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Introducing: The TASKER Network

Monday, January 17th, 2022

The time has come for Tactics & Applications to enter the next phase in its evolution. We are enthused to present the fruits of our latest endeavor: the TASKER Network.

Tasker – Noun: One who performs or delegates a task.

TASKER is a project that culminates all of what Tactics & Applications and Lightfighter have collectively accomplished over the years and provides it to the 2A community in a centralized and easy to navigate format. It is an aggregate resource of content, communication, and networking.

At TASKER, we believe in being inclusive of our friends and the extended family they form throughout the industry, and we honor them by showcasing their contributions to the greater community, as we are all in the 2A movement together.

Just as Tactics & Applications has done on Facebook, with news drawn from a slate of the best publications our industry currently has to offer, along with native original content and accompanied by the forum, TASKER gives the audience a place to simultaneously learn and discuss the subject matter among a community respected and renown for the highest standards of information and the performance and capability that information enables.

All of this, all in one place, all beyond the auspices of social media, a realm that has become increasingly hostile towards the firearms industry and its constituents over the last two years.

In addition to facilitating the flow and circulation of high quality information among end users, TASKER also provides a portal for commerce, where our followers can finally purchase branded merchandise that’s been requested of us over the years.

As we approached the development of our Webstore, we chose to utilize WooCommerce as the store platform rather than Shopify, as an act of solidarity in standing with our friends in the 2A vendor circuit who were unjustly inconvenienced and turned away from Shopify when they turned their noses up at the firearms industry. “Stick together” isn’t a mere platitude at TASKER, but a practice.

In addition to these services, TASKER will provide an apparatus for industry personnel to communicate and network towards furthering the development of their wares and concepts, all amongst themselves, to ensure they can both hear and be heard by their colleagues however they deem appropriate. This utility would be akin to a trade show in a wholly online setting, secure, and available year round. This same feature will also be available for those who wish to sponsor or archive their technical content for ease of access and distribution among their target audience.

TASKER is what the industry and greater 2A community needed ten years ago: A network where they could come and learn and discuss from and with the best of the best, to set the standard proper, and then elevate that standard, without the interference of self interest and lesser quality wannabe authorities muddying the waters and skewing the signal to noise ratio, as we’ve seen elsewhere on social media. A place where the end user and the quality of information and products they receive is the priority over the individual entities delivering it to them, towards elevating the readiness capability of that audience, in the spirit of our second amendment: armed professional and armed citizen alike, Taskers either way.

TASKER will be the face of all of our in-house endeavors and the presentation thereof going forward. You can find us and links to all aforementioned content and information sources at

Welcome to TASKER.

Aspetto is at SHOT!  Booth #41250

Monday, January 17th, 2022

Whether you are searching for an 8(a) / HUBZone partner, seeking a specific brand on GSA, in need of engineering expertise providing in-house 3D printing capability, or simply wanting a respected and specialized services provider who is at the ready to recruit and ramp up when in need, Aspetto has you covered.  Stop by and see us at Booth #41250.

FN M249S Now Available in Both PARA and Standard Configurations

Monday, January 17th, 2022

(McLean, VA – January 17, 2022) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the FN M249S® semi-automatic belt-fed rifle is now available to order in both the Paratrooper, or PARA, and Standard configuration. After a manufacturing hiatus, these new rifles are now in production and available for order.

“Since it was introduced, the FN M249S has outpaced our expectations in terms of customer interest and sales,” remarked Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “After a hiatus in manufacturing to focus on other core FN products, we are extremely excited to make these available to our customers and loyal brand fans again. We are expecting new inventory to be readily available at retailers by the spring.”

The FN M249S semi-automatic belt-fed is part of the FN Military Collector Series, introduced in 2015 to bring to market classic interpretations of the firearms that FN designed and sold to the U.S. military. The line also includes the FN Military Collector M4 and M16, semi-automatic versions of the military’s M4A1 and M16A4.

