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AG Wilderness Quilt from Prometheus Design Werx

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

The A.G. Wilderness Quilt is a premium goose down comforter designed for use in roof top tents to 2+ person ground tents.

While this quilt has a classic style and shape, it features mountaineering grade materials that significantly reduces bulk, makes it a lighter packed weight, generously sized for 2 persons and compresses down to the size of a 1-person sleeping bag for easy stowing.

The A.G. Wilderness Quilt has the luxe feel of your down comforter at home, but the efficiency, compressibility, packability of your best mountaineering sleeping bag and is machine washable.

We use premium RDS certified, 800 fill power goose down and a 20D mini-rip stop nylon shell with DWR to construct our quilt, just like high grade sleeping bags used for backpacking and mountaineering.

Goose down offers the best of nature’s insulating properties, the best warmth to weight ratio and our nylon shell with DWR resists sprinkles and moisture.

You’ll appreciate the reduced travel weight and easy packability either stowed in your overlanding rig or backpack. Our modified “XL Full” size is cut to work perfectly with 2-person roof top tents and cut longer so you can tuck the foot end under your mattress/pad to keep the drafts out and when the chill sets in at 0100, you can pull it over your head.

Available in dark olive green with charcoal gray trim and reverses to flame orange.


Sleep Systems Now Available from Defense Mechanisms

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

Defense Mechanisms has launched five different sleep systems.

They range from the Conundrum DM on the high end, a mummy design rated all the way down to -10 deg F to the Revelation APEX DM, a quilt rated for 40 deg F. It all depends on the options you select.

Bags are available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.


Sitka – Flash Shelter

Friday, December 11th, 2020

Offered in two sizes (8′ x 10′ or 10′ x 12′), the Flash Shelter from Sitka is an older-fashioned tarp, so there aren’t any poles, just guy lines. Rig it like you would a basha or poncho hooch.

It’s available in two Optifade patterns, Sub Alpine (above) and Open Country (below).

Quite a few folks have been using these operationally. The smaller version is 19.3 oz and packs up to the size of an old one quart canteen.


Brigantes Presents – ECW/Winter Warfare Series – Shelter

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

In this series, Brigantes brings you key products that offer the complete solution when working in the colder parts of the world. This week it is Hilleberg Keron 4GT Tactical.

When working in Arctic environments shelter, in what is the only environment where sitting still for a short period of time can lead to serious injury or even death, is absolutely critical. The Keron 4GT tactical provides the perfect solution to this problem.  

The construction of the Keron 4GT, like other Hilleberg tents, has the ability to leave the inner connected to the outer this makes it much quicker to erect and drop. Internally it is set out to allow for four adults to sleep alongside each other as well as small features such as well position mesh pockets and a drying line enable a better living and working environment.

The large “porch area” (or vestibule) makes administration at the end of day and cooking within a tented environment, much easier. Provided that there is snow it also gives the user the ability to dig a cold trench, increasing the usable space, as well as increasing the warmth within the tent. The tactical version of the tent uses a light blocking fabric in order to maintain good light discipline and reduce signature whilst operating in a tactical environment. This also includes using black guy lines and with all reflective elements removed it is the best solution for this most challenging of environments.

The Hilleberg Keron 4GT is used extensively by Artic and Antactric explorers and has now been used by UK and the Scandinavian nations in the far north for several years now as their go to tactical tent.

For a more in depth look at essential for ECW and Winter warfare deployment visit our YouTube channel www.Youtube.com subscribe to get updates of new product reviews and technical discussions.

For the full specs visit our website brigantes.com

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Vibram Ball Feet for Helinox Chairs

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Helinox has introduced Vibram Ball Feet for their Chair One, Chair Two, Chair One Mini, Chair Zero and Chair One L to keep them stable on loose ground.

Offered in a variety of colors, including the Field Camo seen here. Sold in sets of four.


Brigantes Presents – Expeditionary Command Tents – The Revolutionary Alternative  

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Hilleberg the Tentmaker is a family owned company with over 45 years of experience in manufacturing lightweight, all-season tents of the highest quality. Brigantes have worked in partnership with Hilleberg in advising and adapting these tents, making them a relevant to the military user.

