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Wilde Tactical Gear – CZ Scorpion / SIG MPX 4 Mag Placard

October 27th, 2021

Wilde Custom Gear has added the CZ Scorpion / SIG MPX 4 Mag Placard. PALS compatible, it integrates SR buckles to attach it to your platform and bungees to keep your magazines in place. Additionally, it can be fitted with their Modular Chest Rig Shoulder Straps to create a stand alone rig.

Offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns, check the site for availability.

TacJobs – Product Design Engineer, Tactical at Eagle Industries, Va Beach

October 27th, 2021

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Our Eagle Industries Inc. Virginia Beach, VA facility is seeking a Product Design Engineer II to add to our team. The Product Design Engineer II will be responsible for developing nylon soft good products for our Vista Tactical Nylon brands. This position will work closely with all facets of our business: marketing, sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, quality, scheduling, and operations to assure coordinated transition of products to manufacturing. The ability to lead projects and work in cross functional teams is essential.

Responsibilities, Including but not limited to:

• Position will require taking nylon soft good product designs from concept through production.

• Uses computer-assisted design/drafting including pattern making and CAD software to develop designs.

• Approves final samples of proposed projects, checking dimension of parts, materials to be used, relation of one part to another and relation of various parts to whole structure or project.

• Travel to manufacturing facility (Puerto Rico), trade shows, and vendor visits.

• Able to evaluate current market trends and identify future needs for new projects.

• Utilize knowledge of various sewing and cutting machines, design practices, mathematics, nylon, webbing and other materials and other physical sciences to complete designs.

• Responsible for maintaining an organized design file system.

• Participate in concurrent design reviews.

• Evaluate and approve drawings, routings, materials lists, specifications and other documents.

• Create and revise technical drawings.

• Develop Quality Control and inspection criteria for new products.

• Evaluate and solve production problems.

• Train sewers/assemblers or conduct training to introduce new processes.

• Prepare/manufacture prototypes as required.

• Must allow time studies and product design processes videotaping.

• Additional duties assigned by Supervisor.


• 5+ years’ experience general engineering or product development

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

• Creative Design, Industrial Design, or Engineering in related field

• Basic sewing skills with multiple types of machinery

• Strong project management skills

• Experience guiding interdepartmental teams

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

• Proficient in pattern design software

• Must be a self-starter and results oriented

• Experience with accessory products for shooting sports, Military/LE, etc. a plus

We offer a highly competitive salary, comprehensive benefits including: medical and dental, vision, disability and life insurance, 401K, PTO, tuition reimbursement, and the ability to add value to an exciting mission!

To apply for this position go here.

For the full list of open positions with Vista, visit

CRO Medical Presents – Working Off Your Body: How to Tier Your Kit

October 27th, 2021

The need to be light and fast, working off your body in confined spaces applies to many medical disciplines and scopes of medicine.

It’s super interesting to see all the load carriage methods from across the services. Obviously we have a lot of crossover with SOF, both US and NATO because of our focus on austere and remote medicine in low resource areas.

Most of our tech projects and critical care resuscitation tools are primarily designed for field treatment in remote clinical medicine environments, whereas our soft goods are tailored towards operational medics who need to be light and fast, provide as many life saving treatments as possible in the shortest amount of time, while still executing mission-critical tasks.

The following describes a general framework of working off your body using our DCR Panel and Hybrid IFAK + a few tips and tricks for utilizing your pockets. The result of our expanding load carriage system is endless ways to customize and optimize your setup. Every provider is different, so what is optimal for one won’t apply to another.

At CRO, we provide a base set of tools needed to accomplish the job, across a range of different mission sets, for the operational and austere prehospital medical provider.

Hope you enjoy this post and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

In order of MARCH:

• TQ x1 in front of the mags, behind 40mm dangler.

Right cummerbund:

• X1 Improvised junctional (rolled SAM Splint)

• X1 Vacuum-sealed 6” ace wrap with combat gauze and compressed gauze.

• X1 Cric in CRO M4 Double Mag Insert Pouch.

Left cummerbund:

• X1 Vacuum sealed 6” ACE wrap with Combat Gauze and compressed gauze

Right ankle pocket:

• X1 vacuum sealed 4” inch ACE wrap with Combat Gauze and compressed gauze.

Left ankle pocket:

• X1 muzzle for MPC and x1 SWAT-T

Hybrid IFAK:

• X1 6” pressure dressing

• X1 4” ACE wrap

• X2 compressed gauze

• X1 Combat Gauze

• X1 Foley

• X1 boujie-aided cric

• X2 NPA

• X2 chest seal

• X2 10g needle D

• X1 EMMA Capnograph

• X1 pulse ox

• X1 eye shield

Mag pouch attached to left side of Hybrid IFAK:

• Hemostats and finger thor kit (vacuum sealed).

