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Safariland Launches New Fits for 5” 2011s

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group®, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets and one of Cadre Holdings, Inc.’s (NYSE: CDRE) (“Cadre”) key brands announces new 6000 series fits for leading Staccato, Springfield Armory® and other 2011 firearms.

“Safariland continues to evolve as we deliver new holster offerings and innovative ways to provide protection for our customers,” said Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland. “The collaboration with industry partners and firearm manufacturers remains ongoing to ensure a wide array of fits for the best holsters offered on the market.” 

The latest additions to the Safariland 6000 series most notably include fits for the 2011 Staccato XC and Springfield Prodigy™, both featuring a 5-inch barrel. These new fits maximize reliability and performance, catering to law enforcement professionals and everyday carriers’ needs.

Holster models available include both RDS and RDSO options. Safariland RDS holsters are designed for firearms equipped with red dot sights and incorporate the Automatic Locking System (ALS®). Securely locking the firearm from every angle, these holsters provide secure retention and an intuitive draw. For those wanting additional retention capabilities, there are also ALS/SLS combination holsters available, which in addition to the ALS, comes standard with the Self-Locking System (SLS®), pivoting hood. Safariland’s RDSO (Red Dot Sights Open) holster line has an open pocket that protects the optic without the use of a flip-up dust cover.

Safariland’s dedication to innovation and collaboration has once again raised the bar for holster performance. To learn more about Safariland’s holsters and how Safariland is committed to building lifesaving equipment, visit

Mission First Tactical Introduces New Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Horsham, PA – (July 31st, 2023) – Mission First Tactical (MFT), manufacturers of state-of-the- art, USA made rifle/carbine accessories and holsters, is proud to announce the new Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster.

“We leveraged our relationships within the professional space to get the input needed to create the best Concealable Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster on the market, the Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster,” said Bobby McGee, Executive Vice President of Product Development/Innovation, Mission First Tactical. “It’s exciting to think about how this holster will be keeping the men and women tasked with protecting high value assets on the cutting edge of holster technology.”

With valuable insights from professionals in the field, we have developed the ultimate Concealable Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster: the Pro Series Guardian. Designed to keep law enforcement officers equipped with the latest holster technology, this holster is set to redefine the industry standard.

Expanding our professional concealment line, we are proud to present the Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster to the law enforcement marketplace. Our focus is on achieving unparalleled concealment and employing a unique handgun retention system that utilizes our patented magnetic retention technology. The Pro Series Guardian combines our innovative In-Line Magnetic Retention System (ILMRSTM) with an ultra-thin, comfortable profile. With no adjustment or wear concerns, the ILMRSTM system ensures consistent retention with every draw. The neodymium magnet, boasting an impressive 11 lbs. maximum pull weight, securely holds a fully loaded pistol in the holster without the need for any locking devices. Notably, the magnetic retention is not affected by mounted lights. All mounting hardware utilizes red Loctite, eliminating the need to maintain mounting screws torque. Adding to the innovation, we have incorporated CURV® Thermoplastic Composite fabric for the Belt Loops, delivering a lighter, stronger alternative to leather and other synthetic materials, all while providing exceptional comfort. This comprehensive package offers the ultimate experience in a professional-grade concealment holster.

The Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster also features the Integrated Barrel Stabilizer Insert (IBSI), an ingenious system designed to maintain the alignment of the pistol with the holster body spine. This allows the IBSI system to function flawlessly, with or without an under barrel- mounted weapon light. For a closer look at the Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster, please “Click Here”.


Features include:

– Sleek and slim holster body for maximum concealability

– Softened radius to prevent discomfort during extended wear

– Mid-height sweat guard to prevent direct contact between body and pistol

– Full trigger guard coverage for enhanced security

– Slide mounted optic relief cut

– Co-witness capability with a suppressor height sight channel

– Proudly made in the USA at MFT facilities

To explore the full range of Mission First Tactical’s offerings, including the Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster, please visit: Stay connected with us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on the latest news and releases.

Safariland Offers New Fits for the Springfield Echelon Handgun

Monday, July 24th, 2023

Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group®, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets and one of Cadre Holdings, Inc.’s (NYSE: CDRE) (“Cadre”) key brands is proud to offer fits for the new Echelon™ firearm from Springfield Armory.

