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Tactical Tailor Offering Ruck Mods Again

Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Ruck Mods are back at Tactical Tailor.


MATBOCK Monday: Rain or Shine

Monday, February 19th, 2024

As military operatives, we know that the battleground doesn’t always adhere to the convenience of dry conditions. In the crucible of operational environments, where water, mud, and extreme weather are constants, gear failure is not an option. That’s where the MR Dry 2.0 asserts its dominance, leaving competitors behind.

Engineered through hard-won experience, the MR Dry 2.0 has long surpassed its rivals, setting the standard for durability and adaptability in the field. From amphibious assaults to rugged land operations, this bag stands as the quintessential solution to the challenges of modern warfare.

Pairing seamlessly with the renowned Mystery Ranch NICE frame, or adaptable to other rigid frames, the MR Dry 2.0 embodies versatility.
Its three size options cater to the diverse needs of military units, ensuring that no mission is compromised by inadequate gear storage.

Gear integrity is non-negotiable for SEALs, Marines, and maritime teams navigating unforgiving terrains. The genesis of the MR Dry 2.0 emerges from the necessity of safeguarding mission-critical equipment against the elements on the frontline. Its innovative design shields gear from moisture and debris and streamlines accessibility and organization—a game-changer for those operating in wet and demanding

In the crucible of combat, where success hinges on preparedness and adaptability, the MR Dry 2.0 is an indispensable ally. It’s not just a bag; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation forged through experience—the kind of innovation that ensures mission success and brings our troops home safely.

For more information, check out their maritime line: www.matbock.com/collections/maritime or email [email protected]

Airborne Test Force Tests Field Radio Ruck to Survive Airborne Combat Missions

Saturday, February 10th, 2024

The U.S. Army Airborne Test Force (ATF) located at Yuma Test Center, Yuma Proving Ground, recently tested program of record Manpack radios, the AN/PRC-158 and AN/PRC-162, managed by the Product Manager Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (HMS) inside the Army’s newest Radio Carrier Rucksack (RCR) solution. The RCR, developed and produced by the Natick Soldier Systems Center, was stressed in combat-realistic scenarios by the center to determine if the RCRs could safely support parachute operations without damage to radios or the ruck.

Soldier feedback using the legacy radio rucksack over several years of test events indicated that a solution with better weight balance, comfort, and heat dissipation was required for the user. PdM HMS initiated a competitive market research strategy, which brought a variety of industry and government rucksack solutions to Soldiers during 2022 and 2023 that led to the selection of the currently tested RCR solution.

“The competitive process really drove industry innovation, challenging the community to develop a best all-around rucksack solution in support of Army combat operations while carrying our modernized communications equipment,” said Derek Harberts, deputy PdM HMS.

“What we saw during this test are the results of a successful competitive process providing the all-around best-value to the Soldier and the taxpayers.”

The current design leverages modifications to the existing design of the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment assault pack currently fielded across the Army. Compared to the legacy RCR, the improvements allow securing the radio to the pack frame for better weight, balancing, and cooling. Modifications to the ruck allow better access if the radio needs to be carried and operated inside the bag as well as improved stowage and access for radio ancillary and mission equipment.

“The radio harness allows the radio to be connected to the existing assault frame, while the side pouches allow for individualized space to store antennas away from other equipment and gear,” explained Bob Cohen, HMS Manpack Lead Test Engineer.

“There’s additional space in the bottom compartment that can be used to individually store spare batteries and other ancillary equipment for ease of access.”

In all, the RCR will carry the radio, a battery, an antenna, and the Soldier’s basic load of individual equipment.

Leading up to the test, Soldiers with the ATF team started by packing the rucks as they would operationally under the direction of ATF Soldier Sgt. 1st Class Cody Lavalla.

“The configuration of these rucks is slightly different then the currently issued rucks,” tells Lavalla, “We are going through the process of figuring out how to rig the harness single point release to the ruck so all the equipment will survive the jump and is safe for the jumpers.”

The harness single point release is the equipment that secures the ruck close to the jumper’s body during most of the jump and is designed to be lowered on a release line away from the jumper by pulling a release handle just prior to landing.

When the Soldiers were about 150 feet from the ground, they lowered the rucksack carrying the radio using the lowering line, making it about 15 feet below them when they landed.

“We don’t want the ruck still attached to us when we prepare to land on the ground, or we risk injuries as we do our Parachute Landing Falls,” explained Lavalla. “We pull on the release handle and the ruck falls away from our body but is still attached to us via the lowering line so the equipment is out of the way when we are ready to land. It is nearby to have access to the equipment quickly if needed once we are on the ground.”

ATF Soldiers performed several jumps throughout the week for the safety confirmation tests. A team met them on the ground to ensure their safety and monitored the jumps.

Afterwards, Air Delivery Test Officer Faith Harbolt, ATF and members of the HMS team inspected the radios to see how they held up to the test.

“The test went well. The results of the test demonstrated that the rucksacks successfully secure and protect the radios during airborne operations. There was no damage to the rucks or radios observed during the inspection that occurred after the test was complete,” said Lavalla.

The improved rucksack will be fielded to units receiving Manpack radios starting early next calendar year. When fielded, these items will be used by units such as the 82nd Airborne during combat operations.

Story by Ana Henderson, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground

Mystery Ranch Remains Committed to Supporting Military Customer

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

There are a lot of questions regarding what the future holds for Mystery Ranch now that Yeti has purchased the brand.

One of those questions has now been put to rest thanks to this statement we received from Yeti.

We are committed to upholding MYSTERY RANCH’S mission to serve those who serve and will continue supporting the military community as passionately as ever.

It’s a new business area for Yeti, but it’s great to see that they remain committed to their military customer.


Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Leading global designer and manufacturer of outdoor gear announces agreement to acquire high-performance backpack company

January 31, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

AUSTIN, Texas–YETI Holdings, Inc. (“YETI”) (NYSE: YETI), a leading premium outdoor brand, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire MYSTERY RANCH, a premier designer and manufacturer of durable load-bearing backpacks, bags, and pack accessories.

“MYSTERY RANCH packs have earned a global reputation within the most demanding communities by building load-bearing equipment that delivers in the harshest environments. Their ethos, passion and people not only align with the YETI team, but also connect well with our commitment to innovation and our customers,” said Matt Reintjes, President & CEO at YETI. “Their communities, ambassadors and obsession with quality make it a natural fit with YETI.”

Founded in 2006, the original YETI cooler was born out of frustration and passion. YETI has since grown into an industry innovator of premium outdoor gear designed for the hardcore outdoor adventurer, outside enthusiast and everyone in between. Like YETI, MYSTERY RANCH products have been built with durability and performance in mind for over two decades whether for use on the fire line, backcountry or in your everyday adventure.

“YETI’s passion for innovation and the outdoors aligns closely with our founding vision,” said Dana Gleason, Co-Founder of MYSTERY RANCH. “Renée Sippel-Baker, my co-founder, and I know they are a perfect partner to build upon our long history of making the best load-bearing equipment in the world for the most extreme users as well as the everyday mission.”

MYSTERY RANCH and the team will continue to operate out of Bozeman and will work with YETI over the next several months to integrate teams and functions.

For more information about YETI or MYSTERY RANCH, visit yeti.com or mysteryranch.com.

See the New Eberlestock EMOD System at SHOT Show

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Since the early years of the Global War on Terror, Eberlestock has innovated via proprietary design concepts gleaned from the alpine hunting world and global battle spaces. Inspired to provide leading solutions for the extreme demands of the operator, we adapted our Modular Hunting System to fulfill the needs of the military by creating our Mission EMOD System.

Check out the New Mission EMOD Systems at the 2024 SHOT Show / U.S. Tactical Supply Booth # 75426 & Eberlestock Booth # 73017

Both booths are located in the Caesars Forum.

CTOMS Launches 2ndLine Main Pack Gen III

Thursday, January 18th, 2024

CTOMS announces the release of the 2ndLine Main Pack Gen III and suite of accessories. CTOMS has designed the 2ndLine Gen III system to be as modular and functional as possible, allowing rapid access to vital medical equipment when it matters. It is low profile for proper mobility and flexibility in dynamic tactical environments, and confined spaces such as vehicles, aircrafts, and buildings.

[The CTOMS 2ndLine Main Pack Gen III with Accessory Panel]

The Main Pack includes lightly padded removable shoulder straps, top and side carry handles, molle regions on the sides, bottom, and back faces, compression straps with buckles, and adjustable/removeable back padding. The internal layout of this aid bag is completely customizable using any combination of Velcro based organizational accessories, including the 2ndLine Window Pouch. The pack also features attachment points for the zip on Accessory Panel, allowing for rapid swapping of mission specific setups.

[2ndLine accessories include Window Pouches, the Diveable Pack Liner, and Accessory Panel.]

If you plan on getting wet, the Diveable Pack Liner (DPL) provides an airtight lining to keep your 2ndLineTM contents dry. The DPL can be inflated or deflated through its air valve allowing the Main Pack to be made neutrally buoyant for diving, or fully inflated for floatation.

Berry Compliant!

For more information on the 2ndLine Gen III visit ctomsinc.com

Sneak Peek – MultiCam Scorpion Pack from Kitanica

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024

Kitanica is launching a MultiCam version of their popular Scorpion Lumbar Pack in February.

Featuring a removable waist belt and PALS webbing, the Scorpion offers 4.5 liters of load carriage space. The main compartment is accessed via a horseshoe shaped zipper with two interior mesh pockets as well as expandable side pockets.

In addition to a top carry handle, there is also a removable shoulder strap, offering three ways to carry this bag.

The Scorpion is currently available in Black and Ranger Green.