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SOLGW to Exhibit at TTPOA Conference

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

San Antonio, Texas (May 2, 2022) – Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW) is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA) Conference.

The TTPOA encourages communication and mutual support between agencies. Each year the TTPOA holds a competition to encourage high standards of physical fitness, and a conference to give members a chance to “network” for the exchange of ideas and techniques as well as to attend high quality tactical training.

SOLGW will be at the Vendor Range Day Wednesday, May 4th 1000-1600hrs, and showcasing our products during the Vendor Show Thursday and Friday, May 5th – 6th 0800 – 1600hrs. As an exclusive to TTPOA attendees, swing by booths B1 & B2 to enter for a chance to win either a SOLGW BCG, Liberty Charging Handle, or NOXS Single Chamber Muzzle Device.

To learn more, visit us at and

See SITKA Arrowhead During “Burritos for The Badge” at Mile High Shooting

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

SITKA Arrowhead and Mile High Shooting Accessories are offering an opportunity to view Arrowhead product at this month’s “Burritos for The Badge” event, April 20th.

A LE exclusive experience held the third Wednesday of every month will not only provide attendees with their breakfast and coffee, but access to the Arrowhead product line as well as a company rep on hand to answer questions.

SITKA Arrowhead will be alongside Accuracy International (LE Rifles Only), Glock Blue Label. Event is held at Mile High Shooting Accessories, in Frederick, CO.

Visit Photonis Defense at TTPOA

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Photonis Defense – Night Vision is proud to support the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association TTPOA Raffle with a donation of our NEW Vyper Series Night Vision Binocular Device. Photonis Defense is committed to providing smaller, lighter, and faster auto gating night vision systems. From law enforcement professionals to our military forces we provide superior defense support for those who take up the cause to protect us. Our specialists custom build to fit your most demanding operations.

When you attend this year’s conference in Round Rock, TX please stop by the Photonis Defense booth and check out the Night Vision Series that allow you to see what others cannot.

FBI Awards HUXWRX Safety Co with HRT Suppressor Contract

Friday, April 1st, 2022

US DOJ FBI awards HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) with the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) contract for production and delivery of their new 3D-printed FLOW 556k suppressor. The Indefinite Deliverable/Indefinite Quantity Contract is worth $4.9 million to be paid out over a 5-year (1-base year, plus 4 option years) term and is the largest law enforcement suppressor contract to date.

“I personally want to thank the FBI and Ballistics Research Facility for running the most comprehensive suppressor down select ever executed by the United States Government. The HUXWRX team is extremely proud to support the tip of the spear of Law Enforcement professionals within the United States of America,” – Richard (Rick) Elder, CEO HUXWRX Safety Co.

Out of all the submissions that participated in the rigorous FBI Ballistic Research Facility testing, the FLOW 556k finished first in weight, unsuppressed and suppressed flash/spark, sound suppression, gas blowback, and user assessment testing.

HUXWRX Safety Co. is honored to have developed systems utilizing the advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D printing. This emerging technology allows for extreme tolerances, better quality control and flash/sound suppression, weight reduction, and improvements in the development cycle. Ultimately, they have created a product that enables production efficiencies unavailable with traditional CNC manufacturing. The 3D-printed FLOW 556k is one of many technologically advanced systems to come from HUXWRX Safety Co.

The FLOW 556k is currently only available for Military and Law Enforcement agencies.

For more information, contact the HUXWRX Safety Co. Sales Team at 801-542-0425.

Duke Field Airman Among Newest DAGREs

Saturday, March 19th, 2022

DUKE FIELD, Fla. —  

A lone security forces Airman ran through plumes of purple smoke while fighting off opposing forces before taking cover behind a building with their own ammunition flying through the streets of the mock village.

The sound of gunfire consumed the “city” comprised largely of shipping containers while the determined service member rejoined his wingmen to get a wounded Airman to an evacuation point. This was a small taste of what any DAGRE needs to be prepared for in a contingency environment.

Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Elements provide security for Air Force Special Operations Command assets and personnel in environments where security is unknown or deemed inadequate. They are highly specialized security forces members that receive more training than their counterparts and can perform a variety of defensive operations in remote environments.

“I joined initially because I thought it was one of the coolest slots in my unit,” said Senior Airman Amahd Rasheed, 919th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron member. “Everybody wanted to be ‘that guy’ so they could do those missions and wear that DAGRE tab.”

The first step for Rasheed in achieving his goal was passing the 919th SOSFS assessment. In this phase of training, DAGRE candidates learn and perform many of the tasks they will have to demonstrate during their qualification course. The assessment involves ruck marching, sleep deprivation, shooting, land navigation, and a multitude of other tasks and skillsets.

