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Kallman Worldwide Launches USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase – World’s First Commercial Media Platform for Aviation & Defense Industries

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Kallman Worldwide announces the launch of the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase, the 365-day, 24/7 commercial media platform (CMP) that combines the proven strength of trade shows with the power and speed of the Internet to become a permanent digital marketplace serving the aviation and defense industries.

WALDWICK, NJ / 1 March, 2021 — Kallman Worldwide, a U.S. based global trade promotion company founded in 1963, currently present their flagship USA Partnership Pavilion across numerous physical industry exhibitions per year, enhanced by the introduction of Digital Trade Missions and briefings.

The integration of the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase, officially launched on 1 March 2021 by Kallman Worldwide President Tom Kallman further expands their product portfolio and introduces a year-round content and media platform, allowing companies to display informational materials highlighting products and services.

The companies participating in the Showcase will each have a digital presence (“booth”) that is easily searchable by any keyword and includes a real time meeting booking system that enables visitors to request appointments with existing and potential U.S. business partners.

Trade visitors and exhibitors will also benefit from additional functionality, including a media center and Forum arena which will offer a full array of original and collated expert presentations, panel discussions, product launches and other relevant aerospace and defense industry insights. Forum content will be available both live and on demand, accessible 24/7.

Tom Kallman, President & CEO of Kallman Worldwide, described the role the Showcase plays in his company and in the industry. “We are trade show people” he said, “and at the nucleus of our success is one person connecting with another in a ‘let’s trade’ environment – trade names, trade ideas, trade requirements and capabilities, to see how we might be able to help each other. For the past five decades we have been harnessing the capabilities of new technologies to create opportunities for our clients to connect with their global business partners. We are excited to launch the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase as a further evolution of this mission.”

Joe Brunoli, Program Manager for the Showcase, explains what makes this new platform unique. “We are not a virtual trade show,” he states. “We are not a ‘virtual’ anything. What we are is a commercial media platform that combines the centuries old mission of a trade show with the latest tools for online productivity and collaboration,” he said.

“Our platform goes far beyond social networking to provide an industry specific digital marketplace that is purpose-built to facilitate commerce and trade.”

The USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase, accessible at, will be hosted on all upcoming USA Partnership Pavilions creating “Phygital” exhibit areas. Trade show visitors will be able to search for relevant products and services, and then connect either on stands in the Hall, or book immediate or future face-to-face online meetings using the powerful video conferencing capabilities built into the platform.

Clint Emerson Debuts Fourth 100 Deadly Skills Book

Saturday, January 30th, 2021

DALLAS, TX (January 26, 2021) – Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times best-selling author, Clint Emerson, released his newest book, 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION this week for physical sale. The book has already topped the charts in several categories for digital download ahead of this launch. His sixth book overall and fourth in the 100 Deadly Skills series, COMBAT EDITION is Emerson’s guide to defeating your enemy, fighting for your life, and embracing your inner badass.

With more than 20 years of service conducting special ops all over the world, Emerson continues to serve by empowering good people with safety and security skills at home, at work and abroad. His experience attached to his time serving on SEAL Team Three, the National Security Agency (NSA), and a Special Mission Unit provides a unique perspective to professional and civilian protection.

“The first volume in the 100 Deadly Skills series delivered clandestine hacks designed to allow readers to escape and evade threats at home and abroad. The second book, my Survival Edition, provided a blueprint to surviving chaos, misadventures, and fatal disasters.” Emerson continues, “Now, with the Combat Edition, I’ve created the most comprehensive on-the-ground combatives manual ever assembled—traveling the country to learn the most effective combat techniques from some of the deadliest characters on Earth. The goal remains the same: allowing good people to defeat evil, fight for their lives, and survive another day.”

This is the first-ever three-dimensional self-defense book. All tactics and techniques provided are presented in the narrative, with engaging illustrations and action-packed videos QR coded to each skill. The techniques rely on no-nonsense combative techniques, including weaponizing your non-violent posture, delivering damaging body strikes, accurately throwing a knife, quick drawing and shooting a handgun, tactically deceiving your enemy, surviving a multi-threat ambush and understanding non-lethal and lethal options.

