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Gentex Corp Acquires Long-Term Distribution Partner Aero Parts Australia

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Carbondale, July 2, 2020. Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today that it has acquired Aero Parts Australia Ltd. (APA), leading distributor for commercial air, military and life support equipment within Australia and New Zealand. Gentex is a global leader in providing integrated headborne systems in 140 countries and a key innovation partner in many aircraft platforms including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

For over 50 years, Gentex has been a supplier of headborne solutions that optimize the performance and safety of the region’s defense and non-defense aviation customers. For more than a decade, Gentex has worked closely with APA as a distributor and local repair resource, supporting the needs of military, state, and civilian customers. This acquisition builds on the strengths of both companies and continues to reinforce a commitment to offering enhanced aftermarket service and broad distribution and service capabilities. The physical presence of Gentex in Australia and New Zealand ensures that customer service and support needs are effectively met. 

“With this acquisition, we are able to serve our Australian and New Zealand customers in a more local and direct capacity, bringing the OEM to them,” said Richard Dellar, Chief Commercial Officer of Gentex Corporation, “We’re thrilled to be able to continue to grow the current distribution business, while developing broad aftercare engineering support services, maintenance, and local product customization capabilities. It builds on the existing international footprint, bringing Gentex capabilities to key customers.” 

Gentex’s portfolio of air products includes helmets, optical protection, respiratory, and situational awareness solutions. For more information visit,  

Spectra Group Business Continuity Plans Withstand the Test  

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Spectra Group (UK) Ltd, the world-leading provider of high-grade information security and communication capabilities, is emerging from the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions confident that their business continuity plans have withstood the considerable challenges faced by the company. Over the last 4 months, Spectra Group has achieved 100% of their sales forecast whilst remaining fully compliant with all Government Guidelines and restrictions.


Throughout the lockdown period, Spectra Group has protected their staff by rapidly implementing IT systems and processes that have enabled the team to work from home, whilst ensuring production and deliveries can continue. Having activated a pre-rehearsed Business Continuity Plan, that included home-working lap-tops for all staff and a rapid switch to Microsoft Teams, Spectra Group experienced a seamless transition to a new way of working. Training for customers, partners and sales representatives continued using virtual methods supported by an accelerated migration to a new VPN endpoint, that was already in the pipeline to maintain compliance with Cyber Essentials.


In the process of manufacturing and delivering significant numbers of SlingShot systems to clients during the lockdown period, Spectra Group has helped sustain jobs across a multitude of companies in their supply chain through the placement of large orders for components, to support production. In terms of customer support, The Network Operations Centre (NOC) was moved to a distributed model to maintain project support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), with no loss in service.

Spectra Group is best known for its revolutionary Slingshot technology that has become a true game-changer in the world of tactical communications.  SlingShot is a unique system that enables UHF and VHF radios to use L-Band Satellite frequency, allowing users to instantly extend the range of their in-service tactical communications equipment to BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight).  Conceived and designed to meet demanding Special Forces requirements, SlingShot offers a significant number of benefits for users requiring secure, reliable and robust communications on the move (COTM).  Over 3500 SlingShot systems are in operation world-wide in the Manpack, Vehicle, Maritime and Aviation variants.


Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra Group said: “after the initial shock to the system that we all experienced as the lockdown restrictions were rapidly introduced, we got our heads together and moved quickly to implement the changes needed to continue to work, operate and deliver Services to those that continue to keep us safe. I’m exceedingly proud of the fact that we were able to adapt and overcome the challenges we have faced, whilst protecting our staff and all of those around us, supported by our supply chain and partners”. He added: “we’re lucky that we have not been adversely affected by the Covid-19 crisis so far and understanding that this has not been the same for all, I do wish everyone the best as we emerge into the new world and begin to build our lives and businesses back up to and beyond where we were pre-Covid”.

G2 RAMPART Conducted Energy Weapon Testing Chamber

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

We are actively seeking Global resellers for our patent pending RAMPART CEW Testing chamber system. This simple device allows a user to safely and quietly perform function tests, test for malfunctions or perform downloads.

