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Sneak Peek – Large Becker Patrol Pack from Bongo Gear

Bongo Gear reports that the Large Becker Patrol Pack (LBPP) has completed prototyping and field testing and it is now in production. It goes on sale tomorrow, 10 July in Green and Tigerstripe.

Bongo Gear’s owner Tom G has worked with Ethan Becker, the originator of the Becker Patrol Pack and several knife designs, to produce a modern version of the famous pack and Ethan has approved this new design.

The LBPP was a project Tom decided to take on after multiple requests regular BPPs users who required more capacity. The answer was to go with a larger, external-frame version of the BPP with a few more outside pouches with a goal of 65 liters / 90 lbs capacity.

He related to SSD, “I was averse to adding more outside pouches because I’ve read studies which suggest five or six places is about the maximum for most people for remembering where things are. I know from experience too many pockets/pouches on a pack can be a bad thing.”

He found that his concerns weren’t an issue with the LBPP considering the lid registers as a separate entity while the main body, with its combination of buckled and zippered pouches, categorizes things into smaller groups (buckled and zippered) making it easier to remember what’s where.

Above you can see the new LBPP side-by-side with the current Mk II and the MOLLE 4000 while below is a great comparison of the two BPP models.

The LBPP will be supplied with an internal frame sheet and end-users can set it up with their preferred external frame. Tom says this is because, just like favorite flavors of ice cream, people have different favorite external frames. The pack can utilize legacy ALICE frames, the Marine Pack frame / MOLLE 4000 ruck frame (DEI 1606-MC), and the newer DEI 1622 Arch frame, among others.


11 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Large Becker Patrol Pack from Bongo Gear”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    I love the integration of the old (and new) ALICE frames.

    One thing I’m curious about is balance. I might be unique in this, but I can usually load my pack so it is pretty well balanced when I step off, but the first time something comes out, usually a consumable, that balance is gone.

    It usually only bites me when I have offset pockets. Think the twin upper and lower center 2 pockets, rather than 1 wider centerline upper and lower pocket. Anyone else run into this?

    • Tom G says:

      Same as with the Becker Patrol Pack Mk II, the Large is intentionally narrow to render this a non-issue. Even with a full double-walled stainless 64 oz. water bottle in one side pouch and the other side completely empty, it’s barely noticeable. It’s a beautiful design.

  2. CJ says:

    What’s the volume of this pack?

  3. CPT Obvious says:

    Article says 65 liters.

  4. Insane Soldier says:

    The load lifter straps are cut way too short in photo # 2
    They need to be extended by a foot.
    Otherwise an excellent design.!

    • Tom G says:

      They are not load lifters. They’re a secondary attach point for the shoulder harness. (Not used with that particular frame.)

  5. roy says:

    I don’t have a need for it, but in Tiger Stripe, I must have it.

  6. Raul says:

    I ordered the standard pack last year, fast shipping and tip top quality. Recommend. Went for the Tiger stripe!

  7. Mel Terkla says:

    Love Becker Patrol Packs and huge kudos to Tom for bringing them back even better?!

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