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TacJobs – Production Assistant at Black Triangle

Friday, April 29th, 2022

Available Position: Production Assistant I

Position Location: Chesapeake, VA 

Position Availability: Permanent / Full-time

Us: Growing small business innovating in a niche defense industry.

You: Strong attention to detail, highly motivated, and task oriented. Prior experience is not required, however a basic competency and ability to learn and retrain skills is a must. Work is done with tools ranging from hand tools to light machinery. Training on all tools used in the production of our products will be provided.

Pre-employment screening is required prior to employment.

Please send resume and/or inquiries to [email protected]

Black Triangle – Rigid Bag Panel-Sling

Friday, April 1st, 2022

Although it’s designed to fit the Patagonia Atom 8L Sling Black Triangle’s Rigid Bag Panel-Sling can be used in other slings, satchels, and small messenger-type bags. It’s pretty versatile and user configurable. I’m going to order once they go live today at 1500 EDT.

Specifications and Details

1/8” thick Boltaron (Black and FDE)

11 1/2” Length

8 1/4” Width

16 riveted 1/4” holes (The riveted holes serve as anchor points if you wish to dummy cord the panel to your bag)

24 non-riveted 1/4” holes

4×6 1” MOLLE/MALICE channels*

Each Panel comes standard with 2 60” strands of 1/8” braided shock cord & 2 cord locks.

*When utilizing the MOLLE/MALICE channels, we prefer to use the TT Fight Light MALICE CLIPS (long) orEsstac WTFix Straps (Long)

Messenger and Full Size bag panels are expected by Q4 2022.

Draper Inventors Honored for Antenna Designed to Evade Detection

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

CAMBRIDGE, MA—December 20, 2021—Draper has earned an award for its patent of an antenna technology that shows promise for improving reception and evading detection in locations where signal complexity might be a problem. Military units may benefit when the antenna is installed in their communication devices.

The achievement was recognized by the Boston Patent Law Association at its 11th Annual Invented Here! event Nov. 12, 2021.

Antennas can, of course, be designed to receive and transmit a range of signals, including GPS, cellphone and Wi-Fi. Making signals difficult to detect is desirable in many military contexts, such as stealth aircraft. But devising an invisibility cloak isn’t easy for antennas used for typical military uses, such as beacons and radar systems.

A major challenge for designing any antenna is the noisy and complex environments it might encounter. Military antennas, for instance, interact with multiple frequencies, which requires multiple layers of protection for the antennas and their signals to remain undetected. The result can be an antenna wrapped in a protective layer, called a radome, which can be “expensive, complex and time-consuming” to design, build and maintain, according to the patent.

Draper addressed the challenge of unwanted signal detection by devising a scheme for antennas of various types that can be tuned by adjusting the frequency selective surfaces, or FSS. FSS is a thin, repetitive surface designed to reflect, transmit or absorb electromagnetic fields based on the frequency of the field.

Engineers at Draper designed the antenna to dampen or hide its presence without impacting its effectiveness. They did so by developing an FSS that has the ability to automatically change how the FSS resonates to an incoming radar signal without degrading signal reception to the antenna. The result is a lower radar signature of the antenna. If a different radar frequency needs to be mitigated against, then the tunable FSS which is embedded in the antenna element can be tuned to the new radar frequency without degrading the performance of the desired communications frequency.

The inventors responsible for the patent “Frequency Selective Surface Antenna Element” are Amy Duwel, John Grandfield and Jacob Treadway. The patent application was prepared and submitted by Sunstein LLP.

The Boston Patent Law Association, established in 1924, is one of the oldest associations of intellectual property lawyers and professionals in the U.S. The BPLA’s Invented Here! award highlights inventions made by New England inventors or New England companies.

Grayman & Co Polo Shirt Update

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

I’ve got to tell you, if you’re looking for a very well made, nicely tailored polo shirt, keep reading. I have one of these shirts from the first, limited run and it is amazing. It comes from Grayman and Company, a Canadian company who make bespoke suits with tactical features. A couple weeks ago, they released their new merino polo shirt and it’s even better than mine. In fact, I’m upgrading and one of my sons is going to get the one I currently have. He just doesn’t know it yet.

They added some very discreet loops for comms wire management and a pass-through channel in the collar band if you want to hide a small wired mic under the collar flap.

