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TNVC Contributes $50,000 to Reward for Arrest of Gunman in LA County SO Ambush

Friday, September 18th, 2020

Redlands, CA, September 18, 2020

With a heavy heart and prayers for the victims and families of those involved, TNVC President and CEO Victor DiCosola has announced that TNVC has donated $50,000 to the reward offered by Los Angeles County for information leading to the arrest of the gunman who callously ambushed and attempted to murder two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies in cold blood on the evening of Saturday, September 12, 2020.

“With our headquarters in Southern California, TNVC has always maintained a close relationship with nearby Law Enforcement agencies,” said CEO Victor DiCosola, himself a former Southern California law enforcement officer.

“We are deeply saddened and also angry about this brazen and cold-blooded attack, and want to do everything in our power to help bring the perpetrator of this inhuman act to justice, and to support the families of those two deputies and their families. TNVC has always been committed to our Law Enforcement and First Responders, and everyone else who puts their own lives on the line to protect others, and many of our staff are military or law enforcement veterans. This one hits close to home in more ways than one, as does the seemingly random and vicious nature of the attack.

“It has been an extremely difficult and divisive time for our Nation over the last few months, however no matter what your political or ideological beliefs, I hope that we can all agree that such a brutal attack on fellow Americans who have sworn to protect and serve the public is reprehensible and unacceptable. For this reason, TNVC has donated $50,000 to contribute towards the reward to bring the perpetrator of this heinous act to justice.”

ATLANTIC SIGNAL Receives Order for Custom Tactical Communication Systems from ATF Special Response Teams

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

Atlantic Signal recently received a significant order from the BATF Special Response Teams for 440 custom tactical communication systems.

Having been a long-time customer, the ATF Special Response Teams once again turned to Atlantic Signal to address their newest tactical comms requirements. The ATF had updated radios and helmets and, as a result, needed to address those updates with communications gear that worked with both the new radios and helmets. Further, the selection of the company’s new VIPER 1 push-to-talk, gives the Bureau the flexibility to add more capabilities in the future including additional/different radio models, vehicle and aircraft intercom communications, smartphone integration, radio cross-banding and chat programs.

The Bureau chose two push-to-talk solutions; the company’s popular single comm Invictus push-to-talk with hard-wired Motorola APX coiled cable as well as the previously mentioned VIPER 1 PTT including plug and play APX radio cables.

Head worn systems ordered include the exclusive Atlantic Signal 3M/Peltor ComTac V headset in Olive Drab featuring an ambidextrous, noise canceling boom microphone, over-the-head removeable band & Team Wendy EXFIL helmet mounts with quick release back plate. The ComTac V is the next generation Peltor ComTac headset featuring an Atlantic Signal custom manufactured downlead cable with PTT interface. The Bureau also ordered both single and dual comm Atlantic Signal Lo-Vis R23 kits. The kits were designed for use as a ruggedized upgrade to the traditional 2 and 3 wire kits traditionally used by law enforcement. Both kits can be used with both push-to-talks purchased. The dual comm/dual ear Lo-Vis kit can be connected to the company’s single comm Invictus PTT, allowing the end-user to receive incoming radio comms in both ears. The same Lo-Vis kit can be connected to the VIPER 1 PTT and when a single radio is connected, the end user will receive incoming radio transmissions in both ears and when two radios are connected to the VIPER 1PTT, the incoming audio will automatically be split (right worn radio in right ear / left worn radio in left ear).  

“It is a privilege to have the continued trust of the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms Special Response Teams. The ATF has been purchasing from us going all the way back to the 1990s. Obviously their communication needs have changed dramatically over the past 25 years that we’ve been doing business with them and we have worked tirelessly to keep up with their ever-changing requirements, just as we have with literally thousands of other customers. At this crucial and unprecedented time in our nation’s history, it is truly an honor to have the continued trust of this Federal Law Enforcement agency. We will continue to strive to meet their expectations throughout the coming years,” stated Randall Hedrick, President and Managing General Partner of Atlantic Signal.

