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WTF Roll Rasslers (with Split Bar FirstSpear Tubes)

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Whiskey Two Four are excited to offer an expanding line of workspace management tools for gearmakers.

WTF’s Roll Rasslers (with split bar FirstSpear® Tubes™) will wrangle even the peskiest of difficult to store rolled goods.

WTF’s Roll Rasslers help prevent premature wear of your MultiCam® printed VELCRO® USA brand wide loop.  WTF’s Roll Rasslers help prevent unnecessary depressions in softer, squishier fabrics like tricots and mesh.  WTF’s Roll Rasslers help prevent dust and debris from collecting on expensive rolls of fabric.

ITW 1.5″ Tri Glides and 60″ Texcel solution dyed, milspec, Berry compliant, MIL-W-17337, webbing straps offer a wide range of adjustment.

Sold in pairs. USA SALES ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. “FirstSpear® Tubes™” is owned by FirstSpear® LLC.

ZEV Technologies New Sig Sauer Collaboration

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Centralia, WA –  ZEV Technologies formally announced the launch of their new Octane Z320 gun mods and Sig Sauer P320 line of accessories. The new line of pistols and accessories is an official collaboration between the two brands. ZEV’s offerings will include a Z320 XCarry pistol, Z320 XCompact pistol, PRO Barrel, Combat Sights and the optics ready Octane slide.

According to Dan Groce, Director of Brand Engagement, “We’re extremely excited to venture into the world of SIG Sauer. The ZEV Team has worked diligently to design P320 gun mods that will not only enhance aesthetics, but also enhance end user performance in all conditions.”

SCUBAPRO Sunday – Americans Navy

Sunday, July 5th, 2020

In the early 1770s, a Connecticut inventor David Bushnell started designing what would be the first submersible. It was a small egg-shaped and less than eight feet tall. Her hull was constructed from two oak shells held together by steel bands and waterproof with a thick layer of tar. It had ventilation tubes, a compass, and a device for determining depth. Attached to the exterior was a primitive bomb. The pilot entered the vessel through a hatch at the top. There were a couple of small glass windows that provided very light and visibility. It was operated by a hand crank that propelled it and a tiller that steered it. The operator also controlled the hand pump that regulated the ballast that submerged and surfaced the craft. Once submerged and the ventilation tubes were closed, there was about 30 minutes worth. It was called “Turtle” because of the two “shells” put together to make it. It is also referred to as Americas Turtle.

In the spring of 1776, about a year into the Revolutionary War, Bushnell wrote to General George Washington asking if the Turtle could be used in defense of New York City’s harbor. Washington accepted the offer. Around midnight on 6 September, the Turtle, piloted by Army sergeant Ezra Lee. That’s right, the first submarine action by the U.S. Navy was led by an Army guy.

It took Lee two hours to get to his target; a British ship named the HMS Eagle. Once he positioned himself beneath the vessel, he was supposed to drill into her hull using a bit attached to Turtle’s top hatch. Once the hole was deep enough, he would anchor his explosive device to the ship’s hull. He had about 30 minutes to get away from the Eagle before the charge would detonate. That was the plan, but Lee’s bit got stuck in a metal part of the hull. On his second attempt, the Turtle bobbed to the surface and he was spotted. As he headed for shore, Lee released his “torpedo,” which exploded harmlessly in the middle of the East River.

Even though Lee wasn’t successful in sinking or doing damage to the HMS Eagle (other than a small drill hole) it was the U.S. first attempt at underwater warfare, and it was one of the first in a very young countries Navy. Secondarily the failed attack ultimately forced the British to move their fleet of 200 ships to where they thought was a safer location. The threat of underwater attack kept the British fleet on their toes throughout the war and made them use more resources and manpower to protect their ships then they normally would have. Much like using Special Forces behind the enemy lines in modern warfare. So, it turns out it wasn’t as big of a failure as first thought. The basic principles used by America’s Turtle still remain valid in submarine warfare today. In recognition of Bushnell’s achievement, the U.S. Navy named two submarine tenders in his honor, one during World War I and one during World War II. Inevitably, the ships were nicknamed “Turtle.”

Declare Your Independence From Darkness with Night Goggles, Inc. and TNVC—New Website and Night Goggles XLS Gen. 3 White Phosphor Night Vision Systems at the Best Prices You’ve Ever Seen!

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

July 3rd, 2020, Redlands, California

Night Goggles, Inc. and TNVC are proud to celebrate Our Independence Day and the Heroes and Patriots who have made these United States the place it is today. Though this year has brought many unprecedented trials, unexpected events, and tests for this, Our Great Experiment in Freedom, Equality, and Self-Determination for all People, We stand firm in our resolve to this serve this great Nation and her People.

This 4th of July, we salute ALL patriots, and as such we are extremely proud to announce the addition of a brand new product line from Night Goggles, Inc. (NGI), the Night Goggles XLS Night Vision Systems, Gen. 3 White Phosphor Thin-Filmed NVGs in PVS-14, RNVG, and DTNVG varieties at some of the lowest prices ever seen for these kinds of capabilities – along with a brand new, redesigned website with a new look and feel and greatly improved user experience!