“We’re committed to ensuring our holster offerings align with new releases from leading firearm partners,” said Safariland’s GM of Duty Gear, Eric Gasvoda. “Our team partnered with Springfield to develop a compatible line of 6000 series holsters for the release of their Echelon handgun. We’re thrilled to provide fits for this groundbreaking pistol and solidify our commitment to providing innovative, lifesaving equipment.”

The Echelon firearm by Springfield Armory is an adaptable and customizable handgun with several innovative features and is constructed on a durable stainless-steel framework. The all-new Central Operating Group (COG) is self-contained and serialized, allowing it to be easily moved between grip modules in seconds, incorporating a revolutionary optics mounting system. Meticulously designed for optimal comfort and durability, the handgun confidently leads the way in the most challenging environments.

Holster models available for preorder include Safariland’s 6378RDS, 6360RDS, 6390RDS and 6390RDSO. Safariland RDS holsters are designed for firearms equipped with red dot sights and incorporate the Automatic Locking System (ALS®). Securely locking the firearm from every angle, these holsters provide secure retention and an intuitive draw. Safariland’s RDSO (Red Dot Sights Open) holster line has an open pocket that protects the optic without the use of a flip-up dust cover.

To learn more about Safariland’s available holster fits, visit

Tagua Gunleather’s Cushion Soft IWB Offers Comfortable Concealment

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023

Miami, FL — The Cushion Soft IWB holster from Tagua Gunleather allows for the most comfortable carrying of a concealed firearm.

Handcrafted with buttery-smooth premium leather, the Cushion Soft IWB is the softest holster available on the market and boasts the ultimate in comfortable concealment. The open-top design allows for easy access and quick drawing as well as reliable retention. A strong steel clip ensures the holster stays securely in place, while reinforced stitching guarantees long-lasting durability.

Backed by the Tagua Gunleather warranty, the Cushion Soft IWB is available in left- or right-handed configurations for a variety of popular carry handguns in black or dark brown.

To learn more about the Cushion Soft IWB and browse the full Tagua Gunleather lineup, visit

Holster Brands of High Speed Gear Unveil Exciting New Springfield Echelon Options

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

SWANSBORO, N.C. – July 20th, 2023 – High Speed Gear Holster Brands, Comp-Tac® Holsters, BlackPoint Tactical®, and Crucial Concealment®, announce the addition of Springfield Echelon options to their renowned product lineups. This exciting development includes a range of holsters and magazine pouches designed exclusively for Springfield Armory firearms, offering exceptional versatility, reliability, and style.

The holster brands of HSGI each have tailored designs to meet the demands and preferences of firearm enthusiasts. These options include a perfect fit for Springfield Armory handguns, providing optimal functionality and uncompromising security.

According to Tyler Johnson of BlackPoint Tactical, “We are excited to continue our relationship with Springfield Armory by offering holster support at launch for the Echelon across all of our holster brands. Our mission is to provide firearm enthusiasts with top-quality accessories that enhance their shooting experience. The addition of these holsters and magazine pouches allows us to offer Springfield Armory owners holster and accessory pouch solutions that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.”

The following options are now available from Springfield for the Springfield Echelon line:

BlackPoint Tactical WING™ OWB Holster: Featuring high-quality materials and a sleek design, the WING OWB Holster is perfect for secure carry. With its adjustable retention and durable construction, this holster combines concealment, comfort, quick access, and superior firearm retention. The full line of BlackPoint Tactical holsters, including light mounted variants, are available for purchase through the BlackPoint Tactical website.

Crucial Concealment Covert OWB and Covert IWB Holsters: Designed for concealed carry, these holsters offer a discrete and comfortable carrying solution. The Covert OWB Holster is perfect for outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry, while the Covert IWB Holster allows for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry. Both holsters offer secure retention and enhanced concealment.

Comp-Tac International Holster and CT3 Level III Holster: The International Holster is a versatile option suitable for both competition shooting and everyday carry. It features adjustable cant and retention, ensuring a perfect fit and fast draw. The CT3 Level III Holster provides an added layer of security with its Level III retention system, making it ideal for duty use and high-risk environments.

