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Vertx and Point6 Team Up to Create Something Special

Friday, September 18th, 2020

Sock Collaboration Broadens Range of VaporCore™ Line

Cincinnati, Ohio – Vertx®, a leading manufacturer of low-profile tactical apparel and accessories, is excited to announce their collaboration with Point6® on two new VaporCore™ Crew Socks. Constructed using a unique blend of 37.5® Nylon and Merino wool, the VaporCore™ Crew Socks provide unmatched moisture and temperature management. Offered in both 5” and 10” cuts, the socks are now available online at vertx.com and in-store. Customers can find their nearest dealer using the Vertx® store locator at vertx.com/store-locator.

“Socks are new territory for Vertx®, so we knew we needed a strong partner to bring our vision to life,” said Denny Bogard, GM/VP of Vertx. “Collaborating with Point6® was an absolute no-brainer. Their products are known as some of the best in the industry and are used by the world’s most elite operators. We couldn’t be happier with how the VaporCore™ Crew Socks fit and perform.”

Part of the expanding line of VaporeCore™ products, the Crew Socks are designed to maximize the benefits of both Merino wool and 37.5® fabric technology. A natural temperature-regulator, Merino’s structure both traps moisture and expands/contracts based on the weather. On top of that, 37.5® particles attract sweat vapor away from the skin and absorb the body’s natural infrared (IR) light, either sending it back when you’re cold or releasing it when you’re hot. Together, Merino and 37.5® Technology are actively working with you, your activity level and your environment to keep you comfortable, dry and odor-free. And unlike standard ring spun yarns, Point6® uses compact spun yarns that are 25% more durable and have fewer loose ends. Leaving you with an ultra-soft, ultra-tough sock with reduced pilling and itch. Learn more about the VaporCore™ Crew Socks and the rest of the Vertx® line of VaporCore™ products at vertx.com

TNVC Contributes $50,000 to Reward for Arrest of Gunman in LA County SO Ambush

Friday, September 18th, 2020

Redlands, CA, September 18, 2020

With a heavy heart and prayers for the victims and families of those involved, TNVC President and CEO Victor DiCosola has announced that TNVC has donated $50,000 to the reward offered by Los Angeles County for information leading to the arrest of the gunman who callously ambushed and attempted to murder two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies in cold blood on the evening of Saturday, September 12, 2020.

“With our headquarters in Southern California, TNVC has always maintained a close relationship with nearby Law Enforcement agencies,” said CEO Victor DiCosola, himself a former Southern California law enforcement officer.

“We are deeply saddened and also angry about this brazen and cold-blooded attack, and want to do everything in our power to help bring the perpetrator of this inhuman act to justice, and to support the families of those two deputies and their families. TNVC has always been committed to our Law Enforcement and First Responders, and everyone else who puts their own lives on the line to protect others, and many of our staff are military or law enforcement veterans. This one hits close to home in more ways than one, as does the seemingly random and vicious nature of the attack.

“It has been an extremely difficult and divisive time for our Nation over the last few months, however no matter what your political or ideological beliefs, I hope that we can all agree that such a brutal attack on fellow Americans who have sworn to protect and serve the public is reprehensible and unacceptable. For this reason, TNVC has donated $50,000 to contribute towards the reward to bring the perpetrator of this heinous act to justice.”

HSGI Boosts Manufacturing and Footprint to Increase Production & Decrease Lead Times

Friday, September 18th, 2020

SWANSBORO, N.C., Sept. 18, 2020 – High Speed Gear® kicked off a second manufacturing shift at its Swansboro, N.C., headquarters on Sept. 8 to increase production and meet the growing demand for its American-made gear.

Within the facility, HSGI® increased its overall headcount, as well as continued to invest in equipment and new technology. The company is also working with multiple county officials to stand up another facility to further expand production.

“The High Speed Gear brand has grown substantially over the last six years and we have experienced a significantly higher level of demand since July of last year”, explained Bill Babboni, HSGI Vice President of Sales and Operations. “Though we’ve increased our manpower and capabilities, we’ve also faced the same challenges this year as the rest of the industry, and we will continue to stride forward each day.”

High Speed Gear has a history of producing some of the most versatile tactical pouches & platforms in the industry. A proven performer, HSGI continues to show tremendous popularity in the law enforcement, military & shooting sports markets worldwide. HSGI’s lengthy list of top tier operators includes U.S. & allied special forces, state & local tactical units, & federal agencies. All HSGI products are Berry Compliant.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Wind Cheater Available in 3XL

Friday, September 18th, 2020

This Friday we are getting a look at the popular all season Wind Cheater now available in 3XL! 100% Berry Compliant constructed from 330D ambush the Wind Cheater is a unique garment very light in weight, breathes like a t-shirt yet still sheds wind and light precipitation thanks to a DWR coating.

