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Admiral Scott Moore joins Board of Directors of Wild Things, LLC

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2019 — Wild Things, LLC (“Wild Things” or the “Company”), an ASGARD Partners & Co. (“ASGARD”) portfolio company, today announced that Admiral Scott Moore has joined its Board of Directors.

Admiral Moore retired in 2014 as a Navy Rear Admiral with over 30 years in Naval Special Warfare (“NSW”). During his impressive career, he led at every level of NSW, from SEAL platoon commander, to Commander of the Nation’s premier Counterterrorist Force, to Deputy Commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, where he was responsible for training and equipping a 7,000 person force. He also commanded a 1,500 person Joint Task Force in Afghanistan, which conducted over 2,000 missions against enemy leaders.

His staff tours included assignments as director of Counterterrorism on the National Security Staff, White House, directly briefing The President of the United States; as the Assistant Operations Officer for Counterterrorism, The Pentagon, where he advised the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff daily on counterterrorism operations; and as the Deputy Commander for Operations, Office of Defense Representative, Pakistan, where he coordinated NATO operations with Pakistani military leaders.

Admiral Moore currently serves as CEO of Karakoram Group, which he co-founded, an organization that focuses on solving global commercial security problems.

“We are more than excited to welcome Admiral Moore to the Wild Things board of directors. Admiral Moore is an accomplished leader with over three decades of experience in NSW, which will provide valuable insights into the needs of the warfighter. We are confident Admiral Moore will make an important and positive impact on the Company,” said Christian Cantalupo, Partner of ASGARD.

“I have a lot of respect for the Wild Things mission to protect extraordinary men and women taking extreme risks in uncertain conditions,” said Admiral Moore. “I have always admired the Wild Things brand and product, having used it firsthand in the field, and am looking forward to contributing to the Company’s next level of success.”

AUSA 19 – RE Factor Tactical 40mm Grenade Pouch Update

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Quantico Tactical showed us the updated RE Factor Tactical 40mm Grenade Pouch. After an extensive evaluation by a military unit, they’ve arrived at the final form factor of this polymer pouch. These are 3D printed, but once available, they will be injection molded in Coyote color.

First off, they’ve made the top retaining tab, removable.

They’ve also slightly modified their PALS compatible attachment, which can also be used on belts.

Finally, multiple pouches can be mounted to this panel. Additionally, multiple panels can be connected and mounted in a vehicle.

It’s Finally Here! The FLEX Releasable Cummerbund Kit IOTV (FRC Kit IOTV) from Arbor Arms

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Arbor Arms has adapted their FLEX Cummerbund retro fit kits to the Army’s IOTV4, SPCS, MSV and many other armor systems that utilize the Duraflex Quad release system.   The Arbor Arms family of cummerbunds are in use with a wide range of units; US, British and other NATO Special Forces, Marine Force Reconnaissance, DEA SRT, CBP Special Teams.  Although many Arbor Arms designs are geared towards the high end this cummerbund kits marks a move towards improving armor ergonomics for the average Soldier on the line. 

The Cummerbund

Arbor Arms FLEX cummerbunds are a skeletonized 3 MOLLE row cummerbund, made of their proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic.    This allows for expansion and contraction not just through the full breathing cycle but during movement and non-standard shooting positions.  At the same time it can support a full combat load of magazines, radios and side SAPIs without allowing them to sag or bounce on ones hips while running.  It also allows for perfect ergonomic fit to every soldier male or female of every size and body type.    Due to the proprietary manufacturing process this elastic is woven with the MOLLE slots in it which gives I a much longer service life than sewn elastic while maintaining the ability to mount MOLLE pouches both internally and externally to the cummerbund. 

The Front

The FRC Kit IOTV used the Duraflex  Quad Release 1.5” female buckle sewn to an 70 series aluminum spreader bar that interfaces with their proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic.    The aluminum spreader features split bar attachment so that the elastic can be changed out by the end user in case of damage while in the field.

The Back

The kit comes with 3 rear mounting options; a MOLLE stick Interface for the IOTV which is compatible with either a 550 cord lacing, or with 6 Snap On Tension locks.   The 6 Snap On Tension locks can also be attached directly to the lowest 3 MOLLE rows on the rear plate bag with the excess elastic of the cummerbund routed under the c-bun flap.

