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Kelty Tactical Tents Assigned National Stock Numbers for Requisition

Friday, April 19th, 2024

Additional Kelty Tactical 1-person and 2-person tents have been assigned National Stock Numbers for purchase through the standard supply system.

The one-man field tent seen above incorporates mesh construction to provide optimal air circulation while keeping the smallest bugs out.  It is reinforced along mesh seams at pole connections. The two-pole configuration folds down for easy transport and is compatible with the US GI cot.

The vestibule of the two-man field tent offers 22 sq ft of storage space.

The tents feature a bathtub design floor treated for water resistance with taller wallsto prevent rain splash. Each tent base is Coyote Brown and is offered with MultiCam / OCP / Alpine / Coyote Brown rain flies. The rain flies are made from 70D nylon ripstop w/ 12,000mm coating for strength and increased resistance to rain.


8340-01-716-9676 1-PERSON FIELD TENT – OCP

8340-01-716-9692 2-PERSON FIELD TENT – OCP





8340-01-690-2878 1-PERSON FIELD TENT – MULTICAM

8340-01-690-3118 2-PERSON FIELD TENT – MULTICAM

Kelty Tactical products are available to military and government customers via Gov Tools.

Mystery Ranch x Bullkelp Wildland Bedroll

Saturday, March 9th, 2024

This Made in the USA bedroll is a collaboration between MYSTERY RANCH and Bullkelp Bedrolls.

Think of the bedroll as essentially a heavy-duty bivy bag. The Wildland Bedroll is made from two canvas materials, a 100% waterproof 10oz nylon/ polyester blend bottom and a weather resistant and windproof polyester top. Each material was chosen for its technical properties, the polyester canvas top is breathable, preventing condensation common in other sleeping systems. The nylon/ polyester blend bottom protects your sleeping system from moisture and punctures, creating a bedroll that can withstand the harshest elements.

Designed for use by fire service personnel, it will fit in the foot of the MYSTERY RANCH Monster/Flight Monster. Another great use for this would be car camping or overlanding. Yeah, Tankers might like it as well. Talk about the ultimate in overlanding.

Above is the bedroll when it’s all opened up, so obviously, the two images aren’t to scale.

It’s 8″x14.5″x8″ when rolled up and about 4 lbs (empty). When opened up, it will accept up to a 25″ sleeping pad and accommodate sleepers over 6′ tall.

It’s also designed to accomodate all styles of sleeping bags and features a 36″ head flap for additional coverage from rain/wind. Finally, there are 1″ Nylon webbing compression straps with side release buckles for storage.

Offered in any color as long as it’s Black.


Rheinmetall Awarded Fifth Order for Germany’s Modular Medical Facilities Total System

Friday, March 1st, 2024

Germany’s Federal Agency for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has contracted with Rheinmetall to modernize additional parts of the Bundeswehr’s Modular Medical Facilities total system (MSE). For Rheinmetall, the aggregate value of the contract is in the mid-single-digit million-euro range.

The order encompasses X-ray containers that enable X-ray imaging of the entire human body sitting, lying or standing, as well as internal organs in the radiology realm. The X-ray equipment now in service no longer reflects the latest state of the art and must therefore be replaced or regenerated. The regenerated and/or newly fabricated containers will house new Siemens X-ray equipment (scanner and diagnostic station), including accessories for subsequent operation in the container. Following integration, reliable patient care in accordance with current German standards will be assured without limitation in a field hospital consisting of multiple MSE containers. 

The Modular Medical Facilities total system comprises military treatment facilities, trauma centres and combat support hospitals utilized in Bundeswehr areas of operation. Here, individual systems take care of special tasks – in this case, X-ray imaging. Care provided inside the container must correspond to current German hospital standards. Like all MSE components, the X-ray container is classified in accordance with the International Convention for Safe Containers. Moreover, because it is stackable, it can be transported by container ship. The systems and equipment they contain are adaptable in terms of scope and functionality depending on customer specifications. 

“We’re delighted to have been awarded a fifth contract for the MSE total system and expect to see continued growth in this area in future”, declares Dr Deniz Akitürk, CEO of Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH. Since 2019, Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH has bundled the Group’s resources and capabilities in the operational support domain and is thus responsible for mobile deployed operations solutions. By supplying special services, it seeks to provide customers with long-term operational support. Rheinmetall AG created the company specifically to handle services and projects relating to support of deployed operations. 

Enforce Tac 24 – Clawgear Woobie & Shelter Sheet

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Let me introduce the Shelter Sheet and Woobie, coming late this year from Austria’s Clawgear.