The closed-bolt FN M249S Standard is the classic FN M249 SAW configuration with an 18.5-inch cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel made from FN’s proprietary steel with quick-change capabilities, an ergonomic polymer buttstock with hydraulic recoil buffer, crossbolt safety and feeds from a disintegrating M27 linked ammunition belt. The Paratrooper model, or PARA for short, is the compact configuration of the M249 SAW and features a shortened 16.5-inch barrel along with a telescoping and collapsing buttstock.

See the FN M249S series on display at the 2022 NSSF SHOT Show at the FN Booth (#11860) January 18-21, 2022, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center or visit for more information.

Multitasker NANO2

Monday, January 17th, 2022

January 17, 2022 (Marietta, GA)

Multitasker®, specialty makers of weaponcentric multitools, is proud to announce the latest addition to our product line: the patent pending NANO2, a tiny 1-pc tool for pistol RDS adjustment.

Utilizing the same micro form factor as the original NANO, which is designed for carbine optics and aiming lasers, the new NANO2 features a narrow slotted screwdriver tip on one end and a T10 Torx on the other. Compatible with the Aimpoint ACRO P1/P2, all Holosun sights (including the new EPS), Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Steiner MPS, Trijicon RMR/SRO. Also works with the NGAL as well as the new DUTY RDS from Aimpoint.

Made from 420 stainless steel with a tough Melonite finish, the NANO2 occupies the same exact footprint as the original NANO, and thus will be compatible with the patented SpaceFrame docking slot feature found on the upcoming Gen3 MagPod monopod baseplate for M3 PMAGs.

In addition to the built-in lanyard hole, the NANO2 includes a replacement baseplate for the factory Glock 17/19 magazine that features the same SpaceFrame docking system as the Gen3 MagPod, allowing you the option of securely carrying the tool onboard your duty pistol. With its contoured thumb disc, you can easily remove or dock the NANO2 to the magazine even while wearing gloves, with the SpaceFrame providing a positive “click” to indicate secure retention.

MSRP: $24.95, including 1 replacement baseplate.

Available April 2022 via select Multitasker dealers. For more information please visit:

Brownells Debuts Products, Hosts Celebrities at SHOT Show 2022

Monday, January 17th, 2022

 GRINNELL, Iowa (January 13, 2022) – Brownells invites SHOT Show attendees to visit booth #13066 in the recently-renamed Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 18 through 21, to see the newest products and meet notable industry personalities.

Brownells products announced at SHOT Show 2022 include:

MPO 1-6X Donut

Brand new for 2022 is the latest addition to the Match Precision Optic scope line, the MPO 1-6X Donut.

With an illuminated circle reticle inspired by the classic optic on the original Austrian StG 77 rifle, the MPO 1-6X Donut has high-quality Japanese glass and comes with a throw lever installed for fast changes between magnification settings.

An LPVO ideal for use on AR-15s and other modern rifles, the MPO 1-6X Donut makes quick targeting simple and intuitive and has wind-hold hash marks on each side of the circle reticle.

The Donut should be in stock and available for purchase shortly after SHOT Show, and will come by itself, or packaged with a Brownells 30mm cantilever scope mount for Picatinny rail.

• MPO 1-6X Donut scope           #080-001-408          $439.99 retail

• MPO 1-6x Donut w/Mount        #080-001-426          $499.99 retail

Brownells BRN-180 Folding Stock

Designed to replicate the contours of the original AR-180 folding stock, the black polymer Brownells folding stock attaches to any Picatinny rail segment, such as found on the rear of BRN-180 lower receivers.

It folds to the left to not obstruct the ejection port and should be available for purchase by March 2022.

• Brownells BRN-180 Folding Stock            #080-001-438                $199.99 retail

Gen 2 BRN-180 Sport Upper

In stock and shipping now, the Gen 2 BRN-180 Sport upper was previously unveiled during the 2021 Black Rifle Friday event.

Optimized for use with modern optics and red dot sights, the BRN-180 Sport has a truncated charging handle different from the original AR-180 style charging handle. It also lacks a dust cover to function properly with the new charging handle.

