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Bianchi Rebranding to Reconnect with Customers

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida – Bianchi®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced a new website and logo to celebrate a new epoch for Bianchi Leather. The evolution of the storied brand highlights Bianchi’s reputation for reliability and innovation, and its renewed commitment to gun owners who carry every day.

“Bianchi is a pillar in the firearms industry,” said Brad Williams, President of The Safariland Group. “Since its founding in 1958, Bianchi has been the benchmark for leather holsters. Now Bianchi is adding to our line to meet the needs of both experienced and new gun owners. We’re bringing back the spirit of innovation in leather, expanding our catalog to include more EDC fits, and refining the classic carry designs that have won devoted fans in the law enforcement and tactical communities and are bringing Bianchi’s potential to a wider audience—to anyone who wants to live life protected.”

The revitalization of the Bianchi Leather brand has inspired a new, dedicated website: www.bianchileather.com. The site will offer a streamlined way for customers to find the perfect fit for their firearms. The new site will be the hub for Bianchi customer service, social connection, and will showcase stories from a diverse group of people highlighting the ways Bianchi products support their lifestyle, from firearms experts, outdoorsmen and women, and allied brand partners.

To mark this moment in the celebrated history of the brand, Bianchi has refreshed its logo. The new mark pays homage to Bianchi’s foundational commitment to public servants, its roots in the American West, and the potential that the brand offers for those who carry concealed or in the field. Bianchi holsters provide confidence for those who demand performance, unfailing reliability, and flawless functionality. Bianchi builds holsters for those who choose to explore boldly and live life protected.

For more information on the new look for Bianchi Leather, visit www.bianchileather.com

Raven Concealment Systems Announces Release of Perun LC Holster for the Sig P320 Compact/M18 with the Streamlight TLR-7/8

Monday, October 25th, 2021

This holster is the latest line extension of their popular Perun family of outside-the-waistband (OWB) concealment holsters, as well as the latest option they offer to support the Modular Hangun System.

The Perun LC is ambidextrous, has adjustable retention, and completely enshrouds the safety selector on the pistol. The pistol can be holstered with the safety in either position, and also works with standard P320 Compact models that do not have manual safeties.

Like all Perun holsters, this model is also compatible with slide-mounted red-dot optics. These units are in stock and shipping now. Retail price is $49.99.

Order here: rcsgear.com/perun-lc-holster

For military/government inquiries, please contact Matt Edwards directly at: [email protected]

Rendar x Taco Mark Holsters Offering US Colonial Marines Camo

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Artist and Veteran Matt Rendar has collaborated with Taco Mark Holsters to offer his recreation of the famous Colonial Marines Camo from the 80s sci-fi thriller “Aliens” on custom holsters.

Flimmuur Tactical Safariland Holster Mounting Plate

Sunday, October 17th, 2021

Flimmuur Tactical created this Safariland Holster Mounting Plate which is halfway between beltline and mid-ride height.

SHOP Show Raeford – Blackhawk T-Series MOLLE Adapter

Friday, October 8th, 2021

A straight forward design, the Blackhawk T-Series MOLLE Adapter facilitates attaching a T-Series holster to PALS platforms.

Blackhawk Launches New Custom Holsters and Accessories

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

New Program Allows Consumers to Build and Order Their Own Custom Holster Online

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – October 7, 2021 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, has announced a new custom Kydex holster program where customers can build and order their own holster or magazine carrier directly on Blackhawk.com. With limitless options to select from, consumers can now craft a true one-of-a-kind holster with all the features they need to carry confidently while matching their own personal style. 

Through the new program, which is exclusive to the Blackhawk website, consumers can choose either IWB (inside-the-waistband) or OWB (outside-the-waistband) Kydex holster models, as well as custom EDC dump trays and magazine carriers for both pistol and rifle. By following the easy-to-use online instructions, consumers can now tailor the form and function of their holster to meet their own exact specifications. 

To get started, simply go to the Blackhawk website and choose your handgun manufacturer and model; left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous carry; as well as red dot compatible options, light-bearing models, belt loop size, threaded barrel compatibility and more. Make your holster unique to you by choosing the finish on the front and back – choose from solid colors, carbon fiber colors (made of Boltaron®), camo patterns and specialty prints.

All of Blackhawk’s custom Kydex holsters are manufactured in the U.S. and are ready to ship within three business days. Each holster is constructed from heavy-mil 0.08″ thick Kydex and utilizes a sleek design for a lifetime of reliable use. An undercut trigger guard keeps the Kydex from interfering with your draw, while an over-cut open face accommodates threaded barrels and clears suppressor height sights.

