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Wilcox Awarded Contract to Supply the MRF Xe to the German Special Forces

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

NEWINGTON, NH USA – On 27 February 2024, the German Special Forces awarded Wilcox Industries Corp. a contract to supply the Micro Range Finder – Enhanced (MRF Xe™). This contract is the result of a multi-year competitive selection process.  The MRF Xe™ system is Wilcox’s next generation fire control system is engineered with uncompromising performance in mind, the MRF Xe™ provides the end user with extremely accurate ballistic solutions, increased situational awareness in any environment, housed in a very small lightweight form factor.    

The contract will be performed by Wilcox in partnership with its German representative and partner IEA Mil-Optics GmbH located in Nagold, Germany, that received the demand to supply laser range finding devices for an array of long-range weapon systems.  IEA Mil-Optics will be responsible for managing the supply of the MRF Xe™ to the Bundeswehr for the duration of the contract. The MRF Xe™ will be manufactured at Wilcox’s facility in Newington, NH USA.

In response to the contract award, James Teetzel, CEO of Wilcox stated, “We are very honored and pleased to learn of the good news that Wilcox was down selected as the global partner to the German Special Forces and IEA Mil-Optics GmbH suppling the MRF Xe system. Our unwavering commitment to support the warfighter and safeguarding their wellbeing is utmost priority.

For more information about the MRF-Xe™, visit: MRF Xe • Wilcox Industries

For information on all other Wilcox and Wilcox Products, visit Wilcox’ website at:  or call: 603-431-1331.

SIONYX Out-Of-Band Illuminators Enhance OPSIN’s Digital Night Vision Capabilities

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

The new line operates at 1050nm, allowing for complete covertness during critical missions

BEVERLY, Mass. (March 19, 2024) – SIONYX has defined itself as a leader in advancing the night vision industry, allowing professionals and outdoorsmen to do more in moonless starlight conditions. This spring, SIONYX is poised to introduce a line of 1050nm infrared illuminators designed to complement and enhance the capabilities of OPSIN, SIONYX’s helmet-mounted digital night vision monocular. Out-of-band illuminators represent a technological leap forward, ensuring optimal performance in low-light conditions while maintaining full covert operations. The SIONYX illuminators can be utilized in handheld, helmet-mounted, and weapon-mounted applications to adapt to any mission requirements.

OPSIN offers clear digital advantages over its analog counterparts. These advantages encompass color imaging, an edge-to-edge, informational heads-up display, video streaming and recording with metadata, and the option to update the device as SIONYX advances its technology and capabilities. OPSIN’s advanced low-light imaging enhances situational awareness and keeps operators safe by allowing them to see further into the infrared spectrum with an expanded field of view. In addition to recent firmware updates, the illuminators round out the innovative OPSIN series of night vision products.

OPSIN provides an invaluable capability to users by perceiving out-of-band illuminators and lasers up to 1200nm, which most traditional night vision systems cannot detect. Pairing OPSIN with the new SIONYX 1050nm illuminators maintains covertness during critical missions in ultra-low-light or completely dark environments – meaning OPSIN users can see their targets while remaining undetected by traditional I2 devices.

Like many SIONYX products, the recoil-rated illuminators come built for the toughest environments, featuring aircraft aluminum alloy, a hard anodized finish, a MIL-STD drop rate of >2m, and an IP67 water and dustproof rating. Built-in USB-C charging eliminates the need for external charging accessories. The focusable front lens allows flood-to-narrow beam operations, and the adjustable brightness intensity allows the user to fully illuminate their image while avoiding scene wash-out.

The 4-1 illuminator’s built-in adjustable payloads keep the LED positioned in the optical center, providing focused, accurate illumination with no parallax shift. Use white light for active illumination and maximum visibility; red light provides illumination with minimal impact to natural night vision; or quickly switch to 940nm and 1050nm IR illumination with a simple rotation of the selector knob. The compact helmet-mounted model connects to any standard Picatinny rail mount for always-available, hands-free 1050nm IR illumination.

The new SIONYX illuminators can be found at and through the SIONYX authorized dealer network. For more information about OPSIN and the illuminators, please click here.

Helmet-Mounted Illuminator Features

– 1050nm IR light

– Powered by one CR123A disposable battery

– Max runtime up to two hours

– Aircraft-grade aluminum AL-6061-T6 with premium hard-anodized finishing

– IP67 waterproof/dustproof rating

– Built-in quick-disconnect MILSTD-1913 Picatinny rail

MSRP: $199.00

Available Now

4-1 Illuminator Features

– 4-1 payload provides illumination options for any mission and lighting condition:

+ White light

+ Red light

+ 940nm IR light

+ 1050nm IR light

– Visible light lock-out ensures operator remains in covert mode

– Powered by an 18650 battery with up to 6 hours of operation

– Built-in USB-C charging capability

– Aircraft-grade aluminum AL-6061-T6 with premium hard-anodized finishing

– IP67 waterproof/dustproof rating

– Quick-disconnect MILSTD-1913 Picatinny rail mount included

MSRP: $299.00

Available June 1, 2024

Rheinmetall’s New Pistol Tactical Aiming Laser and Venom Multiple Tactical Aiming Laser

Thursday, March 7th, 2024

During Enforce Tac Rheinmetall launched two new weapon aiming lasers, the Laser Light Module-Pistol Tactical Aiming Laser and Venom Multiple Tactical Aiming Laser for rifles.

Made by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics in Stockach on Lake Constance, the Pistol Tactical Aiming Laser (LLM-PTAL) is a compact lightweight build-on module specially designed for handguns.

For target illumination, an infrared close-range illuminator and white light are available to the operator for use in all operational situations.

