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Winter Is Come Revitalize Your Durable Water Repellent

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

It’s well past that time of year again. We originally published this article in February of 2010 but seeing as the weather is getting cold and times are tough we republish it each year. We know you pay a lot for your clothing and equipment and it is just as important to maintain it, as it is your firearm.

It looks like it’s going to be a LONG winter. During a recent shooting class I attended it started raining day one and by the middle of the second day it looked like a blizzard. Most of my fellow shooters were wearing waterproof breathable outerwear and several began to feel clammy and then damp the longer each day progressed. A couple of guys were wearing issue Gen I ECWCS parkas. Probably not the best garment available as Gore long ago decided that the basic design could not meet their “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” standards. Of course these jackets were old. More than anything, they needed some maintenance.

The key to any modern outerwear is its Durable Water Repellent (DWR). There are quite a few treatments available and different manufacturers have their favorites but they are usually are based on flouropolymers. These are PTFE molecules that are applied to the surface and cured at high heat to make them adhere better and increase performance and have a fluorine atom at one end which is highly hydrophobic. Heat causes them to align themselves with their flourines exposed. Water tries to move away from the flourines resulting in beading. This allows the water to roll off without wetting the fabric. Interestingly, Quarpel (Quartermaster Repellent) was one of the first DWRs and used to treat field jackets and other military clothing items.

Since most of us can’t run out and purchase a new jacket every time this happens I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips with you that will not only revitalize your garment’s DWR treatment but also extend the life of your clothing.

DWR treatments work best when they are clean. I realize this seems counter to what you think is right since a DWR generally lasts about 25 washings and tactical garments get quite a beating in the field, but you need to wash your clothing. The first thing is to avoid using liquid detergents as well as fabric softeners. Additionally, avoid optical brighteners as they are not good for DWR or IR treatments. There are wash in treatments you can purchase as well as spray on options to help renew your clothing’s DWR. However, wash in treatments may affect the breathability of your membrane. One of the best spray solutions available is Revivex from McNett and it is what I have used in the past. It also serves as a stain repellent. Revivex can also be applied to garments that never had DWR in the first place so if you have hunting or field clothing that you find yourself wearing in inclement weather regularly you may want to give it a once over. If you use a spray treatment be sure to evenly coat your garment while it is still damp after washing and to pay special attention to any seams.

There are two additional ways you can put some life back into your DWR. One is to put the garment in a conventional dryer on warm and the other is to iron it on low heat. If water fails to bead up on the surface of your garment you will need to retreat.

This video by Arc’teryx gives you some pointers.

No matter which method you choose, proper maintenance of your foul weather clothing’s DWR will help keep you warm and dry and extend the life of your equipment.

Platatac Introduces Helium Whisper Range of Pouches

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

Australia’s Platatac has licensed Blue Force Gear’s ULTRAcomp laminated fabric to introduce a Helium Whisper line of laser cut pouches. These new pouches reduce weight by up to 50% of an equivalent PALS equipped pouches.

The line includes a Small Flask Pouch, Small Mk4 Pouch, Smedium Pouch, Simple 152 Radio Pouch, Adjustable 152 Radio Pouch, Adjustable Drop Down 152 Radio Pouch, Double M4 Pouch, Half Med Slot Pouch, Pistol Mag Pouch, Quad Shingle, Single 40/NICO Pouch, Single Shingle, Smoke Grenade Pouch, and Triple Shingle.

The HW range is currently only available in MultiCam.

Order yours at www.platatac.com/catalogue/hw-range

MultiCam Black Squadron Fabric Now Available from 1947 LLC

Monday, November 16th, 2020

1947 LLC is now offering Brookwood Squadron consisting of 500D Cordura MultiCam Black laminated to 1000D Cordura dyed Black.

Still available is MultiCam Squadron which is made up of 500D Cordura MultiCam laminated to 1000D Cordura solution dyed Coyote 498.

Squadron can be laser cut and is used for load carriage and armor carrier applications.

Click here for an updated price list.

Wearin’ Connected Vest: New Ready-to-Use Wearable Technology for Connected Soldiers

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Fischer Connectors Group, the leader in rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments, is proud to present its spin-off Wearin’™, the provider of new wearable connectivity solutions.

