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Viktos – Taculus MX Chest Rig

Sunday, February 18th, 2024

SHOT Show was the first time I had run across Viktos’ new Taculus MX Chest Rig.

It integrates three single magazine rifle pockets which will accommodate AR15, AR10, and AK magazines. There’s also a removable pistol mag insert for 9mm magazines.

The zippered belly pouch integrates two tourniquet loops underneath.

Additionally, the rig offers laser cut PALS compatible slots along the magazine pockets as well as under the removable ID panel on the belly pouch.

The Taculus features an adjustable/removable 4-point padded harness with magnetic quick-release buckles.

It will also accept Premier Body Armor’s Level IIIA Insert.

Offered in Black, Coyote, Greyman, Ranger Green, MultiCam and MultiCam Black. The solid colors are made from 1000D Kodra while the MultiCam variants are a 500D nylon construction.

Crye Precision Announces R-SERIES Officially Available

Friday, February 16th, 2024

Brooklyn, NY – February 16, 2024– Crye Precision®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has announced the new R-SERIES™, a highly configurable, modular, and scalable system is now available for purchase through the company’s website. 

The R-SERIES™, the next evolution of the JPC 2.0™, is a highly tuned suite of load carriage innovations that strikes the nearly impossible balance between weight, durability, integration, modularity, versatility, and refinement. It was developed in collaboration with Special Operations Forces to address their unique and diverse requirements.

With the JPC R-SERIES™ at its core, the R-SERIES™ addresses the warfighter’s need to tailor the system to a constantly shifting mission profile. The design considers current cable routing requirements, various plate sizes and types, increase load carriage and additional extensive collaborations with end-user feedback.

A full suite of 18 components allow you to build four different configurations (ASSAULT, JUMP, RECCE, and PACK).  ASSAULT configuration is a mission-ready plate carrier with the JPC R-SERIES™ as the foundation.  The R-SERIES™ M4 JUMP FLAP can be removed, connected to the R-SERIES™ HARNESS ADAPTER and HARNESS to make a jumpable chest rig that can carry up to six, 30-round M4 mags.  Add the R-SERIES™ ZIP-ON PACK and ADAPTER and you now have a lightweight plate carrier.  Remove the front flap to align the PACK configuration.

These versatile arrangements can all be outfitted with an array of R-SERIES™ accessories that increase comfort and can accommodate new comms units, like the PRC-163 radio. These accessories can be mounted beside or below the front and back panels, furthering adding to the modularity of the series, and ensuring the load is more streamlined.

In addition to the accommodation of heavier loads and plate sizes, the new integrated cable management is designed to channel throughout the system to help keep everything streamlined.

“The R-SERIES™ started with asking our end users what they wanted changed from the JPC 2.0 and what they told us needed very little alteration,” stated Crye Precision Director of Marketing, Ernesto Rodriguez. “They had new load carriage and cable management requirements that needed to be addressed, along with the modularity created for the AVS™ system.  The R-SERIES™ truly defines mission specific scalability.”

Available now through, the new R-Series comes in MULTICAM®, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black.

Seam Ripper Solutions – Mini7

Friday, February 16th, 2024

The Mini7 is a scalable solution for carrying miscellaneous kit and munitions.  Engineered with purpose and produced with precision, The Mini7 features classic construction methods with a modern twist.  This Multi-Application Apex Pouch System (MAAPS) is the product of years of development and rigorous testing.

What makes The Mini7 unique?

*Belt & Molle mountable

*Contoured & collapsible pouch

*Reinforced stress points

*Adjustable retention

*Flap w/optional buckle kit

*Shotgun shell insert

*Tailored with pride in Canada


The Slugger

*Holds 6x shotgun shells

*Organized for fast access

*Easy velcro install

What are it’s dimensions?

APPROX. 4″ High X 3″ Wide X 2″ Deep

What fits inside?

*1x frag grenade

*2x 40mm shells

*6x shotgun shells


*Micro IFAK

*Similarly sized items

Where can The Mini7 be purchased? DM @SeamRipperSolutions on IG.

SIMONE Travel Belt from Station IX

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

The Gen 2 SIMONE travel belt is now available on Station IX’s French site, and will be for sale on the US site this week.

Originally created in 2021, the survival, immersion and movement – ONE (SIMINE) belt has been updated and is now manufactured by the French firm Hexatac.

Unlike other travel belts on the market, the SIMONE doesn’t use Velcro or a zipper to retain the items secreted within the belt, but rather relies on Spandex to keep them secure. This allows the wearer to access the items without removing the belt, with full 360 deg access.

