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Predator Ghillie Backpack Cover

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ BACKPACK COVER helps break up the rectangular shape that all packs consist of and effectively reduces the pack’s outline.

Utilizing a unique combination of our Predator Ghillie pattern optimized for the profile of a pack and Ghillie dreads. This system helps manage and reduce visual signature.

The Predator Ghillie™ BACKPACK COVER is made using advanced laser cut methods, is available in a wide variety of camouflage patterns and can be easily stored in a utility pouch while not in use.

Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie Spectralflage Blanket

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ Spectralflage Blanket reduces the physical visual, NIR and thermal signature of the individual to help evade detection via UAS, night vision, and thermal threats.

This system utilizes complex, next generation engineering to accomplish the unthinkable; thermal mitigation of the individual war fighter against real world, near-peer technology like never before.

The blanket provides a physical 3D visual breakup with the advanced concealment properties of A-TACS camouflage. This system excels in not only the thermal spectrum but also visually.

The ability to conceal against ground and UAS IR night vision systems is the next step in signature management.

The Predator Ghillie Spectralflage Blanket is the next evolution in concealment technology. On the battlefield of tomorrow multispectral concealment is the way

Available on 6/15/22 @ 09:00 MST
only at

S.O.Tech 3 Day Assault Pack: Brushstroke

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

The Three Day Assault Pack is nothing new to the American Warrior – the size of the load dates back to the American Revolution. It came of age for our generation with Eagle’s AIII pack and every unit has requested a derivative design ever since. Our Three Day Assault Pack was designed for Special Operations personnel who wanted a lower profile to blend into civilian operational environments.  Our pack carries the 3 day load, but the external box pockets have been shifted inside and the profile was morphed from the kid’s school bag shape to a sport bullet shape.

Go Bags go live on main page on 6/17 at 12pm PST. $180. Limit 1 per customer.

A-TACS Original AU Returns

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

COLUMBUS, GA.- A-TACS® answers the call with the rerelease of the company’s flagship pattern: Original AU®.  The decision to bring Original AU back to market was made by consumer demand. “It was through discussions with our brand partners and end-user inquiries for product availability in A-TACS AU, that we felt the timing was right to rerelease,” said Phil Duke (owner, pattern designer).

Production of A-TACS AU in a variety of substrates (50/50 NYCO, NYCO Extreme – available in pigment print or VAT dye, 500D cordura, and webbing) have begun stateside with additional overseas production coming soon.  Phil Duke, owner of Digital Concealment Systems, LLC. (DCS) also added, “we are truly excited as a company to bring Original AU back and look forward to seeing new uniform styles and cutting-edge tactical gear on the market.”  

A-TACS Original AU (Arid/Urban) first launched at the inception of the A-TACS brand in 2009.  Being the first company to introduce the “pattern within a pattern” concept, which utilized micro patterns segmented into larger macro patterns.  The use of effective color grouping combined with innovative camouflage design enhanced the pattern’s natural ability to break up the human outline and create visual distortion at a greater distance.  Patterns developed within the A-TACS brand are utilized worldwide by military personnel, Special Operation Forces, Law Enforcement, private contractors, government agencies, as well as recreational enthusiasts.  A-TACS continues as a trusted name in the camouflage industry long known for the development of creative theatre specific concealment solutions. 

Digital Concealment Systems (DCS) is the only company in the concealment industry developing patterns for all facets of the market.  In 2007, founder and pattern designer Phil Duke left a marketing and pattern design position at one of the top two camo brands in the outdoor industry to form his own camouflage company NEXT Camo®, LLC.  Where the company introduced a series of successful traditional realistic “leaf and twig” camouflage patterns and later founded it’s two sister companies A-TACS Camo and Raider Concealment®.  DCS specializes in bringing both hunting and tactical camouflage patterns to market in a wide variety of applications.   

A-TACS Camo, since beginning in 2009, has deployed with various Tactical Professionals, Law Enforcement and Special Operations personnel in a wide array of hotspots around the globe.  The camo patterns are designed for maximum effectiveness in the widest possible range of operational environments worldwide.  A-TACS Camo patterns are created using a far greater range of inter-mingled natural colors that are blended and overlayed into one another creating a more naturalistic appearance.  Our goal from day one has been to provide head to toe Total Concealment and Protection for the end-user. 

Building on over 20 plus years of experience in the design and development of comprehensive concealment solutions, A-TACS is pleased to announce the rerelease of Original AU.

For more information or fabric inquires you can contact us at: [email protected] or visit

Predator Ghillie Spectralflage Blanket – Beez Combat Systems

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Flimmuur Tactical – Tigerstripe Velcro for Peltor Comtacs

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

Flimmuur Tactical has been making these simple peel and stick Velcro kits for Peltor ear pro since 2018. Now, they’re available in his distinct Tigerstripe pattern.

Rampart Range Day 22 – Internalenergy

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

Internalenergy offers two technologies. First up is their line of printed thermal targets.

Below you can see the photorealistic passive target located to the left of the photo above under thermal camera. These targets require no power or external heat source and can be customized using your photos.

They also manufacture multispectral camouflage. It is 100% waterproof, 100% thermal blocking and extremely lightweight.

Here’s a quick demonstration of the effectiveness of their poncho under thermal camera.

Internalenergy products are manufactured in Canada.

Internalenergy products can be procured by agencies, departments and units in Canada from Rampart International.

FN Unveils MultiCam FN SCAR Rifles at the 151st NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

McLean, VA – May 25, 2022) FN America, LLC is set to unveil custom MultiCam® patterned FN SCAR® NRCH rifles at the 151st NRA Annual Meeting held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, May 26 – 29, 2022. The pattern, Crye Precision’s original MultiCam®, has been applied hydrographically to the receiver and trigger module frame of the SCAR 16S, 17S and 20S commercial SCAR variants.

The legendary FN SCAR® series, having roots in its battle-proven lineage, now features dual, non-reciprocating charging handles that enable users to shoot from any position or use any grip style. The benchmark of reliability and versatility with its three variants, the FN SCAR rifles are capable of consistent accuracy from their cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrels and one-piece forged aluminum receiver. They deliver precision fire with aid from their fully adjustable buttstock, low-flash gas regulator and fast-handling characteristics uncommon in similar rifle platforms.

The MultiCam®  pattern is arguably one of the most popular camouflage patterns currently used by conventional and special operations forces worldwide. According to Crye Precision, the MultiCam® pattern was developed to effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. After many successful evaluations, after being proven in combat, and after becoming the officially issued pattern of the U.S. Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, MultiCam® is the proven multi-environment concealment solution.

To learn more about the MultiCam SCARs or other FN SCAR rifles, please visit or the FN Booth (2923) at the 151st NRA Annual Meeting.