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Milspec Retail Introduces the Emissary Development Cable Clip

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Emissary Development is proud to officially launch with the release of the Cable Clip. An exciting new way to manage wires going to-and-from various weapon lights and laser aiming devices.

Emissary is an all-new brand from the product team at Milspec Retail, a leading firearm accessories and tactical equipment retailer.

Made from impact and heat resistant nylon polymer, the Cable Clip is 100% made in the USA with USA made steel hardware.

Easily organize, control and route electrical cables and wires. Ditch single use zip-ties and bulky rubber bands for our modular, purpose-built cable management system.

Cable Clip was designed to easily accept cables from the latest generation of weapon-light switch technology, including the Modlite Modbutton, Unity Tactical Hot Button, Unity Tactical TAPS, all current generation SureFire switches and more.

Available now at Emissary Development and current dealers:

Arisaka Defense
Milspec Retail
Modlite Systems

The Next Generation of Night Vision Enhancement Systems, Now Commercially Available Exclusively from TNVC: Optics 1 ECOTI

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

November 24, 2020, Redlands, CA

At TNVC, we have always strived to bring the absolute best in night vision, thermal and visual augmentation systems technology to all of our customers – military, law enforcement, and civilian.

We’re extremely proud to announce that we have partnered with Optics 1 to bring the most advanced thermal overlay system available, direct from the manufacturer with full customer and product support as the Exclusive Commercial Distributor of the ECOTI Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager.

Available now for $8,399.00, for a limited time only during our Black Friday Sale, TNVC will be offering free overnight shipping (expected delivery early-January 2020) for all ECOTI units purchased between now and December 4th.

The ECOTI is the next generation in Visual Augmentation System (VAS) technologies, and is 100% available NOW to vetted civilian customers exclusively through TNVC. ECOTI offers unmatched capabilities and performance, and is truly a game changer.

As the exclusive authorized factory-direct distributor of the ECOTI, TNVC will offer ECOTI’s full suite of accessories, available Q1 2021. Accessories include: 6-Cell GPS-enabled External Battery Pack and Cable, Eyepiece Adapter, Replacement Brackets, and BNVD adapter cable for use with the AN/PVS-31A BNVD’s Cold Weather Battery Pack (CWBP), also available through TNVC.

The Optics 1 ECOTI utilizes the latest generation Thermal Overlay technology and is currently fielded to the United States Marine Corps as a part of the Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggle (SBNVG), as well as other U.S. DoD and international SOF entities.

Available for years to military and government customers, ECOTI provides users the advantage of long-wave IR thermal imaging when added to a traditional Image Intensification (I2) night vision device, allowing users to get inside the enemy’s OODA loop by providing unparalleled level of situational awareness, threat and target detection and identification.

Previously available to government customers only, the ECOTI is a small thermal monocular that clips on to a traditional I2 night vision goggle, such as the PVS-14, RNVG, DTNVS, PVS-31A BNVD, SBNVG, and GPNVG. ECOTI is now available to vetted civilian customers exclusively through Tactical Night Vision Company. While some thermal systems have previously been available commercially, they have typically been a generation behind the latest military systems or with uncertain origin.

The ECOTI is an improvement over the legacy AN/PAS-29A COTI first introduced almost a decade ago by Optics 1. ECOTI has a 640×480, 60Hz sensor (compared to COTI’s 320×240 / 30Hz), and has increased field of view by 50% from 20o to 30o. It provides the user with a high definition, real-time thermal overlay. Users can select between Outline, Patrol, and Full Thermal modes, as well as white and black hot polarities. It also has pre-programmed environmental settings to provide the best possible detection in a multitude of operating environments.

Despite the numerous enhancements in performance and capabilities compared to the legacy COTI, the ECOTI is almost a full two ounces lighter. To lighten the load even more, ECOTI is also available without the internal CR123 battery and powered by the Optics 1 6-Cell GPS-enabled External Battery Pack.

ECOTI has a multitude of applications for law enforcement and civilian customers. The thermal detection capability is useful for SAR operations, fugitive and suspect pursuit, and hunting in thick brush or heavy vegetation. Unlike other weapon-mounted thermal scopes and handheld thermal monoculars, ECOTI allows users to be heads-up and hands-free.