The Wind Cheater features a long tail great for colder days with just the right height on the front for easy access to belt mounted accessories. Oversized hood works well with hats or helmets with a wide range of bungee adjustment for user defined fit. Two large bicep pockets, pit zips and torso pockets allow for exceptional ventilation when required.

Offered in Multicam, Manatee Grey, Coyote, Black and Ranger Green. 100% American Made.


Team SIG Captain Max Michel Becomes the First Carry-Optics Division Shooter to Take the “Overall Champion” Title at USPSA Area Championship

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

NEWINGTON, N.H., (September 16, 2020) – SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG Captain and professional shooter Max Michel for achieving a remarkable career first, and professional shooting sports first, by becoming the first ever Carry-Optics Division competitor to take the Overall Championship title at the recent 2020 USPS Area 5 Championship.

“A huge congratulations to Max Michel on his multiple wins as the Overall and Carry Optics champion at this year’s Area 5 Championship,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, “It is truly a monumental achievement for Max to come away from a competition of this level, especially against the Open Division pistols that are specifically built and tuned to win these major matches, with the Overall title.  We are extremely proud of Max for this never-before-done accomplishment, and once again he’s raised the bar for the competition which really is a true testament to his dedication and training as a professional shooter.”

To take the Overall and Carry Optics titles at the USPSA 2020 Area 5 Championship Max competed against 244 competitors through twelve stages.  For competition Max used his P320 XFIVE LEGION with a ROMEO3MAX red dot sight and SIG 147 grain Match Elite 9mm Competition Ammunition.

“It has been a unique year for competitive shooting, and due to the COVID restrictions and limited match schedule I was able to really focus on my training and it’s paying off.  This achievement is also a credit to both the quality and accuracy of my SIG equipment that continues to run flawlessly and outperformed all the competitors at the Area 5 Championship, including those in the Open Pistol Division,” said Michel. “Throughout my professional shooting career I have earned several National and World Championships, and set World Speed Shooting and Guinness World Records, but taking the Overall title in an Area Championship against the competition I faced at this match, across all divisions, was both unique and special, and I am proud and honored to have done it on behalf of Team SIG.”

The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO3MAX red dot sight developed and used by Team SIG Captain and Professional Shooter Max Michel and SIG 147 grain Match Elite 9mm competition ammunition can be purchased online at sigsauer.com/store or retailers everywhere.

The 2020 USPSA Area 5 Championship was hosted by the Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League in Wilmore, Kentucky on September 13, 2020.

Revision Presents: Invisible Danger – Laser Devices, Effects and Laser Eye Pro

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Since July, reported incidents of laser attacks on law enforcement have skyrocketed around the nation leading to a variety of eye effects and injuries, including reports of partial blindness. While handheld lasers aren’t new, their widespread use with intent to harm is increasing, just as the demand for laser protective eyewear to prevent effects and injuries. We’ve learned there are a lot of questions from end-users about lasers, and Revision has offered the following article with some education about the laser threat and how to combat it. Revision has been at the forefront of laser and ballistic protective eyewear solutions for the past decade.


One of the latest tools of mayhem employed by street protestors is the handheld laser. Easily concealed, simple to use, and cheap to the point of disposability, they pose a serious threat to tactical law enforcement officers working a crowd control detail.


There are three important laser device specs to note when looking for laser eye protection. The power level of the device (measured in milliwatts), the color of the laser it emits (expressed as its wavelength in nanometers), and beam divergence (measured in minute of angle or milliradians.) We’ll cover power and color in more detail, but beam divergence is a complex sounding term that indicates how tightly focused the laser beam is. Wider beams are less of a threat.


Handheld lasers used in street protests range from mostly harmless low-power keychain laser pointers to high intensity handheld lasers that rival the power of lasers used by the military to mark targets miles away.

How do you know the level of danger you’re facing when the crowd is shining lasers at you? Bottom line, you won’t. Like you, the protesters slinging light beams at you probably don’t even know how powerful their handheld lasers are.

Sure, the U.S. FDA regulates all laser products for safety. But, handheld lasers are considered a novelty, often sold on the gray market, imported by the shipload, and are among millions of products the government is supposed to inspect. It’s not surprising that laser safety regulation is a massive game of whack-a-mole that’s got regulators on their heels.

And because it costs more to make a less powerful laser that complies with safety standards than a more powerful one that doesn’t, it’s common to order a 3 mW laser from the internet and get one that puts out 10 or more times the stated output. So, it’s safe to assume every laser you see on the street is powerful enough to be dangerous, regardless of what the label says.


Laser danger comes in a few forms, the most feared is irreversible injury caused by a highly focused light burning the retina. The more common, but just as serious threat posed by lasers is the loss of situational awareness.

A laser in the eye has the same effect as any bright light source, it’ll first elicit a startle response causing you to blink. If you continue looking into the laser, you’ll be dealing with glare that obscures your vision and if you look into it long enough you’ll get temporary bright spots, called afterimages. While these effects aren’t as severe as permanent blindness, situational awareness is the last thing you want to lose when flying bricks and homemade pyrotechnics are in play.

Above: A Green laser being aimed at Law Enforcement during Portland, Oregon protests.
Photo by Dave Killen,


Good news: you’ve got an involuntary blink response. Bad news: The blink response only occurs if the offending light is in the visible spectrum, and cheap lasers are often contaminated with invisible, IR and near-IR light.

This means a dim, 5mW visible laser could be pumping out hundreds of mW of light in the near-IR spectrum, and you won’t know it until you feel your eyes itching and burning for no apparent reason. By that point, that light is cooking your retina.


At the simplest level, a laser’s color is its Achilles heel. Want to stop a red laser? Put a red-absorbing filter in its path. Generally laser protective lenses will look the opposite of the color they absorb.  Of course there’s more to blocking a laser than that, but a key consideration when looking for laser eye pro is knowing the color of the light you want to block. Eye pro manufacturers list this spec as a specific wavelength or a range of wavelengths in nanometers (nm).


To make a lens that stops a laser means choosing a dye that absorbs light at the same wavelength as the laser and incorporating it into the lens. This can be in the form of a coating applied after a glass or polymer lens is made, or by mixing the dye into the base material of a polymer lens before it’s molded into shape. The later method of construction results in a much more durable form of laser protection, since the dye is impregnated into the lens and can’t be scratched off.

Most laser protective lenses are made for use in a laboratory or on a manufacturing line where getting punched in the face or fragged by a BB-covered M-80 isn’t a concern. Keep that in mind when looking for laser eye pro that’ll be used on the street. There are only a few companies making laser eye pro that also provides mil-spec ballistic protection.

Above: Ballistic laser protective eyewear being tested against a laser hazard in the Revision Military Advanced Laser Research Lab.


It’d be great if there was one lens that could block all laser wavelengths, but there isn’t. Knowing that blocking a laser is accomplished by filtering its particular wavelength of light, the practical cost of protection for a given color of laser is limiting the ability to see that color. So, a lens that would block all laser colors would need to filter out all colors of light, and that lens would essentially be impossible to see through.

Because each lens can only provide laser protection in a certain wavelength, or range of wavelengths, determining what color lasers you’re likely to face on the street is critical in choosing a protective lens.


Carefully consider the time of day you’ll use the laser eye pro. Nighttime is the right time for mayhem, so you’re going to want to get lenses that aren’t so dark that they can’t be used at night. The spec that tells you how much light a lens allows through is called its visible light transmission (VLT.) VLT tells you how much regular light a lens allows to pass though it as a percentage. Higher percentages allow more light to pass.

Another important spec you’ll see is a lens’s optical density (OD). OD tells you how much of a laser’s light is blocked by the lens. It’s given as a number from 0 generally up to around 7, with higher numbers offering the most protection. Each additional OD absorbs ten times as much laser light, so a lens with OD 3 absorbs 10 times as much light as a lens with OD 2.

Practically speaking, the higher the OD, the more laser energy a lens can absorb. The higher the VLT, the more natural light is passing through the lens. 


Before heading out to work a protest with the eye pro that came with your IR aiming lasers, confirm those lenses also provide protection in the visible light spectrum. IR rated lenses are generally only good for stopping lasers in the IR/Near-IR spectrum and won’t necessarily offer protection against visible lasers.


The current limitations of protective laser lens technology means the need for situational awareness and broad spectrum protection are at odds with each other. Want to see everything? You have to give up protection. Want to be protected from the widest range of threats? You’re going to have to decide how much visual awareness to give up. 

The threat of lasers to guys on the ground is still emerging, as is the response from companies making eye protection. Cutting edge research and development in tactical laser eye protection is focused on finding a no-compromise solution that provides full spectrum laser protection, uninhibited vision, and mil-spec ballistic protection using high tech solutions that can survive the rigors of the street and the battlefield.

