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SHOT Show 23 – P R S x PRISM

Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

From the former founder of OXCART, comes PRISM, an apparel manufacturer that has the capability of providing for clients, both domestically and abroad.  PRISM is launching a new way of keeping hold of your closest assets with the PRISM Retention System (PRS).

With the goal of building a retention system that works with traditional “hook and loop,” PRISM sought a quick, effective and interchangeable way to manage gear, pouches, and kit, to conform to the ever-changing environment that is the operational space.  Comfortable, manageable and a never-ending possibility of movement around your waist, the PRS are set for your own personal fitting. 

From pants, to shorts, to yoga pants, or joggers, the capabilities are endless with what you carry on a daily basis.  In an area that is non-conforming, to running errands and out with the family, being able to place your needed necessities, on your person, and in a comfortable way, is what PRS is all about. 

In collaboration with Black Triangle, a series of sheaths & holsters are also being built that do not feature any metallic properties, making getting through certain detection areas rather easy.  RFID and other pouches capable of hiding signatures are also in the works by PRISM. 

For further information and license inquiries, please contact:

[email protected]  


Hunter Cat Magnetic Stripe Reader

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

Ever run across a credit card reader that seemed kind of sketch, like at an ATM or gas pump? The Hunter Cat Magnetic Stripe Reader allows you to test the reader to determine how many strip heads are contained within the reader.

Once you’ve run it through the reader, it offers a visual readout via one of three different LED lights – Green (OK), Yellow (Warning), or Red (Dangerous).


Spiritus Systems Presents: Banned State EDC

Tuesday, December 27th, 2022

How do you protect yourself while traveling? Being on the road all of the time, this is an issue I struggle with and it’s only exacerbated while traveling overseas. Even some
of the most innocuous stuff like a first-aid kit and a pen knife can get you hemmed up.

Adam Holroyd of Spiritus Systems breaks down some options.

SOPLETE – A Collab Between Sneakreaper Industries And Black Triangle Group

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

The Soplete is one of the wildest things I’ve run across. As Black Triangle Group tells it,

Here you can see how this “torch to light the way” works. It is a two-fingered operation, at least initially.

Here’s a top view of a fully configured Soplete with WD-40 spray can and disposable lighter.

Soplete will be available Friday September 9th at 12pm Eastern from our friends at Black Triangle Group.

You can read more here.

Lululemon Liftos Hiking Backpack

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

I know what you’re saying, “Lululemon…WTF?” Yep, Lululemon. I’m taking you right out into Grey Man territory here guys. No one is even going to turn their head if you’re wearing a Lululemon pack and it might actually be the only time your significant other is pleased you bought yet another pack.

The new Liftos daypack is part of Lululemon’s hiking line. It’s a 25 Liter pack with a curved back for lumbar support and a removable waistband. Plus, its exterior pocket can fit a hydration reservoir or 16” laptop.

What some of you may not know is that Lululemon is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, not far from Arc’teryx. In fact, a lot of the design team at Lululemon cut their teeth at Arc so you’ll notice a lot of similar design features between the two brands.


The Agilite Laptop Carrier (LTC)

Thursday, July 21st, 2022

Agilite just launched the new Laptop Carrier (LTC), a laptop bag for industry professionals with an added important feature.

Watch the video to learn more.



Friday, June 24th, 2022

The B&T BWC9 is a transformer, changing from a mild mannered lunch box into a 9mm firearm.

Well, that’s what it looks like anyway. See for yourself.

Yes, I’ll acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is quite similar in purpose to the upcoming Magpul x ZEV FDP-9 which is still in development.

It uses a SIG320 trigger group and carry slide with a limited run coming later this year from bt-usa.com.

Grayman and Company Introduce Sunglasses

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Grayman and Company has been talking to me quietly about their plans for a pair of sunglasses for a while. These were born from the need for executive protection and plainclothes guys who want sophisticated looking sunglasses that you can wear with a suit, but with the protection of polycarbonate sport sunglasses or eyepro.

The Grayman and Company sunglasses come in two Wayfarer-inspired styles and an aviator style. They feature a groundbreaking Japanese Urethane-based lens that has far superior polarization, optical clarity and scratch resistance to the polycarbonate lenses we’re used to, but maintains high-velocity impact resistance in-line with ANSI Z87.1+ testing methodology. They are currently not rated for Z87.1+, as the lack of side-shot protection would instantly disqualify them. I’m told they’re working on some solutions to this. The Urethane lens holds a lot of promise and there don’t appear to be any major peers or competitors who use this lens technology, yet.

Check them out at sunglasses.grayman.company