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Magpul Unveils Enhanced Lever Gun Accessories

I was previewed these new products during SOF Week in Tampa but wasn’t sure when they were going to announce them. If you’re a lever gun shooter, pull your barstool up to the bar.

The items include the new ELG™ M-LOK Hand Guard – 1895 and ELG™ M-LOK® Stock – Marlin® 1895/1894/336.

Here are Magpul’s descriptions:

The ELG M-LOK Hand Guard is an easy way to optimize the front of your Marlin 1895-pattern lever-action rifle. The 12” long hand guard installs easily and features an integrated hand stop that can also be used to brace your gun when needed. M-LOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions also give you plenty of space for mounting accessories such as lights, slings, and bipods. For a better grip on your gun when you’re firing modern, heavy-recoiling .45-70 Government rounds, the ELG Hand Guard is also compatible with both styles of Magpul Rail Covers.

For the rear of your rifle, our ELG M-LOK Stock draws performance-enhancing features from our other popular stocks to give your Marlin a modern makeover. With adjustable length-of-pull and comb height for various optics, weatherized onboard storage for extra ammunition or accessories, and the ability to attach M-LOK accessories and slings, you can add even more capability to your lever-action rifle.

The stock’s internal storage comes equipped with a quiver to hold six (6) .45-70 Gov’t or 30-30 Win cartridges, and an open storage compartment insert. The stock also accepts QD cups for a mounting a sling, with one sling swivel built-in at the bottom of the pistol grip for shorter slings and a higher muzzle-down carry option. There’s even a pair of M-LOK slots on each side of the stock for accessories like an ammo saddle. Head over to and shake the dust off your Old West classic today.

Magpul will have these accessories, as well as other new items, on display this weekend in Dallas for the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

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