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EuroOptic to Assume Commercial Distro of Schmidt & Bender Products in US

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG of Biebertal, Germany and EuroOptic, LTD of Montoursville, Pennsylvania are proud to announce that EuroOptic will assume commercial distribution of Schmidt Bender product in the United States and territories. Schmidt Bender’s long history and reputation for demanding perfection mesh perfectly with EuroOptic’s pride in quality products and presence in the precision shooting and hunting world – making for an exciting and synergistic partnership.

In addition to assisting in streamlining Schmidt Bender’s extensive catalog for the smoothest possible presentation into the US market, this opportunity also offers EuroOptic and Schmidt Bender the chance to drive momentum for the latest technologies that Schmidt Bender has introduced, including the DT II+ locking double-turn turret with configurable MTC (“More Tactile Clicks”) functionality, the Multi-Turn 2 (MT2) 39.3 milradian .5cm turret,  and the LRR-Mil and GR2ID long-range reticles, all of which represent substantial contributions to the long-range and precision/tactical shooting community.

For additional information regarding Schmidt Bender products, please visit the links below or contact Schmidt Bender Inc or EuroOptic via email.

EuroOptic, LTD | 570.369.3920

Schmidt Bender, Inc | 540-450-8132

1791 Gunleather Adds Crow Shooting Supply Press

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Miami, FL, U.S. –1791 Gunleather®, an innovative manufacturer of premium handcrafted leather and Kydex® gun holsters, increased dealer assistance with the addition of Crow Shooting Supply as a new wholesale partner. Crow Shooting Supply is a nationally-recognized distributor that provides small gun shops and retailers with firearms, ammunition, reloading equipment, and shooting accessories in order for their businesses to flourish and expand.


By joining Crow’s Shooting Supply’s members’ only website, shops and retailers can access Crow’s wide variety of products at wholesale pricing. “Crow Shooting Supply will stock our products and provide convenient user-friendly ordering with efficient delivery in order to help retailers achieve success,” 1791 Gunleather CEO, Ramiro M. Romani stated.


Retailers interested in obtaining 1791 Gunleather products through Crow Shooting Supply may call 1(800) 264-2493, or visit For information about stocking 1791 Gunleather, contact 1791 Gunleather National Sales Director, Janette Palmer For more details about 1791 Gunleather visit

United States Patent & Trademark Office Upholds Validity of FirstSpear Patents

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

FirstSpear, LLC is pleased to announce that on November 22, 2019, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) of the United States Patent & Trademark Office rejected Crye Precision, LLC’s petitions challenging the validity of FirstSpear’s U.S. Patents related to FirstSpear’s innovations in laser-cut and laser-fused personal protective equipment (PPE) and load bearing equipment (LBE). FirstSpear’s patented technology is already in use in products purchased by and widely used by US Special Operations, the US Army, the US Marine Corps, the Department of Justice, and many of our NATO allies. The decisions of the PTAB uphold the validity of FirstSpear’s patents and find that Crye’s petitions failed to establish any reasonable likelihood of unpatentability of any of the claims of the FirstSpear patents. The decisions dismiss both of Crye’s inter partes review (IPR) petitions and reject all of Crye’s arguments attacking FirstSpear’s patents. (U.S. Pat. Nos. 9,974,379 and 9,565,922).

Crye filed the petitions in June 2019, in an apparent attempt to gain leverage over FirstSpear in patent litigation pending in the U.S. District Court in St. Louis in which Crye claimed that some of FirstSpear’s products infringe their U.S. Patent 9,173,436. The recent decisions from the PTAB clearly demonstrate what the industry has understood for years: FirstSpear pioneered and perfected many game-changing products developed around laser cut / laser fused technology, including FirstSpear’s well-established 6/12 line of vest platforms; and FirstSpear’s technology was and is unique and was appropriately and properly granted U.S. patent protection.

“It is unfortunate that Crye has chosen to waste so much time and money threatening the industry, tying up the U.S. courts and patent office, and trying to take credit for the work of others,” said FirstSpear CEO & President Scott Carver. “However, we can now fully move forward assisting the U.S. government and our industry partners in the development and fielding of the next generation of improved lightweight individual equipment to the warfighters and first responders who need it.”

FirstSpear is grateful for the PTAB’s decision upholding the validity of its patents.

