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PDW Ti-NATO Straps

June 18th, 2019

Updated Modern Version of the Military G10-Type NATO Strap

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their new Ti-NATO Strap. An updated and modern take on the classic military G10-Type watch strap originally introduced in 1973 by the British Ministry of Defence. The PDW version of the “NATO-Type” watch strap features titanium alloy rings and buckle which are non-magnetic and rustproof. The Ti-NATO uses a heavier duty nylon strap, which is durable, yet pliable and comfortable. These straps are perfectly suited for today’s purpose driven, mechanical movement watches. Use them on land or underwater. The PDW Ti-NATO Straps will be available in 20mm and 22mm widths, and Black and OD Green straps colors.

The Ti-NATO Strap from Prometheus Design Werx will introduce new colors in the near future, and possibly new widths according to customer requests and as they are developed.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The initial impetus to create these was out of a need to accommodate some of our DOD customers. We’re known for our watchband compass kits and since they are designed to be used with NATO-Type straps we became aware that the stainless steel rings and buckles on most of the ones available on the market were easily magnetized when exposed to all the trendy rare earth magnets found in today’s EDC products. We’ve never been huge fans of rare earth magnets used in EDC goods, but they are out there. Firstly anyone with a good mechanical movement watch knows that magnets are not a mechanical watch’s friend. Secondly, if you use a strap-worn supporting compass, any magnetic fields will throw off your accuracy. By using titanium hardware in our strap we’ve eliminated this from even being a possibility. Our titanium rings are more robust than the typical stamped stainless type and not as bulky as the ZULU type. It’s a good sweet spot. Our nylon straps are custom woven and again, we feel a great sweet spot for thickness, durability while remaining comfortable for all day wear. On land or under the sea our Ti-NATO straps are perfect companions for your favorite watch.”

The new PDW Ti-NATO Strap will be available for $36.00 on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 12:00 noon PT via their website,


High Ground Releases NEW Pack Line

June 17th, 2019

Philadelphia, PA. – High Ground Gear (HG), an exclusive product line of Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc., proudly announces the release of two (2) versions of their new BANG Pack.  The BANG Pack compliments HG’s mission-specific line of tactical and outdoor gear.

“The design/release of the two (2) new BANG packs from High Ground rounds out our extensive offerings of bags, packs and load out bags. Operators rely on HG’s history of fantastic, high-quality bags that provide great flexibility. The new BANG Packs are available in 2 different versions,” stated Mike Runella, High Ground’s Director of Business Development.  He added “we already have our larger family of legacy packs with the HG-3-Day and HG Summit that have been very well-received for years by our end-users. Our customers now turned to us for a smaller version of our pack for their smaller missions.

The BANG Pack “Tactical” is a mid-size 3-Day pack features 1/2” Volara® Closed Cell Foam and air mesh back padding, utilizes HG’s exclusive cable routing shoulder straps, and includes a stowable/removable waist belt system. The BANG Pack-Tactical provides numerous modular attachment points on the front of the pack for the end user to customize his/her pack.

The BANG Pack “Slick” is built off the same platform, shape and size but has been toned down to be more of an everyday carry bag. The Slick version also utilizes the slimmer ½” Volara® foam and shoulder strap configuration. With its sleeker appearance, the BANG Pack-Slick is the perfect pack for that weekend hike or plane ride. The Slick will be available in a wider range of colors for the outdoor enthusiasts.

“Our new BANG Packs offer a cool alternative to our successful HG 3-Day and HG Summit packs,” offers Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc. CEO, Bob Rosania.  “The packs are specifically designed to provide the customer with the high quality workmanship expected of a High Ground product without all the extensive features of our legacy packs at an affordable price point.”

High Ground; We Make Every Stitch Count…

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Raine Inc – Going Strong for 33 Years

June 17th, 2019

Raine Inc was established in Daleville, IN on June 16th, 1986. Later in 1990 the office was moved to Chesterfield, IN and finally in 1994 to our present location in Anderson, IN. 33 years and still going strong. Their products are sold across the world in AAFES and MCX locations as well as through online dealers and retail stores.

Max Talk 26: Advanced Patrolling 2: Multiple Enemy Firing Points

June 17th, 2019

This is the twenty sixth installment of ‘Max Talk Monday’ which shares select episodes from a series of instructional videos. Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) has established a reputation on the leading edge of tactical live fire and force on force training. MVT is dedicated to developing and training tactical excellence at the individual and team level.

A follow up video to the previous ‘Advanced Patrol Techniques: Satellite Patrolling.’ This time, examining and running a sand table scenario for multiple enemy firing points. Utilizing a sand table model with figurines, as a method of introduction to explain these advanced patrolling techniques.

Detailed explanations can be found in the MVT Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics.

