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FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSD x FS Limited Edition Walt Torso Holster

Friday, November 8th, 2019

We are excited to announce a Soldier Systems and FirstSpear collaboration on a Limited edition SSD Walt Torso holster in manatee grey, now available in the non-stocking non-standard section in the FirstSpear web store.

The Walt was one of FirstSpear’s first products and has remained a favorite. Based on the old M7 leather shoulder holster for the 1911, Tye Walt is made from modern materials to resist rot. Additionally, it’s very forgiving for those pistols which are difficult to find a holster for. I’ve used it with G17s, G19s and 1911s as well as a Hi-Standard Changematic and an FN 509 (although it felt a little loose with the former and a little tight with the latter).

Exceptional cross draw style body holster designed to fit 1911, Glock, M9, 226, and similar sized pistols. Hypalon exterior with subdued SSD laser etched logo. Available while supplies last. Made in the USA with USA Materials.

This is a one-time good deal. once they are gone, they are gone.

For every holster sold $25 will be donated to SOWF, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


1791 Tactical Kydex Over The Waistband Paddle Hopster

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Miami, FL, U.S. –1791 Gunleather® proudly presents their 1791 Tactical Kydex Over The Waistband Paddle Holster (TAC Kydex OWB Paddle). This holster is 100% made in the USA in the state of Texas with rounded polished edges and an enlarged opening for easier reholstering.

The TAC Kydex OWB Paddle has adjustable retention and ride height with 4 settings, low, mid-ride, high, and super high making this holster extraordinarily adaptable. The open muzzle design of this holster accommodates firearms with extended threaded barrels, compensators, and longer slide models, as well as a tall sight channel for weapons with suppressor height sights. The RMR Optic cut will also accommodate most pistol optics.

“Our leather holsters have long been known for quality and craftsmanship. As we entered the Kydex market, we approached it the same way…quality and craftsmanship come first. Our Paddle Kydex series holsters were the perfect addition to our line offering something now for every customer,” says Ramiro Romani.

The TAC Kydex OWB Paddle Holster includes a tall sweat-shield and stainless steel hardware for increased corrosion protection to increase the longevity of your holster. The unique T-Blocking standoff is compatible with the included paddle attachment and Bladetech Teklok Mount. This holster allows for multiple carry positions including 3- 5 o’clock and cross-draw and has a +/- (Positive and Reversible) 15 Degree Cant.

1791 Gunleather Holsters are handcrafted one at a time, using reinforced stitching that ensures quality, security, and a lifetime of enjoyment. 1791 Gunleather is an innovative manufacturer that creates multi-fit holster designs to accommodate a wide range of firearms, providing reliability and performance. For further details on 1791 Gunleather visit www.1791gunleather.com.

Blackhawk Issues Recall For T-Series LC2 Holster When Used With Modular Handgun System

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

In typical media fashion, word went out from the Consumer Products Safety Commission that Blackhawk had issued a recall for the new T-series holster. Crazy stuff was said, making consumers concerned it would make the a pistol on its own. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The issue is simple, but the explanation somewhat complicated.

If you’re using a Modular Handgun System pistol (M-17/18 variant of the SIG SAUER P320), don’t carry it in a T-Series L2C holster.

This affects a very small number of people.

First off, there aren’t that many M17/18 in private hands. These aren’t carry guns; it’s mostly collectors. Because of this, collectors want the holster that is issued with the MHS, which is from Safariland.

Second, unlike the commercial P320, MHS has an external safety. The first run of the LC2 holster has a model for the P320. Holster literature templated that to extend to the M17/M18. Due to a tight cavity, intended for the commercial P320, the first run holsters would move the external safety on MHS models from the safe position. The pistol wouldn’t fire on its own, but the safety may not be in the safe position when the pistol is drawn.

Blackhawk has already made changes to the LC2 holster to accommodate the external safety.

This was never an issue with either the L3D and L2D versions of the T-series holsters.

Below is Blackhawk’s official statement on the subject.

Official Message Regarding T-Series L2C for Sig P320-M17/M18 Variant

In an effort to clarify misinformation reported by some media outlets, we would like to take this opportunity to further explain the recent recall of the T-Series L2C that specifically affected the Sig Sauer P320-M17/M18 variants.

