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Belgium Adopts New Operational Clothing System

Monday, April 4th, 2022

Starting this November Belgian troops will begin to receive new clothing in the MultiCam camouflage pattern. Uniforms will be in the Crye Precision G4 cut in both men’s and women’s sizing.

Photo from Belgium Directorate of Military Resources

The initial package going out includes the following items from the Crye catalog:

The “Belgian Defence Clothing System” includes everything from the skin out including wool underwear, insulating and shell layers as well as eventually new helmets, armor, and load carriage. There is also a CBRN (Chemical, Bacteriological, Radioactive, Nuclear) equipment element of the program.

In order to address sustainability, any chemical finishes and membranes are avoided where possible. There is also an agreement to collect the currently issued uniforms and process them in an ecological way in order to “give them a second life.”

In addition Crye Precision, two Belgian companies, Sioen Apparel and SEYNTEX make up the SSC Consortium and will supply the program for the next 15 years which currently has a total budget of 410 million euros.

Crye Precision G4 and G4 Hot Weather Combat Shirts Now with Full MultiCam Print

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

The Standard G4 Uniforms feature the exclusive stretch VTX Ripstop fabric and are constructed with Invista’s T420 high-tenacity nylon fiber, allowing the uniform to be light yet strong. The G4 Hot Weather Uniforms are engineered specifically for humid, tropical environments, with extremely lightweight, fast-drying nylon ripstop fabric featuring MCS Blocker to wick away moisture and provide UV protection.

S.O.Tech Road Warrior Bag in MultiCam Arid

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

A travel bag designed by guys who hit the road hard, fast and often – SOF operators. These are guys who are always waiting for the balloon to go up and the call to move out. The guys who live in hotel rooms and stay prepped and organized to lift and shift to the next location on a moments notice.

The Road Warrior Bag has pockets for your power cords, first aid and survival kits, international licenses, passports and travel documents, and a main compartment organizing your hygiene items and meds. This bag stays stocked and loaded in your locker. When the call comes, you throw this in a 3 day pack with a weeks worth of clothes and you are out the door. When you are laid out in your hotel and the team needs to shift to the next town, a quick visual inspection of this pack will remind you what is missing before you blow out. Power cords, batteries, can openers, flashlights, SCUBA license, bug juice, pill packs – everything has its place. And when you get back to home base, restock before you replace because you never know when that phone is going to ring. 

The Road Warrior Bag also makes a great tool, electronics or medical bag.

Drops Friday 2/25 12pm PST. While supplies last, no backorders. $99. Use the following code at checkout for free shipping: asseenonssd

“Built to survive the world’s worst!”

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Squadron Smock Now Available in Multicam Arid

Friday, February 18th, 2022

Now available in Multicam Arid— check out the Squadron Smock, an exceptionally popular garment from FS which has maintained its classic design matched with modern high performance materials. The dual layer MID 400 merino package is used throughout the hood, back and shoulders as well as two zippered hand pockets.

With over 18 total pockets this smock serves a load bearing vest style capability many outer garments could not support. An oversized hood works great over the top of a bump lid or helmet.

FirstSpear has also used a low profile padding through the elbow and forearm finished with extra large adjustable cuffs. Webbing attachment points on the back and hood can be used to secure a pack like the ECP or even add foliage for concealment. Like most FirstSpear products the Squadron Smock is 100% American made and Berry Compliant. 

Additionally, we offer our popular Wind Cheater in Multicam Arid as well.

For more information, check out or

S.O.Tech Go Pack, MultiCam Black

Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Over 16 years of the iconic S.O.Tech Go Bag line. The SGP (S.O.Tech Go Pack) for the first time now offered in Multicam® Black. The Go Pack having convertible shoulder straps that go from backpack to sling carry.

The S.O.Tech Go Bag series came from a friend in one of JSOC’s Tier units. They were operating in Afghanistan and Iraq crammed in Hi Luxes and Little Birds. They needed a survival kit bag that could slide in and stack in those compact spaces and extract when the troop came into contact.

The original tubular bag with single sling shoulder strap had three small zippered pockets for batteries, food, NODS, and other items.

When the same troops needed to transport their weapons quietly, we extended the length to accommodate the M4 broken down and extended the side pouches to take mags. Breaking the carbine down and stacking its components presented a a tubular shape that confused any surveillance team looking for weapons bags.

The design was quickly adapted by teams across the Interagency. And the third iteration was the S.O.Tech Go Pack where we created a double shoulder strap version for those guys carrying such a heavy load that the sling shoulder strap just wasn’t enough. However, we configured it in a unique arrangement so the double shoulder strap could connect for form a single sling strap for lighted load. All of these designs allowed for the quick donning motion of throwing it over the head and shoulder, and the easy access by spinning it around.

Drops Friday 12/31 12pm PST. While supplies last, no backorders. $195. Use the following code at checkout for free shipping: asseenonssd

“Built to survive the world’s worst!”

Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Now Available in MultiCam Arid, Tropic & Black

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

JPC 2.0™ is now available in MultiCam Arid, Tropic & Black. This lightweight and minimal armor vest is designed for maximum mobility, weight savings, and packability. The carrier offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operator’s needs in terms of protection, modularity, and comfort. Additionally, the AVS™ Detachable Flaps – MOLLE, M4 Flat and M4 are also available in the new MultiCam variants.

MultiCam Black Jacquard Webbing Now Available from Murdock Webbing

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Murdock Webbing has introduced MultiCam Black to their line of Jacquard webbing. It meets all nIR requirements set by Crye Precision, and is offered in the following constructions:

• Backpack strap weight products – designed to meet or exceed the specifications for AA-55301. Comes in standard widths of .75”, 1”, 1.5” and 2”. Custom widths also available.

• Belt weight products – 1.5” and 1.75” standard widths. Custom widths also available.

• NEW: Reinforced products – maximum “stiff” hand that does not bend from selvedge edge to edge. Rigid, hard-wearing belt and backpack weight webbing for heavy duty, high intensity applications.

What’s more, Murdock is the only webbing manufacturer using Schoeller’s NanoSphere® Technology. Optional NanoSphere® application repels water and dirt to create a self-cleaning finish.

Be sure to visit Murdock Webbing at SHOT Show in booth #31000 and see their full line of narrow woven fabrics in such patterns as:

• MultiCam® and MultiCam® Black
• A-Tacs AU, A-Tacs FG, and A-Tacs iX
• Kryptek Highlander and Kryptek Mandrake,
• Woodland M81
• PenCott BadLands and PenCott GreenZone
• AOR1 and AOR2

Royal Australian Navy Rolls Out Multi-Cam Uniforms

Friday, November 19th, 2021

The RAN began their rollout of the Maritime Multi-Cam Pattern Uniform in the warmer tropical areas of the Northern Territory and North Queensland last month and is expected to be delivered to all other units by the end of 2022.