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ePIG Presents: The Ultimate Camo Comparison – NATO vs Commercial Patterns

Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

My friends in Germany at ePIG Group have produced a new video called “The ultimate camouflage comparison – NATO (KSK, Bundeswehr, US Army, USMC…) vs commercial patterns.” It’s quite extensive at an hour and a half, and there’s a lot you can glean from the video including some info on Phantomleaf.

Sneak Peek – Pohl Force Prepper S.E.R.E.

Friday, December 1st, 2023

With the Prepper One series, Pohl Force introduced a completely new knife concept for bushcrafters and outdoor enthusiasts in 2016: Compact in overall size, a blade length that complies with German weapons regulations (below 12 cm) and a hollow handle for storing survival utensils. After just a short time, Dietmar Pohl’s design became a real classic among outdoor fans.

In 2023, the Prepper One formed the basis for the further development of a completely new generation, which now focuses on the needs of crew members of civilian and, in particular, military aircraft. The term S.E.R.E. refers to the ability to survive, evade, resist and escape. The Prepper S.E.R.E. was developed with this application profile in mind.

Coming this month from www.pohlforce.de.

Fantosme – Maritime Plate Carrier Gen 2

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Launched during the recent Milipol Paris expo, the Maritime Plate Carrier Gen 2 was developed by Fantosme in France and Flimmuur Tactical in the UK. As you can see, it’s a low profile design.

From the outset it was designed for ease of manufacture with fewer pieces. It includes a semi-rigid cummerbund to help support and stabilize load utilizes the 2M ROC Buckle.

Accepts Multiple placards.

Rear panel accepts Crye Zip-On Panels.

It’s also lightweight. The carrier with 3 mag pouch is just 700 grams.

Above you can see the construction of the panels which accept a pad.

By Eric Graves

Research Consortium Led by Finland-based VTT and Lockheed Martin Will Develop Signals Intelligence Technologies Benefiting the Global Defence Industry

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

The aim of the cooperation project is to develop methods and technologies for radar and communication signal detection and classification on a modern battlefield, filled with emitters with low-probability of interception and detection signals. The framework agreement, signed on November 21, initiates long-term cooperation between Lockheed Martin, the Finnish research community, and the Finnish industry, creating relationships that benefit all parties. The agreement is connected to Finland’s procurement of the F-35 fighter jets.

ESPOO, Finland (November 22, 2023) Research consortium led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lockheed Martin have finalised a frame agreement for indirect industrial cooperation. Other members of the consortium are defence and technology company Patria, Harp Technologies, a Finnish SME active in space, defence, and remote sensing technologies, and two leading, innovative Finnish universities: Aalto University and the University of Tampere.

Finland is a leading nation of digital technologies. The state-owned VTT, founded more than 80 years ago during World War II to develop the most advanced technologies and products in the world, has previously developed ground-breaking satellite signal technology for the European Space Agency ESA, resulting in the world’s first 75 GHz signals that could ease clutter on the radio waves in the future.

“The purpose of the project is to combine the expertise and technological strengths of different parties, creating highly developed solutions and advanced new expertise that can be applied to the needs of the international defence industry, and to the products of next-generation electronic reconnaissance,” says Sauli Eloranta, Director of Safe and Connected Society Research Area at VTT.

For Finland, the project will also help strengthen the security of supply concerning the country’s own technological expertise and talent. The project will, e.g., help draw new students to study and work with the subject of digital defence technologies, creating a pathway for the new professionals to join both national and international defence industry companies over time.

Through indirect industrial cooperation initiatives, Lockheed Martin will build and benefit from industry partnerships with Finnish companies, universities and colleges, offering opportunities and new avenues to develop and strengthen the cooperation far into the future.

“The cooperation is a significant step for VTT and Finland at large. We are very keen on assessing additional future cooperation opportunities with Lockheed Martin. The technology cooperation offers us an opportunity to continue to develop our strong expertise in defence technologies and to increase cooperation with other defence industry actors,” concludes Eloranta.

The project is expected to last three years. Lockheed Martin and VTT are also looking to sign another framework agreement for a second project focusing on millimeter-wave passive imaging radiometer development during 2023, with the work aiming to start in 2024.

Colt CZ Group Offers to Buy Vista Outdoor

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Just before Thanksgiving Day, Colt CZ Group offered to buy Vista Outdoor for ~$1.74 billion ($30 per share). Colt CZ currently also owns a 2.4% equity stake in Vista.

As you may recall, Vista announced last month that Czechoslovak Group had offered to purchase the sporting elements of the business which deal with ammunition, for $1.91 billion.

Once the sale is completed, the remaining outdoor products group would be renamed Revelyst.

By Eric Graves

NFM Hjelm HC 160F & HC 120MT Helmet Data

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

During the Recent Milipol Paris exposition, Norwegian soldier systems manufacturer NFM released two new versions of their 4th generation ballistic helmet called Hjelm which is the Norse word for helmet.

The HC 160F & HC 120MT replace previous models. Utilizing their FREC-2 pressing technology, the HC 160F is the lightweight option while the HC 120MT offers protection from a wider range of threats. Below is the tech data.

HJELM 4th Generation HC 160F

Aerial density: 4.9 kg/m2

HJELM 4th Generation HC 120MT

Aerial density: 6.7 kg/m2

In addition to the new ballistic shell options, the Hjelm Helmet System continues to incorporate several innovative features.