Century Arms Announces Rebirth of the US PALM Brand

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Delray Beach, Fla. – (December 3, 2019) – Century Arms is proud to announce that US PALM is reborn! This brand built a special following by offering a quality, no nonsense, and affordable product to AK lovers all over the country. Century Arms was fortunate to step in and help a brand that they believe is a crucial part of the 2A community. It was founded and grown by Robert Anderson and Brandon Finch and now their vision has the opportunity to grow to a size that is truly as big as the personality it was created on!
The US PALM brand had a wide selection of offerings over the years but the most famous of their product lines were hands down the AK-47 magazines and grips. It is because of this fact that the first two of many items to be reoffered will of course be these two staples lines. The 30 round magazines are produced under the same technical data package as the original and will come in black and flat dark earth, all while proudly displaying the iconic waffle pattern design that US PALM has always been known for. The grips are ergonomically designed for maximum grip, control, and feel to a wide array of shooters and are offered in black, flat dark earth, and Bakelite orange. These products will come with a lifetime warranty that is reflected in the company’s slogan of “Weather Any Storm” and will have the support of a customer service team committed to being the best in the firearms industry.
“The US PALM brand was built on a set of core values that focused on quality, reliability, and affordability as a promise to their customers. Mix that in with a bit of attitude and that is what people love about US PALM. When we decided to revitalize the brand we knew that our main focus had to be to keep everything exactly how it was, just on a bigger scale” said Jason Karvois, Director of Sales for US PALM. US PALM products have now shipped to dealers and distributors across the country. For more information visit the website at WWW.USPALM.COM. The product lines will be growing rapidly to include different capacity and caliber magazines, other furniture, accessories, and much more, so stay tuned!

Pop Culture Brand Supreme Sued by Owner of ASAT Camo

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

Earlier this year Supreme introduced several garments in what they described as “Tribal” pattern, but it looked so much like the 80s-era hunting pattern ASAT (All Season All Terrain) that the owners, Chapter 4 Corp, have that pattern have filed suit in federal court for $150,000.

The only difference is that Supreme added ‘Supreme’ into the pattern.

The McRae Industries Story – Part 3, War In The Desert

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

> When war broke out in the Persian Gulf, McRae Footwear shored up its workforce to deliver a new product. The desert boot was designed to stand up to the arid climate and sandy terrain of the Middle East.

Keeping out the heat

BY JULY 1990, times were tough for McRae Industries. The Cold War was over, military spending was down, and Defense Department demand for combat boots had ground to a halt. To weather the financial storm, company founder and CEO Branson McRae laid off nearly half of the company’s 287-person workforce and began to pursue other lines of business. It was the first furlough since McRae Footwear began making military boots in 1967.

“Many in our workforce had been with us for more than two decades,” says Victor Karam, who at that time headed up McRae’s footwear division. “Sending them home was heartbreaking.”

“No one wanted to see the U.S. in another war. But we took great pride in knowing these boots would make life better for our troops.”

— Victor Karam, Director, McRae Industries

Responding to the surge

Just a month later, war broke out in the Persian Gulf.  In response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the U.S. joined 38 other countries in an allied coalition, and laid-off McRae Footwear employees returned to work. Their orders? To produce a new desert combat boot for American troops.

“The government called us up to Philly on a Saturday morning, ” Victor remembers. “We were given a contract to produce 250,000 pairs of boots. Desert Storm came so quickly that our country wasn’t prepared to supply boots suited for the desert sand.”

Desert combat: The Persian Gulf War called for new tactics-and new boots.

As troops were scuttled to the Gulf, McRae Footwear operated at peak capacity, churning out 200 cases of boots a day, 12 pairs a case, until the war ended in February 1991. To meet the demand, McRae Footwear also subcontracted with three other manufacturers and relied on its recently purchased western boot factory to help fill the government’s order.

Following Stormin’ Norman’s specs

The war required ground forces to operate in desert conditions – an environment not encountered by U.S. troops since the North African campaign of World War II. McRae Footwear was one of four companies the government selected to manufacture the new boot, again using vulcanization to attach the outsole to the upper and create a bond of invincible strength.

General Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. commander in the Persian Gulf region, served as a key advisor in developing boot specs. He found that the black, leather, and canvas boot originally crafted for the Vietnam War was not suited to desert conditions. For example, drainage vents designed to keep out jungle moisture were letting sand in, and steel plates in the soles that protected against booby traps were retaining heat.

Along with removal of the vents and steel plates, Schwarzkopf’s specifications for the desert combat boot were many: tan fabric, padded collar, leather ankle reinforcement,10 speed-lace eyelets for easy tying and untying, and a Panama-sole tread pattern on the bottom of the boot, designed to easily shed debris. Boots were also insulated to provide extra protection from ground temperatures that could reach as high as 130 degrees.

