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Blue Force Gear Passes Price Savings To Customers

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Blue Force Gear passes savings generated from production automation and volume efficiencies to customers with a substantial price reduction.

MARCO Green, Red & Blue are now $49.95 per unit

MARCO IR is now $99.99 per unit (only available to Military/Law Enforcement)

Envisioned after many wasted hours of prepping traditional 4” and 6″ marking lights, the MARCO™ Marking Light Dispenser is an incredibly efficient and compact way to carry marking sticks for room clearing and many other applications. With the MARCO dispenser, users can save critical time during preparation during pre-mission tasks by not having to unwrap, tape and bundle chem sticks.

The dispensers design makes it simple for users – simply open the Mylar package with the pre-loaded dispenser, insert the MARCO dispenser inside of the belt or MOLLE holster and proceed with the mission. The design prevents the accidental activation of a chem stick, which can cause unwanted light.  

The 2” marking light sticks put out the same light under night vision devices as taped up 4” or 6″ marking sticks and is designed to prevent accidental breaks and glow.  The MARCO holds 30 – 2″ light stick that give roughly the same lumen output as a taped up 4″ traditional chem stick in a package smaller than a standard M4 STANAG mag.

Find technical specs and see a video demonstration of Blue Force Gear’s MARCO Dispenser online at

Rampart Range Day 19 – ASP Transport Kit

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Made from forged aluminum, the ASP Transport Kit consists of rigid ultra cuffs, locking block, and stainless steel chain or nylon belt.

The cuff is offered in a variety of colors and has key holes on both sides to facilitate cuffing the hands in opposite directions.

It features a tongue that slides through a purpose-specific channel on the rigid ultra cuff wrist restraints. A high-security, proprietary lock fastens to the tongue instantly, without the key inserted. The key, which engages a cylinder lock with 2,187 possible unique keyway configurations, is only used to remove the system.

The loose end of the chain has a clip to attach the chain back on itself, at the rear of the prisoner. The alternative is a nylon belt with button holes.

ASP products are available in Canada from Rampart International.

Rampart Range Day 19 – Defense Technology 40mm Direct Impact Adjustable Range Less Than Lethal Munitions by Safariland

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Safariland conducted a live demo of their Defense Technology 40mm Direct Impact Adjustable Range Less Than Lethal Munitions.

The round consists of a plastic body and a crushable foam nose that contains a powder payload. This payload area can hold inert, marking, OC or CS powder. The crushable foam nose dissipates energy upon impact while releasing the powder payload. What makes this round different than others on the market is that it can be used as close as five feet.

Safariland’s full range of products is available in Canada from Rampart International.

Rampart International Is Colt Canada’s Exclusive Canadian LE Distributor

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

I just found out at Rampart Range Day 2019 that Rampart International is now the exclusive law enforcement distributor in Canada for Colt Canada.

This is Colt Canada Law Enforcement Brand Ambassador Mark Ruffolo showing us the MRR in 11.6″ (top photo) and 14.5″ (bottom photo).

The Modular Rail Rifle features a monolithic upper with a full length M1913 rail along the top and M-Lok slots along the sides of the hand guard portion of the upper. It also features a free floating, cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrel and ambidextrous controls. Offered in 5.56×45 mm NATO, 7.62×51 mm NATO and 300 BLACKOUT.

Lloyd Harbor, New York Police Department Transitions to SIG SAUER P320

Monday, May 27th, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (May 22, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the Lloyd Harbor Police Department has transitioned to the SIG SAUER P320 9mm pistol from the GLOCK 23 as their official duty pistol. Lloyd Harbor Police Department serves the Village of Lloyd Harbor in Huntington, New York.

“Our transition to the SIG SAUER P320 pistol has been seamless, and my officers are impressed with both the superior performance and accuracy of the pistol,” began Chief Thomas Krumpter, Lloyd Harbor Police Department. “Additionally, we appreciate the modularity of the pistol, having the ability to choose a comfortable grip size, and all the safety features of the P320.”

The P320 pistol is a modular, striker-fired pistol, available in full-size, carry, compact, and subcompact sizing. The serialized trigger group makes the P320 adjustable to multiple calibers, size, and grip options. The P320 is available in 9mm, .357SIG, 40S&W, .45ACP, with a choice of contrast, or SIGLITE Night Sights. The intuitive 3-point takedown requires no trigger pull for disassembly, and safety features include a striker safety, disconnect safety, and optional manual safety.

“We are honored to welcome the officers of the Lloyd Harbor Police Department to the growing number of police agencies adopting the SIG SAUER P320 and supporting their transition,” added Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President Law Enforcement Sales. “We are proud of the positive feedback we have received from Chief Krumpter, and look forward to strengthening our partnership with the officers protecting Lloyd Harbor.”

Under Armour Men’s Infil Tactical Boots

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

I saw the Infil at SHOT Show and really liked them.

