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Ninety-Pound Rucksack Recounts Story of World War II’s 10th Mountain Division

Monday, April 17th, 2023

A new podcast, Ninety-Pound Rucksack, is recounting the story of World War II’s 10th Mountain Division and its contributions to outdoor recreation in America.

Hosted by veteran alpinist and climbing historian Christian Beckwith, the podcast offers a deep dive into the origins of the 10th, an unprecedented unit of US Army climbers and skiers who trained for more than two years in the Colorado Rockies to fight the Axis powers in extreme cold and mountainous terrain.

Informed by an advisory board of the 10th’s foremost experts, the podcast details a different chapter in the unit’s history with each episode, providing a sweeping overview of the Division’s influence on both American military and its outdoor recreation industry. Post-war, 10th Mountain Division veterans founded and developed ski areas across America, started companies like NOLS and Nike and launched the fields of avalanche science and wilderness rescue.

Based on the podcast’s first few episodes, Beckwith was invited to keynote the XVIII Airborne Corps’ Leadership Forum at Ft. Drum, New York, in February. He is now serving as an advisor to the 10th Mountain Alpine Club, a nascent organization that is helping the unit reconnect with its historic identity, and will keynote the 10th Mountain Division’s Mountain Fest 2023 in June.

Ninety-Pound Rucksack is available at www.christianbeckwith.com

Shooting Industry Insiders On Headhunters NW Podcast Episodes 7 & 8

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

March 21, 2023 –Edgemont, SD – HeadHunters NW, the premier executive recruiting firm focused exclusively and deliberately on talent acquisition for the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry, announces two new HeadHunters NW Podcast episodes. Hosted by Shaylene Keiner, President of HeadHunters NW, the show explores the joys and challenges of organizations and careers in the sought-after shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.

The new installments welcome Chris DiCenso of Growth Strategy Partners on episode 7 and Ron Dan from Trailblazer Firearms in episode 8. “Join us as we discuss the importance of networking and industry friendships, firearm distribution models, gun fun, industry culture, and more,” said Keiner. 

HeadHunters NW Podcast

• HHNW #7 Chris DiCenso, Managing Partner, Growth Strategy Partners

• HHNW #8 Ron Dan, President, Trailblazer Firearms

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of the HeadHunters NW Podcast featuring compelling conversations with two notable leaders from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF®).

“Please share the podcast with folks you know and people you think should consider working in our great community of freedom-loving, gun-carrying Americans,” Keiner added.

Find the HeadHunters NW Podcast on Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube, or Google Podcasts. To learn more, visit headhuntersnw.com/podcast.

For more information about HeadHunters NW, visit HeadHuntersNW.com. Follow on social media at LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

New Military Thriller by Brigadier General Anthony J Tata: Total Empire

Sunday, March 19th, 2023


FLORIDA – Powerhouse military thriller author Anthony J. Tata returns with a brand new book, using his vast military experience to create stories that feel all too real. In Total Empire: A Garrett Sinclair Novel (St. Martin’s Press; on sale March 21, 2023; $27.99), Tata sends his hero General Garrett Sinclair on a rogue mission in the Sahara Desert to thwart an international nuclear threat.

When Sergeant Major Sylvester “Sly” Morgan is killed on a mission, his daughter Zoey tells General Sinclair that she discovered her father’s death wasn’t a random killing. Her father accidentally recorded a high-level meeting between Chinese, American, and French diplomats as they spoke with tech moguls about a plan for a new global government.

The Chinese-U.S. Partnership (CUSP) intends to combine the world’s two largest economies and militaries to usher in a new era of partnership and global control. But China’s offer to partner has a deadline and penalties for noncompliance. As a safeguard, China launches five high-tech hypersonic glide vehicles, armed with nuclear weapons, from a strategic point in the Eye of Africa. When Zoey disappears after her father’s funeral and reappears in the Eye of Africa, seemingly in pursuit of her father’s killer, Sinclair and his team scramble to catch up with Zoey’s rapid movements once she activates a distress signal.

Without authorization, Sinclair takes Dagger Team into Dakhla, Morocco, and points beyond in the Mauritanian Desert as he attempts to save Zoey’s life. With too many missions to execute and not enough information, Sinclair and Dagger Team discover that the Chinese plan is nearly complete. Facing insurmountable odds and without support from the American government, Sinclair takes matters into his own hands, leading his team into the Sahara death pit to find Zoey, prevent a nuclear war, and stop the globalist agenda from taking hold.

Ironclad Announces New Podcast Starring Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf

Sunday, March 12th, 2023


One of the world’s most elite warriors refocuses his mission to find out what it takes to solve the world’s impossible problems.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA: Former Navy SEAL, wingsuit record holder, and host of the popular podcast Cleared Hot has signed on to host the new podcast from IRONCLAD and executive producer Jack Carr, Change Agents.

In each episode, Stumpf sits down with an “agent of change” who is tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues and global crisis, including cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo, gang violence in American cities, human trafficking and child exploitation, disappearances of indigenous women on Native American land, the Rohingya genocide, and more.

Stumpf, a former member of SEAL Team 6, Stumpf is well-known in the military special operations community, and his podcast Cleared Hot is ranked in Apple’s Top 100 in the competitive Society and Culture category. He’s also a frequent guest on podcasts including The Joe Rogan Experience, The Fighter and the Kid, Jocko Podcast, and others.

“When IRONCLAD presented the concept for Change Agents, I knew immediately that it would be a good fit,” Stumpf said. “It’s easy to be focused on negative headlines and stories about everything wrong with the world. But with Change Agents, I not only get to give context to the problems facing communities around the globe, I also get to talk with the people on the frontlines of trying to solve them, and empower the audience with ways that they can make a difference.”

