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G9 Defense and Dana Safety Supply Join Forces to Expand Distribution of Duty Ammunition for Law Enforcement

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

North Idaho, USA – June 1st, 2023 – G9 Defense, a manufacturer of industry leading ammunition, and Dana Safety Supply, an industry leader in the supply of public safety equipment, including emergency vehicle equipment installation services, firearms, ammunition, and tactical gear, are pleased to announce their exclusive distribution agreement for 13 states and Washington, DC. This collaboration will see Dana Safety Supply become the sole distributor of G9 Defense’s pistol duty ammunition products to law enforcement agencies in the Southeast and Southern regions of the United States.

G9 Defense has quickly gained recognition with both civilians and law enforcement its commitment to innovation and quality, crafting solid brass and copper ammunition that provides law enforcement and responsible citizens with increased capabilities when it matters most. Notably, their solid metal fluted designs offer terminal performance 3-5 times traditional handgun duty rounds, without overpenetration. G9’s projectiles are barrier blind; meaning, when faced with common barriers such as auto glass, drywall, or sheet metal they do not deflect in trajectory or lose terminal effect. G9’s law enforcement only round, the machined brass Armor Piercing Cavitator even penetrates through Level IIIA hard armor in all major handgun calibers. As a family-owned business, G9 Defense takes pride in manufacturing their products in northern Idaho empowering customers to defend, protect, and provide for themselves and their loved ones. Joshua Mahnke, CEO and founder of G9 Defense, see this partnership as “a massive step forward in capability to provide law enforcement officers with the tools they need to their job most effectively.”

David Russo, CEO of Dana Safety Supply, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with G9, a company known for leading innovation in the ammunition industry. With our extensive industry experience and history with law enforcement, we believe this partnership will enable us to enhance the capabilities of agencies across our market and keep more people safe. G9 Defense’s ammunition products are a natural fit with our commitment to providing the highest quality equipment and gear to support the protection of life, property, and public safety.”

Dana Safety Supply has solidified its position as an industry leader since its establishment in 2005. With 32 locations spanning 13 states, Dana Safety Supply has garnered a strong presence in the Southeast and South regions of the United States. Their mission centers on equipping law enforcement personnel with the tools necessary to fulfill their crucial roles effectively.

The exclusive distribution agreement between G9 Defense and Dana Safety Supply will take effect immediately. By leveraging Dana Safety Supply’s extensive network, local support, and deep industry connections, law enforcement agencies will gain broader access to G9’s products. This partnership aims to empower law enforcement professionals with cutting-edge tools and equipment to safeguard their communities effectively.

For further information please inquire through their website.

G9 Defense

Dana Safety Supply


Federal Ammunition Adds New Train + Protect 10mm Auto

Sunday, June 4th, 2023

ANOKA, Minnesota – May 31, 2023 – Federal recently added a new line extension to its popular and versatile Train + Protect product line—which features packaging that honors any shooter’s birthright to bear arms—with a new load in 10mm Auto. The full-power 10mm offering features a Versatile Hollow Point (VHP) bullet to deliver both precise, practical performance at the range, and instant, reliable expansion on impact.

Train + Protect | Federal Ammunition

“With the popularity of our Train +Protect products and customers desire to have a good all-around option they can use for training as well as protection, we’re expanding the line with 10mm auto,” said Federal’s Handgun Product Line Director Nick Sachse. “10mm has seen a resurgence in recent years and we continue to receive requests for more options in the cartridge.”

Summary of features include: New 180-grain 10mm Auto load; VHP bullets based on proven Federal versatile hollow-point design; Reloadable Federal brass case; Extremely reliable primer; Loaded to produce consistent performance on the range and in defense situations; 50-count boxes; MSRP: $57.99.

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Another Major Order Worth Over €200 million Net: Rheinmetall Supplying European Country with Ammunition for Main Battle Tanks

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

A European customer has awarded Rheinmetall a contract to supply tank ammunition. Worth over €200 million net, the ammunition will be delivered between 2023 to 2025. Following the major contract for infantry fighting vehicle ammunition reported in April, this is another significant order resulting from the current surge in demand for ammunition.

Rheinmetall is the sole single source supplier of newly made 20mm-35mm ammunition for medium-calibre automatic and antiaircraft cannon of the Marder, Gepard, Puma and similar systems; of 105mm ammunition for the Leopard 1 and 120mm ammunition for the Leopard 2; as well as 155mm artillery shells. Moreover, the Group has the capacity to make large-scale deliveries at short notice.  