The Facts:
-Composite textile & foam upper construction for added support & comfort
-900D Textile in forefoot for durability
-Anatomically molded upper with welded forefoot overlay for superior fit
-BOA® speed closure system
-TPU toe cap & external heel support
-Scratch rubber heel overlay for durability
-Cupron® anti-bacterial copper infused sockliner top cover
-Carbon fiber internal shank for torsional rigidity
-Lightweight EVA midsole for optimal cushioning
-Rugged high traction rubber lug outsole for outdoor traction
-Height: 7″
-Weight: 13 oz

NRA Honors Sergeant Michael Parsons as 2018 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association proudly recognizes Sergeant Michael Parsons, of the Tulsa (Oklahoma) Police Department for his courage under fire, unwavering leadership and sound judgement by naming him the 2018 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

“I am privileged to join the millions of members of the National Rifle Association in honoring Sergeant Parsons as the NRA’s 2018 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year,” said NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North. “Sergeant Parsons’ outstanding tactical decisions in the heat of battle, his leadership and bravery in response to a serious threat to his fellow officers and innocent lives are a testament to his valor. Indeed, his heroic actions, in spite of being wounded, epitomize the selfless dedication of our men and women of law enforcement to public safety and to the communities they serve.”

At 1:23 p.m. on the afternoon of July 3, 2018, officers of the Tulsa Police Department’s Gang Unit initiated a traffic stop for an improper license plate display on a van parked at a gas pump at a local convenience store. When the officers approached the vehicle, they noticed that the driver had moved from behind the wheel to the second row of seats in the van. The driver was uncooperative with the officers, refusing to provide identification or to follow commands to exit the vehicle. Gang Unit officers negotiated unsuccessfully for several minutes with the suspect before they requested additional officers, including one with less-lethal munition capabilities.

Shortly after Sergeant Michael Parsons arrived at the scene to answer the request for backup, the suspect was advised he was under arrest for obstruction and the improper tag display on the vehicle. The suspect refused to comply with the officers and was warned of pepper ball deployment of O.C. spray if he did not comply with the orders given. As Sgt. Parsons began to deliver the pepper-balls, the suspect drew a weapon and fired multiple rounds at Sgt. Parsons and the other officers at the scene.

Sgt. Parsons was struck in his right thigh by one of the suspect’s rounds and fell to the ground nearby, while another officer at the scene returned fire, striking the suspect in his chest and neck area. Though he was suffering from a gunshot wound, Sgt. Parsons maintained his composure, continuing to direct officers at the scene and to cover the suspect vehicle with his service pistol. Even while being dragged to safety by fellow officers, Sgt. Parsons maintained coverage on the vehicle as the suspect was still actively moving inside.

Once behind cover, Sgt. Parsons re-assessed his wounds with the assistance of a police medic. With the presence of mind to quickly establish specific roles for different officers, he then began forming an arrest team to apprehend the suspect who still posed a threat to anyone in the area. Sgt. Parsons exercised outstanding judgment, sound tactics and determination in leading the arrest team to take the suspect into custody. Only after the suspect was in custody and no longer a threat to the public did Sgt. Parsons allow himself to be medically treated at the scene and transported to the hospital.

Despite being wounded, Sgt. Parsons continued to show leadership by remaining in command of the incident and ensuring the safety of the other officers and citizens on the scene. As such, it is with great honor and pride the National Rifle Association names Sergeant Michael Parsons as the 2018 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

The NRA will present the 2018 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award to Sergeant Parsons at the NRA Board of Directors Meeting during the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, scheduled for April 25-28, 2019, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Support for the NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award is provided by TRU-SPEC. For more information about NRA’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award and the NRA Law Enforcement Division, call (703) 267-1632 or e-mail

Indiana State Police Adds SIG SAUER P365 as their Back-Up Duty Firearm

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 22, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the Indiana State Police have adopted the SIG SAUER P365 as their back-up duty firearm for their full complement of troopers. The Indiana State Police is a statewide law enforcement agency comprised of more than 1,250 troopers across fourteen districts throughout the state of Indiana.

“The SIG SAUER P365 gives Indiana State Police Troopers primary carry capabilities in a sub-compact configuration,” began Matt Bilkey, Lt. Colonel, Assistant Chief of Staff Operations, Indiana State Police, “Its high level of accuracy, small size, and high round capacity make it a perfect firearm for our officers, both on and off duty, and is a great counterpart to our primary duty firearm the SIG SAUER P227.”

The award-winning SIG SAUER P365 is an everyday, concealed carry pistol.  This high capacity micro-compact pistol is smaller and lighter than other pistols in its class. The P365 features a high-capacity, patented modified double-stack magazine for a 10+1 full-size capacity, with 12-round factory made magazines available for 13-round capacity.

“It’s a tremendous honor for SIG SAUER to continue to support the Indiana State Police with the addition of the P365 pistol as their back-up duty firearm.” added Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “The micro-compact P365 pistol gives the Indiana State Troopers full-size capacity with little additional weight or bulk added to their patrol equipment, allowing them to easily maneuver as they carry out their duties to protect and serve the citizens of Indiana.”