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MATBOCK Monday – Lift System

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Lift System

Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday!

S – Lift

At 6.5 feet long, the stretcher is long enough to accommodate all operators and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs for both the operator and his/her gear. The stretcher has 5 handles per side to give each team a multitude of configurations for carrying a downed man. Additionally, the litter collapses and zips together to form a multipurpose, lightweight, Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) bag. The bag is augmented with a single adjustable strap for easy carry when loaded, a drawstring to secure the bag contents and is small enough to fold up and be stored in a cargo pocket. The S-LIFT is compatible with the Combat Carbon Poles.

J – Lift

Made from Ultra High-Density Polyethylene, it will not absorb water, biological or chemical hazards and can handle decontamination in all standard chemicals without degradation in strength or abrasion resistance. Additionally, the stretcher is constructed with Kevlar stitching to ensure even the stitching won’t absorb those hazards. The J-LIFT is compatible with the Combat Carbon Poles.

6″ W x 5.5″ L x 1.5″ D in case

26″ W x 78″ L when deployed

Weight: 12 ounces (with carrier)

Weight with poles: 3.3 lbs

R – Lift

The R-LIFT is a fully rigid litter that deploys in seconds, weighs only 6 lbs on its own and only 6.5 lbs with the carrying pack. It boasts a maximum load carrying capacity of 400 lbs. The litter is constructed from Ultra High-Density Polyethylene and Kevlar stitching, offering extremely high abrasion resistance and strength, inability to absorb blood, pathogens, chemical or biological hazards, and still decrease weight and size. Additionally, The R-LIFT comes with a built-in inflatable air bladder designed to support the head and align the spine. The R-LIFT comes with a replaceable integrated emergency blanket that can be deployed quickly to prevent hypothermia. The R-LIFT is compatible with the Combat Carbon Poles.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday at 1:00 PM EST as we go live for a demo and answer your questions!


Garmin HRM-Dual

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

If you’re looking for a replacement heart monitor for use with your Garmin device check out the HRM-Dual. It transmits via ANT+ connectivity and BLUETOOTH Low Energy technology.

The HRM-Dual is waterproof to 1 atmosphere. The battery lasts up to 3.5 years and the soft strap is removable and washable.


Chargeurs Invests in Reshoring PPE Manufacturing to the US

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Company Creates More than 50 New Jobs in Ohio and Prioritizes the Hiring of Veterans

U.S. Representative Warren Davidson to Tour Facility as Congress Considers Bipartisan Legislation in Support of More Domestic Manufacturing

New York, NY – October 13, 2020 –The Chargeurs Group today announced a significant investment to expand the company’s U.S. manufacturing footprint to reshore personal protective equipment (PPE) production. The project will support Chargeurs’ newest division, U.S.-based Lainiere Health & Wellness, which will oversee the distribution, marketing and sales of all U.S.-manufactured PPE, including consumer-grade and medical-grade three-ply masks as well as 95-level respirator masks. The company will welcome U.S. Representative Warren Davidson at its Troy, Ohio, facility, Novacel Inc., which is creating more than 50 new jobs in the state and prioritizing the hiring of military veterans.

“Chargeurs is highly committed to developing new industrial capacity in the U.S. and to contributing to the country’s ability to manufacture PPE domestically,” said Michaël Fribourg, Chairman and CEO of Chargeurs Group. “We are grateful to all of our U.S. teams for their own longstanding commitment to success and we will continue to invest in our American manufacturing capability in the coming years.”

Chargeurs’ Ohio manufacturing facility is in a district represented by Representative Warren Davidson, a former Army Ranger who spent 15 years owning and operating manufacturing companies in Ohio. Congressman Warren continues to champion Ohio manufacturing and his tour of Chargeurs’ facility in Troy follows the introduction of bipartisan legislation by Ohio Senator Rob Portman and Michigan Senator Gary Peters that would incentivize more American companies to reshore production of PPE, reducing the U.S.’s reliance on foreign-made supplies. Should it be signed into law, the Make PPE in America Act would require the federal government to issue long-term contracts to companies to produce PPE in the U.S. The law would help provide manufacturers with the certainty they need to justify an investment in U.S. production.

“I love seeing this growth in manufacturing in southwest Ohio,” said Congressman Davidson, who represents Ohio’s 8th District. “As we’ve seen this year, keeping production inside the U.S. isn’t just important for the economy, it is critical to our national security. As a former manufacturer and Army Ranger, I’m also glad to see that hiring veterans is a priority for businesses. This is a win-win for all involved.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the risk of relying on foreign countries for PPE, Chargeurs began retrofitting part of its Troy, Ohio, manufacturing facility to help alleviate the domestic shortage of this critical equipment. The facility has begun with lines that can produce up to 2.5 million masks a month and will increase its production capacity in the coming months. Chargeurs also aims to produce Berry-compliant masks that meet the requirements of US military and government contracts by the end of the year.

“Chargeurs has invested significant capital in retooling our Ohio factory to reshore production of PPE to America,” said Angela Chan, CEO and President of Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies. “We have been supplying raw materials to the PPE market for years, so it made perfect sense to pivot to manufacturing these products in the USA, especially given the severe shortages of this equipment our country has seen since the start of the pandemic.”

“We could not be prouder to leverage our technical expertise in materials and textiles to help fill the urgent need for these supplies and to bring jobs—including jobs for veterans—back to Ohio,” added Laurent Derolez, CEO of Chargeurs Protective Films and President of Novacel Inc.

“Reshoring production of PPE items like masks is critical to prevent a repeat of the supply chain breakdown that caused major shortages earlier this year,” said Mark McCormick, Manufacturing Growth Specialist at FASTLANE, West Central Ohio’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which is located within the University of Dayton Research Institute. “The investment that Chargeurs is making in Troy will help to ensure that Americans have the PPE they need while also creating additional jobs for our region.”

The Troy Facility Is Just One Example of Chargeurs’ Commitment to Made in the USA Manufacturing

Chargeurs is a France-based, family-owned diversified group operating as a worldwide leader in various businesses, including technical and performance textiles for the apparel and fashion industry, surface protection solutions, and business services and fabrication for the museum, cultural and entertainment sectors. Under Michaël Fribourg’s leadership, Chargeurs has been investing in the U.S. since 2015 to support a strong Made in the USA strategy.

In addition to its investment in the Novacel Inc. facility in Ohio (formerly known as Troy Laminating & Coating), Chargeurs has invested in manufacturing technologies in a number of its other U.S. facilities, including Main Tape Company Inc. in New Jersey, Walco Inc. in California, Lainiere de Picardie Inc. in Pennsylvania, Design & Production Incorporated in Virginia, and Chargeurs Wool USA Inc. in South Carolina.

Virtual Warfighter Expo – TacMed R-AID Bag

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

The Tactical Medical Solutions R-AID Bag worn as a backpack, hung as a panel, or slung over a shoulder like a messenger bag.

All critical intervention items are loaded in the top flap of the bag for immediate access. The second main compartment of these combat med pack bags contain items required for additional treatments and casualty packaging. The rear sleeve contains triage and casualty marking materials.

Offered in Black, Green, MultiCam, Tan and Red.


Virtual Warfighter Expo – RightEye Vision System

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Those most amazing thing I’ve run across during the Virtual Warfighter Expo is the RightEye Vision System. They focus on human performance improvement based on dynamic vision skills.

The American Optometry Association (AOA), recommends evaluation for dynamic eye focusing, eye teaming, and eye movement, in addition to static visual acuity.

The RightEye Vision System is intended for recording, analyzing, and reporting eye movements in support of identifying visual tracking impairment.

They offer graphic, computer based testing which includes:

• Nystagmus
• Smooth Pursuit Tracking
• Saccades
• Fixations
• Multi-layer Reaction Time
• Visual Speed
• Visual Processing
• Reading Gaze Trails

Their device is an FDA certified Nystagmograph that tracks the amplitude and velocity of rapid, involuntary, and oscillatory ocular movements, and measures changes in the eye as the eye moves.

They evaluate vision to identify issues and then offer exercises to improve performance.

How it works:

Units and agencies can procure all products shown during Virtual Warfighter by contacting ADS Inc.

To learn more, visit righteye.com.

Virtual Warfighter Expo – Phokus Warfighter Bundle

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

The Phokus Warfighter Bundle combines three of their most popular trauma kits, two pouches, and an optional tourniquet into a single item.

1x Deployment Trauma Kit 2 (DTK2)
1x Low Visibility Deployment 2 (LVD-2)
1x Shield Trauma Kit (STK)
1x Low Visibility Pouch (FB-1)
1x Shield Pouch (FB-2)
1x Combat Application Tourniquet or SOF-T Wide (optional)

Units and agencies can procure all products shown during Virtual Warfighter by contacting ADS Inc.


US Army Face Coverings Available from Clothier Design Source

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center designed and developed Army Face Coverings based on the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Defense (DoD) to wear cloth face coverings when social distancing protocols could not be met.

There are currently two designs:

Clothier Design Source, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of medical textiles offers both in Black, Tan 499 and OCP. Your also offer embroidery.

Visit www.clothierdesignsource.com.

UF PRO Presents – The “Boo Boo” Bag

Monday, October 5th, 2020

A “Boo Boo” bag is part of a medical kit reserved for minor cuts and blisters (headaches, too), the non-life-threatening stuff that’s inconvenient but nonetheless needs to be treated.

We’ve presented ready made versions in the past with many preferring to make their own. This video featuring former Special Forces Medic Luka, shows what he puts in his “Boo Boo” bag.

Read more at ufpro.com/blog/article/civilian-edc-whats-my-combat-medic-bag.