To showcase the limited scope of this recall, we’ll outline the levels of specificity you have to go through before someone would be affected in this situation. First, we have the overall family of T-Series holsters, which includes the L3D, L2D, and L2C variants. Next, we’ll drill down a layer further to only the L2C variant of the T-Series. Another narrowing of the focus takes you to the specific L2C Sig P320/P250 fit. One more step, and we arrive at the M17/M18 variant of the Sig P320. If you are one of the few people who owns a Sig P320-M17/M18 and you specifically purchased the L2C version of the T-Series, only then does this recall apply to you.

Thanks to the new nature of this holster as well as the relatively new nature of that handgun being made available to the public, the great likelihood is that there are very few people out there who would meet both criteria of owning a T-Series L2C as well as the M17/M18 variants of the Sig P320.

This recall only affects the T-Series L2C model for the Sig P320/P250-M17/M18, and affects no other models of the T-Series family of holsters. If you are using an M17/M18 variant, the concern is that the added safety mechanism of the firearm could potentially be disengaged during the holstering of the firearm. The holster will in no way actually cause the firearm to discharge.

This issue has since been rectified, so all new T-Series L2C Sig P320/P250 fits will now also work with the M17/M18 variants. Curious to know if you have the “new” or “old” version? Look at the part number on the back of your holster – if it’s stamped with an “A”, then that is the old version. If it is stamped with a “B”, that is the updated version. To return your holster for a refund or if you have any questions, please contact us here: blackhawk.com/contact-us

Thanks for your time and patronage. If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Crucial Concealment – A New Brand From Blackpoint Tactical

Friday, October 25th, 2019

Crucial Concealment was formed by the founders of BlackPoint Tactical as they strove to provide quality concealment options to a different market segment. While BlackPoint Tactical offers feature rich, highly customized, hand-made holsters; Crucial Concealment offers a different value proposition to consumers.

Crucial products are simplified, streamlined holsters constructed through a new manufacturing process which yields high quality, repeatable products. The cost savings of this new process are passed directly onto the consumers.

Crucial Concealment has an OWB holster and IWB holster currently available with a mag pouch soon to follow.

Consumers can purchase these products from their local dealer or from CrucialConcealment.com where all items are in stock and ready to ship within 48 hours. Crucial Concealment also offers stocking dealer programs for retailers. Inquiries and more information regarding these products or programs can be made through the Crucial Concealment website at www.CrucialConcealment.com.    

2nd Amendment 1791 LLC Acquires SNAGMAG

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

2nd Amendment 1791 LLC, manufacturer of multi-fit holsters and accessories that accommodate a wide range of firearms, announces the acquisition of SNAGMAG™. This acquisition expands on their diverse product line-up focused on providing customers high-quality accessories at an incredible value.

SNAGMAG™ was invented by a plain-clothes law enforcement officer who needed a better option for carrying a spare magazine. SNAGMAG™ was the perfect solution, as it kept the magazine from turning sideways in his pocket or getting tangled with the other items. The bingo moment occurred while at a shooting range. He looked down at his pocket and noticed his pocketknife, and he wondered if he could incorporate a knife clip with a magazine holster. After a year of tinkering and fine-tuning, the SNAGMAG™ was born! Once perfected and patented, the magazine holster delivered on all its promises of discreetly and comfortably concealing an additional magazine with immediate access and convenience. With that their tag line was born “There’s no such thing as extra ammo”.

“After reviewing and using the SNAGMAG™, it didn’t take long for us to realize that it was the perfect addition to our 1791 Tactical line of products. With its ease of use and great concealability it slots right into our line of high-quality Kydex tactical products,” says Ramiro Romani, CEO. The SNAGMAG™ is designed to be worn in your front, support-side pocket and is available in over 50 variations that accommodate the most popular magazines.


• Disguised as a Pocket Knife

• Doubles your Ammo

• Designed for a Quick Draw

• The Most Discreet Way to Carry an Extra Magazine

• Lightweight and Comfortable

For further details on 1791 Gunleather visit www.1791gunleather.com.

Jeff Gonzales, Field Notes Ep 48: Active Shooter Considerations for Those Who Carry

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

SureFire Field Notes is a multi-segment informational video series with tips and techniques from subject matter experts of all backgrounds. In this episode, Jeff Gonzalez discusses considerations for concealed carry holders during active shooter scenarios.

