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New Military Thriller by Brigadier General Anthony J Tata: Total Empire

Sunday, March 19th, 2023


FLORIDA – Powerhouse military thriller author Anthony J. Tata returns with a brand new book, using his vast military experience to create stories that feel all too real. In Total Empire: A Garrett Sinclair Novel (St. Martin’s Press; on sale March 21, 2023; $27.99), Tata sends his hero General Garrett Sinclair on a rogue mission in the Sahara Desert to thwart an international nuclear threat.

When Sergeant Major Sylvester “Sly” Morgan is killed on a mission, his daughter Zoey tells General Sinclair that she discovered her father’s death wasn’t a random killing. Her father accidentally recorded a high-level meeting between Chinese, American, and French diplomats as they spoke with tech moguls about a plan for a new global government.

The Chinese-U.S. Partnership (CUSP) intends to combine the world’s two largest economies and militaries to usher in a new era of partnership and global control. But China’s offer to partner has a deadline and penalties for noncompliance. As a safeguard, China launches five high-tech hypersonic glide vehicles, armed with nuclear weapons, from a strategic point in the Eye of Africa. When Zoey disappears after her father’s funeral and reappears in the Eye of Africa, seemingly in pursuit of her father’s killer, Sinclair and his team scramble to catch up with Zoey’s rapid movements once she activates a distress signal.

Without authorization, Sinclair takes Dagger Team into Dakhla, Morocco, and points beyond in the Mauritanian Desert as he attempts to save Zoey’s life. With too many missions to execute and not enough information, Sinclair and Dagger Team discover that the Chinese plan is nearly complete. Facing insurmountable odds and without support from the American government, Sinclair takes matters into his own hands, leading his team into the Sahara death pit to find Zoey, prevent a nuclear war, and stop the globalist agenda from taking hold.

Female Veterans Made ‘Visible’ by new Transformational Programme Which Will Provide Ambitious Toolkit to Support Servicewomen from the Royal Navy, Army and RAF

Sunday, March 19th, 2023

“When people hear ‘veteran’ they think of an elderly gentleman wearing medals. But what about our servicewomen? Women have been invisible for too long, and we now know the far-reaching impact this is having.”

Colonel (Retd) Alison Brown OBE, Chair of the Cobseo Female Veterans’ Cluster, and Life Vice President of the WRAC Association

[LONDON] The invisible cohort of female veterans will finally be brought into view, thanks to a new programme designed to deliver long-term, systemic change at veteran-facing organisations such as healthcare services, care homes and charities. The news follows research including a 2021 report by Cosbeo and NHS England showing that female veterans are significantly less likely to identify with the term ‘veteran’ than their male counterparts.  

The Female Veterans Transformation Programme will be managed by the Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC) Association and Cobseo (The Confederation of Service Charities) to reduce barriers to women who have served, by working collaboratively across the Armed Forces charity sector. The project will be funded by a £300,000 grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.


The announcement follows extensive research into the experience of female veterans who have left the Armed Forces which shows an estimated 53% of female veterans feel their needs are not adequately met by current veteran services, as confirmed by Sarah Atherton MP in a 2021 report. The Female Veteran Transformation Programme plans to set foundations for future generations of female veterans across the Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force by developing a toolkit to tackle key themes including: physical and mental healthcare, financial advice, care provisions, employment services and combating loneliness. In the words of Colonel (Retd) Alison Brown OBE, who is Chair of the Cobseo Female Veterans’ Cluster Group, and Life Vice President of the WRAC Association: “We will translate our strong understanding of the female veteran cohort to ensure that the particular needs of female veterans are firmly embedded in the design and delivery of support services, diluting and, in time, removing the many barriers to access now identified through published research.


£300,000 in funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust’s Transformational Grants programme will allow Cobseo’s Female Veterans’ Cluster Group to set foundations for future generations of servicewomen – by collaborating with veteran-facing organisations (such as health services, care providers and charities) to provide tailored guidance on how to support newly transitioned female veterans as well as their older counterparts. Nick Pope, Chair of Cobseo, voices his delight: “This funding is a very positive step forward in developing sustainable and targeted support for all female Veterans. The research commissioned by Cobseo’s Female Veterans Cluster, and undertaken by the Veterans and Families Institute for Military Social Research (VFI) at Anglia Ruskin University to examine women’s overall experiences in the UK Armed Forces in June 2021, made a range of recommendations on how to improve life for women during and after military service, and this funding enables us to work collaboratively across the Armed Forces Charity sector to take significant action towards making real lasting and change.