Strict specifications: General Schwarzkopf set a high bar for designing the new desert combat boot.

After the war, the government continued to procure desert combat boots from McRae Footwear for ongoing operations in the Persian Gulf, as well as for use in other hot-weather regions. The original boot formed the basis for the hot-weather Army and Marine Corps combat boots of the 2000s. Today, the boot is produced using a rubber Vibram Sierra outsole, providing exceptional shock absorption and durability.

Mutual appreciation: Branson McRae meets President George H.W. Bush, who led the nation through the Persian Gulf War.

SIG SAUER Forms Defense Product Management Team

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Through continuous product innovation, and significant investment in research and development SIG SAUER continues to expanded its reach into the military, law enforcement, and defense markets both domestically and abroad.

Recently SIG SAUER formed a dedicated Defense Product Management Team, exclusive to expanding the reach of SIG SAUER within the military, law enforcement, and global defense markets. Made up of existing SIG employees, this new group is headed by Robby Johnson, Vice President, Product Management – Defense.

It’s official, Robby Johnson is a VP.

This team’s focus is exclusively on the advancement of SIG SAUER defense products across all product categories under the SIG SAUER umbrella, with a heightened focus on the Next Generation Squad Weapons and machine gun programs.

Most of the team members are in this photo taken with me during a recent visit to SIG Academy.

SIG SAUER has always been dedicated to the growth and development of defense products which has resulted in the award of several high profile contracts and awards including the US Army MHS Program with the M17 and M18 handguns, the SDMR optic with the TANGO6T optic, and the 716 rifle contract with India.

A peak inside SIG CEO Ron Cohen’s office with me holding his new favorite gun, the 338 Norma Mag machine gun.

The attitude around SIG is a little different than what I’ve seen in past years. For instance, during a recent visit to the company’s New Hampshire Headquarters, CEO Ron Cohen referred to SIG as a defense company. He caveated the statement by pointing out that they didn’t just specialize in military or LE equipment, but that they also concentrated on personal defense. But the point was made; SIG SAUER keeps winning contracts, and rightly so. They not only offer pistols, rifles, and now machine guns, but they also manufacture suppressors, optics and ammunition. No other small arms producer in the US has that much capability and can compete in so many areas.

Indian Army Rifle test ammo manufactured by SIG.

SIG’s Government Product Management Team leverages other parts of the company to make these wins happen. For instance, when they were competing for the Indian Army Rifle Contract, the team turned to SIG Ammo to manufacture cartridges to the same spec used by the customer. That cut out the delay of trying to obtain contract ammo. When SIG’s guns showed up at the trial, they knew the rifles would function. Such interactions occur on a daily basis. During my visit, they were building machine guns for an upcoming evaluation.

I expect to see a lot more from this team as they concentrate on NSGW and the 338 NM machine gun.

Former Parent Company of Revision Military Announces Name Change To Galvion

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada (November 26, 2019) – Following the recent announcement of the sale of its protective eyewear business to ASGARD Partners & Co., the remaining Armor, Soldier Power and Electronics, Vehicle Platform Power and Advanced Concept divisions of Revision Military will move forward under the new corporate name GALVION.

“Eyewear was the foundation on which the company was built and early on, the Revision name became synonymous with our world-class military eye protection. Today, the company’s portfolio has grown to encompass a much wider range of active and integrated systems, and strategically, it made sense for the Revision name to stay with the legacy eyewear business,” said CEO, Jonathan Blanshay. “As Galvion, we move forward with a sharpened focus, and a mission to provide solutions that enhance the overall agility and survivability of the modern military and tactical operator. We exist to empower them to meet both the immediate and future challenges they may face,” added Blanshay.

Galvion will continue to design and manufacture protective head and torso products, develop customized power supply and management solutions for both soldier and vehicle, and invest in the development of advanced concept, integrated systems based on human-centered innovation and deep end-user insights. “Our focus is on active, performance-enhancing equipment – making the soldier faster, lighter and more connected than ever before. For Galvion, it will always be about providing the absolute best solutions for operators, with the ultimate goal for protective gear to be the last line of defense, rather than the first,” said Blanshay.

“As a company, our strength has always been the caliber, passion and ingenuity of our people, and as a team, we are incredibly excited to build the Galvion name and brand while continuing to honor our history as a company,” continued Blanshay. Customers, vendors and partners should expect the same dedicated design, engineering, sales and support team at Galvion, along with an energized commitment to exceed expectation and imagination. Additional information regarding name change and conducting business with the new corporate entity will be shared with partners as available.