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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Stratton Flannel

Friday, September 30th, 2022

American Made Stratton Flannel is in stock and ready for the fall.

The 9 oz Stratton Flannel is machine washable and oversized in 100% cotton to accommodate 3% shrinkage.

The oversized pockets and smooth metal buttons provide ample storage and rugged durability.

The Fleece Lined Stratton Flannel is also machine washable and provides extra warmth on chilly days in the fall.

As an added bonus, the Fleece Lined Stratton Flannel is integrated with a bottle opener.

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TRC Outdoors Tiger Stripe Bush Hats

Monday, September 26th, 2022

By popular demand, our Bush Hats are now available in Tiger Stripe!

The Bush, or Boonie, Hat is beloved of soldiers everywhere. It’s a very practical and comfortable bit of headgear.

One thing you find is that soldiers will take the item they are issued and modify it according to their own needs. We’ve taken some of the most common modifications made to issued headgear, as well as the recommendations for alterations from the British Army Jungle School, and rolled them all into one product.

The hat itself has a 4cm brim which keeps the sun off of your eyes and/or face without blocking or channelling your field of view. It also won’t obstruct weapon optics

We’ve made the top of the hat out of the same tough mesh as our Timmy Hats so that your head is protected from the sun, but can still vent heat.

There’s a tie -on loop under the brim at the back of the hat so that you can dummy cord it to your clothing or gear to make sure you don’t lose it.

The cord to hold it in place is of a generous length so that you can wear it either under your chin or behind your head. 

Finally, inside the hat there is a hi-viz band for IFF when you’re working in dense bush. Ideal for the RE-ORG or for hunting.

Also available in Multicamo or Night Camo.

Mission Ready’s Innovation Division Awarded US$1.4MM R&D Contract from DHS

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Protect the Force to Develop Next Generation Law Enforcement Uniform

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 – Mission Ready Solutions Inc (Mission Ready or the Company) (TSX-V: MRS) (OTCQX: MSNVF) (FSE: 2R4), a provider of comprehensive government contracting solutions, is pleased to announce that, Protect the Force Inc. (PTF), the Company’s innovation and manufacturing division, has been awarded a Research and Development (R&D) contract for the development of an Updated Law Enforcement Duty Uniform (ULEDU).

The award follows a Broad Agency Announcement solicitation (70RSAT21R00000005) by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) First Responder Group (FRG). As a result of the award, DHS S&T has obligated US$1,391,697.32 in funding for the 18-month project, payable on a pre-defined set of milestones.

PTF will work on developing and testing a duty uniform for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) that provides increased protection against a range of common hazards, including weapon attacks, burn injuries, blood-borne pathogens, and extreme weather. PTF will work alongside North Carolina State University – Textile Protection and Comfort Center (NCSU-TPACC) and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service – Institute for Law Enforcement & Protective Services Excellence (TEEX – ILEPSE). NCSU-TPACC will provide expert services and perform testing of the materials and the uniform systems, while TEEX-ILEPSE will provide feedback on system integration features and user acceptability.

“Law Enforcement Officers work in environments that are unpredictable by nature,” said Francisco Martinez, Chief Technology Officer at Protect the Force and Unifire, Inc. “Mitigating the exposure to increased threats and reducing the risk of injuries are well-established needs within the First Responder community. By evaluating and selecting the latest commercial-off-the-shelf technologies available, we will be able to identify and demonstrate an increase in the levels of protection that uniforms offer in response to threats LEOs may encounter. PTF is proud to work again with the dedicated professionals at DHS-First Responder Group, and our experienced academic partners at NC State and Texas A&M universities.”

“We are exceptionally proud to have our innovation division pioneer the next generation of law enforcement duty uniforms and help shape a safer future for Law Enforcement Officers across the country while influencing the design of law enforcement uniforms around the world,” said Buck Marshall, President and CEO of Mission Ready. “One of DHS-FRG’s key requirements for this effort was to ensure that the final deliverables have commercial viability in the LEO marketplace. With PTF’s rapidly growing domestic manufacturing network along with Unifire’s distribution and sales capabilities, we believe that we will be able to fulfill this requirement.”

UF PRO Announces Coming Availability of the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt, Described as a Perfect Next-Level Clothing Solution for Ops in Extreme Cold

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (21 September 2022)—Tactical garment innovator UF PRO today announced that its new AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt for military and law-enforcement personnel will soon become available for purchase online and at the company’s brick-and-mortar store in Komenda.

The AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt is a tactical garment that embodies revolutionary, next-generation advances in performance and comfort. UF PRO said its AcE Winter Combat Shirt was developed in response to the very specific, cold-weather operational requirements of today’s armed forces and police units.

