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New Irish Defence Forces Camouflage Pattern Developed by Crye Precision

Although the pattern has been kept under wraps, photos have recently been made public of the new Defence Forces camouflage pattern which will soon replace the four-color DPM, in service since 2000. Although called Disruptive Pattern Material, like the old British national pattern, the two patterns don’t resemble one another.

In Irish, the Defence Forces are referred to officially as Óglaigh na hÉireann and consist of the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service, along with reserve forces.

Developed by Crye Precision, this new national pattern owes some obvious design cues and color palette from MultiCam. However, there is a very distinctive element in the Irish Transitional MultiCam Pattern. You’ll notice two stylized versions of the letter “F” which stand for Fianna Fáil (not the political party).

In addition to ITMP, Irish troops will also be receiving a completely new clothing ensemble called the DF Combat Clothing System. Cost estimates for the new gear are at upwards of €40 million which is still under development and will feature versions in both male and female sizing.

By Eric Graves

13 Responses to “New Irish Defence Forces Camouflage Pattern Developed by Crye Precision”

  1. ODG says:

    HAHAHAHA, So the Irish paid for a shittier version of OCP ?

  2. T says:


    Canada is now the only nation in the Anglosphere not wearing a variant of Crye.

    CAF/CA/DLR/PSPC – Take notes!!!!!!

  3. STEPAN1983 says:


  4. Ray Forest says:

    I agree it’s rather boring. They should have incorporated a shamrock into the pattern at the very least. Maybe a leprechaun like the fighting Irish. Now that would have been interesting.