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Requtech Announces Industry-First Ka-Band Multi-Orbit Land Mobility Terminal: RESA L Ka

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Paris, France – June 17, 2024 – Requtech AB, a leader in satellite communication technology, proudly announces the launch of the industry’s first Ka-band multi-orbit land mobility terminal, the RESA L Ka, at the Eurosatory show in Paris. The groundbreaking, highly innovative new terminal from Requtech, operates seamlessly across GEO and MEO networks and is prepared for the upcoming Ka-band LEO networks – showcasing Requtech’s relentless commitment to pioneering advancements in satellite communication. The RESA L Ka will be available in Q4 2024.

Meet Requtech at Eurosatory to learn more about the RESA L Ka
Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre
June 17th-21st, Paris
Hall 6, booth E119

Unmatched Innovation and Performance

The RESA L Ka terminal is engineered for optimal performance in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and is future-ready for LEO Ka constellations.

Leveraging its successful GEO/MEO reflector system, the PICO 120a, and the proven RESA M Ku multi-orbit GEO/LEO terminal, Requtech is now cementing its position as Europe’s leading supplier of multi-orbit connectivity solutions with the addition of the RESA L Ka terminal. The company’s mission is to revolutionize communication capabilities, enhancing global connectivity with cutting-edge innovations.

Compact and Powerful

Designed with market-leading SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) metrics of 81x45x11 cm and 25 kg, the RESA L Ka terminal delivers exceptional performance with a G/T of 13 dB/K and an EIRP of 49 dBW.

The RESA L Ka Terminal: A New Era in Satellite Communications

“At Requtech AB, our team’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone,” states Dr. Omid Sotoudeh, CEO. “We are leading the satellite technology revolution with our cutting-edge Multi-Orbit RESA L Ka terminal. This breakthrough product offers seamless operation across multiple constellations and orbits, positioning us as the go-to solution for next-generation satellite communications.”

The next phase for the RESA L Ka terminal includes rigorous certification processes with satellite operators. With initial pre-series production underway, the satellite communication technology provider anticipates general availability by Q1 2025.

Biomonitoring: New Partnership Between Rheinmetall and QUS Ensures Tactical Information Superiority

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Rheinmetall has set new standards with its innovative and powerful Gladius 2.0 soldier system. With its open, modular, scalable architecture, the system is unrivalled worldwide for a user-centric soldier system solution. An up-to-date situational awareness with a consistent, stable communication infrastructure enables operational sensor-to-shooter networks. Gladius 2.0 guarantees a decisive advantage on the digital battlefield under even the most challenging of conditions.

Rheinmetall continues to improve its systems and has now entered a partnership with QUS in vital data tracking to jointly develop a solution in this area. Live tracking of vital data allows training units to be adjusted during training to ensure optimal fitness development. During operations, current information on the physical condition of individual soldiers or the entire unit is available, which is important for further tactical decisions. This is particularly crucial for soldiers in current complex operational scenarios under difficult conditions.

Modern Equipment Supports Mission Fulfillment
QUS, with its established system, already meets many requirements relevant for successful integration into soldier systems. Therefore, it can be easily integrated and significantly expands the capabilities of soldier systems. 

“We are very pleased about the new partnership with Rheinmetall. Together, we will develop a system that seamlessly integrates into Rheinmetall’s battlefield management system, creating additional value in this area. Knowing and assessing the vital data of soldiers at any time is very important for performance,” says Hannes Steiner, QUS CEO & Founder.
Timo Haas, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Rheinmetall AG and Managing Director of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH: “Biomonitoring, as we know it from competitive sports, will also play an important role for soldiers in the future to optimize operational readiness. For us as a system provider, QUS’s solution offers an additional component in our modular soldier system. And with a view to digitization, AI-supported data can make an important contribution to tactical decisions at higher command levels.”

The joint solution of QUS and Rheinmetall within the partnership will combine everything related to body data and fully exploit its potential. The ability to combine already proven sensors (heart rate, respiratory rate) with other external sensors (such as temperature, etc.) enables a new basis for tactical decisions based on the knowledge of the current condition of the soldiers. 

