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Delta Three Oscar Introduces Next-Generation Ballistics Material and Advanced Protective Gear at Eurosatory

Paris, France (06/17/2024) – D3O, the world leaders in impact protection solutions, will be showcasing its latest protection innovations developed by its ballistic arm, Delta Three Oscar at Eurosatory, this year. The brand which services the US Department of Defense, amongst other international defense and law enforcement organisations, will be hosting a booth in the US Pavilion.

All PPE engineered by Delta Three Oscar offers ultra-light body protection against ballistic threats and feature advanced bespoke trauma reduction materials. Delta Three Oscar products are developed to ensure maximum comfort and mobility for the wearer and many products are Berry Amendment compliant.

The company will be showcasing its complete series of Halo™ Helmet Liner Systems, engineered to provide light weight, comfortable head protection in demanding environments. The Halo™ Helmet Liner Systems are available in 3, 7 and 9-Pad configurations and leverage D3O’s proprietary technology to mitigate the effects of impact, reducing the risk of head injuries and enhancing operational effectiveness. D3O Ballistic, the newly developed Ballistic Grade foam, developed specifically for Body Armor will be unveiled for the first time. This groundbreaking low weight and low-bulk material offers reduced back face deformation, while maintaining flexibility and comfort, providing an essential layer of comfortable torso protection for frontline personnel.

Furthermore, Delta Three Oscar will present its latest innovations in protective gear, including new Shock Absorbing Insoles and P12 Limb Protectors. The new Insoles feature D3O’s impact-resistant, adaptive materials, designed to buffer repetitive stress and fatigue, adding extra comfort and performance to any footwear.

The P12 knee and elbow pads, have an ergonomic design and are moulded to form perfectly to the body for effortless movement whilst providing vital cushioning for limbs.

The TriVent technology provides enhanced ventilation and the use of flexible, low -profile, lightweight material allows for unrivalled stealth.

“Delta Three Oscar is dedicated to advancing the science of impact protection and delivering innovative and comfortable solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who serve,” said Stuart Sawyer, CEO at D3O. “Our presence at Eurosatory underscores our commitment to supporting defense and law enforcement agencies worldwide with the most advanced protective gear available.”

Visit Delta Three Oscar at Booth AB338A in the US Pavilion, Hall 5A to experience firsthand the future of impact protection. For more information about Delta Three Oscar and its range of products, please visit

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