There’s an old saying that you can’t learn to fight from a book, 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION challenges that statement. 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION is available for sale now and can purchased on Amazon.

For a behind the scenes look at Emerson and what went into the creation of 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION, watch: For updates from Clint and 100 Deadly Skills, follow the story on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


“Essential” A Film Featuring PPE Manufacturing By Outdoor Research

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Our friends at Outdoor Research recently released their film, Essential.

Essential shows the incredible teamwork and commitment of the Outdoor Research factory team, and teaches us about the power behind U.S. manufacturing. Outdoor Research has been a leader in U.S. made outdoor apparel and accessories for 40 years. Four floors of its 7-story headquarters building in Seattle, WA are dedicated to factory production space.

A 40-year history of rapidly developing cutting-edge Outdoor, Military and Tactical products provided Outdoor Research the ability to quickly shift to supporting the personal protective needs of the medical community.

The entire company is fully committed to ensuring that doctors, nurses, health-care workers and first responders have the personal protective equipment they require to effectively care for their patients. 

Highly respected in the outdoor industry for developing functional solutions for extreme environments, Outdoor Research has a history of successfully leveraging the best commercial market technologies to serve the needs of the armed services and first responders. Over the past two years the company has conducted a comprehensive review of the U.S. supply chain and is in active development with textile mills and materials providers to expand and elevate the capabilities of products that are 100-percent American-made. 

Over the last two years Outdoor Research has made significant capital investments designed to improve and modernize its Seattle factory. In May of 2019 the company opened an additional new, wholly-owned factory in El Monte, California. These investments allow Outdoor Research to take advantage of the company’s global knowledge of design, materials, and innovative manufacturing techniques while producing the next generation of outdoor and tactical products at its facilities. OR has continued to accelerate its product-development cycle, allowing the latest innovations to be rapidly fielded to the end user, helping increase the mobility and protection of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and now the medical community.

Watch Essential to see how OR pivoted their business in March of 2020 to serve the needs of frontline healthcare workers and essential hospital staff.

This film is dedicated to Outdoor Research production staff and essential workers around the world. We encourage you to share this film, and the story of the OR factory team, as you are able.

Find Retailers Who Sell Recoil Magazine Near You

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

With the continued one-two punch of groups suppressing both the first and second amendments, it’s become harder and harder to find the popular Recoil, Off Grid, Concealment and Carnivore magazines.

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“WILDCraft: West of Somewhere” Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

(COLUMBIA, SC, December 14, 2020) WILDCraft Entertainment is excited to announce the release of Season Two of the WILDCraft Series, WILDCraft: West of Somewhere, on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Season One, WILDCraft: South Africa, chronicled the adventures of four outdoor writers hunting free-range Kudu in South Africa’s Northern Cape. The epic four-episode series took the viewer on a real-life, unscripted, multi-character, tent-camp adventure. The series debuted on Amazon Prime Video in October of 2019.

Season Two follows four writers on their adventure across Texas. Gun Digest Editor-in-Chief Luke Hartle joins up with outdoor writers Richard Mann and Len Waldron and the legendary outdoor writer and hunter Ron Spomer. The cast prepare for their adventure at the FTW Ranch where they receive training and dial in their gear for the hunt. From there they start their overland journey, driving across Texas loaded with their gear to their hunting destination. Once they arrive, they explore the rugged and picturesque terrain of West Texas with off-road vehicles and test their skills on a poor-man’s sheep hunt in pursuit of free-range aoudad—Barbary sheep. Special guest appearance by Sheriff Jim Wilson.

Presented by SIG Sauer, the eight-part series is filmed in 6K and 4K UltraHD bringing the hunting and campfire settings to your home as if you are actually there. Episode eight is a behind the scenes special showing just what it takes to produce this type of hunting and adventure series.

“Bringing a large film crew to the rough countryside of West Texas was a challenge,” said Fernando Coelho, Executive Producer of WILDCraft. Fernando continued, “A production like this becomes easier when you have sponsors like SIG Sauer, Remington, Sportsman’s Guide, FTW Ranch and many others supporting the project. With the help of Sony we were able to film this series with cameras normally used on full blown high budget motion pictures. But with that brought about new challenges for our crew. In the end, I feel we came away with footage that the viewer is going to truly enjoy watching.”