Wearin’s solutions integrate wearable technology into ergonomically designed gear, helping reduce weight, simplify use and enhance situational awareness.

Easy-to-use, rugged & lightweight, Wearin’ connectivity solutions are suited for the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA), Soldier Modernization programs and C5ISTAR applications.

At the recent AUSA NOW, Wearin’ unveiled a connected vest designed to meet SWaP (Size, Weight & Power requirements) and enhance soldier mobility, performance and safety.

The Wearin’ connected vest offers a distributed data (USB 2.0) and power bus, eliminating external cables and multiple batteries. Connector receptacles sewn in strategic locations turn the soldier’s vest into a flexible hub delivering power and data.

Communications gear, sensors, cameras, night vision systems, smartphones, tactical computers, GPS devices and other essentials can be fastened with matching plugs built directly into the device.

The new ready-to-use connected vest is Wearin’s Starter Kit, now commercially available. It includes:

• 1x tactical plate & load carrier (vest)

• 1x tactical wearable hub USB 2+ / plug & play with standard wiring integrated within the vest without break-out cables

• 6x Fischer LP360™ cabled receptacles integrated into the vest, i.e. sewn thanks to the new Fischer LP360™ Quick Detach System* including an adapter, a sewing junction, and a retaining ring

• 1x cable with a Fischer LP360™ plug and Fischer UltiMate™ 80* plug (6-pin NATO STANAG 4695 compatible)

• 1x cable with a Fischer LP360™ plug and a USB type A

• 1x Fischer LP360™ LED

• 1x Fischer LP360™ USB 2.0 adapter

Optional applications include the Fischer LP360™ Rugged Flash Drive and the Fischer LP360™ BodyCam*.

* Fischer Connectors’ NEW products commercially available as of September 2020

Wearin’ for Defense & Security. As part of the Fischer Connectors Group, Wearin’ combines the agility of a start-up with the expertise of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments. With a global network of specialized partners in wearable technology, data management, garment manufacturing and other fields, Wearin’ breaks the silos of product development to help create comprehensive, rugged and reliable military-grade wearable ecosystems. www.wearin.tech.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – FirstSpear Asset Technical Field Shirt & Field Shirt

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

As the fall is underway, it’s time to break out the base layers and prep for cold weather. Cold can be a real killer for those exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Staying warm and dry is imperative. Enter FirstSpear’s American Merino Wool lineup. This week we focus on base layers: the Field Shirt & the Asset Technical Field Shirt.

Designed as a lightweight baselayers that wick moisture from your skin and keeps you dry, our ethically-sourced made in the USA wool Field Shirt and Asset Technical Field Shirt are must-haves. They are breathable and light enough to keep you cool during the heat or help trap warmth when layered with other clothing.

The Field Shirt comes in long sleeve and short sleeve.


Model: Field Shirt

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Colors: Black, Charcoal, FS Commando, FS Sand

The Asset Technical Field Shirt features FR Rayon, P-Aramid and Nylon plain weave 3-ounce sleeves, anti-friction NanoGlide mesh underarms, inherently heat and flame resistant and features moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties. The Asset shirt is 100% Berry Compliant and engineered to be a gunfighter’s best friend. Low profile-loop attachment points come standard for FS Cell Tags or IFF.


Model: Asset Technical Field Shirt

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Colors: Black/heather grey, FS commando, FS sand

Constructed from ACM (Advanced Clothing Materials) BASE 100, it’s the lightest weight Merino Wool package FS offers in its ACM Technical Apparel line. Made from 38% fine Merino American-sourced wool, 50% Polyester and 12% Modal. The ACM Base 100 Line blends comfort, performance and fit to give you the best durability and functionality when you need it most. Combining 100% source verified American Merino Wool with our other quality materials to make ACM. The ACM Base 100 is designed to be extra soft against your skin and to be worn year-round.

Constantly pushing the envelope in technological advances to better serve the warfighter and first responders, check out First-Spear.com. To read more about our technology advancements, go to First-Spear.tech.

