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Sneak Peek – Large Becker Patrol Pack from Bongo Gear

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

Bongo Gear reports that the Large Becker Patrol Pack (LBPP) has completed prototyping and field testing and it is now in production. It goes on sale tomorrow, 10 July in Green and Tigerstripe.

Bongo Gear’s owner Tom G has worked with Ethan Becker, the originator of the Becker Patrol Pack and several knife designs, to produce a modern version of the famous pack and Ethan has approved this new design.

The LBPP was a project Tom decided to take on after multiple requests regular BPPs users who required more capacity. The answer was to go with a larger, external-frame version of the BPP with a few more outside pouches with a goal of 65 liters / 90 lbs capacity.

He related to SSD, “I was averse to adding more outside pouches because I’ve read studies which suggest five or six places is about the maximum for most people for remembering where things are. I know from experience too many pockets/pouches on a pack can be a bad thing.”

He found that his concerns weren’t an issue with the LBPP considering the lid registers as a separate entity while the main body, with its combination of buckled and zippered pouches, categorizes things into smaller groups (buckled and zippered) making it easier to remember what’s where.

Above you can see the new LBPP side-by-side with the current Mk II and the MOLLE 4000 while below is a great comparison of the two BPP models.

The LBPP will be supplied with an internal frame sheet and end-users can set it up with their preferred external frame. Tom says this is because, just like favorite flavors of ice cream, people have different favorite external frames. The pack can utilize legacy ALICE frames, the Marine Pack frame / MOLLE 4000 ruck frame (DEI 1606-MC), and the newer DEI 1622 Arch frame, among others.


Tactical Tuesday: The Ultimate Everyday Carry Backpack

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

The Ready Pack by Vertx® is far from your average backpack – it’s a tactical powerhouse optimized for the modern individual. Crafted with upgraded fabrics and innovative features, this pack is purpose-built to elevate your everyday carry game.

Let’s break down the features:

• The bag offers ample storage without compromising a low-profile look, with additional pockets and an expanded CCW compartment.

• The Rapid Access Pull tab offers fully customizable EDC setup.

• It’s compatible with Premier Body Armor Vertx Ready Pack Level IIIA Insert for maximum protection.

• The enhanced CCW compartment depth ensures ease of draw, while the convertible MOLLE front flap enables gear customization.

• VELCRO Brand loop all throughout the bag for unbeatable custom organization with Tactigami and other hook-and-loop accessories.

• The modular padded laptop sleeve adjusts to fit up to 15″ laptops.

• 3-D molded back panel provides uncompromising comfort and luggage pass-through for travel or shield carry access

• Adjustable padded shoulder straps, a tuckable waist strap, and multiple attachment points for versatile rigging.

• Hydration and comms routing, a light-colored interior, and bonded nylon thread enhance durability and functionality.

• The bag has a 20L capacity, with outside dimensions of 19″H x 11. 5″W x 7. 5″D and a CCW compartment of 16. 5″H x 11″W x 2″D.

Upgrade your EDC game with the ultimate everyday carry backpack, combining functionality, durability, and style. Shop the Vertx Ready Pack at: vertx.com

MATBOCK Monday: Kibisis 2-Day Pack

Monday, June 3rd, 2024

This bag is so special and versatile we named it the “Kibisis” after the mythical bag that the Greek demi-god Perseus carried Medusa’s head in. Our two-day assault pack, created to answer several requirements across the military branches and law enforcement. Some specific requirements were to hold more gear while remaining lightweight and water-resistant. The ability to hold a fully loaded helmet while remaining easily accessible and finally to have a smaller modular pouch with a shoulder strap that can be zipped on or off depending on the mission. The Kibisis is built to last and reinforced so it can also be jumpable making it one of the most versatile 2-Day assault bags on the market. 100% Made in the USA.

– Contains MATBOCK’s external water seal antenna ports that can be closed when not in use.
– A secondary pack for extra storage can also be unzipped and used separately.
– Side pouches with compression straps are large enough to hold a standard Nalgene bottle.
– Lightweight but durable construction.
– Jumpable pack with enough space to support your operations.

