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Belt Fed Magazines from Tribe Tactical Supply

Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

Tribe Tactical Supply out of Utah has developed a line of belt fed magazines (nutsacks) called BFM-100 (Belt Fed Magazine-100 round) and BFM-200 (200 round Belt Fed Magazine). Designed to be used with the M249 and its clones, MK46, FightLite MCR® , Shrike®, and the FN Minimi® 5.56 belt fed platforms, they are made in Utah out of Milspec, Berry Compliant Materials.

Currently offered in Coyote Tan, MultiCam®, Ranger Green, and Black in limited Runs and will be available in M81 soon. Contact Tribe Tactical Supply for unit specific or geography specific color requests.

They also manufacture a line of Starter Tabs that work in conjunction with M27 links and for 5.56mm Belt-Fed Weapons, available in Tan499, Coyote Tan and Black.

With products are made to to stand up to the toughest environments, Tribe BFM’s, among other gear, can be found at www.tribetacticalsupply.com.

Proud to serve patriots and those in uniform defending our Freedoms.

Army’s New Next Generation Squad Weapon Program to Launch ARC’s Weapons Intelligence Platform

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

ARC’s embedded IoT sensors to provide unprecedented mission-critical data to ground leadership


WASHINGTON–Armaments Research Company, Inc. (ARC), a technology and data company serving national security and public safety customers, announced today their Internet-of-Things (IoT) full-stack technology will be introduced in the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) program of record, in partnership with Sig Sauer. For the first time in 65 years, the U.S. Army’s initiative will replace its individual rifles, squad machine guns, fire control system, and ammunition, helping to modernize and better equip the warfighters of tomorrow.

ARC’s technology platform will provide data on individual weapons at scale. The resulting insights will enable units to regularly assess weapons’ health, reduce failure rates, extend the lifetime of a weapon and optimize maintenance plans, enhancing performance and reducing costs. The data can also improve a unit’s understanding of its readiness, which measures the unit’s fundamental ability to deploy quickly.

“Our team is thrilled to partner with Sig Sauer to deliver this groundbreaking platform and refresh the Army’s weapons for the first time in several decades,” said ARC CEO Michael Canty. “The Army NGSW program office is pushing the boundaries in seeking a modern, data-driven approach to weapons readiness and we are honored to contribute. With tens of thousands of new weapons as data sources in the field, we can optimize equipment safety and reliability, ultimately harnessing this data to save lives.”

The first production delivery of NGSW weapons will include ARC’s round count and inventory management system, gathering weapons usage data on the units over the next several years. The NGSW program’s intention to revolutionize the Army’s tactical weapons comes in response to findings that current weapons systems threaten conflict overmatch. More than 1,000 soldiers provided hands-on feedback during weapon testing and selection.

ARC’s weapons intelligence platform works with tactical tools and frontline AI to ensure mission readiness and improve small-unit performance. The platform enables the U.S. Army to capture mission-critical data from individual- and tactical-level weapons at scale, helping leaders at all levels make informed decisions during and after training to improve readiness, performance and operational efficiency.

ARC technical solutions and case studies are available for individual demonstration. Interested parties are invited to visit armaments.us and contact [email protected] for more information.

Viridian Compatibility with New Hellcat Pistols

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – August 5, 2022 – Viridian Weapon Technologies announces laser, green dot reflex sight, and holster compatibility to match more models as Springfield Armory® expands its collection of pistols.

Springfield Armory® recently announced the release of the two-toned stainless-steel Hellcat® and Hellcat® OSP micro 9mm pistols. This new design of the class-leading concealed carry pistol is exclusive to shared Viridian distributor Sports South.

Viridian continues to offer support to Springfield Armory’s newest Hellcat® pistols with the E SERIES™ Laser, RFX15 Green Dot Reflex Sight, and holster options to match. The E SERIES™ Laser is designed specifically for the concealed carry owner that wants power and affordability while allowing for better visibility with green and red laser options. As part of Viridian’s recent introduction of new green dot optics, the RFX15 is a 3 MOA Green Dot with 22×26 mm viewing window ideal for concealed carry use.

