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WARNORD – CP x TD Desert Tiger Stripe G3 Field & Combat Uniforms Go Live Tomorrow @ Noon EDT

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Tactical Distributors is dropping the exclusive Desert Tiger Stripe Crye G3 Combat pants & tops and G3 field bottoms and tops. This limited release will go live at 12 noon eastern time, Friday, Aril 16.

Helikon-Tex Launches Woodland Camouflage Gear

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Poland’s Helikon-Tex has launched a slew of products in Woodland camouflage.

Items include the SFU NEXT Shirt and Pants, and Bandicoot waist pack.

More on Woodland can be seen at

Marines to Test New Physical Training Uniform

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Marines will soon be testing and evaluating new physical training uniforms.  The new PT uniform is modernized with all the performance attributes that align with commercial trends of providing uniforms with better form, fit, and function, said Lt. Col. Andrew Konicki, Marine Corps Systems Command’s program manager for Infantry Combat Equipment.

On April 13, MCSC awarded four contracts to produce PT uniform sets comprised of one PT shirt and one PT short.  The uniform is for Marines to wear while conducting individual or organized PT exercises, and will provide a more athletic fit incorporating anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, stretch, fast-drying and reflective attributes.

Made in America, American Fashion Network, of East Syracuse, New York; Fit USA, of Ormond Beach, Florida; SND Manufacturing, of Dallas, Texas; and String King, of Gardena, California will be manufacturing prototypes of the updated uniform.

What will the new PT uniform look like?

Konicki said the new uniform will include a design modification to the current general-purpose trunks and undershirt that have been in service for nearly a decade. The PT shirt will be more fitted than the current undershirt, and will include side mesh panels for breathability.

Each sleeve will have an eagle, globe, and anchor—the Marine Corps’ insignia—in reflective silver. The back of the shirt will read “USMC” vertically, and have diagonal reflective strips on each side of the letters.

The PT short will be basketball-style and constructed in olive drab green performance fabrics with black mesh side panels and a longer inseam than the current general purpose trunk. It will have a bike-style liner and side seam pockets with zipper closures. As a planned augment to the uniform, there is an optional running short for those who prefer a shorter inseam. The running short would not be included in the initial clothing allowance issue or on the minimum requirements list, but would be authorized for wear during unit PT events.

Reflective attributes for the shorts include the eagle, globe, and anchor at the bottom left hem of the left leg and proportional diagonal striping on the right front leg and on the rear of both legs, from the hem to the mesh side panels.

“Active wear has come a long way from when the GP trunk was first issued,” said Kristine Bealmear, the PTU project officer with MCSC’s Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment. “I feel it’s important for our Marines to have these advanced garments to provide them comfort and durability during their PT sessions. They need to look their best regardless of uniform.”

A maternity PT shirt and shorts are being developed in conjunction with the new PT uniform, and will resemble the new PT uniform in design according to Mary Boyt, Program Manager, Permanent Marine Corps Uniform Board.  The maternity PT shirt and shorts will be added to the maternity supplemental uniform allowance, and will be issued to pregnant enlisted Marines.  The uniform will be available for purchase by pregnant officers.

Who is testing the new uniform?

MCSC is procuring a total of 600 uniforms; 100 will undergo durability testing in a lab environment and 500 will be issued to a diverse mixture of officer/enlisted, junior/senior, and male/female Marines for their use and feedback.  MCSC is working with Training & Education Command, and the intent is to include instructor and student populations from the SNCO and NCO Academies and instructors from Officer Candidate School and The Basic School. 

The evaluation will run for a minimum of 30 days, but could last longer depending on the delivery schedule after contract award.  Testing is scheduled to be complete by the beginning of August to allow for enough time to consolidate the feedback, present the changes to the Marine Corps Uniform Board for decision, and then update the contract to execute funds prior to the end of FY21.  This timeline supports initial fielding to Marine Corps Recruit Depots and OCS as part of the initial clothing allowance issue.