Unlike Image Fusion systems such as the FGE and ENVG-B, the ECOTI is a clip-on thermal overlay with a dedicated power supply. A loss of power or damage to either the night vision goggle or ECOTI does not deadline the entire system; users can use one without the other. They can attach the ECOTI to its Eyepiece Adapter and used as a handheld thermal monocular.  Image Fusion systems have complicated and costly maintenance and repairs, leaving users blind in the night.

Optics 1 ECOTI is the next generation of night vision enhancement technology, Available now exclusively through TNVC:

Rheinmetall Unveils Its New Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance system: Enhanced Situational Awareness and Frontline Fire Support

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Rheinmetall’s game-changing Mission Master Autonomous – Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV) family has just gained a new member: the Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance. Equipped with intelligence-gathering technology and a Rheinmetall Fieldranger remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS), the new Armed Reconnaissance module is designed to collect tactical intelligence in the area of operations while providing frontline fire support whenever necessary.

Crewless recon missions maximize troop security

Autonomous robotic vehicles offer countless advantages, including in a reconnaissance context. The Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance is designed to execute high-risk scouting missions and deliver a real-time common operating picture without putting soldiers in danger. Since an enormous volume of data is gathered during missions of this type, Rheinmetall’s new A-UGV is equipped with resilient, highly reliable systems. Its payload consists of long-range EO/IR sensors, a surveillance radar, a 360° full ring camera, a laser rangefinder and a laser designator to identify potential threats. To further enhance the line of sight for the sensors while keeping a concealed posture, the reconnaissance payload is installed on a 3.5-metre expandable mast with a tilting mechanism. This convenient feature allows for increased and safe transportability on any platform, even a CH-53 or CH-47 Chinook.

The Armed Reconnaissance module also features radio-agnostic architecture, which means it can accommodate any type of radio that customers may need. The bidirectional communication system permits clear exchanges with HQ and other A-UGVs, giving commanders greater situational awareness. When engaging enemy forces, the Rheinmetall Fieldranger Light 7.62 mm RCWS will provide much more firepower than the usual man-carried section weapon. Engagement of targets is remote-controlled, never autonomous.

Safe operation at all times

As with the other modules of the Mission Master family, the Armed Reconnaissance owes its autonomous functions to the Rheinmetall PATH autonomous kit (A-kit). Proven, agnostic, trusted and highly autonomous, PATH is designed to enable military vehicles to operate in unmanned mode, freeing up soldiers for other duties and keeping them out of immediate danger. The A-kit provides a wide range of teleoperation options for the Mission Master, including a tablet, smartwatch, soldier system, and single-hand controller. These devices enable full access to advanced PATH features such as follow-me, convoy and autonomous navigation modes. Each control mode incorporates multiple layers of protection to ensure that the vehicle operates safely at all times. Moreover, Rheinmetall is committed to keeping a man in the loop in all kinetic operations, assuring that a human decides when to open fire, never a machine.

A comprehensive Mission Master family

The new Armed Reconnaissance module is the latest addition to the modular Mission Master family, widely acclaimed for its all-terrain manoeuvrability and ability to keep troops safe when deployed in harm’s way. The Cargo module can carry over half a ton of supplies, relieving the burden on troops keeping them fresh. The Fire Support modules boost the combat power of dismounted units, while the Rescue module autonomously evacuates casualties and carries specialized equipment for medical interventions in the field. In addition, every single module is equipped with a Blue Force tracking system that is fully compatible with NATO standards.

Like all members of the Mission Master family, the Armed Reconnaissance version is already networked to the Argus soldier system and Rheinmetall Command and Control Software, which can be installed in any user’s battle management system.

Power of the Wolf Pack

The addition of the Armed Reconnaissance to the Mission Master suite turns Rheinmetall’s groundbreaking Wolf Pack concept into a reality. The Wolf Pack consists of multiple Mission Master vehicles efficiently operating as a team in order to accomplish missions of all types, including zone surveillance, reconnaissance, target position transfer and slew-to-cue. All units communicate with each other and use artificial intelligence to maintain the total situational awareness necessary for carrying out their missions.

A genuine force multiplier, the entire Wolf Pack can be managed by a single operator from anywhere using the LTE network, SATCOM, or military cloud. It is an intuitive concept that enables one operator – rather than multiple uncoordinated operators – to focus on the overall mission rather than managing all the tasks of each A-UGV. As Rheinmetall continues to develop new modules for the Mission Master family, the Wolf Pack’s range of capabilities will only increase, significantly improving the military’s ability to achieve overmatch against increasingly capable enemies.

