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SIG SAUER Premieres SIG Studios on @SIGSauerinc YouTube Channel

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

NEWINGTON, N.H., (November 8, 2023) – SIG SAUER is proud to introduce SIG Studios, a groundbreaking new venture from SIG SAUER with ‘Stories of the Uncommon.’ The documentary series features the stories of visionaries, storytellers, and truth-seekers in the defense, competitive sports, and outdoor industry.  In honor of Veterans Day, the SIG Studios inaugural premiere kicks off with the never told story of Special Warfare Development Group and the Army Special Missions Unit, retired Master Sergeant Kevin Holland on Friday, November 10, 2023.

“At SIG SAUER we continue to push the limits to become the most influential brand in our space,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “All of the content within SIG Studios is as innovative and unique as our products which has propelled us to be a leader in our industry.” 

Following the premiere of “One Man. One Path. Many Missions.” SIG Studios will launch several more documentaries featuring Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler, Best Selling Author Jack Carr, CrossFit Champion and former Special Forces Operator Rich Froning, MMA Champion Rose Namajunas, and more. 

SIG Studios, ‘Stories of the Uncommon,’ is available exclusively on the @SIGSauerinc YouTube Channel.

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Guns & Outdoor News Kicks Off Third Week

Monday, August 14th, 2023

Today marked the beginning of Guns & Outdoor News’ daily webcast, hosted by Bri Coelho.

Each episode is available at at 9 AM Eastern and focuses on different topics. A co-production of SSD and, we cover all things related to outdoors and outdoor sports, the shooting industry and shooting sports, the tactical industry, hunting, and water sports. Additional content include interviews with members of the gun industry, major shooting sports events, behind the scenes tours of manufacturer facilities, new product debuts, and trade shows.

TNVC Presents: Night Vision Minute

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) is excited to announce our latest project – a brand-new video series, ‘Night Vision Minute.’ Our goal? To take customers and end-users on a deeper dive into the world of night vision devices through bite-sized, easy-to-understand information and insights.

With new videos releasing on Tuesdays, ‘Night Vision Minute’ is your fast-track to understanding night vision technologies. In these videos, we don’t just scratch the surface; we dig into your burning questions, providing a firm footing for both those just starting their journey and seasoned night vision users looking to sharpen their knowledge.

Spoiler Alert: though the series is called ‘Night Vision Minute;’ our commitment to delivering high-value content means we’re not bound by the 60-second mark. We’ll continue to expand the envelope with long-form content and videos, all tailored to give you the best educational experience possible. (Don’t worry, we’ll keep doing the long videos for those who want to take a deeper dive!)

TNVC INC Night Vision Minute: What Tubes Should I Choose?

TNVC INC Night Vision Minute: Otte Gear Helmet Bag Configurations

Our sincere hope is that ‘Night Vision Minute’ serves as your launchpad into the fascinating, sometimes complex, but always captivating world of night vision technology. We’re eager to explore topics that are of particular interest to you, so feel free to shoot us your suggestions!

Stay tuned for ‘Night Vision Minute’ videos on our Youtube channel – new videos release on Tuesdays. Hit that subscribe button so you won’t miss anything! To get more scoop on ‘Night Vision Minute’ and other exciting offerings from TNVC, visit

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute DOD endorsement.

Coming Soon: Guns and Outdoor News (and Donuts!)

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

We have teamed up with Panteao Productions create a web-based news show called Guns and Outdoor News and Donuts! Launching July 31st, new episodes will air Monday through Friday at 9AM ET with special episodes airing on Saturdays.

Each episode will focus on different topics. We will be covering all things related to outdoors and outdoor sports, the shooting industry and shooting sports, the tactical industry, hunting, and water sports. Additional content will include interviews with members of the gun industry, major shooting sports events, behind the scenes tours of manufacturer facilities, new product debuts, and trade shows.

The episodes will air on Make Ready TV as well as the new Guns & Outdoor News website.

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Panteao Debuts Make Ready Online Classes

Friday, June 16th, 2023

Live interactive classes with your favorite instructors.

Columbia, SC, June 16, 2023 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the debut of Make Ready Online Classes, our live interactive classes with your favorite instructors from Make Ready TV.

Since 2010, Panteao Productions has been leading the way in online firearms training while also offering content covering empty hands defense, edged weapons, survival training, dog training, medical skills, strength training, documentary shows, and episodic content like Inside Story, Wildcraft, Wilderness to Table and more.

Panteao’s streaming platform, Make Ready TV, delivers content from over 60 instructors in formats including DVD, digital rental, digital download purchase, and monthly and annual streaming subscriptions. Over 7,000 videos are available from the Make Ready TV website, Apple and Android mobile apps, and from your television on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Now we offer live interactive classes for you to participate in from our website and mobile devices. With our online classes you will be able to interact directly with our instructors in real time. No matter where you are in the country or around the world, you will be able to join our live streaming classes.

There are currently 13 classes available from 5 instructors including Pat McNamara, Rick Hogg, Jeff Gonzales, Tony Blauer, and Chris “Dutch” Moyer. More classes and instructors will be coming soon to the lineup.

To see the lineup of classes, visit Make Ready TV at:

Rangering in the Ruin: WarGate Books’ Sgt. Thor

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment have gone, seen, and conquered in some of the worst places in the world – this, however, may be the strangest place they’ve led the way. The following release from WarGate Books – one of the owners of which is a former Ranger – tells of the latest project in the Forgotten Ruin series. The Ruin books are a different take on military science fiction.