Night Goggles, Inc. is a sister company to TNVC, focused not only on armed professionals, but also hunters and outdoors enthusiasts of all types—at NGI and TNVC, we believe that all Americans should have access to the greatest night vision technologies available. To that end, we are introducing the NGI XLS line as an low cost (but not low quality!) option to allow even more people access to top-of-the-line, modern, Gen. 3 White Phosphor Night Vision Goggles. Declare Your Independence from Darkness with the NGI XLS Systems, the best value Gen. 3 WP system on the market at special introductory prices from July 3rd through July 15th!

• Night Goggles NGI/PVS-14-XLS – $2,350 Introductory Pricing (MSRP $2,455)

• Night Goggles NGI/RNVG-XLS – $5,599 Introductory Pricing (MSRP $5,799)

• Night Goggles NGI/DTNVG-XLS – $6,499 Introductory Pricing (MSRP $6,899)

These new Night Goggles, Inc. XLS Systems are built in-house by Night Goggles, Inc. at our Redlands, California facility using Elbit Systems of America—Night Vision (ESA-NV) F9415XLSH and F9400XLSH (no chopped pigtails here!) Generation 3, Auto-gated, Thin-Filmed White Phosphor image intensifier tubes with factory data records. All binocular systems are matched and collimated and come with TNVC and NGI’s industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering the housing and system for the lifetime of the unit, and image intensifier tubes for 10 years!

ESA-NV, based in Roanoke, Virginia, formerly the Night Vision division of Harris Corporation prior to their merger with L3 Technologies and previously known as ITT/Exelis is one of the premier manufacturers of Generation 3 image intensifiers, and has long been known as an industry leader in visual augmentation systems, including the AN/PSQ-20 ENVG Night Vision/Thermal Fusion system, and was recently awarded the contract for the United States Marine Corps’ Squad BNVG program.

While the image intensifier tubes being used in the NGI XLS systems do not necessarily meet the MIL-SPEC requirements image intensifier tubes and therefore considered “Commercial Spec” or “COM-SPEC” tubes, they are nevertheless still excellent performers. The very lowest performance figures approximate U.S. OMNI V performance, often considered to be the first of the modern “high performance” night vision, while the highest spec’ed units rival the best modern “super-tubes.”

However, even for these COM-SPEC units we WILL NOT compromise by purchasing lower cost, non-standard, non-MIL-SPEC optics and housing components from vendors looking to make a quick buck on products that “look the part,” but are unable to perform the same as MIL-SPEC components–the price savings is entirely in the image intensifiers.

While TNVC’s MIL-SPEC systems still represent the absolute best performance money can buy, these new Night Goggles systems are an excellent option for those who are looking for a lower-cost Gen. 3 White Phosphor NVG, and are sure to be popular with hunters, enthusiasts, and tactical shooters alike! NGI sources these tubes directly from ESA-NV, and because these XLSH tubes do not fully meet MIL-SPECs, we are able to pass on our savings to YOU, our customers by offering these Night Goggles XLS systems at some of the lowest prices ever for Gen. 3 WP systems. Non-MIL-SPEC tubes should mean non-MIL-SPEC prices!

FirstSpear Friday Focus – FS Rash Guard

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Today we are getting a look at FirstSpear’s American Made short and long sleeve Rash Guards.

Built from a premium poly/spandex blend the FS Rash Guard is an ultralight compression fit garment that helps to protect against abrasion and rub commonly found in a maritime environment.

Quick to dry with natural sun / UV protection. Sloth flat seams, medium high collar, and integrated low profile thumb holes keep the sleeves in places when putting on equipment and other garments.

Available and shipping now in short and long sleeve in charcoal and ranger green. Order your standard t-shirt size for a compressed fit and consider stepping up 1-2 sizes for a more relaxed fit. 100% Made in America.

The State of SOLGW

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

What’s going on? What to look for? We will be releasing stripped receivers, but in limited quantities. And, we’re driving forward at an impressive speed…without EVER sacrificing the integrity of the brand. We make fighting rifles. That is our core purpose. When you get a SOLGW product it’s a known quantity and it’ll do what you ask of it. Despite growth or panic.

Anarchy Outdoors Offers UF Pro Tactical Clothing To the US Market

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

North Logan, UT- Anarchy Outdoors, a leading industry innovator and supplier of precision rifle components and other high-performance firearms accessories, is excited to be the first U.S. Distributor and a Dealer of UF Pro tactical clothing.  Designed for true LE and military use, this rugged outerwear has features perfect for precision rifle and 3-gun competitors. Designed and manufactured in Europe, UF Pro provides pants, shirts, jackets and accessories to tactical personnel that stand up to the harshest physical and environmental conditions.  Currently Anarchy Outdoors is the law enforcement agency T&E Program sample supplier for UF Pro.  Some of the most popular products for LE and competitive shooters include the UF Pro® Striker HT Combat Pants, the UF Pro Striker XT Gen 2 Combat Shirt and the UF Pro Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat.

