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KOR Technik & Zarges USA Partnership Delivers One Case, Countless Missions

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

Scottsdale, AZ, U.S. – (September 20, 2023) KOR Technik, known for inventing and patenting the revolutionary protection solution Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®), today announced a technology partnership with Zarges USA. Zarges’ aluminum cases, renowned for offering superior performance features in aluminum transit cases, integrated with KOR Technik VRS protection panels, represent the latest evolution in reusable packaging for transporting objects.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the iconic Zarges brand and develop a system that is infinitely customizable,” stated G.P. Searle, founder of KOR Technik and inventor of VRS technology. “Zarges USA represents the epitome of shipping and storage perfection, and knowing our partnership will deliver even more benefits to end-users is truly rewarding.”

According to Vice President and General Manager of Zarges USA, Olaf Klutke, “One case for countless missions is a reality with the KOR VRS system. Thanks to this innovative technology, we immediately recognized our customers would benefit from the ability to reconfigure their Zarges case for virtually anything they need to transport. Plus, VRS safeguards cargo better than foam by keeping your contents secure from turbulence during transportation,” he said.

“Collaborating with Zarges USA is a win-win for those who already understand the advantages of shipping valuable objects in the robust aluminum Zarges cases,” said Searle. “Combining our KOR VRS interior with the outer protection of Zarges aluminum cases delivers a reliable and repeatable protection solution that lasts a lifetime and is significantly more environmentally sustainable than traditional synthetic cases with foam inserts. Ready for new cargo in mere minutes, our VRS panels replace traditional foam, making Zarges cases universally reusable, lighter-weight, and more cost-effective for end-users,” he added.

The strategic collaboration between KOR Technik and Zarges USA launches with three Zarges K470 flagship cases equipped with KOR VRS panels.




Zarges Aluminum Case Equipped with KOR Technik VRS Protection Solution


• Robust, high-quality aluminum
• Welded frames with solid-riveted panels
• Stainless steel hinges and hardware
• Designed to meet MIL-STD-810
• Water and dustproof, inside and out


• 50% Lighter than plastic cases
• 70% Lighter than roadie cases


• VRS system is infinitely customizable
• Reconfigure for different cargo in any environment
• 3X Increase in interior volume compared to foam


• VRS safeguards by molding and conforming to cargo
• VRS limits lateral/vertical movement of contents in transit
• VRS provides superior reduction of impact and vibration


• Zarges Case with VRS System is recyclable
• VRS Saves storage space
• No production waste
• VRS Eliminates custom-cut and degrading foam
• No need for consumable packaging materials


• VRS exterior constructed with MIL-Spec textile
• VRS surface is non-abrasive and easy to clean
• VRS does not retain water, oil, or other contaminants
• VRS is thermally stable and tested from -10° to +120° F

To learn more about KOR Technik and the Zarges USA strategic partnership, visit kortechnik.com. Follow us on social media at Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

GBRS Modular Chest Rig

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

The Modular Chest Rig from GBRS launches this Saturday, September 23rd at 1300 Eastern.

Using bridges, “I” joints, and “W” joints, this modular rig is available in two district versions, an MCR LTE and MCR HVY, to allow you to configure a system based on your load.

The MCR is extremely lightweight, made from laser cut B52 and Squadron Laminate, with reinforced mounting points constructed from 8-Layer Tegris.

Offered in MultiCam and Black.


I4 Performance – Nalgene Bikini Pouch

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Nalgene Bikini Pouch from I4 Performance is designed to fit 1 liter Nalgene and water purifitaction tablets. The pouch has removable and storable paracord strap and elastic pouch for small items like purification tabs. It can be carried attached to belt, MOLLE or over the shoulder with paracord strap.


Heavy Load Carrying System: Lindnerhof Calls It ‘The Beast’ for Good Reason—Let’s Operators Tote More Weight for Longer Time with Less Fatigue

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (12. September 2023)— Lindnerhof today unveiled it’s latest advancement in tactical gear, an innovative load carrier it calls “The Beast.”

Officially known as the Heavy Load Carrying System, The Beast is designed to help specialised units overcome the challenges they face when attempting to travel by foot into engagement zones whilst toting a weighty collection of weapons and mission-related gear.

The Heavy Load Carrying System lets operators comfortably carry more and carry it longer,” Lindnerhof said. “We refer to it as The Beast because it devours the challenge of walking into a situation with more than 20 kilograms of tactical tools pressing down on one’s shoulders.”

According to the company, The Heavy Load Carrying System consists of a carrying frame and a load carrier which, together, form the basis of a 5-in-1 system that accepts a sizable number of extras—a multiuse cover, backpack, pouches, and other equipment carriers—fixed to the system by means of smartly situated attachment points.

The carrying frame features a comfort-design reinforced internal back panel shaped to match the contours of the dorsum of most men and women, Linderhof indicated, adding that an assortment of adjustment straps allow users to obtain a more precise fit.

“Users experience greater comfort wearing the Heavy Load Carrying System because providing full contact with the torso and building into the system other reinforcements and additional padding eliminates pressure points,” the company said. “Before the Heavy Load Carrying System, carrier pressure points were a particularly serious problem when a plate carrier was worn at the same time.”

