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Radian Weapons Introduces AFTERBURNER + RAMJET – Micro Compensator and Barrel

Monday, November 29th, 2021

The Radian Afterburner™ and Ramjet™ introduce industry-leading recoil reduction while fitting into a conceal carry platform and are compatible with GLOCK® G19 pistols. Welcome to the next evolution of handgun performance.

At just .47″ long, the Radian Afterburner(TM) offers unprecedented performance in a micro-compensator and is more effective than the majority of full-size compensators on the market. Its angled front face aids in holstering.

The INTRA-LOK mounting system uses the taper lock principle; a tapered locking screw interfaces with an angled V-groove on the underside of the barrel. This perfectly times the compensator as it locks down onto the upper barrel profile on the muzzle end of the barrel.


Schiebel Impresses at Search and Rescue Trials in Extreme Environmental Conditions in the Arctic

Monday, November 29th, 2021

Vienna, 25 November 2021 – Schiebel, together with Andøya Space Defence, successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the CAMCOPTER® S-100 on board the coastguard vessel KV Nordkapp in Norwegian waters.

The purpose of the trials was to demonstrate the embarked Search and Rescue (SAR) and maritime surveillance capabilities of the CAMCOPTER® S-100 in the environmental conditions of the Arctic in latitudes above 75 degrees north.

The week-long trial was made possible through “Arctic 2030”, a Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs programme, which aims to sustain Norwegian interests in the far north. The aim was to demonstrate that Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) ideally supplement manned helicopters, greatly enhancing SAR efforts in this remote part of the world. The CAMCOPTER® S-100 proved that it can operate in adverse weather conditions, where manned helicopters can be at higher risk.

The UAS was equipped with a Trakka TC-300 EO/IR sensor, an Overwatch Imaging PT-8N Oceanwatch, a Radionor antenna as additional data link for video feed transmission as well as an Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver.

Hans Georg Schiebel, Chairman of the Schiebel Group, said: “The CAMCOPTER® S-100 is perfect for maritime operations, including in the Arctic or Antarctic. It has proven several times that it can operate in temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius and under harsh weather conditions. We’re proud to have been able to successfully demonstrate these remarkable capabilities to the Norwegian Coastguard and Navy.”


SCUBAPRO Sunday – Hand Bearing Compass

Sunday, November 28th, 2021

A Hand Bearing Compass or Sighting Compass is mainly used when on a boat or when you are trying to take a bearing while moving; they can be used side by side. It is a compact magnetic compass capable of one-hand use and fitted with a sighting device to record a precise bearing or azimuth to a given target or determine a location. It is used to sign a bearing, and that bearing will be the one you would have to take if you wanted to head toward that object.

A hand bearing compass is used to measure the magnetic direction of sighted objects relative to the user. A steering compass tells you where you are going, but the hand bearing compass tells you where to go. Unlike a GPS receiver that does the same–perhaps quicker, more conveniently, and more precisely–the hand-bearing compass does not rely on electrical power or satellite reception. It is a good backup, and you should always have at least one in every boat. They are mainly used for racing sailors to see who is sailing faster on the same tack or if you are trying to overtake a ship or boat so you can intercept it.

How they work

A hand bearing compass allows you to take bearings of distant objects, which you can then transfer to a paper chart to create plot lines. Taking bearings of at least two 45 or more degrees apart results in intersecting lines on the chart, giving a position fix. To get the most accurate position, just like on land, you should try and take bearings of three different objects.

Different styles

We offer several different hand bearing compasses, either in “hockey puck style” or with pistol grips. High-end binoculars also come with bearing compasses, and many boaters prefer a good set of binoculars over a hand bearing compass because they’re easy to use.

How to take a bearing

To use an arm’s-length compass (usually with a pistol grip), put the lanyard around your neck to stabilize the unit. Hold the compass at eye level, then line up the V-notches in the sighting vanes on the top of the compass with the desired object; now check the bearing on the compass card. If this sounds like juggling while walking across the street, you feel the same way we do. It can be tough to keep compass and sights lined up and checking some small numbers all at the same time. Add to that the motion of a boat in a seaway and poor visibility, and you face long odds of taking an accurate bearing.

A better choice is a hockey puck style compass with an infinity prism held up to your cheek and lets you see across the top of a small prism. When you focus on the object in the distance, the prism projects the bearing into your field of vision, so you don’t have to shift your eyes. Object and bearing are in focus at the same time, which is a tremendous asset for taking accurate bearings in rough conditions.

Operating a digital compass is very much like taking a snapshot. You use the unit’s aiming system to take the sight, then press a button. The compass stores the bearing in electronic memory for future recall.