Episodes 1 through 7 of WILDCraft: West of Somewhere are now available streaming direct from Amazon Prime Instant video.

Clint Smith Narrates “Urban Rifle 2, Close Combat Conflict Resolution”

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Clint Smith narrates an MP3 version of his latest book, “Urban Rifle 2, Close Combat Conflict Resolution,” in his own unique style. This version offers bonus content for every chapter, aide stories and real world Clintisms throughout the audio files.

Click here to listen to a preview.

Visit for more details and to buy your copy today.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Black Friday Sales & X-RAY Episode 1 Launches

Friday, November 27th, 2020

FirstSpearTV presents X-RAY Team Episode 1.

Check out our nonstandard, nonstocking items page for our Black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

For FirstSpear sale items, go to:

“SABER DOWN,” The New Thriller by Harrison Kone, Available December 2020

Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Author, Harrison Kone, takes readers on a thrilling ride of intrigue as a MARSOC Special Operations Officer takes on arms dealers, terrorists, and even his government.

Atlanta, Ga.(November 2020) – While on mission near Kandahar, Afghanistan, an IED and ambush take seasoned MARSOC Marine Raider, Captain David Shaw, out of the fight. While recuperating at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Shaw learns greater forces within the military are pushing him toward a forced medical retirement, but Shaw is hell-bent on returning to his team in the Middle East. As his team heads to Yemen for a special assignment, Shaw is left with no choice but to observe as a spectator from the inside of a US-based mission room. He watches in horror as their helicopters are shot down by unknown forces. After discovering the identity of the individuals responsible but unable to get to them on his own, Shaw bends the rules and subverts his command to lead a raid against the terrorist leader responsible for the attack on his men. But the mission leads to new questions. Who provided the US-made weapons used in the attack? Who is selling out Marines for profit?

Harrison Kone’s debut thriller, “SABER DOWN” published by Deeds Publishing, takes readers from the sands of Afghanistan to Marine bases in the US; from battle-torn Yemen to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on a roller-coaster ride of collusion, intrigue, and the heroic actions of the MARSOC Marine Raiders. Inspired by real-world events and his grandfather’s stories as a Marine Corps machine gunner during WWII in some of the toughest conflicts faced by our Marines, Kone pays tribute to the men and women who head toward the sound of gunfire to protect our Country’s way of life and liberty.

“The protagonist in SABER DOWN, Captain David Shaw, was birthed from the question, what does a philosopher warrior look like?” Harrison explained. “My grandfather, who served in the Marines during WWII, fit this bill. At 100, his mind is as sharp as ever. In his play, he wrote his personal philosophy on life and death, war and peace that was heavily influenced by his time on Guadalcanal and Bougainville. My protagonist, in many ways, is the modern incarnation of my grandfather: inquisitive, philosophical, and dedicated to duty. What would happen if this warrior faced corruption, greed, and personal loss? How would he react? What would this philosopher warrior do? Read SABER DOWN to find out.”

“SABER DOWN” will be available at Amazon and everywhere books are sold in early December 2020, for $35.00 for a hardback edition, $21.95 for a paperback edition, and $9.99 for an e-book edition.

“I cannot express my excitement to release this book and connect with a community of engaged readers,” Harrison continued. “My hope is that SABER DOWN provides a thrilling adventure for its readers and that these readers can walk in the footsteps of some of the nation’s most elite warriors. The novel draws on the combat experience of veterans to provide engaging and believable realism. There are no super soldiers, no Captain Americas, just men and women dedicated to a creed, an ideal, that the individual next to you on the battlefield is worth dying for. SABER DOWN honors the teamwork of our special operations communities and that devotion to one another.

They understand that the mission cannot be accomplished alone but through the will of the team. I hope that the readers of this book will be so moved that they choose to live their life in a similar way, striving to accomplish greatness in their own endeavors, leaving no dream to rot in the realm of What if?”

Kone, writer, 2nd Amendment advocate, theologian, and family man, is available for speaking engagements and interviews. Please contact Laura Burgess at [email protected] for more information on how to engage with the author of this new globe-trotting thriller.

Follow Kone and stay informed on his next thriller at and by following him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Parler.