The Düsseldorf-based tech enterprise is one of the world’s top makers of weapon and ammunition systems. Its product portfolio ranges from medium-calibre ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles and air defence systems right through to aircraft cannon and high-energy laser applications. Rheinmetall is currently building an additional production line for medium-calibre ammunition at its plant in Unterlüß, which will enable it to meet heightened demand for air defence munitions starting this summer.  

SIG SAUER Delivers Next Generation Squad Weapons to US Army for Production Qualification Test

Monday, May 1st, 2023

Last week SIG SAUER delivered the latest tranche of weapons and ammunition to the US Army for the Production Qualification Tests (PQT) phase of the Next Generation Squad Weapons program.

NGSW replaces the M4 carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon which fire the 5.56mm NATO round with the XM7 Rifle and XM250 Automatic Rifle chambered in the new 6.8x51mm Common Cartridge Architecture Ammunition within the Army’s Close Combat Forces which are comprised of Infantry, Cavalry Scouts, and Engineers. All told, the program will be around 100,000 rifles and 30,000 automatic rifles.

This delivery of 34 x XM7, 44 x XM250, and around 300,000 rounds of 6.8×51 Common Case Architecture ammunition loaded as General Purpose (GP), Reduced Range (RRA), and Blank cartridges will be parceled out to several Army facilities to conduct simultaneous testing of various attributes.

According to the Defense Acquisition University, the PQT is a “technical test completed prior to the Full-Rate Production (FRP) decision to ensure the effectiveness of the manufacturing process, equipment, and procedures. This testing also provides data for the independent evaluation required for materiel release so the evaluator can address the materiel’s adequacy with respect to the stated requirements.”

The contract award was announced just a year ago, with SIG’s high pressure composite case cartridge design being selected over the True Velocity polymer case and Lone Star Future Weapons bullpup weapon combination. However, the journey to this point actually began in 2017 when then Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Milley informed Congress that the service needed an Interim Combat Service Rifle in 7.62mm NATO to deal with overmatch issues on the modern battlefield.

The ICSR concept was quickly cancelled and would lead to a Prototype Opportunity Notice for the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle to replace the M249 SAW, which cast a wide net to industry to ultimately inform the Next Generation Squad Weapon requirement. Beginning in early 2019, NGSW challenged industry to develop a carbine, automatic rifle, and ammunition to deliver a government provided projectile at velocities mirroring the commercial 270 Win Short Mag cartridge. It was quite a tall order considering the limits on size and weight imposed by the Army.

The Army soon thinned the herd of close to 20 potential solutions to just three:

-AAI Corporation Textron Systems with their Case Telescoping ammunition

-General Dynamics-OTS Inc (later novated to Lone Star Future Weapons) with their polymer case ammo

-SIG SAUER with their composite case ammo

During the Other Transaction Authority procurement, the three vendors participated in numerous Soldier Touch Points, modifying their systems along the way and delivering improved designs at each phase of the program. Eventually, the Textron system was dropped from the program. At that point the Army faced a choice between a high pressure ammunition paired with a traditional firearm design from SIG and Lone Star Future Weapons’ bullpup weapons firing True Velocity’s polymer case ammunition. Ultimately, the Army selected SIG and since the award, they’ve already delivered weapons and ammunition for testing purposes.

Barring any unforeseen issues, fielding of systems in this fast paced program is expected to begin in the fall with SIG anticipating deliveries to the Army beginning in September. First Unit Equipped could be as soon as October.

In fact, SIG has been leaning forward in the foxhole throughout the entire process, investing in new infrastructure and manufacturing weapons components and ammunition in anticipation of each upcoming phase to avoid any delays. SIG has already reconfigured their production floor to accommodate the new manufacturing line. They’ve also been testing everything, from raw materials to full systems.

“We learned a lot during the Modular Handgun System program and have applied those lessons to how we approach NGSW”, said SIG SAUER CEO Ron Cohen. He went on stating, “This is the continuation of a long-term partnership with the Army to produce and deliver weapons, ammunition and target acquisition systems.”

With multiple contract wins over the past few years, SIG has developed a reputation of offering the government what they ask for, on time, and on price. For NGSW, they were also the only company to have both ammunition and weapon developed by the same company. While it was certainly an advantage during development, it makes things much easier now that they are moving toward full rate production. Any issue identified during testing can quickly be traced to its cause by assembling a team with representatives from across the company. What’s more, there’s not a back and forth over implementing solutions. While he makes the final decisions, Mr Cohen is results oriented and has empowered his team to get things done.

