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Historic Results for Enforce Tac 2024 Underscore Its Successful Course

March 3rd, 2024

The trade fair for members of official security agencies and the armed forces comes to a resoundingly successful end. The quality and diversity of the industry, event and visitors are indisputable. And the vision is clear: To stay true to the strategic direction and demonstrate that internal and external security go hand in hand.

• Well over 12,000 trade visitors (7,235 in 2023) from 86 countries took part in the exhibition for members of official security agencies and the armed forces

• Around 730 exhibitors (540 in 2023) from 46 countries showcased their solutions for internal and external security for use in both the military and civil sphere on a display area measuring 30,000 m² (22,000 m² in 2023)

From 26 to 28 February 2024, members of official security agencies and the armed forces were delighted to reunite in Nuremberg again for the annual event. The Enforce Tac trade fair, which took place over three days for the first time, was a resounding success, welcoming more than 12,000 trade visitors from around 90 countries. Diversity, innovation and professional dialogue took centre-stage at the event. The exhibition brought together the usual high-calibre exhibitors, trade visitors with appropriate credentials, and strictly accredited media representatives from the sector. In 2024, this annual gathering was again held under the patronage of the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Sport and Integration, Joachim Herrmann. In the usual extremely discreet atmosphere, Enforce Tac once again served as a platform for discussing the burning issues of internal and external security in Europe and the rest of the world.

More established than ever before

“To be honest, I’m lost for words,” says Isabelle Teufert, Director of Enforce Tac, about her feelings on seeing the figures for Enforce Tac 2024. “On behalf of my entire team, I can only say thanks. Our trade fair for internal and external security is more established than ever.”

Excitement about 2025 as number of halls increases from three to five

The exhibition grounds provided a lively atmosphere and brought exhibitors and their most important target groups together. Many of the trade visitors are involved in their establishment’s procurement decisions and enjoyed the secure environment and confidential atmosphere for high-quality discussions. Enforce Tac offered insights into emerging trends and proven technologies. It was already obvious that the participants were very much looking forward to the industry gathering in 2025: “As early as the second day it was clear that the planned display area for 2025 with Halls 7, 7A, 8 and 9 would not be big enough,” says Teufert, describing the booking situation.

As a result, it has been decided that Hall 10.0 will be needed in addition to Halls 7, 7A, 8 and 9 at Enforce Tac 2025. This means that in 2025, the professional audience can look forward to an exhibition space covering 48,000 m² (30,000 m² in 2024). In future, the highly popular supporting programme for Enforce Tac will have a weatherproof home in Hall 8.

Clear message from politicians: Herrmann praises Enforce Tac

Alongside State Secretary Tobias Gotthart, the members of the Committee for Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sport and Chairman Roland Weigert, former State Secretary, the Lord Mayor Marcus König of Nuremberg and the American Consul General Timothy Liston and Consul General of Turkey, Fatma Ta?an Cebeci, the Bavarian State Minister of the Interior for Sport and Integration, Joachim Herrmann, also welcomed the opportunity to visit Enforce Tac in 2024.

“Given the various crises and threats worldwide, Enforce Tac and its highly specialised range of solutions for security applications is more important than ever,” said Herrmann in praise of the event. “The fact that Enforce Tac takes place over three days this year with more than 700 exhibitors is evidence of its growing importance.” According to Herrmann, developers and manufacturers of high-performance security technology are indispensable for internal and external security.

Extending the trade fair experience online

With the YouTube format Enforce Tac TV and other Enforce Tac social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, the trade fair team has managed to extend the trade fair experience to the digital environment.

All content on the YouTube format will also be available after the trade fair is over. The Enforce Tac social media channels offer a simple and convenient way for industry stakeholders and other interested parties to constantly keep up to speed with innovations, trends and updates from the trade fair.

Save the date

Enforce Tac will be held at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 24 to 26 February 2025. For more information please visit:

Army Honors World War I Buffalo Soldiers with New Headstones

March 3rd, 2024

WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration dedicated new headstones for 17 World War I Black Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, during a memorial ceremony Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024, at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.

Retired Lt. Col. Tanya Bradsher, VA deputy secretary and a fourth-generation veteran, said that two years ago to the day, they held a ceremony at the cemetery to unveil a marker to recognize the painful history, hoping to do more.