The holster brands of High Speed Gear are dedicated to providing firearm owners with the highest quality products that enhance their shooting experience. The addition of Springfield Echelon options further expands their commitment to delivering innovative and reliable solutions. In addition to holsters, the brands offer a selection of magazine pouches designed specifically for the Springfield Echelon line. These include Crucial Concealment’s Covert Mag Pouch and Comp-Tac’s Express Single Mag Pouch and Triple Mag Pouch. These magazine pouches provide rapid accessibility and secure retention for carrying additional magazines.

Raven Concealment Reintroduces Limited Time Iconic Phantom Holster

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Raven Concealment Systems has turned back time to 2015 to bring you a chance to own the concealment holster that started it all – the legendary RCS Phantom.

Over the next several weeks, they will be offering limited-edition drops of Phantom and Phantom LC holsters for dozens of different pistols. What makes this opportunity even more rare is that most of the model-fits we will be releasing have never been available before.

The Phantom was the very first modular, polymer, pancake-style holster. Invented by RCS in 2006 and made wildly popular by being featured in the Magpul Dynamics DVD series, the Phantom was always a highly-coveted holster. So coveted, in fact, that customers who ordered a Phantom between 2009 and 2015 had to be willing to wait through a lead time of 16-18 weeks.

Over the years, countless holster companies, big and small, have come to base their own concealment holsters on the Phantom’s trailblazing design. It’s safe to say that the Phantom is the archetype of the modern concealed-carry holster.

This promotion revives the quintessential Phantom experience:  The sleek lines, body-hugging contours, and modularity allow you to wear IWB or OWB. The envy of all your friends when you show up rocking the most sought-after concealment holster of our generation.

RCS will release new model-fits a few at a time over the next several weeks, so you’ll have to watch for upcoming press releases announcing which models are dropping each time.

Thus far, RCS has announced the following Phantom SKUs:

– CZ P-10C
– Glock 17 Gen 5
– Glock 48 MOS
– Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro
– Staccato C2
– Staccato P
– Walther PDP

…and the following Phantom LC SKUs:

– CZ P-10C + Streamlight TLR-7A
– Sig P365 XMACRO + Streamlight TLR-7A
– Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro + Streamlight TLR-7 Sub
– Staccato C2 + Streamlight TLR-7A
– Staccato P + Surefire X-300U A/B
– Walther PDP + Streamlight TLR-7A

RCS is expected to release additional new model fits early next week, with and without lights, as well as some revolver fits.

The Phantom Summer event is being conducted by pre-order ONLY. You will be charged when you place your order. The estimated lead time is 4-6 BUSINESS WEEKS from the time of order.

Shaw Concepts – Midride Compatible Sidekick Holster Pad

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Recently added to the Shaw Concepts line, the Sidekick Holster Pad has been well received, but they didn’t realize how popular the MidRide UBL is over the LowRide UBL.

As of this Friday’s restock, the Sidekick Holster Pad will be MidRide compatible.

V Development Group – Megingjörð PRO, an AIWB-Specific Belt

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

This is the newest version of our original AIWB-Specific belt design, the Megingjörð PRO.

It is called the PRO because it offers an industry-first type level of belt-side retention design. This retention design applies to any holster system, and any clip version or style, although we highly recommend that you use our DCC Clips and/or our seraph duty-grade AIWB Holster system. This is an upgrade to the already well-tested stiff section which the holster system is attached to. You would attach your holster’s clips inside this section and when you tighten the belt through the double-loops this section provides a level of holster retention that will exceed any concealed duty grade retention requirements.

There is a PALS-style webbing section that allows for a multitude of various blade sheath clips, or anything else you would like to attach to this section for further retention and concealment.

According to Old Norse, the Megingjörð (pronounced Meg-in-ye-ord) is the name of the belt worn by Thor, which translates into “power belt,” a big name for a big concept.

If you carry AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) then you know belt choice is extremely important. Simply buying a thick leather belt is often the only option for many or going out and getting some tactical-looking belt with a huge buckle. For those who have a lot of experience carrying in with an AIWB setup, they know that having the right belt matters, having big buckles, back-breaking rigid stiffness all around and pointless loops only adds to the detriment of carrying AIWB.