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Mission Ready’s Innovation Division Awarded US$1.4MM R&D Contract from DHS

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Protect the Force to Develop Next Generation Law Enforcement Uniform

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 – Mission Ready Solutions Inc (Mission Ready or the Company) (TSX-V: MRS) (OTCQX: MSNVF) (FSE: 2R4), a provider of comprehensive government contracting solutions, is pleased to announce that, Protect the Force Inc. (PTF), the Company’s innovation and manufacturing division, has been awarded a Research and Development (R&D) contract for the development of an Updated Law Enforcement Duty Uniform (ULEDU).

The award follows a Broad Agency Announcement solicitation (70RSAT21R00000005) by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) First Responder Group (FRG). As a result of the award, DHS S&T has obligated US$1,391,697.32 in funding for the 18-month project, payable on a pre-defined set of milestones.

PTF will work on developing and testing a duty uniform for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) that provides increased protection against a range of common hazards, including weapon attacks, burn injuries, blood-borne pathogens, and extreme weather. PTF will work alongside North Carolina State University – Textile Protection and Comfort Center (NCSU-TPACC) and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service – Institute for Law Enforcement & Protective Services Excellence (TEEX – ILEPSE). NCSU-TPACC will provide expert services and perform testing of the materials and the uniform systems, while TEEX-ILEPSE will provide feedback on system integration features and user acceptability.

“Law Enforcement Officers work in environments that are unpredictable by nature,” said Francisco Martinez, Chief Technology Officer at Protect the Force and Unifire, Inc. “Mitigating the exposure to increased threats and reducing the risk of injuries are well-established needs within the First Responder community. By evaluating and selecting the latest commercial-off-the-shelf technologies available, we will be able to identify and demonstrate an increase in the levels of protection that uniforms offer in response to threats LEOs may encounter. PTF is proud to work again with the dedicated professionals at DHS-First Responder Group, and our experienced academic partners at NC State and Texas A&M universities.”

“We are exceptionally proud to have our innovation division pioneer the next generation of law enforcement duty uniforms and help shape a safer future for Law Enforcement Officers across the country while influencing the design of law enforcement uniforms around the world,” said Buck Marshall, President and CEO of Mission Ready. “One of DHS-FRG’s key requirements for this effort was to ensure that the final deliverables have commercial viability in the LEO marketplace. With PTF’s rapidly growing domestic manufacturing network along with Unifire’s distribution and sales capabilities, we believe that we will be able to fulfill this requirement.”

Montana Public Safety Officer Standards & Training Approves Victory-First Red Dot Sight Handgun Instructor Course

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Victory-First was selected to teach the first Montana Public Safety Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T) approved RDS (Red Dot Sight) Handgun Instructor Course sponsored by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy. Law Enforcement firearms instructors from several agencies from across the state met to attend the three day event in Helena Montana. Victory First also conducted an additional Red Dot for Law Enforcement Operator course for two days after the Instructor course to introduce those who were new to or looking to gain some experience with an RDS equipped handgun as it applied to Law Enforcement. The Montana State Attorney General, Austin Knudsen was among the participants in the pilot course.

The Rangemaster for the Montana Law Enforcement Academy Michael Dale said “The training events were a huge success and we have already started plans for the future to have more scheduled events that will offer experienced Instruction to Montana Law Enforcement across the state.”

“It is always a privilege for me to help Law Enforcement continue to progress and improve their policies and programs.” Matt Jacques, Owner of Victory First stated. ” I am honored that the staff of the Montana State Academy asked me to provide a foundation for their education to propel their RDS handgun program forward. It was an honor to have the Attorney General in attendance and to participate in the complete event as well.”

MLEA Mission statement:

“The mission of the Montana Department of Justice Law Enforcement Academy is to serve law enforcement agencies and the communities they represent by providing a positive atmosphere where relevant and realistic training for new and veteran public safety professionals can occur.”