“Springfield continues to build upon an innovative lineup of compact 9mm pistols with the announcement of these new Hellcat® and Hellcat® OSP variants,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen. “We’re excited to be able to partner with Springfield and provide weapon technologies that further increase the performance of these concealed carry pistols.”

Sports South has over 150 years of experience in firearms and ammunition distribution. As the holder of the nation’s largest concentration of shooting sports inventory, Sports South is one of Viridian’s top distributors. To learn more about Sports South, visit their website online at TheShootingWarehouse.com.

All specifications and options for the new Viridian Reflex Sights, E Series Lasers, and Holsters are available at ViridianWeaponTech.com.

Kalashnikov-USA and CMC Triggers Join Forces to Launch New AK 2.0 Trigger

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Pompano Beach, Florida August 6, 2022 – Kalashnikov-USA (KUSA), the premier manufacturer of AK-pattern firearms in the United States, has joined forces with CMC Triggers, the Texas-based pioneer of drop-in triggers, to offer a new, single-stage, nonadjustable precision trigger offered with either a 3.5- or 2.5-pound pull weight. As with other CMC triggers, the internal components are made from 8620 alloy steel and S-7 tool steel. The chassis is made from 7075-T6 aircraft grade anodized aluminum.  CMC’s superb machining, polishing and fitting results in a crisp trigger with a clean break and positive reset.  Tested extensively in KUSA rifles, the new AK 2.0 trigger provides positive ignition with a wide variety of ammunition.  Offered with a flat trigger bow, it is designed to be a drop-in fit with other AK pattern rifles having correctly aligned and dimensioned trigger and hammer pins.  Available for purchase on KUSA’s website, the MSRP is $189.99.

TLR7A Emissary Paddle Shifter

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

The Emissary Paddle shifter is a drop in replacement for the activation paddles on a Streamlight TLR7A, TLR7 Sub, TLR8A, TLR9 or TLR10 Weapon light.

It is designed to bring the activation paddle index point closer to the users thumb when using a natural thumbs forward grip position therefore making it easier to reach and more intuitive to activate. This gives the user more control over the pistol due to a more consistent and secure grip compared to a grip when using the stock activation paddles. The main activation surface is designed to be located in an optimum position right underneath the frame towards the front of the trigger guard.

The TLR7A Paddle Shifter is designed to be holster compatible. 

Standard and extended models are available in both two or four pack options.


New 1-pc Tool for the M4 Platform by MULTITASKER Developed in Conjunction with B5 SYSTEMS

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

(Marietta, GA) Multitasker Tools, a leading brand of weaponcentric multitools, and B5 Systems, makers of buttstocks and related accessories, announce the release of the M:4, a small, lightweight 4-function tool that stores away inside a specially designed B5 Systems buttpad.

CNC machined from bar stock, the M:4 (US PATENT 11,092,405) is compatible with all existing B5 Systems SOPMOD and Bravo stocks, and performs 4 critical tasks for the M4 platform of rifles:

•  1/4” hollow ground slotted screwdriver 

•  dual-lug castle nut spanner wrench

•  1/2” hex wrench

•  bolt override malfunction clearance tool

The M:4, including the custom B5 Systems buttpad in BLACK or Coyote Tan, has a MSRP of $34.95. Also available as a standalone tool for those who already have a B5 stock with the inletted pad with a MSRP of $24.95.

For more information, please visit:



ROTAPOINT 34-Degree Offset Red Dot Mount

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Meticulously designed from the ground up to integrate directly with the industry’s most popular quick-detach variable-power optic mounts, ROTAPOINT’s new 34-degree offset red dot mount offers shooters a simple, rugged, and fast solution to transition effortlessly between primary and back-up optics. With a consistent cheek weld and no head movement, a slight twist of the wrist quickly switches between optics.

ROTAPOINT’s unique, patent-pending attachment method leverages the strength and stability of the primary optic mount’s cantilever and is secured with custom alloy steel Torx screws. This highly effective solution minimizes interference with existing optics, lasers, or flashlights, and reduces snagging. Furthermore, this method frees space on the upper receiver and handguard for other uses. Assembly takes under 3 minutes and does not require scope ring removal.