Mag pouch attached to right side of Hybrid IFAK:

• X1 FAST 1 IO

• X2 IV starter kit

Right cargo pocket:

• CRO Medic Case with NARC Configuration

Left cargo pocket:

(Not Pictured)

• X2 chest seal


Role 1 pouch (Ferro Concepts):

• Sam Junctional so you don’t have to take off your medbag. Apply manual pressure and pull out the junctional with free hand.

DCR Panel:

The DCR Panel is primarily used for resuscitation with blood. The purpose of working off your body and “tiering” your system up and down is to minimize the use of your bag. Ideally, you won’t need to drop your aid bag, and if you do, this means you are administering LTOWB at the POI. The aid bag is reserved for the equipment needed to resuscitate with whole blood, as well as advanced interventions, both airway and chest.

The benefit of the DCR Panel is that it is primarily clipped in, preserving shoulder mobility while being easily accessible by unclipping from the shoulders. If you are stressed for time or unable to re-clip, the hidden, low profile, “flat-straps” are available to sling the bag like a traditional aid bag.

Again, this is a general framework for optimizing your off-the-body treatment. Hopefully there are some tips that apply to your style of treatment and please let us know if you have any ways to improve.

DCR Med Bag

Hybrid IFAK

The Air Force Partners with Twelve, Proves it’s Possible to Make Jet Fuel Out of Thin Air

October 27th, 2021


What if you could access fuel from anywhere on the planet, at any time, no tanker required? The Air Force thinks it’s possible with ground-breaking carbon transformation technology.

Separate from carbon capture and storage or carbon utilization, carbon transformation can turn carbon dioxide from the air into nearly any chemical, material, or fuel, including jet fuel.

In 2020, Air Force Operational Energy endorsed the carbon transformation company, Twelve, to launch a pilot program to demonstrate that their proprietary technology could convert CO2 into operationally viable aviation fuel called E-Jet.

The project hit a major milestone in August of this year when Twelve successfully produced jet fuel from CO2, proving the process worked and setting up the conditions to create the synthetic carbon-neutral fuel in larger quantities. The first phase of the project is scheduled to conclude in December with a report detailing the process and findings.

For the Air Force, the implications of this innovation could be profound. Initial testing shows that the system is highly deployable and scalable, enabling the warfighter to access synthetic fuel from anywhere in the world. Reliable access to energy and fuel is paramount to military operations. Recent joint wargaming and operational exercises have underlined the significant risk that transporting, storing, and delivering fuel poses to troops – both at home and abroad.

At the height of the war in Afghanistan, attacks on fuel and water convoys accounted for more than 30% of casualties. Yet, fuel demand is only expected to increase as advanced weapon systems and operations require increasing levels of power.

“History has taught us that our logistics supply chains are one of the first things the enemy attacks. As peer-adversaries pose more and more of a threat, what we do to reduce our fuel and logistics demand will be critical to avoid risk and win any potential war,” said Roberto Guerrero, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for operational energy.

Currently, the Department of the Air Force relies on commercial fuel to operate, both domestically and abroad. The Air Force must use a combination of trucks, aircraft, and ships to ensure fuel is delivered to meet warfighter demand. However, many areas of operation cannot always easily reach traditional access points of the supply chain, particularly during conflict.

Twelve’s carbon transformation platform could allow deployed units to create fuel on demand, without the need for highly skilled fuel experts on site. The Air Force sees the opportunity for the technology to provide a supplemental source to petroleum-based fuels to decrease demand in areas that are typically difficult to deliver fuel to.

“With carbon transformation, we are untethering aviation from petroleum supply chains. The Air Force has been a strong partner in our work to advance innovative new sources of aviation fuel,” said Nicholas Flanders, Twelve co-founder and CEO.

Most synthetic fuels, which are created by a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen known as syngas, are produced through burning biomass, coal, or natural gas. Twelve’s technology eliminates the need for fossil fuels, producing syngas by recycling CO2 captured from the air and – using only water and renewable power as inputs – transforming the CO2.

The process of converting syngas into liquid hydrocarbon fuels is not new. Known as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, the multistep method was created in the 1920s by German scientists and aided the German war effort during World War II.

Today, it is widely used to produce liquid fuels for transportation. Fischer-Tropsch certified synthetic fuels are approved as a ‘drop-in’ fuel for each specific aircraft, first commercially, and then by the U.S. military and the aircraft’s associated system program office. The highest blend currently certified is a 50/50 blend of FT synthetic fuel and petroleum fuel. Twelve’s system produced FT-Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene, which can be blended with petroleum – up to a maximum blend of 50%.