Somethingthing to know before you get started: Amazon’s marketing department is now shad0w-banning indie authors with “violent content” on the cover (guns, swords, combat, etc.: more on that here). Big-name authors like Jack Carr haven’t been impacted yet (that we’re aware of), but individual writers and small publishing houses very much have been. They cannot run ads on Amazon Marketing Solutions on affected novels, and some books are no longer searchable by the author’s name. You can’t find them unless you know the specific title of the individual book. Sound familiar?



Sgt. Thor and Mjölnir Rock the Ruin

Area 51, God Only Knows When

Bring it in; take a knee. WarGate Books is proud to announce Sgt. Thor’s imminent raid on the Ruin, Sua Sponte solo style.

BLUF: An indie book company with a stable-full of combat veteran writers and best-selling authors is launching a new book line. You should back them on Kickstarter.

This won’t matter to you if you prefer anemic military science fiction, effete protagonists, lackluster action, or peace. If you appreciate a side of carnage to go with your violence of action, though, then you’re going to want to read on!

Who is Sgt. Thor? He’s what would happen if Conan completed Ranger School, got tabbed and scrolled, and carried a .50 AMR named Mjölnir on his adventures. He’s the guy who changed his name and his religious affiliation so he could grow a beard, then went full Viking. You know, the former surfer with the Glock 17, matched tomahawks, and Thor Score: The Regimental high score for stacking monstrous bodies.

What is the Ruin? It’s an ancient, murderous future. It’s four hundred generations from now, the wreck of a world Ruined by a nano-plague. It’s a place stalked by hideous creatures and haunted by fiends.

It’s the place a company of Rangers with attachments and augments finds themselves going shock and awesome on a series of HVTs straight out of a Tolkien novel or D&D campaign.

What about WarGate Books? They’re this world’s source for the acclaimed Galaxy’s EdgeThe Lost, Warlord¸ Splashdown, and of course Forgotten Ruin series of novels. They have entirely reimagined military science fiction.

Rangers gonna Ranger, whether they’re killing bad guys in dirty manjams or orcs in rusted armor.

“The Ranger tab is just a leadership school. The scroll is a way of life.” Sgt. Thor

An excerpt from the Forgotten Ruin series…

I tell Sergeant Thor what I’ve seen out there, more undead than expected being called back into service by the god of death. And yes, it sounds just as crazy as I think it does when I say it out loud. But I never mind that and give the intel because that’s what you’re supposed to do no matter how crazy it sounds.

We’re about to get hit good and hard by an unexpected amount of enemy units that may be ghosts.

From the Rangers’ position here in the team with the command element, they can’t see the undead elves and werewolves now massing behind the front of skeleton foot and grave troll heavies getting murdered by Knife Hand and the scouts. Even the snipers can’t hit them. But they’re there.

“Death god,” rumbles Thor, still holding Mjölnir, his Barrett M107 anti-materiel rifle.

I can’t tell if killing a god is actually seriously being considered by the Ranger sniper, but if I were a betting man, I’m pretty sure the Thor High Score just got another item added to the to-do-before-death list.

He confirms this a second later.


Anspach, Jason; Cole, Nick. Hit & Fade (Forgotten Ruin series book 2)

For more information:

Contact WarGate: press@wargatebooks(.)com
Visit WarGate Books: wargatebooks(.)com
Forgotten Ruin Books Online: amazon(.)com/dp/B08X1VSRRF

Ninety-Pound Rucksack Recounts Story of World War II’s 10th Mountain Division

Monday, April 17th, 2023

A new podcast, Ninety-Pound Rucksack, is recounting the story of World War II’s 10th Mountain Division and its contributions to outdoor recreation in America.

Hosted by veteran alpinist and climbing historian Christian Beckwith, the podcast offers a deep dive into the origins of the 10th, an unprecedented unit of US Army climbers and skiers who trained for more than two years in the Colorado Rockies to fight the Axis powers in extreme cold and mountainous terrain.

Informed by an advisory board of the 10th’s foremost experts, the podcast details a different chapter in the unit’s history with each episode, providing a sweeping overview of the Division’s influence on both American military and its outdoor recreation industry. Post-war, 10th Mountain Division veterans founded and developed ski areas across America, started companies like NOLS and Nike and launched the fields of avalanche science and wilderness rescue.

Based on the podcast’s first few episodes, Beckwith was invited to keynote the XVIII Airborne Corps’ Leadership Forum at Ft. Drum, New York, in February. He is now serving as an advisor to the 10th Mountain Alpine Club, a nascent organization that is helping the unit reconnect with its historic identity, and will keynote the 10th Mountain Division’s Mountain Fest 2023 in June.

Ninety-Pound Rucksack is available at

Shooting Industry Insiders On Headhunters NW Podcast Episodes 7 & 8

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

March 21, 2023 –Edgemont, SD – HeadHunters NW, the premier executive recruiting firm focused exclusively and deliberately on talent acquisition for the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry, announces two new HeadHunters NW Podcast episodes. Hosted by Shaylene Keiner, President of HeadHunters NW, the show explores the joys and challenges of organizations and careers in the sought-after shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.

The new installments welcome Chris DiCenso of Growth Strategy Partners on episode 7 and Ron Dan from Trailblazer Firearms in episode 8. “Join us as we discuss the importance of networking and industry friendships, firearm distribution models, gun fun, industry culture, and more,” said Keiner. 

HeadHunters NW Podcast

• HHNW #7 Chris DiCenso, Managing Partner, Growth Strategy Partners

• HHNW #8 Ron Dan, President, Trailblazer Firearms

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of the HeadHunters NW Podcast featuring compelling conversations with two notable leaders from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF®).

“Please share the podcast with folks you know and people you think should consider working in our great community of freedom-loving, gun-carrying Americans,” Keiner added.

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