In addition, the LLM-PTAL is equipped with an IR aiming laser and a visible (selectable red or green) aiming laser, integrated next to each other in a laser block.

Despite its compact dimensions (L/W/H 76 × 45 x 30 mm) and low weight of just 115 g, the newly developed module produces a powerful laser output of up to laser class 3B, permanently controlled via a monitor diode and electronically regulated. The build-on module features a dongle interface for an eye-safe training Dr. phil. Jan-Phillipp mode and effective force-on-force training.

Besides ergonomic, two-handed fingertip operability, the module can be attached to the weapon in various ways and can be adapted to different holster types. The single CR123 battery can be exchanged via the lamp head when the module is mounted.

The MTAL Venom features an extremely powerful visible green or red laser target pointer, an IR target point laser, an electronically focusable IR illuminator and IR close-range illuminator. All these functions are aligned in the factory in a fully integrated laser block, making adjustment on the weapon easy. Like all Rheinmetall laser and laser light modules, the MTAL Venom can be configured to meet customer specifications, e.g., with SWIR lasers. Moreover, the MTAL Venom is compatible with all standard residual light amplifiers. Watertight, light and stable, the MTAL Venom’s metal housing has an integrated MIL-STD 1913/STANAG 4694 interface. Including the two IEC CR17345/CR123 batteries, the complete device weighs less than 210 grams.

Thanks to its compact dimensions (113 x 64 x 46 mm L/W/H), it protrudes only 28 mm above the assembly rail, and does not interfere with line-of-sight optical aiming. Depending on the choice of laser class (up to three on the device here), the MTAL Venom remains watertight for at least two hours at depths of up to 30 metres. Furthermore, thanks to the Group’s new BEACON battlefield identification system, the Venom can interact with all other Rheinmetall laser and laser light modules.

Tech data derived from Rheinmetall press releases.

Rheinmetall FPS Beacon – Versatile New Personal Position Marking and Warning System

Monday, March 4th, 2024

Personal position marking devices signal a soldier’s location to friendly forces. At Enforce Tac 2024, Rheinmetall is presenting for the first time the concept for its new Functional Protection System Beacon (FPS Beacon). Developed by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics of Stockach, this compact device enables visible, IR/SWIR and thermal position marking. In addition, it can automatically warn the user of impending danger and is able to detect laser beams, e.g., laser target pointers. In combination with Rheinmetall laser modules, the FPS Beacon enables active battlefield surveillance.

Measuring 100 x 90 x 35 millimetres (L/W/H), it is powered by two CR123 batteries. The position marking device is designed for visible, infrared and thermal transmission. This enables the multiple operating modes: Visible (with a choice of up to seven colours); NIR (near infrared), SWIR (short wavelength infrared); and MWIR (mid-wavelength). It also has a built-in IFF (Identification friend and foe/unknown) function.

Owing to its compact, lightweight design, the FPS Beacon can be attached to a helmet, further enhancing transmission quality. The ergonomic design of the housing assures optimum adaptation to the helmet form.

In case of laser contact in a combat situation, the laser warning function is activated. This transmits a signal to the vibration unit. The position marking device also features an additional warning function that indicates contact with water. This enables faster recognition of dangerous situations in maritime environments. The FPS Beacon lends itself to a wide array of military and law enforcement uses.

SHOT Show 24 – SureFire Stiletto Pro II

Thursday, January 25th, 2024

SureFire has announced a new version of the Stiletto Pro, a rechargeable, dual beam pocket flashlight.

The biggest change is the output, thanks in part to the dual MaxVision beams. The new model offers stepped 1,000, 500, and 25 lumens output with a runtime of 1, 1.5 and 23.5 hours or operation, respectively.

Below you can see the new Pro II next to the original. The design retains the reversible pocket clip and still features a hard anodized aluminum body.

SureFire tells me the Stiletto Pro will remain available, along with the new Pro II.

SHOT Show 24 – MARK SB from S&S Precision

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

The latest product from S&S Precision is the MARK SB, with the SB denoting Signal Beacon.

The MARK SB fits between their current Manta Strobe and V-Lite in both capability and price. It comes in two versions, but both appear the same.

There’s a Tactical model featuring these functions:

IR Low

IR High

Green Overt

The Adventure model features:

4 preprogrammed modes

8 color options

No IR functionality

The rear of the MARK SB incorporates a removable PALS compatible mount.

SHOT Show 24 – SureFire Shield Light

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

SureFire gave us a sneak peek of a new shield light they are working on. No tech specs and onward on when it will be available.

New for SHOT Show 2024 – Holosun IRIS

Friday, January 19th, 2024

Holosun is proud to announce the all-new IRIS.

The IRIS (Integrated Rifle Infrared System) is an ultra compact, class IIIr visible green aiming device with a coaxial mounted class 2m IR laser and IR illuminator for use with night vision devices. IRIS features an ergonomic slider to dial in the IR illuminator between flood and spot. A new electronic selector switch toggles between visible, IR pointer, IR illuminator, or IR pointer & illiuminator with LED indicators for current mode. IRIS is powered by a CR123 battery and is activated either from the top-mounted fire button or using the compatible, industry standard remote switch.


– IR Pointer and Illuminator with VCSEL laser

– New Compact Housing Design

– Quick Adjustable Focus IR Illuminator

– Coaxial Laser Mechanism

– Intensity Selector Switch

– Mode Button w/LED Indicator


– IPX8 Certified Waterproof

– Battery: CR123A

– Dimension: 3.2 x 1.97 x 1.34 in

– Weight: 6.35 oz

– 7075 T6 Aluminum Housing

– Travel Range ± 50 MOA

– 0.5 MOA Windage and Elevation Adjustment Per Click

MSRP: Pricing and availability to be announced at SHOT Show.