Blackhawk custom IWB holsters start at $73.95, OWB holsters at $90.95 and EDC dump trays at $59.95. Single pistol magazine carriers start at $35.95, double pistol magazine carriers at $59.95, AR rifle magazine carriers at $59.95 and AK rifle magazine carriers at $59.95. Prices vary depending on materials and configuration. To learn more about Blackhawk custom Kydex holsters or to build your own, visit Blackhawk.com.

Concealed Carry: Corvus Defensio UBC-43 Holster

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

We developed the Corvus Defensio UBC-43 Holster especially for the purpose of deep concealed carry of slim line versions of the Glock pistol series. Despite that there are similar products out there already – primarily for double stack pistols – none of them fulfilled our desires. The wish to carry a Glock 43 deeply concealed, loaded, safe and comfortable on a daily basis and still being able to draw the gun quickly pushed us to develop the UBC-43. The exceptional cooperation with the young Austrian Holster and Gear manufacturer Black Trident gave us the opportunity to transform our ideas into a high quality product.

The holster is primarily made to carry a G43 deeply concealed on the 1 o’clock or 11 o’clock position (appendix) inside the waistband below the belt line. The UBC-43 will also fit a G42, G43X and G48. If there is the special need to even deeply conceal a light/laser module on one of the aforementioned Glock models, the holster also takes the gun with a mounted Streamlight TLR6 (only). The UBC-43 is fully ambidextrous.

Please watch our YouTube video!


– Deep Concealment IWB APC Holster for Glock 43.

– Optimized for G43 but also fits G43X, G42 and G48.

– Highest possible concealment of the gun.

– Optimized for carrying a shirt tucked in.

– Ideal for all kinds of grip textures (skate board tape, rough stippling, etc.) due to total coverage of the grip by the holster body (no skin contact)

– Fits all kinds of extended mag release and slide stops.

– Fits all magazine extensions.

– Fits all kinds of iron sights (doesn’t fit red dots!)

– Fully ambidextrous (just change clips).

– Optimized for overlapping velcro belts or all kinds of belts with overlapping material to hide the mounting clips.

– Fits Glocks with Streamlight TLR6 light/laser module.

– Handmade by Black Trident out of 2,2 mm Kydex.

– Adjustable draw resistance (best function with least resistance!)

– Full protection of trigger, mag release and slide stop.

– When carrying the gun the muzzle will not point directly to groin when bending the upper body.

– Best comfort for prolonged sedentary occupation.

– Best possible freedom of movement.

– Discreet steel mounting clips for 1.5 inch belts (powder coated).

–Unsuitable for direct mounting on pants without a belt.

– Alternative velcro mounts available separately for overlapping velcro belts.

Application and Warning Message:

– Always be sure of the condition of your firearm and always treat the gun as loaded when you handle it in combination with the UBC-43.

– For safety reasons we strongly recommend to carry the gun with no round in the chamber when you are using the UBC-43. To draw the gun one has to push it out of the holster by touching the muzzle! To carry the gun loaded is at one’s own risk!

– The UBC-43 is a niche product for special needs and special situations. It does not fit every body type!

– Our understanding of deep concealment carry is the priorization of concealing the gun before other features as speed of draw or the use of red dot sights and various weapon mounted lights and lasers. This product is not suitable for customers who prioritize the latter!

– Despite several draw techniques are possible we strongly recommend to push out the gun at the muzzle with the support hand and draw it with the shooting hand!

– We recommend to put thread locker on all screws of the holster (e. g. Loctite 243). Regularly check the status of all screws!

– The holster can be used for G43X, G42 and G48 but it is optimized for G43 models!

– If a TLR6 light/laser model should be used the rubber spacers have to be replaced by the included plastic spacer. Attention: In this case the drawing resistance will be higher and the drawing angle will be different! This will require a slightly changed drawing technique! The UBC-43 is optimized for a G43 without any lights mounted!

– The steel clips are otimized for maximum discreetnes. They will not fix the holster 100% to the belt like a vice. The velcro mounts will only stop the holster from sliding down. Addidtionally the holster is fixed by the clamping force that originates between the body and the belt/pants.

HERE UBC-43 Holster is available from CORVUS DEFENSIO 



Rampart Range Day 21 – Black Box Customs

Friday, October 1st, 2021

Black Box Customs displayed their Negative Cant Plate and Holster Accessory Mount, both of which have become extremely popular.

The Negative Cant Plate allows you to adjust the fore and aft cant of your Safariland holster.

Holster Accessory Mount adds real estate to the front of your booster for items such as a tourniquet.

Black Box Customs products are available for unit and agency orders within Canada from Rampart International.