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The Raptor Holster Returns to T.REX ARMS

The Raptor Holster was a T.REX ARMS mainstay from 2015 until its supposed extinction in 2021. Now it’s back, and it has been completely redesigned; upgraded with better clip support, better adjustability, and better ergonomics.

We retired the Raptor holster when we introduced the Raptor Wing for our updated Sidecar: an attachment that allows the Sidecar to function similarly to the old Raptor at 4’oclock or AIWB positions… But it was not exactly the same.

The newly-updated Raptor’s footprint is smaller than the Sidecar, which can make a big difference depending on your priorities and needs. It features built-in grip tuck and weapon tilt for increased concealability, a stable two-clip design with optional DCC Monoblock compatibility, and a lower base price than the more modular Sidecar.

Built on better engineering and manufacturing processes, this is a tremendous entry-level holster for new AIWB carriers, but with enough performance, adjustability, and features for the most professional users.

Like all T.REX ARMS holsters, the Raptor is manufactured entirely in the USA: built to order in our Middle Tennessee facility, subjected to rigorous quality control procedures, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty and our world-class customer support team.

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