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5.11 Announces New Technical Apparel for Fall 2022

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

COSTA MESA, Calif. (Nov. 2, 2022) – 5.11 Tactical®, the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, today unveiled a lineup of new technical apparel, including bottoms, tops and outerwear for both men and women, that it will make available this fall.

“Technical apparel is at the core of who we are as a brand and it’s an aspect of our business that we continually strive to improve upon as new technology, textiles and innovations become available,” said 5.11’s Vice President, Global Product, Matt Page. “In addition to many exciting new products, there are a number of updates to past customer favorites that are a direct result of end-user feedback and our product team’s commitment to providing customers with the best apparel possible.”

For men’s apparel, the Defender Flex Pant 2.0 ($85) is a redesign of the original, and widely popular, model. It offers new, reinforced belt loops for extra support at the waist to go with its seven pockets and durable cotton-poly construction to create a clean, yet durable look that’s great for the office or a trek through the woods.

Customers seeking more of a smart casual look can turn to the Bravo Pant 2.0 ($90) to provide a clean and stylish appearance with a slim fit and maximum comfort. Thanks to Enduro-Flex properties and a soft jacquard elastic lining in the waistband, these pants ensure a proper fit without being restrictive. Its reinforced belt loops, seven pockets, and knee articulation make it a perfect pant option for the office, out to dinner, or wherever looks matter as much as functionality.

Defender Flex 2.0 Pant

Bravo Pant 2.0
For outerwear, the new Women’s Thermees Insulator Jacket ($160) offers sustained warmth and protection from the elements with polyester taffeta construction, a DWR finish, PrimaLoft® Silver insulation and a front zipper equipped with an internal storm flap to retain body heat. The vertical quilt design and ribbed sleeves create a unique look customers are sure to love.

Thermees Insulator Jacket

Men’s Stratos Full-Zip
The Men’s Stratos Full Zip ($78) and Women’s Stratos Full-Zip ($72) are technical, comfortable and stylish full zip fleece pieces that work great as mid-layers on chilly days or outer layers on mild days. Constructed from a durable polyester and elastane blended grid fleece with moisture-wicking, anti-odor and stretch properties, they’re great for any activity. The brushed tricot-lined collar and raglan sleeves also provide an added touch of comfort.

The Britta Denim Jean ($80) features a classic five-pocket design, with the addition of two low-profile hip pockets to create 5.11’s signature seven-pocket functionality without altering the classic denim look. Its slim fit silhouette features soft, washed denim that’s woven with elastane for just the right amount of stretch. It’s performance and style make it a great option for any occasion.

Britta Denim Jean
For more information about 5.11, its product offering, and to find a 5.11 store near you visit www.511tactical.com.

Canadian Department of National Defence Awards Logistik Unicorp Contract to Supply Operational Clothing and Footwear to the Canadian Armed Forces

Friday, October 21st, 2022

Minister Anand announces investment of up to $3.7 billion to supply operational clothing and footwear to the Canadian Armed Forces

October 20, 2022 – Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

Today, the Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, announced that Logistik Unicorp based in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, has been awarded a contract to provide operational clothing and footwear to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This contract, valued at up to $3.7 billion over 20 years, will support over 3000 jobs in Canada’s clothing, footwear and textile industries.

This investment will deliver approximately 1,222 different items of clothing and footwear worn by CAF members during their deployments, including:

• combat uniforms using Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT) camouflage,

• badges and insignias,

• footwear including combat boots, arid/hot weather boots, and mukluks,

• winter gear such as parkas, headwear and hand wear,

• soldiers’ personal equipment, such as sleeping bags and day packs.

This contract will deliver supplies for more than 160,000 people, including Regular and Reserve Force members, Canadian Rangers, Junior Rangers, search and rescue technicians, firefighters and Cadets. This contract also contains provisions to enable the ad hoc procurement of equipment required for unexpected deployment operations – such as the immediate supply of Personal Protective Equipment during critical emergencies.

Today’s Operational Clothing and Footwear Consolidated Contract (OCFC2) represents a new approach to supplying the operational gear that the CAF needs to succeed on domestic and international operations. Once the contract is fully implemented, members will be able to order items online and have orders shipped to their door, while also providing the CAF with the ability to continue distributing uniforms directly to units. This new approach will deliver better resource and inventory management for the CAF, improve item availability, and provide better value for taxpayers.

