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Ghosts In The Machine

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Apparently this video has people upset.

Personally, I’m just glad they’re using the term “psywar” again.

Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. Releases The Challenge of Flight Video Series The Series Features Top Gun Pilots Flying Real Combat Missions

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

CHICAGO, IL – May 9, 2022 – Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc., in conjunction with Keeney & Company, today announced the release of the internationally popular aviation military video series, The Challenge of Flight, to major streaming channels. Originally aired on The Military Channel, The Challenge of Flight was created by pilots for pilots, military aviation enthusiasts and those interested in the history of flight.

The incredible Challenge of Flight video collection explores the many challenges faced by pilots in the air, including explosive mishaps and miraculous tales of survival. The series gives viewers an up-close and unedited look at some truly awe-inspiring moments in military aviation history as told by the pilots who experienced it all.

Producer Doug Keeney, a fighter pilot himself and author, said, “The series is a heroic piece of story-telling, a story of great personal triumph. Aviation history is marked not by nuts and bolts but by moments that gave and took lives away. It is the story of flight seen through the eyes of the military pilots who lived through it.”

The Challenge of Flight takes audiences into the cockpit to experience once-in-a-lifetime landings, life or death struggles for control off the carrier deck, horrifying ramp strikes, locked controls, burning tires, flat spins, near misses, close calls and mishaps.

Distributor Tom Edinger said, “These are the stories that pilots have talked about for years among themselves and are now revealed to us in an up-close and personal style.”

Incredible stories of survival and courage emerge from the world of military aviation every day. For those who dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom, the risks are high, but the rewards are great. From bone-jarring crashes to fiery landings, these brave men and women face challenges that would cause most of us to tremble in our boots. But they don’t give up easily, and their tenacity and skills are inspiring. The next time you see a jet fighter plane or another type of military aircraft take off or land, take a moment to think about the dedicated pilots and crew who make it all possible. They are true heroes.

The 19-episode, highly acclaimed series is available to buy, rent, or stream on Amazon Prime Video. For more information, visit thechallengeofflight.com, theusmilitarychannel.com, and watch the trailer on YouTube.

Jon Becker, Founder of Aardvark Tactical and PROJECT7 ARMOR, Releases The Debrief, A New Conversational Podcast Centered on Tactical Leadership

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

After over four decades spent serving and protecting tactical operators, Jon Becker is imparting some of the lessons he has learned along the way to listeners across the nation. The Debrief is an interview-based podcast that tells the stories of the leaders of some of the world’s top law enforcement and military units – individuals who navigate dangerous situations with their highly effective teams every day.

Jon Becker founded AARDVARK at just seventeen years old. The company started out as a climbing equipment business, often selling gear to SWAT teams and operators. After attending law school and working in police litigation, Becker realized that the best way he could serve tactical operators was by producing and providing high quality gear and products that would enhance operator safety on the job. After AARDVARK’s expansion and success, Becker founded PROJECT7, a provider of purpose-built, scalable, and configurable tactical platforms. Throughout this decades-long journey, Becker has learned invaluable lessons about the lives and work of law enforcement and tactical operators, leading him to a deep understanding of the principles and core values behind highly effective teams. After keynoting for many years on the leadership of elite units and what he terms “culture-centric” leadership, Becker is putting those lessons into The Debrief, a non-profit podcast that serves the wider public.

Although The Debrief focuses on the stories of tactical officers and team leaders, the audience is much more broad: leaders from all spheres, including business, entrepreneurship, communications, healthcare, law enforcement, and much more, will be informed and inspired by the lessons The Debrief has to impart. Jon and guests will cover conversations that are relevant to leaders of any field, including accountability, psychology, risk taking, and collaboration. The primary goal of The Debrief is to share these stories in the hopes of making us all better leaders, better thinkers, and better people.

The Debrief is available wherever you find your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Google Play. Visit www.thedebrief.live to stay updated on the latest episodes as they release.

Will Life Imitate Art With The Next Generation Squad Weapon Program?

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

The video game “Battlefield 2042“, created by DICE and distributed by Electronic Arts, takes place in the near future. Interestingly, the standard issue weapon for the US Army is the M5A3 rifle which in the game, is a SIG Spear variant. What’s more, it’s an “A3” variant of the rifle meaning it’s been in service awhile by the time the game’s 2042 has rolled around, having received several upgrades along the way.

The US Army recently announced that the nomenclature of the Rifle component in the Next Generation Squad Weapon program is the XM5. The “X” prefix will be dropped once the weapon finishes test and evaluation and is fully adopted.l, making it the M5.

Sure enough, one of the two candidate rifles vying for adoption by the Army is the SIG Spear in 6.8 x 51.