If your department or agency would like to learn more about the RDS programs or other LE specific courses offered by Victory First, please contact via email: [email protected] or [email protected]

LA Sheriff’s Department Approves Langdon Tactical RDO for Duty Use

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

(Los Angeles County, CA) – Langdon Tactical is proud to announce that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has approved the LTT RDO solution on Beretta 92 pistols for duty use department wide.

The department approved LTT’s solution after more than two years of testing, including multiple deputies extensively evaluating the LTT slides over several thousand rounds. The LASD Deputies found Langdon’s RDO solution to be safe, effective, and high quality.

“This decision by LASD solidifies not just LTT’s position in the pistol red dot market but sends a message industry wide about the future of handgun optics” says Ernest Langdon, President of LTT “we’re looking forward to working with LASD and their Deputies as we introduce our Duty RDO pistols for the LE and commercial markets.”

Coinciding with the LASD policy update, LTT is launching their Duty RDO pistol, complete with the LTT optic solution on a duty approved (no other customization) Elite LTT 92. LTT also offers 92 RDO slides for those Deputies, Officers, or individuals who already have a 92 series pistol and want to add optic capability.

Check out all of Langdon’s Red Dot Ready options & pistols, along with the full line up of LTT products at

Hillsborough County Florida Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Purchases B&T USA APC9 PRO Platforms

Friday, August 19th, 2022

Tampa, FL (August 22, 2022) – B&T USA is honored to announce the State of Florida’s Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has purchased B&T APC9 PRO platforms equipped with Glock lower receivers, folding stocks, Aimpoint Micro T1 sighting systems, 22mm B&T quick-detach mounts and Vertx Ready Pack 2.0 carriage systems. These compact packages are destined for use within the department’s School Resource Officer program, Detective Bureau, and other specialized units within the Sheriff’s Office.

“HCSO has well-earned reputation for professionalism and top-tier service to its substantial population” stated Irving Luce, President, B&T USA. “B&T could not be more honored to provide the hardworking Deputies of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office with our specialized equipment to help them with their challenging assignments as they effectively serve their communities.”

“Many of our specially selected Deputies have been employing B&T USA APC9 models for several years now, and the feedback I have received from them is they couldn’t be more satisfied with the performance of these modern, compact and versatile 9mm platforms” stated Sheriff Chad Chronister, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. “Given the complex nature of some of the more specialized calls for service we have been responding to, expanding the issuance of this high-performance platform provides Deputies with a necessary tool to ensure the security of those we have been entrusted to protect.”

The APC9 PRO is a lightweight, compact, versatile platform utilizing a hydraulic buffer system to drastically reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise and is the workhorse of the APC PRO line. The platform offers functional features to include dual auto-folding, non-reciprocating and ambidextrous charging handles, ergonomic lower feature sets that include a side positioned bolt hold open/release and a replaceable M4 compatible grip.

Zenith AeroTech Delivers Two Tethered Aerial Vehicles to Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Friday, August 12th, 2022

Quad 8 long-endurance unmanned platforms to provide video, communications, and illumination for enhanced emergency response capability

AFTON, Va.–Zenith AeroTech, a leader in heavy-lift tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs), announced today that the company has completed delivery of two Quad 8 TAVs to a Federal law enforcement agency for use as a command overwatch solution during emergency response missions.

Each Quad 8 was designed to meet the customer’s need for a long-endurance aerial platform that could carry electro-optical/infrared video (EO/IR) video cameras, a communications relay system, and overhead, high-intensity light panels—all at the same time.

“The client wanted an overwatch capability to help secure their area of operations during emergency response efforts,” said Kutlay Kaya, chairman of Zenith AeroTech. “And unlike regular, untethered drones, our TAVs can stay in the air for days at time while carrying a variety of payloads.”

The Quad 8 can lift up to 20 pounds of customer-defined payloads. That’s more than enough capacity to carry a long-range EO/IR camera, a communications relay, and two 17,000-lumen, weather-resistant LED panels.

