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Brownells Unveils BRN-4 Build Kits Compatible with HK416 Parts

Monday, November 21st, 2022

GRINNELL, Iowa (November 21, 2022) – Brownells customers can now buy BRN-4 build kits and parts compatible with popular HK416 style rifles and pistols – at a significant savings compared to, rare, hard-to-find factory original kits.

The build kits combine brand new Brownells BRN-4 barrels, bolt carrier groups, gas pistons, gas blocks, barrel nuts and other parts with factory original HK416 handguards and stripped uppers.

Factory-new BRN-4 barrels are available in 10.4”, 14.5” or 16” lengths in either heavy or medium profiles. BRN-4 build kits include the special barrel nut wrench required for installation. 

The stripped uppers in the kits are surplus German-made originals, and part of a one-time lot of parts Brownells was able to source a few years ago. German stripped uppers may show signs of use, are limited in number and will not be replaced once they sell out.

Uppers completed using Brownells BRN-4 kits and parts are fully compatible with both HK416-style and standard AR-15 lowers.

In addition to complete kits, the BRN-4 parts can be purchased individually — ideal for customers who need only a part or two to complete or repair an HK416-style firearm.

To see the full lineup of BRN-4 kits and parts, visit the BRN-4 page at Brownells.

Strike Dual Folding Adapter

Friday, November 18th, 2022

Strike Industries recently introduced their Dual Folding Adapter which allows you to stow the folding stock in either direction depending on which button you push.

The adapter fits a Picatinny interface which has become common with piston driven systems, and locks in place via two locking lugs.

When stowed, there is a positive lock so the Strike Dual Folding Adapter remains folded. It is unlocked via a man upward pull on the bar near the hinge and then back. A 3-degree down tilt angle is added to help prevent interference with the weapons ejection port when folded to the right side.

Additionally, there is an optional cheek riser.


Ohio Ordnance Works – 240 Patrol-SLR Conversion Kits

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

The OOW 240P-SLR is a belt-fed, air cooled Rifle, capable of sustained and accurate fire while using a shorter and lighter barrel, M4 style collapsible stock and removable lightweight bipod and foregrip.

This conversion takes your standard “Bravo” configuration weighing in at 27.5 lbs. and an over all length of 49″. Bringing it down to 22.3 lbs. with an over all length of 41.25″.

MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rails on the top cover and at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions of the forend allow for the mounting of numerous accessories including laser devices, lights, night vision, thermal, day optics, and various foregrips and bipods.

The shorter barrel features dimpling which reduces weight while increasing heat dissipation with no loss of strength or durability.


Brouwer LLC – M1811 Grip Module for SIG SAUER P320

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Brouwer created the M1811 Grip Module to make the SIG P320 more like a 1911. The grip addresses the shortcomings they see with the P320: high bore axis, rounded slippery grip, and short beavertail.

Brouwer has nearly replicated the 1911 grip angle. The front strap angle is 107.5 degrees, with a back strap angle of 67.5 degrees.

The trigger guard was kept large to accommodate gloved fingers but the profile of the trigger guard was moved up as high as possible to improve grip index relative to the beavertail while maintaining clearance for the P320 trigger. Additionally, the tolerancing for the mag release button has been reduced to combat dust ingress.

The rear profile of the beavertail has been shaped to reduce catching the web of the user’s hand when gripping the gun promoting quick grip acquisition.

The M1811 Grip Module also incorporates a Mil Std 1913 rail.

The magwell has been profiled to ensure a loaded magazine can be inserted at up to 45 degrees out of rotation, and 20 degrees out of axial alignment with the magwell. Soon, they’ll introduce an external flared magwell extension.

The frame is compatible with most P320 parts including a manual safety, but a cut out must be made to accommodate it. An interior outline has been molded into the part to assist.

While a M1811 Grip Module equipped P320 should fit most holsters built for the P320, Brouwer has tested the following models:



Rapid Force Full Size
P320 9mm

Offered in Black and Coyote.


Emissary Development – TLR1 Paddle Shifter

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

Emissary Development has just released the TLR1 compatible version of their Paddle Shifters.

The Paddle Shifter is a direct replacement for the stock Streamlight TLR-1 switch and is available in extended (momentary)or standard (constant-capable) sizes. These are made in the USA and come with an installation tool.

Get yours at emissarydevelopment.com/product/paddle-shifter-for-streamlight-tlr-1

Make The ‘Right Arm Of The Free World’ Yours Authentic FN FAL Parts Kits Available For A Limited Time

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

(McLean, VA – November 15, 2022) FN America, LLC announces the release of 400 authentic FN FAL Parts Kits. These kits were imported from Belgium and assembled from decommissioned FN FAL model 50.00 rifles previously issued to the Belgian Gendarmarie. The chance to buy one of these parts kits is only available via entry to a Sweepstakes, open November 1 – January 21, 2023. Winners will be chosen randomly each month and will receive the exclusive opportunity to purchase their kit via the FN eStore. Additionally, a Grand Prize of an FAL rifle, assembled with one of these parts kits, will be awarded to one lucky winner.

“The FN FAL is one of the most recognizable FN products, worldwide; it is the Right Arm of the Free World,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “The opportunity to offer these parts kits to collectors so that they can own a part of that legacy is something we felt compelled to do. It makes it all the more special that these were originally manufactured in Belgium for a Belgian customer.”

Put into storage in the 1980s after the Belgian Gendarmarie upgraded their service rifles, these FN FALs were rediscovered and painstakingly assembled into parts kits that could be imported into the United States for sale to enthusiasts and collectors. The parts kits include lower trigger frame, buttstock, bayonet in accurate Belgian Gendarmarie purple frog, sling and more. Even with slight imperfections from prior-issued use, the metal components are mostly free of blemishes and pitting. The kits are being sold for the retail price of $899.99.

Please visit fnamerica.com/fal-campaign to learn more about these authentic parts kits and to enter the Sweepstakes for a chance to purchase. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Customers building a complete semi-automatic FN FAL with the parts kit must comply with ATF regulatory restrictions by sourcing U.S. domestic components for the parts that are not included in the kit. A skilled gunsmith is required for assembly.

Introducing the RECC·E Carbine Stock by Reptilia

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

15 November 2022

After more than two years of development and testing, Reptilia is proud to announce the RECC·E Stock for AR15/M16 and AR10/SR25 pattern rifles. Designed at the request of a military end user, the RECC·E Stock features a constant cheek weld, ambidextrous QD sling attachment points, rubber buttpad, and a modular design that allows usage of a standard AR15 carbine buffer system, or A5/SR25 carbine buffer system by replacing the receiver extension (buffer tube) and forward portion of the stock. Weighing only 12.0 ounces including the proprietary AR15-length receiver extension, the RECC·E stock is the ideal lightweight solution for the entire spectrum of AR-pattern guns from compact to precision.

Technical Specifications:

• Proprietary Receiver Extension: 7075-T6 Aluminum, Type III Milspec Anodized Finish
• Materials: Impact Modified, Glass-Filled Nylon Polymer
• Weight (AR15/M16): 12.0 oz.
• Weight (AR10/SR25): 12.7 oz. 
• Length of Pull (AR15/M16): 10.8 in. – 14.2 in.
• Length of Pull (AR10/SR25): 11.6 in. – 15.0 in.

The initial production run of AR15-length RECC·E Stocks will be available exclusively through RSR Group for dealers, and direct to consumers at www.reptiliacorp.com. MSRP: $159.95 including receiver extension (buffer tube) and all mounting hardware. AR10/SR25 RECC·E Stocks will be available in late Q1 2023.

For further information, please contact [email protected] or visit www.reptiliacorp.com

Scalarworks Peak/01 Iron Sights Now Available in Tan

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

“After using their optic mounts, I approached Scalarworks about making a set of fixed iron sights; what they came up with has exceeded my expectations. I’m now running Scalarworks iron sights and Aimpoint Micro mounts on my BCM carbine in all of my training classes. Scalarworks Leap Mounts and Peak Sights are the current state of the art.”

– Larry Vickers –

Created at the request of Larry Vickers, the Peak/01 Iron Sights are designed around a 15″ sight radius found on modern carbines and feature manually adjustable elevation (front) and windage (rear) with a refined 0.5MOA/click, which matches most Red Dot sights.