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Energetics Technology Ltd Launch Door Breaching Grenade

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

A new breaching grenade technology developed by the UK Government has been licensed to Energetics Technology Limited (ETL) in a deal that will improve Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE) operations and improve safety for operatives.

UK-based ETL has taken a licence for a 40mm stand-off breaching grenade technology developed by Dstl; brokered by Ploughshare Innovations in its role as the MOD’s Technology Transfer Office.

The Grenade is designed for use in scenarios where there is a need to breach locked doors to gain access to a building or room. It deforms a variety of door materials – including multi-lock steel doors.

The improved directional control of the explosive blast lowers the risk to the breaching team and reduces their stand-off distance. Fragmentation effects behind the door are minimised, reducing collateral damage and highly targeted, there is also a reduced amount of explosives used.

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US Army Grants NGSW Novation from General Dynamics-OTS, Inc to LoneStar Future Weapons

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Something that has flown under the radar is that the US Army has granted a novation from Next Generation Squad Weapons contender General Dynamics-OTS, makers of the Bullpup configuration guns, to Lone Star Future Weapons.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Novation means to transfer or substitute a new contract in place of an old one.

Upon request, I received the following statement regarding the action from Program Manager Soldier Lethality, Program Executive Office Soldier, which manages Product Manager Next Generation Weapons (PdM NGW).

“On 30 June 2021, Agreement W15QKN1991024, one of three Agreements supporting the Next Generation Squad Weapons Program for weapons and ammunition prototyping, was novated from: General Dynamics-OTS, Inc. to Lone Star Future Weapons (sic).”

An April press release form LoneStar and partner True Velocity announced a strategic partnership to leverage the two companies’ substantial expertise in R&D, precision manufacturing, quality control and production efficiency.

This is a significant event in the NGSW program. It means General Dynamics-OTS, Inc is out as the prime, along with production partner Beretta USA, and LoneStar Future Weapons along with ammunition partner True Velocity, is in. However, General Dynamics-OTS remains in an advisory role according to LTC Mark Owens (USA, Ret) who currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for True Velocity and Project Director at LoneStar Future Weapons whom I spoke with about the novation.

Owens said, “We are extremely excited to pursue the upcoming NGSW RFP. While General Dynamics has novated the contract to us, we will continue to work with their team to combine the best elements of a large company like GD, with the innovation and agility of Lone Star Future Weapons and True Velocity.”

Owens expanded on the significance of what they are doing, “Making something that has never existed before requires a lot of “different”. Different materials, different manufacturing processes, different weapon and ammunition geometries as well as different business relationships and constructs. Maintaining the status quo cannot provide our warfighters with compact, “fightable” weapon systems capable of defeating current and Next Generation threats. We are not different for the sake of being new. We are different in order to adapt to the rapidly changing battlefields of the future. Every piece of our weapon system componentry and ammunition combines the best of traditional technologies from battlefield proven systems with the most lethal, robust, compact and lightweight solutions available for a new, different, enhanced level of lethality.”

One of the big things for the team is that True Velocity has recently introduced commercial production of their composite ammunition in .308 WIN.

Hoping to see additional calibers in the future I asked Owens what might be in the wings and he mentioned a civilian 6.8 round for hunting. I explained that like most shooters, I don’t have any firearms which fire that caliber. He told me not to worry, that LoneStar would be introducing those as well to complement the ammo saying, “We also look forward to a commercial release of the 6.8 Rifle and ammunition for sporting purposes.” He went on to mention that they are working with industry partners to introduce firearms chambered for their 6.8 cartridge.

In addition to access to the NGSW firearm intellectual property, LoneStar is also moving forward with the GD-OTS Lightweight Medium Machine Gun design in 338 Norma Mag and is perusing the USSOCOM opportunity currently underway with SOFWERX. Owens concluded our discussion with, “In addition to the contract, IP for the NGSW R, AR, as well as for the .338 NM MG have conferred. We believe that these weapons will have an important place in both our Army and allied arsenals of the future.”

There’s a lot going on and it sounds like the NGSW novation is just the beginning for LoneStar Future Weapons and partner True Velocity.

RCBS ChargeMaster Link with Bluetooth Delivers Hands-Free Reloading

Monday, August 30th, 2021

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – August 25, 2021 – RCBS®, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, has announced the introduction of the new ChargeMaster™ Link powder dispenser. The Link is built off the rock-solid load cell and electronics found in the popular RCBS ChargeMaster Lite, but now offers best-in-class Bluetooth® technology to make reloading easier than ever.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Link’s Bluetooth capabilities give the discerning hand-loader the ability to run the entire unit from their smartphone using the free, newly redesigned RCBS app. This not only allows a user to save custom loads on the app, but to run the machine more quickly and efficiently. Hands-free operation with the app also means a reloader never has to touch the dispenser during the weighing process, ensuring more accurate readings.