Besides those features, this is very clearly a polo shirt designed by tailors. Merino fabric is usually in a jersey knit and you can find plenty of merino polo shirts at REI or by your favourite outdoor brands in jersey, but this one is in the more sophisticated ‘pique’ textured knit which is even more breathable and has a more refined look that goes well with suits and blazers. The only other merino pique polo shirt I could find on Google was by Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label and it’s $495. They also opted for a longer/deeper button placket than usual and constructed their shirt collar like a dress shirt collar, so it has structure and slots for collar stays. The collar stays they use are carbon fibre.

The whole package makes for a polo shirt that definitely looks more put together than a normal casual polo shirt and might be a good alternative to a dress shirt for some occasions. And it’s pure merino, so it’s temperature-regulating, breathable, odor-resistant (you can wear this thing for a week or more without washing it) and machine washable. The fabric is Italian, from Reda 1865, and the tailoring/construction was all done in Italy, so they ship it directly from Italy.

You can check it out at They have a pretty useful fitting calculator so you can experiment to find the right fit.

Mystery Ranch Low-Vis Line

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

Built on the specific needs of servicemen and women, MYSTERY RANCH remains true to its martial roots while adapting to the diverse requirements of tactical professionals and those who demand purpose-driven features, including quick access and security for critical gear. Combining durable materials and unparalleled organization, the MR collection of Low-Vis packs transport gear safely and securely and are built for any commute, anywhere.

From the new compact GO BAG, featuring an over-the-shoulder sling for ease of carry, to the full-featured, padded travel bag – the ROAD TRIPPER – you will find multiple uses for each.

MYSTERY RANCH has also taken a couple of their best-selling packs and added conceal-carry features, including the RIP RUCK 24 CC and the ever-popular 3 WAY BRIEFCASE CC.

With these ingenious designs, you will have your Low-Vis demands covered.

To view the entire collection, click here.

Black Triangle Announces the Midnight Creeper MK4

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

The Ultimate Non-Metallic Fighting Knife

Available November 26th, the Midnight Creeper MK4 is a much-needed modification to our most popular G10 knife.

An index point is a touch-based feature that tells the user that they are grabbing the knife the same way every time. So, what would happen if we took the MK1 Mod2 and added an index point to it? That is the question asked by Johnny Primo of Courses of Action. Some students at recent Courses of Action combatives classes happened to also be Black Triangle end users. A common theme among them was the inability to get a consistent grip on the handle. This feedback was just the information we needed.

We kept the same overall length of the MK1 but gave the handle a tune-up. The symmetrical finger choils and flared pommel give the user a secure and ambidextrous grip.

The sheath is flipped so the bevels face the body when drawing the knife. It keeps the knot away from the skin, thus eliminating a hotspot. This is another common suggestion from end users.

The flipped sheath and clip position allows a right-handed user to carry the knife on the appendix support-side in conjunction with an AIWB firearm. For those carrying strong-side, the clip orientation allows for the knife to be slightly canted to the rear, giving the user more comfort when sitting.

The MK1M2 is not going away, however for those already carrying a MK1, the MK4 is definitely the next level up. 

These additions to an already trusted and proven product makes the MK4 the ultimate non-metallic fighting knife.

OpEx 21 – Grayman & Company

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Parabellum Prime hosted a Grayman & Company mannequin during OpEx which gave a good idea of the quality of their custom tailored suits for low viz ops and protective detail personnel.

Standard features include such necessities as cut resistant sleeves and hidden ID panels, Action back and quick draw front button.

OpEx 21 – True North Tradecraft

Monday, October 4th, 2021

I’ve followed True North Tradecraft for quite awhile on Instagram so it was a pleasure to finally meet Boris at Operator Expo.

True North Tradecraft teaches Personal Security Tradecraft from a Canadian Perspective and provides products to support that goal.

One of the items on their pretty sizable catalog is the OSS Lock Pick Set (Camp-X Canadian Custom Edition). For those of you unfamiliar, Camp X-ray was a training facility for the British Special Operations Executive and the SOE is who provided the American Office of Strategic Services with their initial training.

The kit consists of:

• Stainless & Spring Steel

• Tension Tool

• Razor Saw

• #3E Small Diamond

• #8 Short Hook

• #6E Euro Wave Jiggler