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IWI Unveils Groundbreaking ARBEL – World’s First Computerized Small Arms System, Revolutionizing Combat Lethality and Survivability

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Electronic Trigger with New Firing Mode Enhancing Accuracy in Short-Time Situations

Kiryat-Gat, Israel – [April 4th’ 2024] – IWI – Israel Weapon Industries, a member of the SK Group founded by Mr. Samy Katsav, and a global leader in combat-proven small arms production for military, police, law enforcement agencies, and governmental entities worldwide, proudly announces the launch of the world’s first-ever revolutionary computerized small arms system – the ARBEL. Representing a groundbreaking advancement in small arms technology, ARBEL is poised to redefine combat effectiveness on the modern battlefield.

As we all notice, challenges such as enemies appearing briefly (~3 sec.) and numerous drones in the air define the modern battlefield. IWI has developed, after a long period of R&D, the revolutionary ARBEL system to address the immediate action in the modern threats at the battlefield. The ARBEL takes into consideration the continuous fights and heavy weights compensating for the operator’s declining physical and mental abilities due to exertion, fatigue, stress, and other factors, thus, increasing survivability.

The Arbel system increases the lethality, accuracy and survivability of the operator by up to three times more. The system includes three main components: a computer-based platform, an upgraded electronic trigger mechanism with sensors and a new firing mode “ARBEL”, and a removable battery. The ARBEL system does not influence the operation of the gun. The operator can still use the gun as a standard weapon even if the battery runs out.

One significant outcome of the abovementioned features is ammunition saving, which is, of course, one of the big factors during combat situations and training.

IWI’s NEGEV LMG (Light Machine Gun), recognized as the world’s most accurate machine gun, is the first small arm to adopt the ARBEL system, harnessing its unmatched precision and controlled firing capabilities. The electronic trigger, featuring the new firing mode “ARBEL,” along with a built-in fire control system, enhances accuracy, especially in time-sensitive situations. With the ARBEL system significantly enhancing hit probability and increasing lethality up to three times more, the NEGEV LMG with ARBEL system integrated, achieves an 80-90% hit rate on moving targets.

This unmatched accuracy improves operator safety by effectively countering short target lifespans and significantly reducing the number of shots required to accurately hit targets. Its quick response time, within a fraction of a second, allows it to seize opportunities swiftly, neutralize threats effectively, increase lethality and save on ammunition.

The ARBEL’s energy system offers up to 60 hours of continuous operation without recharging, where inserting a battery activates the computer system and sensors, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even if the battery is deployed. It is optic-agnostic and operates normally in harsh environmental conditions, day or night, allowing operators to choose the required optic configuration for missions. The ARBEL can be imbedded to any other Light Machine Gun without affecting its operational system and user interface.

The ARBEL is compatible with assault rifle such as the ARAD and any other AR-15 compatible rifle, by simply replacing the lower receiver. Its compatibility with existing weaponry eliminates the need for replacements, allows for swift upgrades, and simplifies the shooting cycle, requiring minimal training for operators to continue using their equipment.

The ARBEL also fills a crucial operational gap worldwide by enabling drone takedowns with minimal ammunition, boosting accuracy and lethality for various firearms, and meeting NATO standards. It excels at engaging diverse targets, especially moving ones, offering a significant advantage in dynamic combat scenarios.

“The ARBEL system not only increases combat lethality and survivability significantly but also sets new standards for precision and operational efficiency in dynamic combat environments,” said Ronen Hamudot, Exec. Vice President, Marketing and Sales, at IWI and the SK Group. “This groundbreaking technology marks a new era in small arms, showcasing IWI’s dedication to innovation and excellence, poised to redefine the capabilities of light machine guns and small arms globally. The ARBEL, with its simple and intuitive design, offers reliability and effectiveness at a level unmatched in modern warfare.”

For more information about the ARBEL, please visit : iwi.net/arbel

The Rear Admiral from Armageddon Gear

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Making those fine adjustments when using the tripod as a rear support can be difficult. The Rear Admiral, Tripod Rear Support Bag, allows the user to make elevation and traverse adjustments without moving the tripod. The Rear Admiral is quick and easy to put on and take off and works with any stock design.

Weighing only approximately 6 ounces you will never know it is there until you make those small adjustments to get on target and hear the steel ringing. The bag fill is user-adjustable, made in the USA, and guaranteed for life!


TangoDown Optic Mounts for Handgun RDS

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to announce the release of two new optic mounting plates.  As the use of red dot sights continues to increase, the need for durable optic mounting plates continues to grow.  Please thoroughly read the product details on our website to ensure product compatibility with your firearm and optic.