Atlantic Signal is based out of Topeka, KS where they develop, design, manufacture and sell tactical communications and accessories. The company started in 1989 with a focus on tactical law enforcement (the company was then known as New Eagle International). Today, thirty-one years later, the company’s clients include US Customs and Border Patrol, Naval Special Warfare, NYPD ESU, DEA, MARSOC, US ARMY, US Marine Corps, AFSOC, US Coast Guard and US Secret Service among thousands of military and law enforcement clients around the world.


Atlantic Signal Receives New Contract from United States Secret Service Counter Assault Team

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Atlantic Signal recently received another significant order from the United States Secret Service Counter Assault Team.

Atlantic Signal and the USSS CAT have been doing business for well over a decade. Several product designs as well as added product features of Atlantic Signal products have come from this long-term relationship.

“The USSS CAT has many unique requirements that require something beyond the traditional tactical communications equipment one might correlate with conventional tactical teams. CAT is a specialized tactical unit of the United States Secret Service that provides tactical support to the Presidential Protective Division to protect the President of the United States. The members of CAT are Secret Service Special Agents who have gone through and complete an 8-month course at FLETC in Georgia and have also successfully served multiple years in the Secret Service. Once accepted to CAT, the Agents undergo additional training including counter-ambush tactics and CQB. They are a finely meshed team of professionals at the highest level”, states Randall Hedrick, President and Managing General Member of Atlantic Signal.

USSS Counter Assault, due to their wide ranging mission sets, chose both the Atlantic Signal exclusive Peltor ComTac V circum-aural headset and the DOMINATOR II headset featuring RX audio via both the facial bones and ear canals with the addition of both electronic hearing protection and ambient environmental amplification when the DOMINATOR II earpieces are engaged. Further, Atlantic Signal made unique modifications to CAT’s shoulder microphones for use with their PTT and radio interfaces.

The DOMINATOR II headset push-to-talk assembly features plug and play cables designed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal for their Motorola radios as well as their Harris 6 pin radio models. Custom cables were also designed and manufactured for use with CAT’s key-load adapters.

The ComTac V headset suite, purchased by the team, features the Atlantic Signal WARRIOR Dual Comm push-to-talk. The plug and play cables designed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal can be used with both the WARRIOR and DOMINATOR II PTTS..

Atlantic Signal also provided a custom, coiled cable assembly for use with both push-to-talks and the team member’s smartphones.

Atlantic Signal is based out of Topeka, KS where they develop, design, manufacture and sell tactical communications and accessories. The company started in 1989 with a focus on tactical law enforcement. Today, thirty-one years later, the company’s clients include Customs and Border Patrol, Naval Special Warfare, LAPD, ATF, MARSOC, DEA, US Coast Guard, US Secret Service among thousands of military and law enforcement clients around the world.


ADS Federal Range Day 20 – Getac Video Solutions

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

The Getac Body Worn Camera captures video on the go. Highly configurable, it can be set for manual record, full-time recording, and automatic triggering (lightbar activation, weapon release, etc) as well as onboard recording or live streaming.

Additionally, there is built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS with automatic geotagging and download of data upon Wi-Fi connection.

The camera captures 30 frames per second and has a 120 deg field of view. Expect 12 hours of recording time and up to two days of standby time. Additionally, it’s IP-67 certified for use in inclement weather.

Units and agencies can procure all products shown at ADS Federal Range Day by contacting ADS Inc.

Prym1 Camo’s Commitment To Those Who Serve To Protect Us – A Partnership With The FLEOA Foundation

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

The days of being able to simply take, take, take are over. As free men and women, citizens of the United States, we all have an obligation to help support those who serve to protect our way of lives, wherever we can.

