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Federal Premium Force X2 Wins the Best Ammunition Caliber Award for 2020 by NASGW-POMA

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

ANOKA, Minnesota – October 27, 2020 – Federal Premium Force X2 Personal Defense Shotgun Loads has been presented with the Caliber Award in the Best Ammunition New Product category by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW), in partnership with the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA).

“We are thrilled to have won Best Ammunition for our Premium Force X2 at the 4th Annual NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards,” said Federal’s Vice President of Sales Jim Bruno. “The Caliber Awards are chosen by a dedicated group of wholesalers and media members who stay on top of product trends and innovations year after year. We know these individuals truly saw the value of all the features and benefits Force X2 delivers to any customer looking for the most innovative and effective personal defense load for shotguns. We are incredibly proud of this award.”

Force X2 utilizes nine copper-plated 00 buckshot pellets—specially engineered to split into two equal-size pieces on impact—to create up to 18 wound channels which improves the transfer of energy from the payload to the target and minimizes the potential for over-penetration, reducing the risk to bystanders. Force X2 is also loaded for more manageable recoil, allowing the shooter to stay on target for faster follow-up shots and better accuracy in a self-defense situation.

Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep 380 Auto was also a finalist for the NASGW-POMA Caliber Award in the Best Ammunition New Product category. This new Hydra-Shok Deep offering for 2020 is the first expanding 380 Auto load to consistently penetrate beyond the FBI-recommended 12-inch minimum. Like all Hydra-Shok Deep loads, its bullet’s more robust center post and core design ensure it penetrates to critical depths through common self-defense barriers, without over-penetrating.

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.

True Velocity Ammunition Advances to Shortlist for Australian LAND 159 Force Modernization Program

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Composite ammunition manufacturer vying to outfit Australia’s military through next generation equipment procurement process

GARLAND, TX (October 26, 2020) – Australia-based NIOA, a company specializing in the supply and sustainment of weapons and munition systems to the Australian Defense Force (ADF), has invited Texas-based True Velocity to the next stage in the LAND 159 Lethality Systems Project procurement process. The LAND 159 project will equip the men and women of the ADF with next-generation pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, direct fire support weapons, and ammunition. True Velocity, which manufactures composite cased ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian use, will specifically participate in the narrowed search for next generation ammunition solutions.

“Being added to the shortlist for the LAND 159 program is clear acknowledgment of the benefits that composite ammunition can deliver to the warfighters of the future,” said Chris Tedford, President of True Velocity. “The composite casings we produce provide advantages on the battlefield through improved accuracy, reduced wear and tear on firearms, and a significant reduction in the weight of the ammunition itself compared to traditional brass. True Velocity also offers NIOA and ADF a partner that can put unmatched innovation in ammunition production technology to work benefitting overall logistics and spending.”

In collaboration with the Commonwealth of Australia, NIOA serves as Prime Contractor for the LAND 159 program. NIOA’s role includes identifying and approaching market providers such as True Velocity on behalf of the Commonwealth to identify and evaluate Sniper and Close Combat weapon systems and provide acquisition and support recommendations for future defense needs. Program participants ultimately selected will deliver next generation weapons and ammunition to the ADF in three phases or “tranches” over the next decade.

“For NIOA, the LAND 159 program is all about the next generation of Australia’s defense industry and, most importantly, the next generation of the ADF,” CEO Robert Nioa said. “The work of these young men and women is entrusted to all of us involved in the LAND 159 program. Their safety, and their ability to successfully complete missions is of the utmost importance and is why we must ensure that the ADF has the best equipment and ammunition available for years to come.’’

For more information on True Velocity, visit tvammo.com.

RM277 Next Generation Squad Weapons from General Dynamics-OTS, Manufactured by Beretta Defense Systems

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

General Dynamics-OTS is competing with Textron Systems SIG SAUER in the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program which seeks to replace the current M4A1 Carbine and M249 Light Machine Gun in the close combat squads with a Rifle and Automatic Rifle designed to fire 6.8mm ammunition. The intent is to provide similar characteristics to 270 Win Short Mag. It’s important to note that the 6.8mm settled on by the Army is the equivalent of .277 in Imperial measurement.

General Dynamics-OTS is partnered with Beretta Defense Systems and True Velocity to offer their NGSW candidate system. The .277 ammunition size has influenced the naming of their rifle and ammunition, the RM277, which also makes it handy to begin marketing to other customers.

