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WL Gore & Assoc – Gore Signature Management

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

It’s great to see WL Gore showing their Signature Management technology again. They initially brought it out a few years ago but were probably leaning too far in the foxhole. DoD was focused on other issues at the time. But with increased focus on China and Russia, the threats become much more sophisticated.

Gore offers true multispectral signature management. I’ve seen earlier versions in action. Based on the way they have presented their data at the ongoing virtual Modern Day Marine expo, they are updating the technology to focus on new threats which include vis, nIR and SWIR mitigation.

As far as most service members are concerned, WL Gore is synonymous with wet weather protection. That’s where they’ll really shine. With limited numbers of Gore multispectral concealment systems fielded over the years, they’ve proven they are are capable of integrating multispectral camouflage into durable wet weather breathable outwear and FR uniforms,

US Army Seeks to Minimize Command Posts’ Electronic Signature, Avoid Detection

Friday, September 4th, 2020

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Aug. 25, 2020) — Army Futures Command (AFC) is assessing commercial communications technologies that will be integrated in the next generation of command posts.

The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Center — a component of AFC’s Combat Capabilities Development Command — is leading this effort during the Network Modernization Experiment 2020 (NetModX 20), which began last month and will run through Oct. 2 at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Scientists and engineers, accompanied by Soldiers serving as advisers, are conducting experiments using millimeter wave technologies. Their intent is to adapt commercially available solutions that will reduce the enemy’s ability to detect the communications systems’ “noise,” or tell-tale electronic signature; withstand the adversaries jamming attempts; and make it easier to quickly relocate the command post — staying one step ahead of the enemy.

“The work to identify, test and militarize robust communications is critical for command post dispersion and mobility,” said J. Tyler Barton, C5ISR’s lead for Command Post Concepts. “Our goal is to help the Army determine which system specifications are needed to provide an effective operational capability so they can decide which to procure for upcoming command post integrated infrastructure (CPI2) experimentation and operational assessments.”

The initiative supports the C5ISR Center’s technology transition partner, the Army’s Product Manager CPI2, and contributes to the Army’s long-term objectives to design, test and field a cohesive command post structure with a reduced footprint that will replace large, tent-based command posts.

NetModX 20 CPI2 experiments will build on laboratory experiments conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, earlier this year. Researchers will learn more about the systems’ ability to communicate effectively with a low probability of intercept and detection. They will also examine whether a system can avoid disruption and jamming or identification and targeting from near-peer threats.

According to Joseph Saldiveri, interim project lead for NetModX 20, this type of field-based experimentation can change the trajectory of a project’s development and lead to a “more robust, flexible and relevant solution when the project is ready for operational testing.”

“It’s important to bring technologies out of the lab and into the field environment … because experiments in the field often yield different results than experienced in the lab,” he said.

Paul Tardy, PdM CPI2’s futures and lead systems engineer, also spoke about the significance of the experimentation environment.

“Iterative Soldier touch points, such as NetModX, are essential as the Army matures technologies and gets highly relevant new and enhanced capabilities procured and into the hands of the Soldier,” he said.

Following NetModX, the tested systems will transition to the Army’s Project Manager Tactical Network, which will supply a complete wireless network capability and integrate the systems into CPI2.

“These technologies will bridge the gap between commercial off-the-shelf technology and longer-range science and technology project areas to leverage for near-term quick wins for the Soldier,” Tardy said.

Barton and Tardy encourage industry and government representatives interested in aligning their command post efforts with Army’s to participate in the Army Network Capability Set 23 technical exchange meeting Sept. 2. Additional information about the event is available at under opportunity listing “W15P7T-20-R-TEM5.”

Story by Dan Lafontaine, C5ISR Center Public Affairs

Photos by Jasmyne Douglas, C5ISR Center Public Affairs

Raptor Tactical Adds Rhodesian Brushstroke and M81 Woodland Camo Patterns

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

Rhodesian and Woodland are now available from Raptor Tactical for most products.

White Out Overwhites from Wild Things – The New Heat for the Snow

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

Travel to Vail, Colorado and you’ll find a 13’ tall ‘Ski Trooper’ monument honoring the formation of the Tenth Mountain Division. Decked out with skis and old-school Overwhites – the Ski Troopers of the Tenth, and the Finnish that inspired them, might be seen as founding fathers of Overwhites in the military.

And if the Tenth represented the introduction of Overwhites to the military, it could be said that 1969’s ‘Where Eagles Dare’ and an Overwhites clad Clint Eastwood was Hollywood’s introduction of Overwhites to the masses.

Fast-forward: times have changed, and so have White Out Overwhites®. Still a favorite with select military units, as well as Hollywood, Overwhites provide concealment when the snow flies – deployed, or on the screen.


