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Industry Day at the Range Announces Returning Supporting Sponsors and Limited Exhibitor Availability

Friday, September 24th, 2021

LAS VEGAS, N.V. – September 24, 2021 – Industry Day at the Range is pleased to announce several industry top manufacturers that have renewed their commitment as Supporting Sponsors for the 2022 event. With the return of these sponsors, there is one Supporting Sponsorship still available with a 50-yard exclusive bay. Prospective sponsors can learn more about the remaining space online

Companies renewing their Supporting Sponsorship: 

• Action Target

• Armscor

• Browning

• Bushnell

• Federal Premium Ammunition 

• Maxim Defense

• Rock Island Armory

• Ruger Firearms 

• Savage Arms

• Springfield Armory

• TrueTimber

• Walther Arms

• Winchester

For those interested in exhibiting in 2022, exhibitor space is extremely limited and approaching sell-out. Range spaces for ammunition and firearms exhibitors are in short supply, so potential participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Exhibitor registration is expected to close on October 29, 2021. You do not need to be an exhibitor of SHOT Show to exhibit at Industry Day. Details about exhibiting opportunities and pricing can be found here

The 2022 Industry Day at the Range will take place at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City, Nevada on Monday, January 17, 2022 from 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. More information about Industry Day at the Range can be found at   

KDG Stribog Stock Kit

Friday, September 24th, 2021

The new Kinetic Stribog Stock kit takes the amazing Magpul designed Masada (ACR-E) stock system and outfits it with the KDG Stribog adaptor to allow for direct use with your Stribog firearm.  

The kit ships fully assembled with adapter already on the stock for drop in use. Kits can be selected in the black and coyote brown stocks so the user can best personalize their firearm.

To learn more about the KDG Stribog Stock Kit visit

Elbit Systems of America Awarded $54 Million Order as Part of the U.S. Army’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) Program

Friday, September 24th, 2021

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – September 23, 2021 – Elbit Systems of America has been awarded a second production order worth approximately $54 million to supply Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) systems, spare parts, logistics support, and test equipment for the U.S. Army.

“Elbit America’s ENVG-Bs provide warfighters with unprecedented situational awareness during limited visibility conditions, increased lethality through faster target acquisition, and other game-changing advantages on the battlefield” said Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems of America.

These systems will be produced in Roanoke, Virginia, and will be supplied through February 2023.

“We are eager to support the U.S. Army’s transition to higher ENVG-B production rates, which will create additional jobs at our Roanoke facility, and throughout our extended US-based supply chain, generating a positive economic impact in the communities they reside,” Mr. Horowitz added.

This order is part of an Other Transaction Authority (“OTA”) contract announced by Elbit America on October 22, 2020, that could reach a maximum of approximately $442 million. The U.S. Army did not define an overall time frame for performance of the OTA contract.

AUSA 2021: Logos Technologies Unveils MicroKestrel Wide-Area Sensor for Tethered UAS

Friday, September 24th, 2021

World’s smallest wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system, MicroKestrel delivers persistent surveillance to a whole new group of military and homeland security sensor operations

FAIRFAX, Va.— September 23, 2021 — Logos Technologies LLC, a leader in wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), announced today that it will be unveiling its new MicroKestrel sensor for small, tethered, multirotor-type unmanned aerial systems (UASs) at the upcoming Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Meeting & Exposition, in Washington, D.C.

When mounted on a tethered UAS and hovering at 200 feet, a single MicroKestrel can image three square kilometers, tracking every vehicle and detecting every moving dismount within its 180-degree field of regard. The WAMI system can also cue high-definition video cameras for close-in inspection should an operator require a positive identification of a target.

“The amazing thing, though, is MicroKestrel’s weight. At just under 5 pounds, the new WAMI system is so light that some tethered UAS can actually accommodate two units, each pointed in a different direction,” said Doug Rombough, VP of Business Development for Logos Technologies. “In such a doubled-up configuration, you get twice the coverage area and a 360-degree field of view.”

The idea of getting WAMI on a small, tethered unmanned aerial vehicles once seemed impossible. Now, these sensors will be able to go on tethered UAVs or free-flying UAVs that have been connected to a third-party tethering station. This greatly expands the types of operators who will be able to use WAMI.

“People who would never have access to runway or catapult-launched UAVs, let alone big Predators, can pop open a container, set up a tethered UAV, and launch a WAMI sensor into the air,” said Rombough. “Think about what that means for base protection, event security, or other mission sets.”

Logos Technologies will be showcasing MicroKestrel and other sensor systems at the company’s booth (No. 1143) at AUSA, on October 11-13.