“The Link is the perfect dispenser for the budget conscious handloader that is looking for a dispenser that is going to deliver consistent powder charges each and every time but does not need all of the additional features that our other models provide,” said Will Hemeyer, Sr. Product Manager for RCBS. “We take great pride in producing the highest quality dispensers on the market and know the ChargeMaster Link will deliver more consistency than the competition.”

The ChargeMaster Link boasts 0.1-grain accuracy and a 2000-grain load cell capacity. The unit can run on an external battery, meaning reloaders can operate it at home or in the field without being tied to power cords. The unit also features a universal four country CE approved power supply and LCD display with intuitive push-button controls.

ChargeMaster Link has an MSRP of $349.95. For more information or to view other RCBS reloading products, visit

Maxim Defense Has Cases of 7.62 x 39 Ready to Ship

Monday, August 30th, 2021

Maxim Defense, the premiere manufacturer in PDW technologies, has a large amount of Yugoslavian 7.62 x 39 FMJ and 7.62 x 39 TUI in stock and ready to ship. This won’t help us in the long run with the ban. That’ll take litigation and legislation to handle that. However, it will allow you to keep your long gun (or short gun, for that matter) fed in the interim.

As of this announcement, the Yugoslav ammunition is retailing for $695 per case of 1120 rounds or roughly 62 cents ($0.62) per round. Cartridges are 124gr annealed brass case 7.62 x 39mm FMJ with a Berdan primer. They ship mounted on SKS stripper clips. Buyers keep the case. And the brass, too, Maxim Defense would humbly suggest. If you don’t reload, someone you know almost certainly does.

If that particular type 7.62×39 doesn’t suit, Maxim Defense also offers its own ammunition: the “TUI” (Tumble On Impact) line. TUI ammunition is a solid copper spun line design explicitly designed for short barrels in mind. They’ll handle light recoil with no sacrifice in velocity, and because of the solid copper construction, they can be used wherever lead projectiles are prohibited for sport shooting. The Maxim Defense TUI SBR ammunition is 117gr SCS and ships 20/box.

Bullet Type M67 FMJ
Caliber 7.62X39MM
Grain Weight 124 GRAIN
Muzzle Velocity (FPS) 2402
Rounds Per Box 1120
Rounds 1120 ROUNDS
Grain Weight Ranges 120 – 139

 On top of the multiple versions of 7.62×39, they carry plenty of types of ammunition, including 5.56 and .300 Blackout. If you’re in the market for more, take a look at the ammunition section of their website.

Find reviews of Maxim Defense ammunition on the REFT blog or Small Arms Defense Journal.

About Maxim Defense

Maxim Defense is a development company aiming to provide the Military and First Responders the next generation of tools and equipment to succeed in today’s most extreme environments. The company primarily engages in small arms manufacturing focusing R&D on producing better, lighter, and more reliable weapons and accessories. As an industrial-design-centered organization, Maxim seeks to improve and enhance existing weapons platforms alongside developing cutting-edge technologies for redefining the future. Maxim Defense is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @maximdefense.

SAR USA Now Offering Premium Ammunition to US Market

Friday, August 27th, 2021

Miami FL.- August 25, 2021 – SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium firearms and ammunition, is proud to announce that they are now offering their NATO-inspired 9mm pistol ammunition to the US market. Sarsilmaz merges the latest in cartridge innovation, design and technology along with their Old-World heritage and craftsmanship to deliver the finest in sport shooting, hunting, competition, defense and training ammunition.

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring high-quality ammunition to new SAR firearm owners and a market desperate for it,” said Todd Pearson, COO for SAR USA. “SAR ammunition is designed, engineered and manufactured to perform to the highest standards. This ammunition is the perfect complement to the rigorously tested and award-winning SAR pistol lines. This is another high-quality product offed by SAR USA.”

SAR 9mm NATO full metal jacket ammunition is made in Turkey to the highest quality standards and the tightest tolerances. It was designed, built and tested for the uncompromising shooter. This premium ammunition features brass casings and military-grade sealed primers. Made from the finest components, this ammo delivers incredible accuracy and outstanding downrange performance, every time you pull the trigger.

SAR 9mm ammunition is available in 50 round boxes in either 115 grain FMJ or 124 grain FMJ.

Features include:

• Full Metal Jacket Projectile

• Brass Casing

• Weather Sealed Boxer Primer

SAR ammunition is built in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is considered one of the world’s finest. This modern marvel of a factory utilizes the latest technology available today and manufactures the highest quality products anywhere.  

Continuous investments into R&D, technologically advanced equipment and expanding product lines have resulted in SAR’s ability to produce world class products.  They produce ammunition, pistols and shotguns for customers spanning 78 countries, including the Turkish military, NATO and law enforcement around the world.

Contact your local dealer for availability.

To learn more about SAR ammunition or the complete product line from SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, please visit: or follow us on Facebook

Federal Ammunition Announces Its New “High Over All” Shotshell Product Line for Competitive Shooters

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

ANOKA, Minnesota – August 24, 2021 – Federal Ammunition is proud to announce its new Federal Premium High Over All (HOA) shotshell product line. HOA offers competitive shooters the best plastic shotshell product on the market. The product has been featured at regional and national events and will be showcased again at the Minnesota HOA State Championship Shoot held at Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake, Minnesota, August 27-29.