Please see the attached specification sheet for more data, videos and other media will be available shortly.

The system is currently in use in Canada, USA and the U.K. Rampart would like to find partners who can help us promote the system. Many agencies have now mandated its use in stations, locker rooms and other facilities. We feel the product will become a standard fixture in police/military facilities not unlike firearm unloading stations.

Drone Tech: Elistair Unveils the SAFE-T 2, The New Standard for Tethered Drone Stations

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Elistair Unveils the Safe-T 2, The New Standard for Tethered Drone Stations

Elistair has announced the release of the Safe-T 2, their most advanced and powerful tethering system for use with commercially available drones. Key Features include, IP54 rating, up to 125m / 400 feet of micro-tether, 2 200 watts max continuous power, a fiber optics option, and industry leading weight/power ratio from its patented Dynamic Voltage Optimization (DVO). The Safe-T 2 provides users with unmatched power efficiency and enables safe and persistent flight time for UAVs.

Since the launch of its first tethering station in 2015, Elistair has quickly become the industry leader in tethered drone systems, with over 600 tethered stations deployed so far to help security forces monitor events, secure sites and protect assets. The Safe-T 2 has been built on the success of the flagship Safe-T product line which has been deployed in over 60 countries by governmental organisations, industrial groups, and security forces. The Safe-T 2 will take tethering operations to a new level.

“To design the Safe-T 2, we worked in close collaboration with our users who challenged us with their critical feedback.  We rethought the entire solution in order to build the perfect tethering system for critical security operations.” Said Timothée PENET, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Elistair. “With up to 2,2 kW max continuous power and 2,8 kW peak power, the Safe-T 2 allows for higher flights with heavier payloads, thus enabling security forces to cover larger areas with a single system.”

Smart and Secured

The secure Dual-Comms option (Fiber optic and BPL), offers a redundant tethered data link, or the possibility to select which technology is best suited for the aircraft and/or payload. A patented Brake system also allows the user to adapt the maximal tether length, depending on the safety zone needed around the aircraft, for instance in urban or crowded environments. Like its predecessor, the Safe-T 2 integrates Elistair’s live flight management system with T-monitor mobile app offering optimal flight control for safer operations.

Ready for integration

Engineered to meet the most demanding missions with its rugged weather-resistant design, and compact modular metallic structure, the Safe-T 2 offers mounting plates and optional software development kit (SDK) for seamless integration into vehicles and fixed structures whilst also being agile enough for a single operator to deploy. Its interchangeable micro-tethers and smart adaptive winch control laws, allow the operator to reconfigure the station and use the best tether weight/power range for each drone.

For more information:

Crossfire Australia MULE

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Introducing the Crossfire MULE, a do-anything, carry-anything pack. It can be compressed into a low-profile, 1900 cu-in pack or expanded to 5000 cu-in. It can carry, Pelican cases, a 20-litre water/fuel jerry or streamlined for the hunter. Whether it is used on the front lines carting .50cal ammo cans across the Hindu Kush mountain range, or packing a freshly quartered Elk for the journey home in Montana. The Crossfire MULE will deliver these items comfortably, reliably and efficiently to their destination. The MULE is designed to easily attach to both the DG3 or the DG 16 Frame™. (FRAME SOLD SEPERATELY) If you already have one of our premier rucks either the DG3, DG16 or Mk.7 simply remove the packs from the frame at their attachment points and re-attach the MULE, this is a simple process by using our quick attachment system, the removal and attachment process can be done in under 5 minutes. This is the oversize carriage option many of you’ve been asking for, so we delivered.

Thrudark Zodiac

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Most would look at Thrudark’s line and think that they are only for wear in cold weather. Nothing could be further from the truth. To be sure, a few of their items are specific to extreme cold weather, but jackets like the Zodiac can be worn in foul weather in cooler climates, all-year round and in warmer areas, for three seasons.