Learn more about the FRC kit IOTV and the rest of the Arbor Arms family of cummerbunds at www.ArborArmsUSA.com/army-iotv


OZ9 Standard Trigger Replacement Program

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

OZ9 Standard (Full Size) Pistol Owner,

We want to thank you for being a ZEV owner—specifically an owner of our OZ9 pistol.  This pistol has turned out to be an amazing success since its launch in February, and we hope that you’ve had the opportunity to spend some good range time with it.  

ZEV Technologies strives for perfection and has experienced very low warranty repair instances with the OZ9.  However, we’ve had a limited number of OZ9 Standard pistol owners report occasional discharge of more than one round with a single trigger pull.  

This has been a difficult issue to diagnose given the low incidence of these reports, our difficulty in replicating the issue and the fact that most of the reported incidents happened only after several thousand rounds had been fired.   However, after exhaustive research we discovered the cause to be a particular tool used by our vendor that wore in such a way that it produced small variations when stamping one of the OZ9 trigger components.   Of course, we have corrected this issue.

While we believe that only a small number of pistols within specific serial number ranges may have been affected, we want to make sure that every potentially impacted OZ9 is performing at its highest level. Therefore, we are happy to inspect your pistol and replace the trigger at no cost to you.

Please see the instructions below to determine if your pistol is subject to the trigger replacement program.

ZEV maintains high standards, and we strive to exceed your expectations.   But equally important, we also want you to be thrilled by how we value and treat you as a ZEV owner.   We will always stand behind our products.



Matt Ridenour



OZ9 Compact pistols are not affected by this issue.  

Please check your OZ9 Standard (Full Size) Serial number:

ZA00001 through ZA01232

ZB00001 through ZB00760

ZEV-OZ0060 through ZEV-OZ1187

If you have an OZ9 with a serial number in one of the affected ranges, ZEV will pay the cost of shipping your pistol to us, as well as the cost of return shipping back to you.  The entire OZ9 Standard trigger replacement program will be at no cost to you and will take less than two weeks.  

Please contact us at quality@zevtech.com and make sure to include:

Serial Number of your OZ9


Email Address

Mailing Address

Telephone Number

We will then be in touch to provide you with a prepaid shipping label to begin the process.

Note: Your OZ9 can be shipped directly to ZEV and directly back to you, its owner.

AUSA 19 – Polartec Woobie

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

It was only a matter of time before someone made a woobie insulates with Polartec Alpha, and now one is on the way.

Available soon through Polartec’s new online Miliatry Issue Collection, this blanket features the same amount of insulation in the SOCOM issued Protective Combat Uniform Level 3A jacket. It’s manufactured by Mitt’s Nitts.

Jeff Gonzales, Field Notes Ep 48: Active Shooter Considerations for Those Who Carry

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

SureFire Field Notes is a multi-segment informational video series with tips and techniques from subject matter experts of all backgrounds. In this episode, Jeff Gonzalez discusses considerations for concealed carry holders during active shooter scenarios.

Jeff Gonzales heads Trident Concepts, LLC a reality based company specializing in personal protection tactics and training for armed and unarmed conflicts. Their motto is “Concepts that meet reality.”

He was a decorated and respected US Navy SEAL and has worked in a variety of environments and capacities through out the globe. He brings to the company not only his hard & soft skills, but also his ability to manage and exploit the staff to best serve the interests of the company and their clients. Their goal is not simply to train you, but to better prepare you for the worst-case scenario.

He has also finished authoring the book Combative Fundamentals, An Unconventional Approach, now available for retail purchase. Presently, the book is keeping pace as a best seller and is considered by most to have set the high-water mark as an excellent resource. A must have for serious shooters across the board.



AUSA 19 – Power Stretch Pullover by Wild Things

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Now available in Black for federal and LE agencies, the Wild Things Power Stretch Pullover features 1/4 zip front, 4-way stretch and moisture wicking.

Also available in Coyote.


AUSA 19 – WL Gore & Assoc Showcases New Temperate Weather Boot

Monday, October 14th, 2019

The upcoming Terassault GTX from McRae Industies is a temperate boot with improved breathability range thanks to the Extended Comfort membrane from W. L. Gore & Assoc.

It is a very lightweight, low profile design. It offers extreme flexibility and doesn’t impede the design of the boot. In addition to less bulk, it offers at least 30% increased breathability over the Army issue temperate weather boot.

Coming Spring 2020 from McRae Industries.