Huckberry x Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Collaboration

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Offered in an exclusive Desert and Hunter Orange colorway, this is the Huckberry version of Mystery Ranch’s popular 2-Day Assault.

For those of you unfamiliar with the 2-Day Assault, think of it as a little brother to the 3-Day Assault which has become a staple for military load carriage for the US military as well as many of our allies.

Mystery Ranch created the 27 Liter 2-Day Assault as an EDC pack for their outdoor line. It retains the classic waterproof three zip opening and PALS webbing of its bigger brother, along with the two dual adjustment buckles to keep your load secure. The lid incorporates two zippered pockets and there are external pockets on either side of the pack bag with elastic for water bottles or other items.

Inside the main compartment there is a large padded laptop sleeve as well as side zippered access to a document/tablet sleeve pocket. Additionally, there are two zippered mesh pockets in the main compartment

To support the load, there’s a full-length plastic frame sheet, adjustable padded yoke with sternum strap, and removable webbing waist belt.

This model features a Desert outer and bright Hunter Orange interior as well as zipper pulls and comes with an exclusive patch.

Available exclusively from

If this model isn’t for you, but you still want an MR 2-Day Assault, just in a different color, check out or one of their many retailers.

XGO Seeks Sales Director, Global Government & Military Business Development 

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Job Description

XGO Sales Director, Global Government & Military Business Development 

Corporate Office: Southern Pines, NC

• May not require an on-site presence.

• Responsible for driving XGO® branded sales in the military, government, and other extended military – government retail channels.

• Sales Targets: New Business Development within existing Distributor Channels – TLS and all other Distributors; National Guard; and, International

• Implement & recommend strategic business plans for the XGO brand related to relevant markets, including sales and marketing.

• Mange and direct sales activity with key distributors to achieve corporate sales objectives.

• Maintain high visibility and interaction with DOD, DLA, Natick, and key end user decision makers to locate and close significant business opportunities.

• Maintain a constant interface and develop/maintain relationships with government procurement and research personnel to ensure relevance of XGO product and fabric mix is in accordance with their current and evolving needs

• To communicate emerging trends in the industry and markets into product development plans

• Develop new and nurture existing relationships with XGO distributors in the United States and internationally to include/increase the relevance of XGO within their product mix and increase overall global sales of XGO.

o Attend trade shows (i.e. SHOT, SOFIC, Modern Day Marine, and others.) for the purpose of growing XGO’s brand recognition, supporting XGO distributors, while maintaining an ongoing interface with procurement personnel to remain cognizant of relevant sales/contract opportunities.

• New projects as required.

Desired Skill & Experience:

• 3+ years sales and business development experience with federal and military customers

• 3+ years International Sales and Management experience

• 5+ years outside sales experience

• BS degree strongly preferred

• Prior Military Experience (active/reserve, honorable discharge) strongly preferred

• Strong understanding guidelines necessary to conduct business with GSA, TLS, and DOD E-mall.

• Ability to cold call new customers and/or develop new markets and opportunities.

• Existing relationships with customers, markets, distributors, and programs.

• Strong communication skills are required to interact with various company departments, managers, and employees.

• Self-starter with experience to manage travel schedule, customer meetings, tradeshows, and or other sales and budgetary requirements

• Ability to travel – Up to 50%.

• Strongly prefer living one of the following areas: Southern Pines / Central NC

Please send resume to:

Longworth Industries, Inc.

PO Box 2715

Southern Pines, NC  28388

Point of Contacts:

Randy Black [email protected]

Doris Hinson [email protected]

Position will remain open until December 31, 2020.


SCUBAPRO Sunday – Wetsuit Care

Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

Your wetsuit is an essential part of your dive gear, as it protects your body from heat loss, abrasions, and wildlife injuries on a dive. Without proper care, neoprene can be damaged easily when you’re not even diving. Although they are designed to last a long time, certain elements will destroy it, if you don’t take care of it. Here are a few things that will damage neoprene. This stuff will also damage your H-gear/ Armor carrier and other nylon equipment.


Sunlight is the worst thing for any nylon product. You never want to leave your wetsuit hanging in direct sunlight to dry. Neoprene takes a beating from UV radiation, and it will begin to break it down quickly. Paired with heat, it can break a new wetsuit down in a matter of months.


