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Safariland Announces 575 Slim Holster for Secure Retention of Subcompact Handguns

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Compact design offers multi-fit capability for IWB carry.

Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced new 575 Slim Pro-Fit™ holsters equipped with Safariland’s Grip Locking System (GLS™). The new 575 Slim extends the availability of the popular holster design to subcompact pistols.

“The new 575 Slim builds on the success of our robust 575 in-waistband design,” said Eric Gasvoda, Vice President and General Manager for The Safariland Group duty gear division. “The new 575 models are built for the smaller 9mms and other pistols designed for everyday carry. With Safariland’s GLS retention and the 575’s ease of concealment, this is a great way to secure your carry gun so it is ready and accessible when you need it most.”

The new 575 Slim IWB GLS Pro-Fit holster provides a fully adjustable cant and offers the unique Grip Locking System which secures the firearm once holstered. The retention of the GLS is deactivated with the middle finger while taking a shooting grip during the draw. The body is SafariSeven™, a proprietary nylon blend that is non-abrasive to a firearm’s finish and maintains very high heat tolerance as well as low cold tolerance. This holster comes with two belt loop options based on preference (over or under the belt). Its low-cut and compact design makes concealment easy while also allowing for a quick draw.

• GLS secures the holstered firearm
• Designed to fit multiple firearms in one holster with one tension adjustment
• Body is proprietary nylon blend that is non-abrasive to firearm’s finish
• Low-cut compact design for ease of concealment
• Inside-the-waist for deep concealment
• Two belt loop options available based on preference (under and over the belt)
• Fully adjustable cant
• Optic Capable

The new 575 Slim is designed for the GLOCK 43, 43X and 48, Springfield Armory Hellcat and XD-S, Sig Sauer P365/P365X, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield/Shield +, and similarly sized pistols.  


Raven Concealment Systems Announces Release of New Holster for SIG P365 and P365 XL Pistols

Thursday, March 18th, 2021

The new holster is a line extension of Raven Concealment’s popular “Perun” family of outside-the-waistband (OWB) concealment holsters – a family of holsters which has been adopted as the official, agency-wide issued concealment holster for multiple Federal law enforcement agencies.

The Perun is ambidextrous, has adjustable retention, and accommodates slide-mounted red-dot sights. Like all RCS products, the Perun is made from US-made polymers and colorants, in US-made tooling, by US citizens.

These units are in stock and shipping now. Retail price is $39.99. Order here:


Comp-Tac Launches New, Padded Sport-TAC IWB Holster

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

HOUSTON, March 8, 2021 – Comp-Tac® released its new, padded, concealed carry holster, the Sport-TAC™, today.

The Sport-TAC was designed with a molded foam backing that provides structure, comfort and flexibility for wear at the 4-5 o’clock position. The 600D fabric backing uses low-density foam for comfort and high-density foam for structure, molded with channels for ventilation. The Kydex® shell minimizes the collapse of the holster after draw, improving the ease of reholster when compared to all-leather or all-nylon IWB holsters. The holster is tuckable, as well as cant- and ride height-adjustable, with two clips to spread the weight of heavier handguns.

“Firearms, accessories and technology have changed a lot in the past 20 years,” explained Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac general manager. “When Comp-Tac started out, Kydex was revolutionary, and Comp-Tac combined it with leather to offer the best of both worlds with comfort and weapon retention. Since then, new materials, technology and user demands have developed. Concealed carry participants are carrying smaller, thinner guns, complete with mounted micro red-dot units. The Sport-TAC is Comp-Tac’s next evolutionary step in providing a CCW holster with the comfort and security that customers need.”

See the Sport-TAC on Comp-Tac’s website – comp-tac.com/sport-tac-hybrid-iwb-foam-and-fabric-backing

1791 Gunleather Promotes Robert Bastida

Monday, March 8th, 2021

Miami, FL – Home of the world’s most comfortable premium leather holsters, 1791 Gunleather is excited to announce the promotion of Roberto Bastida to Customer Success Team Manager. Roberto has been with 1791 Gunleather since 2018 and has played a pivotal role on a number of different initiatives at 1791. “We couldn’t be prouder of Roberto and all of his hard work,” says Ramiro Romani, CEO of 1791 Gunleather. “He has a work hard play hard attitude that embodies what it means to be a part of the 1791 Gunleather family. Roberto has spearheaded implementing new software tools to support our customers and is providing great leadership to our Customer Success Team.”