Once the first phase of the program concludes at the end of 2021, the Air Force Operational Energy office will look to the next phase of scaling the technology to produce synthetic fuel in larger quantities. If brought to scale, the platform would enable more agile operations and decrease dependence on foreign oil, while having the added benefit of mitigating carbon emissions – a Department of Defense key priority under Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III.

While there remain a number of unanswered questions to make this technology operational, such as how to power the production of the syngas in remote areas and where water sources for the necessary hydrogen will come from (Twelve notes that water for the process can also be captured from the air), the team sees this is a positive first step in a truly innovative program.

“My office is looking at a number of initiatives to not only optimize aviation fuel use for improved combat capability, but to reduce the logistics burden as well,” Guerrero said. “We’re excited about the potential of carbon transformation to support this effort and Twelve’s technology – as one of the tools in our toolbox – could help us get there.”

By Corrie Poland, Air Force Operational Energy

PDW Stratus Down Hoodie

October 26th, 2021

State-of-the-Art Goose Down Jacket with Stretch Shell, Stitch-less Baffles and Hydrophobic Down

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their state-of-the-art Stratus Down Hoodie for Fall-Winter 2021. Featuring a unique stitch-less baffle construction to reduce weight and bulk, stretch 20D shell, and premium hydrophobic 800 fill power goose down. The Stratus Down Hoodie packs down small for trail to travel, has an excellent warmth to weight ratio, and cut to fit under outerwear. The Dupont treated, water repellent, premium 800 fill power goose down is 27 X more water resistant than untreated down, so this hoodie retains its thermal properties even if dunked or wet. Design details include an integrated stuff-sack storage camp pillow and detachable travel neck pillow, 4 pockets, internally routed bottom cinch, a cozy brushed hood liner, and a 20D nylon shell with stretch, DWR and Dupont Silvadur anti-microbial treatment.  

The Stratus Down Hoodie is a part of Prometheus Design Werx’s PRO-Line of technical apparel.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The Stratus Down Hoodie is best in class. We sourced and used the best in this goose down mid-layer as a follow up to our hooded Tycho model from 2019. We custom milled this unique stretch nylon with stitch-less baffles for our shell, making this jacket one of the few on the market that possess these performance characteristics for unparalleled comfort, movement and reduction in bulk in any down garment. There is nothing lighter, warmer and more compressible than a down mid-layer. Down mid-layers allow the user to be unencumbered by excess weight; when not being used, they pack down smaller than any other technical mid-layer and can be easily stowed in a pack. We continue to use a Dupont treated goose down fill, which is 27 times more resistant to water. It will survive an accidental dunk and still insulate. While down jackets were never intended to be used as rain wear, the Stratus will allow the user ample time to shrug off the first minutes of rainfall to grab a waterproof shell to wear over and not lose its insulating capabilities. It’s the quality of make and design details that makes our goose down mid-layer a cut above the rest. We used premium 800 fill power goose down for its high loft, is RDS certified, a DWR shell with anti-microbial Dupont Silvadur treatment, cozy brushed tricot hood liner, and expanded capabilities with its integrated camp pillow and detachable travel neck pillow.”

Available in Mission Gray, and Outpost Blue.

The Stratus Down Hoodie will be available for purchase for $289.00 on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 at 12:00pm PT via their website,

Cloud Defensive Announces Matt Jacques of Victory First as Brand’s Expert Consultant

October 26th, 2021

October 26, 2021 – Evansville, Indiana

Cloud Defensive officially announced today that they have engaged Matt Jacques of Victory First as their expert consultant, focused on military/law enforcement applications.

Matt’s career has provided him with a unique combination of experiences that are highly valuable to a cutting-edge manufacturer like Cloud Defensive. After serving as Military Police in the United States Marine Corps, he served several years on a large Northern Virginia Police Department SWAT team as an entry team member. He was later was selected and served as a sniper team member until he was medically retired due to injuries sustained in a line of duty incident. After his retirement, Matt was hired as the Senior Manager of Weapons for FNH USA. He was involved in the FN SPR Precision Rifle Program; FN Belt-Fed Weapons section and the USSOCOM SCAR program. Matt was tasked with the user evaluations and New Equipment Training (NET) for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons. Matt left FNH USA in order to return to training law enforcement as a Firearms Instructor for The US Department of State Firearms Training Unit within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, where he was tasked with firearms and tactics training of Federal Agents for Diplomatic Security both stateside and worldwide. Matt left the FTU in 2013 to start Victory First, and has provided expert consulting to companies in the industry under that banner ever since.

The decision to engage Matt as a consultant is just the latest move in Cloud Defensive’s larger efforts to re-shape the illumination market to better serve the needs of military, law enforcement, and civilian end-users.