He pulled through and advanced to the next step of his DAGRE training at Hurlburt Field with the 371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron. Here, Rasheed went through the Air Commando Field Skills Course, the first stop for all Airmen supporting Special Operations Forces.

“Most of the Airmen in this course are learning how to hold their own while supporting special operations,” said Dirk Baier, course director for ACFSC. “In this course, they’re learning how to go downrange, shoot, move, communicate, and get themselves out of a bad situation.”

The Airmen in this course work in support functions such as medical, communications, logistics and other career fields that provide for AFSOC’s special operations forces.
At ACFSC, Air Commandos from bases around the command learned advanced weapons tactics, participated in Tactical Combat Casualty Care training with robotic lifelike dummies, learned Defensive driving, practiced combatives, and mastered some security techniques.

“This course is geared towards on-the-ground tactics,” said Baier. “It gets them used to remote locations typical to DAGRE.”

According to Baier, the DAGRE program is relatively new. Leadership recognized the need for a capability similar to the Ravens (a team that provides security for Air Mobility Command airframes) to protect AFSOC assets and personnel.

“The difference is our security teams tend to operate in more remote environments,” said Baier.

For Rasheed and his fellow DAGRE candidates, they combined the skills they learned from the ACFSC course with their DAGRE qualification training.

“When they come to us, we sharpen the skills they learned in ACFSC and their time in security forces,” said Tech. Sgt. Thomas Geerts, NCO in Charge of the DAGRE qualification course. “We expect a lot from them and train them in a whole new range of skill sets.”

The qualification course moved the trainees to various locations across the Eglin Range over the course of five weeks. Some days are devoted to academics and some days they covered their combat boots with Florida’s red clay.

“Every day was like the night before Christmas where you just stayed up all night,” said Rasheed. “I never knew what to expect next with all the different classes and training that was planned for us.”

Students learned advanced tactics on weapons many had never used before and were required to complete tasks associated with higher skill levels such as mission planning.

The DAGRE trainees took on close quarter battle exercises, small unit tactics, tactical security details, and incorporated some of the lessons of their experienced instructors into their operations.

“They spent a lot of time doing urban operations and recovery, normal security forces also possess these skills but we sharpen them,” said Geerts. “As we transition into a new style of warfare, these small specialized teams are going to become more important.”

Rasheed and his wingmen’s training culminated in a field exercise, where instructors validate the knowledge students were expected to retain over the past several weeks.

During the exercise, they defended airframes from oppositional forces, de-escalated tensions with local nationals, and secured a Forward Operating Base tucked in the woods where they planned their mission.

At one point, they had to secure and protect the encampment from enemy fire while providing emergency medical care to a wounded local.

After the team successfully completed their culmination exercise, instructors decided who went on to graduate and wear the DAGRE tab, and who went back home to their units without one.

Two months of training, demonstrations, and academics for the team going through the courses culminated with a graduation ceremony December 2021. Rasheed was the first 919th Special Operations Wing Citizen Air Commando to graduate the full course and earn the tab in four years.

“My family and my team motivated and pushed me through the training,” said Rasheed. “I felt like I was cloud nine, I was so excited to have pushed through and finally graduated. I would highly recommend this training course to others”

While one journey ended here, another one began for Rasheed and other newly minted DAGRE team members who are fully trained and ready to defend AFSOC assets and SOF members wherever the Nation needs them.

By Senior Airman Dylan Gentile, 919th Special Operations Wing

High Speed Gear NTOA Approved Gear

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

SWANSBORO, N.C. – February 22, 2022 – High Speed Gear® announces newly awarded product recommendations from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

The NTOA has awarded gold status to the High Speed Gear® ReVive™ Medical Pouch and to the ReFlex™ IFAK System. The ReVive™ Medical Pouch received an overall NTOA score of 4.56. The ReVive™ is a compact pouch designed to carry immediately accessible, essential medical gear. The ReFlex™ IFAK System also received gold status with an overall NTOA score of 4.58. The ReFlex™ IFAK System was originally developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel. High Speed Gear® is very proud of this major accomplish for both of its premiere life saving medical pouches.

The NTOA has additionally awarded silver status to the Apex™ Sling with a rating of 4.38, the Duty Double Pistol TACO® with Rifle with a rating of 4.02 and the Duty Handcuff TACO® with a rating of 4.1.