To find out more or to get a quote, email sales@matbock.com or check out www.matbock.com/collections/packs/products/kibisis-2-day-pack

See the New Gen2 Switchblade Modular Load Carriage System from Catoma at SOF Week

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

Catoma is exhibiting at SOF Week this year and will be debuting Gen2 of the Switchblade Modular Load Carriage System. Visit booth #333 to learn more about the latest generation of the Switchblade and the full range of Catoma products.

MATBOCK Monday – Graverobber Surgical

Monday, April 29th, 2024

The Graverobber™ Surgical is designed to meet the rigorous demands of medical professionals in expeditionary and operational settings. Weighing less than 5 pounds yet boasting a 47-liter capacity, this lightweight ruck ensures mobility without sacrificing essential medical equipment. Its meticulously crafted design includes specialized pouches for ventilators, drugs, IVs, and multifunctional purposes, facilitating swift access to critical supplies during emergencies. Engineered with waterproof materials and resistant to saltwater and sun corrosion, the Graverobber™ Surgical guarantees durability and protection for valuable medical gear in any environment. Its versatile mounting options further enhance accessibility, making it an indispensable asset for medical professionals navigating challenging terrains or dynamic operational setups worldwide.

As the ultimate companion for medical professionals who demand uncompromising performance, the Graverobber™ Surgical exemplifies innovation and resilience. Whether deployed in remote expeditionary missions or operating within dynamic operational environments, this exceptional ruck empowers professionals to deliver critical care with confidence and precision. Trust in the Graverobber™ Surgical to safeguard lives and uphold the highest standards of medical excellence, offering unparalleled reliability and functionality for those who refuse to compromise on quality.

– 1 x Ventilator Pouch
– 1 x Drug Roll
– 2 x IV Pouches
– 4 x Multifunction Pouches

If you’re in San Diego this week we will be at ADS Warrior West at booth N-14.

Reach out to MATBOCK today to schedule a demo sales@matbock.com. Checkout Graverobber™ Surgical here: www.matbock.com/collections/grave-robber/products/grave-robber-kit

Available Now – Särmä TST Assaulter Panel

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

The new Särmä TST Assaulter Panel from Varusteleka is a pretty versatile piece of kit, especially for harsh weather conditions, if you need to keep your stuff protected but also easily accessible when crossing the line of departure.

Tbis PALS compatible assault pack is designed to carry essentials including bolt carriers.

In this video, Anssi goes over the pack’s features.

Made in the EU from Cordura and offered in Ranger Green or Finnish M05 Woodland pattern.


The Week I Learned to Make a Tactical Backpack with Canvasworker.com

Wednesday, April 24th, 2024

I have been surrounded by tactical gear for most of my adult life. I appreciate, use, buy, care for, and even customize tactical gear. But, I’ve never tried to make tactical gear.  Then, I found Canvasworker.com.  My discovery dropped me into a “safeties off” industrial sewing class, at a leading bag design company, with a vibrant community of creatives and makers dedicated to advancing the craft. For four full days, I explored pattern making, sewing techniques, materials, and bag making principles under the guidance of a master – complete with cutting edge materials and machines in his bag design workshop.  At the end of the course, I had made my very own tactical backpack. It was such an impactful, productive and spiritual (yes, spiritual) experience – I had to share.


I purchased a seat and made my way to Canvasworker.com’s renowned backpack making class in March 2024.  I was met by the host, Douglas Davidson, the legendary maker – known as the “Brown Buffalo”.

Few people share Douglas’ experience in the bag making industry, here in the U.S. or overseas. His journey spans the last 25 years where he worked at top industry brands Burton, The North Face, Nike, Adidas, and Beats to name a few. Douglas runs The Brown Buffalo, a luxury bag company that designs and manufactures purpose-built backpacks and accessories for leading brands, military personnel, law enforcement, first responders, Tier 1 athletes and music artists.

Douglas also consults on trend forecasting, innovation, product design, product development and manufacturing support around the bag industry.

Douglas is a maker.  He is a master of bag design, and a man committed to freely share his knowledge and perspective.  Douglas’ nature and rapport is straight up spiritual, yet he remains as no-frills and no-nonsense as you could get.  He is a coffee-fueled, ocean-powered, bag sewing guru.


