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Emerald Warrior 22.1 Concludes for AFSOC, Czech Special Forces

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022


Air Force Special Operations Command wrapped up its 15th Emerald Warrior exercise that provided realistic and relevant training to prepare special operations forces, conventional forces and international partners for conflict in an evolving, strategic environment. 

The EW 22.1 planning team applied lessons learned from real-world operations to train and ready forces to the joint force, while staying focused on security priorities laid out within the 2022 National Defense Strategy; specifically, pacing strategic competitors. Trained, credible forces and strong international partnerships are pivotal to this effort.  

“In this year’s iteration, we improved our approach to command and control through the employment of the Special Operations Task Group and Special Operations Task Unit,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Kevin Koenig, exercise director of Emerald Warrior. “This dispersion of leadership allowed for real-time, on-the-ground decision making and allowed commanders to perform operations quickly and more efficiently. We exercised our agile combat employment capabilities and focused additional training on non-kinetic skillsets to include public affairs and information operations. With our partner nations and sister services, our goal is to continue to deter adversaries, now and in the future, in all domains.” 

The objective for this year’s EW was to gain and maintain an advantage on the battlefield and in the information environment, and grow kinetic and non-kinetic effects above and below the threshold of armed conflict from strategic competitors. 

This annual exercise is an opportunity to further test and improve future approaches to AFSOC units like the mission sustainment teams. These MSTs established forward-operating bases by providing initial site security, receiving cargo and personnel, and setting up shelter. 

“It was very impressive how the 1st SOW and 27th SOW [from Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico] capabilities came together in order to forward stage our contingency locations during this exercise,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Travis Deutman, commander of the Emerald Warrior SOTG. “As these capabilities continue to progress, it’ll definitely be something that’ll be useful within AFSOC.” 

In line with AFSOC’s Strategic Guidance, the exercise fuels on-going innovation and experimentation efforts within the command.   

“The most important idea to understand about Emerald Warrior is that as AFSOC implements force generation, we’re building new concepts; the two biggest concepts being the SOTG command team and our MSTs,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Michael Haack, deputy director of operations for AFSOC. “These concepts combine to enable the force to do agile combat employment in a contested environment. We increased our agility; we pushed our decision making forward to the lowest level. These teams are trained and enabled, and ready to fight the fight in the contested and uncontested environment.” 

In addition to introducing new command and control structure, the exercise continued as a forum of collaboration between the U.S. and its international partners and allies. This year, AFSOC hosted partners from the Czech Republic. 

“We look forward to working with our partner nations and coalition forces from across SOF,” said Haack. “Emerald Warrior allows us to problem solve in an exercise environment, establish communication and build enduring relationships. Those relationships with our Czech partners and fellow SOF coalition forces are critical so we’re not meeting them for the first time down range.” 

By 2nd Lt Cassandra Saphore, Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

Lindnerhof-Taktik Launches LT562 Curv Belt; Light Weight Permits Attaching Gear that Otherwise Would Need to Be Left Off

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (20 May 2022)—A highly versatile, exceptionally comfortable war belt made from a unique combination of materials that give it remarkable strength and lightness is now available for purchase, tactical gear manufacturer Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH today announced.

The Lindnerhof-Taktik LT562 Curv® Belt weighs so little that wearers can attach tactical gear they once would have chosen—or more likely been forced—to leave off, the company said.

“If you as an operator put on a belt that weighs what war belts typically weigh, you’re not going to want to make it heavier still by attaching a lot of gear,” said Lindnerhof-Taktik CEO Jakob Kolbeck. “To keep that typical belt from becoming excessively weighty and uncomfortable, you’ll decide to not take with you some of the gear you’d like to have along for the mission and some of the gear you really do need to have along.

“Our new Curv® Belt range solves this problem. It’s ultralight, so you can attach more gear without becoming weighed down to the extent that your performance suffers.

“But even though it’s super light, our Curv® Belt is also very durable. It fully meets tactical-use requirements for high impact-strength and—even when subjected to very cold temperatures— resistance to fracturing.”

Kolbeck said all of this is possible thanks to the Curv® Belt’s unique combination of materials. Utilized in that pairing are a polypropylene base topped with a 500-denier layer of specially coated CORDURA® fabric to produce a flexible yet sufficiently stiff construct that needs no additional reinforcing.

“We call it Curv® material,” Kolbeck said. “The inspiration for it came from the automotive industry and their classically high-performance textiles used for making seat belts and other motor-vehicle components.”

Kolbeck said that Lindnerhof-Taktik also drew on customer feedback to guide the outside-the- textile-material-box thinking employed by its design-and-engineering team.

“We always listen very carefully to our customers in order to identify needs common to all— we’ve found that to be an approach which can lead to the development of great new products, such as the Curv® Belt,” he explained.

According to Kolbeck, the LT562 Curv® Belt is laser-cut, which permits attachment of pouches and gear directly to its supplied MOLLE slots. As well, the belt is anatomically adjusted to fit better and be more comfortable.

“A war belt that doesn’t fit properly will interfere with the wearer’s performance,” he contended. “Nor is it advantageous if the wearer can’t get the belt off fast. Those are issues our new Curv® Belt range successfully addresses.”

Kolbeck indicated that the Curv® Belt can be easily adapted to other belts made by Lindnerhof- Taktik, such as the LT465 belt.

“We’ve incorporated along the inner side of the Curv® Belt a band of Velcro®-fastened hooks for affixing it over another belt,” he said.

The Curv® Belt is available in an assortment of colours: Stone Gray, Black, German 5fb Flecktarn camouflage, Coyote, and MultiCam®. As for sizes, it’s offered in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

“Our goal in creating the Curv® Belt was to maintain the key features of a classic war belt but, by the same token, go way beyond the limits of what once was possible for war belts made from conventional materials,” Kolbeck said. “I feel very confident that we have fully achieved that goal.”

For more information about the Curv® Belt range and other Lindnerhof-Taktik products, please visit the company’s website at www.hqg.de

Major Orders from NATO Customer – Rheinmetall to Supply Force Protection Equipment Worth Around a Quarter of a Billon Euros

Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Rheinmetall has received several major orders from a NATO customer to supply components for force protection equipment. The orders are worth a total of nearly €250 million gross. Delivery of the components is expected to start in 2023 and be complete by 2025.

“The armed forces of our country and those of our partner nations rely on our products to protect those who defend our right to live in peace, freedom, and security,” said Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall. “We have made it our mission to provide our men and women in uniform with the best possible equipment, giving them a vital edge when deployed in harm’s way and helping to ensure that they get home safely. Aware of what is at stake, our staff give their best every day.”

Rheinmetall’s comprehensive expertise in force protection technologies ranges from individual passive ballistic solutions such as hard ballistic inserts for protective vests to state-of-the-art stand-off active protection systems for armoured fighting vehicles.

Mehler Vario System and 3 Subsidiaries will Combine Forces to Maximise Their Draw Power at Upcoming GPEC Show in Frankfurt, Germany

Saturday, May 21st, 2022

FULDA, GERMANY (19 May 2022)—Mehler Vario System GmbH, Europe’s market leader for ballistics, today announced it will share stand space with subsidiaries Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH, Mehler Engineered Defence GmbH, and Mehler Law Enforcement GmbH during the 2022 General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) set for 31 May through 2 June in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany.

The occasion marks that Mehler Vario System and its three subsidiaries will jointly appear at GPEC. Company officials explained that bringing the four brands together at a single stand will synergistically enhance their prominence in the event, billed as Europe’s largest annual tradeshow for law enforcement, public safety, and homeland security services.

“Increasing our visibility will attract more visitors to our stand, which we’re looking forward to because our family of companies have some very impressive products to present and talk about,” said Mehler Vario System Managing Director Siegfried Will. “We are very confident that this combining of our forces will better facilitate technical discussions and allow us to more effectively answer questions about our highlighted products.”

The Mehler Vario System group will be located at stand J43 in Hall 3 of the city’s convention centre.

