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Wilde Tactical Gear – CZ Scorpion / SIG MPX 4 Mag Placard

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Wilde Custom Gear has added the CZ Scorpion / SIG MPX 4 Mag Placard. PALS compatible, it integrates SR buckles to attach it to your platform and bungees to keep your magazines in place. Additionally, it can be fitted with their Modular Chest Rig Shoulder Straps to create a stand alone rig.

Offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns, check the site for availability.

CRO Medical Presents – Working Off Your Body: How to Tier Your Kit

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

The need to be light and fast, working off your body in confined spaces applies to many medical disciplines and scopes of medicine.

It’s super interesting to see all the load carriage methods from across the services. Obviously we have a lot of crossover with SOF, both US and NATO because of our focus on austere and remote medicine in low resource areas.

Most of our tech projects and critical care resuscitation tools are primarily designed for field treatment in remote clinical medicine environments, whereas our soft goods are tailored towards operational medics who need to be light and fast, provide as many life saving treatments as possible in the shortest amount of time, while still executing mission-critical tasks.

The following describes a general framework of working off your body using our DCR Panel and Hybrid IFAK + a few tips and tricks for utilizing your pockets. The result of our expanding load carriage system is endless ways to customize and optimize your setup. Every provider is different, so what is optimal for one won’t apply to another.

At CRO, we provide a base set of tools needed to accomplish the job, across a range of different mission sets, for the operational and austere prehospital medical provider.

Hope you enjoy this post and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

In order of MARCH:

• TQ x1 in front of the mags, behind 40mm dangler.

Right cummerbund:

• X1 Improvised junctional (rolled SAM Splint)

• X1 Vacuum-sealed 6” ace wrap with combat gauze and compressed gauze.

• X1 Cric in CRO M4 Double Mag Insert Pouch.

Left cummerbund:

• X1 Vacuum sealed 6” ACE wrap with Combat Gauze and compressed gauze

Right ankle pocket:

• X1 vacuum sealed 4” inch ACE wrap with Combat Gauze and compressed gauze.

Left ankle pocket:

• X1 muzzle for MPC and x1 SWAT-T

Hybrid IFAK:

• X1 6” pressure dressing

• X1 4” ACE wrap

• X2 compressed gauze

• X1 Combat Gauze

• X1 Foley

• X1 boujie-aided cric

• X2 NPA

• X2 chest seal

• X2 10g needle D

• X1 EMMA Capnograph

• X1 pulse ox

• X1 eye shield

Mag pouch attached to left side of Hybrid IFAK:

• Hemostats and finger thor kit (vacuum sealed).

Mag pouch attached to right side of Hybrid IFAK:

• X1 FAST 1 IO

• X2 IV starter kit

Right cargo pocket:

• CRO Medic Case with NARC Configuration

Left cargo pocket:

(Not Pictured)

• X2 chest seal


Role 1 pouch (Ferro Concepts):

• Sam Junctional so you don’t have to take off your medbag. Apply manual pressure and pull out the junctional with free hand.

DCR Panel:

The DCR Panel is primarily used for resuscitation with blood. The purpose of working off your body and “tiering” your system up and down is to minimize the use of your bag. Ideally, you won’t need to drop your aid bag, and if you do, this means you are administering LTOWB at the POI. The aid bag is reserved for the equipment needed to resuscitate with whole blood, as well as advanced interventions, both airway and chest.

The benefit of the DCR Panel is that it is primarily clipped in, preserving shoulder mobility while being easily accessible by unclipping from the shoulders. If you are stressed for time or unable to re-clip, the hidden, low profile, “flat-straps” are available to sling the bag like a traditional aid bag.

Again, this is a general framework for optimizing your off-the-body treatment. Hopefully there are some tips that apply to your style of treatment and please let us know if you have any ways to improve.

DCR Med Bag

Hybrid IFAK

Introducing the S.O.Tech Micro Pack, Launch Edition

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

S.O.Tech’s Micro Pack came from an evolution of our Special Forces Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System. Over 20 year of development we had arrived at flat rectangular medical pack. But it was tall, and a Ranger medic who goes by “Mack” approached us with a way to make the load even more accessible while under fire.

He asked us to split the pack into a 2/3 – 1/3 pair of bags with the larger pack mirroring the size of the rear trauma plate and holding the advanced medical items (IV/IO, transfusion sets, etc.) and the smaller holding the rapidly accessed trauma items in a fanny pack configuration (or a MARCH belt configuration. This way the belt or fanny pack could be quickly accessed in a kinetic environment by spinning the belt.

This “Micro Pack” suddenly became adopted as a Breacher’s pack, ropes/vertical extraction kit, MASCAL kit, and as a basic survival pack. We set it up to carry as a backpack, satchel or briefcase. As we developed out COBRA medical pack system, the Micro Pack answered the mail as the external go-bag secured in a bra-panel on the rear.

Special launch edition includes Micro pack, convertible shoulder straps, plate carrier adapter system, MPO (Modular Panel Organizer) and MBP (Modular Box Pouch, Wide, Mesh / Dyneema Hybrid).

Launch edition will have a special introductory price of $160. No backorders. While supplies last.

Dimensions: 14″x4″x10.5″
Weight: 1.6lbs (entire kit)

For SSD readers, use the following code at checkout for free shipping: asseenonssd


10/29 12pm PST

Made in USA. Since 1997. “Built to survive the world’s worst!”

