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Crye Precision Adds Color Options for Female Fit Uniforms

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

Now available, three new color offerings for the G4 Female Fit line.

The G4 Female Fit line tailor the uniforms specifically to a woman’s body, creating unparalleled fit and function. Combined with the feature set of the G4 line, the uniforms are now available in Ranger Green. Khaki, and Black.

Gun Tote’n Mamas Announces Expansion into Sportsman’s Warehouse

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

NORTHBROOK, Illinois – November 29, 2023 – Gun Tote’n Mamas™, the leading provider of women’s protection solutions, is excited to announce its expansion into Sportsman’s Warehouse, making its high-quality concealed carry products more accessible to customers nationwide.

When it comes to personal safety, purchasing a reliable and durable concealed carry product is essential. Gun Tote’n Mamas (GTM) bags provide customers with the tools they need to confidently carry their firearms, ensuring peace of mind in any situation. With a wide range of thoughtfully made and rigorously tested CCW products, GTM is the perfect choice for anyone looking to prioritize personal safety without compromising on style.

Made from curated leather, these bags are not only stylish but also low maintenance and built to last. Each purse is meticulously crafted by the founder, who handpicks hides, determines construction, based on years in Luggage manufacturing, and creates structure to ensure that every bag meets the highest standards.

“At GTM, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our bags are designed to provide a seamless and secure carrying experience, empowering women to protect themselves with confidence, and can trust that they are investing in the highest rated product in the market.” said Claudia Chisholm, President of GTM.

To guarantee the utmost reliability and safety, GTM bags undergo thorough testing by experienced firearm training professionals. Contrary to common misconceptions, we have successfully developed a system that allows for left, right and top drawability. This ambidextrous design ensures quick and easy access to your firearm when you need it most.

With over 40 years of experience in luggage construction, GTM understands the importance of durability. These bags have a remarkable 0.01% return rate, a testament to their exceptional quality standards. By choosing a GTM bag, Sportsman’s Warehouse customers can trust that they are investing in a product that has undergone peak construction and testing.

“With this rapidly growing market, we are offering essential needs of female firearm owners. We’re thrilled to be selling in Sportsman’s Warehouse, one of America’s top Outdoors retailers,” said Chisholm.

GTM bags are designed with security in mind. The shoulder straps are reinforced with 11 individual wires twisted together, making them slash-resistant and capable of carrying the weight of the purse, including a firearm, an extra magazine, and other self-defense essentials. The gun compartments feature only nylon coil zippers, ensuring reliable and quick access to your firearm in critical moments.

One customer shared their experience, stating, “I picked up this purse to go along with my GLOCK 43 as well as a revolver. Both guns fit nicely. I like how you can POSITION the holster at any angle that is comfortable for the user. The gun compartment has a zipper that gives you full access so you can easily position the holster and gun. This bag has lots of room to fit all of your everyday needs, along with your weapon. Everything stays SECURELY in the bag!”

Visit the GTM Dealer Locator to explore the wide range of GTM concealed carry handbags. With their exceptional quality, functionality and stylish designs, GTM bags are the perfect choice for anyone looking to prioritize personal safety without compromising on style.

Gun Tote’n Mamas remains committed to prioritizing women’s protection and providing a practical and reliable way to step out in style. For more information about GTM Original and its services, visit or call 847-446-0700 Ext. 105.

HOIST IV Level Hydration Announces Partnership with Melissa Bachman

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Cincinnati, OHIO (November 28, 2023) – HOIST® one of the fastest growing hydration beverages in the U.S., is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Melissa Bachman.

Bachman is a prominent force in the outdoors industry, renowned for her hunting skills, her passion for conservation, and her role as host of the television program, Winchester Deadly Passion. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as both Bachman and HOIST join forces to promote hydration and maximize success within the outdoors community.

“We are beyond excited to partner with Melissa,” said HOIST Director of Marketing Taryn Lawson. “Melissa’s dedication to the outdoors industry and commitment to empowering others to lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle perfectly complements the HOIST mission.”

Winchester Deadly Passions documents Bachman’s hunting experiences and shares her insider tips as she hunts a variety of species from around the world, including thunderous bull elk and thousand-pound gators. Through her authentic portrayal of the outdoors lifestyle across her social channels, Bachman has amassed a following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and television. Today, Bachman’s fast-paced content has built a community that shares in her passion for the outdoors and promotes adventure.

HOIST is dedicated to providing high-quality hydration solutions for those that push physical boundaries to its limits, making this community the perfect match. With a range of refreshing bottled beverages, as well as replenishing powder sticks and pouches, HOIST is made to support the performance levels that’s required of hunters who take to the outdoors for any extreme adventure. 

For more information about HOIST, visit

For more information about Melissa Bachman, visit or find and follow Melissa on social platforms @melissa_bachman. 

AF Special Warfare Training Wing Hosts Pelvic Health Clinic

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

The Special Warfare Training Wing supports a rigorous training pipeline, preparing America’s Airmen to meet the physical & cognitive demands required to compete in a contested environment. The physical stresses of both the female and male trainee make training taxing on their pelvic floor & abdominal wall. The prevalence of urinary incontinence for athletes is cited ranging between 10-80%, and for female athletes, 49% experience stress urinary incontinence with exercise.