On Aug. 23, 1917, 156 Soldiers from the all-Black 24th Infantry Regiment were involved in what was known as the Houston Race Riots of 1917, also known as the Camp Logan Mutiny, in Houston, Texas. The incident occurred within a climate of overt hostility from members of the all-white Houston Police Department against civilians of the Black community and Soldiers. Of those found guilty, most were given prison sentences, and 19 were sentenced to death and executed. It was found that the courts martial of these Soldiers were hastily conducted and flawed with irregularities. The remains of 17 of the executed Soldiers were reburied at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in 1937 after removal from their original graves at Salado Creek.

The bodies of Cpl. Larnon Brown and Pvt. Joseph Smith, also executed, are buried elsewhere, having been reclaimed by family when they died.

The Army reviewed the cases of these Black Soldiers in 2023 and found their trials unfair, saying that “these Soldiers were wrongly treated because of their race and were not given fair trials.” Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth set aside all convictions and directed the Soldiers’ records reflect honorable discharges.

“Today, the focus isn’t on that history; it is not on the marker, the trials or the Army decision,” Bradsher said. “The focus is on restoring the dignity, honor and respect to those 17 Soldiers and, by extension, to those two Soldiers who were executed and buried elsewhere, and to the 91 Soldiers sent to prison in those same trials.”

Retired Maj. Gen. Matt Quinn leads 155 VA national cemeteries and 122 VA grant-funded state and tribal veteran cemeteries in providing dignified burials in national shrines for veterans and eligible family members.

“As an Army veteran and Soldier for life, I’m especially honored to have been present when Army Secretary [Christine] Wormuth set aside the convictions of the 110 Black Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion,” he said. “Today, we right the wrongs of the past and honor the service of these Soldiers who served our country with honor,” he said. “Today, the VA will forever honor their service. This is a proud day for this Soldier, a veteran who would be proud to serve with them.”

These Soldiers were among those executed following the court martials of 110 Black Soldiers charged with murder and mutiny in the 1917 Houston Riots. Consistent with standard procedure of that time for Soldiers who were sentenced to death in a court martial, their graves were marked with headstones that listed only their names and year of death — as opposed to full honors.

Bradsher said equal justice belongs to all Soldiers.

“This day reflects the progress we have made as a nation since these men were first interred here a century ago,” she said. “Progress makes clear that all institutions must live up to the ideals and promise of our nation’s constitution.”

She said the headstones are more than physical markers. They are a symbol of promise and progress. They uphold the promise enshrined in the Constitution.

“All Americans have equal rights and equal worth. They represent the struggle and fight to keep the stories of these men alive,” she said. “These headstones now look like every other honorable veteran buried here. It represents the approval of a final resting place for these 17 Soldiers. They will be recognized and forever called veterans.”

She said their headstones will show their ranks, signifying their dedication, leadership and commitment to duty. They will also show their states of origin, reminding people that people who volunteer to serve come from states across the U.S, and their regiment, connecting them to servicemen and women with shared experiences across generations who safeguard the nation.

“These headstones will not erase history or right the wrongs of the past, but they will ensure future generations can understand that history and remember their names,” she said.

Yvette Bourcicot, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, said this event was meaningful to her as an Air Force veteran.

“These Soldiers are going to take their rightful place in history alongside African-Americans who have served this country honorably and deserve our respect,” she said. “We do ask for forgiveness for the injustice that was perpetrated on these Soldiers, and we’re doing everything we can to make this right. The Army is a learning institution, and we’re learning as we go. I’m appreciative to be here, representing what we’ve done.”

Bourcicot presented the descendants military service certifications with the upgraded honorable discharges and restored ranks. The corrected records are accessible to the public.

“While this can’t take away the generations of pain and trauma their loved ones endured, we hope these actions will serve as one more step down the path of restorative justice,” she said. “Their memory lives in every one of us and will inspire future servicemen and women to continue cultivating the Army and our sister services into a place where everyone who wants to serve can. We can’t erase the past, but we can learn from it and use it to guide our future.”

Jason Holt, a relative of Pfc. Thomas Hawkins, who was executed, acknowledged the painful history of the Houston Riot and praised federal officials like Bourcicot for taking steps to support the Soldiers decades after the event.