I arrived at the workshop, in a trendy mixed use commercial and industrial part of Costa Mesa, CA.  There were only two other students in my class, each of us with completely diverse origins and expectations.  The workshop is an open, high-bay space dripping with signature fabrics and high-quality material.  Up high on all three walls extends a line of backpacks hung together in what amounts to a global trek through adventure backpack history.  Some of the packs are one of a kind, some are antiques … but every stitch, zip and pocket of these bags holds a story.

Down the center floor of the shop are a dozen, Japanese-made, Juki industrial sewing machines. When you get behind one of the Jukis with pneumatic assist (and give your complete trust to the machine) even a novice can demonstrate some strong sewing chops.

For four days, we split our time between a hightop layout table and our Juki. The first project we crafted was a tote bag.  Each of us selected a series of custom fabrics – I chose fabric from Dimension Polyant, a German sail and advanced fabrics manufacturer (a favorite of Davidson).  The tote was our test case, to learn the patterns, layout and of course to get to know our Juki.

Douglas’ prime directives were “open mindedness is critical” and “trust the machine”.  He was a constant presence over our shoulders, but also was fine with letting us learn on our own.  On the second day, we progressed from our tote to begin the process of making and assembling our tactical backpack.  We learned the core components and key approaches for crafting a high-quality bag.  Every base sewing component had to be perfect in order for the final product to line up correctly.  When we messed up, it was obvious, and each of us had to de-stitch an essentialbag component at least twice … for me, at least four times.

As we worked diligently on our creations, Douglas regaled us with tales of his own adventures working in Chinese and Vietnamese bag factories in the 90s, then to his colorful youth in East LA, growing up around Lowrider culture, gang violence and big wave surfing.  He was as comfortable talking about the punk rock band Black Flag or the best websites to bulk order vintage military camo prints and rifle sling quick release points – all of this was mesmerizing stuff for me.

Each day our backpack took shape, and by the close of the fourth day I had made my final product.  I had never created anything by sewing – but now I had made an industry-standard concealed carry backpack, in MultiCam Black.

Your time at Canvasworker.com is not all work. We did have to sustain ourselves and the workshop is surrounded by eclectic shops, breweries and restaurants, all in the hip area of The Camp and The LAB Anti-Mall. We had daily coffees at Work In Progressand some amazing lunches at Memphis Cafe Memphis Cafe, Green Cheek Beer Co. Green Cheek Beer Co. and Rooster Cafe Rooster Cafe


Creating something, and watching it take form with quality materials and craftsmanship was intoxicating. I was nervous about sewing, but constantly curious and thrived in the Canvasworker.com environment. Douglas and his team are dedicated to American Manufacturing and werethere to help me start my own journey.  That is where the spiritual piece comes in.  Making has a vital place in our modern lives.  A robot can not yet sew a high-quality backpack.  Douglas’s passion for craftsmanship and exploration ignited a fire within us all, spurring us on to make more.  Learning how much gratification I could take from making a backpack (of all things) made this experience so worth it.  I encourage you to check it out.

– Jason Salata

The Mystery Ranch Adjuster

Sunday, April 21st, 2024

For the last two decades, our secret sauce for a perfect fit has been the curved upper section in our adjusters, molding snugly to the wearer’s back. This tiny yet mighty component has undergone quite the evolution.

Our first adjuster can be seen on the left and it was a hunk of plastic with a sewn-in chunk of aluminum. It was heavy and it was expensive to build. In fact, Ranchers back in the day would cut the aluminum component out of a sheet, sand it, and hand bend it into the desired shape.

Since then we have gone through numerous iterations in hopes of lightening the framing without losing the comfort and load-transferring capabilities it provides.

The adjuster you wear today introduced two different length options to accommodate users with varying torso lengths. Additionally, the engineers were able to further reduce the weight without compromising on strength, thanks to the optimized triangular die-cut shapes.

We’ve been on a relentless quest for LIGHT DONE RIGHT through the years, meticulously scrutinizing every element of our packs to ensure they are not just efficient but downright effective.