Given these staggering numbers and the physical demands placed on candidates entering the #afspecwar pipeline, Major Greene, a Physical Therapist (PT) supporting the 352 Combat Control School, invited two Pelvic Health PTs to host a 2-day “pelvic health for the athlete” course at Chapman Annex, JBSA for musculoskeletal experts serving in both the Special Warfare Training Wing and partners at the 59th Medical Wing. The Special Warfare Human Performance Squadron is the first in the DoD serving the special warfare community to understand this impact, host a training course to address the issue, and build a capability ready for America’s next generation of operators.

Special Warfare Human Performance Support Group

USASOC Study Outlines Measures to Optimize Female Soldiers

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

WASHINGTON — To better address obstacles facing female Soldiers serving in special operations units and to retain its top talent, Army Special Operations Command outlined 42 recommendations in a study released Monday.

The research’s findings will guide USASOC in optimizing female warfighters while noting their physical and anatomical differences.

“It is not about providing accommodations for women,” said USASOC Command Sgt. Maj. JoAnn Naumann. “It’s providing tools that allow women to maximize their performance and continue to serve at all levels and across time.”

During the yearlong study, researchers found that 44% of the female Soldiers surveyed said they experienced equipment-fitting challenges relating to body armor, helmets and ruck systems. The problem can impact women’s abilities to perform basic Soldier maneuvers and skills.

Female Soldiers also reported that the time they spent planning pregnancies negatively impacted their careers, leading to Soldiers scheduling childbearing around career milestones or avoiding pregnancy entirely, according to the 106-page report, titled, “Breaking Barriers: Women in Army Special Operations Forces.”

Researchers held more than 40 focus groups and interviews with women and men from across the force. The study focused on the areas of equipment fitting, childcare, gender bias, social support, sexual harassment, pregnancy and postpartum, and morale and wellbeing. Retired Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette, former USASOC commander, initiated the 2021 study, which had more than 5,000 respondents. Additionally, the survey addressed other concerns including challenges of small-statured Soldiers and access to healthcare.

The study also explored attitudes towards females serving in combat and special operations units. The survey results showed Soldiers had a favorable view of women serving in special operations units with no reported decline in morale. About 72% of women and 64% of men surveyed said they would support their daughter joining Army special operations units.

According to findings, 80% of men reported that gender-related concerns had no impact on their decision to remain in special operations forces. Researchers found most gender-biased comments and attitudes during the study came from senior NCOs, indicating a difference in generational views, Naumann said.

“Although disappointed by some of the findings and comments in the study, we are committed to addressing these issues with candor and transparency,” Lt. Gen. Jonathan Braga, USASOC commander wrote in the report’s introduction.

“To change culture takes time,” Braga added. “We have to be better — we must be better.”

The Women in ARSOF Initiative outlined three lines of effort to address the hurdles: mentorship and sponsorship, health and readiness, and modernization.

For mentorship and sponsorship, units can create a “culture of excellence” through education and accountability, said Lt. Col. Rachel Cepis, the director of the Women in ARSOF Initiative. For example, the Army can host more educational forums where Soldiers can learn how to schedule duties around breastfeeding or deal with postpartum related issues, as well as women’s health and nutrition.

Survey participants that have had children listed the top five postpartum challenges: (1) depression, stress, and anxiety, (2) inability to perform to the same level as the unit, (3) lactation, (4) maternity leave, and (5) diastasis recti abdominus.

Focus group participants said they experienced hardship finding adequate care during and after pregnancy. Soldiers also voiced concerns about pregnancy hindering career progression and having adequate breastfeeding locations, as well as convalescent leave following miscarriages.

The 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, Colorado began a female mentorship program, while the 3rd Special Forces Group and 528th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, plan to establish a similar initiative at each battalion headquarters. The 528th Sustainment Brigade also hosts monthly engagements with female Soldiers.

“We’re looking at it holistically. I’m excited to see the growth of women in our formation in all positions,” Cepis said. “And I’m thrilled that we’re looking at ways to help them perform at their maximum potential.”

“This is about driving change and making ultimately, ARSOF and the [Defense Department] better,” she added.

In the second line of effort, health and readiness, USASOC partnered with Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick, Massachusetts to study physiological, metabolic and psychological responses during and after completion of extreme and prolonged training. USASOC has also submitted four topics to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services 2024 research solicitation: (1) women’s physical and physiological characteristics of elite female warfighters, (2) pregnancy and postpartum impacts on readiness, (3) long and short-term impacts of intentional dehydration, and (4) endocrine adaptations of female warfighters.

Cepis said USASOC is working with the Army, SOCOM, and academic partners to study the effects of menstrual cycles on female warfighters and ways to maximize performance. USASOC plans to examine sicknesses and illnesses that females suffer in the field and explore how to avoid musculoskeletal injuries related to female anatomy differences, she added.