Even in the absence of sunlight, heat is not good for neoprene. Under no circumstances should you ever put neoprene in the dryer. Even leaving it in a hot car can begin the process of deterioration. The best way to dry your wetsuit (after a fresh water rinse, of course!) is to hang it in the open air, in the shade. So, try not to store your wetsuit in a Conex box.

Salt and Minerals

If you’ve been diving in the ocean, you’ll need to rinse your wetsuit immediately with fresh water so that the salt, minerals, and bacteria accumulated during the dive will not remain to crystallize and produce odors. Soaking it in a tub is the best way to do this. Do more than just rinse it with a hose and hang it up to dry. Even if you haven’t exposed your wetsuit to any of the other damaging elements in this post, a stinky, bacteria-laden wetsuit is just as ruined if you never rinse it. Occasional soakings with a product like Sink the Stink are a great way to refresh your wetsuit every few weeks or months, depending on how often you dive. 

Improper Storage

As well as suffering heat damage, leaving your wetsuit wadded up in your gear bag, trunk, or garage will cause rapid deterioration, as it compromises the structure of neoprene. Hanging your wetsuit on a proper wetsuit hanger is the ideal storage, but if you’re limited on space, you can store it folded in half in a dry container once it is fully dry.

If you rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every use, it should stay clean in most cases. However, you sometimes might find that your wetsuit gets a little funky. If you pee in it, it will get funky. Make sure that you always use a cleaner that is designed for wetsuits. The wrong type of cleaning product on your wetsuit can be one of the worst things that damage neoprene. Some people say you have to get a new wetsuit every 3 to 5 years. The truth is it depends on how much you use it and how deep you go. Every time you dive deep it will compress the wetsuit and push some of the bubbles that are in the neoprene out. So there is no real time line on how long a suit will last.

Winter Is Come Revitalize Your Durable Water Repellent

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

It’s well past that time of year again. We originally published this article in February of 2010 but seeing as the weather is getting cold and times are tough we republish it each year. We know you pay a lot for your clothing and equipment and it is just as important to maintain it, as it is your firearm.

It looks like it’s going to be a LONG winter. During a recent shooting class I attended it started raining day one and by the middle of the second day it looked like a blizzard. Most of my fellow shooters were wearing waterproof breathable outerwear and several began to feel clammy and then damp the longer each day progressed. A couple of guys were wearing issue Gen I ECWCS parkas. Probably not the best garment available as Gore long ago decided that the basic design could not meet their “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” standards. Of course these jackets were old. More than anything, they needed some maintenance.

The key to any modern outerwear is its Durable Water Repellent (DWR). There are quite a few treatments available and different manufacturers have their favorites but they are usually are based on flouropolymers. These are PTFE molecules that are applied to the surface and cured at high heat to make them adhere better and increase performance and have a fluorine atom at one end which is highly hydrophobic. Heat causes them to align themselves with their flourines exposed. Water tries to move away from the flourines resulting in beading. This allows the water to roll off without wetting the fabric. Interestingly, Quarpel (Quartermaster Repellent) was one of the first DWRs and used to treat field jackets and other military clothing items.

Since most of us can’t run out and purchase a new jacket every time this happens I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips with you that will not only revitalize your garment’s DWR treatment but also extend the life of your clothing.

DWR treatments work best when they are clean. I realize this seems counter to what you think is right since a DWR generally lasts about 25 washings and tactical garments get quite a beating in the field, but you need to wash your clothing. The first thing is to avoid using liquid detergents as well as fabric softeners. Additionally, avoid optical brighteners as they are not good for DWR or IR treatments. There are wash in treatments you can purchase as well as spray on options to help renew your clothing’s DWR. However, wash in treatments may affect the breathability of your membrane. One of the best spray solutions available is Revivex from McNett and it is what I have used in the past. It also serves as a stain repellent. Revivex can also be applied to garments that never had DWR in the first place so if you have hunting or field clothing that you find yourself wearing in inclement weather regularly you may want to give it a once over. If you use a spray treatment be sure to evenly coat your garment while it is still damp after washing and to pay special attention to any seams.

There are two additional ways you can put some life back into your DWR. One is to put the garment in a conventional dryer on warm and the other is to iron it on low heat. If water fails to bead up on the surface of your garment you will need to retreat.

This video by Arc’teryx gives you some pointers.

No matter which method you choose, proper maintenance of your foul weather clothing’s DWR will help keep you warm and dry and extend the life of your equipment.

Dual Comms Slap

Friday, November 20th, 2020

DUAL COMMS slap live on