade the M4/M4a1 rifle,” said Mark Keller, Executive Vice President of B5 Systems. “This selection builds upon our history of supplying the SOPMOD and Collapsible Precision Stock to the military and reaffirms our commitment to providing the highest quality and innovative parts to Americas fighting men and women.”

The Bravo stock offers multiple features and advantages.

The Bravo stock features a superior cheekweld, adjustable length of pull, multiple fixed sling points, over molded limited rotation Quick Disconnect sling mount, color matched hardware, anti-rattle tensioners to optimize fit, and color matched nonslip cushioned buttpad featuring M:4 tool storage.

The selection of the B5 Systems Bravo stock for use on the M4/M4a1 highlights another significant milestone for the company and underscores its reputation and commitment to excellence. B5 Systems is committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, and looks forward to continuing its support of professional end users and prepared citizens alike.

MATBOCK Monday: Multi Weapon Aiming Device (MWAD)

May 20th, 2024

The Multi Weapon Aiming Device (MWAD) is a multi-platform capable ballistic computer that digitally displays range and azimuth for indirect fire weapon systems. The MWAD provides real-time ballistic solutions accounting for environmental conditions, round type, platform, and lot deviations, allowing the user to put rounds on target more accurately and in less time than legacy aiming systems. Full integration into ATAK architecture allows receipt of call for fire missions, informs team leaders of aim point for entire teams, and enables accurate engagement of moving targets. The MWAD is compatible with 40mm and 60mm and has various crew-served weapon platforms. Software modifications can be made on request to include any direct-fire weapons system.


– Simple manipulation with gloves and at night
– More rounds on target faster without the guesswork
– Integrates directly into ATAK (ATAK device not included)
– ATAK software provided via .apk file on delivery
– Waterproof & shockproof

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