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Grayman & Company – Polo Shirt

Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

When I purchased my Polo Shirt a few years ago from Grayman & Co, I looked at it as more of a business casual item than something greenside. But then I ran across this photo and realized, why the heck not?

Granted, it’s not cheap, but it is very well made, from 100% Merino Wool. And for the guys who get triggered by this, it’s made in Italy (egad!).

In addition to being very comfortable, the open weave leaves it quite breathable, making it a great four season shirt.

As for operational features, the Polo incorporates slim wire-management loops, serged into the side-seams and shoulder. Additionally, webbing loops for microphone clips are sewn into the placket and under the collar flaps and the collar band features a wire pass-through channel.

Offered in Light Grey, Taupe (which I bought to blend with a wider variety of pants and jackets), Green, Very Dark Green, Dark Grey, and Very Dark Blue.

Sizing is XS -XXL in short, regular, and long lengths.

Mission First Tactical Introduces the Versatile and Discreet 10L AchroSling Bag – The Ultimate Everyday-Carry Companion

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Horsham, PA – Mission First Tactical (MFT), the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art, USA made rifle/carbine accessories and holsters, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation – the 10L Achro™ Sling Bag. As part of the Achro™ series, this revolutionary bag epitomizes the concept of “without color,” embracing the art of blending in with a low-vis, everyday-carry bag featuring a dedicated, discrete firearm storage system.

Achro™ derived from “Achromatic” is defined as “without color” … The Gray Man.

Designed to meet the needs of modern commuters and travelers seeking both functionality and security, the Achro™ 10L Sling Bag offers an array of organizational options in a comfortable platform. Whether you’re a daily commuter, law enforcement professional or a weekend warrior, this sling bag caters to your lifestyle with utmost precision.

“The 10L Achro™ Sling Bag represents the culmination of decades of professional travel experience. We aimed to create the perfect commuter pack, catering to the modern individual’s needs while ensuring safe and secure storage without compromising on style,” said Ryan Ditta, Program Manager at Mission First Tactical.

Key Features of the Achro™ 10L Sling Bag:

Dedicated and Discreet Firearm Pocket: The concealed firearm compartment allows for safe, quick access and features a hook & loop system for custom orientation.

MFT Multi-Mount Platform: The included platform enables users to mount a holstered firearm or other 1.5” belt clip accessories with ease.

Organized Storage: The bag offers a front admin/organizer panel, fleece-lined sunglass pocket, aluminum key clip and internal zippered storage pockets, keeping daily essentials neatly arranged.

Tablet Compartment: A padded tablet compartment with separate access ensures the safety of your devices on the go.

Premium Comfort: The Achro™ Sling Bag features a padded EVA foam back panel and adjustable shoulder strap, making it incredibly comfortable for extended use. The strap is removable and adjustable, worn on either shoulder, making it ambidextrous.

Rugged Durability: Constructed from 1000D KARBONITE, a water and abrasion-resistant material, the Achro™ Sling Bag is designed to withstand the harshest elements.

Low-Vis Aesthetic: The tonal (lighter colored) ripstop interior lining enhances interior visibility while maintaining a discreet, Gray Man design.

Priced affordably at an MSRP of $89.99, the 10L Achro™ Sling Bag combines exceptional quality, functionality, and style, all backed up with a Lifetime Warranty, as are all Mission First Tactical products.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your everyday-carry game! To learn more about the 10L Achro™ Sling Bag and explore the complete product lineup from Mission First Tactical, please visit

To learn more about the MFT Achro™ Sling Bag and complete product offerings from Mission First Tactical, please visit: and follow them socially on Facebook or Instagram.

ITS Tactical SPIE Marker

Friday, July 21st, 2023

[ARLINGTON, TX, 07/21/2023]. Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release the SPIE® (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) Marker. Hidden in plain sight, it offers six valuable Escape & Evasion tools, disguised as an ordinary everyday permanent marker. Whether you need it to function as an Impact Tool, escape from illegal restraint or even pick a lock, the SPIE® Marker has you covered.

A quick at-home conversion is all you need to prep your SPIE® Marker. Simply remove the standard permanent marker tip, add the included Micro Tradecraft Toolset into the marker body (give it a quick tap on the table to seat it, so it doesn’t rattle) and put in the Impact Insert. 

While the Impact Tool needs no specific instructions on usage, the ideal way to access the tools in an emergency is with a quick snap of the insert and the marker body. The best part is that the Injection-Molded ABD Impact Insert is stronger than the marker body, so the body will be what breaks. Simply grab another permanent marker you have laying around and you can set up the SPIE® Marker again for use. Just in case, we’ve included a spare Impact Insert as well.

Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Products, please visit

Sneak Peek – ACHRO Pack Line from Mission First Tactical

Friday, June 30th, 2023


Only MFT newsletter subscriber and SSD readers are getting the FIRST LOOK at the new ACHRO™ Concealed Carry Systems. And as a thank you they are including a FREE GIFT with purchase! (Drinkware gift will be automatically added to your cart upon checkout)


ACHRO™ derived from “Achromatic” is defined as “without color”… The Gray Man. Achro™ Bags embrace the art of blending in with a low-vis, everyday-carry bag featuring a dedicated, discrete firearm storage system. Inspired to keep this functional as a great everyday commuter bag, daily essentials are organized and secure while on the go, offering a vast array of organizational options in a very comfortable platform.