Anna Wright, Chief Executive of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, shares her thoughts on the newly-awarded Transformation Grant: “We are excited by the potential for systemic change, addressing some very difficult challenges for the Armed Forces community. It is inspiring to see the level of in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise shown by those who’ve received funding. We look forward to seeing the impact that this funding will have and hope that it will prove to be truly transformational.”


The Rt Hon Johnny Mercer MP, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs has recently highlighted the need for improved provisions for female veterans: “Making this country the best place in the world to be a veteran shouldn’t just be something we say, but something we do. In order to deliver this ambition, it’s vital that we listen to women veterans, celebrate their successes, and deliver the support they need.”

Paula Rogers, CEO of the WRAC Association, explains: “This AFCT funding allows the Women’s Royal Army Corps Association, in partnership with  the Cobseo Female Veterans’ Cluster Group, to take forward this much-needed work to design and sustain the provision of support services for all female veterans. We are proud to be spearheading this work for female veterans across the Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force and will work to deliver long term systematic change with benefits reaching our elderly war-service veterans through to those leaving their service career in years to come.

Tasmanian Tiger Introduces the TT Patch Album for Easy Storage and Display

Saturday, March 18th, 2023

With six hook & loop double-sided fabric pages, never lose or misplace a patch again.

Knoxville, Tenn. (March 2023) – Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., is pleased to introduce the TT Patch Album. The stylish and functional album is designed to store and showcase patches collected by tactical operators, outdoor enthusiasts, and collectors alike.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the TT Patch Album,” commented Richard Lewis, President and CEO of Proforce Equipment, Inc. “It provides a convenient and organized way to store and display patches that represent their experiences and accomplishments.”

The TT Patch Album is a three-ring fabric-covered hard binder with elastic cord style closure featuring an embroidered Tasmanian Tiger logo on the front cover with a 10 x 4 hook & loop for a large patch. The inside cover has a 10.75 x 4 in. loop for a patch, three pen pockets, and a 7 x 5 in. clear pocket for additional storage. The interior includes six hook & loop double-sided fabric pages with three-ring grommets to securely attach patches. The album also features a two-inch covered spine with a top O-ring for hanging.

“Whether you’re a tactical operator, outdoor enthusiast, or collector, the TT Patch Album is a great way to showcase your collection and keep it organized,” added Lewis.

The TT Patch Album weighs 1.98 lbs. and measures 11 x 12.5 x 2 in. It is made from Cordura® 700 denier and is available in Black for an MSRP of $64.95.

The TT Patch Album is now available for purchase through TT authorized dealers.

Click to see Vol. 3 of the Tasmanian Tiger digital catalog here. Find a local dealer here for any of the exciting Tasmanian Tiger products.

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RAMP-C DoD Program Successfully Prototyping Microelectronics

Friday, March 17th, 2023

The Strategic and Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS) OTA, powered by NSTXL, is managing multiple programs for the Department of Defense (DoD) that are advancing specific microelectronics capabilities. The Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes – Commercial (RAMP-C) project was created by the DoD in January 2021 through the S2MARTS OTA vehicle to find partners for reshoring microelectronic fabrication and was originally awarded to two prime contractors – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Intel Technologies – with multiple subcontractors in August of 2021. Since the original award, multiple additional phases have been implemented to this project due to its success in delivering prototypes to the DoD in initial phases.

This program is critical in ensuring the DoD has assured access to the next generation of leading-edge (<7nm) semiconductor design and manufacturing. These chips will be intricately complex, enabling huge system performance increases, while decreasing size, weight, and power (SWaP), critical for many of the DoD modernization priorities. RAMP-C’s objective is to enable DoD assured access to leading-edge semiconductor technology through U.S. located sources of custom and dual-use leading edge integrated circuits. This will enable implementation of complex, computation intensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for DoD AI, Electronic Warfare (EW), Radar and Autonomy applications. It will also facilitate use of integrated robust cyber-security methods, cryptography and authentication in DoD hardware and utilization of the complex computational capability required for 5G Radio access network (RAN) and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

Currently, most domestic semiconductor companies are fabless, meaning they design and sell integrated circuits by outsourcing their fabrication to offshore foundries. With many of the cutting-edge innovators surrounding microelectronics located in America, the DoD sought to close the long-standing tradition of outsourcing this production. The RAMP-C opportunity was developed to bolster the U.S. microelectronics industrial base and encourage semiconductor manufacturing capabilities.