The outer material is Hypalon and the SIMONE features an internal rigid skeleton to accommodate holsters or other waist mounted items. Finally, the carbon buckle is nonmetallic.

Offered in Small, Medium, and Large.

High Speed Gear Launches Innovative SF Wrap Pads Redefining Comfort and Versatility in Tactical Gear

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

SWANSBORO, N.C. – February 13th, 2024 – High Speed Gear®, manufacturer of the official magazine pouch of the Marine Corps, the TACO®- proudly unveils its latest innovation, the SF Wrap Pads. HSG® is setting a new standard in user comfort and adaptability within the tactical gear industry. Featuring G-Form’s patented SmartFlex™ Non-Newtonian impact additive technology, these revolutionary pads are meticulously designed to mitigate shock, effectively reducing fatigue by dampening the transfer of energy to the end user.

The HSG SF Wrap Pads showcase a versatile design, allowing for a wide range of configurations to meet various support needs. One of the distinctive advantages of the SF Wrap Pads is their compatibility with most plate carrier shoulder straps, belts, and weapon slings, significantly improving user comfort across multiple tactical gear components. The material’s adaptable nature allows customization by trimming with scissors to achieve a personalized fit. Pair the SF Wrap Pads with products from High Speed Gear like the Apex™ Sling, Apex™ ER Sling, Core Plate Carrier, Operator Belt, etc.  

Key Features of the HSG SF Wrap Pads:

SmartFlex™ Non-Newtonian Impact Additive: Reduces fatigue by attenuating shock and energy transfer.

Versatile Design: Accommodates various configurations to meet diverse support requirements.

Compatible with Various Gear Components: Fits most plate carrier shoulder straps, belts, and weapon slings.

Customizable Fit: Material can be trimmed for personalized adjustments.

Accommodates Straps up to 2.5 Inches Wide: Ensures versatility across different gear sizes.

Water-Resistant Closed-Cell Material: Does not absorb water, maintaining durability and reliability in various environments.

Proudly Made in the USA; Berry Amendment Compliant: Ensures high-quality and compliance standards.

“Using SmartFlex™, we were able to reduce the amount of transmitted force to the wearer by 76% compared to standard EVA foam and HSGI’s legacy pads,” shared Shawn Connor, VP of Strategic Partnerships for G-Form. Together, G-Form and HSG designed a solution compatible with Shoulders, Crew Served Weapons slings, backpacks, plate carriers, belts, Cable management and more.”

“Conventional load carriage padding options have been limiting comfort for users for decades. They’ve been dealing with impact, fatigue, and discomfort and we knew this had to change,” said Dave Jackson, Director of Government Sales at High Speed Gear Products Group. “High Speed Gear has developed the game-changing, SF Wrap Pads with the use of technology from G-Form that brings users a thin, lightweight, comfortable, impact absorbing system.”  

The launch of the SF Wrap Pads demonstrates High Speed Gear’s and G-Form’s dedication to providing revolutionary, high-quality products that redefine user experience in the field.

Available for purchase throughout the HSG Authorized Dealer network and also on the website at


LMSGear – ambi.carry Tegris Pocket Insert

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

The new ambi.carry Tegris Pocket Insert from LMSGear is available now. It was designed for use in their MUD denims upper magcarrier pockets by DefTex in cooperation with Kydex Holster NLD.

It offers a stable platform for mounting items you want quick access to.

L4 Performance – Load Carriage Assembly

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

The Load Carriage Assembly (LCA) from L4 Performance features:

Removable padding

Structural frame

Molle & velcro pouch attachment

Polymer Cobra buckle

Low profile yoke

Pouch tie down system

Offered in Ranger Green, MultiCam, and MultiCam Tropic.

Made to order, based on waist size.

Sneak Peek – MedSled by Spiritus Systems

Monday, February 5th, 2024

Diring SHOT Show, Spiritus Systems showed us something they had developed. Instead of introducing a whole IFAK pouch, they decided to make a new insert for existing pouches like their Medium GP pouch. But they tell us, it can be stored other places like in vehicles.

The construction has a little bit of stretch to keep everything secure inside the pouch and the ripcord can be configured for vertical or horizontal pull.

It was designed to fit most items except for a tourniquet and EMT shears but they’ve found most people keep those handy, outside their IFAKs.

At any rate, it makes a nice tray that holds equipment. It comes with a grid and dot system along with shock cords and tabs to set it up however you want.