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ITS Releases an All-New Hygiene Kit

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

[ARLINGTON, TX, 06/16/2021] Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release the ITS Hygiene Kit! It’s the perfect travel companion and contains lightweight, quality items you need to freshen up and tackle your day; whether indoors or outdoors. The contents come pre-packed inside the included ITS Nylon Zip Bag, which features the new Hygiene Kit PVC Nametape Patch for easy identification!

This 18-piece kit fits neatly into your luggage, pack, or bag and all items are TSA compliant. There’s also some extra room to add your own items, like medications, etc.

Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Products, please visit store.itstactical.com.

AFRL Opens Research Altitude Chambers, Becomes Force in Aerospace Physiology

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFRL) – When Airmen are flying at 50,000 feet, they have to be prepared for every situation. And every piece of equipment that goes up with them must be able to function under the pressures of flight as well.

At the Air Force Research Laboratory, ensuring pilots, air crews, and all flight equipment can withstand various pressures, is one of the missions in the lab’s 711th Human Performance Wing, where research and aerospace medicine converge to enhance the performance and readiness of operational Airmen.

In order for these flying Airmen and their equipment to be ready, they must be tested against such pressures. Research must be conducted. Data must be collected. Training must occur. And all of this is made possible by AFRL’s human performance experts, in partnership with the Naval Medical Research Unit – Dayton, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with state-of-the-art facilities including NAMRU-D’s spacial disorientation device called the Kraken, AFRL’s human-rated centrifuge, and most recently added, the lab’s research altitude chambers, commonly known as the RAC.

On May 27, leadership and aerospace physiology experts from across the Air Force came together both in-person and virtually via Zoom in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the RAC, a family of four computer-controlled altitude chambers.

“Aerospace physiology research and training, here in the RAC and in our other facilities, is essential to the readiness of our air crews and their missions,” said Darrell Phillipson, acting director of AFRL’s human performance wing, who presided over the ceremony. “Today, we are standing at the DoD’s epicenter of aerospace physiology research capability and expertise.”

But this convergence of expertise and facilities for aerospace physiology is anything but new. In fact, it’s been a plan for decades, growing and strategically relocating as technology has advanced.

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Rosales, the event’s master of ceremonies, discussed some of the history of how military scientists and researchers have provided the Air Force and sister services, including NASA, with groundbreaking research and training relating to the effects of weightlessness, pressure, altitude, temperature, acceleration and numerous other challenges that can arise in flight dating back as far as the late 1950s, decades before the strategic stand-up of the human performance wing in AFRL in 2008. He told the audience, which included Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Dorothy Hogg, Lt. Gen. Mark Ediger (ret.), AFRL Commander Maj. Gen. Heather Pringle, and AFRL Executive Director Tim Sakulich, among others, about the historical contribution to NASA with the development of space suits used by astronauts in the Gemini and Apollo programs.

As air frames and technology advance, so does research and training.  

“These four research altitude chambers will give us an unprecedented capability to test and gather data, ensuring the continued longevity of flight equipment, and providing us a more complete set of tools to measure the effects of altitude on our pilots and air crews,” said Phillipson. “And this larger family of test facilities, supporting labs, and world-class talent establishes AFRL, in partnership with NAMRU-D, as one of the most capable and functionally-equipped research centers in aerospace physiology in the world. These facilities ensure our air crews are ready now, and for whatever the future may bring.”

For additional information about the RAC and the capabilities of each chamber, click here. For additional information on AFRL’s centrifuge, click here. For information about NAMRU-D’s Kraken, visit here. For a quick recap of the RAC ribbon-cutting ceremony, click here.

By Gina Marie Giardina, Air Force Research Laboratory Public Affairs

Chase Tactical Launches New Tourniquet Pouch

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

The Chase Tactical Universal Tourniquet Pouch was designed as a simplistic universal tourniquet holder. Designed around the most commonly used tourniquets (CAT, SOFT-T, and TAC-T), it features elastic sides and adjustable hook and loop secured flap.

The MOLLE Universal Tourniquet Holder features a Hypalon pull tab that provides extra grip when needed.


• Berry Compliant
• Mil-Spec elastic retention sleeve capable of retaining TAC-T, CAT, & SOFT-T
• Simplistic ergonomically functional design
• Universal Fit
• Dimensions (HxWxD):  6.75″ x 2″ x 1.25″
• Weight: 1.6 Oz


Tactical Medical Solutions (TacMed) Announces Rebranding with Addition of Simulation and Protection Solutions

Monday, May 24th, 2021

As part of TacMed’s corporate mission to become a global leader in providing first respoders with the complete response experience, TacMed™ has acquired TraumaFX® Solutions and the DKX brand of body armor solutions. Elevate Your Response to Crisis Situations Through Innovation, Advanced Research, and State-of-the-Art Development.

