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Land Forces 22 – Wraith Multi Spectral Combat Uniform

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

The Wraith Multi Spectral Combat Uniform was developed with the cooperation of Australian Defence Apparel (manufacturer), FibroTex (material provider) and Spearpoint (design) to create a uniquely Australian camouflage system to replace standard combat uniforms and introduce true Multi Spectral concealment to the individual Soldier.

Spearpoint has represented Isreal’s FibroTex in Australia and New Zealand since since 2019. FibroTex manufactures the US Army’s Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS) as well as the Marine Corps’ NOA personal signature management system which can be seen on the mannequin on the right and on top of the individual shelter.

The Wraith pictures below is worn in lieu of a combat uniform and in conjunction with base layers, generally FR. The material is breathable and offers multi spectral concealment. However, the Soldier can use vision augmentation system to see out of the suit, even when the face is covered. This point is critical as a great deal of thermal exchange takes place in the facial area, often leading to detection even when the rest of the body is well camouflaged.

Individual equipment is intended to be worn under this oversuit design. As you can see, they have integrated access to equipment.

The Wraith is reversible and the visual camouflage patterns can be specified by the user such as Woodland/Alpine or Desert/Urban.

Additionally, the team has developed an Australian version of the famed Mitznefet Mulgara Multi Spectral Helmet Cover System called the (HCS), which adds neck flaps and breaks up the unique profile of the helmet.

While the Wraith system was designed with the Australian Digger in mind, it can be adopted by any friendly foreign military force. Spearpoint intend to set up a Sovereign manufacturing capability in Australia to meet Australian and regional requirements. This will provide Australia with the ability further develop patterns, capabilities and systems specifically for the ADF requirements. This will include personal, small team, mobile, modular and static systems.

Blast From The Past – Scorpion

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Here’s an image of the tag in the original Scorpion uniforms by Crye Associates, now known as Crye Precision.

Ocean State Innovations Adds Vietnam Tiger Stripe To CORDURA Stock Program

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Ocean State Innovations is bringing Vietnam Tiger Stripe into their CORDURA® stock program. Desert Tiger Stripe will be added later this year.  OSI has heard the market’s desire and demand for VTS and DTS.  OSI and Tiger Stripe Products are excited to expand the availability of these 500D and 1000D Classic™ CORDURA® fabrics.  OSI is taking orders now! Be sure to get your orders placed to get your piece of this first custom run. 

Contact your OSI representative Peter, Nick, or Geoff for information and pricing.

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TRC Outdoors Tiger Stripe Bush Hats

Monday, September 26th, 2022

By popular demand, our Bush Hats are now available in Tiger Stripe!

The Bush, or Boonie, Hat is beloved of soldiers everywhere. It’s a very practical and comfortable bit of headgear.

One thing you find is that soldiers will take the item they are issued and modify it according to their own needs. We’ve taken some of the most common modifications made to issued headgear, as well as the recommendations for alterations from the British Army Jungle School, and rolled them all into one product.

The hat itself has a 4cm brim which keeps the sun off of your eyes and/or face without blocking or channelling your field of view. It also won’t obstruct weapon optics

We’ve made the top of the hat out of the same tough mesh as our Timmy Hats so that your head is protected from the sun, but can still vent heat.

There’s a tie -on loop under the brim at the back of the hat so that you can dummy cord it to your clothing or gear to make sure you don’t lose it.

The cord to hold it in place is of a generous length so that you can wear it either under your chin or behind your head. 

Finally, inside the hat there is a hi-viz band for IFF when you’re working in dense bush. Ideal for the RE-ORG or for hunting.

Also available in Multicamo or Night Camo.

Woodland SAM 2 Fabric Now Available from MMI Textiles

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Now available from MMI Textiles, the stretch woven SAM2 fabric is Made in the USA and Berry Compliant. It is made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex and weighs in around 4.3 oz making it great for outer shells. This performance apparel fabric is durable, lightweight, breathable, wind and water resistant. Also, has excellent inherent abrasion resistance. Plus, it’s available in Woodland camouflage.

