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AeroVironment’s Unmanned Ground Vehicles to Use Persistent Systems Mobile ad hoc Network as Preferred Network for Platforms

Monday, September 19th, 2022

Persistent Systems, LLC (“Persistent”), a leader in mobile ad hoc networking (MANET), announced today that AeroVironment’s unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) business has joined Persistent’s Wave Relay® Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem is a growing industry alliance of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), UGVs, and sensor companies all utilizing Persistent’s Wave Relay® MANET as their preferred network for command-and-control and communications functions.

“We are very excited to have AeroVironment’s UGVs join the Ecosystem,” said Nick Naioti, Senior VP for Business Development for Persistent Systems. “In building the networked battlefield, we are providing the warfighter with increased situational awareness while also reducing size, weight, and power.”

At the core of the Ecosystem, the Wave Relay® MANET enables tactical teams to receive critical information from unmanned systems and their sensors which facilitates improved decision making, increasing both soldier safety and effectiveness.

According to the agreement between the two companies, the following UGVs will incorporate Persistent’s MANET hardware:

• telemax™ EVO PRO;
• telemax™ EVO HYBRID;
• telemax™ EVO PLUS;
• tEODor™ EVO; and
• EVO Upgrade Kit.

These ruggedized, all-terrain UGVs perform a variety of dangerous missions, including explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), hazardous materials handling (HAZMAT) and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threat assessment.

“Persistent has established itself in the market as a network provider that delivers extended range, high throughput and robustness against radio interference, all of which are critically important to our customers’ life-saving missions,” said Brian Young, AeroVironment vice president and product line general manager for UGVs.

In addition, Wave Relay® MANET gives companies the opportunity to move beyond simple point-to-point solutions and build whole constellations of connected air and ground assets, Naioti said.

Rheinmetall and Helsing – Partners for the Next Generation of Armed Forces

Friday, September 16th, 2022

Rheinmetall, a longstanding, tried-and-tested partner of digitized armed forces around the world, and Helsing, the leading European provider of software and AI for defence systems, have announced a strategic partnership to transform land defence capabilities.

Through the joint development of software-based defence systems and retrofitting of existing platforms, this partnership will provide the armed forces with advanced and future-proof capabilities, enabling them to meet current and future challenges.

The unprovoked attack on Ukraine has forced Europe into a new era of land-based warfare. With the return of peer-to-peer conflicts and the emergence of novel, digital capabilities on the battlefield Europe must modernise its armies at speed. One of the key lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian War is that digitization and AI-supported mission systems can give armies a meaningful edge on the battlefield. They are destined to play a key role in defensive operations.

The Rheinmetall/Helsing partnership combines world-leading, battle-tested components, platforms, systems and software with modern, military-grade AI capabilities in order to deter and, if necessary, successfully take on an adversary. By investing in technology development upfront and delivering new products at speed, this partnership will provide the armed forces with fast access to the latest technological innovations.

“Rheinmetall has been supplying advanced networked products, systems, software and technologies in the defence and security realm for many decades, for which we are very grateful. Our partnership with Helsing will further augment our capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence, enabling us to equip our products with the latest technologies faster than ever. This lets us modernize legacy platforms and systems, providing our customers with new, world-leading capabilities”, states Christoph Müller, CEO of Rheinmetall Electronic Solutions.

Dr Gundbert Scherf, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Helsing adds: “Helsing is a new type of defence company, focused purely on software and AI, funding our own product development. We are therefore delighted to partner with Rheinmetall and combine our advanced AI capabilities with their world-leading land platforms. Recent geopolitical events have shown that democracies need to be able to protect and deter. But democracies also need to out-innovate and out-pace autocratic regimes. We believe this partnership has the potential to do that, equipping land forces for the future at pace.”

About Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH
Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH supplies the world’s armed forces, government agencies and civilian customers with mission equipment and learning and training solutions. The company, which belongs to Rheinmetall AG’s Electronic Solutions division, has been in the business for decades.

Working in close cooperation with customers, Rheinmetall Electronics develops high-end products and integrates advanced system solutions.

Its Integrated Electronic Solutions portfolio encompasses reconnaissance, fire control, soldier systems and command and control technology as well as training, learning and development applications for individuals, groups and entire customer organizations. Security solutions and specific IT and cyber systems round out the company’s portfolio.

Customers in over forty countries place their trust in technology from Rheinmetall Electronics. Eager to be close to its customers, the company maintains a significant international presence, with multiple subsidiaries around the world as well as an extensive supplier network.

Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard Donates Patagonia to Environmental Trust

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

If you were scratching your head when Patagonia sold off its military contract sewing division named Forgeline Solutions earlier this year, then this latest move by founder Yvon Chouinard will help connect some dots.

Billionaire Chouinard has given up the whole kit and caboodle, announcing that Patagonia is restructuring and will be managed by two new entities. The first is Patagonia Purpose Trust, which will own all of Patagonia’s voting stock. The second is Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit which oversees Patagonia’s environmental activism. 100% of any profit not reinvested in the business will be turned over to Holdfast Collective, a sum expected to exceed $100 million annually. Holdfast Collective is a 501(c)(4) charity which is allowed to make donations to political causes.

In an online post entitled, “Earth is now our only sharholder” Chouinard spells out his reasoning.

As much as things are changing, much will also remain the same. Patagonia will remain in Ventura, California, CEO Ryan Gellert gets to keep his job and the Chouinard family will remain on the board as well as heavily involved in the charity. In fact, Chouinard along his wife Malinda, and two children, Claire and Fletche had to donate their company shares to Patagonia Purpose Trust.

Something very interesting was pointed out to me about this move. As much as Chouinard has heralded left wing causes over the years, he never offered an employee stock option. If he had, this whole thing would have been impossible.

Photo by Tom Frost

Visit Exo Charge at Ft Benning Maneuver Warfighter Expo

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

The EXO Charge division of Xentris Wireless will be showcasing its next-generation mission-ready power solutions during the Maneuver Warfighter Conference at McGinnis-Wickham Hall, Fort Benning September 13-15.

Visit the EXO Charge team at booth #89 to learn about the latest developments – featuring:

Small Tactical Universal Battery (STUB): The STUB series features a common mechanical and electrical interface and the latest USB Power Delivery (USB PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) fast charging technology. Created as a family of 8 different capacities/sizes ranging from 15-80W, the STUB series is designed for dependability in harsh operational environments and provides a scalable power supply that can be shared across platforms and devices.

Currently progressing through acceptance testing, the STUB series will help to reduce the Warfighter’s battery burden by improving interoperability at the tactical edge.

Augmented Power Pack (APP): The APP is a fully ruggedized 300Wh power bank that delivers multi-voltage support (5V-20V) and is specifically designed for operational use in austere environments. With the energy capacity of 2 CWBs, the APP can charge multiple devices simultaneously using USB Power Delivery (USB PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) fast charging technology via its two USB Type C ports. The APP also features a standard Nett Warrior connector for additional, legacy-system compatibility and interoperability. Built to be tough, reliable, and easy to use in all conditions, the APP also features an NVG-compatible display screen.

Rugged Auxiliary Charger (RAC): Small, powerful, and rugged, the RAC supports up to 300W total power and equipped with SAE and Nett Warrior connectors, as well as 2 USB-C ports. The RAC can charge multiple devices or batteries simultaneously through the Nett Warrior and USB-C connectors, and/or can be used as a power adapter for the UBC bulk charger. The RAC features USB Power Delivery (PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) on the USB-C ports for fast charging the STUB series of batteries and COTS devices.

Building on the company’s 30+ year track record in the commercial mobile technology industry, Xentris Wireless created the EXO Charge division specifically to address the needs of next-generation portable power solutions for military applications.

Visit the EXO Charge booth at the Fort Benning Maneuver Warfighter Conference to find out more, and also follow EXO Charge online and on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn to keep up to date on the latest news, views, and developments.