“It’s not easy for these folks here today to go back to their respective places of power and say they did something that involved racism,” Holt said. “To say that they did something to set aside convictions, to say they did something that was controversial. It’s not an easy job. I salute your courage.”

Holt was among three family members of Soldiers who received certificates in recognition of their relatives’ service.

The ceremony included a three-round volley, the playing of taps and presentation of colors, along with the unveiling of the headstones.

The Soldiers who received the honors were: Cpl. Charles Baltimore, Pfc. William Breckenridge, Pvt. Albert Wright, Pvt. James Divins, Pvt. James Robinson, Pvt. Thomas McDonald, Pvt. Babe Collier, Cpl. James Wheatley, Pvt. Frank Johnson, Sgt. William Nesbit, Pvt. Pat McWhorter, Pfc. Thomas Hawkins, Pvt. Risley Young, Pvt. Ira Davis, Pfc. Carlos Snodgrass, Pfc. William Boone and Cpl. Jesse Moore.

More than 180,000 service members, spouses and family members are buried in the cemetery at Fort Sam Houston.

By Shannon Collins

Rheinmetall Supplying European Customer with Further Skynex Air Defence Systems

March 2nd, 2024

Rheinmetall has been awarded a further contract to supply Skynex air defence systems to a European customer. The systems will enhance the customer’s ability to defend itself against aerial threats. The order has a value in the lower three-digit million euro range. The deliveries will take place over the course of 2025 and, as with the initial contract, will also include the associated Rheinmetall made HX trucks.

Relying on automatic cannon-based air defence, Skynex lends itself especially well to very short-range contexts where guided missiles are ineffective. Moreover, the use of programmable 35mm Ahead ammunition, as developed by Rheinmetall for this purpose, is significantly less expensive than comparable guided missile-based systems. Equally important: 35mm ammunition cannot be influenced much less jammed by electronic countermeasures when fired.  The success of the self-propelled “Flakpanzer” Gepard antiaircraft system in Ukraine underscores the effectiveness of 35mm gun-based air defence against aerial targets, especially cruise missiles and drones.

The advanced Skynex air defence system is based on a concept that keeps airspace surveillance separate from the effectors. Owing to this modularity, and depending on the mission, the necessary assets can be linked to the command-and-control network. The system enables integration of radar equipment from various manufacturers. Skynex also offers great freedom with respect to effectors, enabling integration of many different advanced air defence weapons into the system.  Having its own tracking unit is the sole prerequisite. Besides individual sensors and effectors, existing air defence systems like the Skyshield and Skyguard families can be built into the new architecture as fire units. In a remotely located command and weapon engagement centre, the recognized air situation is depicted on a map together with the sensors and effectors positioned in the field, thus simplifying allocation of targets to air defence assets connected to the system.

HENSOLDT supplies all-round vision system for self-propelled wheeled howitzer from KNDS

March 2nd, 2024

Oberkochen/Germany, 1. March 2024 – The sensor solution provider HENSOLDT has sold its all-round vision system SETAS (See Through Armour System) for the first time. The customer is KNDS in Germany. The order comprises a total of 54 units. The order value is in the double-digit million range. SETAS will be integrated into the customer’s RCH 155 self-propelled artillery gun.

SETAS is a high-performance day and night observation system for armoured vehicles of all kinds. The high-resolution electro-optical vision system gives every crew member the opportunity to obtain full visual situational awareness 360 degrees around the vehicle from inside the vehicle. Threats within their radius of action can be reliably identified and classified at an early stage. The modular system comprises two high-performance sensor systems: high-resolution colour daylight cameras and uncooled thermal imaging cameras.

“With the initial integration, we are equipping our customer and the user with a revolutionary sensor solution in the field of all-round visibility,” says Tanya Altmann, Head of Optronics & Land Solutions at HENSOLDT. “The system will realise its full potential when it is connected to the vehicle network and the battle management system and provides crew members with the best possible information sovereignty using AI-supported sensor fusion. With this launching customer, HENSOLDT is therefore consistently continuing its growth path as a solution provider.”