RAMP-C is complimented by two other programs launched by the Office of Under Secretary Defense Research & Engineering (OUSD R&E) to promote U.S. chip manufacturing including, Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes using Advanced Commercial Capabilities (RAMP) and digital State of the Art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP). S2MARTS is also managing the Microelectronics Commons program, a CHIPS and Science Act-funded national network for onshore, microelectronics hardware prototyping, lab-to-fab transition of semiconductor technologies and semiconductor workforce training. All four programs will bring more access to advanced capabilities in U.S. facilities while improving the integrity and confidentiality of intellectual property (IP) of commercial and DoD designs by using Quantifiable Assurance methods.

Vortex Introduces the DEFENDER-CCW Micro Red Dot

Friday, March 17th, 2023

BARNEVELD, Wis. – From increasing your effective range to shooting faster without sacrificing precision, the benefits of running a red dot on handguns are numerous and proven. The new Vortex® Defender-CCW™ lets anyone packing a full-size, subcompact, or even a micro-compact for self-defense experience the speed and accuracy advantage that’s so critical when facing a threat with nowhere to run.

Meant for people who prioritize personal protection, the Defender-CCW™ is focus-built for the demands of modern concealed-carry users. Ultra-compact and tough, it delivers the biggest sight window in its class for “both eyes open” shooting and enhanced peripheral vision. The smooth, slim profile means no extra bulk or width for a no-snag draw from under clothes and less chance of printing, so the only one on the street who knows you’re packing is you. Other design benefits include:

LARGE ASPHERICAL LENS for distortion-free sight picture and truer colors

SHOCKSHIELD™ polymer insert to protect against hard, daily abuse

FAST-RACK™ textured front face that adds grip for racking slide

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS for customizable illumination settings

AUTO-SHUTOFF to preserve battery life

MOTION ACTIVATED for instant readiness when you need it

SHIELD RMS FOOTPRINT eliminates costly retro-fitting, extra plates, drill and tapping

3 or 6 MOA red dot reticles available

Rugged. Reliable. Ready to defend. Trust the Defender-CCW™ (MSRP $349.99 / MAP $249.99) to help you carry discreetly and with more confidence, keeping you prepared for personal self-defense when the stakes are high.

To see more from Vortex®, visit

New Agilite K-Zero Plate Carrier is Live!

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

There has been an enormous buzz about Agilite’s K-Zero™ since it was first shown at SHOT Show this year (see the video to understand why) and it officially launches today. 

It has been a long time coming and was developed directly with both Israeli and US SOF units, many of whom have already procured it. 

For Government purchases it’s available through the DLA TLS Special Operational Equipment (SOE) Contract via Noble as well as additional contracts.

See the K-Zero Plate Carrier or purchase it here.

SIG SAUER Announces Purchase of Remote Weapons Station Manufacturer General Robotics

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

Today SIG SAUER announced the purchase of Israeli manufacturer General Robotics. During January’s SIG Range Day in Las Vegas, they conducted a defense products demonstration featuring this new capability.

The demo featured a General Robotics Remote Weapons Station equipped Polaris All Terrain Vehicle laying down suppressive fire, outfitted with SIG’s MG 338 belt-fed machine in .338 Norma Mag.

Named the PITBULL, it is a collaboration with SIG SAUER.

Not only does it provide stabilization for more accurate long range shots, but it also allows the operator to remain under cover, observing and if needed, engaging targets without risk of injury.

PITBULL can be statically employed or mounted to land, air, and sea vehicles. It incorporates an EO/IR sensor package with auto zoom and optical focus along with an eye safe laser range finder. Additionally, there are two rear cameras for weapon and ammo management.

The brains of the system is the Remote Control Unit, a large touchscreen tablet. The system slews to items of interest via touching an area on the screen or via thumb controls. In addition to arming safeties, PITBULL features dual triggers to prevent accidental engagement. The connection is wireless with “Point to Point” secured communication.

PITBULL weighs 85Kg and is 60cm tall. It slews 360 degrees at a rate of 90 degrees per second. Elevation is approximately +60 degrees to -30 degrees depending on mounted weapon. PITBULL will accept a wide variety of machine guns besides the MG 338.