Nite Ize Partners with Leading Outdoor Brands Expanding Reach of Proprietary Thru Zip Technology, First Toothless, Dustproof Waterproof Zipper

Saturday, September 10th, 2022

Nite Ize, a manufacturer of solution-based products, announced its partnership with six outdoor brands that use its patented Tru Zip zipper—a toothless, dustproof, waterproof zipper—including Simms Fishing, Hydro Flask, Fishpond, CamelBak, Booe, and & Adventure Medical Kits.

“TRU Zip technology enables us to provide a first-of-its-kind solution across a variety of outdoor activities from hunting and fishing, to travel and watersports and beyond,” said Rick Case, CEO and founder, Nite Ize. “Tru Zip empowers brands to innovate in their product category enabling products to be built that could never be built before. We are proud to collaborate with these legacy brands enabling consumers to have next-generation performance in the outdoors.”

Launched in 2019, the Tru Zip design is snag-proof and can easily open and close. Tested to IP67, TRU Zip has maximum reliability to withstand immersion underwater of up to 1m deep for up to 30 minutes.

For more product information, go here.

Services Charity Veterans With Dogs introduces Assistance Dog “Ferris” to the Defence Industry at DVD

Friday, September 9th, 2022

The services charity Veterans With Dogs is introducing their example assistance dog “Ferris” to the UK defence industry at the DVD 2022 Exhibition, taking place at Millbrook, 21/22 September. Ferris will be joined by his Army veteran owner, Bryan Maddams – himself a seasoned member of the defence industry having worked for General Dynamics, and Ultra Electronics on some major programmes such as Ajax, Warrior CSP and CR2 LEP. Bryan and Ferris are attending DVD to raise awareness of Veterans With Dogs across the industry with the aim of generating support and funds, through donations.

Veterans With Dogs is the UK’s leading organisation that trains and provides assistance dogs exclusively for current and former British Armed Forces service personnel diagnosed with a mental health condition, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a prevalent condition in post-Afghanistan veterans. The charity uses a unique PALS (Partner Animals Life Skills) training programme which combines home support and residential courses, with annual assessments thereafter to maintain the fully accredited assistance dog status. The dogs that undergo this training are always ‘on shift’, providing the veteran with 24/7, 365 days of assistance. They not only change the lives of the veterans – in some cases, they save them too.

At the DVD event, Veterans With Dogs is being supported by the defence industry focussed PR company, Chamois. Chamois are providing PR support to the charity, free of charge. The Chamois team will be helping Bryan and Ferris achieve maximum exposure throughout the event using their media contacts and through a targeted social media campaign.

Bryan Maddams, a volunteer Fundraiser for Veterans With Dogs said: “Ferris and I are very much looking forward to attending DVD. We’ll be on the ground for both event days meeting as many people as possible with the aim of raising awareness of and support for our charity. I’m also looking forward to seeing many of my own industry contacts as we walk around together”.

Jamie Clarke, CEO at Chamois said: “I’m delighted to be helping Bryan, Ferris and Veterans With Dogs at DVD this year. As a veteran and a dog owner myself, I can associate with this charity and having spent time understanding more about what they do, I believe it’s a charity that deserves support from across our fantastic UK defence industry. The work we’re doing will hopefully assist in generating further support”.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Anduril Industries Team to Deliver Data Fusion and Battlefield Awareness for U.S. Army’s Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Anduril Industries Team to Deliver Data Fusion and Battlefield Awareness for U.S. Army’s Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle
American Rheinmetall Vehicles (Sterling Heights, MI), a leading developer of tactical wheeled and tracked combat vehicles and systems has formed a strategic partnership with Anduril Industries, a defense technology company, in pursuit of the U.S. Army’s Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles has built an elite U.S. industry team that consists of numerous leading U.S. defense companies including, Textron Systems, Raytheon Technologies, L3Harris Technologies and Allison Transmission, who are collectively known as “Team Lynx.” Anduril, the newest member of the team, brings its deep experience in software development, mission autonomy, systems integration, and command and control; developed and deployed in support of National Defense priorities. American Rheinmetall Vehicles leads Team Lynx in offering the Army a next-generation infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) solution for the OMFV program that features a mature, game-changing platform with a purposeful, future-proof modular design that ensures not just overmatch today, but overmatch for decades to come.