According to Will, Mehler Vario System plans to showcase—among other innovations—its new lightweight Comfort IV covert vest and certified H6S hybrid helmet.

“Both products are the lightest and most-comfortable ones in its category.”

Also expected to be presented is M.U.S.T., a project that Mehler Vario System has been working on jointly with Lenggries, Germany,-based Lindnerhof-Taktik, which makes high-quality tactical equipment systems.

“M.U.S.T. is a highly modular protection-and-carrying system that represents a light and quickly mountable-dismountable solution for police and the military,” Will explained. “Its individual modules can be universally combined by means of smart interfaces and, with ballistic components in place, M.U.S.T. provides an enlarged protection surface. The entire M.U.S.T package includes the carrying system, equipment bags, and operational clothing.”

Lindnerhof-Taktik, meanwhile, will present its new line of lightweight, high-performance, “no frills” combat clothing.

“Notable about the combat pants is they accept a variety of manufacturers’ knee-pad systems—no one else’s does,” said Lindnerhof Taktik Managing Director Jakob Kolbeck.

Lindnerhof-Taktik also plans to exhibit its MX634 multi-radio bag, improved MX116 MX-based admin panel, and novel head-system bag for toting a helmet plus accessories, Kolbeck said, adding that these and other planned-for-exhibit Lindnerhof-Taktik products underscore the company’s ability to learn from user feedback and combine those insights with innovative thinking to develop intelligent protection-and-carrying systems for fields beyond the traditional tactical space.

“For example, at our joint stand, Lindnerhof-Taktik will show a drone carrying system that can be adapted or developed into other applications,” he said. “Further, the bags that are part of that system feature diverse fastening options and imaginative inlays which could convincingly be the basis for rugged notebooks and tablets among other possibilities.”

Mehler Engineered Defence of Königslutter, Germany, will bring to the joint stand at GPEC its acclaimed line of ballistic personal protection shields. Christian Vahldiek, Managing Director of Mehler Engineered Defence, said some of the shields were developed and manufactured according to customer-specific designs in various protection classes including NIJ 0108.01, VPAM, TR bullet-resistance, and other standards related to protection against long- and short-range weapons threats.

“In addition to the shields made to customer specifications there also will be standard models,” he said. “Among the standard models will be small-format types for use in confined spaces such as aboard planes and ships and inside homes. There will also be larger but lightweight types for increased protection in evacuations and hostage situations. For riots and rampages, we’ll be showing foldable versions that are carried in patrol cars and deployed to protect against long weapons.”

Lastly, Mehler Law Enforcement, also based in Fulda, will demo its high-quality, functional, and modular equipment designed for use by security personnel in operational and crisis regions.

“Mehler Law Enforcement produces ballistic protective equipment, impact protection, operational gloves, and tactical equipment—they nicely round out the offerings of the entire Mehler Vario System family,” said Frank Rispeter, Managing Director of Mehler Law Enforcement.

For more information about Mehler Vario System and its subsidiaries visit: m-v-s.com

Slovenia Procures 45 BOXER Vehicles

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

The Slovenian government, represented by the European procurement organization OCCAR, and ARTEC, a consortium of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall, have signed a contract for the delivery of 45 BOXER wheeled vehicles in four different variants.

The volume of the order amounts to EUR 281.5 million. Delivery of the BOXER vehicles is scheduled to begin in 2024 and be completed in 2026.

Now that EU and NATO member Slovenia has joined the BOXER program, it has six user states.

Modular vehicle – versatile and proven in operation

The BOXER is a highly protected 8×8 wheeled vehicle. Its modular architecture allows a diversity of variants like no other vehicle system. So far, approximately 1,500 vehicles in twenty different versions are under contract in the four NATO member states Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. NATO partner state Australia has opted for the BOXER as well.

ARTEC GmbH was founded in 1999 and is a joint venture between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG, Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH and Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V. The company coordinates series production and serves as the point of contact for all export issues relating to the BOXER.

2 Cent Tactical Is Back…Sort of!

Monday, May 16th, 2022

It seems like ages since we talked about selling things through 2 Cent Tactical that help support awesome military charities. We are starting off fairly small with a couple of new options like an actual store. In the store, you can order some of the remaining stock of shemaghs (these are the last of them that we plan to order), and our new pack that includes a pin, magnet, sticker and patch.

The new pack allows you to stick a 2 Cent Tactical Skull Leaf on as many surfaces as you can. Slap that sticker on a water bottle or your truck, put that magnet on your gun locker or your fridge, slap that pin on a coat or bag with no velcro hell you can even use it as a tie tack. Of course, we still have the 2 Cent Tactical logo patch for your velcro areas or even the roof liner in your car.

Not only that but for a limited time we are giving away an extra patch with everything you order. For the time being, we are just testing the website for the remainder of May. When that is over we plan to fully launch in the fall with a bunch of new patch and sticker designs.

So please help us by buying some of our newly minted gear and allowing us to order our stock for the fall and really crush it when it comes to world domination… or I guess raising money for charities.


French Army Announces New Camouflage for 2024

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Last week the French Army announced that it is adopting a new camouflage pattern beginning in 2024.

The new Multi-environmental Bariolage (BME) will replace the currently used Central Europe and Desert patterns with a single pattern. According to research, it takes an observer 25% more time to detect a Soldier wearing BME than the older patterns.

Although BME appears similar to patterns worn by the US, UK, and other countries using MultiCam derivatives, the French explain it is inspired by the “Brun terre de France” color used for French military vehicles (seen below) and triangular motifs reminiscent of the camouflage of Scorpion program vehicles which will roll out simultaneous with the new camouflage.

Designed by the Technical Section of the Army, BME combat clothing was developed by the Army Commissariat Service. The French have budgeted 200 million euros and will begin issue in 2024. The uniform cut is the new Fighter 2020 F3 uniform developed under the FELIN program which is FR.

The Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) in the Ministry of Defense and Elbit Systems Unveiled Project “The Edge of Tomorrow” – the Infantry Soldiers of the Future

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

“The Edge of Tomorrow” is a project focused on the development of cutting-edge technologies to improve a range of mission capabilities including lethality, situational awareness, survivability, stamina, cognitive load, enemy exposure, performance analysis and simulation, command and control, and more among combat soldiers in the IDF’s Infantry Corps. The project aims to strengthen the synergy between individual soldiers and their teams through the adoption of the Soldier as System (SAS) and the Platoon as System (PAS) approaches.

“The Edge of Tomorrow” project incorporates networked warfare technologies including communications for the soldier and team level as well as TORCH-X-based applications for team and platoon levels. The various technologies include augmented reality goggles, a computerized assault rifle system, a digital head-mounted display system, hostile fire detection technology, a location-tracking system in GPS denied environments, tactile sleeves for navigation and command transmittance, and a voice command system (similar to systems used on smartphones).

The DDR&D’s Department of R&D together with “Elbit Systems”, the project’s integrator, and additional defense industries recently demonstrated the project’s capabilities at an IDF training center. The demonstration included a simulated response to an operational scenario. IDF soldiers from elite units incorporated the wearable technologies and demonstrated initial abilities in the fields of lethality, survivability, and increased synergy.

Lt. Col. Shlomi Buskila, Head of the LWSOF Branch in the DDR&D: “‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is an innovative project that is extremely unique thanks to our change in perspective. The project aims to enable optimal operational value for the infantry combat soldiers by strengthening the synergy between them and their team. The project incorporates a wide array of advanced technologies used by the soldiers and their teams, leading to a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.”

Haim Delmar, General Manager of Elbit Systems C4I & Cyber: “The purpose of this project is to equip combat soldiers, teams, and platoons with innovative capabilities that will significantly improve their survivability and transform their mission effectiveness. The technological solution that we have put in place is based on open architecture which enables the maximization of proven technology by Elbit Systems as well as by additional companies. The project will also incorporate technologies that were developed and adapted to address the needs of the future battlefield with special emphasis on urban warfare. We are proud to lead this important effort together with the Ministry of Defense and the IDF.”