Finally in modernization, the study recognizes the anatomical and anthropometric differences between men and women and Army Combat Capabilities Development Command [DEVCOM] at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland will be modernizing dress and duty uniforms as well as body armor that better fits the varying body types and sizes.

USASOC has done limited user assessments with the Army Modular Scalable Body Armor, a lightweight, adjustable bulletproof vest, and the Army Integrated Helmet Protection System, a multi-faceted head gear, which consists of protection and retention systems, a helmet cover and hearing protection.

The Women in ARSOF Director has partnered with DEVCOM to better develop items ranging from pregnant female service uniforms to female urinary devices.

USASOC founded the Women in ARSOF Initiative to specifically study female-modernization challenges while advising Army and SOF senior leaders. ARSOF also began publishing a newsletter series, created an online platform and developed a portal site to keep Soldiers updated on the study findings and ongoing efforts.

“I have never felt so heard and understood in my career until [the newsletter] started being published,” wrote a 25-year-old Soldier who has spent five years in special operations forces.

USASOC, headquartered at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, trains, equips and educates special operations units in support of the joint force.

By Joe Lacdan, Army News Service

SLG2, Inc Remains at the Forefront of Safety: A Look at the Q2 Report

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

ATHENS, Ala. – August 1, 2023 – SLG2, Inc. has officially released its impressive 2023 2nd quarter report, showing they continue to make lifelong impacts on the shooting industry with new brand extensions, the 15-year expansion tour, and more. The company remains dedicated to empowering individuals and families to build confidence, enhance their shooting skills and prioritize safety.

“With a strong emphasis on public safety initiatives, we’re proud of the impact we’ve made throughout this past quarter,” said Karen Butler, founder and president of SLG2, Inc. “The Shoot Like A Girl and Safe LivinG trailers continue to pioneer firearm and community safety nationwide. We are excited to keep connecting with both new and seasoned firearm owners, fostering further discussions on safety and empowerment.”

Throughout the 2nd quarter, SLG2, Inc. took its mission nationwide, reaching nearly 2,000 registered guests and an estimated 90,000 attendees at events, along with hosting two turkey hunts. The company’s efforts have been instrumental in promoting safety within communities.

SLG2, Inc. recently debuted the Excellence in Safety Award, honoring companies that prioritize safety and produce secure products. The award, symbolized by a cut crystal trophy featuring the Safe LivinG logo, underscores the significance of always prioritizing safety. Ruger was the recipient of the 2nd Quarter award, having demonstrated exceptional commitment to the shared mission.

The 15-year Expansion Tour created a transformative impact on guests’ attitudes towards firearms in this quarter. Approximately 28% of guests exhibited improved attitudes, while 68% already held a positive view of firearms. 31% of guests were inspired to recruit others to explore shooting sports after the experience.

“This was such a positive experience for me. It gave me self-confidence and appreciation of the outdoors and hunting. The women I met where so encouraging, patient and kind,” said one turkey hunt guest. “I left there not only loving the total experience, but I learned how to love myself.”

As SLG2, Inc. reflects on this impactful quarter, these impressive numbers and events were made possible by the overwhelming support from its industry partners and the amazing guests that choose to participate. The team continues to foster a love for the shooting and keeping themselves and others safe through education and empowerment as they look towards the next quarter and beyond.

Navy Launches Historic Aircrew Study to Update Size Requirements for a Diverse Fleet

Sunday, June 25th, 2023

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) is leading the Navy’s first comprehensive study since 1964 to update aviator size requirements, improve aircrew gear and equipment, and expand access for prospective future aviators. This is the Navy’s first aircrew study to include women and minorities.

“We are excited to launch this historic study that will improve the readiness, protection, performance and safety for our Navy’s aviation community,” said Lori Basham, NAWCAD’s principal investigator for the study. “Updating our data to accurately characterize our aircrew will address the needs of a population that is drastically different than it was in the 1960s.”

NAWCAD is seeking participation from more than 4,000 active-duty, enlisted, and commissioned aviators, flight officers and aircrew. The research team will measure these service members across the country when they tour the Navy’s most populous air bases from through December 2023. Participation in the 30-to 50-minute study will require 32 simple body measurements that include various heights, lengths, breadths and circumferences that are relevant to aircrew. Researchers will remove personal information to protect participant privacy.

Traditional anthropometric studies are expensive, historically costing between $6 and $14 million dollars in industry settings, depending on the scope of effort. Today, NAWCAD can perform its own study almost completely in-house, costing the Navy less than $2 million, due to the command’s advanced 3D scanning hardware and expertise as well as supportive technology and subject matter experts through other services and industry partnerships.

For more information on the study or for participation coordination, contact Lt. Jennifer Knapp at [email protected]. For study technical questions, contact Lori Brattin Basham at [email protected]

From Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Public Affairs

For The Ladies – Kühl’s Kultivatr Overall

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

Offering UPF 50+ protection, the Kultivatr Overall is made from a stretch twill fabric and offers olenty of pockets for those outdoor chores.

Offered in Honey, Pavement, and Sage in sizes 0-16.