“We are excited to build on the great momentum of this new product line. Competition shooters have been asking for a new competition load from Federal—and we’ve delivered with the best ever. ” said Jason Vanderbrink, Federal Ammunition’s President. “Top shoots across the country have been buzzing about our new HOA product and we look forward to rolling it out over the next months leading up to the National Sporting Clays Tournament in Texas.

Federal Premium High Over All leaves a trail of shattered targets in its wake and more reloads per shell. It’s hard, high-antimony lead payload and exclusive one-piece Podium wad produce the most consistent patterns, while the solid brass head and tapered, one-piece hull make reloading easier than ever. From beginners to elite and all shooters in-between, it’s the ultimate load for anyone wanting to knock more clay targets at the range. The complete list of sixteen 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch offerings have a wide range of payloads, velocity, dram and shot sizes to accommodate the needs of any discipline of competitive shooting. A full line up of sub-gauge offerings is set to follow in 2022.

During the Minnesota HOA event, several Federal engineers, ambassadors and shooters will be on hand to showcase the product. Competition shooters on Team Federal which include Derrick Mein, Janet McDougal, Cameron Hicks, Curt Halbakken and Gregg Wolf will be there to compete in the championship.

For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit

True Velocity Announces Distribution Partnership with Virtus Ammo

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

GARLAND, Texas, Aug. 26, 2021 // — Texas-based advanced manufacturing company True Velocity has announced their partnership with Virtus Ammo to act as the first licensed distributor of their composite-cased .308 WIN ammunition in a move that will bring the revolutionary rounds to store shelves and in the hands of discerning shooters. Additional calibers and configurations are expected to follow in subsequent months.

“This is a very important step in the process of making sure the public can see our ammo in person and expand access to our products,” said True Velocity Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Pat Hogan. “Virtus is an aggressive partner, and we look forward to expanding our business with their help.”

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Virtus carries a large selection of modern-day ammunition scalable and adaptable to all calibers. The company provides rounds for all shooting activities including target, sport, personal defense, and hunting and acts as a liaison between True Velocity and dealers across the United States. 

“Without a doubt, True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition gives us the closest example of what the future of shooting looks like,” said Darren Crockett, Chief Operating Officer at Virtus Ammo. “Being named as the first distributor of this history-making product is an exciting opportunity for our team.”

True Velocity rounds provide significant advantages over traditional brass rounds, including reduced heat transfer to firearms, leading to longer chamber life and decreased throat erosion. These rounds boast sub-MOA accuracy and extreme consistency in muzzle velocity, thus providing serious shooters with an extraordinary performance advantage.

To learn more about Virtus Ammo, shop True Velocity ammunition, or become an official dealer of the innovative product, visit

True Velocity Launches Direct-to-Consumer Sales with .308 WIN Rounds

Saturday, August 14th, 2021

Next generation composite-cased ammunition is now available for $69.99 per box at

GARLAND, TX (August 13, 2021) – True Velocity is now offering 20-round boxes of .308 Winchester composite-cased ammunition for purchase online. The .308 WIN round is the first commercially available product from the Texas-based ammunition manufacturer, which has supplied the U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies and many Allied nations with its advanced, composite-cased ammunition for multiple years. Customers that purchase True Velocity .308 WIN ammunition at will have their boxes delivered directly to their shipping address (void where prohibited).

Additional calibers from True Velocity will be available in the coming months. An official True Velocity .308 WIN launch video can be viewed on YouTube.

All True Velocity commercial rounds are made in the USA. Engineered for perfection, every True Velocity round undergoes hundreds of control checks to achieve exact dimensions and concentricity, ensuring consistency. True Velocity’s use of robotics and attention to detail is on par with medical-grade manufacturing locations and has led to substantial progress in an industry that hasn’t seen true innovation in 150+ years.

Composite-cased ammunition from True Velocity provides significant advantages over traditional brass rounds, including reduced heat transfer to firearms, leading to longer chamber life and decreased throat erosion. These rounds boast sub-MOA accuracy, reduced heat, and extreme consistency in muzzle velocity, thus providing serious shooters with an extraordinary performance advantage.

“We are eager to get our proprietary, high-performance rounds into the hands of discerning shooters across the country,” said True Velocity CEO Kevin Boscamp. “The True Velocity composite-cased .308 WIN is proven to be the highest-performing ammunition currently on the market and we look forward to continuing to raise the bar of excellence as we release additional calibers in the future.” 

The 20-round True Velocity .308 WIN box retails online for $69.99 per box.

In addition to the launch of .308 WIN ammunition, True Velocity is currently retailing a limited quantity of commemorative box sets. Included in a commemorative package are 22 True Velocity .308 WIN composite cartridges loaded with 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition projectiles, a branded D.O.P.E. (Data on Previous Engagements) logbook and an official 1 MOA True Velocity challenge coin.

For more information or to shop True Velocity ammunition, visit