This project will deliver concrete economic benefits to Quebecers and all Canadians. Logistik Unicorp will invest in research and development and skills training in the textile, apparel and footwear sectors, which will generate additional jobs and export opportunities. Logistik Unicorp must also conform to mandatory Canadian content requirements by ensuring that the majority of manufacturing of clothing and footwear items is done in Canada.

The Government of Canada is committed to providing the CAF with the equipment and tools that they need to serve Canada domestically and internationally. 

“Today’s investment will support thousands of well-paying jobs for Canadian workers, and deliver modern, cutting-edge equipment for the members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Canadian Armed Forces uniform is a source of great pride for Canadians at home and abroad, and this new contract with Logistik Unicorp will ensure that our members have the equipment they need, when they need it to fulfill the duties that we ask of them. I look forward to seeing the results of today’s investment, which is great news for Quebecers and all Canadians.” 

– The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence

Quick facts

• Currently, operational clothing and footwear items are being procured through multiple individual contracts. By combining the various contracts into one, we will achieve greater efficiency and availability of items the CAF needs and better value for taxpayers.

• This contract is the result of a competitive process and the winning bidder is qualified and capable of delivering a managed clothing solution to the CAF.

• Delivery of items to clothing stores will commence during the second year of the contract, and individual online ordering capability is targeted to be implemented during the third year.

• This contract also incentivizes the contractor to include Indigenous businesses as part of its supply chain.

• The Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy, was applied to the OCFC2 request for proposal requirements to leverage economic benefits for Canada equal to the value of the logistics services component of the contract. As a result, the contract will ensure long-term, sustainable support for the Canadian apparel, textile and footwear sectors. 

• Logistik Unicorp has experience in ensuring that Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) considerations are incorporated. Procured items will meet the requirements of the diverse CAF population with a faster turnaround time.

GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric Technology

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

During last week’s AUSA event GORE-TEX brand outfitted three mannequins with jackets made from their GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric Technology which retains the water and wind proof breathable characteristics of Gore’s ePTFe material but adds the ability to stretch.

This offers an adaptive fit that reduces air gaps and leads to a more optimized design with less bulk. This means a garment with a more tailored fit can be worn with underlayers without going up a size. It will also move with the wearer. An added bonus is that the fabric improves the garment’s evaporative resistance and increases breathability by 25%.

It was an excellent means to demonstrate how verstaile a shell garment made from the GORE-TEX Stretch fabric is. It can be worn under armor, or over it, fully protecting the gear from
invelement weather.


AUSA 22 – GORE-TEX PYRAD Refueler Suit

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

GORE-TEX PYRAD is a flame retardant fabric; a self-extinguishing technology that provides durable protection against flash fire exposure while remaining highly breathable, water resistant, and windproof. It’s used to make the Fuel Handler 2-Piece Suit worn by Soldiers and Marines.

In one of the most effective displays I’ve seen, WL Gore & Associates have showcased an example of what this garment looks like after a flame test.

As you can see, the material chars, but remains intact and protects the wearer from direct burns. It is also self-extinguishing. In addition to FR protection, the wearer also benefits from a breathable, water and windproof GORE-TEX shell.

To see a video of GORE-TEX PYRAD in action, go here.

XGO Rugby Polo

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Coming soon from XGO is the new short sleeve Rugby Polo. It’s features a higher collar for increased neck coverage and is made from a No Melt/No Drip Fabric tested with Acclimate® Dry Moisture Management for Wicking and Drying as well as Ag47® Silver Anti-Microbial/Anti-Odor.

Offered in Black, Coyote, and Tan 499 in sizes Small – XXLarge.

AUSA 22 – DNS Alpha

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

DNS Alpha is exhibiting in the Mountain Horse Solutions booth. They showed me their new Over Whites which are based on a design they did for a European SOF unit.

They have a version made from a 3 layer GORE-TEX fabric as well as a version in a 40D material printed in MultiCam Alpine.