The fusion of this data with tactical information represents a new dimension of information superiority regarding one’s own troops and will not only improve the performance of soldiers but also the command process.

Credo of the New Partnership: Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Hannes Steiner: “The joint solution with Rheinmetall combines the best of both worlds and primarily protects those who protect us. The vital data tracking using textile sensors integrated into the equipment offers an important additional benefit and supports the way to becoming the infantryman of the future.”

At EUROSATORY, Rheinmetall and QUS are looking forward to welcoming interested guests to their stand E115/F115 on the outdoor area of the Paris exhibition center from June 17 to 21, 2024.

Forward Controls Designs Launches Line of Handstops and Foregrips

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Forward Controls is excited to introduce our latest product line for recoil mitigation on the carbine platform: FGM (Fore Grip MLOK) and HSM (Hand Stop, MLOK). Originally, both products began as a single modular unit that could be converted into a short and mid-length foregrip. Although the design was finalized in 2019, Covid-19 related shortages and the complexity of the design delayed its launch. By 2023, due to its high cost and complexity, the modular concept was replaced with separate, standalone versions: a hand stop and a short foregrip. While the design is no longer modular, this change also eliminated the high manufacturing costs.

For simplicity, consider the FGM as an extended version of the HSM. Both are designed to be wider than the MLOK handguard’s mounting base width of 0.75″. Notably, they both overhang on both sides, which is intentional. This wider design, measuring 1.25″, offers more surface area and contact, improving traction with the user’s hand. Both are angled at 10 degrees with a flare at the bottom. They have flutes on the sides, designed as resting places for the user’s fingertips. This feature is less effective on the HSM due to its shortness, but it is much more useful on the FGM. The six-sided serrations effectively provide traction, adding friction and allowing ther shooter to more effectively apply reward pressure when controlling recoil.

The design discourages the user from holding it like a broomstick. Instead, it promotes cradling the handguard with the web between the thumb and index finger on the handguard, with the rest of the hand naturally extending at an angle. Both FGM and HSM are reversible, suiting the user’s preference, and function equally well in either direction.

FGM & HSM are both made from a solid block of 6061, hard coat anodized in black, FDE, or ODG

A 1/8 Allen key is required for MLOK hardware installation (not included)

Torque value: 35 in lb (max) for aluminum handguards, 15 in lb (max) for polymer handguards

FGM & HSM are both proudly designed and made in the USA



The High Speed Gear GEN 2 TACO Line Recommended by NTOA

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Swansboro, NC – June 17th, 2024 – High Speed Gear®, theleading manufacturer of tactical gear and accessories, is proud to announce that their new GEN 2 TACO® product line has been tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). This significant endorsement underscores the exceptional quality, durability, and functionality of High Speed Gear’s products, reinforcing their commitment to providing top-tier gear for law enforcement and tactical professionals.

The NTOA, known for its rigorous testing and evaluation process, awarded the entire GEN 2 TACO line high marks for its innovative design and reliable performance. The NTOA rating scale goes up to 5.00 and all of High Speed Gear’s GEN 2 TACOs received high ratings.

This latest iteration of the TACO, known as the GEN 2, features enhanced materials and construction techniques that ensure superior retention and ease of access for magazines and other tactical essentials. A fun-favorite feature called “Mini MOLLE”which offers half-inched spacing allows users to mount their GEN 2 TACOs to anything from belts to plate carriers with a more secure fit.

These products and their scores include:

• The GEN 2 Pistol TACO – 4.58

• The GEN 2 Rifle TACO – 4.43

• The GEN 2 X2R TACO – 4.38

• The GEN 2 Double Decker TACO – 4.48

• The GEN 2 Handcuff TACO – 4.28

• The GEN 2 Double Pistol TACO – 4.53

• The GEN 2 Extended Pistol TACO – 4.32

High Speed Gear has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality tactical gear trusted by military professionals, law enforcement authorities, and responsibly armed citizens. The NTOA approval further solidifies the company’s position as an industry leader and affirms the GEN 2 TACO® line as an essential tool for tactical professionals.