“These high-powered lights are ground-controlled for intensity and on/off functions,” said Doganc Kucuk, lead designer for Zenith AeroTech. “And when they are activated, it becomes like daytime on the ground.”

Hovering at altitudes of 200 to 400 feet, the Quad 8 TAV draws its power from the Ground Power Unit (GPU), which converts AC voltage into high-voltage DC power for the TAV and its payloads. The GPU also runs an automated management system designed to operate even under inclement weather conditions.

“This smart tether system allows the operator to focus completely on the mission, which at the end of the day, is the most important thing,” Kaya said.

Zenith AeroTech has been engaged recently with universities, military organizations, and large communications providers. Company officials estimate the market for these systems will see rapid growth as more end-user applications are developed and successfully fielded.

2022 Connecticut SWAT Challenge August 15-18

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

The 2022 Connecticut SWAT Challenge is coming up soon, August 16-18 in the Hartford area.

Not only does the Connecticut SWAT Challenge host teams from all over the US to challenge themselves against various events and one another, there are also training courses.

For vendors it’s a great way to meet face to face with these teams and show off your wares. Spots are still available.

To learn more, visit

Rampart Range Day 22 – Rampart Solutions

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

The biggest booth at Range Day was Rampart’s own. They show solutions which don’t have reps on hand.


XION is an impact resistant garment which can be worn under traditional police uniforms offering discreet protection.


The Warq Pro helmet is designed for use with Simuntions. The integrated visor is Anti-fog and offers 210 deg FOV. For added training value, you’ll find a Wilcox NOD Mount and rails. One size fits most.


The Schuberth P100 has become go-to riot helmet for police in Europe. offered in several versions, these include the P100N LPA which incorporates and adjustable liner and laser eye protection.


Rampart offers the ACRO P-2. It incorporates a 3.5 MOA dot with 4 night vision compatible settings and 6 daylight settings for over 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation.


Based in Austria, Carinthia makes great clothing, sleep and shelter systems. They use GORE-TEX and their own proprietary insulation called G-Loft.

All of these products can be procured by agencies, departments, and units in Canada from Rampart International.

Jon Becker, Founder of Aardvark Tactical and PROJECT7 ARMOR, Releases The Debrief, A New Conversational Podcast Centered on Tactical Leadership

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

After over four decades spent serving and protecting tactical operators, Jon Becker is imparting some of the lessons he has learned along the way to listeners across the nation. The Debrief is an interview-based podcast that tells the stories of the leaders of some of the world’s top law enforcement and military units – individuals who navigate dangerous situations with their highly effective teams every day.

Jon Becker founded AARDVARK at just seventeen years old. The company started out as a climbing equipment business, often selling gear to SWAT teams and operators. After attending law school and working in police litigation, Becker realized that the best way he could serve tactical operators was by producing and providing high quality gear and products that would enhance operator safety on the job. After AARDVARK’s expansion and success, Becker founded PROJECT7, a provider of purpose-built, scalable, and configurable tactical platforms. Throughout this decades-long journey, Becker has learned invaluable lessons about the lives and work of law enforcement and tactical operators, leading him to a deep understanding of the principles and core values behind highly effective teams. After keynoting for many years on the leadership of elite units and what he terms “culture-centric” leadership, Becker is putting those lessons into The Debrief, a non-profit podcast that serves the wider public.

Although The Debrief focuses on the stories of tactical officers and team leaders, the audience is much more broad: leaders from all spheres, including business, entrepreneurship, communications, healthcare, law enforcement, and much more, will be informed and inspired by the lessons The Debrief has to impart. Jon and guests will cover conversations that are relevant to leaders of any field, including accountability, psychology, risk taking, and collaboration. The primary goal of The Debrief is to share these stories in the hopes of making us all better leaders, better thinkers, and better people.

The Debrief is available wherever you find your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Google Play. Visit to stay updated on the latest episodes as they release.