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Meprolight Introduces its MEPRO FT Bullseye Illuminated Pistol Sight to the HLS and Law Enforcement Markets

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

The compact Bullseye sight is the only optic sight for pistols, ensuring intuitive, accurate & fast target acquisition/shooting in day and night conditions, and is suitable for a wide range of/all pistols and holsters

Or-Akiva, Israel, July 6, 2020. Meprolight – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal, night vision equipment, and self-illuminated sights for military, law enforcement and civilian applications – now introduces the Mepro FT Bullseye optical pistol sight to law-enforcement and HLS forces. FT Bullseye was originally developed for the civilian market. Its qualities, being the smallest optic sight and– fast target acquisition is unprecedented among other pistol-sights. That makes it particularly advantageous for law-enforcement professionals, for whom intuitive, accurate shooting in all/any lighting conditions is an operationally vital advantage. The sight’s compatibility to a variety of pistol models add versatility, simplicity and cost-effectiveness to the various forces with their existing arsenal.  

Based on a compact optical illumination patent, the sight’s fiber-optic tritium combination creates a low profile, single rear sight. That enables instant and accurate shooting in all lighting conditions with no batteries needed. It is easily installed on an existing pistol dovetail and is activated from the moment the sight is installed on the pistol.

According to Mr. Ilan Abramovich, V.P. Sales & Marketing – Defense, “The Mepro FT Bullseye sight is an innovative addition to our ever-growing aiming solutions for pistols. Meprolight offers over 180 types of aiming pistol sights for daytime and night-time operations based on various illumination sources – tritium, fiber and reliable LED illumination sources. The Bullseye’s enhanced capabilities meet law-enforcement forces’ needs”.

Corporate VP Marketing & Sales, SK Group Mr. Ronen Hamudot noted that “Our advanced technologies serve all markets – civil, law enforcement, HLS and defense. We are proud of our flexibility to apply solutions to developing needs and keep loyal to our vision – always staying ahead, providing customers with the perfect answer to their new challenges”.

Unity Tactical Announces the New and Improved SPARK Marking Light is Now Available and Shipping

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

SPARK is a personal identification/marking light in a small footprint. Originally designed for industrial safety applications, SPARK is a practically unnoticeable addition to helmets, plate carriers, chest rigs, or virtually any item requiring illuminated visual identification.

Purposely simple, SPARK’s bright LED is easily activated by pressing its center to cycle between constant-on/blink/off and features a positive click for tactile feedback. SPARK is fully encapsulated in a flexible silicone body, making it water and damage resistant and backed with Velcro for ready placement.

SPARK is perfect for active IFF on helmets, vehicles, K9’s, and other kit. It is affordable enough to be issued by large agencies and units. Disposable with 200+ hour runtime.


ZEV Technologies New Sig Sauer Collaboration

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Centralia, WA –  ZEV Technologies formally announced the launch of their new Octane Z320 gun mods and Sig Sauer P320 line of accessories. The new line of pistols and accessories is an official collaboration between the two brands. ZEV’s offerings will include a Z320 XCarry pistol, Z320 XCompact pistol, PRO Barrel, Combat Sights and the optics ready Octane slide.

According to Dan Groce, Director of Brand Engagement, “We’re extremely excited to venture into the world of SIG Sauer. The ZEV Team has worked diligently to design P320 gun mods that will not only enhance aesthetics, but also enhance end user performance in all conditions.”

G2 RAMPART Conducted Energy Weapon Testing Chamber

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

We are actively seeking Global resellers for our patent pending RAMPART CEW Testing chamber system. This simple device allows a user to safely and quietly perform function tests, test for malfunctions or perform downloads.

Please see the attached specification sheet for more data, videos and other media will be available shortly.

The system is currently in use in Canada, USA and the U.K. Rampart would like to find partners who can help us promote the system. Many agencies have now mandated its use in stations, locker rooms and other facilities. We feel the product will become a standard fixture in police/military facilities not unlike firearm unloading stations.

XS Sights Introduces New Line Extensions

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Fort Worth, TX (June 30, 2020) – XS Sights is pleased to offer line extensions for its popular second-generation DXT2 Night Sights and a non-tritium rear option in the new DXW2 Night Sights for Glock, SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson and other select pistol models.  The front sights of all new products feature tritium in the center surrounded by XS’s photoluminescent Glow Dot technology.

For a full list of specific models and part numbers, visit

Overview of Benefits

Tritium Rear vs. Non-Tritium rear:

The DXT2 Night Sights have tritium in the rear, which provides the brightest indexing point for sight alignment in low light. The DXW2 Night Sights have a white-stripe rear, which reflects light to offer an excellent, bright-light sight picture and provides more affordability for the set. 


Color Options:

The Big Dot variants are offered in Optic Yellow or Optic Orange while the Standard Dots come in green. All front sights feature tritium surrounded by XS’s photoluminescent Glow Dot technology.

Optic Yellow

Optic Yellow is the best option for low light and has the brightest glow intensity. Primarily based on the white light spectrum, Optic Yellow is very reflective and will excite the dot’s photoluminescent properties faster than any other color. The increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the dot’s glow properties, making this a great low-light choice.

Optic Orange

Optic Orange is based primarily on yellow with a hint of red to ensure visibility in low light when uncharged. The increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the glow properties of the dot. Orange is the preferred bright-light choice of many XS customers.


Green is our bridge color for the Standard Dot sights. It glows well in low light and offers vibrant, bright-light sight indexing. This color performs well on the smaller-sized Standard Dot and still manages to focus the shooter’s attention, in any light.

While there are scientific reasons these specific colors excel in certain light, many times, the choice comes down to personal preference and which color an individual’s eye sees best.

Big Dot:

Sized at .188″ and positioned for defensive shooters, our Big Dot front sights are an excellent option for EDC guns or shooters who have vision difficulty and struggle to see their sights. The Big Dot’s provide a distinctive front that offers a great glow and the biggest front sight on the market.

Standard Dot:

Sized at .144″ and positioned for target shooters, our Standard Dot front sights are an excellent option for target guns or shooters looking for a smaller front sight option. 

Suppressor Height Sights

All XS Red Dot Optics (RDO)/Suppressor-Height sets are lower 1/3 co-witnessed for Glock 9mm MOS pistols equipped with a Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C. The lower 1/3 co-witness minimizes the amount of space the front sight takes up in the optic’s window. XS’s durability and color options allow for greater flexibility and confidence when using suppressor heights as back-up iron sights for RDO. 

Visit for a full list of all products and models.

All XS Sights are backed by a 10-year, No Questions Asked Warranty and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Savior Equipment – Mobile Firearm Rack

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Savior Equipment has introduced a mobile firearms rack. This freestanding rack holds up to six Rifles/Shotguns up front and up to eightFull-Sized Handguns at the rear.

It folds for storage or transport, making it an attractive option for range days, demos, static displays, or for use inside a safe room or vault.

Offered in Obsidian Black and RAL 8000 Tan.

Samson Manufacturing Introduces Flash Hiders for Ruger 10/22 Rifles

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

KEENE, NH — Samson Manufacturing announces the release of their new Flash Hider for the Ruger® 10/22® rifle equipped with iron sights. These slip-on flash hiders are available in either black oxide or stainless steel, and are secured by a discreetly positioned set screw.

Close tolerance precision machined to ensure a wobble-free fit, the Samson 10/22 Flash Hider is a quality accessory that feels like part of the barrel. These flash hiders are the perfect addition for customers purchasing the highly anticipated Samson side-folding B-TM stock, which have recently begun shipping.

For more information contact [email protected].

What In Tarnation Is That Thing?

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Geissele shared this photo in their IG account, to show off their new Iridium anodizing. Cool? definitely. But what had us scratching our heads was the muzzle device.