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Heresy Design Launches Vendetta Chassis for Ruger 10/22

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho- Heresy Design® is proud to announce the launch of Vendetta™.

The Vendetta™ is a cutting-edge lightweight aluminum chassis system designed specifically for fixed barrel Ruger® 10/22® pattern barreled actions. Vendetta™ offers unmatched durability, versatility, and performance at a cost-effective price point.

Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, Vendetta™ combines strength and agility, providing shooters with a reliable platform for precision shooting.

Vendetta™ is available in three different rail lengths to accommodate various shooting preferences and styles. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or recreational use, Vendetta delivers exceptional performance and reliability in any scenario.Heresy Design® plans to release additional configurations including a takedown model in the coming months.

Key features of Vendetta™ include:

• Lightweight aluminum design (12.6-15 oz.) with slim profile (1.5”)

• Free float rail with centrally positioned MLOK® slots for customizable accessory mounting

• Machined-in QD sockets

• Compatible with all standard AR style pistol grips

• Five degree angled back rail for folding stocks or braces

• Compatibility with fixed barrel Ruger® 10/22® pattern barreled actions

• Available in three different rail lengths (3.25”, 6.375”, and 9.59”) to suit individual preferences

• Manufactured in the USA

• Limited lifetime warranty

• MSRP: $349.95 | MAP: $299.95

To purchase the Vendetta™ Chassis or for more information, please visit HeresyDesign.com.

TD Inc. MK3 Rifle Magazine

Monday, April 15th, 2024

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the MK3 Magazine.  After extensive engineering and testing, the wait is over.  The MK3 magazine body is of modular construction and features aggressive texturing along with ribbed design for positive no-slip manipulation.  We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the features and function the MK3 brings to your rifle.

Here are just a few of the MK3 features:

– Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth

– 30 Round Magazine (20 Round option coming soon)

– Available in a Flat Bottom and Round Bottom (for mono-pod style use)

– White anti-tilt low friction follower

– Impact resistant polymer construction

– Corrosion resistant heat treated spring

Note:  The MK3 is intended for 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge use and will work in any AR15 or M16/M4 MIL-SPEC pattern magazine well.

Visit the product page for all information regarding the TangoDown® MK3 Magazine:


Part Numbers:  MK3RND30-01BLK / MK3FLT30-01BLK / MK3RND30-01FDE / MK3FLT30-01FDE

MSRP: $23.95

Customer Questions:  sales@tangodown.com

Strike Enhanced Grip Module (SEGM) for SIG SAUER P365 FCUs

Friday, April 12th, 2024

If you’re a fan of SIG and have been wanting to upgrade your daily carry, you might be interested in one of Strike Industries’ latest product offerings.

Introducing the Strike Enhanced Grip Module (SEGM) for Sig Sauer P365 FCU’s, the first of many grip modules to come from Strike Industries.

This grip module comes with an increased palm swell, an undercut for the middle finger, texturing on all sides of the grip, and a deep scallop cut on both sides of the grip for the shooting hand’s thumb and finger — all to create a fantastic ergonomic experience. It also comes with the Strike Extended Mag Release Button for P365’s pre-installed.

The Strike frame can be made to be compatible with manual safety FCU’s including the CA model. However, removal of material is required and some fitment may be required. Seeking help from a professional gunsmith is highly recommended.

Borrowing from common aftermarket upgrades that gun owners do to Glock frames and other handgun frames, a very small but effective gas pedal area (Dynamic ControlTM) on both sides of the grip with staggered steps that go deeper into the frame come as standard straight from our factory to aid in recoil management.

A flared magwell has also been included for speedy reloads, but does not increase risk of printing for those who intend to conceal carry. There are two picatinny rail slots for users who want to add a weapon light, laser, or other accessory. Compatible weapon lights include the SureFire XSC and Olight Baldr.

In terms of profile, the SEGM is most similar to the size of an Sig P365 X Grip which directly relates to its magazine compatibility as well. The Strike Enhanced Grip for P365’s can take the following mags: P365 X/XL 10/12/15 AND the 17rd magazines.

Holster offerings can be expected from Hilliker Holster as we have partnered with them in creating a custom solution specifically for the SEGM. Pairing with our optics-ready Strike LITESlide for P365 and P365 barrel, users can now have a completely ‘Striked out’ P365.