Jeff Gonzales heads Trident Concepts, LLC a reality based company specializing in personal protection tactics and training for armed and unarmed conflicts. Their motto is “Concepts that meet reality.”

He was a decorated and respected US Navy SEAL and has worked in a variety of environments and capacities through out the globe. He brings to the company not only his hard & soft skills, but also his ability to manage and exploit the staff to best serve the interests of the company and their clients. Their goal is not simply to train you, but to better prepare you for the worst-case scenario.

He has also finished authoring the book Combative Fundamentals, An Unconventional Approach, now available for retail purchase. Presently, the book is keeping pace as a best seller and is considered by most to have set the high-water mark as an excellent resource. A must have for serious shooters across the board.



Comp-Tac Releases New Hybrid Appendix Holster: eV2 Max

Friday, September 13th, 2019

HOUSTON, Sept. 12, 2019 – Comp-Tac®, manufacturer of concealed carry, competition holsters and accessories, recently released a new appendix inside-the-waistband, hybrid holster.


The eV2™ Max combines the highest quality materials and design features to provide a holster that is comfortable to carry and easy to hide. The two-layer leather backing provides a comfortable barrier between the firearm and the body during IWB wear. The aircraft-grade Kydex® shell provides superior fit for a smooth, fast draw and maintains its shape for easier and safer reholstering. The largest part of the eV2™ Max’s success is in the Comp-Tac® Kick, a polymer piece added to help situate the firearm in a way to hide the grip by pushing it toward the body for a sleek and slim profile.

“Comp-Tac® has always been known for their commitment to creating functional, comfortable and high-quality concealed carry holsters and equipment,” said Randi Rogers, director of brand management and 70 time world and national shooting champion. “The eV2™ Max is the next iteration in a long line of holsters purpose built and rigorously tested. Appendix carry continues to grow in popularity with all the new compact and subcompact firearms available on the market. We strive to provide the gear that our customers want and need, and the eV2 Max™ is another step in doing just that.”

The eV2™ Max
• Kydex® shell enables easy reholster
• Features two-ply leather backing for superior comfort
• Interchangeable Kydex® shells allow for carry of multiple guns with one holster
• Ride-height-adjustable clip maximizes master grip
• Comp-Tac® Kick keeps pistol grip tucked against body
• Retention screws allow for perfect holster retention adjustment
• Available in both right and left hand
• MSRP: $67.00

See the eV2™ Max here: comp-tac.com/ev2-max-aiwb-hybrid-holster

1791 Gunleather Presents Paddle Holsters

Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Miami, FL, U.S. –1791 Gunleather® proudly presents the perfect combination of form and function with their new Paddle Holsters. Paddle Holsters are handcrafted one at a time, using Premium 100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide and reinforced stitching to ensures quality, security, and a lifetime of enjoyment. 1791 Gunleather is an innovative manufacturer of premium hand-crafted leather and Kydex® gun holsters, and creates multi-fit holster designs to accommodate a wide range of firearms, providing reliability and performance. “Hearing from so many of our customers, who love the fit and feel of our leather holsters, that they would love to have a paddle version inspired us to take on the challenge. Gathering their reactions from the first few that went out the door, I’m excited to say we exceeded the goal.”, said Ramiro Romani.

The Paddle Holster provides the same great retention and fit you can expect from every 1791 Gunleather holster with the addition of the paddle for day to day functionality. The paddle allows you to slip the holster on and off at a moment’s notice, making running errands easier and switching out your everyday carry for your range pistol quicker. Although the paddle makes removing the holster easier, no retention or comfort is lost. The paddle positions the holster tight to the body and ensures that there is no movement on your waist while completing any physical tasks. This holster includes an adjustable cant which solidifies it as the best leather paddle holster on the market. This allows you to dial in your perfect drawing angle and personalizes your holster and carry style. The 1791 Gunleather Paddle Holsters come at an MSRP of $64.99, are available in a wide range of styles, and three premium colors, including Signature Brown, Classic Brown, and Stealth Black.

For further details on 1791 Gunleather visit www.1791gunleather.com