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Quantum Systems Deploys Receptor AI in Ukraine for the First Time

Monday, July 15th, 2024

Munich, Germany, 12.07.2024 – Quantum Systems, the Munich-based manufacturer of dual-use reconnaissance drones that use multi-sensor technology to collect data for government agencies and commercial users, confirms for the first time the deployment of a previously unreleased AI sensor upgrade of the type “Receptor AI” in Ukraine. The new upgrade kit is based on a Jetson Orin Nvidia chip and several sensors for the Vector reconnaissance drone. The further development enables optical navigation during the day and at night and in poor visibility conditions, as well as automated AI-supported object recognition and identification.

Enabling navigation in GNSS-denied conditions
In times of electronic warfare, navigation is the biggest challenge for the use of drones. The new Quantum Systems upgrade offers a further option for signal-independent positioning of reconnaissance drones and fundamentally improves their use under GNSS-denied conditions. The new module is being tested and further developed at the company’s recently opened development site in Ukraine.

“Receptor AI” enables autonomous flight at night and in bad weather thanks to infrared-supported visual navigation. Object sensor technology has also been significantly improved. Hardware and software upgrades now allow better object detection, classification, identification and tracking of objects.

Equal weight and range of the system with update kit

“We are implementing the upgrade without any weight changes and with the same range,” says Daniel Kneifel, Director of Software Engineering at Quantum Systems. “We are designing these adaptations without fundamental changes to the existing platform architecture.” 

“We are demonstrating that AI does not have to be an abstract topic, but offers tangible benefits in use. For Quantum Systems, the combination of hardware and software is crucial to being able to offer market-leading solutions in the field of aerial intelligence.”

Sven Kruck
CRO and Managing Director
Quantum Systems

SIG SAUER Opens Registration for New Hampshire ROSE Retreat

Monday, July 15th, 2024

NEWINGTON, N.H., (July 15, 2024) – SIG SAUER is pleased to bring the ROSE Retreat, to the home of SIG SAUER World Headquarters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on November 4-7, 2024.

The ROSE Retreat, hosted by SIG SAUER, is the industry’s only luxury, all-inclusive event that brings women together into the heart of a community for shared experiences through a guided firearms journey with nine-time World Champion, Team SIG professional shooter, and ROSE visionary Lena Miculek. 

“At the ROSE Retreat, you will experience a supportive community, a comfortable atmosphere, a commitment to learning, and I am excited to bring it to our hometown,” began Lena Miculek.  “The journey into firearms ownership and use is personal and can be overwhelming.  At the ROSE Retreat, you will gain the understanding and the confidence to take you from where you are right now, to the next step of your journey with a group of women who share the same goal.”

The ROSE team at SIG SAUER would like to welcome the community to our hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, also recognized to be our SIG SAUER World Headquarters. From the moment of arrival, every detail of the journey is carefully planned to include accommodations, entertainment, dining, transportation, the use of firearms, concealed carry gear, and ammunition.

Attendees will explore the state-of-the-art SIG SAUER Experience Center at SIG SAUER Academy where they will immerse in a full day of hands-on training from Lena Miculek and guest instructor Max Michel. The SIG Experience Center is a 40,000 square foot flagship store showcasing the latest SIG SAUER products, indoor shooting range, historical museum, and cutting-edge training.

“Join me at the ROSE Retreat in beautiful New Hampshire, home of SIG SAUER, for an empowering experience where you’ll learn, grow, and have a fantastic time. This retreat is designed to build your confidence and empower you through top-tier training, supportive camaraderie, and unforgettable memories,” concluded Miculek.

To register or learn more about ROSE Retreat New Hampshire in Portsmouth, NH on November 4-7, 2024, visit sigsauer.com/rose.

Remington Announces 3rd Annual Shoot to Cure Fundraiser

Sunday, July 14th, 2024

LONOKE, Ark. – July 11, 2024 – Remington Ammunition will be hosting its 3rd Annual Shoot to Cure sporting clays fundraiser on September 20, 2024. This exciting event brings together the outdoor industry, local Arkansas businesses and professional shooters from Team Remington to support the Arkansas Children’s Foundation as well as children’s hospitals and disease research nationwide.

Showcasing Remington’s Gun Club Cure line of target shotshell ammunition, last year’s event was an overwhelming success, with participants and sponsors raising over $15,000.

“Big Green is delighted to announce another year of the Shoot to Cure event,” said Remington’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children in our local community and beyond. We hope to see plenty of shooters of all skill levels join us again at this year’s event for a chance to win great prizes, bragging rights and ultimately raise even more support for a great cause.”

Remington receives support from sponsors around the industry and would like to thank the sponsors of the 2023 event including Nighthawk Custom, Starline Brass, Benelli, Hornady, Fort Thompson Sporting Goods and Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works.

Hosted at Remington’s historic Gun Club just steps from Big Green’s ammunition factory, the club features facilities for trap, skeet, sporting clays and five-stand. Whether it’s a family outing, corporate event or a sanctioned competition, Remington Gun Club allows visitors to put the world’s finest shotshells to the ultimate test.

Those interested in participating or sponsoring Shoot to Cure can email kris.carson@remington.com

Record Order for Rheinmetall: Bundeswehr Orders up to 6,500 Military Trucks – Value up to €3.5bn

Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Rheinmetall has been given the largest order in the company`s history concerning logistic vehicles by the Bundeswehr. The framework-contract was now signed in Koblenz and incorporates the delivery of up to 6,500 military trucks, valued up to €3.5bn incl. VAT.

After the budget committee of the Federal German Parliament had approved funding on 26 June 2024, the contract with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) was signed on 1 July 2024 by the President of the BAAINBw, Annette Lehnigk-Emden and the Management of RMMV. A first call-off for over 610 vehicles, valued at €312m incl. VAT is imminent, of which 250 trucks are to be delivered in 2024. The financing of this call is mainly based on the special funds of the Bundeswehr. Rheinmetall AG will book the order in the third quarter of 2024 of the current fiscal year.

This framework-contract allows the Bundeswehr to flexibly order further quantities of already introduced unprotected transportation vehicles UTF 5t and UTF 15t-trucks for seven years. In addition to that, a new vehicle category will be introduced via the framework-contract: the 4×4 UTF 3.5t. It has a maximum of identical parts to the UTF family.

“The framework-contract is an essential contribution to a fast fulfillment of demand by the logistic forces of the Bundeswehr”, states Michael Wittlinger, Chairman of the management of Rheinmetall Military Vehicles GmbH. “The standardized vehicle family and the uniformity with vehicles of other beneficiary nations establish the HX-vehicles as the main logistic vehicles within NATO and set a standard for interoperability and logistic efficiency within the Alliance. Once again, this order reflects our leading role in the global market for logistic vehicles.”

“The extremely short period of four months from the invitation to tender to the signature of the contract underlines once more that the turning point for procuring logistic trucks has been introduced”, says Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall AG. “We are thankful for the trust in the products of Rheinmetall.”

Already, the Ungeschützte Transportfahrzeug (UTF)-family has been contributing significantly to the performance of logistic units of the Bundeswehr. In July 2017, the Bundeswehr placed an order at Rheinmetall MAN for the delivery of the new family “UTF military all-terrain with 5t and 15t load capacity categories”. The UTFs are a show-case project which, especially within the procurement, has opened new ways. This was the first time that flexible framework agreements with large quantities have been concluded. Since 2017, more than 6,000 HX vehicles will be delivered to the Bundeswehr by the end of 2024, together with the swap-body loader systems (Wechselladersystem or WLS) and 70t tractor units. A large proportion of the added value at WLS and UTF – over 75 percent – is created in Germany.

UTF and WLS are based on the robust HX-family of RMMV. From the beginning, it was designed for military use and is characterized by high mobility, also in heavy terrain. The large world-wide distribution of the HX-vehicle family offers major advantages concerning interoperability and logistics, especially with respect to multinational missions. In addition to Germany, the user group currently includes the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Slovenia, Denmark and Ukraine. The newly placed order highlights the high acceptancy of the tried-and-tested HX-vehicles of which about 20,000 are already in use world-wide.

AG Composites’ Newest Camo Pattern Has Been Named

Friday, July 12th, 2024

OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala.  (July 10, 2024) — The latest rifle stock camouflage pattern from AG Composites was named after a month-long contest with hundreds of entries. The winning name is Blackthorn, an entry submitted by Tim W. from Georgia. Tim’s winning entry won him a non-adjustable AG Composites fiberglass rifle stock valued at over $400, while runner-ups Vince R. from Wisconsin, Nathan B. from Montana, and Ben. S from Montana will all receive fantastic swag bags filled with hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

Blackthorn camouflage has a sleek black base adorned with hand-painted shades of light tan, brown, and green. It will initially be available on AG Composites’ best-in-class fiberglass rifle stock line.

“We never thought our ‘Name That Camouflage Pattern’ contest would be so popular, and we thank everyone who entered,” said Matt Tandy, AG Composites owner. “The suggestions we received from our valued customers were creative, innovative and much appreciated by our entire team. We feel that Blackthorn will be one of our most popular camouflage patterns. We truly enjoy engaging our customers, receiving their feedback on our products, and hearing suggestions for future offerings.”

Founded in 2014 by military veteran brothers Matt and Dave Tandy to build the best carbon fiber composite rifle stocks in the world, the company uses modern design software from Solidworks and AutoDesk to create Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models of every stock they manufacture. “Our design engineers bring their aerospace industry CAD modeling experience to every stock we design,” Matt Tandy said. “We also use only the highest-quality carbon fiber, epoxy, fiberglass, and paint products to manufacture our premium lines of rifle stocks. Our proprietary manufacturing process is the ‘secret sauce’ behind our ability to produce best-in-class stocks with delivery times that are a fraction of our competitors. We aim to give our customers outstanding value and superior performance with the best products in the business.”

To get a look at the new Blackthorn pattern, as well as more information on the entire AG Composites lineup of custom composite and fiberglass stocks, bottom metals, and accessories, as well as how you can go about designing your custom rifle stock, please visit the AG Composites website, www.agcomposites.com, or by calling 1-833-AGSTOCK or 256-723-8381.

DEFILADE Protection Systems Announces the Launch of Their New Public Order Gloves

Friday, July 12th, 2024

OTTAWA, CANADA – July 12, 2024 – DEFILADE Protection Systems, a leader in innovative tactical gear and protective equipment, is proud to unveil its latest advancement in personal protective gear: the Protective Deployment Gloves (PDG). These gloves are designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement professionals, offering unmatched protection and functionality.

The Protective Deployment Gloves have undergone extensive testing to meet the highest standards of durability and performance. They have been tested to EN407 for flame resistance, ensuring optimal protection in hazardous environments, and EN388 for abrasion, tear, puncture, and impact protection.

The gloves are offered in two variations: the PDG with an extended gauntlet and a short version, the PDG-S. Both feature an ergonomic design for high dexterity, allowing for precise control and handling of firearms and tools in critical situations. The PDG series is ideal for public order, riot control, breaching operations and more.

For more information about DEFILADE Protection Systems and its new Protective Deployment Glove series, please visit our website at www.defiladeps.com.

G3 Systems Wins Overseas Construction Works Contract for Security Improvements for British Embassy in Luanda, Angola

Friday, July 12th, 2024

G3 Systems Limited, the British company with over 20 years of operationally proven expertise in designing and producing deployable containerised solutions and providing infrastructure support to military and government organisations in remote locations across the globe, has just started construction works to improve the facilities and security of the British Embassy in Luanda, Angola.

The contract, awarded following a competitive tendering exercise, is a mix of demolition, refurbishment, new build andsecurity improvement works estimated to take 15 months.  The project involves a number of complex elements that will have a significant benefit to the location including drainage remedial works, installation of a sewage treatment facility, updating and installing new M&E systems and extensive repairs, improvements and construction of security features for the compound.  In addition to the specified construction works, G3 Systems will also be seeking to complete a number of local sustainability/charity projects to support the local community.

Nick Rose, Managing Director G3 Systems said, “This is another superb example of how G3 Systems are able todeliver high quality complex construction projects in remote and challenging locations.  We have years of experience in supporting military operations overseas and I am very pleased that we are now able to use that hard earnt expertise to support UK national interests elsewhere in the world.  It is also very rewarding for the team to be helping the local community and improving sustainability by effectively recycling and repurposing valuable materials.”

Smarter Technologies Group Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement with KPMG

Friday, July 12th, 2024

Today, Smarter Technologies Group (STG) and KPMG UK (“KPMG”) have signed a strategic alliance agreement that will enable clients to uncover new business opportunities through one of the leading asset tracking and condition monitoring technologies on the market. KPMG will have exclusive access among the big four accountancy firms in the UK to Smarter Technologies’ real-time asset tracking, monitoring, and recovery capabilities.

Through this new alliance, KPMG and STG will collaborate to capture, host, and analyse real-time big data from STG’s proprietary Orion IoT network and sensors primary data. This will provide operators and managers with on-going and up-to-the-minute data from their business.

The evidence-based insight gained will inform strategic and tactical decisions and unlock cost reduction and performance improvement opportunities not previously possible. For example, an operations manager could predict where equipment is going to be unavailable faster than ever before, to eliminate any impact on the customer.

Ian West, Head of Alliances, KPMG UK, commented, “STG’s Orion IoT network allows us to identify a host of new ways to transform our clients’ operations. We can now make data-based decisions with conviction, where in the past a lack of good quality data often held our customers back from making advances and exploring new business lines.”

Mark Read, Chief Executive at Smarter Technologies, said, “This is an important agreement for us. We’ve been working with KPMG for some time, on a range of fascinating projects where our respective expertise has made a real difference and highlighted significant savings for Defence. With this agreement in place, we can explore more opportunities to bring this expertise to bear, enabled by big data from our Orion IoT network and sensors.”