For more information about High Speed Gear® and the GEN 2 TACO® line, please visit or contact the HSG sales team at

AG Composites Launches “Name That Camo” Contest

Sunday, June 16th, 2024

OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala.  (June 14, 2024) — AG Composites, a veteran-owned manufacturer of premium carbon fiber and fiberglass rifle stocks, is thrilled to announce the launch of their exciting new contest, “Name that Camo.” From June 17-30, customers will have the opportunity to name the latest camo pattern in the AG Composite lineup. The lucky winner will receive a non-adjustable fiberglass rifle stock, while runners-ups will receive fantastic swag bags filled with hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

The newly unveiled camo pattern showcases a sleek black base adorned with meticulously hand-painted shades of light tan, brown, and green. This captivating design will be available in AG Composites’ renowned fiberglass stock line. Matt Tandy, the owner of AG Composites, expressed the company’s commitment to involving their valued customers in the naming process, stating, “Allowing our customers to participate in naming one of our new camo patterns is important to us. We always want input from them and want them to know how important they are to all of us here at AG Composites.”

Participating in the “Name that Camo” contest is a breeze. Simply visit the AG Composites website and click on the “Name that Camo” Contest to enter your submission. Each person is allowed one entry, and the contest is open to U.S. residents only. All submissions must be received by June 30, 2024, at 5 PM CST. The AG Composites leadership team will select the lucky winner(s) based solely on the camo name submitted. Winners will be promptly notified via email or phone. In the event of no response within 7 days, the winner forfeits their prize.

The grand prize, a non-FFL item, is a remarkable non-adjustable fiberglass rifle stock. With a suggested retail value exceeding $400, this prize is truly extraordinary. The fiberglass stock will come with the inlet and finish options listed on the AG Composites website. For those seeking additional customization, such as texture, rails, QD cups, and more, these options are available at regular retail pricing.

AG Composites encourages participants to unleash their creativity and “Name that Camo.” By doing so, they could become the fortunate winner and bask in the glory of naming a camo pattern for the leading custom stock manufacturer. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to leave your mark on the industry.

For more information and to enter the contest, please visit the AG Composites website. Follow AG Composites on social media for updates and announcements regarding the “Name that Camo” contest.

NEXTORCH Introduces New X-Carry Flashlight Holsters

Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Cleveland, TN – (June 11th, 2024) – NEXTORCH Industries, a global leader in manufacturing advanced illumination tools, batons, and other specialized equipment for law enforcement, first responders, tactical professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts, proudly announces the launch of their New X-Carry Flashlight Holsters.

The V55 and V55L X-Carry NQD Holster Systems represent the pinnacle of tactical efficiency. These innovative holsters utilize a minimalistic design optimized for weight and practicality. They feature the NEXTORCH Quick Draw System (NQD) ensuring quick and easy access in any situation. The tool-free adjustable V55 X Carry holsters provide a secure fit for a variety of flashlights. Available in 2 sizes, the V55 fits flashlights with a 21-31 mm head diameter and a 19-23 mm body diameter. The V55L accommodates 27-39 mm head diameter 24-28 mm body diameter. Both offer 360-degree rotation with the ability to lock position. With its adjustability to fit a variety of duty and civilian belt widths and cross compatibility with MOLLE systems, this holster is ideal for seamless transitions between various mounting locations, enhancing the user’s experience. Suitable for belt widths between1.5 to 2 inches. Retail $19.99

The V35 X-Carry Flashlight Holster, is one of the flagship designs of NEXTORCH’s Quick-Draw (NQD) Flashlight Holsters. Designed for efficiency and reliability, the V35 utilizes the quick draw mechanism, a bottom that allows light to pass through, and 360-degree rotation to ensure your flashlight is accessible and operational at a moment’s notice. V35 has the adjustability to fit a variety of duty and civilian belt widths. Suitable for belt widths between 1.5 to 2 inches. Combine that with its cross compatibility with MOLLE systems, and this holster is ideal for seamless transitions between various mounting locations, enhancing its modularity. The V35 holster’s construction features a new design that allowed a weight reduction of over 24% compared to earlier models. The V35 is designed specifically for the TA30C and TA20 flashlights with the FR-1 Finger Ring. Retail $19.99