• Gen 2 BRN-180 Sport Upper               #078-000-722                $899.99 retail

Industry & Celebrity Appearances

Tuesday, January 18

• 10:00-10:10     Springfield Rob Leatham & Brownells Keith Ford

• 11:30- 11:45    PWS Dean Sylvester BRN-180 detailed overview

• 2:00-3:00         Larry Zanoff ISS Hollywood Weapons

Wednesday, January 19

• 11:00-11:10     FM Products Paul Noonan & Brownells Paul Levy

• 1:30-2:30         Garand Thumb

• 3:00-3:10         Geissele Nick Serena & Brownells Steve Ostrem

• 4:15-4:25         Brownells Keith Ford, BRN-180, MPO 1-6X and Brownells stock overview

Thursday, January 20

• 10:00-11:00     Larry Zanoff ISS Hollywood Weapons

• 1:30-1:40         S&W Vince Perreault & Brownells Steve Ostrem S&W CSX & Super Carry

• 3:00-3:10         Magpul Jon Canipe & Brownells Keith Ford

To learn more and to keep up with SHOT Show 2022, visit the Brownells SHOT Show page.

Milrem Robotics Awarded Contract to Support the Development of the Italian Army’s Robotics Program

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) awarded the European leading robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) developer and system integrator Milrem Robotics a contract to provide RAS Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Services to the Italian Army.

The scope of the multi-year campaign is to explore RAS technology in order to update the Italian army’s RAS strategy and outline an implementation roadmap for the introduction of unmanned systems and related technology into service.

Milrem Robotics will support the Italian army in developing a clear path to how RAS technology, systems and architectures can generate operational advantages and ground armed forces benefits when operating in urbanized environments.

“Milrem is proud to be selected as the partner for supporting the Italian Armed Forces in one of the most advanced and challenging RAS CD&E initiatives in the world. This program is well in line with our core competencies as a system integrator for autonomous and robotic technologies,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

The Italian CD&E level of ambition is to exploit prototyping skills and technological capabilities to demonstrate future operational benefits and finally, to identify short to mid-term (5-15 years) transformational initiatives for the development of operational RAS capabilities.

The scope of the cooperation is to capture, analyse and deliver decision support data from all stages of the experimentation process, stemming from field activities, war-gaming, modelling and simulation, innovative technologies, etc., that will respond to the challenges set forth by the problem statement.

The deliverables of the contract include a Command and Control (C2) System, an autonomy engine, systems integration of 3rd party capabilities, several unmanned ground and air vehicles and a variety of sensors and effectors.

Milrem Robotics is the leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator. The company is known for its THeMIS and Multiscope Unmanned Ground Vehicles and the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle. The THeMIS supports dismounted troops while the Multiscope is intended for civilian use such as forestry and firefighting.  The Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle is a wingman for mechanized units.

Milrem Robotics is the leader of a consortium that was recently awarded 30.6M (EUR) from the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) to develop a European standardized unmanned ground system (UGS).

During the project, titled iMUGS, modular and scalable architecture for hybrid manned-unmanned systems will be developed to standardize a European wide ecosystem.

Revision Announces New Laser Eye Protection Designed for Aviators at the 2022 SHOT Show

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Essex Junction, Vermont (January 15, 2022) – Revision Military, the world leader in ballistic and laser protective eyewear systems, announces a new laser eye protection solution optimized for aviator protection and awareness. Developed with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Revision’s CALI-C lens formulation offers eye protection that protects against common handheld laser hazards while performing in a cockpit environment.

Above: CALI-C is being offered in two configurations tailored for either fixed-wing or rotary-wing environments: The Aviator SF-2 frame (left) offers a lightweight metal frame with dual lenses – low profile and ideal for a fixed-wing cockpit. The StingerHawk® frame (right) offers a single wrap-around lens for maximum coverage, ballistic protection, and anti-fog performance for rotary-wing cockpits.

“Each year the FAA reports a higher rate of laser strikes against aircraft, putting aviators at risk,” said Revision CEO Amy Coyne.  “Over the past decade, Revision has been partnered with AFRL on laser eye protection solutions for the military.  This CALI-C formulation represents a real solution that gives aviators peace of mind while operating in low-altitude operations, keeping them safe and reducing the impact of laser hazards on their mission.”