“Our company has a desire to design and build gear to the highest standards,” explained Bill Babboni, HSGI® COO. “Our commitment to our customers is that we do not go to market unless our products past rigorous tests. It is a true honor to continue to receive these awards from the NTOA and that just goes to highlight how our team is always focused on creating high quality products that are built to perform and last.”

Previously in 2020 the NTOA awarded High Speed Gear® with gold status for the Operator Belt and Ambidextrous Multipurpose Pouch. The same year the NTOA also awarded silver status to the Mag-Net™ Dump Pouch V2, Duty Flash Bang TACO®, Gas Mask Pouch V2, Bleeder/Blowout Pouch™, and Double Decker® TACO® Covered.

The mission of the NTOA is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange. The Association’s ultimate goal is to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education, and tactical excellence.

InVeris Training Solutions Will Highlight Live-Fire Range Equipment and Virtual Reality Training at SHOT Show 2022

Friday, January 14th, 2022

Suwanee, Ga. – InVeris Training Solutions (booth #12454) will display its full range of live-fire and virtual training products at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) and Conference at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Jan. 18-21, 2022. The Show will mark the debut of VR-DT (Virtual Reality – Decisions and Tactics). The fully immersive VR-DT enhances training for de-escalation, safety tactics, mental health crisis intervention, use of force and protocol.

“InVeris leverages more than 95 years of industry-leading experience for shooting ranges, and this year, with VR-DT, we’re going to be showcasing our newest immersive virtual training system as well,” said InVeris Chief Executive Officer Al Weggeman. “Between our live-fire and virtual solutions and our unparalleled combination of in-house military and law enforcement expertise, InVeris continues to prove and solidify its position as a premier provider of training, no matter your need.”

At SHOT Show, InVeris will feature its industry-leading shooting range equipment, including the XWT wireless target carrier, GranTrap™ rubber bullet trap, steel bullet trap, SafeZone™ shooting stall, and three Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Targets (MF-SIT).

InVeris will offer a key conference session at SHOT Show’s Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP), presenting “Shooting Range Maintenance and Best Practices” on Tuesday, Jan. 18, from 10:45-11:45 a.m. in Lido Room 3001A, part of the Venetian Expo. Company representatives will discuss the importance of preventative maintenance for shooting ranges. Show attendees can register for this LEEP session at LEEP: Law Enforcement Education Program – NSSF SHOT Show 2022.

InVeris will also demonstrate the MF-SIT with LOMAH (location of miss and hit) at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range on Monday, Jan. 17.

To speak with an InVeris representative during SHOT Show, visit booth #12454 or schedule an appointment at

Aimpoint Launches the new Duty RDS Red Dot Sight

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Manassas, Virginia – Aimpoint, the leading manufacturer and innovator in red dot sighting technology has announced another revolutionary product with the release of the all new Aimpoint® Duty RDS™ sight. Built to meet the demands of today’s law enforcement agencies, this high-grade reflex optic offers Aimpoints’ premium product quality in a compact package at a budget friendly price point.

The Duty RDS™ offers a bright, crisp 2 MOA dot that’s ideal for short to medium range target engagements. The windage and elevation adjustments are flush mounted and waterproof, eliminating the need for protective caps. The turret adjustments provide?audible “clicks” to aid in zeroing the optic. The brightness intensity switch is a new digital?keypad designed for ease of use even while wearing gloves.

A pressure forged aluminum alloy housing provides durability against extreme abuse and drastic temperature changes. The sight is vibration and shock resistant, and submersible up to 80 feet.

Powered by a single CR2032 battery, the ACET technology provides over 3 years of constant-on use at daylight position 7 and even longer on the night vision compatible settings.

The Duty RDS comes with a one-piece torsion nut mount that attaches to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails, providing absolute co-witness with standard height iron sights. The optic features flip-up lens covers that allow the user to engage targets with the lens caps closed in an emergency, or to aim into direct sunlight. The sight is fully compatible with all generations of night vision devices.

“Law enforcement agencies face many challenges on and off the streets.” said Thane Smith, Director of Professional Sales for Aimpoint Inc. “Aimpoint created the Duty RDS as a sighting solution that law enforcement agencies can rely on to provide top performance with very little maintenance.

A sight that is always ready, always on, easy to use, accurate, fast on target, and at an accessible price point.”

For over 45 years, Aimpoint has been the trusted choice of military and law enforcement end users worldwide. We maintain this position by listening to the needs of these end users and creating products that can be trusted to perform under the most demanding conditions imaginable. Aimpoint is proud to stand with the men and women who serve and protect our communities.

For more information on the Duty RDS optic or any other Aimpoint products, visit the company’s webpage and webstore at: