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Milliken Pivots Textile Manufacturing to Produce Advanced Medical PPE

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Focused on engineering textiles into medical-grade fabrics using anti-microbial and fabric barrier coatings
SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Global textile manufacturer Milliken & Company is leveraging its materials science expertise to manufacture much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for the healthcare industry amid the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Milliken’s new advanced medical fabrics and barriers are currently available and complement Milliken’s breakthrough BioSmartTM antimicrobial technology used in scrubs, lab coats and hospital privacy curtains, harnessing the power of bleach to kill up to 99.9% of common bacteria on contact.

Milliken is manufacturing critical barrier protection fabrics to be used in gowns and headcovers for healthcare professionals. Milliken is also researching and developing materials for incorporation into N95-grade masks. These new innovations complement our existing range of products that can be used for temporary shelters in situations where it’s deemed necessary to set up transitory field hospitals. 

“We have focused our development and manufacturing processes to help fight the battle against COVID-19,” said Halsey M. Cook, Milliken & Company president and CEO. “We began by engineering our existing textiles into medical-grade fabrics for PPE, and we will continue to seek critical solutions as we navigate this uncharted territory as a company, a nation and a world.”

These new advanced medical textiles and barriers are made in the USA and a result of the company applying deep knowledge in material science to modify fabrics that would meet the critical requirements for garments worn by healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 virus.

“Our team of scientists and developers is fully engaged, uncovering solutions to address critical medical and protective needs for those fighting on the front lines of this pandemic,” stated Chad McAllister, president and EVP, Textile Division.

Categorized into Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, Milliken’s advanced medical fabrics and barriers tested to the ANSI/AAMI PB70 Standard and suit multiple medical environments and usage situations.

Level 1 Medical Textile, Milliken PerimeterTM: Suitable for minimal risk situations, including basic care settings and standard hospital medical units, this gown textile provides a slight barrier to small amounts of fluid penetration. Tested to the ANSI/AAMI PB70 standard.

Level 2 Medical Textile, Milliken PerimeterTM: Designed for low risk situations, including suturing and the pathology lab, this gown textile provides a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and some fluid exposure through soaking. Tested to the ANSI/AAMI PB70 standard.

Level 3 Medical Barrier, Milliken PerimeterTM: Designed for moderate risk situations, including hospital emergency rooms and trauma care, this PPE gown textile provides a barrier against larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter, and more fluid exposure through soaking than Level 2. Tested to the ANSI/AAMI PB70 standard.

Milliken has a storied, 150-year legacy in American textile manufacturing and is known worldwide for industry-leading performance and protective textiles, including fabrics for first responder PPE, flame-resistant workwear, military uniforms, airbags, commercial and residential interior environments, napery and more.


Gerber Technology Creates PPE Task Force Resource Page

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Gerber Technology, the makers of Gerber cutters used by the textile industry, has created a resource page for companies wishing to transition their production line to manufacture medical PPE. It includes Patterns, Markers and Tech Packs. A special thanks to On Point Manufacturing for providing many of the Tech Packs.

Updated regularly, you can access it at sites.google.com/gerbertechnology.com/gerbertaskforce/home.

Vibram Wrap Tech

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

At Outdoor Retailer Sole manufacturer Vibram showcased their Wrap Tech sole system.

This shoe from Brandblack features their Wrap & Go sole which eliminates material waste, beinging the sole up and over the sides of the shoe. It is heated and applied to the shoe.

Due to its properties, Wrap & Go ends up being a custom application for every shoe it’s applied to. This makes it great for use by cobblers.

SHOT Show 20 – LBT Inc

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

LBT Inc showed some design concepts utilizing Whiskey Two Four’s ACRONYM fabric which is two layers of 500D nylon fabric joined back to back using a proprietary bonding process. 

One example is this 6904 G3 carrier. They also exhibited the 3-Day Gen 2 which not only incorporates the laser cut ACRONYM, but also TPU zippers and a Velcro field at the top.

DyNyCo – Innovative Elastic NYCO Ripstop for a Modern Army

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

There’s no closer thing to a soldier’s body than his uniform. It’s like a second skin and one may use it for a couple of days or even weeks in a row without washing or taking it off. It protects from the cold and the Sun, from rain as well as wind and snow. What may be the most important though – it makes one less exposed to enemy sight.

Versatile design, cleverly placed pockets and overall fit are truly significant when talking about the uniforms specifics. One cannot place too much emphasis on the fabrics used to produce this piece of gear though. The fabric is the foundation of all other advantages of any uniform.

Speaking of the fabric, there’s only one that meets the expectations of the modern army – NYCO.

What is NYCO?

Briefly speaking NYCO is a combination of Nylon and Cotton. The name tells it all – “NY” came from Nylon and “CO” from Cotton.

NYCO was presented and proved its usability for the very first time in the era of M-65 uniforms. They were made for US Army and gained good feedback fast.

The yarn used to produce NYCO fabric is made of 150 single cotton fibers braided in a special mechanical process with 150 single nylon fibers. After braiding, the yarn is washed and weaved to receive the final product – NYCO fabric. The characteristic Rip-Stop weave is actually a double-braided nylon-cotton fiber. It makes the whole construction of the material more resistant to tearing.


What’s worth noting, though the NYCO fabric had such good ratings in soldiers’ opinions, it took some time until it was used again to produce uniforms. After years of testing different solutions, like a Cotton Twill fabric used in BDU M81 Woodland US uniforms, NYCO Rip-stop was presented once again in 1996 when Enhanced Hot Weather Battle Dress Uniform (EHWBDU) was introduced.

From this time on, NYCO Rip-Stop finally became a standard fabric used to produce US army uniforms. That doesn’t mean though that different producers weren’t trying to improve it. Here is how Direct Action came with an idea of DyNyCo.

DyNyCo – a Direct Action approach to improve NYCO Rip-stop

When on a mission a soldier has to focus on his orders and task. The gear he uses should be possibly easy to use and the uniform he’s wearing should be unnoticeable when he’s moving around. To achieve the latter, Direct Action decided to improve the elasticity of the original NYCO fabric. That’s how they came with a vision of DyNyCo – a “Dynamic” NYCO fabric.

To increase elasticity, without sacrificing much of the values of original NYCO fabric, Direct Action decided to add 3% of Elastane fabric to the whole blend. By joining together 49% Nylon, 48% Cotton and 3% Elastane they received a fabric that’s both durable and breathable as well as elastic enough to guarantee a greater comfort of movement.

From now on, DyNyCo fabric will be used to produce new Direct Action uniforms and combat garments.

For more information visit:  bit.ly/30umRJ7

HLC Industries To Feature Cordura Fabrics at SHOT Show Suppliers Showcase

Friday, January 10th, 2020

The Supplier Showcase is two days during SHOT Show, January 20–21 from 8:30 AM–5:30 PM in the Palazzo Ballroom, 5th Floor Venetian Hotel Meeting Rooms. See HLC Industries in booth #51902.

Visit VELCRO Brand at the SHOT Show Supplier Showcase

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Velcro Companies will be back at the SHOT Show Supplier Showcase in Las Vegas, NV on January 20 – 21. Your products must withstand the harshest conditions the tactical world contends with. Our VELCRO® Brand Military Solutions team has a wide range of solutions including Berry compliant fasteners that can meet these demands. Learn about the latest in VELCRO® Brand fastening technology for tactical equipment at booth #52215.

Murdock Webbing – NanoSphere Finish

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Murdock Webbing now offers NanoSphere which is a post-weaving finish that repels dirt, water, and oil. This finish keeps your products clean and dry. The protection from water absorption keeps packs and clothes lightweight and comfortable. It also improves abrasion resistance. It can be applied to any of our products. Here are some benefits:

·         High level of water repellence
·         Self-cleaning effect
·         Dirt and oil repellant
·         Finish holds up after repeated laundering
·         Protects against abrasion and friction damage
·         No effect on the breathability
·         No effect on the feel

Check it out in their SHOT Show booth #8611.