Bastida began his career with 1791 Gunleather as a training consultant, initially designing manuals and other job aid tools for the customer service and sales teams. Since then, Roberto has transitioned from consultant to a full-time team member     holding several different positions including copywriter, marketing assistant, e-commerce manager, and social media community manager. “We can go to Roberto with any project confident that he will get the job done. He is an integral member of our leadership team” says Alejandro Toussieh, COO of 1791 Gunleather.

“I take great pride in hearing our customers and dealers rave about our customer success team,” says Bastida. “I’m excited for this new role and the new challenges that will come with it. I look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of 1791 Gunleather and am thrilled to be a part of the team.”

For more information on 1791 Gunleather and their premium leather goods visit www.1791gunleather.com.  

Blackhawk Releases New Stache IWB Concealment Holster

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Ambidextrous and Modular Holster Gives Shooters Flexibility While Carrying

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – February 22, 2021 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, has announced the release of its new Stache™ IWB Concealment Holster. Meticulously engineered, this Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster is the ultimate solution for everyday carry, with the perfect balance of comfort, rigidity, and modularity.

Constructed with impact-reinforced, injection-molded polymer, the Stache IWB outperforms the design and material limitations of Kydex® holsters at a price that doesn’t break the bank.  With its ambidextrous design, the Stache IWB also gives both right- and left-handed shooters a comfortable and versatile carry option. The Stache also comes standard with a low-profile shirt guard for added comfort without inhibiting the draw stroke.

“If the holster isn’t comfortable, eventually the carrier will choose a different holster – or worse, stop carrying entirely,” said Justin Hoffman, Blackhawk product manager. “We want people to carry, which is why we developed the Stache.”

Designed to never be seen, the Stache gives users unparalleled comfort and firearm security. The Stache utilizes an optional concealment claw to reduce printing and to add a greater level of stability when carried.

“The concealment claw uses opposing leverage on the interior of the belt, so as the belt pulls the holster in, the claw pushes out,” said Hoffman. “By harnessing this leverage, the pistol grip is pulled in toward the body, reducing printing. By changing out the different sized leverage pads provided, users can tailor the concealment factor to their gun, their body type, and their preference.”

Additional features on the Stache include a 1.5-inch J-style belt clip for secure attachment, as well as height and cant adjustment for both the holster and the optional magazine carrier. Available in Base and Premium configurations, the holster is compatible with a variety of other Blackhawk IWB carry accessories and with Discreet Carry Concepts Gear Clips™.

Optics ready, the Stache IWB is designed to accept popular handgun mounted red dot sights. Multiple variations of the Stache IWB Holster are available to fit a wide range of handguns including the GLOCK 17, GLOCK 19, GLOCK 43, GLOCK 48, SIG SAUER P365, S&W M&P 2.0, S&W Shield, Colt Commander, Taurus G2C and Ruger LC9.

“The Stache was designed by concealed carriers, for concealed carriers,” concluded Hoffman. “When you put it on, carry it and train with it, you will understand why.”

MSRP for the Stache IWB Holster is $39.95 for the Base option and $64.95 for the Premium configuration. For more information about the Stache IWB Holster including in-depth product videos, imagery and specs, visit Blackhawk.com.

Bianchi Introduces Allusion Series 126GLS Assent Concealment Holster

Friday, February 19th, 2021

The leather holster with multi-fit capability and proprietary Grip Locking System is available in six sizes to fit over 250 firearms

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Bianchi®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, announced today the launch of the Bianchi 126GLS Assent™ concealment holster. This is the first Bianchi leather holster to incorporate Safariland’s advanced GLS (Grip Locking System) retention, offering multi-fit capability. The 126GLS comes in six sizes to fit over 250 firearms.

The Model 126GLS Assent holster is an open-top design that combines leather with a laminate synthetic liner for durability, comfort, and additional functionality. The GLS retention automatically secures the gun when holstered and releases it upon application of the middle finger with a standard shooting grip for an intuitive and safe release.

“This holster is truly a differentiated product,” said James Dawson, category director for Safariland’s Duty Gear business unit. “With its beautiful leather design, superior retention, and custom fit for such a large range of guns, this holster is very unique, especially in the leather market.”