When there’s a need for Overwhites today, military units, the brands and community that support them, as well as Hollywood, all call Wild Things:


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Wild Things White Out Overwhites use a functional and durable near-IR treated 70-denier nylon in MultiCam Alpine for lightweight, low bulk, and low visibility. This both blocks the wind and provides a durable water-resistant layer in your kit.


So when you’re moving into higher altitudes or across snowpack (or maybe in a Hollywood production), drop Wild Things a line: we’re here to help you choose the right layers to meet your needs and your budget – from base layers to White Out Overwhites – we can handle whatever weather Mother Nature throws your way. Fear No Element™.


Featured White Out Overwhites:

White Out Overwhites Jacket

White Out Overwhites Pants

White Out Overwhites Pack Cover

Prym1 Camo’s Commitment To Those Who Serve To Protect Us – A Partnership With The FLEOA Foundation

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

The days of being able to simply take, take, take are over. As free men and women, citizens of the United States, we all have an obligation to help support those who serve to protect our way of lives, wherever we can.

As a brand camouflage licensing company, we at Prym1 Camo feel a responsibility to use our platform whenever we can. At our very core, our business model is predicated upon Americans’ ability to be able to live a free way of life, without restraints. For this very reason, we feel obliged to protect our freedoms and to support an organisation, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation, that is standing up and offering real support to our service heroes.

As Americans, freedom is ingrained in our DNA. Our right to our freedoms makes us who we are today, all equal, all American. Our freedoms must be fought for, protected and handed on generation after generation. That’s why together, we can bring about real change, with real action to help those who need it most. Our continued commitment to those who serve to protect us, means that a percentage of all profits on Prym1 Freedom licensed products will be donated to our partners, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation [FLEOA], helping to immediately offer financial support to families of fallen U.S federal officers and those who are terminally ill. This initiative allows customers who purchase licensed products in the Prym1 Freedom pattern to know that a percentage of their hard-earned dollars will be donated directly back into the FLEOA Foundation. In today’s world, buying your consumer products is simple. Prym1 Camo believes supporting those service heroes should be just as easy.

Ghosthood Compact-Poncho

Friday, August 14th, 2020

This is Ghosthood’s Compact-Poncho which uses CONCAMO and weighs just 212 grams.

Prym 1 Launches New ‘Prym1 Freedom’ Camouflage Pattern

Monday, August 10th, 2020

Prym1 Camo launches new ‘Prym1 Freedom’ pattern to celebrate American liberties and pay homage to the unwavering efforts of U.S service heroes, armed forces, veterans and patriots alike.

“May we think of freedom, not as the right to do what we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”

As Americans, freedom is inherently ingrained in our DNA. Encompassing many aspects of our life, our right to our freedoms makes us who we are today, all equal, all American.

At Prym1 Camo©, we partner with brands intrinsic to our way of life and sense of patriotism. You’ll find our patterns adorned on elite athletes, in the hands of our service heroes, outfitting adventurerers and honoring veterans. Our freedoms must be fought for, protected and handed on generation after generation.

Freedom has many fathers and mothers, and without the dedicated, unwavering efforts of so many protecting our liberties, we wanted to design a specific pattern that pays homage to that fact. Prym1 Freedom pattern gives you, the individual, the opportunity to wear our nation’s colors with pride, every single day!

Prym1 Freedom pattern is now available in printed fabrics and many other decorative processes.

For more information on licensing Prym1 Freedom, contact us: [email protected]

To learn more about Prym1 Freedom visit:

Contract Dispute Delays Fielding of New Dutch Combat Uniforms, Interim Solution Selected

Monday, August 10th, 2020

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, a contract dispute for new combat uniforms for the Dutch Army (Koninklijke Landmacht) and ensuing analysis of tender documents has led to the withdrawal of a contract award to manufacture them. The newly designed uniforms, developed as part of the Defensie Operationeel Kleding Systeem (Defense Operational Clothing System) or DOKS program, were intended to be fielded in 2023, but now that plan has been pushed back.

Instead, the Dutch forces will continue to field MultiCam Combat clothing for those troops deploying to contingency areas.

Additionally, non-deploying Dutch Army personnel will be issued an improved interim clothing package in the new national camouflage, the Netherlands Fractal Pattern M-19. NFP is available in several colorations.

This ensemble will be based on the Dutch Marine uniform seen above which is currently offered in M81 Woodland. It combines the new NFP fabric with the Marine cut, utilizing a material substitution in current contracts. Fielding of these uniforms should begin by mid-2021.

DOKS also fields a new helmet (manufactured by Galvion) as well as other equipment. These portions of the program continue unabated, with helmets delivered in batches, beginning at the end of this year. Eventually, the full system will be fielded, including clothing in an entirely new cut.

Photos from Dutch MOD.