“This is a second-generation product built upon the proven strengths of the original AcE Winter Combat Shirt,” said Armin Wagner, UF PRO head of development. “The result is a next-level iteration that incorporates a hybrid design intended to give wearers even greater ability to execute mission-specific movements and to better meet the requirements for overall more rugged performance and remarkable comfort.”

According to UF PRO, the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt’s key features include:  

• Hybrid design that achieves superior thermal performance by integrating a 100-percent windproof and highly water-repellent face fabric with G-LOFT® insulated sleeves plus a body lining consisting of Merino wool and COCONA® 37.5™ microfleece  

• Two-way VISLON® zippers for easier use of ventilation openings

• Kangaroo pockets with meshed air vents

• Fixed air/pac® inserts in the shoulder and upper back for increased air circulation along with better plate-carrier support and weight distribution

• Angle zippers to reduce pressure points that can result from wearing additional layers of clothing

• Collar-width adjuster

• Layered design for softer, quieter performance and better management of body moisture  

• Compatible with both hard-shell and thermal jackets

• schoeller®-dynamic stretch cuffs

• Improved durability and moisture-wicking owing to breathable, abrasion-resistant, 3D mesh along the section where the shirt overlays the hips

Said Wagner: “We designed the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt to follow and fit the contours of the human body as perfectly as possible, while at the same time opting for a material to give it exactly enough stretchiness that wearers can put it on and take it off with ease.

“Also, this second generation’s face fabric is more resilient, lighter in weight, softer to the touch, and a lot quieter. It combines the functionalities of a base, middle, and outer layer in a single garment—all so that the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt can readily adapt to the needs and output of the individual wearer’s body.”

Wagner added that the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt is intended for high-intensity ops conducted in cold weather.

“It’s an incredible team player,” he said. “Here’s why. Our bodies perform best when they’re able to maintain a core temperature that’s consistent. If that temperature fluctuates and drops below 35°C, hypothermia sets in. We start shivering and experience confusion. On the other hand, if our body’s core temperature rises too high, we’re at risk of suffering heat exhaustion. The complex hybrid structure of the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt is designed to counter such core temperature fluctuations and their bad effects, so wearers never feel too cold or too hot.”

Core temperature is maintained in large part thanks to the existence of a miniscule amount of space between the fabric and the skin. This space, said Wagner, supports an interior microclimate that helps wearers enjoy optimum comfort while active even in extremely cold weather.

“This very slender space is between the shirt’s microfleece lining and laminated outer layer, which creates an air pocket,” he explained. “This pocket serves two other purposes besides supporting the microclimate zone. First, it functions as an additional layer of insulation. Second, it contributes to the ability of wearers to move freely and not feel as if the shirt is binding them or tying them down.”

Among the enhancements found in the second-generation AcE Winter Combat Shirt is extra protection for those parts of the body that normally are the most exposed to outdoor cold.

“Additionally, the Merino wool and 37.5™ microfleece lining provides stronger resistance to odour build-up and gives this next-generation combat shirt better moisture-wicking and breathability properties,” Wagner said. “Meanwhile, the G-LOFT® filling increases the shirt’s previous outstanding thermal-insulation performance as well as enabling it to regain its original shape more readily after being compressed. And Kangaroo pocket openings built for easy access—even with a plate carrier in place—feature interior mesh linings that permit air to flow directly to the body and rapidly draw off excess heat.

UF PRO said it will later announce a firm date for the start of AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt sales. The company did, however, indicate that the garment will be available in a choice of colours: they are Brown Grey, Navy Blue, Black, Steel Grey, and MultiCam®.

“With the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt, our product-development team has once again raised the bar when it comes to tactical garments delivering highest-level performance capabilities,” Wagner said.

For additional information and release dates, please visit or contact [email protected].

Lindnerhof-Taktik Launches New Battle Dress Uniforms Advanced and AdvancedX; Available for Purchase Now

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (7 Sept. 2022)—Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH today launched its new, high- performance Advanced and AdvancedX battle dress uniforms, each consisting of a field shirt, combat shirt, and combat pants.

The Advanced BDU model is available in a classic five-colour Flecktarn camouflage pattern, while the AdvancedX version is offered in a choice of MultiCam® or Stone Grey.

Lindnerhof is known worldwide for its evolutionary and revolutionary work in the development of pouches, plate carriers, belts, and tactical nylon gear—all driven by an unyielding desire to improve the quality and performance of equipment used by military and law-enforcement special forces.

It was that desire which brought the company to a decision to revisit and subsequently enhance its previous efforts in the development of BDUs, specifically a BDU produced in 2019 for the German Bundeswehr.

“That BDU was unavailable for purchase except by the Bundeswehr, but now we have two new models of BDU—the Advanced and AdvancedX—which can be acquired by everyone as of today, the 7th of September,” said Lindnerhof-Taktik CEO Jakob Kolbeck. “The BDUs’ component combat pants, combat shirt, and field shirt are right now available at our online store——and are ideal choices for all who want to gear up for missions or training exercises in a BDU that’s smartly designed but not over-engineered.”