The SSM-04 and SSM-05 feature the following:

– Made of Ordnance Grade Steel
– Durable, Rust Resistant QPQ Finish
– Includes Mounting Fasteners

Visit the product page(s) for additional information:

***SSM-04 Trijicon RMR® Mount for the SIG Sauer® P320 (NO DOVETAIL CUT OUT)


***SSM-05 Trijicon RMR® CC Mount for the SIG Sauer® P365


MSRP for each:  $72.50

**Please read ALL installation instructions prior to installing. If you are not familiar with modifying your firearms, seek appropriate assistance from a Certified Armorer or Gunsmith.

For more information on all of the TangoDown® optic mounting plates, visit: tangodown.com/optic-items

Customer Questions:  sales@tangodown.com


Edgar Sherman Design – The Notch

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

The final new product (and the one you’ll see for sale first) Edgar Sherman Design showed me at the recent USASOC Sniper Competition is The Notch.

A customer came to ESD looking for a single support bag for combat work and could be easily carried. The answer is The Notch. It gets its name from one of the many ways it can be employed.

The top of the bag has two loops which act as tie downs and create a notch to support the rifle and prevent shifting during strings of fire. You can use the tie downs to attach to your kit.

The Notch can also be used as a squeeze bag while supporting the butt stock.

They use a four-way stretch fabric body to flex around various objects with a laminate exoskeleton to give structure to the bag.

Loops on the Lower portion of the bag to have two clip in spots and prevent flopping when running. On one side there is also an elastic loop for consistent hand placement, free hand operation and looping over a rifle rail. The grip material has coverage on four sides to increase durability in high wear areas and to prevent slippage while shooting.

They plan to launch with one or two colors but you may see some variants come out as well. I asked them about other sizes and the answer was a solid “maybe” but that this was what was designed to satisfy the initial requirement. I can’t argue with that.

Everything is proudly made in New Hampshire. All components are Berry compliant except the grip material in Brown and Green. Fill is Spex Lite 5125 which is made in USA as well.

Coming soon from www.edgarshermandesign.com.

Arisaka Defense – MCX Spear 308 Zero Retention Clamp

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Arisaka Defense showed me their new MCX Spear 308 Zero Retention Clamp during the vendor day at last week’s USASOC Sniper Competition.

It’s the big brother to their popular MCX Virtus/Spear LT Zero Retention Clamp which is designed to prevent handguard flax and thereby reduce zero shift for lasers and iron sights that are mounted on the handguard of the MCX Spear.

The Arisaka ZRC consists of two sets of 7075 clamps that mount in the vent slots on either side of the handguard. The inner half of each clamp engages the extended upper receiver.

This new version is designed for the MCX Spear chambered in 277 Fury and .308 while the LT model is for .223, 300 BLK, and 7.62 x 39. You can tell the difference between the two clamps by the number of external lugs: three for the heavy and one for the light.

Rotapoint Systems – Griptrap

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

It was great to see Rotapoint Systems in the vendor tent at last week’s USASOC Sniper Competition. In addition to their Watch Caps which piggyback MRDS on to variable power optics, they showed me their new Griptrap which is an ergonomically enhanced MLOK hand stop.

As you can see from this composite image, the Griptrap is designed to support your natural grip rather than forcing you to contort your hand on the handguard.

Another thing I like about this simple design is that it can’t be used to either keep you from dangling your appendages too close to the barrel or, as I prefer, to allow me to pull the rifle back in to my shoulder. What’s more, it’s as effective under the barrel as at the 3 or 9 o’clock position.

Finally, there are three variants, based on user preference.

Faxon’s Guides: All About Barrel Profiles

Monday, March 25th, 2024

(Cincinnati, OH) Faxon Firearms, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based manufacturer of quality rifle and pistol components and complete firearms, is proud to provide its latest guide: The Ultimate Guide to Barrel Profiles. 

Building or tweaking an AR-15 can involve a variety of things, some vital, some arguable or even cosmetic. It could be receiver sets, muzzle devices, anti-walk pins, or any of a dozen other things, but one of the most important considerations is that of a barrel – and when you’re choosing a barrel, you need to be thinking about barrel profiles.

The following rundown comes courtesy of Faxon Firearms.

Finding the right barrel profile is a Big Deal. It’s not just about looks; it shapes how your rifle handles and shoots and fits your shooting lifestyle, whether that’s defending your home, hunting in the woods, or just having fun at the range.

Why should you care? Because every profile offers something different; there relative advantages and arguable disadvantages to each one.

From the heavy hitters to the lightweight models, we’ll walk you through what each might mean for your build or intended upgrade. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or someone whose just getting started, we want to make the choice that feels – and functions – just right.

AR15 Barrel Profiles Explained

The term “barrel profile” refers to the thickness of the barrel on an AR-15-style rifle (like the Faxon Sentry). Different barrel profiles can impact the gun’s performance in various ways.

For instance, thinner barrels are lightweight and easy to handle, while thicker barrels provide more stability by adding weight to the front of the gun and can withstand more heat. The weight of your barrel is going to impact the weight of your rifle. Though those few ounces might seem insignificant, they’re not, particularly if you’re manipulating the weapon for extended periods, carrying a bunch of weight in other ways (armor, gear, etc.), or maybe just dealing with physical constraints or limitations.