The CALI (Commercial Aviation Low Intensity) solution was developed by AFRL in collaboration with Revision Military and successfully tested and evaluated by Washington State Patrol pilots.  The Personnel Protection Team at AFRL’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate is headed by Dr. Matthew Lange, who says “Simply put, the lenses maximize protection while minimizing the impact to the cockpit.”

Above: Flight Officer Cameron Iverson of the Washington State Patrol tested CALI laser protective lenses formulated at Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. (AFRL courtesy photo)

The ideal cockpit laser eye protection solution offers the following:  a wide range of protection given the variety of laser hazards; lenses that don’t interfere with the cockpit instrument panel yet transmit enough light to be worn at night when most laser incidents occur; and are easy to don and doff featuring frames that integrate with cockpit head borne equipment (headsets, helmets, etc).  Therefore, a set of laser protective eyewear designed for a ground-to-ground laser hazard isn’t ideal for the cockpit.  The CALI-C solution was developed to maximize aviator protection and situational awareness – solving the challenges of laser eye protection in a cockpit environment.

Revision research scientists look to design formulations that consider the specific end-user environment and needs. Both rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft have the benefit of altitude, which means a reduction in the rate of eye damage, but a heightened threat of distraction, disorientation, and flash blindness as laser light can fill a cockpit with bright light in an instant. The CALI-C formulation takes this into account by offering a wide band of protection without compromising light transmission – a critical point given most aviation laser incidents happen at night.  

CALI-C is being offered in two configurations tailored for either fixed-wing or rotary-wing environments: The Aviator SF-2 frame offers a lightweight metal frame with dual lenses – low profile and ideal for a fixed-wing cockpit. The StingerHawk® frame offers a single wrap-around lens for maximum coverage, ballistic protection, and anti-fog performance for rotary-wing cockpits. Both configurations of the CALI-C formulation are restricted for sale to aviation end users only. Please contact [email protected] for more information. Additional background information about the laser hazards for aviation, and the development of the CALI-C product can be found here.

Remington Introduces 2022 New Product Lineup

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Lonoke, Arkansas – January 14, 2022 – Remington Ammunition has announced a diverse line of new products coming in 2022. Big Green is offering exciting all-new products, like Core-Lokt Tipped and Peters Paper, as well as expanding load options in classic favorites like new Premier STS Low Recoil. The iconic company’s expanding product line drives home the growth and momentum that continues to compound for Remington.

“The launch of our new products for 2022 will help usher Remington into a new era,” said Joel Hodgdon, Director of Marketing for Remington Ammunition. “We are innovating to give hunters and shooters even better ammo choices. Our team in Lonoke, Arkansas is working 24/7 to produce both old favorites and new offerings. We’re Big Green. We can do it all.”

Remington Ammunition’s new products feature advancements in manufacturing and technology that meet the needs of every hunter and shooter. Products being released include:


• Core-Lokt Tipped

• Core-Lokt: 350 Legend, 450 Bushmaster

• UMC Rifle: 450 Bushmaster, 300 Blackout, 224 Valkyrie

• Premier Match: 224 Valkyrie, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, 260 Remington

• Premier AccuTip-V: 224 Valkyrie


• Remington Magnum Rimfire: 17 HMR


• Peters Paper

• Premier TSS

• Premier STS Low Recoil

• Gun Club Low Recoil

• Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity: 20 Gauge

• Premier Nitro Sporting Clays: 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge


• Golder Saber Defense

• Remington Range Clean

• High Terminal Performance (HTP): 30 Super Carry

• UMC Handgun: 30 Super Carry, 327 Federal Magnum

• High Terminal Performance (HTP) 20 Packs: 41 Remington Mag, 44 Remington Mag, 45 Colt

More information about these new products and Big Green ammunition can be found at or on Remington’s e-newsletter and social media accounts.

Visit Remington’s new booth at SHOT Show, booth #11838.