As a brand camouflage licensing company, we at Prym1 Camo feel a responsibility to use our platform whenever we can. At our very core, our business model is predicated upon Americans’ ability to be able to live a free way of life, without restraints. For this very reason, we feel obliged to protect our freedoms and to support an organisation, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation, that is standing up and offering real support to our service heroes.

As Americans, freedom is ingrained in our DNA. Our right to our freedoms makes us who we are today, all equal, all American. Our freedoms must be fought for, protected and handed on generation after generation. That’s why together, we can bring about real change, with real action to help those who need it most. Our continued commitment to those who serve to protect us, means that a percentage of all profits on Prym1 Freedom licensed products will be donated to our partners, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation [FLEOA], helping to immediately offer financial support to families of fallen U.S federal officers and those who are terminally ill. This initiative allows customers who purchase licensed products in the Prym1 Freedom pattern to know that a percentage of their hard-earned dollars will be donated directly back into the FLEOA Foundation. In today’s world, buying your consumer products is simple. Prym1 Camo believes supporting those service heroes should be just as easy.

RAMPART Announces Exclusive Body-Worn Camera Partnership with PRO-VISION

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Canadas’ Leading supplier of operational equipment for Law Enforcement will serve as the exclusive distributor of BODYCAM® body-worn cameras in Canada.

OTTAWA, ON, Aug. 12, 2020 /CNW/ – RAMPART – Canada’s leading supplier of operational equipment to Law Enforcement and Military in Canada has announced their partnership with, PRO-VISION Video Systems, a leader in mobile video solutions.

Through this partnership, Rampart will serve as the exclusive distributor of BODYCAM® by PRO-VISION® body-worn cameras in Canada.

“Rampart is extremely proud to be partnered with PRO-VISION. Body-worn cameras are playing a larger and more critical role in daily police interactions, their presence providing more safety and security to all involved” said Mike Klein, president of Rampart . “Systems such as the Pro-Vision BODYCAM are becoming an essential tool of modern Law Enforcement, we are committed to ensuring those protecting our communities have access to the best equipment available.”

“We’re proud to work with a respected company like Rampart. They’ve built a strong reputation of offering the best products to their clients, and we’re excited to have Bodycam join that lineup of trusted products,” said Michael Finn, president of Pro-Vision.

With 1080p HD video and a 12-hour full-shift battery combined with a durable IP68 waterproof and MIL-STD-810G rated design, the BODYCAM BC-300 is the body-worn camera you can trust to provide coverage you can count on.

For more information on purchasing BODYCAM® by PRO-VISION body-worn cameras through Rampart, please visit rampartcorp.com.

ATLANTIC SIGNAL Receives Contract for All New York Emergency Services Units (ESU)

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Atlantic Signal was recently awarded and delivered the first of numerous orders for the NYPD ESU following extensive testing of the company’s exclusive ComTac V Patriot Headset, Invictus Push-to-Talk and ESU Speaker Mic with custom radio cable inline QD for quick change capabilities for their Motorola APX portable radios.

The Invictus push-to-talk was developed in 2017 to provide an updated/alternative to the old school U94 PTT option that had been prevalent since the late 1990s. The Invictus features both single and dual comm models with shrouded actuation switch(es) that allow the end-user to attach or detach protective shrouds. Both models include a blackened stainless steel MOLLE clip that allows the end-user to move the PTT switch(es) to the 3, 6 ,9 & 12 o’clock positions. Further, the Invictus MOLLE clip was designed to allow the user to remove the MOLLE clip from its normal ‘back’ position, which configures the PTT actuation switch(es) in an outboard position, and attach the clip to the ‘front’ of the Invictus PTT housing which positions the actuation switch(es) in an outboard orientation for left handed trigger-pullers.

The order includes the Atlantic Signal exclusive 3M/Peltor ComTac V Patriot headset featuring all-new ambient environment listening modes, ambidextrous noise canceling boom microphone, removable rubber headband and ARC rail mounts for the team’s Ops-Core protective helmets.