General Dynamics-OTS designed the bullpup RM277 and Beretta provides Research and Development support and future high-volume manufacturing capabilities at its new Gallatin, TN, facility.

When the Army decided on a 6.8 cartridge, they left it up to industry to develop the actual ammunition. True Velocity has named their composite cased cartridge the 277 TVCM.

The composite construction makes it 30-40% lighter than current, conventional ammunition. Additional benefits are reduced heat transfer as the composite insulates the chamber and bolt face, the production of extremely concentric and consistent case and precise powder drop which results in consistent pressure and muzzle velocities for improved accuracy, and elimination of heavy metals that produce adverse health effects on Soldiers.

TV also boasts magnetic retrieval of spent cases during training and a case which is 100% recyclable.

Unlike the weapon candidates from their competitors, GD-OTS’ M277-R and RM277-AR are extremely similar. The AR is naturally longer and heavier for sustained fire.

Rather than introducing a box-fed rifle and belt-fed automatic rifle like the others, the bullpup design called for both weapons to be box-fed. The bullpup also allows for longer barrels for both increased velocity and accuracy.

They are gas and recoil operated and impulse averaged with short recoil to offer controllable, accurate automatic fire. They also incorporate dual firing modes, closed bolt in semi-automatic mode and open bolt in automatic mode. Naturally, the weapons feature ambidextrous controls. The suppressor is 3D printed and provided by Delta-P.

Having participated in Soldier Touch Points and reliability and performance testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, next up for General Dynamics-OTS is to incorporate feedback from Prototype Testing #1 into their design and produce the Prototype Testing #2 samples of weapons and ammunition.

Images supplied Beretta.

For some more background on how the Army ended up with NGSW, read this. Admittedly, I was quite skeptical at first, particularly after the Army had just a failed to select a replacement for the M4 just a few years before with the Individual Carbine program and then the start-stop fiasco of the 7.62mm Carbine effort. But, after watching industry rise to the challenge, I quickly went through the stages of grief to acceptance and am now quite optimistic that the Army will field a new capability.

Textron Systems Next Generation Squad Weapon Update

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Yesterday, Wayne Prender, Textron Systems’ Senior Vice President of Applied Technology and Advanced Programs gave us an update on their Next Generation Squad Weapon candidate system which is currently vying against General Dynamics-OTS and SIG SAUER to outfit the US Army’s close combat forces (and possible the Marines as well) with a new family of weapons in an entirely new caliber, 6.8mm. But Textron isn’t going it alone. They’ve teamed with Heckler & Koch and Winchester, two other small arms powerhouses.

NGSW is an ambitious program in both scope and schedule which will replace the M4 Carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, both in 5.56mm. The issue with these two weapons is that the US Infantrymen remains overmatched by enemies who employ longer range small arms.

The new 6.8mm cartridge was developed specifically to increase not only range, but also the amount of energy delivered on target. It performs in a similar fashion to the commercial 270 Win Short Mag round and will provide our troops with overmatch of threat small arms. Additionally, the goal is to lighten the whole package, weapons and ammo, at 20% lower than current.

The secret sauce in Textron’s submission is their novel Case Telescoped ammunition. This construction, with the projectile encased within the cartridge and surrounded by propellant, allows it to be shorter than conception SL ammunition.

This ammunition is not only lightweight but also allows for an entirely new operating system with the rimless cartridge being pushed forward throughout the firing cycle.

This operating system is also designed so that the weapon carries the ballistic load of the ammunition during firing rather than the cartridge case. The polymer case also expands slightly during firing.


This is Textron System’s NSGW-Rifle. The program initially called it a Carbine but the performance parameters the Army is seeking really needs a more full-sized weapon. Hence, Rifle.

NGSW-Automatic Rifle

The belt-fed Automatic Rifle is designed to replace the current Squad Automatic Weapon. The CT ammunition is held together with polymer circumferential links.

How They Got Here

Development of the technology for Textron Systems began about 15 years ago, with subsidiary AAI working on the Lightweight Small Arms Technology. With a goal of lowering the weight of both weapon and ammunition, like the current NGSW effort, they initially created a 5.56mm version, then moved on to 7.62mm and finally a 6.5mm variant once research began to indicate that an intermediate cartridge was required.

When the Army decided to field replacements for the M249 and M4, LSAT seemed like a natural starting point. Initial development was referred to as NGSW-T (we’ve shared video of that effort in the past).

