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SOFIC 22 – Princeton-Tec

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Subsequent to the Gentex RAILINK announcement, Princeton-Tec has released their RAILINK Switch MPLS light which is designed to interface specifically with the RAILINK node, using parasitic power supplied by the RAILINK battery pack.

Because there are no batteries, it weighs just 13 grams and offers Red/IR LEDs with a simple switching system.

SOFIC 22 – CORE Survival

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Designed specifically for use with the Gentex RAILINK the HEL-STAR Rail Strobe comes in pairs which are intended to be mounted at Node 2 on the RAILINK. This placement moves the strobe off of the top of the helmet, yet allows for full visibility of the strobe.

The HEL-STAR Rail Strobe offers dim and bright power visible light along with an IR function.

I spoke with Jamey Caldwell of 1MinuteOut and he pointed out several features. This overt/covert rail mounted marker offers weight reduction through the elimination of redundant batteries and increases mobility due to its low profile footprint. Jamey has been using this system for over a year and explained that the slick design makes it easier to maneuver in confined spaces.

Sellmark acquires INFORCE: Bright Future Ahead!

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Adds top-tier firearm- and helmet-mounted lighting solutions

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – With much of the business world static and sheltering through the pandemic, Sellmark has continued to push forward and realize significant business growth. Sellmark is excited to emphasize the company’s growth with the addition of INFORCE, a top-tier lighting solution brand designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, military, security agencies and citizens.    

“We’re excited to add INFORCE to our family of brands. The brand and products are a perfect fit for Sellmark,” stated Sellmark founder and chief executive officer, James Sellers. “We strive to be the number one developer of brands and products for outdoor lifestyles. Given the robust customer base of military, law enforcement and quality-minded customers, the INFORCE brand fits seamlessly with our mission.”  

United States made and trusted globally, INFORCE offers branded and OEM products worldwide to producers, distributors, agencies and consumers. While customers currently employ INFORCE light systems internationally, Sellmark’s global resources ensure INFORCE devices are recognized, accessible and utilized on all six inhabited continents.

“Since day one, INFORCE has been committed to providing industry-leading rifle and pistol lights and accessories,” said Matthew Wolfe of INFORCE. “We are excited to partner with Sellmark and continue our commitment to quality products for our consumers and military and law enforcement partners.”

Currently, INFORCE produces standalone flashlights and light systems mountable to pistols, rifles and helmets for every outdoor scenario, from camping and low-light shooting or hunting to high-stakes, close-quarter operations. INFORCE light systems are available with high-intensity LED lighting from 400 to 1,000 lumens, as well as up to 400 Mw infrared illumination for night-vision compatibility.

Reflex Sights Going Green by Viridian

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – April 25, 2022 – Viridian Weapon Technologies continues to expand on the fact that human eyes see green better and has introduced reflex sights designed from the ground up to improve performance and provide rapid target acquisition.

The Viridian Reflex Sight family brings light-weight, green dot-powered reflex sights designed to fit multiple mounting footprints, hold up to the toughest conditions and provide 30,000+ hours of battery life. These sights offer user-controlled or Viridian’s INSTANT-ON® technology for activation and are powered by CR2032 batteries. They’re easy to mount, include tools in the package and have an auto-off feature that kicks in after two minutes.

“Eyes see green better, and we’re excited about our reflex sites powered by green dot technology,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen. “As with all Viridian new products, we started from scratch with the design and put features and specs into these offerings to make them standout in a crowded market.”

These sights are backed by Viridian’s seven-year warranty, fit both compact and full-size handguns and have viewing windows maximized so shooters can get the most benefits around target acquisition and clear fields of view.

All specifications and options for the new Viridian Reflex Sights are available at

SIG FOXTROT2 Weapon Light Now Available

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

580 Lumens and 13,000 Candela,

User Adjustability at Your Fingertips

The FOXTROT2 is designed for the user that wants maximum output and maximum adjustability at their fingertips. This versatile weapon mounted light has 580 lumens/13,000 Candela and is programmable with 3 user defined modes; Momentary, Latching, and Threshold Mode.

Additionally, the user can adjust the light on the rail using the supplied 4-Position Sliding Rail; Interface Inserts For Maximum Adjustment Range On The Firearm.

The FOXTROT2 mounts to any Picatinny 1913, SIG SAUER proprietary, or Glock rails with no need for adapters or cross-slot modifications. Ambidextrous Activation Paddles to power the ultra-efficient white LED runs up to one hour on a single CR123 battery.

The rail-mounted light is ideal for home defense, law enforcement, or military applications and should fit most holsters designed for handgun lights.

Now Available – Paddle Shifter Kit for SureFire X300

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

Emissary Development’s Paddle Shifter Kit for SureFire X300 is now available for order. It gives you a more accessible paddle.

This drop-in kit is a direct replacement for the stock X300 switch and fits many SureFire X300-style lights as well as most holsters.

Emissary Development – X300 Paddle Shifter Installation Tool

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Emissary Development’s two-piece X300 Paddle Shifter installation tool was designed in-house and will be included with every X300 Paddle Shifter.

Since the paddle armature of the X300 is “spring loaded” and can be pushed forward we have designed a tool that braces and supports the armature in place. This makes it significantly easier to push your Paddle Shifter into place and fully seat it onto the armature.

The tool is designed to split in two after install to prevent it from impacting or moving the Paddle Shifter after it has been set in place.

They will also be including a 1/4” extraction tool bit that will make removing the stock switches a breeze.

They are still on course for a March release but can’t give out any concrete launch dates just yet.

Cyberlux BrightEye System

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

The BrightEye System by Cyberlux is the Primary Tactical Maintenance & Emergency Lighting System for Army National Guard Aviation and has been used extensively CONUS/OCONUS for readiness, disaster and combat sustainment operations. The National Guard Bureau chose the BrightEye System and it has been distributed via the four Theatre Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Groups (TASMG) to multiple units assigned to the 52 States and Territories within the Army National Guard.

• Super-Bright White and Infrared Solid-State Tactical Lighting System

• Militarized, All-Terrain and Rain Ready / Setup in 2 Minutes

• Over 16+ Hours Run Time On High; AC Powered Option

• Each System delivers 1100 foot-candles at 15ft target, 20X typical lighting

• Directed White & IR Illumination on Target Area over 1000 feet

• Infinite Brightness / Power Consumption Control

• Infinite Beam Range Control 6° to 120°

• Ball Head Mount for 360° Pan 150° Tilt

• Electronic Fuel Gauge Interface Displays Run Time

• Dual and Single Head Systems Available

• Lightweight QuadPod Adjustable Stand to 8ft

• 2CP0170 System Includes:

2 QuadPods, 

2 Light Heads, 

2 UBI Li-Ion Batteries 

Two Single Bay Chargers

Rugged Self-Contained System Case

• Total System & Carrying Case 69lb

• Wireless System Control and Operation / Simultaneous Charge & Run Capability 

Solar power system available

NSNs available on most systems

To learn more about Cyberlux and The ARG Group, check out their latest partner agreement :

For more info, contact [email protected]