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Magpul x Ten Thousand Tactical Clothing in FDE

Friday, December 1st, 2023

Magpul has partnered with Ten Thousand Tactical to offer four of their most popular items in FDE: The 5″ Short, 7″ Short, Shirt and Utility Pant. All four use comfortable, high performance fabrics.

Due to the popularity of both brands, this limited collaboration will sell out fast.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Field Flannel

Friday, December 1st, 2023

The All New Field Flannel is an update to our popular Stratton Flannel design. The Field Flannel is not as oversized as our popular Stratton flannel, accounting for 3% shrinkage we recommend getting the true to your size T shirt for a proper fit. The Field Flannel Yoke utilizes ambush material that’s found in our Wind Cheaters, for increased durability and style.

The Field Flannel is made from 100% cotton and comes in a heavier 9oz weight. The front features two oversized chest pockets with flap closures that lay flat. Throughout this iconic shirt, you will find smooth metal buttons that will stand up to the test of time. The Field Flannel is machine washable. Made in the USA with imported cotton.

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Set Point Clothing line by GBRS Group

Sunday, November 26th, 2023

Not to be lost in the midst of Thanksgiving week, the new Set Point clothing line from GBRS Group is worth checking out.

Under development for the past two years, Set Point by GBRS Group consists of:

AT HYBRID SHACKET – A robust, multi-season, fully insulated garment. Comprised of a blend of brushed yarn, dyed plaid exterior, and an olive drab green quilted interior. Insulated with mid-weight poly-fill.

OL VOYAGER ZIP-UP – A full zip performance jacket designed for everyday use. Made from Polartec® Power Air™, a new revolutionary knit construction that encapsulates air to retain warmth and reduce microfiber shedding,


??lycra binding finish at collar cuffs and bottom hem for comfort

??integrated breast pocket

??hidden interior dump pockets

??reverse coil zipper closures

??cuff opening thumb loops

MD APPROACH FLANNEL – Multi-purpose flannel for everyday use. Combining the crisp look of a heavier flannel with the comfort of a lighter one makes this flannel resourceful on any occasion.


??flat-felled construction of the seams for added reinforcement

??custom logo button closures

??back shoulder pleats, and adjustable cuffs

AP NOMAD JEAN – Rugged comfort, slightly-tapered jean designed for everyday use.

??Composed of a blend of selvedge denim and spandex fabric to ensure a higher quality finish and durable product that comes ready to use

??Stronger and more comfortable seams are made possible through a 2% spandex blend and flat-felled construction

FO VOYAGER BEANIE – Offers moisture wicking, antimicrobial and odor properties, and is hypoallergenic.

Milipol 23 – Direct Action

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

Poland’s Direct Action is giving Milipol visitors a sneak peek of their Vanguard combat uniform in MultiCam Tropic.

Made from NYCO fabric with 500D Cordura reinforcements and 4-way stretch, the torso of the combat shirt also features Polartec PowerDry FR fabric.

Offered in sizes Small – XXXLarge in several colors and patterns.

Helikon-Tex SAS Smock

Friday, November 10th, 2023

The SAS Smock from Helikon-Tex we previewed during IWA early this year is now available.

Although it’s part of their Bushcraft line this jacket gets its inspiration from early issue SAS Smocks.

It’s made of Duracanvas material which is suitable for waxing and has adjustable hood and a waist cinch. It also features eight pockets, making it as much load carriage as clothing.

Offered on Black, Coyote and Earth Brown in sizes XS – XXXXL.

The LEGEND (All-Weather) Over-the-Calf Compression Merino Wool (FR) Tactical Boot Socks

Friday, November 10th, 2023

We are pleased to launch our newest LEGEND® (All-Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Socks. They are very similar to our very popular mid-Calf (FR) version with the exception that  they are Over-the-Calf (OTC) and are 4” longer than our #1 selling Mid-Calf sock.

