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Saab Receives Order for AT4 from France

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Saab received an order in mid-December 2022 for the anti-armour weapon AT4 from the French Armament General Directorate (DGA). The order value is approximately EUR 24 million and deliveries will take place in 2023. The order was booked in Q4 2022.

The AT4 family is a range of lightweight, man-portable, disposable weapons characterised by ease of use. AT4 can be used against tanks and heavy combat vehicles as well as threats in buildings and fortifications and to protect fixed installations, supply points and other vital assets.

“We are proud to yet again be chosen to deliver our world class single-shot AT4 system to France. Our future ready AT4 will ensure the French armed forces have the necessary firepower to give them the advantage on the battlefield,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab´s business area Dynamics.

France has previously ordered Saab’s AT4CS ER (Extended Range), the AT4CS HE (High Explosive) and the AT4CS AST (Anti-Structure). The AT4 family is known as the Roquette NG (Nouvelle Génération) in France.

SORD Australia – Water Bottle Pouches

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023

Introducing SORD’s new bottle pouches. Designed to fit a standard 500-750ml, square ADF 1L and rectangle US 1L bottle. The Utility Extra Large pouches will also fit the South African Army 2L rectangle bottles.

Museum of Arrogant Hubris

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

Australia’s Contact magazine maintains a virtual collection of banned unit symbols called the Museum of Arrogant Hubris.

Visit the museum at

NIOA Unveils New Group Structure, Key Appointments

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Australia’s global munitions company NIOA has today unveiled a corporate reorganisation, together with several key appointments to its future leadership team and a consolidation of its advisory board.

NIOA Australia, NIOA New Zealand, the Australian Missile Corporation, joint venture company, Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions and newly acquired Barrett Firearms now come under the umbrella of the NIOA Group.

The companies include:

• NIOA Australia and NIOA New Zealand which consolidates the defence, law enforcement and sporting markets in those countries as the largest privately-owned supplier of firearms, weapons, munitions and accessories.

• US-based Barrett continues to supply long-range weapons systems to the US military and its allies as well as products to law enforcement agencies and civilian markets.

• The Australian Missile Corporation is the independently operated enterprise partner for the Australian Government’s Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance enterprise.

• The Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions artillery shell forging plant in Maryborough, Queensland is a joint venture with Rheinmetall of Germany.

Ben James, the new CEO of NIOA Australia and New Zealand, heads up a number of executive appointments announced by NIOA Group CEO Rob Nioa under a corporate restructure.

Group CEO Rob Nioa has simultaneously announced a number of executive appointments:

• Former NIOA Weapons and Munitions General Manager Ben James has been promoted to the position of CEO for NIOA Australia and New Zealand.

• Current NIOA Chief Operating Officer Nigel Everingham to serve as Group Chief Operating Officer.

Jackson Nioa, formerly Corporate Development Manager for NIOA, becomes Group Chief Financial Officer.

Lee Goddard continues in his current position as CEO of the Australian Missile Corporation.

Sam Shallenberger to serve as CEO of Barrett with Bryan K. James the new President.

Under the restructure, the NIOA advisory board and former Australian Missile Corporation board become one NIOA Group board chaired by former Australian Defence Minister the Hon. Christopher Pyne.

The board includes former US Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, the Hon. Ellen Lord, former Australian Government MP, Senator for Victoria and past Parliamentary Secretary of Defence, the Hon. David Feeney, former Australian Army soldier Mark Donaldson VC, US Army Brigadier General (Ret’d) and former Commander Picatinny Arsenal, Alfred Abramson, Dr Ken Anderson, former Chief of the Aerospace Division in the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), and Tom Seymour, CEO of PwC Australia.

The restructure announcement comes on the heels of NIOA’s news last week that it has expanded its global reach with the acquisition of US-based rifle manufacturer and designer Barrett.

Mr Nioa said the family-owned NIOA was at an inflection point as it celebrated 50 years in business.

“This restructure streamlines our operations and sets us up for future growth as we expand geographically, enhance our capabilities and continue to deliver outstanding results for our customers,” Mr Nioa said.

“NIOA has been built on a foundation of hard work, loyalty and a can-do attitude. Those values continue to unite us. As always, wherever we operate our people are our greatest capability.”

The company has also released a new brand line and video reflecting the group-wide purpose while paying homage to its Queensland and Australian heritage.

“Mission Ready” captures the NIOA ethos and comes with an inspiring video launched across the company’s refreshed website and social media channels.

It features Mr Nioa reflecting on the company’s journey – from humble beginnings serving the sporting shooter and rural community to small firearms wholesaler and its extraordinary growth over the past decade as a major defence contractor.

HENSOLDT Develops SIGINT Pod Demonstrator for Eurodrone

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

Latest technologies enable compact design for signals intelligence

Taufkirchen/Germany, 20 January 2023 – Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT is developing sensor equipment that can be integrated into a pod to give the recently commissioned Eurodrone a signals intelligence (SIGINT) capability. The sensor technology for reconnaissance of radio and radar signals is based on a combination of the latest technologies in digitisation, electronic beam steering and metallic 3D printing, some of which HENSOLDT has already developed in its “Kalaetron” product family. The contract for the implementation and testing of a SIGINT demonstrator worth approximately 15 million euros has now been awarded by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw).

“From our experience with other SIGINT projects and our own technology programmes, we are in a position to offer a flexible SIGINT solution for the Eurodrone that can be integrated into a pod, but can also be used networked with other platforms,” says Christoph Ruffner, Head of the Spectrum Dominance & Airborne Solutions Division at HENSOLDT. In addition to the sensor suite itself, HENSOLDT is also developing a system architecture for integrating the SIGINT capability into the future mission system of the Eurodrone as part of this contract.

The “Kalaetron” product family is already being used in self-protection and signals intelligence systems by the German Armed Forces, among others. On its own initiative, HENSOLDT has already demonstrated its communications reconnaissance capabilities (C-ESM) in ground and flight tests. The core elements of the system are a fully digitalised, broadband receiver, an electronically controllable antenna and a condensed structure of the electronic components that was only made possible by metallic 3D printing. In combination, these elements allow the SIGINT equipment to be incorporated into a compact pod system that can be easily integrated into flying platforms, but also scaled for sea and land applications.

Rheinmetall Wins Contract for Regenerating Bundeswehr’s Modular Medical Equipment

Friday, January 20th, 2023

Germany’s Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has contracted with Rheinmetall for the conversion of modular medical equipment (MSE).

Worth a figure in the mid-single-digit million-euro range, the order will be complete by December 2023.

MSE containers comprise a family of modular ambulance facilities manufactured by Zeppelin Mobile Systeme. In the 1970s, various user states procured rescue station, rescue centre light, rescue centre and emergency hospital variants, which are now undergoing a comprehensive overhaul.

MSE rescue centres and field hospitals are used in Bundeswehr areas of operation. Individual systems are designed for special tasks such as the generation and supply of medical gases in the equipment supply container, or GVC. In deployed operations, the technical and medical equipment of the GVC supports the adjacent operating theatre. The container systems are CSC-classified, stackable and thus suitable for transport on container ships. The systems and their equipment are adapted in terms of scope and functionality.

Responsible for mobile deployable mission solutions, Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH has been pooling resources and capabilities for mission support since 2019. Rheinmetall AG created the company to handle services and projects for mission support. It provides customers with long-term mission support via specific services.

Dr. Deniz Akitürk, managing director of Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH, is proud of the new project: “Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH, in association with Rheinmetall Zeppelin Mobile Systeme, delivers comprehensive mission support. In addition to the construction and operation of forward operating bases, we also bundle protection and surveillance capabilities as well as medical expertise for our customers. As a system provider, we are pleased to be supporting the regeneration of medical equipment. In future, we could be modernizing a further 350 accommodation containers.”

The order underlines Rheinmetall’s high level of competence in mission support for the German Bundeswehr in the medical domain.

Noble Biomaterials Expands It’s Noble Defense Technology to Military Applications in Eastern Europe

Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Noble’s multi-spectral shielding and antimicrobial technology supports modern era of warfare 

SCRANTON, PA. (January 10, 2023) — Noble Biomaterials, creator of conductive energy textiles and advanced antimicrobial systems, announces today that its Noble Dfense™ technology is expanding into European countries as the war in Ukraine continues and combat troop demands become increasingly technical.

Noble Biomaterials has been a major supply partner to the United States military for over two decades. Noble’s Dfense™ technology has recently been adopted by government agencies in Israel, Asia, The United Kingdom, and now the product portfolio is expanding to Eastern European countries as the conflict in Ukraine continues.  

“Noble Dfense™ has proven highly effective in mission-critical military and aerospace applications,” said Joel Furey, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Noble Biomaterials. “Noble Biomaterials has spent years developing multi-spectral energy management systems for security and protection. Whether the objective is to transfer energy, shield energy, or add antimicrobial technology, our portfolio of products embeds capabilities that provide a measurable combat advantage for U.S. forces and our allies.”

Noble Dfense™ products include fiber, fabric, and foam textiles used in soft or hard surfaces for fixed and mobile applications. Commercial products include apparel fabrics, tents, shelters, tapes, wallpapers, and medical devices. Noble Dfense™ was originally developed to permanently mitigate bacteria build-up. The silver technology quickly transitioned into solutions in EMI/RFI shielding, thermal and electrical conductivity, IR signature, biometric monitoring, and static control.

Noble Biomaterials is a registered FDA medical device facility, an essential sole-source technology supplier of medical components to the US military, and a US EPA–registered antimicrobial manufacturer. Noble products are EPA, FIFRA, BPR, and CE conforming.

The silver technology used in Noble Dfense™ provide a mechanical antimicrobial benefit that removes bacteria on fabric. The technology is permanent and never washes out of the fabric. Noble Dfense™ uses passive and active mitigation systems with the ability to counter directed energy attacks in fixed and mobile locations. The technology utilizes proprietary material technology that scatters and shields energy waves by reducing the power of the wave up to 100dB. This level of protection, deployable within soft and hard surface applications, is far above industry commercial standards and is currently utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of State.

Noble Dfense™Conductive Material from Noble Biomaterials

For more information on Noble Biomaterials and to view their full range of fabric applications, please visit

Capacity Building for Ammunition Production: Foundation Stone Laid at New Rheinmetall Ammunition Factory in Várpalota, Hungary

Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

The foundation stone has been laid for the new Rheinmetall plant in Várpalota, Hungary, where ammunition for various systems will be produced by the joint venture Rheinmetall Hungary Munitions in cooperation with the Hungarian state. Production of 33mm-medium-calibre ammunition for the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle now being manufactured at the Rheinmetall plant in Zalaegerszeg is scheduled to start in 2024.

In a second phase, production capacity will be expanded and the product range widened to include other ammunition types.

A longstanding strategic partner of Hungary, Rhein¬metall AG will then be able to produce ammunition for the Leopard 2 tank and PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer at the Várpalota plant. Both of these systems are used by the Hungarian Army. Part of the production is earmarked for the Hungarian armed forces, with some products destined for export.

Full production capacity will be reached in 2025. In addition, Rheinmetall also plans to conduct R&D in Várpalota.

The Group is thus systematically expanding its ammunition production capacity. It recently announced the acquisition of Spanish ammunition maker Expal, which will double its manufacturing capacity in this domain.

Rheinmetall also produces ammunition in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, and Australia.

Rheinmetall is an important partner of Hungary, helping the country to achieve its strategic goals and develop its national defence industry. With this plant, Rheinmetall will be able to meet Hungary’s future ammunition needs as well as the growing demand for ammunition from Germany’s other partner countries. In addition to capital expenditure in Várpalota, Rheinmetall has been investing in extra production capacity and a development centre in Zalaegerszeg, where vehicle systems like the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle are being developed and produced, as well as in Szeged.

Furthermore, Rheinmetall announced in May 2022 that it would set up a joint venture with the 4iG Plc and the Hungarian state-owned company HM Electronics, Logistics and Property Management Plc (HM EI Zrt.) to drive forward the digitalisation of the Hungarian armed forces and selected NATO member states. Rheinmetall thus continues to expand its position in Hungary as a capable partner of the Hungarian armed forces. The core objective of the cooperation is to promote digitalisation of the Hungarian armed forces and other NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe and to develop and supply the necessary digital equipment.

When it is complete, the factory in Várpalota will employ about 200 people. More workers will be needed as the plant grows.

“We need employees in our team with experience in production, quality assurance, purchasing, warehousing and logistics, plant maintenance and administration. We are also specifically looking for professionals who are trained and experienced in handling explosives and ammunition”, declares plant CEO Michael Krebs.