Measuring a massive 2m x 2m, there’s plenty of Woobie to keep you warm. The Shelter Sheet in the image is a prototype at 1.5m x 1.5m, but production versions will be 2 meters squared like the Woobie.

Part of their cold and wet program, the Woobie is insulated with DWR treated continuous filament insulation.

You can see that the Woobie is reversible from MultiCam Alpine to MultiCam, but the Shelter Sheet will be offered in different patterns.

Born Outdoor – Badger Bed 25

Sunday, December 17th, 2023

Designed to provide a supremely comfortable and incredibly convenient night’s sleep on almost any outdoor adventure, the Born Outdoor Badger Bed 25 is the latest offering from Born Outdoor. This slimmed-down version of the original Badger Bed 30 is a modular bedroll system better suited to overnights in tighter spaces, such as rooftop tents, vans, truck beds, or anywhere space comes at a premium.

The base of this system is a 25”-wide outer shell made from post-consumer recycled 600 denier ripstop fabric with a DWR TPU-coating for exceptional durability, water repellency, and resistance to abrasion. Inside, a Large MondoKing Thermarest self-inflating mattress (77”x25”x4.25”) provides outstanding comfort and warmth. From there, the Badger Bed can be customized for cooler weather with the Sierra Down Quilt and the Cascade Flannel Sheets, or for warmer weather with the synthetic Baja Quilt and Mojave Cotton Sheets. All of this is rolled up together into a compact roll 33” wide x 10+” in diameter and weighing only 14.6 lbs. Mix and match sheets and quilts to further customize your sleep experience. The Badger Bed is also sold complete as the Badger Bed 25 – Sierra Bundle ($785) with a down quilt and flannel sheets or as the Badger Bed 25 – Baja Bundle ($755) with a synthetic quilt and cotton sheets.

Badger Bed – Deployed

Badger Bed – Ready for Travel
Badger Bed 25 – Sierra Bundle ($785)

Take the 600 denier, post-consumer recycled Badger Bed 25 and Large MondoKing Thermarest self-inflating mattress, add the Sierra Down Quilt and Cascade Flannel Sheets, and you have the Badger Bed 25 – Sierra Bundle. Sold as a self-contained cold weather sleep kit, the Sierra Bundle will provide the most comfortable and customizable overnight camping experience. Simply roll out the Badger Bed, inflate the mattress, and your overnight kit is ready to go. If things get warm, simply kick off the down comforter. In the morning, deflate the mattress and roll the bundle back up to easily transport it to the next campsite.

Badger Bed 30 – Baja Bundle ($755)

Take the 600 denier, post-consumer recycled Badger Bed 25 and Large MondoKing Thermarest self-inflating mattress, add the synthetic Baja Quilt and Mojave Cotton Sheets, and you have the Badger Bed 25 – Baja Bundle. Sold as a self-contained warm weather sleep kit, the Baja Bundle will provide the most comfortable and customizable overnight camping experience. Simply roll out the Badger Bed, inflate the mattress, and your overnight kit is ready to go. If things get warm, simply kick off the Baja Quilt. In the morning, deflate the mattress and roll the bundle back up to easily transport it to the next campsite.

CanHeat Tactical Space Heater

Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Every year at AUSA I keep an eye open for innovative soldier systems gear.  One item that caught my eye is the CANHEAT tactical lightweight diesel/JP8 powered space heater. 

Can you believe how compact this thing is? It was designed as a COTS replacement for the legacy Space Heater Arctic (arguably the most dangerous piece of equipment in the US DOD inventory) this unit delivers 13,600 BTU of carbon monoxide free hot, dry air into an enclosed space such as arctic/cold weather ops tents, command posts, medical aid stations, etc.  It’s simple to use as well. Just fill up the heater’s integrated fuel tank with JP8, diesel, or kerosene then connect the control box to either a BB-2590 battery, 110/240 Volt AC, or 12 Volt DC electrical power source and turn it on.

Click here for a brochure.

For more info contact planar.canheat@gmail.com

OR Summer Show 23 – Intrepid Camp Gear

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

The Rooftop Tent Shoe Bag from Intrepid Camp Gear is an ingenious answer to the issue of taking dirty footwear into a rooftop tent, or any shelter for that matter. It zips closed to protect your shoes from the elements (and critters).

OR Summer Show 23 – GCI CoolerTop Table

Monday, June 19th, 2023

Coming next year, the CoolerTop Table from GCI Outdoor is an add-on accessory for your cooler, offering a variable height aluminum table top.