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Franklin Armory Now Shipping New Binary Firing System for Grand Power Stribog SP9

Franklin Armory®, Inc., one of America’s most innovative manufacturers of firearms and accessories, has begun shipping its latest Binary® trigger, the SP-S1 for Grand Power’s popular Stribog SP9 series of firearms. The new SP-S1 Binary® trigger is drop-in ready and will work with both the A1 and A3/A3G models of the Stribog SP9.

Franklin Armory’s patented Binary Firing System® (BFS™) enables reduced split times and tighter controlled pair groupings, which are important shooting metrics for both defensive and sporting applications. To see this latest product from the Binary Firing System® lineup in action, check out the video “Franklin Armory Introduces the Binary® Trigger for Stribog SP9.”

Like other BFS™ offerings from Franklin Armory for rifles and pistol-caliber carbines, SP-S1 is a three-position selectable trigger: Position One, safe; Position Two, traditional semiautomatic; Position Three, Binary® mode.

In Binary® mode, a single round is fired when the trigger is pulled and a single round is fired when the trigger is released at the user’s discretion. As only a single round is fired for each function of the trigger, Franklin Armory’s patented Binary Firing System® has been consistently defined as a semiautomatic trigger by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

One of the revered safety features incorporated into all Franklin Armory BFS™ triggers is the ability to cancel the release round. To cancel the release round on SP-S1, simply move the ambidextrous selector paddle located on either side of the receiver from Binary® position to the “semi” or “safe” position before releasing the trigger.

MSRP for Franklin Armory’s SP-S1 Binary® trigger is $499.99.

For more information about SP-S1 and other innovative Franklin Armory products like the newly announced G-S223 and G-S173 Binary® trigger and slide kits for Glock® 22 and Glock® 17, visit FranklinArmory.com.

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