Redesigned with Marine Feedback in Mind, New PTU is out for Testing

Monday, October 10th, 2022



Last year, Marine Corps Systems Command received a requirement from the Marine Corps Uniform Board to redesign – and ultimately modernize – the Corps’ green-on-green physical training uniforms by incorporating industry trends to achieve better form, fit and function.

Although the initial prototype incorporated many innovations like anti-microbial technology, moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabrics and reflective elements, many Marines were unsatisfied with the new design and asked for some changes.

After last year’s successful limited user evaluation, MCSC’s Product Manager Clothing and Equipment team is back with a new and improved PT uniform prototype.

While the beloved “silkies” unfortunately will not be making a comeback, Kristine Bealmear, the PT uniform project officer with MCSC’s clothing and equipment team, feels confident that Marines will like the revised uniforms.

“I think they’re going to like them a lot better than the previous prototypes. I think the women are going to be a lot happier,” she said with a smile.

After all, it was the input of approximately 350 leathernecks that drove this round’s creative process.  

“The results from last year’s [limited user evaluation] were clear. The material was heavy. The shorts were long. The reflective material was restrictive. And so, we just kind of took all of that information and we went from there,” Bealmear explained. “The Marines are the ones that have to wear this uniform so it’s in our best interest to listen to what they have to say.”

Now, the PT uniform’s shorts are shorter and down to a 5-inch inseam. The PT uniform’s shirt material is lighter and the reflective striping down the back is thinner – a change that will allow Marines to remain cool and flexible as they exercise.           

“If you look at the new PT uniform, it does have a shorter inseam, which is more in line with what we see in industry. Industry trends come and go, so we look at every design detail individually and decide what we should apply today that could still be relevant to the Corps years from now,” said Emily Madden, a clothing designer supporting MCSC from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center.

One of the most exciting changes, however, is the shift away from gender-neutral sizing. 

“We found that gender-neutral sizing does not work well for our women Marines,” Bealmear explained. “With the last prototype, for example, we found that if the shirt fit them well across the bust line, it was too big in the neck. Same with the shorts – if they fit in the waist, they were probably tight across the hip line.”

“And so, we took all of that test data, a lot of pictures, a lot of feedback, and we made the necessary changes. Gender neutrality in design is a thing of the past.”

“I think it’s really important to make sure that all Marines have the proper fitting uniform for what their mission may require, in regards to fit, form and function,” Madden added.

But the design team was driven by more than just user feedback; they were also guided by industry best practices with innovation in fabric and design.

“We really leaned on industry to better understand manufacturing techniques and design details at a reasonable price point, but we also worked closely with our service partners from the Air Force, Space Force and Navy to better understand fabrics and material weights,” Madden explained. “Ultimately, we tried to leverage industry while still accommodating what a Marine could need or want.”

The new PT uniform isn’t ready for distribution across the Corps quite yet, though. MCSC’s clothing and equipment team is in the midst of conducting another user evaluation to solicit Marines’ feedback on the redesigned uniform. During the current evaluation, which started in September and runs for 30 days through October, the team issued PT uniforms to approximately 350 Marines, who were asked to wear and evaluate the new uniforms while they PT.

Afterward, the team will survey all evaluation participants in order to collect data related to the uniform’s form, fit, function and comfort. Participants will also take part in group discussions about their wear experience.

Ultimately, the team will take the results of the survey, group discussions and the initial fit assessment to determine any necessary changes to the redesigned PT uniform prototype. This rigorous process ensures the product is ready for use by Marines across the country.   

“I ask them to ‘use it and abuse it,’ as I like to say, because we really need that durability feedback from them,” Bealmear explained. “After the 30-day trial is done, we’ll go on to evaluating the results and make the necessary changes.”

“We think the new PT uniform accommodates fit, form and function of both male and female Marines. There will always be tweaks that we can find or improve upon, but we think we’re headed in the right direction,” she added.

Johannes Schmidt, MCSC Office Public Affairs and Communication

Photos by Ashley Calingo, Tonya Smith and Johannes Schmidt

Sneak Peek – Platatac x Snugpak Badger Insulated Hoody in Tigerstripe

Friday, October 7th, 2022

Platatac has engaged with Snugpak to offer a version of the Badger Insulated Hoody in Tigerstripe. Coming soon.