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Platatac – Burrow Bivi Bag

Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Platatac’s Burrow Bivi Bag is issued to the ADF and has NSN 8465-66-134-9674 (Ranger Green) but is also available in the Terra Firma 2.0 camouflage pattern. Featuring a built-in bug net, these zippered bivi bags are made from PLATATEX, a unique 185gsm, 3-layer waterproof breathable technical laminate.

A version in MultiCam is coming soon and made from Assault Quattro, a 122 gsm, 100% Nylon 3 Layer Waterproof Breathable laminate made by Brookwood in the USA.

Enforce Tac – Carinthia Poncho System

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Austria’s Carinthia continues to introduce new products including the Carinthia Poncho System, consisting of two components (Poncho PRO-C and Poncho PRO-R) which can be used alone or in concert with one another.

The PRO-R offers rain protection while the PRO-C is for cold protection. In addition to use as a poncho and tarp, the ponchos can be configured as a sleeping bag, with or without bivy. There is a zip-on hood for the Poncho PRO-C which incorporates mosquito netting.

Seen above is a new proprietary camouflage pattern developed by Carinthia.

Coming Autumn 2023.

US Elite has begun to bring Carinthia products into the US. Hopefully, they’ll include CPS.


Monday, November 21st, 2022

BLONCHO is a portmanteau of the words blanket and poncho. It’s also the latest product from camping furniture maker Helinox. Not only that, you’ll get a free BLONCHO with every chair order, now through the end of the year.

Weighing just Uber a pound, it is 39″ x 55″ and reversible.


BLONCHO Black/Flowline will be added to every order that has a chair. One BLONCHO per order. Offer valid while supplies last, or until 12/31/2022, whichever comes first.

Duck Camp x Kammok Mountain Blanket

Saturday, November 5th, 2022

Featuring a 40D ripstop, water repellant face fabric printed in Duck Camp Wetland and a fleece lining, this mountain blanket measures 84″ x 50″.

Features include a slit to wear it over your head like a poncho, flapped pocket, and a fleece lined stuff sack which can be used as a pillow.

Get yours at duckcamp.com/products/duck-camp-x-kammok-blanket.

AUSA 22 – LiteFighter Dragon Team Tent

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

LiteFighter has developed a new tenant for team-sized elements called the Dragon.

Unlike many other small unit shelters on the market, the Dragon is large enough to stand in making it a great replacement for the old GP Small Tent and an option for small CP, FDC, Briefing, and Sick Call. On the lower right you can see the port for HVAC hookup and the stope pipe port will accept both sizes of exhaust pipes or a roll up antenna as you see here.

It also features lots of ventilation and two Soldiers can set it in just five minutes. It weighs under 50 lbs and comes packed in a rolling duffel.

Land Forces 22 – Sea To Summit

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

Australia’s Sea To Summit manages the Land 125 contract for individual equipment as well as offering specialized equipment for the military like this Freestanding Bivy with Meeting Hub.

Up to four bivies can be attached to the hub, offering a common workspace for planning or other meetings. Additionally, the bivy can be used alone, with or without the hoop frame which keeps it freestanding. The frame is designed to support a cam net off the side of the bivy and the openings have mosquito netting. The tent fabric is a waterproof breathable laminate.

Ignik Unveils The Next Generation Of Battery Powered Heat

Sunday, September 4th, 2022


Ignik, the Bainbridge Island brand on a mission to help people stay outside longer, takes its lineup to the next level with the new Backside Heated Seat Pad. Representing the next generation of battery powered heat, the Backside offers portable, customizable heat built for the outdoors.

The Backside Heated Seat Pad is a lightweight accessory that turns any chair into a cozy heated seat. Made with a weather-resistant, bluesign®-approved 100% recycled fabric outer and premium dense foam, it provides durable comfort for any outdoor setup. The newly designed smart controller maximizes battery usage by allowing the user to customize the heat level and includes heat level memory and an automatic shutoff after 90 minutes. The Backside is compatible with USB-C power banks and other 12V batteries. It is also available in XL, which offers warmth for one person’s seat and back, or two people when laid flat. The Backside is ideal for a wide variety of outdoor activities, from fall/winter camping to hunting and fishing trips to tailgating before a game.

“We are so excited to launch the next generation of active outdoor heating products,” says Peter Pontano, Ignik’s Marketing and Product Development Director. “The Backside Heated Seat Pad and Backside Heated Pad XL build off our new battery powered heating platform, using the latest technology to safely and efficiently provide and control personal heat. Our new hand-held controller has an integrated OLED display (an industry first) that lets you actually see the heat level and fine-tune to your perfect temperature. This takes the guess work out of heating—no more wondering what the color of a push button means. Just set the controller to the level you want, just like a home thermostat, and the technology does the rest!”

The Backside Heated Seat Pad and Backside Heated Pad XL are available now at ignik.com and other retailers. MSRP: $79.99 (Backside)/$99.99 (XL).

G3 Systems Launch a Refreshed Strategic Plan

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

G3 Systems Limited, the world-renowned provider of bespoke deployable containerised solutions, critical operational infrastructure and facilities support in austere locations has launched its refreshed 3-year Strategic Plan. The plan focuses on identifying areas for growth and diversification and seeks to promote core functions and capabilities to new clients and geographies; whilst capitalising on recent operational experience such as providing Fire and Rescue services in Afghanistan. The Plan also includes an increased focus on sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility.

G3 Systems Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of IAP WWS Inc., has launched its refreshed 3-year Strategic Plan stating their vision to be “dominant in the provision of bespoke high quality deployable and fixed infrastructure and a leader of support services in austere environments”. This vision is underpinned by their company ethos of Ingenuity – Agility – Purpose and built on four strategic pillars: a relentless focus on the demands of the Customer and delivering that with excellence; empowering People with learning and growth to foster a safe and sustainable environment; achieving internal and external operational quality and efficiency through rigorous Business Process and diligent stewardship of Finances to ensure excellent value for money.

G3 Systems Limited has a 20-year history and an operationally proven track record of delivering in the most challenging and arduous environments. They are proud of their company culture of achieving the ‘out of the ordinary’, going to challenging places and working ‘as one’ with their clients while never failing and always looking after the people and the environment around them. They have been integral to the success of many long-term operational deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falkland Islands. Their modular, standardised and highly adaptable solutions such as the Deployable Engineer Workshop, Navy Forward Support Units and FCO Deployable Embassy have been and will continue to be excellent solutions to meet the needs of rapidly deployed government and non-government organisations.

Chamois Consulting Limited has also been engaged to assist G3 Systems Limited in the delivery of their strategy. They will be providing a particular focus on brand communications, client and stakeholder engagement and to help raise the social awareness of G3 Systems Limited products and services.

Mike Puckett, Managing Director at G3 Systems Limited said, “I am very proud of the G3 team and the significant progress we’ve made to date. Following a change in the nature of deployed operations, and through the refreshed strategy process, we’ve recognised that it is time to build on our social value interfaces, external communications, marketing and adopting new methods to enhance our collaborative working and to help share our vision and achieve our strategic goals. Having seen what has been achieved with other defence orientated companies, Chamois was the natural choice and I am really looking forward to working with them.”

Gareth Baker, Director of Media and PR at Chamois said “I am really excited to be working with G3 Systems Limited, because I was already sighted on some of their products from my time on operations. However, prior to spending time with the team, I had no idea of the depth, breadth and scale of their skill, operational pedigree and engineering expertise. I am very much looking forward to helping communicate their substantial capabilities to their target audiences.”