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SOAR Rescue – Extended Austere Provider

Monday, April 19th, 2021

One of the most comprehensive Tactical EMS training programs for any EMT or Paramedic, who operates on a tactical team or rescue team. With the current and emerging threats that facing the military, law enforcement and search and rescue teams, integration of skilled medical support is critical to mission success. EAP teaches everything from pre-mission planning and medical threat assessment to providing care in austere environments where the next level of care may be days away.

This five-day course bridges tactical, wilderness, and critical care medicine. Students will be exposed to equipment, procedures, and mindsets that may not currently flow through to traditional pre-hospital care providers.

Combat Cloth Face Covering Available for Order in Quantities from One to One Million

Monday, April 19th, 2021

Clothier Design Source, LLC (Cage Code:6XKG6) is pleased to announce it is now producing the Army Official Combat Cloth Face Covering (CCFC) for singular ordering in addition to bulk purchasing.

The Army and Air Force had requested a rapid supply of the CCFC’s prior to the DLA being able to procure and issue these face coverings.  Allocated funds were provided by the Army and Air Force to AAFES to purchase the CCFC masks and they are now being distributed to Army and Air Force Exchange Stores nationwide for immediate purchase.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center designed and developed Army Face Coverings based on the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Defense (DoD) to wear cloth face coverings when social distancing protocols could not be met. These rugged yet soft face coverings are washable, form fitting, and double layered with adjustable flex-aluminum nose bridge featuring elastic cord and adjustable barrel locks for securing to the face. The face covering is not regulated by the FDA.

CCFC products have been assigned the following National Stock Numbers (NSN):

Type II Combat Cloth Face Coverings (CCFC):

Available Now: Class 4 Tan499 Polyester/ Cotton Plain Weave.

No National Stock Number Assigned.

Available Now: Class 5 Black Polyester/ Cotton Plain Weave.

National Stock Number (NSN) 8415-01-692-4240

Call for Availability Class 6: OCP Polyester/ Cotton Plain Weave.

National Stock Number (NSN) 8415-01-687-8956

An NSN is a 13-digit numeric code, identifying all the “standardised material items of supply” as they have been recognised by all NATO countries including United States Department of Defense, and allows for any of the 29 NATO militaries to purchase the Combat Cloth Face Covering (CCFC) on a “military catalogue” basis, significantly simplifying the procurement process. The assignment of an NSN is also relevant to non-NATO customers in that it is considered to signify that the product has achieved a certain level of acceptance by the world’s most discerning defence customers, the members of NATO and NATO’s allies.

The St. Paul, MN. Woman-owned Small Business (WOSB) expects that these NSNs will assist its sales efforts in both NATO and non-NATO countries.

In October 2020, Clothier Design Source had announced here on Soldier Systems that they were producing the CCFC. The assignment of the NSNs were followed by the Company’s first substantial order for these Face Coverings in supplying AAFES; the Army Air Force Exchange Service with an initial order for 190,000 Units.

If you have a large quantity for micro-purchase, P-Card, PO or RFQ please contact Clothier Design Source at (651) 225-8025 or [email protected]. The CCFC is also available through GSA Advantage Contract #GS-07F-032BA; MAS Schedule SIN 339113R and you can contact [email protected].

Warfighter Health Symposium – 18 May in Fayetteville, NC

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Thanks to the recent outpour of support from those within our community, including veteran-owned companies and sponsors, as well as the huge success and collaborative efforts from a recent event in Tampa, HunterSeven and Task Force Dagger Foundation have decided to host a special educational, informational and networking event in the Fayetteville / Fort Bragg, NC area in thanks to, and sponsored by London Bridge Trading and Knot Good Company.

Event: Warfighter Health Symposium

Purpose: Understanding Your Exposures

Presented by: HunterSeven and Task Force Dagger Foundation

Date: Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Time: 18:00 – 21:00 EST

Location: 215 Studios, Fayetteville, NC

This event is open to civilians/public, military/veterans and families.

Appetizer-type food and drink will be provided.

Free sign up prior to the event is required, but spaces are extremely limited.

For details, to register or donate, visit

OLAES Hemostatic Bandage from Tactical Medical Solutions

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

The OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage combines the globally recognized OLAES® Modular Bandage with battle-tested HemCon® ChitoGauze®PRO, creating the most comprehensive trauma bandage for multiple injury profiles.

One of few CoTCCC recommended hemostatic dressings, ChitoGauze®PRO is X-Ray detectable and the included gauze is located inside the bandage’s wound pad for rapid access at the point of injury.

Having both a pressure bandage and hemostatic gauze in a single package streamlines your treatment process and saves space in your kit for additional medical items.


1 Stocked with 3”x12’ of ChitoGauze® PRO hemostatic gauze, ideal for a variety of applications and wound surfaces.

2 TRUE PRESSURE CUP Generates focused pressure on the wound site to assist occluding damaged vessels. It can also serve as a rigid eye shield for ocular injuries per CoTCCC guidelines.