They offer a solution that blows the traditional, command tents (that were organised using big, heavy canvas tents) out of the water! Using this alternative, no vehicle would be needed to act as transport, these tents when packed away can be carried on foot. A complete game changer when forces need to respond in a rapid reaction or expeditionary way. The Atlas MIL and Stalon XL MIL are two tents that can be used effectively as a command station.

The Atlas’ Geodesic design allows it to be a freestanding structure that holds up against all weather conditions. It is one of the strongest free-standing tents in the world. Regardless of location, whether in a hanger/warehouse or outside, it does not need to be pegged down.

The Stalon XL MIL is a very large, robust tunnel tent and can be erected by one person in good weather. The Stalon XL can be configured in nearly endless ways, not just as a command centre but a classroom, a mobile medical station, staging/briefing room, for search and rescue teams or as a field dormitory for any large group. 

Both these tents offer all weather protection and are modular. Each module of the tent can be zipped on or off to accommodate the needs of the user, and multiple modules can be easily connected or disconnected as necessary. So, it is possible for the structures to grow as the unit/operation grows. With the addition of Hilleberg’s light blocking fabric, and using foldaway furniture by Big Anges, this ground-breaking alternative has the ability radicalise to how the military view command tent construction, making a much more lightweight, vehicle free solution.

For more information contact:

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(International enquiries) [email protected]

Or visit Brigantes.com and set up an account to view the range.

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Natick Soldier Center’s New Fabric Enhances Cybersecurity, Subzero Weather Durability

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

NATICK, Mass. – The Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center, or CCDC SC, is working with industry to develop a new shelter fabric that will increase durability in subzero conditions and provide electromagnetic, or EM, shielding. The EM shielding will prevent the detection of EM emissions that are generated within a Command Post shelter and provide cybersecurity to Command Post wireless networks.

CCDC SC’s Expeditionary Maneuver Support Directorate is working with industry partners to develop the new laminate systems with higher performance and durability. Kristian Donahue, a chemical engineer in EMSD at CCDC SC, explained that General Purpose, or GP, shelter fabrics are currently made with a coating that becomes brittle at subzero temperatures. This impacts the durability of the fabric, the environmental protection of the shelter, and the light discipline aspect of signature management. Light discipline refers to luminous signs that can lead to the detection of the presence of troops and military facilities.

Donahue stated that the team was already able to successfully develop a new GP tent material that eliminates the low-temperature durability issues, a significant milestone which will help benefit the EM shielding work as well.

“Our goal is to also add additional functionality to this GP tent fabric by integrating an electromagnetic shielding material into the GP fabric,” said Donahue. “This EM shielding fabric will prevent the EM emissions generated within a Command Post shelter from being detected by adversaries, as well as provide cybersecurity to wireless networks operating within the CP.”

Donahue explained that EM shielding is important for both security and Soldier safety.

“Electromagnetic emissions can be detected by adversaries therefore giving away your position,” said Donahue. “Those emissions can also be intercepted and exploited by cyber warfare units.”

The new shelter fabric is also lower weight, thus reducing the logistical footprint. Moreover, there is no longer the risk of increased volume associated with the current fabric, which may become stiff at subzero temperatures and the stiffness can affect volume. In certain cases the increased volume may interfere with moving and packing.

The new fabric technology will also enhance Soldier protection and lethality.

“With increasing peer and near-peer adversaries, the ability to maintain Command and Control and Communications becomes highly imperative,” said Donahue. “The ability to maintain C3 while not being detected is important in the ability to increase unit survivability and unit lethality. The ability to deny detection during a multi-domain battle will ensure dominance on the battlefield.”

By Jane Benson, CCDC SC Public Affairs

Carinthia Pro G145 Sleeping Bag

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Weighing only 850 grams, the Carinthia G145 features two layers of G-LOFT insulation (75g / m²), giving it a minimum comfort of 0.9 °.

In addition to an almost seamless outer shell of water repellant Shelltex Ultra Pro, they’ve added antibacterial features to the G-LOFT liner. Incidentally, the bag has loops to accept Carinthia’s cotton and fleece liners to extend the bag’s comfort range.