“The partnership with Anduril brings with it exceptional innovations in software development, command and control, sensor integration, and counter UAS systems for inclusion in our OMFV offering. These additional technologies coupled with our existing Teammates respective strengths provide Soldiers capabilities not available anywhere else in the world. Further, Anduril’s innovative technologies and focus on customer requirements make it a superb partner to join Team Lynx in support of our work to deliver an unmatched, transformational IFV to the Army for the OMFV program,” said Matt Warnick, Managing Director at American Rheinmetall Vehicles.

“Software is at the core of the weapons and military systems of the future,” said Zach Mears, Head of Strategy, Anduril. “Anduril specializes in delivering advanced mission autonomy, enabling commanders and battle managers to command and control more lethal capability at the tactical edge. We are thrilled to join Team Lynx and will leverage our deep experience in artificial intelligence, mission autonomy, and sensor integration to significantly reduce the cognitive burden of the OMFV’s two soldier crew and provide them with next-generation tactical awareness, C2, and decisive lethality to dominate future battlefields.”

Anduril will support Team Lynx with customized command and control software for Lynx OMFV formations that enables collaborative formation maneuver, and collaborative detection, targeting, and engagement of threats for future armored combat formations. Anduril’s software, in alignment with Army IDEE software development process will have an agile based development and improvement plan, integration, and delivery cycles, enabling persistent modernization for IFVs to rapidly adapt to and defeat emerging time-sensitive threats. The Team’s solution, the Lynx OMFV, redefines the modern battlefield and enables the Army to satisfy its number two modernization priority, a next-generation combat vehicle with leading protection, mobility, growth, and lethality capabilities that will sustain overmatch for decades. The Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), along with substantial growth potential in power, weight, and volume make the Lynx OMFV exceptionally well prepared to confront the challenges of the future battlefield like no other.


Jankel’s LTTV Production Programme Changes Up a Gear

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

199 British designed and built tactical vehicles based on the Mercedes Benz UNIMOG vehicles to the Belgian Ministry of Defence (BeMOD). Jankel’s LTTV can be viewed at the DVD exhibition at Millbrook, 21-22 September.

In September 2021, Jankel announced the establishment of a new production capability in the UK and in November 2021 it was announced that the programme had passed Preliminary Technical Acceptance (PTA) and had formally entered production. Following a period of LRIP (Low-Rate Initial Production) that coincided with COVID working restrictions, recently, the programme has been gathering pace with vehicle 25 entering production in August. From September onwards, the production rate accelerates further with the delivery of all 199 vehicles set for completion in 2023.

First unveiled at DSEi in September 2019 and also displayed at DSEi in September 2021, Jankel’s LTTV is designed to provide a modular and configurable tactical support vehicle that benefits from unique, removable mission modules that enable the vehicle to be re-roled rapidly for operational platform versatility. The LTTV has 3 core variants for Special Operations support, including an ambulance variant. Alongside a user-configurable, fully integrated suite of military sub-systems that includes a removable ballistic protection kit, a Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS), weapon mounts and communications fit, the platform will provide full interoperability with the Fox fleet of tactical vehicles.

Richard Semmens, Operations Director at Jankel said: “I’m very proud indeed of our team and our UK-based supply chain for working so hard to get our LTTV programme where it is today with vehicles coming off the production line at increasing frequency and being delivered to our BeMOD customer.

Andrew Jankel, Chairman at Jankel said: Like anyone else in manufacturing (defence or otherwise) will know, there have been some challenges to face through BREXIT, COVID-19 and the Ukraine conflict. Right through that period, here at Jankel we’ve continued to deliver and to export some great UK products and services including our LTTV programme. Indeed, we’re one of a very few UK defence manufacturers that has been continuously delivering and exporting throughout this turbulent period”. He added: “I’d like to thank everyone who has worked with us so closely to help us succeed during this testing period including our suppliers and importantly, our customers. I’ll be the first person to say it’s not been easy but I’m also happy to say we’re succeeding. I’d particularly like to thank our suppliers for their patience, support and agility and I look forward to delivering the rest of the LTTV programme in the coming months.”.