“We began working with ESU approximately 18 months ago after being notified they were looking to update what proved to be very outdated ancillary communications. As opposed to most other tactical communications suppliers/distributors, we design and manufacture our products and have in-house capabilities to customize our builds. ESU is a very demanding customer and are not the traditional part-time SWAT / tactical unit. Requirements for their needs included custom comms systems for Heavy Weapons and Tactics, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, SCUBA, EMT, High Angle Rescue, Vehicle and Train Extrication, Helicopter & HAZMAT. NYPD’s requirements are very similar to what we have done for the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. An example is, NYPD wanted its ESU operators to be able to quickly transition into tactical gear without having to unscrew, remove, re-position and screw back on their Motorola APX radio adapter. We provided an inline quick disconnect on the coiled radio cable assembly that allowed each officer to simply unplug his department issued shoulder mic cable from the radio and plug in his/her Atlantic Signal comms system without ever having to remove the actual radio connector. We had experience with this unique type of request having developed a similar inline QD system for Naval Special Warfare boat operators. We worked with each specialized team and developed comms solutions for their specific needs surrounding a single common headset, the Atlantic Signal exclusive ComTac V Patriot” stated Randall Hedrick, President and Managing General Member of Atlantic Signal.

NYPD ESU provides services analogous to the functions of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. ESU responds to high-risk, tactical operations involving barricaded suspects, hostage situations, high- warrant service, tactical crowd control and dignitary/VIP protective operations. ESU also provides operations and technician level response to hazardous materials (HAZMAT) incidents involving the presence of industrial or illicit chemical, biological or radiological agents involving criminals or terrorists. ESU is also trained to rescue victims from structural collapse, high-rise structure, confined spaces, trench collapse, vehicle and rail car accident, and machinery accident entrapment. They may also respond to persons having difficulty breathing, heart attacks, and strokes as first responders, or along with local EMS.

NYPD ESU performs both surface and underwater victim rescue, searches and evidence recovery as well as to provide “crisis response” to incidents involving psychologically disturbed individuals. ESU members sometimes provide immediate fire suppression and victim rescue for fires occurring in massive and highly populated structural locations that are under the direct jurisdiction of a state or municipal authority. ESUs’ operations are often supported by a Canine (K-9) response capability and members often respond to incidents involving dangerous animals and reptiles. In some jurisdictions, ESU members may provide medical support and team member rescue during tactical operations and sometimes staff a dedicated ambulance.

Atlantic Signal is based out of Topeka, KS where they develop, design, manufacture and sell tactical communications and accessories. The company started in 1989 with a focus on tactical law enforcement. Today, thirty-one years later, the company’s clients include Customs and Border Patrol, Naval Special Warfare, LAPD, ATF, MARSOC, DEA, US Coast Guard, US Secret Service among thousands of military and law enforcement clients around the world.


Blackhawk Introduces TASER 7 Holster

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

New Holster Helps Keeps Officers from Confusing Their Gear in Stressful Situations

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – July 30, 2020 – Blackhawk, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, announces the new TASER 7 holster featuring a distinctive draw motion that helps keep officers from confusing their gear when under stress.

The holster has a cross draw or support hand draw design that allows for rocking the TASER out of the holster, rather than a traditional straight-up handgun draw. When the TASER is re-holstered, it automatically engages the active retention mechanism and TASER safety switch. The trigger is completely covered when holstered.

Other key features include Blackhawk’s new Quick Dual Release (QDR) holster platform, which allows officers to exchange the TASER and holster between shifts without having to remove other items from their duty belt. It is compatible with all Blackhawk duty platforms including belt loops, QD systems, MOLLE adapters and tactical thigh platforms.

The TASER 7 holster is currently offered in our matte black finish in both left and right-handed configurations. The Basketweave finish will become available in the coming months of 2020. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $54.95.

For more information on the new TASER 7 holster, visit www.blackhawk.com/holsters.