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CanHeat Tactical Space Heater

Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Every year at AUSA I keep an eye open for innovative soldier systems gear.  One item that caught my eye is the CANHEAT tactical lightweight diesel/JP8 powered space heater. 

Can you believe how compact this thing is? It was designed as a COTS replacement for the legacy Space Heater Arctic (arguably the most dangerous piece of equipment in the US DOD inventory) this unit delivers 13,600 BTU of carbon monoxide free hot, dry air into an enclosed space such as arctic/cold weather ops tents, command posts, medical aid stations, etc.  It’s simple to use as well. Just fill up the heater’s integrated fuel tank with JP8, diesel, or kerosene then connect the control box to either a BB-2590 battery, 110/240 Volt AC, or 12 Volt DC electrical power source and turn it on.

Click here for a brochure.

For more info contact planar.canheat@gmail.com

AUSA 23 – Alien Gear Taq-Strap

Friday, October 13th, 2023

Alien Gear debuted their new Taq-Strap at AUSA. The Taq-Strap is a wearable tourniquet strap which replaces any standard 1.5″ thigh retention strap like on holsters or leg mounted loadouts. It allows the wearer to provide self care via a hasty tourniquet application to the femoral arteries.


AUSA 23 – FN LICC IWS Update

Friday, October 13th, 2023

FN America displayed the latest version of their Lightweight Intermediate Caliber Cartridge Individual Weapon System at AUSA. This is the four component systems we wrote about in January.

LICC IWS components:

• Lightweight ammunition family
• Improved Performance Carbine
• 25-round purpose-built, polymer magazine
• Signature Suppressor

Chambered in .264, it was developed on behalf of the Irregular Warfare Technology Support Directorate (IWTSD), a government office, which is responsible for conducting research and development in support of U.S. and allied organizations involved in Irregular Warfare.

The Improved Performance Carbine comes in three versions, the DMR or Recce rifle with 18.5″ barrel in the top two photos as well as a 14.5″ Carbine and 11.5″ CQB model seen below.

FN America has made 40 improvements to the carbine since I fired it last fall and is ready to transition to the customer.

One of the myriad changes is that there is a final form 25 round magazine.

They’ve also reduced weight throughout the design. One place it is immediately visible is in the three lightening cuts made above the charging handle.

Above is a close up of the user adjustable gas block and its cover which we didn’t share last time.

This article has focused on aspects of the Improved Performance Carbine. Upgrades have also been realized with the steel cased ammunition. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to tell you more about that soon, now that the system is heading toward First Article Test.

Read about the other system components and the overall program here.

AUSA 23 – GORE-TEX Heritage Wall

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

GORE-TEX manufacturers W.L. Gore & Assoc celebrated 45 years of working with the US Army with their heritage wall. They dug back into their archives to showcase Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System, Gen II ECWCS, and Gen III ECWCS as well as some footwear including the Matterhorn boot which was popular as both an issue and private purchase item.

This timeline includes some wave top events in Gore’s relationship with the US Army.

For more information on ECWCS, visit www.goretexprofessional.com/blog/navy-seal-testing.

AUSA 23 – SIG Medium Range Gas Gun – Sniper Program Submission

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

Although Geissele won the USSOCOM Medium Range Gas Gun – Sniper competition, SIG showed us the art of the possible with the SPEAR platform by exhibiting their MRGG-S candidate weapon.

MRGG (pronounced Margie at SOCOM) is a 6.5 CM rifle designed as a seni-auto sniper support rifle. As you can see, it sports a 20″ barrel and adjustable buttstock. The optic is a SIG TANGO6T which is a place holder for a customer directed optic.

Here are some close ups of the controls and buttstock.

AUSA 23 – DNS Alpha Vapor Barrier Sock System

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

DNS Alpha exhibited with Mountain Horse Solutions which is a division of Global Ordnance. In addition to their clothing systems, they showed us their Vapor Barrier Sock system which was recently adopted by a NATO SOF unit.

It comes in 6 sizes with the VBL made from silicon treated 30D nylon and fully taped. The liner sock is manufactured by CEP from Merino wool.

AUSA 23 – FN USA’s PGS-001 Precision Grenadier System

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

FN USA is a phase two finalist for the xTechSoldier Lethality Precision Grenadier System.

According to the Army’s vision for the system, PGS:

The PGS shall be a Soldier portable, flat trajectory, semi-automatic, magazine fed, integrated armament system that enables precision engagements to destroy personnel targets in defilade and in the open with increased lethality and precision compared to legacy grenade launchers. The PGS is anticipated to be deployed as a Soldier’s primary weapon system and provide organic close-quarters combat and counter-defilade capabilities through a family of ammunition, providing overmatch to comparable threat grenade launchers in near-peer formations in future operating environments to include urban, woodland, subterranean, and desert, in day, night, or obscured conditions.

At AUSA FN displayed a 3D model of their PGS-001 candidate which is said to fire 30mm projectiles.

It is a box fed, semiautomatic weapon with fire control.


Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

Every trade show I see something extraordinary and for AUSA, AZAK is it. This small company has developed an electric drive train which is contained within the wheel. The wheels can be combined with simple frame systems to create vehicles like this self propelled trailer or a bike.

Each wheel weights about 50 lbs with most of the weight below the hub. The next generation will add about 8 lbs to that. That offers a great deal of torque with independant power to each wheel. There’s also room at the top of the inside of the wheel to double the size of the battery. Additionally, they are considering ways to armor the wheel assembly.

It currently uses the Tomahawk Robotics controller for steering inputs and changes the speed of different wheels to facilitate actual steering. Finally, the range is currently about 60 miles at a top speed of 11 mph.