Avoiding a Collision

Take a bearing upon first sighting another approaching vessel, like a ship. Take a second bearing a few minutes later and repeat at regular intervals. If the approaching ship’s bearing remains the same, you are at risk of a collision. If their bearing has changed, rotate, so you are sighting along the original bearing. If you’re now looking at the water in front of the ship, you’ll pass ahead of it. Sighting behind the vessel means it will pass ahead of you.

What to look for

Compactness: Models that are comfortable to wear around your neck on a lanyard and fit easily in a pocket so that you can keep them nearby.

Night Lighting: Like other navigation instruments, bearing compasses should have night-lights. Some use small battery-powered lamps. Others have glow-in-the-dark lighting, which uses small quantities of photosensitive or radioactive gas. We like this type best because it is ready at a moment’s notice, and never needs charging or new batteries.

Accuracy: A precisely graduated card and excellent damping are critical for obtaining accurate sights. Most people can get a bearing accurate to 2-3 degrees on a moving boat using a well-damped, infinity prism compass that is held near the cheek. In a seaway, pistol grip compasses that are held at arm’s-length are probably accurate to about 10 degrees. Sources of error that affect your bearing’s quality include inaccurate aiming, violent motion, steel-rimmed glasses, and bad visibility.

Coming Soon – “Niveh T’ah’in (Warrior)” a Film by Mystery Ranch & Mission Roll Call

Friday, November 26th, 2021

MYSTERY RANCH has partnered with Mission Roll Call, an organization dedicated to providing veterans with a powerful, unified voice that our Nation’s leaders heard, to create a short film called Niveh T’ah’in (Warrior) – centered around Sam Alexander’s transition from the U.S. Army.

Sam is a veteran of the U.S. Army who served as a Green Beret.  

After returning home from the Army, Sam received a business degree to benefit his native tribe, the Gwich’in. He later started an adventure travel company, Latitude Six-Six, that would immerse travelers in “the full Alaska experience – seeing the land and the local native culture through native guides as well as through visiting local communities.”

Sam found as he would say, “his service after his service.”

Many veterans struggle with not only finding their way to serve but finding their passion for life post-service. The mental challenges that veterans face are unimaginable, and the mental toll is unbearable for many on their own, so having access to proper healthcare is essential. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to the services they are promised post-service – especially those who live in remote areas, like Native Alaskan veterans. With such profound limitations, the result is veterans who do not prioritize their mental care and may be more prone to suicide.  

Watch the trailer and stay tuned for the latest collaborative MYSTERY RANCH and Mission Roll Call film Niveh T’ah’in (Warrior) – a story about finding purpose in life after the military. Watch the YouTube Premiere on November 30th at 13:30 EST/11:30 MDT.

Read more now on MYSTERY RANCH’s latest blog Meet Green Beret Sam Alexander, and connect with Mission Roll Call to learn more about their movement.

Schübeler Technologies Supports Visionary Project of ETH Zurich

Friday, November 26th, 2021

Students realize bionic inspired morphing concept for the aircraft of tomorrow.
Rome, NY- A control concept inspired by nature and combined with morphing technology has now been realized by engineering students of ETH Zurich together with aviation experts. The eight-member student team is testing novel control concepts and construction methods in aviation. The aim is to reduce energy consumption and noise generation through reduced drag and to improve the maneuverability of the aircraft.

Schübeler Technologies actively supported this innovative project and provided both engines and technical expertise in an advisory capacity. “By participating in this project, we would like to contribute to the further development of aviation,” explains Daniel Schübeler, Managing Director of Schübeler Technologies. “The visionary approach of Bionic Flying Wing as well as the enthusiasm and creativity of the team excited us.”

The project aims to prove the feasibility of bionic inspired morphing concepts in the air. To this end, a deformable morphing wing structure with a three-meter wingspan was developed to be used in place of discrete flaps. A top speed of up to 100 km/h can be achieved with it. The wing structures are specifically deformed to replace conventional control surfaces. In this way, new design potential for the aircraft of tomorrow is opened up The main challenge of this approach is that the wing must be stiff – i.e., it must not flap – but still be able to be deflected. To achieve both, a healthy compromise had to be found. Because of its high strength and low weight, the team therefore opted for CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) as the construction material.

The requirements for the drive system used were also high. In the search for an efficient impeller that delivers the greatest possible thrust in combination with low power consumption, the team quickly came across EDF market leader Schübeler. On Schübeler’s recommendation, the team decided on the DS-51-AXI HDS model with an 1125kv motor and 12 lipo cells. This drive offers a thrust of 5.5 kg (about 55N) with a current consumption of 85 amps, which was perfectly suited for an aircraft of this speed, size and weight. Two fans are used and provide a total thrust of approximately 11kg (110N)

The HDS fan is a quality product designed for durability. The lightweight and highly shortened rotor assembly provides efficient operation through high smoothness. The blades are made of high-temperature, fiber-reinforced polymer, operate highly efficiently, broadband, and quietly. Strength is provided by the carbon shroud.