Anderson, S.C. (May 24, 2021) – Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC (TacMed™) is excited to announce a corporate rebrand following the additions of simulation and protection offerings to the TacMed™ portfolio. These additions provide a full-scale solution to customers focusing on three core tenets: Equip, Train, Protect.

As part of TacMed’s rebranding and growth strategy, the company acquired TraumaFX® Solutions and the DKX brand of body armor. In addition, Tactical Medical Solutions® will now be branded as TacMed Solutions™ with three pillars: TacMed Medical, TacMed Simulation, and TacMed Protection.

The new business model now offers TacMed™ customers and first responders a one-stop solution for all their needs: medical equipment, training and simulation, and protective gear. As part of TacMed’s three-pillar business approach, each of the new divisions will focus on one aspect of the response experience. TacMed Medical will continue to equip first responders with the highest quality medical gear at the point of injury. Products will always be rooted in user-focused design, extensive research and testing, and personal experience and knowledge.

TacMed Simulation will offer state-of-the-art training solutions with high-fidelity trauma manikins through its acquisition of TraumaFX® Solutions. Designed to offer first responders and military medics the most realistic medical training experience, the life-like simulators provide responders with the autonomous response to field treatment, creating an immersive training. This training experience gives first responders the confidence and expertise to effectively work under stressful conditions.

TacMed Protection incorporates DKX’s personal protective gear for first responders under the TacMed Solutions™ umbrella to provide responders with body armor, plates, carriers, and other mission specific protective gear so they can focus on delivering aid safely.

“TacMed™, at its core, has always taken pride in providing best-in-class, innovative medical solutions supporting Warfighters and both professional and immediate responders,” said Will Wennberg, CEO. “With the acquisition of TraumaFX® Solutions and the DKX body armor line of products, we can now provide a full suite of medical devices, trauma simulators, and protective equipment to better serve our customers and those requiring aid. We have never been more dedicated to our mission – which will never waiver – and can now train, equip and protect the brave men and women we support and serve.”

Over the last 18 years, TacMed™ has evolved into a global leader in the field of tactical medicine. The recent expansion allows the company to better support its customers throughout the entire continuum of patient care. Professional and civilian first responders, overseas and here at home, have saved countless lives due to an investment in their equipment, training, and protection. TacMed™ continues down the unrelenting path to serving these customers and is honored to do so. TacMed™ will continue to focus on meeting and exceeding industry standards and striving to surpass the expectations of its valued customers.

Phokus Research Group – Frog Gauze

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Each pack of Frog Gauze from Phokus Research Group offers 3 in x 4 yds of Z-Folded 1/2 in thick sterile gauze. It can be packed into any wound.

The gauze is vacuum packed and Made in the USA. Offered in boxes of 10 or 50 packs.


International Tactical Medicine Competition 2021

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

The International Tactical Medicine Competition is Back!

The past year has been trying for everyone. The new normal we have now become accustomed to is not going anywhere soon. The 2020 ITMC had to be canceled, to comply with international restrictions put on gatherings and travel. However, we have good news! ITMC 2021 is a go! With protective measures in place, the 2021 ITMC will have been worth the wait!

The 2021 International Tactical Medicine Competition will be held at The SOARescue Farm- Training Center just outside of Charlotte in Concord, North Carolina on Sunday, June 27th, hosted by SOARescue. The event will be held just prior to the Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly. In total, 8 two-man teams will compete for the title of 2021 Champions. This year’s competitors come from across North America from coast to coast as well as internationally.

A new addition to this year’s competition will be a pre-competition conference. Historically, there has been a competitor train-up day prior to the competition. The opportunity to offer additional training to attendees is a new concept, that we hope will further the mission of the event as a whole. The pre-conference will take place on 25-26 June at the SOARescue Farm in concord. There will be three tracks of training modules. Some of the topics covered will be Field Amputation, Ventilator Management, POCUS, Rope Rescue, Procedure Labs, Blast Injury Management, Non-Compressible Torso Trauma, Resuscitation & Blood Product Administration.

Each team will be tasked with a grueling 4-stage course that is both mentally and physically challenging. The stages transition the competitors through each of the TCCC/TECC phases of care, as well as prolonged and en route care. Teams are challenged with a variety of skills, from providing care under a direct threat to treating casualties with critical care medicine using limited resources. These are the same skills that tactical medics must utilize when they are faced with a wide range of calls/missions, such as a school shooting or evacuation from a far-forward austere setting.

Competitors are also challenged negotiating obstacles or difficult terrain with a casualty. Casualties may have to be hoisted or lowered depending on the situation to moved to a place where they can meet an evacuation asset. The public is welcome as spectators. Spectators can watch teams working through treating various casualties and overcoming the obstacles of challenging scenarios. Teams will be competing from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday, June 27th.