This led to the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle Production Opportunity Notice with six companies participating. Naturally, Textron was fully engaged and remains so in the current effort.

So far, they’ve concentrated on milestone 1 which is a prototype test, delivering 30 weapons (15 of each type) and 185,000 rounds of ammunition to support testing.

The Future

The program office continues to forge ahead on this priority effort, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with ongoing technical testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground and Soldier Touch Points. Textron’s Prender assures us they are ready to deliver on the current time line and are even poised to scale to the Army’s demands for initial fielding. In fact, they are so confident, they are already working on both blank CT rounds as well as blank firing adapters.

They’ve also embraced the Soldier Touch Points, taking feedback directly from the troops on ergonomics and the manual of arms for this weapon system. They’re integrating this feedback along with data from Aberdeen on their initial reliability and performance testing into their PT 2 build. PT 2 will require the delivery of 30 Rifles, 28 Automatic Rifles and 680,000 rounds of ammunition.

Interestingly, Prender related that Winchester manufactured the CT ammunition in house, using standard ammunition manufacturing machinery. This means that although their program partner Winchester is now operating the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, it won’t require a huge investment in new technology should they win.

I’m sure Textron Systems has even more in store and can’t wait to see what they show us next time.

To learn more, download Textron’s brochure on their NGSW system, click here.

For some more background on how the Army ended up with NGSW, read this. Admittedly, I was quite skeptical at first, particularly after the Army had just a failed to select a replacement for the M4 just a few years before with the Individual Carbine program and then the start-stop fiasco of the 7.62mm Carbine effort. But, after watching industry rise to the challenge, I quickly went through the stages of grief to acceptance and am now quite optimistic that the Army will field a new capability.

Atlanta Arms wins at the 2020 World Speed Shooting Championships

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

[ Covington, Georgia — October 1, 2020 ] Atlanta Arms is proud to announce several prestigious wins with our ammunition at the 2020 World Speed Shooting Championships.

In addition to setting multiple world records, first and only to shoot under 60 seconds with a pistol, KC Eusebio claimed First Place Overall, First Place Open Champion, First Place Carry Optics Champion, and First Place .22 Rimfire. KC uses Atlanta Arms 9mm 100 Grain Elite Steel Challenge, a round developed by some of the best shooters in the game.

“The World Speed Shooting Championships has always been important to me. I started competing at the match at the age of nine and fell in love. I was able to take home my 7th World Speed Shooting title in open and it’s one of the best feelings to achieve such a coveted title. In addition to the overall win, I had the honor to take first place in Carry Optics and .22 rimfire pistol.

It’s truly a pleasure to press your trigger and feel a minimal amount of recoil generated by this specialty load. I honestly, could not have done this without Atlanta Arms. They have been the backbone of my shooting career for close to two decades and the QA/QC never ceases to amaze me. I consider myself fortunate to be part of such a great family.”
– KC Eusebio

KC’s next match will be the USPSA Carry Optics and Open Nationals in Frostproof, Florida on October 18-25, 2020.

Learn more about KC Eusebio at kceusebio.net

The Dutch Armed Forces and Rheinmetall Renew long-term Framework Agreement for Ammunition – Potential Aggregate Value of €500 Million

Friday, September 25th, 2020

Rheinmetall and the Dutch procurement agency Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) have renewed and expanded their longstanding framework agreement for the supply of various types of ammunition for a period of at least ten years. The framework agreement envisages annual call-offs of around €50 million, meaning that total volume could come to €500 million. The customer is already preparing for the first call-offs.

The framework agreement encompasses the supply of 35mm medium-calibre ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles, 40mm ROSY smoke/obscurant cartridges, and a family of state-of-the-art 155mm artillery ammunition.
Major General Ivo de Jong, Deputy Director of the DMO, and Roman Köhne, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH, signed the contract on 30 July 2020. This is another good example of the fruitful, longstanding cooperation between the DMO and the Düsseldorf-based weapon and ammunition specialist. The framework agreement follows a partnership agreement signed by the two parties just over a year ago and further underscores the customer’s strong confidence in Rheinmetall’s ammunition expertise.

By means of this agreement, the DMO wants to source safe, state-of-the-art ammunition for the Dutch armed forces – both today and tomorrow.

Under the aforementioned partnership agreement, Rheinmetall has already assumed full responsibility for the complete 155mm portfolio, which extends from the Assegai ammunition family to modular charges and fuses. 


