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The Scout Light Pro

Monday, January 20th, 2020

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the all-new Scout Light Pro series of WeaponLights. SureFire’s legendary Scout Light® WeaponLights have proven themselves in combat around the world. Our new Scout Light Pro family builds on this success with an integrated next-generation mounting system that offers the ultimate in versatility for long gun weapon light users.

Every Scout Light Pro features our new Low-Profile Mount (LPM), allowing the user to mount their light as close to the weapon no matter the rail or configuration. The LPM affords tremendous flexibility when used in conjunction with a variety of rail profiles or accessories; simply pivot the WeaponLight body to allow optimal light positioning, then lock it down securely with any flat blade screwdriver or multi-tool. All Scout Light Pros will ship with both a MIL-STD-1913 mount as well as an M-LOK® mount.

Scout Light Pro models feature recoil-proof LEDs that deliver intense white light or a combination of white light and infrared illumination. Focused through our proprietary TIR lens, they produce a far-reaching, high-intensity beam with ample surround light. On IR models, choosing between tactical white light and infrared illumination is as simple as rotating the bezel. Our rugged, shrouded Z68 push-button tailcap switch comes standard on all Scout Light Pro models and can be easily replaced with any of the remote-activation switching solutions available for our fixed-mount Legacy Scout Light models.

Constructed of lightweight aerospace aluminum, Scout Light Pros have no appreciable impact on weapon handling characteristics. And with a Mil-Spec Hard-Anodized finish and O-ring seals to keep out the elements, they can endure the harshest conditions. Like previous generations of SureFire WeaponLights, the new Scout Light Pro will help you prevail in combat.

To learn more, go to:

Modlite x Unity Tactical ModButton

Friday, January 17th, 2020

We are happy to announce new product which was are calling ModButton which is a collaborative effort between Modlite and Unity Tactical.

ModButton is a integrated switch and mount that is compatible with Surefire, Arisaka and Modlite light bodies. With the help from out friends at Unity we have been able to design a switch with maintains backward compatibility with older legacy Surefire lights yet is able to deliver the power needed to run our next gen lights at full output.

ModButton is fully ambidextrous and also supports the Unity Tactical light wing which will allow shifting the light head forward of the switch.

ModButton is set to ship late next month and in the next couple of weeks an official release date will be announced.

Check it out in booth #6303 at SHOT Show.

Westchester County Police Selects GRD MLAD2 Weapon Lasers

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

“GRD Global Response Defense (formerly DI Optical) is proud to announce Westchester County Police after extensive evaluation adopts GRD MLAD2 IR/Visible weapon lasers for use by the elite SRT and support teams. Westchester County is the most populous county of New York north of NYC and covers 450sq miles. MLAD2 lasers will increase mission critical capabilities of SRT/CST officers in the course of tactical operations.”

For more information please contact :
Champ Yi
Director of Military & L.E. Sales

Remington 870 and TAC-14 Compatible Lasersaddle Coming Soon from Crimson Trace

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Wilsonville, Oregon based Crimson Trace (@crimsontrace) recently announced the addition of Remington Arms 870 shotgun compatible models of Lasersaddle laser sights to their Lasersaddle line. 

The new shotgun laser will be available in two models: the LS-870 red shotgun laser sight and the LS-870G green shotgun laser sight.  Either will make an excellent counterpart to any of their red dot sights

According to what’s been described on social media freqs and in the cursory descriptions online, the LS-870 will provide multiple ambidextrous laser activation pad points for instant targeting with a powerful 5mW red laser. As with all Crimson Trace laser sights, the LS-870 is user-adjustable for windage and elevation. The LS-870 features a Master On/Off Switch for completely powering down the system. This model provides 3 Hours of battery life with two provided CR2032 batteries.

Fits Remington 870 and Remington Tac-14 in 12 Gauge only. It does not fit the Tac-13.