For more information, contact MMI Textiles.

Almost Half Million Dutch Soldiers To Wear Camouflage Fabric Developed In The UK

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

ADLINGTON, United Kingdom — September 20, 2022 — Pincroft, the largest textile dyer, printer and finisher in the United Kingdom, developed a new camouflage pattern for the Dutch Ministry of Defence as part of their Defensie Materieel Organisatie’s (DMO) ‘STRONG’ programme that aims to supply combat clothing and equipment to all military personnel part of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Army, Air Force and Marechaussee.

Pincroft followed the guidelines of the new Netherlands Fractal Pattern (NFP) to create an eight-colour camouflage design that provides high levels of disruption to give soldiers better concealment when needed.

As part of the Pincroft’s team developing the camouflage pattern, Chris Durkin, explains: “The more colours are added to the design, the more disruption is created offering a greater degree of concealment. Our experience in Infrared Reflective Technology (IRR) and military printing has allowed us the opportunity to produce a product that we are very proud of.”

The fabric itself was created by global workwear textile manufacturer, Carrington Textiles, specifically following the Dutch MoD’s requirements on comfort and protection. The result is a lightweight yet durable textile of 210gsm with a composition of 50% cotton, 50% high tenacity nylon and Ripstop for added strength.

The high cotton content of the fabric creates a uniform that’s comfortable to wear due to its softness to the touch, and breathability, as well as providing moisture wicking properties, key elements for the tough conditions soldiers work in. The addition of high tenacity nylon to the fabric, provides added strength and durability, with the Ripstop properties of the fabric offering tear resistance.

The Dutch MoD’s DMO reported: “The 43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade of the Koninklijke Landmacht in Havelte was the first to receive the new interim combat clothing. The soldiers received the basic coats and trousers in the new camouflage pattern. This is the start of the large-scale issue to the entire armed forces! So far we are very proud with the results.”

Around 480,000 trousers and jackets will be delivered to officers from the Royal Netherlands Navy, Army, Air Force and Marechaussee, during a uniform roll out part of the Dutch MoD’s ‘STRONG’ programme that aims to equip the armed forces in the next 18 months with versatile uniforms and equipment that are adjustable according to the assignment. The pack also includes a raincoat, combat shirt and baseball cap.

The new NFP camouflage pattern is being manufactured in a green or woodland style for the Army, Air Force, Marechaussee and Marines, while the Navy receives a blue or marine style design.

Carrington Textiles Sales Director, Paul Farrel, added: “We were honoured to receive from the Dutch MoD a regimental plaque to commemorate the launch of their new uniform and recognise the work we’ve done in developing this new fabric and print.

This milestone marked the beginning of the issuance of a new uniform to the Dutch armed forces.

Congratulations to the DMO’s KPU company for all their hard work and immense achievements, and to everyone at Pincroft and Carrington Textiles for playing a key role in the delivery of this transformational uniform!”

Platatac SPUR Tropical Pack in DPM

Monday, August 15th, 2022

Many jobs Platatac do fly under the radar including the SPUR Tropical Pack in very limited edition DPM (Kumul) Pattern.

The SPUR Tropical’s unique X-Frame system is designed to allow maximum airflow, evaporation and climate control when in hot environments under a heavy physical workload. The X-Frame also helps distribute the pack load onto the hips and small of the back reducing strain.

Available now while they last.

Mechanix Wear X Varusteleka Present The Original Gloves In Finnish M05 Camo

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

Varusteleka worked with Mechanix Wear to produce their classic Orginal Gloves in Finnish M05 camouflage.

Featuring a seamless palm made of 0.8 mm synthetic leather infused with touchscreen technology, the back of the hand is breathable and form-fitting TekDry. Made exclusively for Varusteleka, they bear the Särmä TST logo.

Available August 31st.