The scope of the user evaluation is going to verify/validate the form/fit/function of the new physical training uniform, with the output of the evaluation resulting in possible specification changes, contract modifications, and a better end product. For example, part of the expected output of the user evaluations is the development of female-specific sizing.

When can I get the new uniform?

The new Physical Training Uniform is expected to be available for purchase at Marine Corps Exchanges in the spring of 2022.

What else do I need to know?

The physical training shirt will not replace the green shirt that is worn with the utility uniforms.  The currently olive drab undershirt will be re-named “utility undershirt” and will be worn with the utility uniform, and for PT when forward deployed or when tactical requirements dictate per a commander’s guidance.

The revised PT uniform ensemble will include: the current running suit, the current sweat suit, and the new PT shirt and shorts. The current general purpose trunks will be phased out.  The Marine Corps Uniform Regulations will be updated to address the wear of the new basic physical fitness uniform ensemble, said Boyt.

This was a communique from HQ Marine Corps

Note: In December, SSD gave you a sneak peek of the new USMC PT Uniform.

M20 Hot Weather Uniform from Massif

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Massif has launched the M20 Hot Weather Uniform which consists of Blouse and Pant.

The lightest uniform Massif has ever built, it is made from CORDURA NYCO fabric, and incorporates No Fly Zone insect repellent technology. It’s also Berry compliant and offered in OCP only.

The Blouse

The M20 Blouse features Mesh-lined pockets to allow for quicker dry times and a dual-caped mesh-vented back for enhanced breathability and cooling.

In addition to built-in elbow articulation, the tabbed cuffs include insect guard mesh.

The Blouse is available in sizes XS-XXXL in short, regular and long lengths.

The Pant

The Pant offers a gusseted inseam for full range of motion and built-in knee articulation.

The low profile buttons allow for easy single-hand operation.

At the hem you’ll find internal insect guard mesh gaiters and elastic closure with roll tabs.

There is a full range of sizing with even waist sizes 26-56 and short, regular and long lengths.

Pre-Orders Open Today for 2021 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann Aloha Pua Shirts

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Last year OTTE Gear teamed up with artist Andrew Bawidamann to introduce high quality silk Aloha shirts made in Portugal and decorated with a unique pattern inspired by Vietnam-era tigerstripe camouflage.

This year, they pay hommage to World War Two’s Pacific Theater and the herculean task of the island hopping campaign with Aloah Pua.

There will be three color options. The first two are just like the iconic reversible Marine Corps pattern from World War Two: Greenside Out or Brownside Out and are called respectively Honu Jungle and Honu Beach.

As I mentioned earlier, there will also be a third, very limited run colorway which is blue-based and honors the Navy’s contribution to the fight.

Regardless of colors, you’re going to find some great details embedded in the pattern.

Pre-orders open at 3:00 PM Eastern at

Expect delivery by Mid-May.

UF PRO Introduces Tough-as-Nails Yet Ultra-Comfortable Striker X Combat Shirt to Meet Demanding Needs of Military Operatives

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (6 April 2021)—UF PRO today announced the addition of a lighter weight, higher strength, greater comfort, and all-around better performing combat shirt to its acclaimed Striker X range of tactical clothing. The Striker X Combat Shirt—designed expressly to meet the bruising needs of military operatives—is set to become available on 21 April.

“Our Striker X Combat Shirt is innovative on multiple levels,” Wagner asserted, noting that—for starters—the garment makes use of two novel types of fabric.

“The upper torso and sleeves employ the new NyCo Extreme material in MultiCam, while the lower torso consists of Lizard/Skin, which is an innovative, highly stretchable Lyocell-polyamide fabric overlaid with ceramic dots,” he said.

“Together, this construction results in a no-melt/no-drip garment that is extremely comfortable but incredibly rugged—able to withstand the kind of punishment that military operators routinely dish out,” Wagner added.

Other impressive properties of the Striker X Combat Shirt include:

·         Enhanced breathability
·         Fast drying times
·         Superior resistance to abrasion from plate carriers and other toted gear
·         Exceptional functionality
·         Extended life 

Wagner said the Striker X Combat Shirt improves on the design of the Striker XT Gen.2 by adding air-permeable padding to the area where the garment drapes over the wearer’s pelvic crest.

“This helps ensure that hips don’t become irritated from having a gear-laden belt on all day,” he explained.

Another improvement is the Striker X Combat Shirt’s three-level collar closure system. This, said Wagner, allows wearers to choose how much of their neck to expose to the open air.

“Some will want the collar fully open for maximum ventilation, others will want it fully closed for combat-readiness, and still others will want it in between to smarten their look,” Wagner offered.

He mentioned that increased ventilation is also possible by unfastening the openings located in the upper sleeves—one more improvement made to the shirt.

“These openings are strategically positioned to deliver a cooling airflow that helps keep wearers’ core temperature right where it’s supposed to be so that they can stay on top of their game rather than wilting from excess heat buildup and consequently losing their mental focus,” he said.

Wearer protection is increased as well, Wagner revealed. Specifically, the Striker X Combat Shirt at its elbows features anatomically shaped pockets designed to receive UF PRO Flex-Elbow Pads.

UF PRO said it plans to make the Striker X Combat Shirt available in four camouflage patterns/colour schemes: MultiCam; Brown Grey; Flecktarn; and Steel Grey.

The garment is expected to retail for 129€.

To sign up for Striker X Combat Shirt news and other UF PRO notifications, go to

Pre-Order – TRC Outdoors Cierzo Suit

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

TRC Outdoors is please to announce Pre-Sales of our new Cierzo Suit.

Originally manufactured as an Urgent Operational Requirement for a UKSF Unit, the Cierzo Suit is now a core product.

Adding to our already popular Cierzo Shirt is a pair of Cierzo Trousers and a matching Dry Bag.

Check out Outdoors Basics and Prepared Pathfinder for reviews.

Cierzo Suits have a nerdily interesting history.  Are you sitting comfortably?  The first mention of them we have found was as garments made by SAS Troopers from their parachutes after they had dropped into France prior to D-Day.  

They were a UKSF, Royal Marine Mountain & Arctic Cadre, and Airborne Forces staple all throughout the BCE (Before Crye Existed) era, falling out of fashion during the GWOT.  We resurrected them and bought them up to date with modern fabric, a few design tweaks and modern construction techniques.  

The garment is meant to be used as a windproof outer layer or as an intermediate layer.  They can even be worn under a damp outer layer while it dries out.  Cierzo Suits punch well above their weight in terms of the warmth they offer, especially in windy conditions and mountainous terrain.  

Ideal for hasty halts, OPs, as a tent suit, wet/dry drills in the jungle, glassing for game, sitting in tree stands, or as a lightweight and rapidly deployable camo garment in your BOB.

Our Cierzo Suits are manufactured in the UK by the company responsible for procuring silk for parachutes during WW2, which is a rather neat connection we think!  

Cierzo Suits come in two fittings; regular and long (for cave trolls over 6’).

Discounted Price Now – Despatched on 3rd May 21.

US Army Authorizes Optional Wear of Insignia and Accoutrements on the Class B Army Green Service Uniform and Tropical Dress Variations

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

This week, the Army released ALARACT 029/2021, allowing the optional wear of insignia and accoutrements on the Class B Army Green Service Uniform.

The Tropical Dress Variation is primarily intended for Soldiers in hot climates and serves as the alternative for the Class A uniform. Local commanders will determine when their Soldiers wear this uniform variant.

Refer to ALARACT 029/2021for specific guidance and utilize DA PAM 670-1 (26 JAN 2021) for specifics on authorized items and composition of the uniform.

Read the slides here.