In a further configuration step, the observation capabilities of SETAS can be enhanced with integrated automatic image processing functions such as Moving Target Indication (MTI), object tracking and other modes. This makes it easier for the crew to cope with the large amount of image data for personal 360-degree situational awareness. Thanks to its modularity and open interface architecture (NGVA-compliant), this observation system can be easily integrated into any new or existing vehicle.  The interface allows full integration or standalone operation by supporting any type of HMI (standard or smart display, smart glasses, tablet, etc.).

Using a helmet-mounted display as an HMI, a crew member inside the vehicle can practically see through the armour and thus achieve the same orientation as when observing “from above”. Intelligent software algorithms automatically warn the crew if a potentially threatening movement is detected in the vicinity of the vehicle. SETAS can be installed as a stand-alone system, providing crews of both legacy platforms and new systems with significantly increased situational awareness.

You can find out more about SETAS here.

US Army Soldier Seeking Second Paralympic Berth

March 2nd, 2024

FORT MOORE, Ga. — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Kevin Nguyen won the gold medal in both 10m Prone Air Rifle (R3) and 50m Prone Smallbore (R6) at USA Shooting’s Paralympic Trials – Part 2 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 2-10, 2024.

The recent wins in both disciplines puts the Purple Heart recipient in good standing over other top U.S. marksmen vying for a spot on Team USA’s Paralympic Rifle Team. In air rifle, Nguyen currently has a solid lead of two points while in smallbore his lead is an impressive seven points. To those not familiar with Paralympic shooting sports disciplines, a two or seven point spread may not seem like a lot. However, medals at the Olympic and Paralympic levels in the shooting sports are often determined by tenths or hundredths of points in scoring.

The Fort Moore Soldier said he is definitely happy with his strong performance, but the lead does not guarantee him a position on Team USA.

“It definitely takes a good bit of weight off my shoulders knowing that I have a comfortable lead over my fellow teammates and competitors, but that doesn’t mean I can become complacent,” said Nguyen who is a member of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program and attached to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. “I will still go into Trials – Part 3 with the determination to compete at my highest and win.”

Like in the Olympics, each country is allowed a maximum of two athletes in each Paralympic event, if the country first wins the quota spots. Currently, the United States has only earned one quota spot for the 50m Smallbore (R6) event and has none in 10m Air Rifle (R3). However, the Para Shooting World Cup – India is coming up March 6-15, 2024, and USA Shooting is hoping to claim the remaining quota spot in smallbore and the outstanding two in 10m air rifle. That would open up four possible seats in those two shooting events.

The Paralympic Trials is not a new process to the Westminster, California native. He competed in the 2020 Paralympic Trials in Tokyo, where the Soldier said he gained some valuable experience that is helping him refocus his training.

“The biggest thing I want to focus on is match intensity. I know from my training and from the last few matches, that I can shoot the world class scores in matches. Now, it’s having to maintain composure and not get overly anxious like I did in Tokyo,” explained Nguyen.

“Tokyo, by far, was the most nerve-racking match I have ever competed in. I’m hoping, in France, I’m a little more composed and focused on my fundamentals.”

The significant performance at Paralympic Trials – Part 2 confirmed that Nguyen’s training plan is working. So as he prepares for the upcoming Para World Cup and Paralympic Trials – Part 3, the Soldier said he will continue working with his training plan that is showing results.

“I felt really good going into the match [Paralympic Trials – Part 2]. I’ve been working on my record days, focusing on shooting world class match scores on the spot. It felt really good to see that my training is mirroring my competition days.”

Training is not the only thing Nguyen has been working on though. He just became a new father, and he said he’s embracing every moment of this new experience.

“Being a father is such an awesome feeling, and I am enjoying every moment of it — even on days when I am not getting a whole lot of sleep. That’ just par for being a parent now, everybody goes through it.”

Becoming a father has not changed his perspective on his Paralympic goal, he just feels like he has added support now.

“I think having my family there with me at the Games will not only be a cool and fun experience, but it’s also a blessing. It’s like have your own cheerleading squad in the stands.”

As he aims to secure a position on Team USA’s Paralympic Rifle Team, for the second time, he said he has the same goal he had in Tokyo.

“I want to do better in France than I did in Tokyo; I’ve learn so much since then, and I am still fighting and wanting to bring home that Gold Medal for Team USA.”