During our discussion Mr Cohen also pointed out an interesting observation. This is the first time in the history of the US military that they have simultaneously introduced a new caliber, rifle, and machine gun. This is sure to lead to unforeseen challenges across the DOTMLP-F spectrum.

Despite rumors to the contrary, and poorly researched and written articles, the NGSW program is not cancelled. To the contrary, it is moving fast, at the speed of war, with the first unit equipped this fall. From actual requirement to contract award was just over three years. From contract award to PQT is right at one year and that includes several months of no work due to contract protests. Considering the wholesale change involved, that is fast.

NGSW is happening. The next questions we will address are concerned with how this capability will transform the Army and whether the Army will expand this capability to those outside of the Close Combat Forces. Likewise, we also be watching to see if the other US services adopt NGSW as well as our allies and if so, how it affects them.

Major Order Worth Over €200 Million: Rheinmetall Supplying European Country with Ammunition for Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Friday, April 28th, 2023

Rheinmetall has booked an important order for ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles. The Group is supplying a European country with medium-calibre ammunition, with order volume exceeding €200 million net. Shipment is due to take place in 2023-2025.

Rheinmetall is the sole single source supplier of newly made 20mm-35mm ammunition for medium-calibre automatic and antiaircraft cannon of the Marder, Gepard, Puma and similar systems; of 105mm ammunition for the Leopard 1 and 120mm ammunition for the Leopard 2; as well as 155mm artillery shells. Moreover, the Group has the capacity to make large-scale deliveries at short notice.  

The Düsseldorf-based tech enterprise is one of the world’s top makers of weapon and ammunition systems. Its product portfolio ranges from medium-calibre ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles and air defence systems right through to aircraft cannon and high-energy laser applications. Rheinmetall is currently building an additional production line for medium-calibre ammunition at its plant in Unterlüß, which will enable it to meet heightened demand for air defence munitions starting this summer.  

Innovative Technology Supports Remediation Success at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Some of the statistics at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant are attention-grabbers and provide context for the ongoing work and challenges at the small-caliber ammunition production facility.

For starters, the plant annually produces more than 1 billion rounds of ammunition per year on its 3,935 acres in Independence, Missouri.

The installation was established in 1941, and the environmental impacts of that production — particularly in the early years at the facility — generated large quantities of potentially hazardous wastes, including oils/greases, solvents, explosives and metals — some of which were released into the environment.

In 1980, LCAAP instituted an environmental restoration program, and in 1987 the cleanup at LCAAP was added to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List. This cleanup is divided in 36 discrete areas of concern and four operable units to allow for the comprehensive planning, remediation and measurement needed for a project of this scope and scale.

“The environmental restoration program is important at LCAAP. The health and safety of personnel at the installation and in the surrounding community is significant,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Denton, LCAAP commander. “Our teams are continuing a robust monitoring program to ensure that our staff and the local community are not impacted by legacy contaminants. That includes monitoring from things like vapor intrusion, as well as surface water and sentry boundary groundwater monitoring across the entire installation.”

Denton said that as a mature site with continuing remediation needs, the LCAAP team is working to continually improve and upgrade the use of cutting-edge technology to produce high-resolution site assessment, aggressive monitoring, and treatment of non-aqueous phase liquids — known as NAPL, while maintaining a strong community involvement program. This includes the establishment in 1997 of a Restoration Advisory Board, with both regular meetings and information sharing, as well as an extensive archive of data at the local public library.

Part of successfully managing a remediation site of this complexity is understanding the need for developing new solutions to existing issues.

For example, the cleanup of waste pits that contain an estimated 2 million pounds of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents and extensive NAPL contamination. The LCAAP team had been using limited zero valent iron and established barriers to prevent movement of the contaminants and used hydraulic fracturing techniques. However, the restoration timeline estimated for the site remained at hundreds of years using these methods.

The team, in collaboration with Army contractor Environmental Chemical Corporation, is now at work using an in situ thermal remediation system that has allowed for treatment of 28,000 bank cubic yards of the waste pits contaminated with NAPL. The process uses thermal gas conduction and high-resolution site assessment as well as dye-enhanced laser induced fluorescence.

“The DyeLIF system provided real-time NAPL results, allowing for a real-time, dynamic and adaptive strategy to deal with a complex problem,” said Sara Clark, environmental coordinator at the Joint Munitions Command. “This high-resolution site assessment has been used to generate more than 100,000 readings to create a precise 3D model of the NAPL contaminants within these pits.”