In a successful first test flight in June of this year, the team proved that bionic inspired morphing concepts can be used to safely control a flying wing aircraft. This was the product of countless hours of engineering and manufacturing, paired with the support of strong sponsors such as Schübeler Technologies.

To learn more about Schübeler Technologies, visit www.schuebeler-technologies.de.

Brownells Black Rifle Friday Features Giveaways and Special Deals

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

GRINNELL, Iowa (November 23, 2021) – Brownells customers can enter for their chance to win a $1,000 Brownells gift card and get access to Brownells exclusives on special products from popular brands like Geissele, Daniel Defense and Law Tactical during the annual Black Rifle Friday Event.

Customers can enter their cell phone number now for a chance to win one of four $1,000 gift cards at the Brownells Grand Giveaway entry page

The Black Rifle Friday Event deals and exclusives begin on Friday, November 26. Starting Friday, customers will have access to doorbuster pricing on both overstock and new products, unique bundle deals, and gift card specials.

One of the highlights will be a new addition to the very popular Brownells BRN-180 line.

Customers will also get an opportunity to purchase a unique, one-time-only product created through a collaboration between Sons of Liberty Gunworks and Geissele.

Other specials include Law Tactical folders in a new, exclusive color, along with deals on items from Holoson, Aero Precision, Foxtrot Mike, MDT, Timney and Apex.

The grand finale of the Black Rifle Friday Event will be Cyber Monday, November 29. On Monday, Brownells will unveil additional special deals and exclusives, giving customers one more chance to buy an extra special holiday gift or claim an exclusive product.

Starting Friday, November 26, customers will be able to see all the special deals on the Black Rifle Friday Event page.

Ape Defense Announces the Official Launch of Their Retail Webstore

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

November 24th, 2021: Ape Defense, a retailer of carefully curated duty grade products is proud to announce the official launch of their new retail webstore. Ape Defense is a bit different than most other retail websites as all the products featured for sale have been personally vetted by the Ape Defense staff (and partners). The Ape mantra is to make products available for the everyday man that are Caveman level approved. Points of interest for products that can make the “Ape Defense list” are Longevity, Production Quality, Fit & Finish, and Price vs. Return on Investment. This is exactly why Ape Defense has partnered with only trusted brands that can meet all these points every time. Companies like Forward Controls Design, SOLGW, Cloud Defensive, & Rosco Manufacturing are part of the Ape Defense answer to ethical retail practices for folks whom will be depending on the performance of each part purchased.


“I became engrossed with the idea of being a steward for consumers some years ago. I saw a great deal of online retailer’s stock items that were chosen based off the margins that they have to gain instead of the performance that it would provide to the consumer. My goal is to find great products for an honest price and offer them to my customers with them knowing that I (and our Ape team) have taken the time to vet all of the items that I stock. I am also working on creating an in-house line of products that will help solve real issues for shooters at a fair price.”

– Chris Polack (Owner/ Head Ape)

For more information on Ape Defense and their products go to www.ApeDefense.com .

Non-Velcro Inner/Outer Gun Belt System by Norden Outdoors

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Introducing the DarkSide, the next generation of gun belt.
Bigfork, MT, November 30th 2021– Norden Outdoors

Norden Outdoors is pleased to announce the DarkSide inner/outer belt system, their solution to today’s hook and loop gun belts. Norden has taken the popular EDC belt from Boxer Outdoors called the Apogee and developed a ratcheting system that uses opposing force to attach an outer belt to the Apogee comfortably.

The attachment hardware that makes the DarkSide unique is machined from 7075 billet aluminum and was designed and manufactured in Bigfork, Montana. The two belt options are both designed and manufactured in the US. The Elite belt is a 2″ TPU coated webbing that has laser-cut MOLLE compatible attachments. The ends of the belt are made of the same material and are RF Welded to the main strap. The nylon version is constructed like the standard shooter’s belt you are used to seeing, made from two layers of 1.75″ US made nylon with bar tacked MOLLE compatible PALS. The ends are bar tacked to the webbing and are made from ULTRAcomp® laminate materials.

The DarkSide is available now at NordenOutdoors.com, with an MSRP of $160.00 for the DarkSide Nylon and $175.00 for the DarkSide Elite. The complete inner/outer belt system with Apogee belt has an MSRP $250.00.