Featuring carefully designed ergonomics – engineered with input from experienced SOF members and competitive shooters – ROTAPOINT™ provides the operator unmatched speed and accuracy from close quarters to 600 yards, while adding only two ounces to the weapon system.

Once installed on the primary optic mount cantilever, the primary and secondary optics form a single unit and quickly and easily attach to and detach from the rifle.

Entirely designed, machined, and hardcoat anodized in the USA with 6061T6 aluminum, ROTAPOINT’s offset mount modernizes the most popular scope mounts already in the market.

Right-handed models available from Big Tex Ordnance include:

72: LaRue Tactical® LT-104 and LT-204 cantilever mounts, Aimpoint® Micro footprint

74: LaRue LT-104/-204, Trijicon® RMR footprint

76: LaRue LT-104/-204, Leupold® DeltaPoint Pro footprint

82: ADM STD-Scout and Recon cantilever mounts, Aimpoint Micro footprint

84: American Defense Manufacturing® STD-Scout and Recon, Trijicon RMR footprint

86: ADM STD-Scout and Recon, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro footprint


IG: @rotapoint

Starting tomorrow (27 July) the mounts will be available from Big Tex Ordnance.

SIG SAUER Develops In-House Magazine Production Capability

Monday, July 25th, 2022

I recently made a visit to SIG SAUER’s newest factory in Rochester, New Hampshire. This 200,000 square foot facility started out in a different industry and has been repurposed several times since SIG started using it but they are adapting it quickly to their purpose. SIG began occupying it in the spring and by summer there were over 300 employees working on the floor. Envisioned as additional capacity to accommodate machine gun manufacturing, the factory is accomplishing a variety of tasks as they ramp up to meet the upcoming demands of the Next Generation Squad Weapons program.

For example, one of the new capabilities developed for this factory is in-house magazine production for NGSW.

During the down select process, SIG used a modified version of the 20 round Lancer L7AWM polymer magazine. However, SIG has begun development of a stamped steel magazine.

The Army has not evaluated this magazine yet due to the stop work order associated with Lone Star Future Weapon’s NGSW contract award protest. Consequently, although the magazine production capability is primarily envisioned for NGSW, the team is currently refining the process by producing pistol magazines.

They take pre-stamped blanks from an industry partner and run them through a process which is highly automated and currently creates one magazine every eight seconds.

Initially, the stamped steel blanks are washed, with one completing the process every four seconds. This process includes wash and rinse followed by spray and tumble. They also press the blanks together and inspect them as if they were already welded into a solid body.

Next, the blanks are flipped in order to be fed into the assembly process.

I spoke with SIG Chief Operating Officer Ron Goslin about this process. He told me that at its heart SIG is an engineering company. They took a look at how magazines have traditionally been manufactured and decided to go at it from a different angle. They worked with industry partners to integrate capabilities into the magazine production line.

Their secret is laser welding. Traditionally, steel magazines are TIG welded with extended tabs which are removed to accommodate the puddles at the beginning of a weld. SIG VP of Manufacturing Engineering Nick Fappiano related that laser welding, combined with robotic automation to align the two sides of the stamped blank, has proven more precise and consistent.

The welded bodies are then sanded by a robot for consistency.

Below you can see the results, with the weld line barely visible.

The bodies are currently going out for heat treating and black oxide treatment but those capabilities will eventually migrate in-house as well.

Although the bodies are gauged throughout the process, finished bodies are treated to a full going over on a rotary table with two stations looking for precision in the body’s construction. Additionally, the feed lips are formed into place with the body’s resistance taken into account during the procedure to ensure consistent feed lip alignment.

Finally, assembly with follower, spring and floor plate is accomplished by technicians, but they are already looking toward automation of this step.

In the future this assembly line will be replicated, resulting in a manufactured magazine every four seconds to match the production rate of the wash system.

Currently, the line requires six technicians. With the doubling of production capacity to two lines, that number will grow to 11; five per assembly line and one for the shared wash station.

In addition to supporting NGSW, the in-house magazine production capability could support commercial sales in the event of future supply chain shortages.