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Requtech Announces Industry-First Ka-Band Multi-Orbit Land Mobility Terminal: RESA L Ka

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Paris, France – June 17, 2024 – Requtech AB, a leader in satellite communication technology, proudly announces the launch of the industry’s first Ka-band multi-orbit land mobility terminal, the RESA L Ka, at the Eurosatory show in Paris. The groundbreaking, highly innovative new terminal from Requtech, operates seamlessly across GEO and MEO networks and is prepared for the upcoming Ka-band LEO networks – showcasing Requtech’s relentless commitment to pioneering advancements in satellite communication. The RESA L Ka will be available in Q4 2024.

Meet Requtech at Eurosatory to learn more about the RESA L Ka
Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre
June 17th-21st, Paris
Hall 6, booth E119

Unmatched Innovation and Performance

The RESA L Ka terminal is engineered for optimal performance in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and is future-ready for LEO Ka constellations.

Leveraging its successful GEO/MEO reflector system, the PICO 120a, and the proven RESA M Ku multi-orbit GEO/LEO terminal, Requtech is now cementing its position as Europe’s leading supplier of multi-orbit connectivity solutions with the addition of the RESA L Ka terminal. The company’s mission is to revolutionize communication capabilities, enhancing global connectivity with cutting-edge innovations.

Compact and Powerful

Designed with market-leading SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) metrics of 81x45x11 cm and 25 kg, the RESA L Ka terminal delivers exceptional performance with a G/T of 13 dB/K and an EIRP of 49 dBW.

The RESA L Ka Terminal: A New Era in Satellite Communications

“At Requtech AB, our team’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone,” states Dr. Omid Sotoudeh, CEO. “We are leading the satellite technology revolution with our cutting-edge Multi-Orbit RESA L Ka terminal. This breakthrough product offers seamless operation across multiple constellations and orbits, positioning us as the go-to solution for next-generation satellite communications.”

The next phase for the RESA L Ka terminal includes rigorous certification processes with satellite operators. With initial pre-series production underway, the satellite communication technology provider anticipates general availability by Q1 2025.


Biomonitoring: New Partnership Between Rheinmetall and QUS Ensures Tactical Information Superiority

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Rheinmetall has set new standards with its innovative and powerful Gladius 2.0 soldier system. With its open, modular, scalable architecture, the system is unrivalled worldwide for a user-centric soldier system solution. An up-to-date situational awareness with a consistent, stable communication infrastructure enables operational sensor-to-shooter networks. Gladius 2.0 guarantees a decisive advantage on the digital battlefield under even the most challenging of conditions.

Rheinmetall continues to improve its systems and has now entered a partnership with QUS in vital data tracking to jointly develop a solution in this area. Live tracking of vital data allows training units to be adjusted during training to ensure optimal fitness development. During operations, current information on the physical condition of individual soldiers or the entire unit is available, which is important for further tactical decisions. This is particularly crucial for soldiers in current complex operational scenarios under difficult conditions.

Modern Equipment Supports Mission Fulfillment
QUS, with its established system, already meets many requirements relevant for successful integration into soldier systems. Therefore, it can be easily integrated and significantly expands the capabilities of soldier systems. 

“We are very pleased about the new partnership with Rheinmetall. Together, we will develop a system that seamlessly integrates into Rheinmetall’s battlefield management system, creating additional value in this area. Knowing and assessing the vital data of soldiers at any time is very important for performance,” says Hannes Steiner, QUS CEO & Founder.
Timo Haas, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Rheinmetall AG and Managing Director of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH: “Biomonitoring, as we know it from competitive sports, will also play an important role for soldiers in the future to optimize operational readiness. For us as a system provider, QUS’s solution offers an additional component in our modular soldier system. And with a view to digitization, AI-supported data can make an important contribution to tactical decisions at higher command levels.”

The joint solution of QUS and Rheinmetall within the partnership will combine everything related to body data and fully exploit its potential. The ability to combine already proven sensors (heart rate, respiratory rate) with other external sensors (such as temperature, etc.) enables a new basis for tactical decisions based on the knowledge of the current condition of the soldiers. 

The fusion of this data with tactical information represents a new dimension of information superiority regarding one’s own troops and will not only improve the performance of soldiers but also the command process.

Credo of the New Partnership: Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Hannes Steiner: “The joint solution with Rheinmetall combines the best of both worlds and primarily protects those who protect us. The vital data tracking using textile sensors integrated into the equipment offers an important additional benefit and supports the way to becoming the infantryman of the future.”

At EUROSATORY, Rheinmetall and QUS are looking forward to welcoming interested guests to their stand E115/F115 on the outdoor area of the Paris exhibition center from June 17 to 21, 2024.

Join Direct Action at Eurosatory 2024

Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Direct Action®, a leader in high-end tactical gearmanufacturing, is proud to confirm its attendance atEurosatory 2024, the premier international event showcasingdefense and security technology and innovation. Thisparticipation underscores Direct Action’s commitment to superior quality and advanced products in the military and public safety sectors.

Why Visit Direct Action® at Eurosatory?

With European roots and a global influence, Direct Action® isrenowned for tactical expertise derived from modern combatexperience. The brand epitomizes exceptional understandingof special forces’ needs, delivering products characterized by meticulous craftsmanship and stringent quality standards.


Experience Tactical Excellence Firsthand

At Eurosatory 2024, Direct Action® offers exclusive gearconfiguration presentations led by distinguished former JW GROM operator ?wiru. These live demonstrations willhighlight the versatility of Direct Action’s gear configurations, showcasing the adaptability of our acclaimed plate carriersystems. Sessions will run daily on demand, reflecting our’Individual-as-a-System’ philosophy, which enablescustomized mission-specific gear solutions. Former GROM member – Puwal, will also share his experience regarding the use of our gear during combat operations.


Unveiling the Latest in Tactical Gear

Visitors to the Direct Action® booth (C296, Hall 5B) willdiscover the latest advancements in tactical gear, including the introduction of the new Multicam Tropic color. In addition, we will showcase our new products, providing an exclusivelook at cutting-edge equipment designed to meet the rigorousdemands of military operations. Another attraction will be the robot EOD PIAP Fenix, exemplifying our commitment to integrating advanced technology with tactical gear.


Mark Your Calendars

We invite you to join us for this unparalleled opportunity to enhance your operational capabilities with Direct Action’s® state-of-the-art tactical gear solutions.

Event Details:

Date: June 17-21, 2024

Booth: C296, Hall 5B

Location: Paris, France

For more information, visit: eu.directactiongear.com.

Bundeswehr Orders Another 1,515 Military Trucks from Rheinmetall out of Special Fund within Framework Contract – Order Value Over €920m

Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Rheinmetall has been commissioned by the Bundeswehr with a further delivery of 1,515 logistic vehicles, 265 of which are protected swap-body systems. This is another call-off from the framework contract for swap-body systems (WLS) signed in June 2020. This large-scale call-off is largely financed by the Bundeswehr’s special fund. In addition to the vehicles, the Bundeswehr’s procurement agency, BAAINBw, ordered 500 swap-body platforms to serve as interchangeable load carriers and 500 tarpaulin / roof bow setups. The call-off is worth over €920m gross. Delivery of the vehicles will take place in the second half of 2024 and will be completed by mid-November 2024.

“The extensive call-off from the framework contract, financed by the special fund shows the high relevance of Bundeswehr logistics in the conection with the turning point. By delivering all vehicles by the end of 2024, the special fund is helping to directly equip and strengthen the logistical capabilities and sustainability of the armed forces,” explains Michael Wittlinger, chairman of the management of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH. “With over 4,000 vehicles delivered since 2018, our HX-series military trucks are now an essential component of the Bundeswehr’s logistical capabilities and underline the importance of Rheinmetall for logistics.”

In June 2020, the BAAINBw concluded a framework contract with Rheinmetall until 2027 for the delivery of up to 4,000 trucks with swap-body systems, of which 1,008 have already been delivered. The swap-body trucks join the successful project of Unprotected Transport Vehicles, or UTFs, and expand the Bundeswehr’s fleet of vehicles from the military HX family. The swap-body system’s core equipment is the hook-loader developed by Hiab. It can lift and set down the swap-body carriers in the Bundeswehr in virtually any type of terrain with no need for additional handling equipment. As an alternative, the vehicles can carry a swap-body platform or a container via a standardised 20-foot ISO interface. 

A large share of the swap-body trucks for the Bundeswehr will feature an armoured cab, substantially enhancing crew survivability and sustainment as well as the tactical flexibility of logistic units and formations. Swap-body trucks are used primarily for supplying combat formations with bulk consumables such as ammunition, fuel and water.

Both the swap-body systems and UTFs are based on Rheinmetall’s robust HX family of vehicles. Designed from the outset for military use, they assure excellent mobility even in rough terrain. Moreover, the widespread presence of the HX family offers major advantages in terms of interoperability and logistics, particularly during multinational deployments. At present, the user nations include, among other nations, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Denmark. Together with the Bundeswehr and the armed forces of Germany’s partners, Rheinmetall is eager to continue writing the ongoing HX vehicles’ success story. 

Galvion’s European Production Hub in Poland Approaches Completion

Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Galvion, a world leader in innovative head protection systems and power and data management solutions, has achieved a significant milestone in the establishment of their European Production Hub in Poland, as they advance towards completion. The facility represents a major investment aimed at strengthening Galvion’s regional support and service strategy, and this week achieved the key project milestone of permitting and inspection readiness, a critical step on the journey to officially opening and beginning operations within the coming months.

First announced in September 2023 and driven by Galvion’s ongoing successes in NATO and the wider European regions, the new facility is based in Gdansk. This announcement coincides with Eurosatory taking place 17-21 June 2023 where Galvion are exhibiting on booth 5A-G385.

Following recent consecutive program awards from key European nations, including a NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) framework contract, Galvion is expecting to have close to 1.5 million helmets in service across NATO and other European countries by 2025. Galvion’s new Gdansk facility will initially house helmet finishing and assembly capabilities, in addition to critical support, maintenance, refurbishment, upgrade and training operations. The Gdansk location was chosen following a comprehensive search and assessment period, and the functionality of the facility is expected to expand through 2026 and beyond in order to support Galvion’s full product and solutions portfolio. Galvion’s existing core facilities in Canada and the USA will continue to design, develop, manufacture and service domestic, regional, and key global programs, customers, production and support requirements.

Todd Stirtzinger, CEO at Galvion said: “Establishing a new facility in a country across the globe is a major undertaking and we are pleased with the progress that has been made since announcing this endeavour in September of last year. Permitting and inspection readiness represent a critical milestone, and we continue building our Polish team in order to bring the facility and offices to life.

Being able to both produce and support helmet systems in Europe is a big step for us and for our NATO customers, as we continue to receive orders through the NSPA framework contract.” He added: “Our emphasis on responsible regional operations helps to sharpen the focus of our manufacturing and support facilities around the world to enhance delivery, responsiveness, and supportability for all of our customers.”

Alcon Launches Their Latest Full-Service Brake-By-Wire Technology into Defence, at Eurosatory 2024

Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Alcon, the highly acclaimed UK-based brake and clutch company and defence brake specialist, is announcing its latest generation full-service Brake-By-Wire technology at Eurosatory 2024. Alcon’s technology is derived from its motorsport products and is applicable to multiple defence vehicle applications. At Eurosatory, Alcon will be available to discuss this and its full range of bespoke and off-the-shelf defence and security orientated braking solutions in Hall 5A, Stand HJ280.

The ever-changing face of defence vehicle technology is entering a new era. Driven by the requirement to further protect the warfighter and to help saves lives, countries are seeking technology enabled battlefield solutions, driving increasing demand for vehicles that are capable of partial or full autonomy. A critical component for OEM manufacturers designing autonomous vehicles is a high-quality, safe, reliable and effective braking system that can be operated with or without a driver in the loop. Alcon’s Brake-By-Wire (BBW) system delivers exactly that with fit-for-purpose redundancy and system safety for each application, plus many other benefits across a range of defence and security vehicles, for both autonomous and crewed vehicle systems.

Alcon has a long and distinguished history of developing innovative and ultimately race winning solutions for the motorsport sector. They started development, and produced their first successful BBW product, for Formula E in 2016 and were nominated for the Most Innovative New Motorsport Product of the Year by the World Motorsport Symposium. Since then, Alcon have continued development of their lightweight motorsport and autonomous BBW solutions driven by successive high-profile programs to produce a product that is not just world-class, but also world-beating. Alcon have combined these years of development, race- track learning and cutting edge engineering experience to produce further variants. These systems are significantly enhanced and enable Alcon to offer a scalable BBW solution to meet the wide range of demands that defence vehicles bring, such as, large vehicle loads or multi-axle solutions (4×4, 8×8 and tracked). In addition, Alcon BBW solutions offer faster braking response, reduced maintenance, improved flexibility and adaptability and enhanced diagnostics.

As defence vehicle OEMs move towards diesel electric drive (with or without a battery to support), EV silent running or stealth modes and autonomy, the ability to integrate the vehicle control system into the wider vehicle architecture becomes vital, reducing mechanical and hydraulic complexity. The introduction of Alcon’s BBW approach is a major step forward because, based on Alcon’s extensive defence engineering experience, the system can be developed to be extremely robust, modular and scalable. Alcon’s BBW solutions offer advanced capability including: independent control of each wheel station allowing for redundancy and braked steering; mechanical separation of the brake pedal from the system, simplification of installation and autonomous and/or remote control of the brake function, and seamless integration with conventional hydraulic braking systems. BBW in defence and security applications is not limited to autonomy as BBW can be used as a conventional foundation braking system or for efficient blending of regenerative and friction braking, delivering significant efficient and performance advantages to any vehicle OEM.

Ollie Jackson, Chief Engineer – Controlled Brakes at Alcon said: “There are many complexities for OEMs delivering autonomous vehicle capability, but with nearly a decade of experience in Brake-By-Wire solutions for high performance motorsport, combined with Alcon’s considerable defence engineering experience, our latest BBW solutions solve many of the associated braking challenges. BBW also helps Alcon to deliver a full-service braking solution that combines the very latest friction braking technology to help align the defence and security vehicle market with the emerging new technologies seen in the wider automotive brake engineering environment. BBW is not just about autonomy, it’s a technology that can be applied anywhere to maximise vehicle efficiency and help save the lives of those operating vehicles at risk in harsh environments.”

Opening of the Maintenance and Repair Centre in Ukraine with Political Support

Thursday, June 13th, 2024

The political opening of the Rheinmetall Ukrainian Defense Industry LLC maintenance and repair centre in western Ukraine took place yesterday (10 June 2024). On this occasion, the Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industries, Oleksandr Kamyshin, visited the site there: “We strive to develop our production capabilities together with our allies and believe that the Ukrainian defence industry is a part of the European defence industry, which strengthens the system of collective security of the European Union. Therefore, the opening of a joint service center with Rheinmetall is not only a step towards the Victory of Ukraine, but also an important stage in the construction of the arsenal of the Free World.” 

Marder infantry fighting vehicles are already being maintenanced and overhauled at the hub. In the future, Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 main battle tanks and other German-made systems will also be repaired at other locations in Ukraine. 

Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall AG: “It is a matter close to our hearts to provide Ukraine with effective and reliable support. When it comes to supplying spare parts, our top priority is to maximise availability and ensure rapid replenishment. To achieve this, we utilise existing channels via original manufacturers, process material ourselves and with partners. We are also reactivating original supply chains and integrating local production in Ukraine.” 

“The opening of the first joint service center with Rheinmetall in Ukraine is crucial for strengthening our defence capabilities. This facility will allow us to ensure quick repairs and maintenance of German equipment directly on Ukrainian soil, significantly enhancing the efficiency of our Armed Forces. We are grateful to our German partners for their trust and support, which enable us to confidently move towards victory and integrate into the European collective security system”, added Dmytro Klimenkov, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

Rheinmetall is utilising existing local infrastructure, but has also brought special tools, spare parts and other equipment to the hub. Last year, Ukrainian specialists were trained at Rheinmetall sites in Germany in the repair of combat vehicles, including industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers, for example. These personnel then returned to Ukraine and worked there on the maintenance and repair of the relevant systems.

The joint venture Rheinmetall Ukrainian Defense Industry LLC was founded in October 2023. The announcement was made at the German-Ukrainian Economic Forum in Berlin, in the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Schmyhal.

Freedom Needs Enablers: Rheinmetall Presents Numerous New Systems, Concepts and Technologies for Defending Freedom at Eurosatory 2024

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

Rheinmetall will once again be one of the largest exhibitors at the Eurosatory in Paris in 2024, the most important defence industry trade fair on the European continent. From 17 to 21 June 2024, the German technology group will be presenting numerous new systems, products and concepts of all its divisions for the battlefield of the future based on the motto “Freedom needs Enablers”.

There will also be numerous premieres:

Rheinmetall and Lockheed Martin will present the new GMARS rocket artillery system on 17 June 2024 at 11.00 a.m.

Also on 17 June 2024 at 4 p.m., a new demonstrator in the field of main battle tanks will be unveiled.

From 17 June 2024, Rheinmetall and its technology partner INERATEC will be presenting their Giga-PtX project vision for a war-ready fuel supply twice a day in the Demonstration Area. On the test track, the Caracal* airborne vehicle will demonstrate its high off-road capability using a synthetic fuel generated from hydrogen, CO2 and electricity. Media representatives will be able to view this demonstration in the Demonstration Area on 16 June 2024.

On 18 June 2024 at 11.00 a.m., Rheinmetall will present its Ermine (Hermelin) tactical small vehicles for the first time, which are characterised by new drive technologies and autonomous capabilities, and can be used both for tactical transport and as a mobile energy source.

Other key topics for Rheinmetall at Eurosatory 2024 include:

Air defence: Highly mobile, modular and scalable ground-based air defence systems are becoming increasingly important as NATO forces refocus on national and alliance defence. Rheinmetall is showcasing for the first time the Skyranger 35 turret on a Leopard 2 chassis as a tactical air defence system. In addition, a Lynx KF41 Skyranger 30 and the Boxer* Skyranger 30 wheeled air defence tank will be on display.

Network Enabled Warfare: As a leading systems integrator, Rheinmetall has all the necessary expertise to connect the various entities on the digitalised battlefield of the future. The Digitalized Brigade concept, including the Gladius 2.0 soldier system and the Tactical Core from our partner company blackned for interconnecting soldiers, platforms, sensors, effectors of combat units, and with new battle management and training applications will be showcased. This approach will be explained in a tangible way using a tank destroyer mission system concept.

Effect: For the first time, Rheinmetall is showing the modular, stabilised Natter weapon station family in action. The company is also showcasing its Remote Controlled Munition, a UGV-based infantry weapon system. Airborne precision loitering munitions (LM) increase the ability of even small units to conduct reconnaissance over the target area, and to engage targets at a distance and with precision. At the Eurosatory, Rheinmetall will be showcasing various Hero LM systems, which the company offers together with its partner UVision. The Dual Eimos 81mm mortar combat system, used by the Spanish Navy and Army, among others, will also be on the Rheinmetall stand.

Protection: Rheinmetall’s comprehensive expertise in protection technologies ranges from customised passive ballistic solutions to state-of-the-art active distance protection systems. At the Eurosatory 2024,

Rheinmetall will be presenting its comprehensive approach concerning protection concepts. This includes the unveiling of ROSY Top Attack, the new version of the tried-and-tested rapid obscurant system for protection against airborne attacks. Rheinmetall is also presenting a complete solution for military ballistic body armour for the first time.

Obstacle warfare: Operational experience from the Ukraine shows that obstacle warfare has regained importance. Rheinmetall is presenting the Keiler Next Generation, an armoured breaching vehicle (ABV) for fast opening of barriers in combat. The Area Defence Weapon, which can be used to protect barriers from being cleared, will also be on display. HX vehicle family: Rheinmetall’s HX vehicle family is characterised by outstanding mobility, versatility and a high, optionally available level of protection. This enables a flexible range of applications. Among the vehicles on display at the Eurosatory are an HX 8×8 with Automated Load Handling System (ALHS) and an HX 8×8 recovery vehicle.

Other innovations at the Eurosatory 2024 include the following:

– A new member of the Lynx KF41 combat vehicle family with 120mm turret;

– the Fuchs Evo with machine cannon turret;

– the Terrastorm, a MAN TGE van upgraded by RMMV and Torsus for military use,

– the Mission Master CXT, the latest member of Rheinmetalls Mission Master family of uncrewed

Ground Systems (UGS);

– the Chiller HVAC system, a new thermal module for combat vehicles;

Rheinmetall will also be showcasing its extensive expertise in almost all capability categories at the Eurosatory 2024. These include weapon and ammunition systems for threat-adequate and scalable effects, innovative and interconnectable sensor technology and topics from the fields of automation and robotics. Exhibits such as the LUNA NG reconnaissance drone and other unmanned aerial systems, military lorries from the TG series and protected containers for mobile medical equipment or command posts round off Rheinmetall’s presence at this year’s Eurosatory.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand E115/F115 on the outdoor exhibition grounds in Paris from 17 to 21 June 2024!

* in industrial cooperation