For more information about the Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365, visit us at www.strikeindustries.com.

Sneak Peek – TangoDown Launching Updated AR Magazine, the MK3

Friday, April 12th, 2024

TangoDown originally designed a magazine for use with the FN SCAR way back in 2009. I will be the first guy to admit that I had completely forgotten about these magazines. The worst thing is, I know I’ve got a few around here somewhere. But there’s a new, completely redesigned magazine coming from TangoDown on 15 April.

Offered in two versions, the MK3 is a 30 round, 5.56mm magazine designed specifically to work with the M855A1 EPR. The two models, MK3 FLT30 and MK3 RND30 differ slightly. The FLT prefix denotes a flat floor while the RND designator is for a round floor which is designed to pull double duty as a monopod.

It features a heat-treated stainless steel spring and anti-tilt follower combined with lubricious material for constant, reliable feeding. Additionally, the follower is ported for cleaning without disassembly. Finally, the body incorporates an ammunition status window.

Compatible with both M4 and M27 magwells, the MK3 magazine is offered in Black and FDE. TangoDown tells me 20 rounders are coming soon.

Here is a video featuring Rick Hogg going over the new MK3.

Coming April 15th from tangodown.com

Two New Accessories for SIG SAUER P365-XMACRO from Radian Weapons

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Radian Weapons has released three new accessories for the SIG SAUER P365-XMACRO.

The first two are a combination, the Backstrap and Magwell. They were designed in tandem were designed in tandem to provide users with a rock-solid and enhanced grip. They install using a precision machined dovetail interface with spring-loaded retention stud to lock the two components in place, with no screws to come loose or break.

The second item is a two-pack of TRU-17 Base Pads. It’s a direct replacement part compatible with P365- XMACRO magazines which allows users to easily load the full 17 rounds into the magazine. Additionally, it adds weight to the bottom of the magazine which aids in dropping empty magazines. A larger grip surface allows users to index spare magazines from holsters for quicker reloads while also being able to easily extract stuck magazines.

They also promise an Afterburner + Ramjet upgrade for the popular SIG pistol, coming soon.

The Rescue Rod from Black Hills Designs

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

The Rescue Rod is a clamp for AK-style full length monolithic cleaning rods, that seamlessly intigrates onto a Picatinny rail; giving you the tools needed on the gun to clear a catastrophic malfunction.

It was a somewhat uncommon practice in Vietnam, particularly during the early fielding of the M16 to tape a cleaning rod along the triangular handguard to keep it handy to quickly clear a flash hider full of mud or dislodge a stuck case from the chamber in a firefight.


UNITY Tactical Launches Combat Thermal Mount for VooDoo-S

Friday, April 5th, 2024

Second CTM™ Model Expands Compatibility and BringsIncreased Versatility
BROUSSARD, LA. (April 5, 2024) – UNITY™ Tactical, a designer of components that integrate tactical systems and optimize the human factor, announced the launch of the second model of its Combat Thermal Mount™, which can nowbe employed for the Pixels on Target™ VooDoo-S™. The first model of the CTM™ launched in Jan. 2022 for the Trijicon® SkeetIR™x. The two models are not interchangeable.

The compact and lightweight CTM brings the thermal to an absolute co-witness height of a 1.54″ optical centerline from the rail. Using a force-to-overcome mechanism, the thermal flips-to-side. The new model for the VooDoo-S can be mounted for both right- and left-handed flip-to-side options.

Mounted in front of a compatible weapons optic, CTM mounts directly to an M1913 rail. It comes standard with a FAST™ QD Lever, allowing the thermal to be used as an HHI (handheld imager) with quick detachment and reattachment while maintaining optic co-alignment.

“The CTM offers a lightweight, low-profile solution compared to legacy options, which is especially beneficial when mounting on a shorter handguard,” said Mike Roth, VP of business development for UNITY Tactical. “The versatility it provides with its quick detach lever and small rail footprint helps the thermal adapt to many configured solutions for end users. We’re glad to expand its compatibility from the SkeetIRx to also include the VooDoo-S.”

