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Tactical Industry Expert Chuck Buis Launches Chuck Buis Consulting, LLC – A New Advantage in Military and Law Enforcement Consulting

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

Chuck Buis, a seasoned veteran with 35 years of experience in the tactical industry, proudly announces the launch of his new consulting firm, Chuck Buis Consulting, LLC. Building on his extensive background with legacy industry companies like Michaels of Oregon and Blackhawk, Chuck Buis Consulting is set to help you grow in the military and law enforcement sectors with its comprehensive consulting services.

Drawing from his vast industry knowledge, Chuck Buis aims to provide exceptional support in various critical areas, including:

Product Development: Guiding clients from concept to market-ready products, ensuring innovation, quality, and performance. With a network of design engineers and factories, I can handle everything from simple planning, through prototyping and testing to hand-off to production, covering cut and sew, thermo-forming and injection-molding. If you don’t have your own dedicated production factories, I have production facilities ready to make your products. Any intellectual property issues that need to be addressed can also be handled by my network.

International Business Development & Distribution: Crafting strategies to expand global reach by optimizing or opening distribution channels and developing projects with end users, fostering international growth.

Media Seminars: Delivering expert-led seminars to enhance media engagement and elevate brand visibility.

Trade Show Planning: Offering meticulous planning and execution to maximize impact at the key industry trade shows, both domestic and international, ensuring standout presence.

Product Training & Demonstrations: Developing high-quality training and demonstrations, both in person and via video, to boost product knowledge and user proficiency.

“Launching Chuck Buis Consulting is the culmination of my lifelong passion for the tactical industry,” said Chuck Buis. “My goal is to empower businesses with the tools and insights needed to excel in the military and law enforcement sectors. I’m committed to delivering top-tier consulting services that drive innovation and success.”

The newly launched website, www.chuckbuisconsulting.com, offers a comprehensive overview of the firm’s services with details. These can provide valuable insights into the tangible results clients can expect when partnering with Chuck Buis Consulting.

Chuck Buis Consulting is dedicated to becoming a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance their operations, develop cutting-edge products, and expand their market presence. With a proven track record of success, Chuck Buis and his team are prepared to lead your business to new heights.

For more information about the services offered or to discuss how Chuck Buis Consulting can assist your business, please visit www.chuckbuisconsulting.com or contact Chuck Buis directly at chuckbuis@chuckbuisconsulting.com.

About Chuck Buis Consulting, LLC

Founded by tactical industry veteran Chuck Buis, Chuck Buis Consulting, LLC specializes in providing expert consulting services to the military and law enforcement sectors. With a focus on product development, business expansion, media engagement, and training, the firm is dedicated to helping clients achieve operational excellence and market success.

Edgar Brothers Named Exclusive Distributor of Spiritus Systems for UK MOD and Police

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

We are proud to announce the partnership between Edgar Brothers and Spiritus Systems, aimed at enhancing the operational capabilities of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Police forces across the United Kingdom.

Edgar Brothers, the standard in distribution since 1947, has been appointed as the sole distributor of Spiritus Systems’ modular tactical equipment.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing the accessibility of cutting-edge gear to those serving in unfriendly places. Spiritus Systems, renowned for its innovation and commitment to excellence, brings a wealth of expertise in crafting gear that meets the stringent requirements of today’s diverse operational environments.

For the UK MOD and Police, this partnership means access to a comprehensive range of Spiritus Systems’ products. From modular plate carriers to mission-critical accessories, our collaboration ensures that personnel have the tools they need to execute their duties with confidence.

For UK MOD purchasing visit www.edgarbrothers.com

For more information about Spiritus Systems products visit www.spiritussystems.com

GM Defense and Mistral Inc. Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Tactical Capability

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. — GM Defense, a subsidiary of General Motors, and Mistral Inc., a provider of high-performance, reliable and innovative solutions to U.S. defense and federal agencies, announced the integration of the innovative UVision and Mistral’s Hero-120 loitering munition with GM Defense’s light tactical utility vehicle. Combining GM Defense’s expertise in military mobility with Mistral and UVision’s loitering munition technology enables the companies to support the tactical needs of a modernized force.

The GM Defense utility concept vehicle is based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. The utility vehicle features a high percentage of commercial off the shelf parts, including Chevrolet Performance components to enhance off-road capabilities, and offers different seating configurations to meet customer requirements. The utility solution is designed with a cargo bed in the rear of the vehicle, ideal for housing Mistral’s and UVision’s Hero-120 solution, or to support command and control, electronic warfare, counter-unmanned aircraft systems, reconnaissance and logistics.

The Hero-120 is designed for engaging enemy combatants without exposing Soldiers to direct enemy fire. This loitering munition system is versatile in targeting, capable of engaging a variety of targets, including armored vehicles, enemy troops, field fortifications and urban structures. Its precision strike capability is specifically designed to maximize effectiveness while minimizing collateral damage.

“We’re seeing an increased need for light tactical wheeled vehicles that deliver agility, speed and lethality,” said John “JD” Johnson, vice president of Business Development for GM Defense. “Our collaboration with Mistral demonstrates the versatility of our utility concept vehicle and its ability to enhance the tactical capabilities of warfighters. With initial demonstrations successfully completed, we will continue to look for opportunities to showcase the value these integrated technologies deliver to defense customers.”

“This integration sets a new standard in military technology, providing the U.S. Army and allied forces with an unparalleled combination of mobility, precision and adaptability,” said Yoav Banai, vice president, Mistral. “Our collaboration with GM Defense reflects our combined commitment to advancing military capabilities and to evolving battlefield challenges.”

Key features:

• Maintainability: The utility vehicle is built for sustained operations in austere environments with a high percentage of commercial parts that may be obtained through GM’s existing global supply chain.

• Customization with Modular Kits: GM Defense offers diverse kits to enhance the concept vehicle’s capabilities, making it adaptable to meet a broad range of general purpose and special operations forces requirements.

• Multi-Canister Launcher – Expeditionary (MCL-E): The utility vehicle can house the Hero-120 MCL-E, enabling the operator to launch multiple munitions quickly and effectively.

• Enhanced Lethality: The integration of the MCL-E on the utility vehicle provides unmatched lethality for both mounted and dismounted Soldiers, enhancing their operational scope and effectiveness in diverse combat scenarios.

BCB Reaffirm Commitment to the United States

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

BCB International Ltd reflected their ongoing commitment to the United States defence and security markets by supporting partners’ at Modern Day Marine (MDM) and Special Operations Forces (SOF) Tampa 2024. The Modern-Day Marine event featured 300 exhibitors, 350 companies, Interactive displays and a wargaming convention. Modern Marine consisted of briefings from the commandant of the Marine Corps,and influential leaders from the Department of Defense.

BCB exhibited through partners at both shows featuring their new and dynamic Larva Cloak, Alternate Illuminated Marker, Multi-Spectral camouflage, Dragon Fuel, IR filter Camo Cream, and combat medic First Aid Kits. They gathered significant interest on all items but more especially in their Multi-Spectral Camouflage (MSC) from several companies and US armed forces.

Significant interest from overseas delegations was received in their multi-spectral camouflage for counter-drug operations in the jungles of South America where detection by drones is so important.

BCB are in a prime position with their multi-spectralcamouflage products for Military operations. In the Retail sector, some of BCB products are creating significant interest in their applications in the Retail market for America, specifically the BCB eco field cooking system, FireDragon, which is great for cooking rations and givesone hot coffee and melting snow all in under 6 minutes, without the smell, weight burden or hazards of the flameless systems.

During the trip, BCB met with multiple members of the Department for Business and Trade team, British Embassy and Welsh consulate including the Welsh Deputy Head of North America.

At SOF Week 2024 the United Kingdom had a significant show space booked out to feature multiple British businesses. BCB had good discussions on exports opportunities for the United Sates and their strategy to expand their footprint in America.

It is clear from both exhibitions that there is significant interest in BCB’s capabilities and it is hoped that this will lead to further business in the important United States market.

SureFire Sponsors the ASA at a Tier 2 Sponsorship Level

Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Fountain Valley, CA – The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is excited to announce that SureFire is a Tier 2 sponsor for 2024.  

“We’re proud to support the ASA in its mission to ensure that sound suppressors become legal in all 50 states,” said SureFire Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeremy Rosenberg. “Law-abiding citizens in 42 states rely on suppressors to protect their hearing, and we are passionate about protecting those rights and winning the last eight states over. The ASA promotes the benefits of sound suppressors while monitoring all legislation that affects their ownership and use.”

Surefire is committed to building the best illumination tools, suppressors, and tactical products, no matter the cost, to enhance the safety and performance of those who go into harm’s way.  They continuously refine, expand, and enhance their products.

“When it comes to suppressors, no one has a more storied brand than Surefire”, said Knox Williams, Executive Director of ASA. “We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with Surefire in our mission to advance pro-suppressor reform across the country.”

Phokus Research Receives Patent for Wound Cube

Friday, May 17th, 2024

San Diego, CA- Phokus Research Group, known for life-saving innovations and logistics, has recently been granted a patent for their Wound Cube Wound Simulator. The instructional tool utilizes unique features that make teaching wound packing more accessible, easy to understand and practice.

The Wound Cube features an innovative design with five large, lifelike wound patterns that provide students with various training options. The transparent, soft silicone cube ensures students are utilizing proper wound packing techniques, and the compact design allows for easy transportability and storage.