US Navy Selects Kongsberg to Help Develop Autonomous Target Recognition for USMC Weapon Systems

Friday, September 24th, 2021

JOHNSTOWN, PENN., Sept. 23, 2021 – The U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace have signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to demonstrate a weapon system with autonomous target identification, recognition and engagement. NSWCDD develops the Automated Remote Engagement System (ARES) that increases the efficiency of remote weapon systems and remote turrets which will be integrated onto Kongsberg Remote Weapon Stations to evaluate technology performance at a system level and support the demonstration of a weapon system for autonomous target identification, recognition, and engagement. The common goal is to demonstrate this performance on Kongsberg’s latest weapon systems that will be fielded in the U.S Navy such as the Tech Refresh Common Remote Operation Weapon System (CROWS), the RT20 turret on the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) and the Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS).

Kongsberg’s selection for the CRADA follows on the heels of several other Marine Corps programs started in the last two years. In addition to the fielding of CROWS on ACV and the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV), Kongsberg’s RS6 30x113mm RWS was selected for the MADIS program, its RT20 30x173mm turret was selected as the ACV medium caliber weapon system, and various Kongsberg RWS are the weapon systems on the prototypes selected for the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV). For the CRADA, Kongsberg is leveraging work it has already done as the remote lethality architecture provider for the U.S. Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) program.

Kongsberg brings more than twenty years of remote-control weapon technology of different sizes, complexity and payloads and is an ideal partner for this co-development effort with NSWCDD. While continuing to perfect its systems, Kongsberg has developed a fire control system that can be wireless operated and controlled by a robotic operator. This independently funded fire control system for RWS and medium caliber turrets is capable of interacting with ARES and will be demonstrated through this CRADA.

Kongsberg is the world’s leading manufacturer of RWS, having delivered nearly 20,000 units to more than 20 countries worldwide. Kongsberg is also the sole provider of RWS and remote turrets to the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. All RWS and remote turrets bound for U.S. customers are manufactured in the Kongsberg Johnstown, Penn. facility. The company takes great pride in its continued support to, and for the United States, U.S. employees, and U.S. supply base.    

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Delta ComPac Jacket is Newest Release from UF PRO; Highly Compressible Winter Thermal Insulation Jacket

Friday, September 24th, 2021

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (23 Sept. 2021)—UF PRO today announced it will begin selling a new tactical winter jacket—the Delta ComPac—on 7 Oct., just a few months before the freezing weather begins sweeping down.

A key feature of the Delta ComPac jacket is its ability to easily fold into its own pocket so that when stowed in a backpack it consumes little space. This makes it convenient to stow the jacket everywhere so that it’s always at the ready. Beyond its small form-factor, the lightweight jacket is also noteworthy for its ability to keep wearers comfortably warm in bitter-cold conditions.

The jacket is constructed with a water-repellent, wind-resistant face fabric and is lined with high-performance G-LOFT® thermal-insulation filling. Incorporated with the jacket’s design is UF PRO’s unique Hood/Harness system. The system lets the jacket’s hood precisely follow side-to-side rotations of the head, for an unimpeded view of their surroundings. The problem with conventional hoods is they block wearers’ line of sight by continuing to face forward when the head is turned, UF PRO said.

The Delta ComPac features insulated pockets for the hands and a pen-holding pocket secured with hook-and-loop fastener fabric—these are in addition to the large inner pocket for stowing the folded jacket.

Another Delta ComPac attribute is the jacket’s waist adjusters. These optimise comfort as well as styling by permitting wearers to define how tightly or loosely the new outerwear conforms to their body shape.

The Delta ComPac tactical winter jacket—available in Black or Brown-Grey—is priced at 189€.

For more information about the UF PRO Delta ComPac tactical winter jacket, go to

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GORE-TEX Professional Fabrics to Showcase New Products and Technology at AUSA Delivering Confidence, Protection & Mission Effectiveness for Army Soldiers

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric

Altama Apex Boots with GORE-TEX THERMIUM™ Insulation

The updated FREE EWOL GORE-TEX PYRAD® Ensemble
Elkton, MD, (September 2021) – W. L. Gore & Associates will be highlighting new product concepts intended to protect and support the Armed Forces in extreme and unpredictable situations. Products using GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric, GORE-TEX PYRAD® Fabric, and GORE-TEX THERMIUM™ Insulation will be on display at the GORE-TEX Professional booth #2617 during AUSA October 11 – 13, 2021 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. During the three-day meeting & exposition, GORE-TEX Products will be highlighting Garments, Footwear, and Gloves designed with these technologies in addition to other protective technologies including GORE® CHEMPAK® fabrics.