Kolbeck, in detailing the thinking behind the creation of the Advanced and AdvancedX BDUs, said the new garments represent a blending of classical elements with innovative materials and features.

“Consider the field shirt, for example—it needs to look every bit as good as it performs,” Kolbeck began. “Therefore, we combined traditional must-haves with new and outside-the-box thinking concerning design and construction. The result is a field shirt with cool optics, patched breast pockets with capacity enough to stow everything, underarm zippers for increased air circulation, and Velcro® closures over the front zipper’s cover bar for even greater ventilation and comfort.

“Speaking of comfort, we shaved off significant weight by streamlining the shirt to just its absolute essential features so that it can function like a second skin. It of course includes camouflaged long sleeves with adjustable arm cuffs and areas for attachable insignia patches, but also construction using breathable fabrics to support the wearer during operations in warm weather—not to mention fabric that’s highly durable so that it holds up against abrasion from plate carriers and other add-ons.”

Kolbeck explained that both the Advanced and AdvancedX versions of the combat shirt employ in their torso region a ceramic dotted fabric known as Lizard Skin.

“We waved goodbye to pure polyester and said hello to breathable Lizard Skin, which is both abrasion-resistant and comfortable,” he said. “We don’t rely on the material alone for comfort, though. We further enhance it with super-lightweight underarm mesh inserts and a quarter- front zipper.”

The Advanced and AdvancedX BDUs each employ a different base material. The Advanced model—available only in Flecktarn—relies on the same common twill found in the BDU worn by members of the German Bundeswehr. The AdvancedX model—available in either MultiCam® or Stone Grey—makes use of the nylon-cotton blend NyCo Extreme, which is lighter and more air- permeable.

“The parts of the two BDUs that require fabric reinforcement have been constructed with classic 500-denier CORDURA®,” Kolbeck said. “The knees of the pants are one such part.”

Kolbeck noted that the combat pants offer users the option to attach protective knee pads made by the top-three makers of that particular accessory.

“There is a ventilation-adjustable zip pouch for UF PRO knee pads and a receptacle for either Arc ?teryx Combat Knee Caps or Crye AirFlexTM Combat Knee Pads,” he explained.

Another key feature of the combat pants is its pocket setup. “Big cargo pockets, side pockets, and a lower leg pocket are all included,” Kolbeck said.

He indicated as well that the combat pants have a comfortable glove-like fit thanks to their proven Flex Fit closure system and said their highly adjustable, weight-saving integrated trouser belt renders obsolete the need for a separate trouser belt.

“Moreover, we’ve integrated into the pants expandable fabric sections constructed of Schoeller®-Dynamic stretch material,” Kolbeck said. “These stretch sections are fully camouflaged and support the user exactly where needed while moving.”

Lindnerhof is a part of the Mehler Group of companies, which include tactical garment maker UF PRO. Kolbeck credited that sibling organization with contributing its own expertise toward the successful development of the Advanced and AdvancedX BDUs.

“We collaborated to very good effect,” he enthused. “UF PRO is an excellent partner and we appreciated greatly their willingness to share their knowledge.”

For more information about the new Lindnerhof Battle Dress Uniform Advanced and AdvancedX as well as other Lindnerhof-Taktik products, please visit the company’s web shop at

DEVCOM SC’s Army Tactical Bras Designed to Meet the Performance Needs of Female Soldiers

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

NATICK, Mass. — The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center, or DEVCOM SC, has designed Army Tactical Bras (including four concept bras) to meet the needs of female Soldiers who perform physically demanding tasks in a wide variety of environments.

“It’s important to recognize that Soldiers are the ultimate athletes, and they need something very specific,” said Annette LaFleur, team leader for the Design, Pattern & Prototype Team, part of the Soldier Protection Directorate at DEVCOM SC.

LaFleur explained that as ultimate athletes female Soldiers often endure arduous physical conditions that are much more intense than “say a female running a weekend road race or playing in a soccer game for a few hours.”

“Consider a design that may be worn days on end, in the cold, jungle or desert, layered under her uniform, body armor, ruck sack and while different threats may come her way,” said LaFleur.

Ashley Cushon is a clothing designer on the Design, Pattern & Prototype Team. As project officer and lead designer for the Army Tactical Brassiere Program, Cushon has led the design development and the test strategizing for the ATB concepts since the start of the program. She noted the importance of equipment that fits well and meets the needs of female Soldiers.

“The last thing the Soldiers need is to lose focus due to the discomfort of a next-to-skin garment that is meant to support them and not distract them,” said Cushon.

“As with all uniform and individual protection items we develop and evaluate, our goal is for the Soldier to not think about what they are wearing and be focused on their job,” said LaFleur.