“To have the Wound Cube, a product that helps to save lives, verified to be unique enough that it deserves a patent is something that everyone at Phokus is very proud of”, said Christopher Bush, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

At Phokus, our mission for over 15 years has been to serve America and its allies with innovative, high-quality solutions. We are dedicated to excellence in three core segments: Products, Logistics, and Integrations. For further insights into Phokus Research, please visit www.phokusresearch.com.

HUXWRX Safety Co Announces Partnership with Genesis Arms to Introduce VENTUM 12K Shotgun Suppressor

Friday, May 17th, 2024

[Salt Lake City, UT, May 2024] – In a collaboration designed to revolutionize the shooting experience, HUXWRX Safety Co. (HUXWRX) and Genesis Arms (Genesis) announce a strategic partnership and unveil the VENTUM 12k, a groundbreaking new shotgun suppressor.

The VENTUM 12k suppressor boasts an impressive array of features. This compact and lightweight design prioritizes maneuverability without sacrificing functionality. Full auto-rated, it caters to law enforcement and military applications. This suppressor effectively reduces the sound signature of a shotgun blast, enhancing the experience for hunters, target shooters, and those using shotguns for self-defense. A unique breacher cap also provides a tactical advantage for law enforcement and military personnel. This suppressor attaches toGenesis shotguns without requiring any firearm modificationsand is compatible with breaching loads and recreational shotgun loads.

“We are thrilled to partner with Genesis Arms to bring the VENTUM 12k shotgun suppressor to market,” said Richard Elder CEO of HUXWRX Safety Co. “This collaboration showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of suppressor technology and providing shooters with the highest quality products.”

This partnership combines the expertise of HUXWRX in suppressor design and Genesis Arms’ reputation for premium shotguns. The result is a state-of-the-art shotgun suppressor offering unmatched performance and reliability.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: 1st Phorm OEM Spotlight

Friday, May 17th, 2024

This Friday we’re featuring a new OEM Spotlight with 1stPhorm. Based in Fenton, MO as well, FirstSpear has built their latest fitness/tactical plate carrier. The operator plate carrier is available in Woodland & Coyote!

Why did you choose to collaborate with FirstSpear?

1st Phorm has an uncompromising demand to produce the best quality product. There was no other choice than FirstSpear when we looked for partners to help design and build the carrier. FirstSpear supplies the best equipment to elite Tier 1 Units around the world and that’s the quality we were looking for.

Where did the need for the new 1st Phorm plate carrier come from?

Everything on the market was bulky, poor quality, limited the wearers mobility and very hot to train in. We had a need to make a high quality and comfortable vest that our customers could use as a tool to advance their training.

Explain the new vest and why you chose FirstSpear Tubes™ technology.

Whether you’re in the gym, knocking out an outdoor walk, or training on the tactical range … Introducing more weight resistance is your ticket to taking your health & fitness to the next level. Designed to combine comfort, functionality, and modularity to fit your needs, this cutting-edge training accessory will be the perfect tool to help you increase your workload to ultimately earn better results!

Run the Operator Plate Carrier slick (as shipped), or scale it up with your favorite MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories.

(Weight plates not included)

Why choose the Operator Plate Carrier?

Made in the USA – Every plate carrier is cut, sewn, and assembled right here in St. Louis, Missouri by generational Master Seamstresses. You can be confident you’re getting the absolute best with the Operator Plate Carrier!

Built to Last – Crafted with lightweight, durable 500D Cordura® materials, our plate carrier is designed to withstand the test of time. You can count on the Operator Plate Carrier to be your trusted training partner for years to come.

Lifetime Warranty on Materials & Workmanship – If your training has taken a toll on your plate carrier, we’ll work with you to get it fixed.

Other Key Features:

FirstSpear Tubes® – Quickly & easily put on and take off your plate carrier with a pull of the handle after your training. You can also easily switch between fitness and tactical add-on placards depending on your training and plate carrier needs. FirstSpear Tubes are optimized for convenience & modularity, and the Operator Plate Carrier is no exception to this.

6/12™ Technology – This technology has been designed, adopted, and trusted by Tier 1 Special Operations units worldwide, to bring you a pocket attachment system that utilizes state of the art fabric technologies to deliver a lightweight & completely modular MOLLE pocket-compatible system to fit your needs.

Velcro Hook & Loop – Allows for easy customization with identifiers, or your favorite 1st Phorm patches.

Plate Compatibility – Made to securely hold medium-sized SAPI-cut fitness plates as well as similarly-sized weight plates, such as Rogue Weight Vest Plates, and Wolf Tactical Weight Vest Plates.

*10″x12″ SAPI-cut ceramic ballistic plates may be too thick.

For more information, check out: 1stphorm.com/collections/vests/products/operator-plate-carrier

For more information about FirstSpear, check out: www.first-spear.com.