During AUSA, SIG had paired the MG 338 with an AimLock RWS, but this new business acquisition solidifies SIG’s commitment to the concept. I spoke with SIG CEO Ron Cohen about PITBULL and he was very enthusiastic about how well the system paired with the long range of the MG 338 saying, “Imagine being able to remotely and precisely engage a target a mile away from the PITBULL while you are safe inside a bunker. The MG 338 gives you the range of a .50 but with precision.”

Below is SIG SAUER’s press release regarding the acquisition.

SIG SAUER Acquires General Robotics
NEWINGTON, N.H., (March 16, 2023) – SIG SAUER is extremely excited to announce the acquisition of General Robotics, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of lightweight remote weapon stations and tactical robotics for manned and unmanned platforms and anti-drone applications.

Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc. began, “This acquisition will greatly enhance SIG SAUER’s growing portfolio of advanced weapon systems. The team at General Robotics is leading the way in the development of intuitive, lightweight remote weapon stations with their battle-proven solution.”

Recently, the U.S. Army selected the SIG SAUER lightweight machine gun (XM250), automatic rifle (XM7), and high-pressure hybrid ammunition for the Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program, representing a historic step forward in weapons technology. The NGSW program is currently in the early stages of adoption and the U.S. Army will field the weapons at the squad level in 2023.

“The combination of the General Robotics remote weapons station with SIG SAUER’s lightweight squad weapons and high-pressure hybrid ammunition will revolutionize small arms for military forces worldwide. This acquisition exponentially increases the capabilities of our lightweight weapon systems delivering transformative advancements in mobility, greater lethality and battle tested force protection for today’s warfighters,” continued Cohen.

“General Robotics and all our employees are honored to join forces with global defense leader SIG SAUER to integrate our platforms into a single solution to support military units around the world,” concluded Shahar Gal, CEO, General Robotics.

Spectra Group Announces Supply of Troposcatter COMET Systems to ARRC for C2 Experimentation

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Spectra Group (UK) Ltd, a specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, announces the supply of a number of Troposcatter Compact Over-the horizon Mobile Expeditionary Terminal (COMET) systems to the British Army’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) 3-star Headquarters (HQ) as part of their Agile Command and Control (C2) experimentation programme. The initial award has a value of £1.2 million, with aspirations to upscale following results analysis and suitable funding being secured. The capability will help support HQ ARRC’s rapid deployment role, enabling the communication of large data in a tactical environment without relying on host nation infrastructure or satellites.

HQ ARRC stands at high readiness to deploy and lead NATO’s Response Force (NRF). The Army’s position as the pre-eminent European Land partner to the US, is achieved through leadership in NATO and reflected in the tenure of the Alliance’s deputy commander post. HQ ARRC provides UK Defence a 3-star HQ, capable of deploying around the world in a variety of configurations to command national or NATO missions. It provides a framework within which international partners can deploy forces and is capable of operating across the spectrum of conflict. As such, HQ ARRC has significant data communication demands that must be met in challenging and austere environments, with minimal infrastructure and when facing both an asymmetric and conventional enemy threat.

Troposcatter is a small, lightweight and high-bandwidth data link that uses the Troposphere to provide its communication network. It is independent of satellites and works in a GPS/GNSS denied environment, so is suitable for use in a Peer-on-Peer conflict and to support multi-domain integration, including pan-government and with allies. It has very low latency and can provide wide bandwidth, enabling analysis and manipulation of large data, which combined with its high mobility makes it suitable for large, deployed HQs (such as ARRC) and for more mobile battlegroups or even down to company headquarters. Unlike geostationary satellites, it is effective in polar regions and because it is directional, uses low power and has complex waveforms it is difficult to detect and is highly suitable for many of the challenges faced by UK Defence and NATO today.

Spectra Group delivered two COMET systems to HQ ARRC in January 2023 which will allow ARRC to train and deploy at speed with the latest Troposcatter technology and facilitate big data manipulation at the very edge of the tactical environment, while enhancing the HQs flexibility and agility to respond quickly in a crisis. The procurement route was equally as agile as the system itself, as reported in March 2022, Troposcatter COMET was added to the NATO Catalogue so any NATO country can purchase directly without going to tender.

Michael Davies, Business Development Executive at Spectra Group said: “The Troposcatter COMET is a lightweight and easily deployable system that is operationally proven and is also in-service with British high-readiness forces such as the Royal Marines. We are delighted that HQ ARRC has also adopted this system to support its communication and data needs.”