This anorak is made from their RIPPER 3-layer rip-stop waterproof fabric across the shoulders and hood. The body and arms are enhanced with their 4-way stretch water resistant fabric allowing for dynamic movements without compromising on performance. The helmet compatible hood has been incorporated with Cohæsive cord lock technology for rapid adjustments. Additionally, both shoulders feature waterproof zippered pockets with Velcro patches for identification. Finally, there are fleece lined handwarmer pockets.

* 3-Layer waterproof ripstop shoulders and hood.
* 4-Way stretch body to allow for a diverse range of functional movements.
* Upper arm and hood velcro patches designed to incorporate reflective patches, emergency strobes and lighting systems for use in emergency situations.
* Cohaesive cord lock system hood.
* Elasticated and velcro adjustable cuffs.
* 2 YKK aquaguard zip arm pockets and 2 YKK aquaguard zip micro fleece lined hand warmer pockets for multiple storage options.
* Oversized hood peak for protection against sunlight and showers.
* 3 elasticated drawcords for correct hood fitment.

RE-STOCK by the end of the month. Offered in Obsidian Black, Crimson Red and Laurel Green in sizes, Small -XXLarge. These are Euro sizes so go up one unless you want a very snug fit.

Photos by Matt Hardy Photography.

Bollé Launches First Ever Augmented Reality Sunglass Experience For Smartphones

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

New AR Technology Allows Users to Experience Bollé Phantom lenses on their Smartphone and Purchase From a Participating Retailer.

Lyon, France, (JUNE 23, 2020) – Bollé, maker of the most innovative lenses in the world is forever changing the way people try and buy sunglasses. With the introduction of an exclusive Augmented Reality Sunglass experience, shoppers can now try-out Bollé’s flagship Phantom lens technology without ever having to physically touch the glasses. 

Partnering with QReal and M7 Innovations, Bollé’s AR experience is a first for the sunglass industry. Within Instagram, the demonstration invites users to try out Bollé’s Phantom lens through one of the brand’s iconic models – the Chronoshield. After seeing the glasses on their face, users simply flip their camera from selfie-view to front-facing and Phantom lenses are superimposed on their actual view. Users then introduce sunglass effects like high contrast, anti-fog, and light-adaptive into their real surroundings to see Phantom lenses in action. Once users select a lens that suits their style and needs, they can search for a retailer that carries Bollé. 

“AR is routinely used for try-on and certainly enhances the buying experience. But AR for try-out, this is a first,” said Louis Cisti, Vice President of Global Marketing for Bollé Brands. “In the new normal of retail, Bollé recognizes that safety is now the most important thing. Consumers demand shopping encounters that minimize physical interaction. However, when it comes to buying premium sunglasses, they still have high expectations and expect to see tangible benefits. Bollé’s AR try-out does all that heavy lifting. Shoppers get to see perceivable performance benefits before making a purchase.” Cisti continued.

Using AR, users will experience several unique Bollé lens features that demonstrate Phantom’s superiority for spring skiing, cycling, running and more: 

• Light Adaptive Technology: the user is presented with a slider that allows them to change their exposure, making the scene brighter or darker. They watch Phantom’s molecular photochromic filter adapt to changes in ambient light. 

• Platinum Anti-Fog Treatment: The user’s view begins to fog up, simulating the fogging that occurs from sweat while riding, hiking, or spring skiing. Fog condenses outside the glasses, but the view through the sunglasses remains crystal clear, mimicking the real-world performance Phantom Lenses in a perspiring situation.

• High Contrast: The scene outside the glasses remains natural, but the user is able to experience improved color and depth perception as they look through the Phantom lenses. 

For the Try On part of the experience users will be able to see how they look in the Bollé Chronoshield, a new take on an original style from the 1980s. The Chronoshield offers an extra wide field of view, ideal for visual comfort and protection against wind or debris. Venting ensures the lenses never fog up and the adjustable Thermogrip nose-pads and temple tips gives a custom fit while making sure they stay in place.

To try-out Phantom Lenses using this augmented reality experience, users can either click on a QR code that will be included in Bollé marketing materials or may visit this link using their: Merged Single Lens Experience

FragOut Issue #29 Is Out

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Check it out here.