The Heavy Load Carrying System also features a quick-release functionality that lets operators instantly drop their load in an emergency. Meanwhile, mesh material on all contact surfaces helps absorb sweat and promotes fast drying, Lindnerhof said.

The load frame easily attaches to the carrying frame and includes a bank of attachment points for fixing heavy tools, anti-tank weapons, crew weapon system loads, and a wide variety of other mission essentials.

“The system’s modular nature allows loads to be attached in an almost infinite combination of configurations,” the company said. “An operator could even have several load carrying frames at the ready, each with its own mission-specific configuration, and then effortlessly swap them out as needed.”

One of the reasons that users of the Heavy Load Carrying System can carry more gear for a longer time without becoming fatigued or longing for relief from the load is intelligent distribution of the overall poundage. “The system’s mounting elements evenly spread the weight to the load frame and

then to the carrying frame while at the same time its smart fixation features eliminate shimmying and the problems such movements can cause,” the company explained. “These features work together with the user as one unit, providing 3D stability by minimizing vertical and horizontal movements, as well as oscillations between individual parts, which notably slows down fatigue.”

Last but not least, buckles that open quickly, strap guides, a handle at the top and a handle at the bottom allow for fast and easy operation of the Heavy Load Carrying System, even in the dark.

“The Beast is in a class by itself,” Lindnerhof said.

Starting today the Heavy Load Carrying System is available for order by government officials.

For more information about the latest Lindnerhof products, please visit hqg.de.

215 Gear – Safariland Drop Leg Holster Adaptor

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Designed to mount any Safariland™ holster or QLS plate, allowing for holster drop and CANT. Other OEM or aftermarket systems allow for holster drop, ignoring the ability to allow for rearward CANT of the pistol grip. By adding negative CANT into the pistol, it provides a streamlined draw of the pistol. To achieve a streamlined draw, CANT the pistol grip rearward, until your forearm and wrist, while in a straight line, naturally drop to your pistol grip. If you have to angle your wrist, you are reducing economy of motion and slowing you draw. The OEM Safariland™ QLS never achieves a neutral or zero, at best at 5º positive CANT.

Our system provides a rock solid clamp onto your belt, for both left and right handed shooters. Additionally built into our base are slots to accommodate the original Safariland™ leg strap, or the 215 Gear™Leg Strap.

Includes: 6061 Aluminum adapter Base Plate, Universal Mounting Adapter, four U.SA. made #8-32×1/2” Adapter Mounting screws, three U.S.A made #8-32×1/2” holster/QLS mounting screws.

Does not include: Installation tools or thread locker.

Additional accessories for purchase:

-Replacement 8-32×1/2” screws for mounting your holster or QLS plate.

-Loctite 242 Single Use thread locker.

-Leg Strap

Made in the U.S.A/ Berry Compliant Made with 100% U.S.A 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum.

Anodized matte FDE or Black.


Be advised of other manufactures products that say “Made in the USA”, but do not specify “Made in the USA with USA materials”. We only use USA materials with certifications. These are the same materials specified for aerospace applications. The difference is almost a 50% difference in materials cost. Words matter.

MATBOCK Raider Line

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

The Raider Line, a cutting-edge waterproof low-profile pouch system meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your plate carrier. Say goodbye to waterlogged gear and sandy inconveniences – our Raider pouches form an impenetrable barrier, ensuring your essentials remain pristine in even the harshest conditions.

Innovation takes center stage as the Raider Line allows for swift and efficient access. With a single, fluid motion, operators can unzip the pouches, granting them unfettered access to their gear. What once took an eternity can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time – a true revolution in tactical efficiency.

The numbers speak for themselves: a staggering 60% reduction in time when comparing the Raider Line to legacy waterproof solutions. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a leap into the future of tactical gear management. Embrace the advantage that MATBOCK brings to the table and elevate your mission-readiness.

Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


New TacTec Trainer Weight Vest Colors from 5.11 Tactical

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

The TacTec Trainer Weight Vest is very popular with those involved in CrossFit. It’s made from 600D polyester and features adjustable yoke shoulder straps with breathable mesh padding and is PALS compatible.

Fits 5.11 and Rogue weight plates and Tactec Weight Plate Sandbag.

The new colors include Kombu Green, Pacific Navy, and Sage Green.


Note: This is NOT an armor carrier.

Platatac – SD Duffel Bag

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

The new Platatac SD Duffel Bag launches Friday 1st September 15:00 AEST. The SD Duffel is a hard wearing, tactical weekender built for whatever mission you have planned. ?

Whether it’s a weekend away, day at the range or just the daily commute, there’s no bag better than a Platatac SD Duffel Bag.

Available in MultiCam®, MultiCam® Tropic, MultiCam® Arid, M81 Woodland, ERDL, Tigerstripe, Desert Tigerstripe, Ranger Green & Black.

• Genuine licensed 500D nylon outer with durable water-repellent (DWR) finish
• Padded base and side walls for protection
• Detachable cross-body strap with shoulder pad
• Durable nylon carrying handle with hook-and-loop wrap
• Zip entry to main compartment
• Three internal mesh pockets for storage of small items
• Large external zip end pocket
• Embossed heritage leather branding
• Measurements: L59cm x W32cm x H29cm
• 50 litre Capacity