3 WOUND PAD Covers the injury site to assist with sustained bleeding control and keep the wound clear of debris. Its non-adherent compartment keeps gauze tucked neatly inside for rapid access during application.

4 VELCRO® CONTROL STRIPS Built into the elastic wrap to prevent accidental unrolling during application.

5 ELASTIC WRAP Secures the gauze and wound pad to the injury site and assists in maintaining consistent applied pressure.

6 SECURING CLIP Locks the bandage into place to free up the user’s hands to treat other injuries or casualties.  

7 EASY-TEAR POINTS Intuitive, rapid access to the sterile bandage is achieved through multiple tear points indicated by red arrows at each package corner.

The OLAES Hemostatic Bandage is available at

New Medical Video Series from Panteao – It’s Not Just About Firearms Training

Monday, March 29th, 2021

Columbia, SC, March 29, 2021 – Panteao announces the upcoming release of a new series of instructional medical videos. Panteao Productions teamed up with Tactical Medical Solutions to create a new series covering medical for concealed carry, hunting and maritime scenarios. The videos are taught by Dan Stout, the Training Manager with TacMed Solutions. Dan served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and spent 25 years in law enforcement. During his career, Dan cross trained as a Paramedic and was the “Medic” on the SWAT Team for 14 years.  Dan spent a considerable amount of time as both a Sergeant and Lieutenant as part of the “Training Unit” where he taught at the Police Academy, Inservice Training, EMS Programs, and Advanced & Specialized Courses.  

“Having some level of medical training is becoming more and more important and goes hand in hand with firearms training. While medical and firearms training in video format cannot replace hands on training, it is a place to start your education process,” said Fernando Coelho, President/CEO of Panteao Productions.

Tracy Shank, Marketing Director for TacMed Solutions said, “At TacMed Solutions, we want to equip, train and protect those who find themselves in a crisis situation. We are pleased to work with Panteao Productions on a series of courses that can further that goal among those individuals pursuing their passions while seeking the know-how to medically treat themselves, friends and family members in a worst-case scenario event.”

The first video to be released will be “Make Ready with TacMed Solutions: Concealed Carry Medical”. In that video, Dan reviews phases of treatment, bleeding control, tourniquet application, wound packing, the basics of individual first aid kits, dealing with gunshot wounds, and more that – in the end – can help you and your family members stay alive.

After the introduction of Concealed Carry Medical, Panteao will be releasing Hunting Medical followed by Maritime Medical. These videos will be part of a new series devoted to bringing medical training and information to the Panteao streaming video audience.

The medical series will be available for purchase on DVD and digital download, or can be streamed via Panteao’s Make Ready streaming platform. The videos will be available online via a PC or Mac, on a smartphone or tablet using the Panteao Make Ready Android and iTunes apps, or on television with the Panteao Make Ready channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. For more information on how to stream the Panteao videos, visit:

Platatac – PAFA MK3 Medic Pack

Monday, March 29th, 2021

The all new PAFA MK3 Medic Pack has been designed with SOF Medics to create a primary aid kit that is fully configurable, with a comprehensive array of removable internal and external pouches that can be arranged to suit the user’s needs.

The PAFA MK3 Medic Pack is available in two kits, both with an array of pouches and accessories.

The Standard kit includes a Velcro in hydro/splint/long item pouch, Velcro in IV Organiser Pouch with elastic retainers for bungs, cannulas and giving set, also included are two Velcro backed medium and two large rectangle zippered organisation pouches with vinyl windows and colour coded removable tabs for easy recognition of organisation pouches and a small mesh topped pouch.

The Advanced kit includes all the above items from the Standard kit plus a pair of MOLLE zippered accessories pouches, Tac Evac PAFA soft litter and modular equipment insert with elastic shock cord to hold various items.

CTOMS Academy Is Live

Monday, March 29th, 2021

CTOMS Academy is now live. They are offering a 25% discount at checkout (no coupon required) for the first week on all Bundles and Courses. This is on top of the Bundle price, which is 40% off the price of purchasing the individual Courses.

CTOMS Academy is an online tactical medicine school ideal for military, law enforcement, and other security personnel, as well as prepared citizens, first responders, and paramedics.

Learn more at:

Operator Skin Care Lotion

Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Yeah, I get it, “Operator Skin Care Lotion,” yuck! But the reality is that your skin is your body’s largest organ and it takes a beating, particularly while doing the things SSD readers do. These products were created by Danish SOF Vets.

Operators Skincare Sun Lotion with SPF 30/50 will let you perform at your best for hours in the sun by effectively protecting you against the harmful UVA and UVB rays, that otherwise would turn your skin red as a steamed lobster.

There are three products so far, After Sun Care along with 30 SPF and 50 SPF Sun Protection. They are non-greasy, which I appreciate and waterproof.

Check them out at