The low-profile 126GLS Assent holster offers a high-ride hip carry with belt slots that pull the holster and pistol grip close to the body. Dual belt slots fit up to 1.5” (38mm) belts for a snug fit.

The Assent model is available now. It is user customizable to fit over 250 handgun models in six sizes. The border stitched holster is available in tan or black with a plain finish for an MSRP of $78.00.  For more information, visit www.safariland.com.

1791 Gunleather Shakes Up Holster Industry Again with Another Ultra Custom Release

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Miami, FL –At 1791 Gunleather, our team is comprised of passionate forward thinkers who are relentless about innovation. We are also driven to produce world’s highest quality holsters. It’s that quest for perfection that led us to develop the Award Winning Ultra Custom IWB holster. Now, on the heels of the tremendous success of the Ultra Custom Concealment Holster (UCH), 1791 Gunleather is proud to announce the launch of the OWB Ultra Custom Belt Holster (UCBH) with Memory-Lok™ Technology. This ground-breaking holster blends our exclusive brand of Kydex-like retention with the comfort and beauty of premium leather.

“Winning Holster of the Year by Guns and Ammo is a true honor and really fuels our passion for innovation. This OWB Ultra Custom will change things forever in the gun holster industry once again.” says Alex Toussieh, COO

Firearm owners now have the versatility to choose an OWB leather holster that is completely customizable to their daily carry. Whether your firearm is a micro or full frame with or without an added RMR optic, the OWB Ultra Custom Belt Holster guarantees the perfect fit every single time. Featuring a high sweat guard, optic cut, and made from tough premium leather with Memory-Lok™ Technology on the inside, the UCBH delivers on a gentle leather grip with incredible Kydex-like retention. Following in the footsteps of the IWB Ultra Custom, the UCBH is available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of firearms and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

“1791’s custom line is by far the best holster I have found. Really simple to fit and great to have a nice leather piece that actually has a trigger guard catch. Definitely recommend a look to anyone interested in comfort and quality.” Brandon – 1791 Gunleather IWB Ultra Custom Owner

For more information on the new OWB Ultra Custom holsters visit www.1791gunleather.com.

Safariland’s 015 Open Top Competition Holster Features Streamlined-Strength, Custom- Feel, and Best-in-Class Secure Retention

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Compact design offers optimum micro-adjustability and ride height options


Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced the new Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster. Available for most steel and polymer frame pistols, the 015 provides a minimalistic, intelligent design for custom-fit and easy modification options for competitive shooters in open, limited and 3-gun divisions.

“This is a very well-made competition holster,” said Bobby McGee, Vice President of Engineering for The Safariland Group duty gear division and Team Safariland member. “Machined from billet, a raw block of virgin aluminum, the 015 has superior stabilization and little resistance for a secure fast draw. Paired with a stainless-steel ball joint on the holster, it allows for lots of clamping force securing fine-tuned positioning throughout the life of the holster, unlike aluminum ball joints that can cause positioning to skip with adjustments.”

The Model 015 incorporates an instinctive rotating lock for secure retention without the use of a nose piece and the advanced design significantly reduces the chance of unintended release during draw. By rotating the lever towards the rear of the firearm, the trigger block is unlocked providing a fast and efficient draw during the natural gripping motion.

Ideal for Open and Limited divisions where the most minimal design is desired, the ball joint system allows freedom of movement and easily accommodates thumb rests, red dot sights and additional modifications to limit interference. For 3-Gun competitors or others looking for even more stability when moving around objects, Safariland offers a supplemental muzzle adaptor for additional support and protection that is fully adjustable for barrels from 4″ to 7.5″.

The 015 features a special safety detent for retention even when the screw is removed and a stainless-steel spring allows for worry-free disassembly. Further, the holster and belt loop can be separated for ease of travel, while maintaining the user’s set position. The holster is designed to be used with 1.5” and 1.75” width competition belts with the use of a preinstalled belt shim. The belt loop works for a variety of belts and tightens to ensure no movement between the belt and belt loop. Additionally, the adjustable cant and round thigh-pad offer added comfort.

The Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster comes in black, red, or blue and is available for most 2011 steel and polymer frame pistols. MSRP is $223. For competitors who want additional muzzle support, they can purchase the 015A Muzzle Adaptor as an optional accessory. MSRP is $100.00. To purchase the 015 with the Muzzle Adaptor attached, order Model 015XL, MSRP $323.00.