HLC Industries – CORDURA TRUELOCK Fabric

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

HLC Industries Inc. – makers of the CORDURA® TRUELOCK™ Fabric – Improving Soldier’s Stealth, available in a palette of 5 U.S. Military colors that can meet shade, UV and abrasion resistant color requirements in Solution Dyed colors of Coyote 498, Tan 499, Black, Ranger Green and Wolf Gray.

Sample Swatches + Marketing Materials available, Contact: [email protected]

UF PRO’s New MultiCam Low Temperature Line

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

The UF PRO MultiCam® Low Temperature Line consists of upgraded versions of four existing UF PRO products:

• Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Winter Tactical Jacket
• Delta OL 3.0 Winter Tactical Jacket
• AcE Winter Combat Shirt
• Hunter FZ Gen.2 Softshell Jacket (available later this year)

Each of the four in its upgraded form is designed for use in conditions from mild to well-below zero degrees Centigrade; additionally, the new MultiCam fabric, from which the quartet is constructed, promises significant performance advantages such as greater durability and a dramatically lower noise signature, according to Armin Wagner, UF PRO’s head of product development.

“This new MultiCam fabric allows wearers to operate more comfortably and efficiently in extreme cold environments characterized by everything from icy winds to snow or drizzling rain,” said Wagner. “The material is a laminate,” he said. “The outer face-fabric is made of texturised, soft-to-the-touch, 100-percent polyamide that overlays a highly breathable inner polyurethane membrane. The outer layer is woven together by a special ripstop technique. Consequently, these garments last longer—they’re just way more durable, as seen in their greater resistance to tearing, peeling, and friction.”

The other major performance edge offered by the MultiCam Low-Temperature Line is its quietness, according to Wagner. “These upgraded garments make very little noise while the wearer is walking or running,” he said. “Normally, laminate material makes an unmistakable sound that can be easily heard. But this new MultiCam fabric, because of its composition and softness, doesn’t give off that telltale noise.”

The Delta OL 3.0 Tactical Winter Jacket is for the ultimate in cold-weather outerwear. It’s designed for scenarios where the wearer will be stationary for long periods in the worst possible weather conditions – such as high winds driving rain or snow. The elbows are also reinforced with CORDURA® nylon fabric for extra protection.

The Delta AcE Plus Gen.2 Winter Tactical Winter Jacket, meant to be worn when when engaging in strenuous activities in very cold conditions, features thermal-insulating G-Loft filling in the sleeves and 37.5™ microfleece as a lining.

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt is designed to be worn like a normal combat shirt, under a plate carrier or with a rucksack, but in the lowest of temperatures.

Later this year the company is going to add also the Hunter FZ Gen.2 Softshell Jacket to the MultiCam Low-Temperature Line-up.

UF PRO makes advanced-technology jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units worldwide. For more information about the UF PRO MultiCam Low-Temperature Line, go to ufpro.com/multicam-low-temperature-line

Polartec and Houdini Launch 100% Recyclable and Circular Mono Air Houdi

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Pioneering fabric developer Polartec announces the launch of its award-winning Polartec® Power AirTM – the first 100% recyclable and circular fabric technology engineered to reduce fiber shedding – through a special collaboration with Swedish sportswear brand Houdini and the Mono Air Houdi.

With a focus on sustainability for both brands, the Houdini Mono Air Houdi was created to address the issue of plastic and textile waste on a larger scale. At the forefront of the design is the revolutionary soft and smooth Polartec Power Air fabric technology. Seen as the next generation of fleece, the innovative platform offers advanced thermal efficiency by encapsulating lofted fibers within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction. This highly durable and long-lasting mono material knit construction is completely circular and engineered to reduce microfiber shedding by 80%. With its cutting-edge outdoor performance, the jacket pushes boundaries both in terms of sustainability and functionality.

“Polartec Power Air is a step forward in reducing the environmental impact of what we make and wear,” says Steve Layton, President of Polartec. “This groundbreaking technology can be a real enabler for circularity. It’s processes and constructions like these which make circularity possible. And it’s designs like Houdini’s which help show the world how clothing can be made sustainably.”

Read more about Polartec, Houdini and Project Mono Air here.