IRONCLAD is known for its slate of original podcasts, including Mental Performance Daily with Brian Cain, Reborn with Ashley Horner, Oil & Whiskey with Roadster Shop, Success Hotlines with Dr. Rob Gilbert, as well as two hosted by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Jack Carr: Danger Close and The Terminal List Podcast.

Jack Carr, the executive producer of Change Agents, is the former SEAL behind the popular Terminal List thriller novels which were recently adapted into the hit Amazon Prime Video series starring Chris Pratt. Two more seasons of the show are currently in the works, and Carr’s sixth novel in the series will be released this spring.

“Andy is one of the most unique voices in podcasting,” Jack Carr said. “His unflinching, no-nonsense approach to interviews make him the ideal host for a show that takes a deep dive into issues that are easy to ignore, but impossible to shake once you know the truth of.”

The show premiers on March 27 on the IRONCLAD YouTube Channel and will hit all major podcast platforms on March 28, kicking off with an interview with Glenn Devitt.

An Army veteran, Devitt went on to work with Homeland Security’s H.E.R.O. (Human Exploitation Rescue Operative) Program and was a Homeland Security Investigations Computer Forensic Analyst who is now the CEO of the Sentinel Foundation, a group that works with international law enforcement agencies to bring traffickers to justice. It’s the first time Devitt has told his story of hunting down international sex traffickers publicly.

“I think people will be shocked when they hear the first episode,” Stumpf said. “Not just by the horrific reality of modern-day sex trafficking, but also by how they can make a difference in combating it.”

The first season will run for 25 episodes and is being produced in both audio and video formats. 

There are also plans for the show to be developed into a TV / streaming series, where Stumpf can visit areas of crisis around the world, giving audiences a firsthand look at the issues, while also meeting the people making an impact.

“One of the IRONCLAD guiding principles is that, ‘iron sharpens iron,’” IRONCLAD founder and CEO Jeremy Carey said. “With Change Agents, we can challenge and empower our audience to actually do something about issues that are often ignored or swept under the rug. Ultimately, our goal is to make Change Agents a true transmedia franchise, starting with the podcast and web series, but ultimately by developing the show into a globe-hopping adventure series with the right streaming partner. We believe in investing in Andy–and investing in content that gives people a sense of real hope about the state of the world.”

The series trailer drops on March 15, and the first two episodes hit the IRONCLAD YouTube channel and all major podcast platforms on March 28, 2023.

Light Fighter Manifesto Volume II

Friday, March 3rd, 2023

Are you ready to go where the mainstream media fears to tread? Then our uncensored Light Fighter Manifesto Volume II, “Disrupt and Destroy,” is just what you need!

We’re not afraid to dig deep into the darkest corners of modern warfare and technology. Our team of writers exposes the world of emergent war, uncovering the strategies and trends shaping the current conflicts.

This hard-hitting volume examines disruption and denial operations from anti-tank tactics, cyber warfare, nefarious drone use, and sniping. We also spend time underground and explore the dangers of Subterranean Operations.

Head over to CR2 Supply Cage to Order.

Jon Becker, Founder of Aardvark Tactical and PROJECT7 Armor, Releases Season 2 of The Debrief

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

La Verne, CA: Following the success of its first season, The Debrief with Jon Becker announced it will be back for Season 2 starting February 1, 2023. The new season will start with interviews of Medal of Honor Recipient MSgt. Earl Plumlee debriefing his actions on August 28, 2013 in Afghanistan; RCMP Inspector Kevin Cyr discussing RCMP-ERT and tactical decision making; Chief Phil Hansen on the history of LASD-SEB and modern leadership challenges; as well as an operator from Brigade de Recherche et D’intervention (BRI) with a first-hand debrief of the Paris Bataclan hostage rescue. But those are just a few of the guests for Season 2.

Based on feedback from listeners, The Debrief will move from a primarily video to primarily audio format for Season 2. The Debrief audience primarily listens to the show, rather than watching it, and by moving to an audio first format the show will be able to record remote episodes which will provide for a greater breadth of guests. The primary video format will still be used in certain episodes, but audio will be the primary focus. This change of format will not however affect the streaming platforms on which the show is available.

Jon Becker, the host of the Debrief, shared his thoughts on season 2:

“I am very excited for Season 2. We are so grateful to our audience for the support they have given, and this season we are planning to take The Debrief to an even higher level. I am privileged to share the stories of amazing people as well as explore the issues facing tactical law enforcement. We have amazing guests lined up for this season and we are going to probe some very challenging topics.”

Since the release of the podcast’s first season in June 2022, it has received incredible reviews and accolades including winning a prestigious Muse Award. The Debrief has been covered on other podcasts including CATO, Tactical Breakdown, NPA’s Policing Matters, and On the Blue Line. The debrief has also been featured in Police & Security News and Police1.com.

The Debrief is available wherever you find your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple, Youtube, and Amazon. New episodes launch on the first of each month. Visit www.thedebrief.live to stay updated on the latest episodes as they release.


Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Rheinmetall has a new print and online magazine entitled DIMENSIONS which offers greater depth on the things that the company is involved in.


Mack Bolan Convention

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

In 1985, Mack Bolan creator Don Pendleton held the first and only convention for his iconic crime fighter in San Francisco. Hosted by publisher Gold Eagle Books, over 1,000 fans attended to convention.

The tale of the event is told at www.donpendleton.com/mack-bolan-convention.