GORE-TEX Stretch combines the highest level of protection with optimized comfort to deliver protection in the most demanding environments. Building on the recognized performances of durable waterproof, windproof, and breathability, GORE-TEX stretch fabric technology offers the additional benefits; reduced thermal burden, high agility and mobility, and improved equipment integration. This is achieved through an adaptive fit that reduces air gaps and leads to a more optimized design with less bulk. The fabric also delivers high flexibility in cold climates, and noise reduction. The stretch ePTFE membrane technology enables the design and construction of garments to have a more tailored fit, which improves the garments evaporative resistance and increases breathability by 25%.

Garments designed with GORE-TEX PYRAD® technology provide heat, flame, and flash-fire protection for defense personnel. To highlight this technology at AUSA, the updated Flame-Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE) EWOL jacket and trouser will be on display. This updated version will be leveraging GORE-TEX PYRAD® technology. This versatile technology offers the durable waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection you would expect of GORE-TEX products and provides some of the lightest weight, low bulk, flame-retardant garments on the market.

Building on Gore’s history of leveraging technology and science to improve comfort and functionality, GORE-TEX PYRAD® Fabric advances performance while maintaining protection. Products made with GORE-TEX PYRAD® Technology are breathable, lightweight, and flexible, and offer improved comfort during the most demanding tasks. The fabrics also pick up less water and dry faster than alternative flame-retardant fabrics.

Leveraging silica aerogel – the world’s best solid insulator – GORE-TEX THERMIUM™ insulation can provide unparalleled warmth without adding bulk. GORE-TEX THERMIUM™ Insulation can be strategically integrated into areas where it’s needed the most. Gore will feature the technology at AUSA in both Gloves and Footwear. A fully insulated boot from Belleville along with the uniquely designed APEX boot from ALTAMA will be on display. The ALTAMA APEX boot will showcase our most breathable GORE-TEX laminate with strategically placed THERMIUM™ insulation. Combined with new soling technology from Michelin, the ALTAMA APEX boot will provide a more versatile combat boot offering performance within a wider temperature range.

W. L. Gore & Associates is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Since 1958, Gore has solved complex technical challenges in demanding environments, from outer space to the world’s highest peaks to the inner workings of the human body. With more than 10,500 Associates and strong, team-oriented culture, Gore generates annual revenues of $3.7 billion.

AAC Announces Relaunch of Renowned Suppressor Brand

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Advanced Armament Corporation, known as “The Silent Authority” and the pioneering leader in firearm sound suppression since 1994, has just announced a major organizational relaunch and restructure of this trusted suppressor brand. This brand initiative represents a fresh, new chapter for the organization and its loyal consumers, as well as for the advancement of firearm suppressor technology, service, and innovation in the military, law enforcement, and civilian markets.

JJE Capital Holdings, which owns several brands in the shooting and outdoor industries, recently purchased Advanced Armament Corporation with the mission to strengthen the brand and to reaffirm its dedication to customer support while building on its core strengths of producing reliable, premium-performance suppressors for the modern military warfighter, defense professionals, and shooting enthusiasts across the nation. To maintain brand continuity and to ensure forward engineering and customer service under the newly established Advanced Armament Company brand, AAC will be staffed with a deep bench of suppressor industry professionals and AAC alumni, including Senior Program Manager Ben Bachmeier.

“We are fortunate to have acquired the former Advanced Armament Corporation intellectual property and brand name,” said Bachmeier, “this has given us the opportunity to start fresh with people who have been involved with and have been passionate about this brand for a long time, including myself. It is my intention to take care of the people that have, over the years, helped propel the AAC brand to its leading position in the industry.”

With the establishment of the new Advanced Armament Company comes a renewed commitment to quality manufacturing and attention to customer needs. AAC will provide service and repair of all legacy suppressors from the Advanced Armament Corporation brand and provide a new Lifetime Warranty for all new suppressors manufactured under the relaunched Advanced Armament Company brand.

As part of the brand relaunch, AAC will be updating its website in the coming months and standing up a new Customer Service Center at its corporate and operational headquarters in Huntsville, AL.

“The consumer is our main focus,” Bachmeier continued, “whether it is servicing current AAC products already in the field or developing new products based on what our customers need for their specific professional, competitive, or recreational shooting endeavors. And to our existing customers, we want to say that AAC hears you and we are going to do everything we can to take care of you…now and into the future.”

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