Product Platform                    Lasersaddle™

Material                                  Polymer

Color                                      Black

Master On/Off Switch             Yes

Battery Type                           Two #2032 Batteries

Installation                              User Installed

Laser Battery Life                   3 Hours

Activation Mode                      Pressure Activated

Sighting                                  Factory Sighted at 50′

User Adjustable                      Windage and Elevation

Warranty                                 Three Year Full Warranty

Dot Size                                   Approx. 0.50″ at 50′

More Crimson Trace news on Soldier Systems Daily

XTech Tactical BLACK FRIDAY Sale and SMART LASER Release

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Chandler, AZ

November 29th, 2019

For Immediate Release:

XTech Tactical is offering 20% off sitewide using code “Blackfriday2019”. The code is good for November 29th-Dec 1st, 2019! This sale cannot be combined with any other offers.


After over two years of development, XTech Tactical’s Smart Laser is fully developed and shipping!

The Smart Laser is a green laser and 185 lumen led light combo designed for full size pistols as the ultimate home defense pistol accessory. The unit features a patented Sensor Mode. Sensor Mode uses IR sensors on each side of the trigger guard to give the user the ultimate control over the unit’s activation.

The unit does not require the user’s finger to enter the trigger guard. The Smart Laser activates as the user breaks the plane below the slide. When using a two-thumbs forward grip, the user can activate the unit by lowering their off-hand thumb. This allows the user to actuate the light and laser without moving their trigger finger off the slide. Conversely, if the user identifies an immediate threat the natural action of the trigger finger going towards the trigger activates the unit.

Sensor Mode solves two major problems with alternative units on the market: disclosure of location to a threat and new trained actions under stress. When activated into Sensor Mode the unit scans for 14 consecutive hours which can be restarted or stopped by the user.

The Smart Laser also features ambidextrous manual power buttons if the user desires to use the Smart Laser in a constant on mode. The unit’s sensors come pre-programmed in sensitivity to settings that most users will find ideal. But the sensitivity of each sensor can be adjusted to the exact user preference.

The Smart Laser offers 5 different combinations of light/laser usage ranging from laser or light only to combinations featuring solid on and strobing. The unit has a memory of the user’s last selected setting.

The Smart Laser mounts onto both picatinny and Glock style rails of full-size pistols. MSRP is $179.95.

Synergy Light – Synergy 120 IR Marking Beacon

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Synergy Light began designing an IR Marker with a goal that is lightweight, has extremely bright light output, and runtimes that lasts for days on end. It’s also rechargeable with a battery pack that maintains its charge, even in storage.

They developed 850 and 940 nm prototypes of a device they are calling the 120IR, a 10” by 1 3/8” diameter polycarbonate tube that contains over 40 IR LED emitters. This unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack and weighs under 8 ounces.

Prototypes frature one second on, one second off, repeat, and the unit will run for 40 hours. Production quality units however, will be able to run five times longer.

PK Design Lab – Max IR Distress Marker

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Paul Kim has developed an MS2000 replacement that incorporates an IR cover and utilizes two AA batteries.

SureFire Stiletto and Stiletto Pro – Side by Side

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Now that the Stiletto Pro is out, I thought it would be a good idea to show you the two models side-by-side. First off, the PRO model features an anodized aluminum body rather than the polymer body of the Stiletto.

This is a SureFire product so naturally, they pumped up the volume on output. They’ve integrated a new proprietary MaxVision Beam reflector for 1,000 lumens in high-output mode. According to SureFire, this increased output combined with the new reflector results in a 233% increase in candela over the initial model, which equates to an 82% increase in distance performance. The Stiletto Pro also offers the added versatility of a 300-lumen medium output and a 25-lumen low output.

The Stiletto Pro doesn’t just improve the amount of light it throws, there are a few other enhancements as well. For example, the activation button is recessed on the PRO model.

Additionally, you can swap the carry clip for bezel-up or bezel-down carry.

I already love the Stiletto. I’m looking forward to the Stiletto Pro.