Pants designed for tactical and shooting competition use have specific features and requirements necessary to perform well in those applications.  The UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants exceed these requirements including durability, adjustability, breathability, protection as well as storage capacity and access.  Made from durable and snag resistant ripstop polycotton and Schoeller®- Dynamic fabric the Striker HT has a unique ventilation system that can be opened or closed to circulate air through upper leg and groin area with each step.  A three-layer knee protection system including replaceable knee pads allows the user to wear reliable knee protection at all times without even noticing it.  Fourteen pockets with the right capacity and location add to the versatility of the Striker HT Combat Pants.  Other features that set these pants apart include boot loops, double belt loops, expandable lower legs and suspender loops.  Striker HT Combat Pants are now available in Coyote Brown, Brown Grey, MultiCam, Desert Grey and Black MultiCam with an MSRP of $191.99.  Read more about the Striker HT Combat Pants here:

The UF PRO® Striker XT Pro Gen. 2 Combat Shirt is designed for extreme performance, providing the wearer with a comfortable, breathable, rugged upper garment.  Three different fabrics are used to meet specific needs of each part of the shirt.  The sleeves use a rugged and breathable ripstop, the torso is an abrasion-resistant knit, and the armpit area is an anti-odor Merino/polyester fabric. Mesh material protects the Merino/polyester section of the shirt.  Detachable UF PRO® air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area offer weight distribution for those carrying a plate carrier or a heavy backpack.  The inserts add air flow, aiding ventilation and drying for the shirt.  The Striker XT Pro Gen. 2 Combat Shirt has easy to access pockets including two large upper arm pockets with Velcro and an additional strap for easy opening as well as lower arm pockets with elastic straps inside the pocket and MOLLE on top of the pocket for attaching a UF PRO® Device Pouch.  Multiple color patterns are available including Brown Grey, GreenZone, Black MultiCam, Steel Grey, Navy Blue, SloCam, Black MultiCam and Flecktarn.  MSRP:  $107.99.  Read more about the Striker XT Pro Gen. 2 Combat Shirt here:

Even the UF Pro Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat is designed to be more than a just a hat. Mesh ventilation openings in the front and back side of the boonie hat allow air to circulate freely to aid cooling.  An integrated wire in the front and back side allows the wearer to mold the brim so that it fits perfectly.  The circumference can easily be adjusted with  paracord and an adjuster in the back of the hat.  Mesh pockets in the inside of the hat allow storage of small flat objects.  Three hook and loop patches allow attachment of unit identification and vegetation loops aid concealment.  The UF Pro Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat is available in Brown Grey, Slocam, GreenZone, Flecktarn, MultiCam and Concam with an MSRP of $31.99.  Read more about the UF Pro Striker Gen. 2 Boonie Hat here:

New Night Fighter 101 Class Added to TNVC 2020 Training Calendar at the Brand New Vortex Edge Training Center in Wisconsin (22-23 August 2020)

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

TNVC is excited to announce that a new Night Fighter 101 class has been added to the 2020 Night Fighter Training Calendar for 22-23 August 2020, being held in collaboration with Vortex Optics and is NOW AVAILABLE FOR OPEN ENROLLMENT!

For the first time ever, TNVC will be offering the standard Night Fighter 101 course at an indoor range facility, beginning during normal business hours at the new Vortex Edge Training Center, located approximately 30 minutes West of Madison, Wisconsin, a world class indoor training facility with over 50,000 sq. ft. of training space, and featuring 100, 50, and 25 yard live-fire ranges designed and built by Action Target as well as a force-on-force (non-live fire) shoot house for UTM/Simunition/FoF marking rounds.

As with any of our other Night Fighter 101 courses, Class 20-007 is not solely a square range course, making it difficult to conduct at most indoor range facilities. Both the 50 and 25 yard ranges at the Vortex Edge Training Center are configured to allow shooters to move anywhere within the room and conduct live-fire training with sophisticated automated targetry that can be tailored for a variety of different courses of fire and situational training exercises. All of the live-fire ranges are also fully climate controlled and sheltered, but offer variable lighting allowing lighting temperature and intensity to be adjusted to mimic almost any natural lighting conditions–including dawn and dusk, giving students an opportunity to train and practice in much more varied conditions than would be possible at an outdoor range facility.

Moreover, the ability to control the lighting conditions means that students no longer have to wait until until late-afternoon to begin training. Let’s be honest–not all students work night shifts, and it can sometimes be difficult to adjust and re-adjust schedules to the reverse-cycle usually required for Night Fighter classes that are reliant on external conditions.

Open-enrollment seats for TNVC’s First Ever Night Fighter 101 at the Vortex Edge Training Facility are extremely limited, so sign-up now!

We look forward to more collaboration with Vortex Optics and Vortex Edge in the future!

Click the link below to sign-up, or for more information about our Night Fighter courses, and Night Fighter 101!