Edgemount Attachment System – Rather than permanently attached rails, the Edgemount uses hardware to attach just that enabler to the edge of the helmet.

HASP – The Helmet Attachment System Pattern replaces the stationary Velcro loop found in most helmets with a structural web of high-strength composites that provide a stronger and more reliable system throughout the shell exterior. In addition to camouflage, enablers can be attached to HASP.

Koroyd – The Koroyd impact protection system uses core tubular technology which absorbs most energy by creating crumple zones. In addition to being lightweight, Koroyd also allows for ventilation within the helmet.

The Hjelm Helmet System is offered in Coyote Brown, Raven Black, and Helhound Grey.

By Eric Graves

NIOA Announces Picatinny Arsenal Tenancy

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

The NIOA Group has taken up a tenancy at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey as it looks to strengthen allied supply of critical munitions.

Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, USA, where NIOA will take up a tenancy in a strategic move aimed at supporting allied defence capabilities. Photo credit: US Army Corps of Engineers

NIOA Group CEO Robert Nioa said the company’s expansion into the United States Army’s Joint Centre of Excellence for ammunition and weapons demonstrated its commitment to play a key role in armaments supply to the US Army and its allies.

Picatinny Arsenal has a workforce of more than 6000 military, government and civilian personnel.

It includes key organisations such as Joint Program Executive Office Armaments and Ammunition (JPEO A&A), Project Manager Soldier Lethality and Combat Capability Development Command Armaments Center (DEVCOM-AC).

The move “inside the wire” at Picatinny signals NIOA’s intent to expand its reach in the US beyond the recent 100 per cent acquisition earlier this year of Tennessee-based Barrett Firearms.

Barrett is a key supplier to the US Army and Special Operations Command, with active contracts for its MK 22 Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) precision sniper rifle, and the M107A1 .50cal semi-auto anti-material rifle.

Mr Nioa said the tri-lateral AUKUS security agreement had underscored the growing importance of trans-Pacific partnerships between Australian defence companies and the US.

This was highlighted recently by calls from Dr. William LaPlante, United States Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, for greater co-production, co-development and co-sustainment of weapons with close allies.

“Picatinny Arsenal is a vital US hub for defence innovation and collaboration,” Mr Nioa said.

“This strategic expansion comes at a crucial time and demonstrates NIOA’s long-term broader objective to strengthen allied defence capabilities.

“By establishing a stronger presence at Picatinny, NIOA hopes to facilitate closer collaboration with US government agencies to accelerate our contribution to global security.”

As well as its ownership of Barrett, NIOA has long-standing relationships with American companies such as General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman and Winchester through their operation of the Lake City ammunition plant, each of which also have tenancies at Picatinny.

The NIOA Group’s US-based Advisory Board members include a former commander of Picatinny Arsenal, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Alfred Abramson as well as former US Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, the Hon. Ellen Lord.

NIOA’s Team at Picatinny includes Doreen Chaplin, who was previously the First Assistant Program Executive Office Ammunition and Daniel Napolitano, who was previously Program Manager Combat Ammunition Systems (CAS) Director of International Programs.

About the NIOA Group…

• The NIOA Group includes NIOA Inc [USA], NIOA Australia, NIOA New Zealand, the Australian Missile Corporation, Barrett Firearms [USA)] and joint venture company Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions.

• Established in 1973, NIOA is a global firearms, weapons and munitions company with operations in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and distribution covering more than 75 US State Department approved countries around the world.

• NIOA is a major tenant at the Australian government owned, contractor operated (GOCO) munitions facility at Benalla in Victoria where it is currently manufacturing 120mm munitions for the Abrams tank along with 30mm and 35mm cannon ammunition.

• The company is a joint venture partner with Rheinmetall of Germany in the Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions 155mm artillery forging facility in Maryborough, Queensland, delivering key munitions for US allied nations.


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese with DroneGun Mk4

Monday, November 27th, 2023

• Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese pictured with DroneShield DroneGun Mk4 portable counterdrone system at the White House complex in Washington DC.

• Australian Government supports DroneShield as a sovereign solution provider as global tensions continue to escalate, reflected in the aid package.

• $10.4 million of DroneShield equipment included under the latest $20 million aid package from the Australian Government to Ukraine, announced in late October 2023.

DroneShield (“DroneShield” or “the Company”) is pleased to share the ongoing support by the Australian Government for its cutting edge counterdrone capability, including the image of the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese with DroneShield DroneGun Mk4 handheld counterdrone system, at the White House complex in Washington DC. 

Last month, DroneShield’s counterdrone equipment was selected for deployment to Ukraine under the latest Australian Government aid package. The total value to DroneShield is $10.4 million (out of the $20 million package to four Australian companies). Full delivery and payment under this contract is due to occur prior to end of this year.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese holding DroneShield DroneGun Mk4, a handheld counterdrone system, with DroneShield US CEO Matt McCrann (far right), at the White House complex in Washington, D.C.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO, commented: ”DroneShield continues to receive strong support from both Australian and US Governments, being our two home bases. This image of the Australian Prime Minister holding our flagship product is a showcase of this support. Most work we do, is under strict confidentiality due to the nature of our customers, and its pleasing to see this public endorsement of our work, as global tensions and hostile use of drones continue globally.”