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DSEi 21 – Hartmann Trauma Bandage

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Paul Harmann AG exhibited in the Swiss Pavilion at DSEi.

Their Trauma Bandage can be applied with one hand and has several features:

DSEi 21 – Platatac Tactical Trauma Shears

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Platatac had a lot going on in their small kiosk within the Edgar Brothers stand. You could consider Platatac a one-stop tactical shop in their own right, but Edgar Brothers is the conduit for this Australian into UK government sales.

One of those many items is the Platatac Tactical Trauma Shears, shown above next a PMAG for scale. They’re a bit shorter? than standard trauma shears.

Made from Stainless Steel, these shears feature a serrated lower cutting edge, subdued coloring and a P.P. Plastic handle (for the Autoclave 143 Degree C requirement).

Finally, the price is great at A$15.

TMS Tuesday – Packing A Wound With OLAES Hemostatic Bandage

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Packing a Wound with the JEMS Hot Product Award Winning OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage

An important part of learning to stop the bleed is learning how to properly pack a wound. Being prepared will help you be ready to save a life in the case of an unexpected emergency.

The OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage is a JEMS Hot Product of 2021 and an EMS World Innovation Award Finalist. It combines the globally recognized OLAES® Modular Bandage with battle tested HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO to create the most comprehensive trauma bandage for multiple injury profiles. One of few CoTCCC recommended hemostatic dressings, ChitoGauze® PRO features chitosan as the hemostatic agent, is X-Ray detectable, and is located inside the bandage’s wound pad for rapid access at the point of injury.

Let’s look at the steps to packing a wound!

Step 1: Locate the Bleed

Put your fingers into the wound, locate the source of the bleeding, and apply direct pressure.

Step 2: Form a Ball

Take the end of the gauze and form it to create a ball of hemostatic agent to better provide direct pressure on the source of bleeding.

Step 3: Pack the Wound

Using appropriate pressure to stop the flow of blood, push the gauze into the wound and directly onto the source of the bleeding. With constant pressure, pack the wound with the gauze until all the areas of the wound are completely filled and bleeding has stopped.

Step 4: Hold Consistent Pressure

Hold direct, consistent pressure on the packed wound for 3 minutes. If the bleeding stops, proceed to bandaging. If the bleeding continues, remove all the gauze from the wound and repeat all the steps with fresh gauze until the bleeding has stopped.

Step 5: Apply the Pressure Dressing

Once the bleeding has stopped, apply a pressure dressing with the pressure cup centered over the wound. Maintain pressure and wrap the bandage tightly over the wound and pressure cup.

Step 6: Secure the Pressure Dressing

Once the bandage has been fully applied, secure it with the securing clips.

Step 7: Check Wound

Check to make sure that the bandage is in the right spot, the pressure is in the right spot, and the bleeding is controlled.

Step 8: Indicate Hemostatic Agent

Annotate hemostatic use on patient’s DD1380 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care Card), and tuck the bandage’s wrapper into the dressing to indicate that a hemostatic agent was used.

Please seek additional medical attention and opt for hands-on training if possible.

For more information on the OLAES Hemostatic Bandage, check out this link: OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage – TacMed Solutions

Darley Defense Partners with Maddox Defense to Vaccinate The Bahamas

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Itasca, IL, September 16, 2021 – Darley Defense partnered with Maddox Defense, a tactical and medical gear company, to supply The Bahamas Ministry of Health, through the Bahamian Embassy, all of the supplies necessary to vaccinate the Bahamian residents. This included cryogenic freezers to keep 400,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine at the right temperature. These freezers, the most important supply to keep the vaccine from spoiling, had to be procured, shipped and passed through customs in eight days.

The process ran smoothly because a needs assessment was done remotely with hospital leadership, Maddox Defense and Darley’s subject matter expert prior to the purchase of supplies. The work model created between Darley Defense and Maddox Defense for this project continues to produce successful outcomes for all parties involved.

S.O.TECH 2021 Medical Catalog

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

S.O.TECH is proud to announce its 2021 Medical Catalog showcasing the latest iteration of their Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System.  The first generation was the standard issue of Special Forces medics for the past 15 years, and the second generation is off to a tremendous start.  Spiral developments with input from 18Ds, SOCMs, SOFACCs and 68Ws have evolved into cobra pack system and Micro Pack system, two game changing product design concepts.  All products are available on GSA and on the MMC through medical prime vendors.

Get yours here.

G-Code Sync Series Assaulter’s Med Pouch

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Featuring G-Code’s interior load management system, the Assaulter’s Med Pouch is an IFAK carrier and comes with their our “universal tiedown kit” that includes 4 high performance VelStretch straps and a pair of shock cord retention leashes.

It also accepts up to four 6″ x 6″ Synch pouches.

PALS compatible, the Assaulter’s Med Pouch can be attached to your belt or platform by a variety of means.

Offered in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Wolf Grey, MultiCam and MultiCam Black.

Adventure Medical Kits – Dental Medic

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

Adventure Medical Kits offers a wide range of specialized kits. One that sticks out simply because it isn’t as readily available from other vendors is the Dental Medic. It’s designed to stop tooth pain and replace fillings and crowns with temporary material which can be particularly handy for those who regularly travel to regions without ready access to dental care.

Dental Supplies
1 – Dental Wax Temporary Filling
1 – Temporary Cavity Filling Mixture
5 – Cotton Pellets
5 – Cotton Rolls
1 – Dental Floss
3 – Tooth Picks

Pain Relief
1 – Tea Bag, 100% Natural Pekoe Tea
2 – Anbesol/Orasol, Benzocaine 20%, 75g

1 – Dental First Aid Instructions

Uncharted Supply Co. Unveils Three New Products for the Everyday Adventurer

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

The Wolf Pack, Park Pack and First Aid Plus bring reliable protection to daily activities

PARK CITY, Utah (Aug. 10, 2021) – Uncharted Supply Co., the leader in personal preparedness, is launching three new products specifically designed to bring peace of mind to every adventure:

• Wolf Pack, a dog collar that doubles as a lightweight, durable first aid kit

• Park Pack, a modular hip pack with integrated first aid, gear repair tools and room for storage

• First Aid Plus, a waterproof and highly durable first aid kit packed with essential tools for any emergency 

Building upon Uncharted Supply Co.’s revolutionary line of emergency preparedness products, this new gear will be available for purchase online via Uncharted’s website and on-shelves at official Uncharted Supply Co. retail partners across the country starting this fall. The Park Pack ($159), Wolf Pack ($89) and First Aid Plus ($124) offer a durable, yet lightweight build and give outdoor explorers (along with their canine friends) the essentials needed to safely go about daily activities.

“Since 2016, our team at Uncharted has been committed to empowering people to be the hero of their own story during emergency situations. These new additions to our line up present a more accessible and diverse way to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected moments in daily life,” said Christian Schauf, founder and CEO of Uncharted Supply Co. “The Wolf Pack, Park Pack and First Aid Plus were built for adventurers and their dogs. Whether hiking, fishing, biking, hunting or simply exploring, these expert-designed products provide ample coverage for emergencies while enhancing (not restricting) the experience of the adventure.”

The Wolf Pack was designed specifically for furry sidekick adventurers. Created following a real-life scare that almost took the life of Uncharted’s beloved mascot, Barron, the lightweight and durable pack doubles as a dog collar and is easy for pets to wear on daily outings. It comes complete with a veterinarian-approved first aid kit to protect against cuts, bites, stings and more.

The Park Pack is a comfortable hip pack that provides protection, convenience and customization for adventures of any kind. Its welded 600D Tarpaulin shell makes it extremely durable and water-resistant, and a separate cell phone pocket sits atop the pack for easy access and protection. The pack was meticulously designed to eliminate the ‘flop’ common with many hip packs, and its EVA-molded back panel wraps away from the user’s back¾effectively eliminating uncomfortable seams. The pack comes with the Uncharted Triage Kit for first aid and gear repair, two water bottle holders and detachable water bottles positioned to stay out of the way when running or hiking. A selection of attachments for the Park Pack, soon-to-be-released by Uncharted, will transform it into the perfect kit for fishing, hunting and any other activity where lightweight transport is needed.

The First Aid Plus is an extension of Uncharted’s first aid family of products and is an essential piece of gear when heading off the beaten path. It features a waterproof, air-tight shell and the same first aid components as Uncharted’s popular First Aid Pro with the addition of a collection of tools, which include the new multi-tool, flashlight, duct tape, chem lights and more. With a Velcro tear-away Molle backer, First Aid Plus was designed to easily strap on to adventure vehicles of all kinds—taking peace of mind to the trails.

For more information on Uncharted Supply Co.’s complete line of emergency preparedness and safety gear, visit Visit booth #41039UL at Outdoor Retailer in Denver August 10 – 12 for a first look at the new gear.