Another example is the use of the in situ thermal remediation system to heat soil, groundwater and NAPL contaminants within the waste pits to the boiling point of water for effective extraction and treatment, which dramatically improved restoration timelines.

The team is employing similar methods on other sites at LCAAP and working to build actionable models for use at other sites with legacy contaminants. These efforts have gained LCAAP’s team Secretary of the Army recognition for innovative planning and implementation of remediation efforts. The team has been selected to represent the Army in the Department of Defense Environmental Awards competition in recognition of this work.

By Thomas Milligan, USAEC

Remington Announces New Core-Lokt Copper

Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Lonoke, Arkansas – April 2023 – Remington Ammunition is proud to announce that The Deadliest Mushroom in the WoodsTM is now available in a lead-free, all copper bullet, Core-Lokt Copper.

“Generations of hunters have depended on Core-Lokt since 1939,” said Remington Rifle Product Director Michael Holm. “Now, whitetail fanatics, Remington fans, and big game hunters can experience the outstanding accuracy and Deadly Mushroom performance of Remington’s Core-Lokt ammunition in a high-strength, fully copper bullet.”

With dependable expansion, proven weight retention near 100%, and drop-dead accuracy, Core-Lokt Copper combines the performance you’ve come to expect from Core-Lokt, now guaranteed with a lead-free bullet. Rigid construction from high-strength pure copper ensures Core-Lokt Copper’s monumental bullet dispatches big game and lives up to the legacy of the Deadliest Mushroom.

Core-Lokt Copper is the newest addition to the Core-Lokt family of ammunition. Remington’s classic Core-Lokt, as well as new award-winning Core-Lokt Tipped, are still being proudly manufactured daily in the USA.

Core-Lokt Copper is available in six cartridges with line extensions coming soon.

Core-Lokt Copper Features:

• ACCURATE MONUMENTAL BULLET – All-copper projectile made from high-strength copper

• CORE-LOKT PERFORMANCE – Precision hollow point for consistent deadly expansion and performance on-game, across a wide range of velocities

• TRUSTED QUALITY COMPONENTS – Reliable brass, propellants and precise loading techniques for consistency shot-after-shot

• LEAD-FREE PRIMER – Lead-free primer provides consistent ignition for peak performance

SKU / Description / MSRP

R27857 / 30-AAC BLACKOUT, 120GR / $40.99

R27853 / 30-06 SPRG, 150GR / $48.99

R27856 / 243 WIN, 85GR / $48.99

R27854 / 308 WIN, 150GR / $51.99

R27855 / 270 WIN, 130GR / $51.99

R27858 / 300 WIN MAG, 180GR / $60.99

Find Remington ammunition at dealers nationwide and online. For more information on Remington ammunition and accessories, visit

Speer Ammunition Awarded Contract to Provide Ammunition to the New York Police Department

Monday, April 17th, 2023

LEWISTON, Idaho – April 17, 2023 – Speer Ammunition was recently awarded the New York Police Department (NYPD) 9mm duty and training handgun ammunition contract for Speer 124-grain Gold Dot. The duty handgun contract with the largest law enforcement agency in the United States will supply this agency for up to five years with an expected quantity of several million rounds.

“We are excited to report the NYPD once again chose Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124-grain +P as their ammunition of choice,” said Speer’s Senior Director of Law Enforcement Ammunition Sales, Hal Price. “The approximate 36,000 officers will use this ammunition exclusively for duty and training. We are proud of this contract win, and we are excited to have the opportunity to continue to work with the NYPD.”  The partnership with Speer and NYPD, one of the country’s most recognizable, oldest, and prestigious law enforcement agencies, began in 2001. 

Speer Gold Dot has set an industry benchmark for both self-defense and duty use, earning the trust of consumers and law enforcement world-wide. The bullet features a pressure-formed lead core that is bonded to an extremely uniform jacket a single atom at a time that virtually eliminates separation on impact for more retained weight and consistent penetration depths. The Gold Dot hollow-point design expands consistently through a full range of barriers. Reliable ignition and cycling are delivered thanks to sealed primers and nickel-plated brass.

“The use of Gold Dot technology in this contract ammunition ensures the highest performance threshold and absolute confidence in performance,” continued Price. “We are extremely pleased with this prestigious contract award. It validates the high level of trust that our national law enforcement agencies have with our extremely reliable and innovative ammunition.”

Speer ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide. For more information on all products from Speer or to shop online, visit