“The weapon light market has been mostly stagnant for years,” said Sean McCauley of Cloud Defensive, “and we have never been comfortable with the idea of just making something a little better. Hitting the repeat button doesn’t really help anybody ina meaningful way or solve any problems.

Our company exists to identify problems and deficiencies, create solutions, then produce and field the best lighting equipment on the planet. To do that, we rely on ourselves to a very large degree. We are shooters who train hard and stay very in-tune with the community. As such, we know precisely what needs to be made. We are also the design team. We’re the guys who create it all. When you understand what needs to be made and also make the gear, really good things start to happen. But we are not (nor have we ever been) in the military or law-enforcement community. We know a ton of those guys. But we needed an expert who has the depth of experience that Matt brings to the table. We needed a guy who would be able to immediately jump in and contribute in a substantial way. Bringing Matt on as a consultant gives us access to precisely that knowledge, thanks to his extensive first-hand experience in law enforcement, as well as his close relationships with countless law enforcement agencies across the country. We’re honored to have him on board.”

In addition to providing input during the development of new products, Matt’s scope of work will also entail demonstrating the capabilities and decisive advantages of Cloud Defensive lights to law enforcement agencies domestically and abroad as Cloud Defensive grows its capabilities and presence in the space. Matt will also work closely with the Cloud Defensive team as they increasingly move into the training realm as well, with planned low-light courses and educational content on the horizon as the company continues to grow and expand its’ offerings.

For weeks, Cloud Defensive has been hinting on social media about exciting projects they are working on behind the scenes, and this announcement seems to confirm that they are setting up some very big moves. Expect some large announcements on that in the future.  

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with the team at Cloud Defensive,” said Matt Jacques, President of Victory First. “They have created a compelling product line with industry-beating performance, and as a guy who still believes that ‘Made in the USA’ should mean something, the fact that they also manufacture their lights in-house is icing on the cake for me.  They put out a product that I would stake my life on.”

If your department or agency would like to know more about the capabilities of Cloud Defensive’s weapon lights, please contact Matt Jacques directly via email: [email protected]

Noble Completes Acquisition of Federal Resources

October 26th, 2021

With a wider range of mission critical products, the new organization offers customers streamlined procurement and reduced supply chain risk.
Boston, [October 26, 2021]—, LLC a leading defense procurement and technology company, announced today that it had closed its acquisition of Federal Resources. Noble, a privately held global supply chain company headquartered in greater Boston, provides services in global supply chain management, expeditionary logistics, mission support, distribution and fulfillment, and streamlined procurement to U.S. Government and DoD customers. Federal Resources, located in Stevensville, Maryland, supplies highly technical safety and security solutions serving the U.S. military, federal government, and state and local first responders.

This news follows Noble’s March 2021 acquisition of Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc., (TSSi), a mission-focused equipment and logistics provider to military, law enforcement and disaster response professionals worldwide.

“Together, we will provide more customers with mission-focused, single-source procurement and just-in-time delivery,” said Tom Noble, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “In complex and shifting threat environments around the world, we will simplify our customers’ operations, and their lives, by connecting them seamlessly with the products and services of more than 13,000 suppliers.”

The CEO called the deal a turning point for the people of both organizations. “We’re combining our experience, expertise and offerings,” he said, “along with our integrated systems, cutting-edge data analytics and customized user interfaces, to serve our great customers better than ever.”

High Speed Gear Releases the Apex Sling

October 26th, 2021

SWANSBORO, N.C. – October 26, 2021 – High Speed Gear® is proud to announce their newest product, the Apex™ Sling.

The Apex™ Sling is unlike any of its kind, offering a two-point, quick-adjust for rifles, carbines, and comparable sized weapons. The low-profile waterproof pad provides added comfort and durability, which is a highly sought-after feature that keeps the user focused on what matters most. The Apex™ Sling was designed with a patent-pending Double-Tap Slider™, which allows for quick adjustments while also providing two levels of friction to meet user preference.

The mil-spec tubular webbing features Schoeller® Nanosphere® coating, which provides water resistance and rapid drying time. The steel hardware with military-grade coating ensures durability that exceeds the well-past the lifetime of other slings on the market. The Apex™ Sling is compatible with a wide variety of mounting options, is Berry Amendment compliant and hand-made in the USA.

“In a space where most slings share a similar design, details can make all the difference,” explained Daniel Chaney, HSGI® Senior Designer. “Our expert users helped us zero in on features that really matter to demanding users. As a result, the Apex™ is adaptable, comfortable, and reliable, which allows you to focus on the mission.”

The Apex™ Sling is now available for purchase from HSGI® Authorized Dealers or on the High Speed Gear® website.

You can find more details and watch the official product video for the Apex™ Sling at Apex™ Sling.