PocketUp – SleeveWrap Pocket System

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Mel Terkla has been working on a pocket system that doesn’t use PALS webbing off and on for a couple years now. The result is PocketUp’s SleeveWrap Pocket System which allows you to add pockets to a slick pack.

Other pockets out there that mount on packs without PALS use an array of buckles and/or webbing.

They use a sleeve on the pack that is sewn at the top and bottom with 2” Velcro strips sewn onto the sides of the sleeve underneath. The pockets have “wings” on the sides with Velcro that wrap under the sleeve and Velcro into place, thus the term SleeveWrap.

They will be offering this system initially on their Park Pack and Zone Pack, along with a variety of SleeveWrap Pockets.

They’re planning on releasing the SleeveWrap Pocket System around the first of the year.

High Speed Gear Releases Navigator Tech Pouch-HL

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

SWANSBORO, N.C. – October 19, 2021 – High Speed Gear® offers additional mounting options for the popular Navigator Tech Pouch to pair with the ever so popular High Speed Gear® Core™ Plate Carrier.

Like the original Navigator Tech Pouch, this HL version is a low-profile admin pouch designed to assist in hands-free navigation through smart phone apps. The pouch unfolds and suspends at a 90-degree angle to give clear visibility to a smart phone or similar device, which it holds securely in an adjustable, hook and loop harness. The harness is designed to accommodate most smart phones, including plus-style phones, with or without cases, as large as 7” x 3.5” x 0.75”. The pouch also features an internal pocket with corner cutouts for notebooks or battery packs, as well as an elastic loop for a map pen or marker and another loop by the pocket for an additional pen or cable management.

“At High Speed Gear, we always design our products with cross functionality in mind. Due to popular demand, the Navigator Tech Pouch is now able to quickly mount right onto the front of our Core™ Plate Carrier,” explained Allison Mitchum, HSGI® director of sales and marketing. “Convenience, quality and functionality is exactly what strive to deliver every time we launch a new product.”

You can watch the official product video for the Navigator at Navigator Tech Pouch and Navigator Tech Pouch-HL – YouTube.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Limited Edition Duffle Pack 50

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Occasionally, Arc’teryx LEAF creates what is called an SMU for “Special Make Up” a custom run, if you will, which isn’t included in the standard lineup.

This SMU is a 50 liter duffel made from the same MultiCam, PU coated 500D Cordura material used in the DryPack. Other than layout and size, there’s a distinct difference from the DryPack; the Duffle Pack 50 isn’t fully waterproof.

Instead, it is highly water resistant, meaning seams are sealed and there’s a weather flap over the full-length zipper making the duffle highly resistant to rain. It can also sit in your boat and keep your gear dry. You just can’t dive it.

Additionally, it features two removable, padded shoulder straps and haul handles at either end and at each side. You can flip the adjustable shoulder straps either way so that the zipper is toward the wearer’s back, or away from it.

There are only 890 duffles available worldwide, across regional shops, so if you want to get ahold of one of these, this pre-order is your chance.

Pre-orders will be open for two weeks and available from:

Asia Pacific



911 Supply

DS Tactical


Alpine Fox GMbH

Edgar Brothers


United States

US Elite Gear

The Durable Tasmanian Tiger Mesh Pocket Set XL is Now Available

Monday, October 18th, 2021

The TT Mesh Pocket Set XL is a set of four durable pouches that can easily be packed in a travel bag or backpack.

Knoxville, Tenn. (October 2021) – Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., introduces the TT Mesh Pocket Set XL, a set of four durable pouches ideal for packing in a travel bag or backpack. The pouches have a mesh top that can fully unzip, allowing for easy access to contents inside. The three smaller pouches can fit perfectly next to the large pouch as they have the same surface area when arranged together.

TT Mesh Pocket Set XL Specifications:


Pouch 1: 2 Liters | 122 Cubic Inches

Pouch 2: 5 Liters | 305 Cubic Inches

Pouch 3: 6 Liters | 366 Cubic Inches

Pouch 4: 20 Liters | 1,220 Cubic Inches

Weight: 19 oz | 525g

Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 3 in. | 45 x 35 x 8 cm.

Material: T-Square Rip

The TT Mesh Pocket Set XL is available in Black for an MSRP of $89.95

Find a local dealer here for any of the exciting Tasmanian Tiger products.

All sales inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

Beez Combat Systems Offering APTUM MICRO X AK in Bawidamann’s Soviet Woodland BiColor Camo

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Bawidamann has resurrected the Soviet Woodland BiColor and teamed up with Beez Combat Systems to provide the APTUM™ MICRO X AK in the once popular 1989 Russian camouflage pattern. The Soviet Woodland BiColor is an extremely popular camouflagepattern among members of the AK community.

The APTUM™ MICRO X AK by Beez Combat Systems supports three AK47 magazines and is designed to work as either a micro chest rig or a plate carrier placard. The APTUM™ MICRO X AK offers the wearer extreme modularity at an affordable price.

The APTUM™ MICRO X AK by Beez Combat Systems supports three AK47 magazines and is designed to work as either a micro chest rig or a plate carrier placard. The APTUM™ MICRO X AK offers the wearer extreme modularity at an affordable price. 

Available at