The Army plans to announce its choice between the SIG and True Velocity candidate weapons soon, with testing planned for later this year.

Although 2042 is still two decades off, the question remains; will life imitate art?

S.O.Tech In The Movies: No Time To Die

Saturday, March 12th, 2022

S.O.Tech has a 25 year history of supplying custom sewn tactical gear for some of Hollywood’s biggest movies. But there is something about a James Bond film that sets it apart and makes you feel like you are part of a dynasty. Just imagine watching the latest and possibly the best Bond film of the series and realizing that your bag is slung on both Daniel Craig’s (James Bond) and Lashana Lynch’s (Nomi) characters bodies in the climax battle scene of the movie! And not only do the pair of black S.O.Tech Go Bags look Bond-sexy, but the characters are using them exactly as they are designed. They are cross slung and Bond rotates the bag one handed to expose the single pull open zipper to draw his explosive charges, reverse slinging it as he goes. And then when he and 007 expend their last charges, one pinch to the release buckle and the SGBs slide off their shoulders to the floor. We thought that Josh Duhamel did our go bag right in the first Transformers movie, but nothing beats Bond destroying the lair of the Arch Villain of Chaos drawing from your go-bag.

We originally designed the S.O.Tech Go Bag with a group of superstars of the Tier 1 community. As always, we keep their identities close-hold, but the idea man’s initials are encapsulated in the product code. The wanted a survival bag for ammo, chow, radio batteries and SERE items, but they needed something that would fit in confined spaces like the Hi Lux, up-armoreds, and Little Birds and Black Hawks. The tubular design slid between the seats and when it came time to bail, one arm through the sling and it was out the door with you. And with inward facing zippers, it protected the contents while making them easily accessible pulled to the front so you could access while on the move. We have modified the bag into half a dozen different configurations including clandestine weapon carriers, camera and commo carriers, and surveillance technical packs. So ending up in a Bond move is an appropriate capital achievement for this workhorse design.

When James Bond and Nomi are both wearing my S.O.Tech Go Bag and they deploy their demolitions from the sling the way I designed it — I think we have finally achieved cinematic perfection in the world.

For decades we have custom sewn prop gear for film productions through ISS and HPR prop houses, but “No Time to Die” came to us through our friends and representatives in England and Denmark, Ian from Tactical Kit UK and Kim Starke from Gear Up Tactical. Needless to say we are truly appreciative of their choices and referrals.

To commemorate S.O.Tech’s Original Go Bag in No Time To Die we are producing a limited run of the original model as seen in the film. Bags are currently in production and scheduled to ship by March 31st. You can order yours here.


“Built to survive the world’s worst!”

5.11, MGM, United Artists Releasing and K9s For Warriors Team Up to Support U.S. Military Veterans

Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Channing Tatum (co-director/star) and Reid Carolin (co-director/writer) join to support military veterans in celebration of their new film “Dog”

IRVINE, Calif. (Feb. 11, 2021) 5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, has teamed up with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), United Artists Releasing (UAR) and K9s For Warriors to support military veterans in celebration of the February 18 theatrical release of the upcoming film, ‘Dog’ starring Channing Tatum and co-directed by Tatum and Reid Carolin. As part of the collaboration, 5.11 will donate $25,000 to K9s For Warriors, the nation’s largest provider of trained service dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and/or military sexual trauma.

As a part of the initiative, Carolin, Tatum and K9s For Warriors delivered a service dog to a well-deserving member of the U.S. Military earlier this month. Active Navy Captain, Jon, and his new Labrador, Winston, will complete a 3-week training program at K9s For Warriors’ headquarters in Florida where will build an unwavering bond.

(Left to Right) Navy Captain, Jon, with Labrador, Winston, Dog Co-Director, Reid Carolin, and Dog Co-Director and Actor, Channing Tatum

Tatum reflected on the opportunity to unite a deserving veteran with his dog saying, “it is an honor to be a part of this moment.” Around creating the film, Tatum remarked, “It was a really beautiful journey for us to learn the depth of the bond between a soldier and a dog.”

DOG is a buddy comedy that follows the misadventures of two former Army Rangers paired against their will on the road trip of a lifetime. Army Ranger Briggs (Channing Tatum) and Lulu (a Belgian Malinois dog) buckle into a 1984 Ford Bronco and race down the Pacific Coast in hopes of making it to a fellow soldier’s funeral on time. Along the way, they’ll drive each other completely crazy, break a small handful of laws, narrowly evade death, and learn to let down their guards in order to have a fighting chance of finding happiness. With roots in servicing military communities, 5.11 products appear throughout the film, including the RUSH24™ 2.0 Backpack used by Tatum’s character.