By LTC Michelle Lunato

Rheinmetall Awarded Fifth Order for Germany’s Modular Medical Facilities Total System

March 1st, 2024

Germany’s Federal Agency for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has contracted with Rheinmetall to modernize additional parts of the Bundeswehr’s Modular Medical Facilities total system (MSE). For Rheinmetall, the aggregate value of the contract is in the mid-single-digit million-euro range.

The order encompasses X-ray containers that enable X-ray imaging of the entire human body sitting, lying or standing, as well as internal organs in the radiology realm. The X-ray equipment now in service no longer reflects the latest state of the art and must therefore be replaced or regenerated. The regenerated and/or newly fabricated containers will house new Siemens X-ray equipment (scanner and diagnostic station), including accessories for subsequent operation in the container. Following integration, reliable patient care in accordance with current German standards will be assured without limitation in a field hospital consisting of multiple MSE containers. 

The Modular Medical Facilities total system comprises military treatment facilities, trauma centres and combat support hospitals utilized in Bundeswehr areas of operation. Here, individual systems take care of special tasks – in this case, X-ray imaging. Care provided inside the container must correspond to current German hospital standards. Like all MSE components, the X-ray container is classified in accordance with the International Convention for Safe Containers. Moreover, because it is stackable, it can be transported by container ship. The systems and equipment they contain are adaptable in terms of scope and functionality depending on customer specifications. 

“We’re delighted to have been awarded a fifth contract for the MSE total system and expect to see continued growth in this area in future”, declares Dr Deniz Akitürk, CEO of Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH. Since 2019, Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH has bundled the Group’s resources and capabilities in the operational support domain and is thus responsible for mobile deployed operations solutions. By supplying special services, it seeks to provide customers with long-term operational support. Rheinmetall AG created the company specifically to handle services and projects relating to support of deployed operations. 

DroneShield Commences Development of Software Defined Radios for Next-Gen C-UAS Technologies

March 1st, 2024

DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (“DroneShield” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has commenced development of custom higher performance multi-channel software defined radios (“SDRs”) to be used in new evolution capabilities of future generations of its products.

The Company is a global leader in the C-UAS market, including the handheld C-UAS solutions. Part of the challenge is reducing the hardware to an ultra-small Size, Weight and Power (“SWaP”) parameters to dimensions that can be tactically deployed in the field by end users, while ensuring sufficient computing ability to run complex AI-algorithms on the devices, without referencing cloud or other systems (also known as computing on the edge). 

DroneShield presently have approximately 90 engineers in its Sydney facility. It is expected that more than 50% of the engineering team will be involved in this initiative, including Radio Frequency, Electronic Engineering, Firmware, Embedded Software, Data Science, Data, Mechanical, System and Quality Engineering.

Angus Bean, DroneShield Chief Technology Officer, commented, “As the drone threat space continues to rapidly evolve, DroneShield continues with a significant investment into next generation technologies, including moving into fully custom software defined radios in-house.”

GA-ASI Makes First Flight of XQ-67A OBSS

March 1st, 2024

SAN DIEGO – 29 February 2024 – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) flew the XQ-67A Off-Board Sensing Station (OBSS) for the first time on Feb. 28, 2024. OBSS is an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) program and GA-ASI was selected in 2021 to design, build and fly the new aircraft.

With flight of the AFRL-funded XQ-67A, GA-ASI has validated the “genus/species” concept first developed with AFRL as part of the Low-Cost Attritable Aircraft Platform Sharing (LCAAPS) program focused on building several aircraft variants from a common core chassis.

Under LCAAPS, AFRL and GA-ASI explored development of a chassis, termed a “genus”, as the foundational core architecture from which several “species” of aircraft can be built.

“This provides an alternative acquisition approach for military aircraft that enables faster development, lower costs and more opportunities for frequent technology refresh,” said Trenton White, OBSS Program Manager and aerospace engineer in AFRL’s Aerospace Systems Directorate. “XQ-67A is the first “species” to be designed and built from this shared platform. Flight demonstration of this system is a major first step toward showing the ability to produce affordable combat mass.”

“OBSS is the first aircraft type built and flown using a common core chassis developed by GA-ASI that promotes commonality across multiple vehicle types,” said GA-ASI Vice President of Advanced Programs Michael Atwood.