When mounted on a FAST™ Absolute Riser, the CTM brings the thermal up to the established FAST height of 2.26″ to allow pairing with any FAST mount and optic combination.

CTM is made of 7075-T6 aluminum that is type III hardcoat anodized. It is available only in black and includes a lifetime warranty. It retails for $495 and is available for purchase now through authorized UNITY dealers and on UNITYtactical.com.

IWI Unveils Groundbreaking ARBEL – World’s First Computerized Small Arms System, Revolutionizing Combat Lethality and Survivability

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Electronic Trigger with New Firing Mode Enhancing Accuracy in Short-Time Situations

Kiryat-Gat, Israel – [April 4th’ 2024] – IWI – Israel Weapon Industries, a member of the SK Group founded by Mr. Samy Katsav, and a global leader in combat-proven small arms production for military, police, law enforcement agencies, and governmental entities worldwide, proudly announces the launch of the world’s first-ever revolutionary computerized small arms system – the ARBEL. Representing a groundbreaking advancement in small arms technology, ARBEL is poised to redefine combat effectiveness on the modern battlefield.

As we all notice, challenges such as enemies appearing briefly (~3 sec.) and numerous drones in the air define the modern battlefield. IWI has developed, after a long period of R&D, the revolutionary ARBEL system to address the immediate action in the modern threats at the battlefield. The ARBEL takes into consideration the continuous fights and heavy weights compensating for the operator’s declining physical and mental abilities due to exertion, fatigue, stress, and other factors, thus, increasing survivability.

The Arbel system increases the lethality, accuracy and survivability of the operator by up to three times more. The system includes three main components: a computer-based platform, an upgraded electronic trigger mechanism with sensors and a new firing mode “ARBEL”, and a removable battery. The ARBEL system does not influence the operation of the gun. The operator can still use the gun as a standard weapon even if the battery runs out.

One significant outcome of the abovementioned features is ammunition saving, which is, of course, one of the big factors during combat situations and training.

IWI’s NEGEV LMG (Light Machine Gun), recognized as the world’s most accurate machine gun, is the first small arm to adopt the ARBEL system, harnessing its unmatched precision and controlled firing capabilities. The electronic trigger, featuring the new firing mode “ARBEL,” along with a built-in fire control system, enhances accuracy, especially in time-sensitive situations. With the ARBEL system significantly enhancing hit probability and increasing lethality up to three times more, the NEGEV LMG with ARBEL system integrated, achieves an 80-90% hit rate on moving targets.

This unmatched accuracy improves operator safety by effectively countering short target lifespans and significantly reducing the number of shots required to accurately hit targets. Its quick response time, within a fraction of a second, allows it to seize opportunities swiftly, neutralize threats effectively, increase lethality and save on ammunition.

The ARBEL’s energy system offers up to 60 hours of continuous operation without recharging, where inserting a battery activates the computer system and sensors, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even if the battery is deployed. It is optic-agnostic and operates normally in harsh environmental conditions, day or night, allowing operators to choose the required optic configuration for missions. The ARBEL can be imbedded to any other Light Machine Gun without affecting its operational system and user interface.

The ARBEL is compatible with assault rifle such as the ARAD and any other AR-15 compatible rifle, by simply replacing the lower receiver. Its compatibility with existing weaponry eliminates the need for replacements, allows for swift upgrades, and simplifies the shooting cycle, requiring minimal training for operators to continue using their equipment.

The ARBEL also fills a crucial operational gap worldwide by enabling drone takedowns with minimal ammunition, boosting accuracy and lethality for various firearms, and meeting NATO standards. It excels at engaging diverse targets, especially moving ones, offering a significant advantage in dynamic combat scenarios.

“The ARBEL system not only increases combat lethality and survivability significantly but also sets new standards for precision and operational efficiency in dynamic combat environments,” said Ronen Hamudot, Exec. Vice President, Marketing and Sales, at IWI and the SK Group. “This groundbreaking technology marks a new era in small arms, showcasing IWI’s dedication to innovation and excellence, poised to redefine the capabilities of light machine guns and small arms globally. The ARBEL, with its simple and intuitive design, offers reliability and effectiveness at a level unmatched in modern warfare.”

For more information about the ARBEL, please visit : iwi.net/arbel