True Velocity Unveils Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities With Potential to Reinvent Ammunition Supply Chain

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

U.S. leadership on Capitol Hill debate modernization of weapons and ammunition manufacturing and logistics

GARLAND, Texas (Sept. 22, 2020) – Texas-based True Velocity, an advanced manufacturing and technology company specializing in small-arms ammunition, is introducing new technology and proprietary solutions to help armed forces streamline ammunition production and logistics from anywhere in the world. The company’s manufacturing capabilities can power customizable and highly portable “cells,” allowing for decentralized and automated ammunition production. True Velocity recently received its 145th issued patent for its manufacturing technology, processes and products.

True Velocity manufacturing is aimed at reducing inefficiencies in the ammunition supply chain, improving manufacturing safety, and has capacity to produce as many as 600 million rounds per year from its operations. The cell production technology from True Velocity includes everything from casing manufacturing to loading of ammunition in a physical footprint that requires only 2,500 square feet.

During testimony in front of the House Armed Services Committee, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Dr. Bruce Jette mentioned the shortfalls of current ammunition manufacturing logistics in the U.S. and provided a blueprint for modernization. Congressman Donald Norcross opened the hearing, expressing concern that “essential functions of ammunition [are] done in museum-like conditions.”

Dr. Jette said, “We have been reticent to bring our production facilities into the 21st century. But we are at an inflection point, knowing that technology offers true modernization pathways that can significantly improve both safety and transform the production capability.”

The single largest producer of ammunition for the U.S. Armed Forces, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, has been in operation since 1941 and produces nearly 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition per year at a 3,935-acre facility. When asked about opportunities to modernize operations, Dr. Jette referenced the potential of using polymer casing manufacturers.

“What we will likely do is use their facilities to develop our interim supplies while we develop our in-house capabilities,” said Jette. “My insistence is upon transforming our approach as opposed to modernizing.”

True Velocity can ship manufacturing infrastructure anywhere in the world and can create operational manufacturing cells within months. Traditional ammunition manufacturing lines take as long as two years to accomplish similar outputs.

“We are uniquely positioned to enhance the armed forces’ capabilities through manufacturing modernization and enabling logistical efficiencies,” said Chris Tedford, president of True Velocity. “At True Velocity, we obsess over quality control and want to provide our country’s leaders with solutions that reinvent ammunition production, industrial supply chains, quality and distribution.”

True Velocity, founded in 2010, is based in the U.S. with manufacturing operations in Garland, Texas, just northeast of Dallas. More than 1 million rounds of True Velocity composite-cased cartridges will be delivered throughout 2020-2021 to the U.S. Army as ammunition solutions are tested by the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons program.

For more information, visit tvammo.com.

It’s a “Wild Ride” On This Episode of the “It’s Federal Season” Podcast

Saturday, September 19th, 2020

ANOKA, Minnesota – September 17, 2020 – Joining the “It’s Federal Season” podcast is Nick Hoffman, host of Nick’s Wild Ride on Outdoor Channel. Nick has traveled the globe, either playing his fiddle with country music stars, his own band or as a solo star as well as hunting the world’s diverse quarry. How has he combined his passions into careers many only dream of? Find out all the twists and turns of Nick’s amazing story from humble beginnings growing up in rural Minnesota to stardom in Nashville on this crazy half hour ride.

Episode No. 12 – Going to be a Wild Ride


“Nick has such a unique story with the Federal family,” says Federal Ammunition’s Vice President of Marketing Jason Nash. “Nick literally grew up in the shadows of the factory of Federal Ammunition in Anoka, MN. His family has a connection with Federal that goes back long before he was born and it’s really cool to tie the historical circle back together with a sponsorship of his popular television show,” says Nash. Hoffman details his relationship with Federal Ammunition, his path to country music stardom, and the influencers in his music career and hunting lifestyle show on the popular Outdoor Channel network. 

In the Tech Talk segment, Federal has a long history of loading Premium bullets for hunters pursuing their dream animal, which could be that 6 ½ year-old buck that’s been calling the ‘back forty’ home for years. Director of Product Development Jared Kutney weighs in on bullet construction and all the attributes that make Federal’s new Terminal Ascent the go to bullet on the market today. Kutney gives his recommendations and an informative review on many popular bullets and the game they are best suited for that makes this segment a must listen to before seasons open this fall.

Before signing off, find out what promotions are available for consumers to buy Federal products and merchandise. Look for more podcasts at www.federalpremium.com or where you find your favorite podcasts. 

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.