This competition has been an incredible opportunity for civil and military operational medical professionals to work together in friendly competition. The training competitors engaged in before the competition has made each competitor a better medical provider and competing allows them to find any weaknesses they may have. We hope to continue and grow this unique competition, to better prepare our responders, and to help the community better understand the services provided. It is our deepest desire to foster an environment for our nation’s responders to hone their skills, so that if the unfortunate moment comes, they are better prepared.

The previous National Tactical Medicine Competitions and now International Tactical Medicine Competition have been a huge success thanks to all of our contributing sponsors, role players, patient actors, judging staff, and adjunct facilitators.

www.Tacmedcompetition.com provides event information, pre-conference registration, and more.

Some of our previous sponsors we would like to thank:


-Qore Performance


-Blaze Defense Systems

-Haley Strategic Partners

-Zenith Firearms


-Condition Grey

-5.11 Tactical

-Lion Apparel

-First Line Technologies

-North American Rescue


-Juggernaut Case


-5.11 Tactical


-Altama (Original Footwear)

-CRO Medical

-Core Survival

-Enola Gaye


For further inquiries, sponsorship interest, or more information please contact:

Event PIO: Andrew R. [email protected]

Whiskey 5 – AMP Human

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021


Amp Human was born out of biotech by co founders Erica Good (former Mckinsey & Co) and Jeff Byers (former NFL player). Good and Byers met when they joined the founding team of an early-stage biotech company over five years ago. This is where the transdermal technology behind Amp Human’s PR Lotion was developed. The biotech was focused on the technology’s medical applications, but Good and Byers saw the potential for a broader application. What if they could apply the technology to vitamins, minerals, and supplements? Their passion for Human performance fueled the idea and the eventual spin-out to create Amp Human.


Amp Human

Amp Human’s vision is for every human to be limitless. They achieve this through their portfolio of products that combine the right technology to meet human performance needs. Their flagship product, PR Lotion, is relied on by the world’s best athletes to give their bodies more bicarb to neutralize acid in muscles which helps them push harder and recover faster. PR Lotion is used by over 40% of the NFL and NHL, Tour de France winners, IronMan medalists, and Olympians, to name a few.

Amp Human has had strong success in the government space, specifically within the DoD. Amp Human has received three SBIRs from the US Air Force. The work behind the SBIRs focused on multiple use cases of their flagship technology and product, PR Lotion. They are currently working on a Phase II contract that will allow Amp Human to better understand a new use case of their flagship product, PR Lotion. Amp Human will be exploring a hydration-related use case with the 1 SOW (1st Special Operations Wing). Hydration is critical in maintaining elite performance, and this partnership will aim to solve a long-standing hydration challenge for the Air Force.

PR Lotion

PR Lotion is the first and only topical lotion to deliver sodium bicarbonate directly through the skin. This enhances the buffering capacity of the body and the muscle while circumventing the potentially debilitating GI distress. PR Lotion effectively eliminates all problems associated with sodium bicarbonate ingestion while providing athletes with the benefits described in over 40 years of sodium bicarbonate research. Clinical research highlights include:

? Four double-blind, randomized controlled trials completed

? Two studies peer-reviewed and published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal (ACSM).

? >50% reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness

? 11% higher lactate available to fuel muscles

? >20% more intervals completed before failure

? Improved ability for muscle cells to control energy production (demonstrated in MRI study)


Amp Human is a venture-backed seed-stage startup that was founded in the summer of 2018.


Amp Human calls the mountains of Park City, UT home. A place that shares the passion for activity, sport, and human performance at all levels.


Amp Human strives to redefine the possibilities of the human body, working with their community to progress to something greater, achieving the next level of human performance through innovative solutions, education, and cultivating community.


Darley Awarded Nee DLA Medical Supplies Contract

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Itasca, IL, May 7, 2021 – On April 28, 2021, DLA Troop Support awarded W.S. Darley & Co. (Darley) contract SPE2DS-21-D-0006.  This award is a Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for Medical/Surgical (med/surg) supplies to support the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customer base.  The contract consists of a one-year Base Ordering Period and four (4) one-year unilateral Option Ordering Periods and is estimated at $258,476,856 over 5 year total.

This is Darley Defense’s third DLA Tailored Logistics Support award which also includes the Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (F&ESE) which the company has held since 2008 and Special Operational Equipment (SOE) which was renewed in January 2021 – 10 year IDIQ with a $33 Billion Contract Cap.

TLS contracting enables customers to order commercial off-the-shelf, brand specific products through a streamlined acquisition process with a global distribution.

Darley has been a family owned and operated business since 1908 with over 300 employees committed to serving the world’s first responders and tactical communities by providing high-quality, safe and innovative products with unmatched service.

“We are truly honored that DLA has again allowed us to play a role in the mission of supporting our troops”, said Paul Darley CEO.  “Our team looks forward to expanding our supply chain and sales support of medical equipment in the locations around the world where it is needed the most.”

Learn more about Darley Defense here.