Max is a tactical trainer and author, a lifelong professional soldier with extensive military experience. He served with British Special Operations Forces, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer; a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Max served on numerous operational deployments, and also served as a recruit instructor. Max spent five years serving as a paramilitary contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan; the latter two years working for the British Government in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Website: Max Velocity Tactical

YouTube: Max Velocity Tactical

Excellence in Tactical Training.

D3O Launches Its Lightest Helmet Pad System Yet

June 17th, 2019

D3O, the world’s number one impact protection company, has just launched its most lightweight helmet pad system for law enforcement and military applications, D3O® TRUST NimbusTM.

TRUST NimbusTM has been designed to provide superior impact protection performance and comfort, suitable for integration into any helmet shell, via 7 or 9 helmet pad configurations.

This Berry Amendment Compliant helmet pad system exceeds the required level of protection for the Advanced Combat Helmet Standard (AR/PD 10-02) in both Polyethylene and Aramid helmet shells, offering excellent performance across multiple impacts.

Bill VanMullekom, Executive Vice President of D3O US LLC, says “Soldiers or law enforcement officers must be able to execute the mission without being distracted by their own comfort level or fatigue. This knowledge led our team at D3O to develop our most lightweight helmet pad system, focusing on combining exceptional impact protection with complete comfort.”

The launch comes in response to the movement in the defense market today towards lightweight protection, which reduces fatigue over long periods of time and enables greater freedom of movement and agility.

3M is a global leader in head protection for military and tactical applications and has enjoyed a long-term relationship with D3O. 3M’s Vasilios Brachos, Senior Defense Product Development Manager says: “Our approach is to work with customers and end users to understand the specifications we are required to achieve. End users are asking for lightweight and comfortable products which are proven to protect – that’s why we’ve chosen the TRUST Nimbus for use in several of our helmets.”

The integrated memory foam comfort liner and moisture wicking head-side fabric with anti-microbial properties enhances the comfort of the helmet pad system, while providing superior impact protection performance.

Terry Griffith, Global Business Manager – Defense and Law Enforcement at 3M, notes “We are pleased to work with D3O and offer their latest advanced lightweight impact protection pad system to our customers. Combined with our advanced ballistic protection and lightweight helmets, it will enhance our product value to the end user.”

TRUST NimbusTM will be available for individual or unit sales through D3O’s distribution partners, RRDS and TSSI, over the coming months.

US Marine Corps Adoption of M18 Underscores Success of SIG SAUER Modular Handgun System Program

June 17th, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (June 17, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is honored to announce that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is set to adopt the M18, the compact variant of the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS), as their official duty pistol.

“The Marine Corps announcement to put the M18 in service with the Marines is a very exciting development for SIG SAUER, and a true testament to the success of the MHS program,” began Ron Cohen, President & CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The Marine’s procurement of the M18 brings the adoption of our Modular Handgun System full circle, as this means, beginning in 2020, either the M17 or the M18 will be officially in service with every branch of the U.S. Military.”


The M18 is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol featuring a coyote-tan PVD coated stainless steel slide with black controls.  The pistol is equipped with SIGLITE front night sights and removable night sight rear plate, and manual safety. 

Recently, the M18 successfully completed a MHS Material Reliability Test that consisted of firing three M18 pistols to 12,000 rounds each for a total of 36,000 rounds in accordance with the MHS requirements.  Comparatively, the U.S. Army’s legacy pistol was only tested to 5,000 rounds making the test duration for the M18 pistol 2.4 times greater than that of the legacy pistol.  In this testing, the M18 experienced zero stoppages despite being allowed up to twelve stoppages.  Additionally, the M18 passed a parts interchange test, and met stringent accuracy and dispersion requirements.

“The success of the MHS program is the direct result of the indisputable performance and superior quality of the M17 and M18 pistols, and the commitment and dedication of the men and women of SIG SAUER to those that serve in the defense of freedom,” continued Cohen. “We are very proud, and humbled, to have earned the trust of every branch of the U.S. Military through their acceptance of the MHS program and adoption of the M17 and M18 pistols.”

Currently, the M17 and M18 are in service with the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.  The USMC will begin their acquisition of the M18 pistol in 2020. 

SureFire Exhibiting at 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

June 17th, 2019

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, will be a featured exhibitor at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, held June 18-20 in Denver, Colorado. SureFire will be displaying its best-in-class illumination tools, including the ultralight, 650-lumen Stiletto, which weighs just 2.8 ounces. Visitors are encouraged to stop by the SureFire booth (#42059-UL) to check out the latest SureFire offerings.

Original PlateFrame Drag Handle From S&S Precision

June 17th, 2019

S&S Precision’s Operator System Suite (OSS) accessories include a Drag Handle which attaches to their original PlateFrame.

See the complete OSS line of pouches and accessories at