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Mystery Ranch x Bullkelp Wildland Bedroll

This Made in the USA bedroll is a collaboration between MYSTERY RANCH and Bullkelp Bedrolls.

Think of the bedroll as essentially a heavy-duty bivy bag. The Wildland Bedroll is made from two canvas materials, a 100% waterproof 10oz nylon/ polyester blend bottom and a weather resistant and windproof polyester top. Each material was chosen for its technical properties, the polyester canvas top is breathable, preventing condensation common in other sleeping systems. The nylon/ polyester blend bottom protects your sleeping system from moisture and punctures, creating a bedroll that can withstand the harshest elements.

Designed for use by fire service personnel, it will fit in the foot of the MYSTERY RANCH Monster/Flight Monster. Another great use for this would be car camping or overlanding. Yeah, Tankers might like it as well. Talk about the ultimate in overlanding.

Above is the bedroll when it’s all opened up, so obviously, the two images aren’t to scale.

It’s 8″x14.5″x8″ when rolled up and about 4 lbs (empty). When opened up, it will accept up to a 25″ sleeping pad and accommodate sleepers over 6′ tall.

It’s also designed to accomodate all styles of sleeping bags and features a 36″ head flap for additional coverage from rain/wind. Finally, there are 1″ Nylon webbing compression straps with side release buckles for storage.

Offered in any color as long as it’s Black.

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