The new LEGEND® (All-Weather) OTC Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Socks are the result of the testing, evaluations, collaboration and joint efforts of the LEGEND® Product Development team and the US Military. The end result is an Over-the-Calf sock that meets or exceeds the requirements, set, to become an updated combat boot sock candidate.

The mild graduated compression helps to reduce tired, achy feet.

• High content Merino Wool wrapped in nylon for softness.

• Dense terry cushion on sole of foot, arch and along the entire length of leg.

• Exceptional Mild Graduated Compression (8-15 mm Hg) for reduced Warfighter foot fatigue.

• Exceptional moisture wicking (feet stay dry), odor resistant and temperature regulating.

• Zero-Friction toe (no seam) to help prevent blisters.

• Optimal sizing and fit.

• Extremely durable.

• Certified Flame Resistant (FR).

• Maintains fabric thickness after 50X machine washes under harsh conditions.

• Excellent elastic recovery (they stay-up)

• Perfect for Warm & Cold Weather Conditions

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Proudly “Made in USA” ,Berry Amendment Compliant,SKILCRAFT® Program “Supporting Jobs for Blind Workers

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Hoodlum Hoodie

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

If you’re not already in the know, then we’ll introduce you to the Hoodlum Hoodie. When it comes to hoodies, one might think that they are all pretty much the same, but perhaps you’re looking for a hoodie that is the ultimate in both comfort and utility. Designed with the wearer in mind, this hoodie is made from a unique blend of materials that will quickly wick away sweat and keep you dry and comfortable. The Hoodlum Hoodie is constructed from ACM-MID 400, a blend of polyester and merino wool that is designed to be both lightweight and quick-drying. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and camping in changing weather conditions. The exterior is 100% merino wool, while the interior is 100% polyester, which helps to wick sweat away from your skin and keep you comfortable.

The form-fitting hood and thumbholes in the cuffs give it a stylish look, while also providing extra warmth and protection from the elements. This hoodie is designed to be comfortable and stretchy, while still providing a close and snug fit. The full-length front zipper makes it easy to get on and off. The sleeves are long enough to provide extra coverage, while the thumbhole cuffs keep your hands warm without sacrificing mobility. The merino wool exterior is naturally resistant to wear and tear, while the polyester interior is designed to withstand repeated washing and drying. And with its form-fitting design, you won’t have to worry about it losing its shape or stretching out over time. Why settle for an ordinary hoodie?

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UF PRO Unveils the New Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants – a Fusion of Adaptability & Performance

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (2. November 2023) — Renowned tactical clothing manufacturer, UF PRO, unveils the next generation of combat pants— the Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants. This unveiling marks a pivotal moment in UF PRO’s journey of providing world-class gear tailored for military special operations personnel, who demand the highest level of performance from their equipment.

The spotlight feature of the Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants is the groundbreaking Detachable Waist/Flex Belt. This newly engineered system epitomizes adaptability, providing unparalleled comfort and ease of movement. It’s a remarkable stride in tactical wear design, setting a new benchmark in adaptability for the most demanding operational scenarios.

Adding to the adaptability and comfort is the innovative Negative Curve Belt/Buckle design. Unlike traditional belts, this new design sports a negative curve, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced comfort, making quick adjustments under pressure a breeze.

The Striker X Gen.2 also pioneers detachable knee-width regulation alongside knee-height regulation, offering a personalized knee protection experience. These features ensure optimal fit and protection, underscoring UF PRO’s commitment to providing tactical gear that adapts to the diverse needs and demands of military operatives.

UF PRO’s Spokesperson shared, “The Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants are a testimony to UF PRO’s relentless innovation. The debut of the Detachable Waist/Flex Belt, the Negative Curve Belt/Buckle design and the detachable knee-width regulation sets a new standard in adaptability, empowering our military professionals with gear that seamlessly moulds to their operational demands, ensuring enhanced comfort and tactical efficiency.”

Get more intel on the new Striker X Gen.2 Combat Pants.

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