For more information, visit www.revisionmilitary.com, write [email protected], or call +1 802.879.7002.

Quantico Tactical Announces a $950,000,000 Award for Air Force Special Warfare

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Aberdeen, North Carolina – September 2, 2020 – Quantico Tactical is pleased to announce the award of up to $950,000,000 as part of the United States Air Force Special Warfare – Multiple Award Contract, SW-MAC, for the Special Warfare Acquisition Group and Refresh (SWAGR) program.  The contract was approved by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center to provide a convenient contract vehicle for Air Force Special Warfare.

“We have an extensive history of supporting the U.S. Air Force with our rapid and simplified procurement processes,” said Sam Lerman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “This contract award demonstrates our unwavering customer commitment and support for the varying mission requirements within Air Force Special Warfare.”

“This contract award is a result of the reputation Quantico Tactical has developed throughout the U.S. Military and federal agencies for providing on-time worldwide delivery of high-quality products from leading manufacturers.  We value our relationships with customers, suppliers, and contracting professionals,” said David Hensley, Founder and CEO.

The contract is a 10-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) award to provide equipment, training, and product support to approximately 3,500 Air Force Special Warfare operators, as well as authorized users in support of Special Warfare mission requirements.  The contract’s overall objective is to rapidly procure supplies, provide supply chain management, product training, and support, and integrate into larger systems in support of mission requirements.

This contract provides support in the following areas:

Assault Zones (AZ): Capabilities supporting tactical zones of action, including drop zones and fixed-wing and rotary-wing landing zones supporting the forward projection of a force by air.  AZ capabilities to be equipped under this contract include survey equipment for data collection and analysis, assessment of runway surface distress, and airfield geometrics to include obstacles and approach paths.  Also required is airfield control equipment, including airfield markings/lighting, signaling devices, airspace de-confliction tools, and navigational aids.

Fires: Equipping operators for close air support, surface-based and air-to-surface fires, communications architecture, weapons data, digital fire support, and target designation and marking.  For the contract’s purposes, this may include support to ACC-assigned Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)s.

Weather: Equipping operators to collect, analyze, tailor, and report critical meteorological and oceanographic information.  Additional capabilities include environment analysis and forecasting, vertical atmospheric data collection, processing externally produced weather data, portable environmental observation, and unattended ground-based weather collection.

Personnel Recovery (PR): Equipping Pararescue Jumpers to prepare, recover, and reintegrate isolated personnel.  PR capabilities include, but are not limited to, PR information management, locating survivors, rescue and recovery tools, analyzing environmental conditions, mass casualty management, recovery support, and reintegration.  For the contract’s purposes, this includes the Guardian Angle Mission.

Enabling Capabilities: Common across all mission sets and career fields; include mission management, friendly force detection, geo-locating and range finding, visual augmentation, communications, unmanned capabilities, infiltration/exfiltration, and enhanced training.

Qore Performance Partnership with European Distributors

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

STERLING, VA – Qore Performance has partnered with European distributors, Brownells Deutschland and Terräng MP-Sec, to facilitate access to their thermoregulation technologies for customers throughout Europe. Brownells has a network of retail and mail order locations across Europe, making order fulfillment and shipping costs far more efficient for Qore Performance customers on the far side of the Atlantic. Along with their close relationship with French Special Operations and Law Enforcement organizations, MP-Sec distributes to customers in France, Belgium, Italy, and North Africa.

Louis Tidey, Director of Commercial Sales for MP-Sec said, “We are very excited to represent Qore Performance products in France and to introduce these great products to the French MIL/LEO forces. We believe it’s the next stage for soldier hydration management.”

Qore Performance Director of Sales and Business Development, Doug Burr added, “Qore Performance is proud to facilitate access of our products to our friends and allies in Europe. We look forward to building our relationship with these two great companies. Brownells Deutschland and MP-Sec were both specifically chosen as our distributors due to their established records of excellence in supplying and serving customers across Europe.”

Both MP-Sec and Brownells Deutschland will carry many elements of the Qore Performance IceAge Ecosystem, including IcePlate Curve and IcePlate Sleeve Combo, as well as IceVents Aero and IceVents Classic padding solutions. The IceAge Ecosystem is focused on thermoregulation to enhance human performance in any environment through lightweight, durable, multi-use products that provide multiple modes of heating, cooling, and hydration. The IceAge Ecosystem is compatible with almost every tactical load carriage system on the market today.