Based on feedback from survey and focus group efforts, DEVCOM SC designers learned about capability gaps presented by the sports bras currently worn by Soldiers as well as Soldier preferences.

“We considered how to improve the comfort levels of a military appropriate performance sports bra, incorporating features that Soldiers prefer while making sure, on a design level, to keep functionality and support a priority throughout design development,” said Cushon. “The goal is to not only accommodate Soldiers that are doing field training exercises, but also those operating in combat environments where there could be potential exposure to different threats.”

The design of the Army Tactical Bras was driven by Soldier feedback and takes into consideration a variety of factors.

“It is the combination of materials, design, construction (seams/stitches) and fit which create the importance of the item — not just one feature alone,” said LaFleur. “Ashley and a team of other technical experts have been working with female Soldiers so that we can take their feedback into the design process from the start.”

The designers are working to provide female Soldiers with a few different bra options to accommodate individual preferences, match their activity level, and meet the needs of specific tasks.

“As Army clothing designers, our considerations expand beyond the general look or style of the garment, though that is definitely a factor,” said Cushon. “We aimed to provide the Soldiers with a variety of options inclusive of features that they identified work well for their activity level. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no ‘One Size Fits All’ solution out there.”

Cushon said that other very important considerations include the Soldiers’ familiarity and experimentation with the variety of styles (which varies) and a certain allegiance that they may have towards a particular type of bra.

“We had to look at this from two different perspectives; first as women, understanding a sports bra is very preference dependent and personal,” said Cushon. “Second, as designers, we interpret feedback and incorporate these points as functional elements within a design. This way, we are able to understand and reach more individuals within our target users.”

The DEVCOM SC team worked to include a wide variety of features, ranging from customizable fit to flame resistance.

“We added various features that allow Soldiers to customize the fit of the ATB concepts to their desired compression or support level,” said Cushon. “We also wanted to offer concepts that have less fasteners and hardware without forfeiting functionality, for Soldiers who prefer simplicity. Of course, a key feature is the Flame Resistant, or FR, protection, which we were able to integrate seamlessly into the designs. Whether it is the addition of a closure, the finish on a joining seam, the moisture management of the materials, the size and location of hardware or thread weight, every detail was meticulously considered to ensure we provided adequate variation for these first iterations.”

“Fit, Form and Functionality” shape the approach to products that are designed by the Design, Pattern and Prototype Team. Given that incorrectly fit bras can cause pain, and skin irritation, these three elements were particularly important in the design of the Army Tactical Bras.

“In this instance, where Army sports bras could almost be considered a niche-use case, these three elements take on a whole new level of importance,” said Cushon. “Females in general have become all too familiar with experiencing adverse effects related to the continued wear of an ill-fitting bra. Skin damage related to abrasion, or pain in the breast, shoulders and back relative to the lack of breast support are some common examples. For the ATB Concepts, we are utilizing a combination of size, style and military appropriate design elements for the individual Soldier’s body type and activity level that can help to mitigate distractions related to ill-fit or discomfort that could compromise their focus — ultimately enhancing their readiness level while active.”

The Army Tactical Bras are an important part of DEVCOM SC’s ongoing efforts to meet the needs of female warfighters.

“We see this as one of many great opportunities to provide female Soldiers items that are developed with input from their unique experiences guiding the development and evaluation,” said Cushon.

“Here at DEVCOM Soldier Center we have a strong multi-disciplined team — including military designers, anthropologists and textile technologists to name a few — that use science and technology in developing optimized solutions to keep our warfighters, in this case female, protected and focused on their mission,” said LaFleur. “The bra is an essential component to the female Soldier’s system of clothing.”

LaFleur explained that “ATB technologies developed at the Soldier Center will serve to inform the Army of potential functional product specification and material options which optimize bra performance for combat at training environments. These technologies and research findings will also provide insights as to how specific performance requirements can be defined for these and other Soldier worn garments.”

By Jane Benson, DEVCOM Soldier Center Public Affairs

FirstSpear Friday Focus: FS Launches New Hats

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

The new line of FirstSpear hats has you covered for every occasion.

Visit FirstSpear to find all the gear and apparel for America’s Warfighter.

WRMFZY x MTHD Drift Stretch Jean Colab

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Tactical Distributors teamed up WRMFZY to offer a special edition of the MTHD Drift Stretch Jean.

Featuring an authentic Cone Denim Mills USA-made textile that incorporates the superior stretch performance technology of S- Gene elastomeric fibers. It features range-friendly hidden pockets to hold mags and EDC and well as a relaxed fit with stretch waistband for comfort and belt loops for necessities. Slim fit, cut to a tapered leg with articulated knees. Reflective details hidden inside the bottom opening assist with bike-commuter visibility when cuffed.

Available now…