It’s important to consider the trade-offs of different barrel options available (particularly vis-a-vis accuracy, heat dispersion, durability, and weight) before making your choice!

Let’s take a look at some AR15 barrel profiles and see what makes each one unique.

Faxon Gunner Profile

The Faxon Firearms Gunner profile blends two of the best-performing profiles of all time: Government (Gov’t) and Pencil.

Faxon’s Gunner profile combines the durability of the Gov’t profile with the weight savings and maneuverability of the Pencil profile.

The Gunner profile brings the balance of the rifle back towards the shooter’s body, limiting fatigue and allowing you to shoot, train, or hunt all day long.

Government/SOCOM Profile

A SOCOM barrel for an AR-15 is designed differently from the standard M4/A2 barrel.

Instead of being consistently thick throughout, it has a thinner section past the gas block and a thicker section near the chamber. SOCOM barrels often have a slot for attaching a grenade launcher and provide a balance between strength and weight.

If you’re looking for a barrel that can handle sustained shooting while still being lightweight, a SOCOM barrel may be a good option for you.

Pencil Profile

The pencil barrel is the original profile for the AR-15. It typically measures 0.625 inches in diameter.

It is known for being slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle. Its thinness, however, makes it heat more quickly than its cousins, particularly during rapid fire. Overheating the barrel leads to elastic deformation or warping, which in turn affects accuracy and reliability.

Unlike run-of-the-mill pencil barrels, Faxon Firearms barrels are properly heat-treated and stress-relieved. The Faxon manufacturing process improves heat resistance and longevity.

The durability of this AR15 barrel profile is ideal for shooters with a light or medium shooting schedule.

Learn more about barrel characteristics and how they affect the performance and longevity of your weapon, particularly AR15 barrel profiles.

What is the best all-around barrel profile to use?

Of course, barrel profile doesn’t just affect AR15s and large-frame pistols. The barrel characteristics (not just the profile) of any firearm can greatly affect its overall performance and handling.

We’ve looked at the three most common barrel profiles: Gunner, Government, and Pencil.

Of those, the Government/SOCOM provides the most stability with the greatest potential for accuracy. It does so because it’s the thickest and heaviest style, which adds weight to the gun and to the shooter’s aggregate loadout.

The Pencil version is the thinnest and lightest option, making it easier to handle and carry but it does sacrifice some stability and accuracy potential.

Faxon believes the Faxon Firearms Gunner barrel is the best general barrel choice. It provides the best balance of the other two, offering a good compromise between weight, performance, and durability.

Ultimately, the choice of barrel profile will depend on the individual’s personal preferences, but should absolutely be appropriate for the intended use of the rifle.

Consider the trade-offs and choose the barrel profile that best suits your needs!

Learn more about the Faxon Gunner Barrel:

About Faxon Firearms: Faxon Firearms is a family-owned and operated manufacturer proudly based in Cincinnati, Ohio that began with their patented ARAK-21 XRS. Since then, Faxon has made impressive expansions into rifle and pistol barrels, MuzzLok­© muzzle devices, BCGs, FX-19 handguns, and two lines of complete rifles. Faxon strives to bring high-quality, high-value products to the shooting sports marketplace that can be enjoyed and handed down from generation to generation.

Media/Marketing Contact:

Dustin Wallace

Director of Marketing, Faxon Firearms LLC


XS Sights Introduces Lever Rail and Ghost Ring Sight Kit for Rossi R95 and Lever Scout Mount for Rossi R92

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Fort Worth, Texas (March 19, 2024) – XS® Sights is pleased to now offer its popular Lever Rail and Ghost Ring sight sets for the Rossi R95 lever-action rifle and Lever Scout Mount for the Rossi R92.

Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, XS Rails are hard coat anodized to provide a lightweight mounting system that is tough enough to withstand a lifetime of use. The ghost ring sight sets are made of precision-machined steel and fully adjustable for windage and elevation. These rugged sights deliver an enhanced field of view with a white stripe front sight that is highly visible on targets in all lighting conditions and contrasts against any color background.

“The XS Ghost Ring sight sets allow for the fastest target acquisition possible with iron sights,” said Jeff King, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The surge in popularity of lever action rifles has been fun to see, and we are happy to offer Rossi R95 and R92 owners upgrades to make their shooting experience better. Our Picatinny rail offers users flexibility by easily accommodating riflescopes and red dot sights.”

R95 Lever Rail and Ghost Ring Kit Retail Price: $192.99

R92 Lever Scout Mount Kit Retail Price: $76.99

All XS sights are backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. The company also offers a 12-year warranty on all tritium products and a limited lifetime warranty on all other products. For more information, visit www.xssights.com.