NEXTORCH works with many of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts in the lighting and low-light operations fields. They not only strive to craft the most functional products but also to share the expertise they’ve amassed over the years. As a founding member of the Portable Lights American Trade Organization (PLATO), NEXTORCH stands as a global R&D powerhouse and leading manufacturer of tactical flashlights. For information on becoming a NEXTORCH dealer and adding these innovative, industry-leading products to your sales portfolio, please email

To learn more about the complete product offerings from NEXTORCH, please visit:

Savage Arms Announces New 110 Trail Hunter Lite

Saturday, June 15th, 2024

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – June 13, 2024 – Savage Arms® announces a new take on a very popular rifle with the introduction of the 110 Trail Hunter Lite. Continuing the legacy started by the 110 Trail Hunter, this new rifle stands up to the elements, no matter the conditions and is designed top to bottom with the hunter in mind.

“We are very excited to introduce the next evolution of the 110 Trail Hunter as Savage continues to bolster its lineup of firearms designed for hunters,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “The 110 Trail Hunter Lite is another great partnership with Hogue and brings all of the toughness of the original 110 Trail Hunter, with decreased weight to ensure it’s easier to carry afield.”

Hogue Overmolded rifle stocks have long been known to provide outstanding performance and grip. The full-coverage rubber overmold on the stock provides the user with a superior hold on the rifle in all conditions. The Cerakote ceramic coating on the barreled action helps to seal out the worst that mother nature can dish out. The 110 Trail Hunter Lite will be the rifle that you fill your tags. Add up these features in your head and there is no better value on the market today!

The 110 Trail Hunter Lite models feature:

• Tungsten Cerakoted barreled action

• Hogue Overmolded rifle stock in Black

• Two (2) sling swivel studs

• Button rifled barrel

• Threaded, heavy sporter barrel

• Straight fluted barrel

• 2-piece Weaver-style bases

• 2.5-6 lb. user-adjustable AccuTrigger

• Detachable box magazine

• 3-position tang safety

For more information about Savage Arms and its extensive line of leading firearms, visit

Join Direct Action at Eurosatory 2024

Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Direct Action®, a leader in high-end tactical gearmanufacturing, is proud to confirm its attendance atEurosatory 2024, the premier international event showcasingdefense and security technology and innovation. Thisparticipation underscores Direct Action’s commitment to superior quality and advanced products in the military and public safety sectors.

Why Visit Direct Action® at Eurosatory?

With European roots and a global influence, Direct Action® isrenowned for tactical expertise derived from modern combatexperience. The brand epitomizes exceptional understandingof special forces’ needs, delivering products characterized by meticulous craftsmanship and stringent quality standards.


Experience Tactical Excellence Firsthand

At Eurosatory 2024, Direct Action® offers exclusive gearconfiguration presentations led by distinguished former JW GROM operator ?wiru. These live demonstrations willhighlight the versatility of Direct Action’s gear configurations, showcasing the adaptability of our acclaimed plate carriersystems. Sessions will run daily on demand, reflecting our’Individual-as-a-System’ philosophy, which enablescustomized mission-specific gear solutions. Former GROM member – Puwal, will also share his experience regarding the use of our gear during combat operations.


Unveiling the Latest in Tactical Gear

Visitors to the Direct Action® booth (C296, Hall 5B) willdiscover the latest advancements in tactical gear, including the introduction of the new Multicam Tropic color. In addition, we will showcase our new products, providing an exclusivelook at cutting-edge equipment designed to meet the rigorousdemands of military operations. Another attraction will be the robot EOD PIAP Fenix, exemplifying our commitment to integrating advanced technology with tactical gear.


Mark Your Calendars

We invite you to join us for this unparalleled opportunity to enhance your operational capabilities with Direct Action’s® state-of-the-art tactical gear solutions.

Event Details:

Date: June 17-21, 2024

Booth: C296, Hall 5B

Location: Paris, France

For more information, visit: