MATBOCK Monday: Most Versatile Drag Sled on the Market

No other sled comes close to the versatility, reduction on weight and bulk. The Cobra Sled is easily the most advanced draggable & hoist able sled on the market. Everything was meticulously engineered with precision from current and former PJs and 18Ds.

The first part of this video covers how to create the loops at the front so 2 operators can drag a patient hands-free. The 2nd part of the video covers how to make a sit harness with integrated straps to support a vertical hoist operations.

The Cobra Sled’s hoist straps are made from 5,500 lbs tensile strength Kevlar webbing with Kevlar stitching. An integrated chest harness directly attaches to both the horizontal and vertical hoist straps. There are four front drag straps that create 2 x 10 ft loops for operators to sling and drag forward in a hands-free configuration, as well as stabilizing straps in the back for uneven terrain.

NSN: 3920-01-694-6803

Patent No. 11,207,226

If you would like for us to demonstrate this cobra sled or have us conduct a unit visit, please reach out to

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