“We’re pleased to support these outstanding projects that bring awareness to the many sacrifices and struggles that our nation’s veterans face every day,” said 5.11’s CMO, Debra Radcliff. “We hope our contribution helps more brave veterans find a companion through the efforts of K9s For Warriors and lets them know they are greatly appreciated.”

Determined to end veteran suicide, K9s For Warriors is a non-profit that pairs highly trained service dogs, commonly rescued from shelters, with veterans struggling with the invisible wounds of war. This innovative program allows the K9/Warrior team to build an unwavering bond that facilitates their collective healing and recovery.

“We are incredibly grateful to collaborate with 5.11, MGM and UA Releasing to support our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms,” said K9s For Warriors CEO Rory Diamond. “K9s For Warriors has the privilege every day to see the impact a Service Dog has on a veteran. With a battle buddy by their side, the veteran returns to a life of a dignity and independence. This partnership has given us the amazing opportunity to showcase that special moment when Channing surprises our Warrior Jon with his Service Dog for the first time, beginning their journey towards an unbreakable bond.”

Join us in celebrating the work of K9s For Warriors, the spirit of the film ‘Dog’, and the excitement from Channing and Reid around uniting Jon and Winston. The video can be viewed in its entirety here.

For more information on 5.11’s activation with MGM, UAR and K9s for Warriors, please visit www.511tactical.com/k9s-for-warriors. For more information on 5.11, please visit www.511Tactical.com. To learn more about K9s For Warriors visit www.k9sforwarrior.org.

Looking to Outsource Your Social Media Presence During SHOT Show?

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

MCT Marketing is a full-service social media management + growth company and we will be at SHOT Show this year.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your products/services on your social media platforms. MCT will be able to post + create content for you throughout SHOT Show. There is so much going on during SHOT Show, this will keep your clients up to date with any special releases and current offers that are available! We will also be able to help you reach a new audience on your platform and target people that are attending the show with social media strategies and hashtags. This is a great option if your social media manager will not be traveling to SHOT Show and you need someone to document your experience without paying for all the overhead expenses. MCT Marketing will only be taking a limited number of clients so if this is something you are interested in, please let us know as soon as possible to ensure your spot.

NEED help with social media after SHOT Show? Mona Tolleson, founder of MCT Marketing will be available to meet during the show. Before starting MCT Marketing, she was in the defense contracting industry for 7 years. She is a social media expert (with over 35K followers), she strives to help businesses take their social media presence to the next level.

To learn more about our SHOT show packages or to schedule a meeting with Mona, please call 757-300-3627 or email [email protected].

Website: www.mctmarketing.com

Viridian Announces Full-Blown Tactical Behind the Scenes Video from Rotor Riot

Friday, December 17th, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – December 16, 2021 – Viridian Weapon Technologies is proud to announce the release of a candid behind-the-scenes video produced by Rotor Riot, the company behind the drones used in the filming of Viridian’s epic Full-Blown Tactical video. “Professional FPV Cinema – Inside Look on a Big Budget Drone Production” takes viewers through the production process from the perspective of the Rotor Riot pilots who assisted with cinematography and kept the drones operational.

“The team from Rotor Riot is comprised of brilliant pilots,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “We couldn’t have captured the content that we needed without the skill and expertise of these pilots. From their technical skills with maintenance and repairs, to the willingness to fly directly into the giant fireballs—the skills we saw on display were truly inspirational.”

Rotor Riot is a company that exists to support the professional and recreational needs of First-Person Video (FPV) drone pilots. Complete FPV drones, designed and built to the specifications of Rotor Riot’s team members, are available on Rotor Riot’s website. They also provide parts and service for custom builders.

While FPV drones are an integral part of Rotor Riot’s business, the company also produces dynamic content showcasing the skills of FPV pilots, Rotor Riot team members, and the constantly evolving techniques that pilots can develop with FPV drones.

“Working with Viridian introduces Rotor Riot to a new audience,” Drew Camden, Rotor Riot President and Team Pilot Le Drib, said. “Our core audience and is built of recreational drone pilots and pilots who use these FPV drones for professional cinematography, and a video like this allows them to see how we’re using freestyle skills to capture content for brands that are part of a completely different industry while still pushing the limits of what’s possible.”

For more information on Rotor Riot, check out their YouTube channel, and the Rotor Riot Facebook page. To learn more about Rotor Riots drones and team, visit RotorRiot.com

Viridian’s Full-Blown Tactical video can be seen here.

More information about Viridian weapon-mounted accessories visit ViridianWeaponTech.com.