“The trick to not being discovered until it is too late is to become part of the expected surroundings. Stealth is more the art of blending in with the background than sneaking through dark shadows.”

? Raymond E. Feist


All ACHRO™ bags feature a dedicated, discrete concealed firearm compartment is ambidextrous with quick access.  An MFT Multi-Mount Platform is included, offering the ability to mount a holstered firearm or other 1.5” belt clip accessories, with custom orientation, utilizing a hook & loop system.


Storage for vast array of EDC organizational options. Quick access to all your important items, cables and chargers with internal admin panel for small accessories. Quickly locate your keys with the hi-vis aluminum clip. Padded laptop*/tablet compartment features scratch proof sleeve allowing secure carry of delicate electronics.

*EDC Backpacks only


Weather & abrasion-resistant construction from durable materials that are designed to withstand the elements and rugged environments.


Durability and comfort are key components of any pack. Cooling, durable & quilted the ACHRO back padding increases comfort user comfort for effortless use.




Get yours via the links below:




ITS Launches Discreet Messenger Bag

Saturday, June 24th, 2023

[ARLINGTON, TX, 06/23/2023] Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release the All-New Discreet Messenger Bag®. This next generation design offers more features and functionality than ever before, while blending in seamlessly with your surroundings.

For quick access to your components, the lid of the Discreet Messenger Bag® utilizes an innovative and magnetic FIDLOCK® Buckle closure. With a quick pull down on the webbing handle, the bag can be opened one-handed, as well as quickly closed by just letting the magnet do its job. The dual magnetic lid docking points allow you to expand the storage of the DMB when necessary.

The front of the bag features an ambidextrous loop-lined pocket, accessible from both sides, even if the main flap is closed. Each side of this pocket features our revolutionary ReadyZip™ System, which offers both a magnetic zipper for temporary closure, allowing lightning-fast retrieval of items stored inside, as well as a traditional waterproof zipper for secure outer closure on-the-go.

The desire for a more comfortable shoulder strap led us to lean on our climbing experience and create a custom, soft double-layer tubular nylon shoulder strap that checks the all-day-comfort box, without the need for a shoulder pad. All this while still allowing easy adjustment and the bombproof strength of climbing webbing.

For durability and weatherproofness, the DMB uses a 600D TPU fabric, which is insanely resilient and eco-friendly. A fully padded construction means that your gear stays protected on all sides. The exterior Storm Grey color offers a subdued appearance, while the interior Blaze Orange color ensures maximum visibility for locating your contents.

In addition to the ambidextrous loop-lined exterior pocket, the main interior of the bag features 7 additional pockets; one laptop-sized pocket (up to 15”), two water bottle pockets, two slim pockets and two standard pockets. The standard pockets perfectly fit our ITS Nylon Zip Bags, which can be labeled with the ITS Nylon Zip Bag Identifier Patch Kit for fast retrieval of components.

Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Products, please visit

Elite Survival – SUMMIT Discreet Rifle Backpack

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

With its inconspicuous sports-pack styling and robust construction, the SUMMIT Backpack was designed for discreet storage and transport of a rifle and accessories. The discreet rifle backpack is ideally sized to conceal a broken-down or short-barreled rifle with plenty of room for mission-critical gear.

The modular, adjustable tie-down system allows the operator to configure the rifle for quick access or secure storage. This SUMMIT includes a large accessory compartment with attachment options for hook and loop and/or MOLLE pouches, and has ample room for magazines and accessories.

The included removable magazine pouch holds up to 6 magazines. The main compartment has locking zipper pulls allowing the user to secure the weapon. The SUMMIT weighs approximately 4.5 lbs and has dimensions of 27” x 14” x 9”.

SUMMIT Rifle Backpack | Discreet Rifle Backpack


ITS Releases the Mk-ER Portable Juicer: A Revolution in Personal Wellness

Friday, June 2nd, 2023

[ARLINGTON, TX, 06/01/2023] Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release the Mk-ER Personal Juicer; the future of on-the-go convenience. Wherever you go and whatever you encounter, the Mk-ER brings the power of fresh juice to your fingertips.

Available as a 2-Pack, the Mk-ER Portable Juicer uses the familiar compact design of a permanent marker, but replaces the ink insert with an injection-molded ABS insert that works perfectly for juicing on the go.

The Mk-ER Portable Juicer fits perfectly in your pocket, purse, or backpack. It’s perfect for those who need a fresh burst at work, on a hike, or while traveling. With the Mk-ER, the power to squeeze out nature’s goodness in an emergency is always within your reach. 

As a bonus, the semi-hollow design of the Mk-ER makes it perfect for storing items discreetly, like emergency cash and even long-handled entry or E&E tools. There may be other uses for the Mk-ER, but we’ll let your imagination lead the way on those. 😉

Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Products, please visit

Sneak Peek – Donovan ‘69 from Black Triangle Group

Monday, April 10th, 2023

Coming early May from Black Triangle Group, the Donovan ’69. It features ODG G10 scales, Tigerstripe Sheath and patch, and comes in Vietnam-inspired VHS packaging.