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SOFIC 22 – Velocity Systems

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Something old, something new. Velocity Systems has a great display in the SOF SELECT pavilion featuring their Mission Configurable Chest Rig worn with a great reproduction Tigerstripe Advisor uniform.

SOFIC 22 – Platatac

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Australia’s Platatac is exhibiting in the SOF SELECT pavilion and gave us a sneak peek of the new Craighead pouch which was developed in conjunction with Christian “Obi-Wan Nairobi” Craighead.

This belt mounted panel integrates two pistol magazine slots with a single rifle slot which is surrounded by a simple dump pouch. The mag slots are all Kydex lined but can be set up with bungees.

High Speed Gear’s All-New Vigil EDC Belt with Wrapped Webbing and Magnetic Buckle

Friday, May 13th, 2022

SWANSBORO, N.C. – May 12, 2022 – High Speed Gear® releases the all-new Vigil™ EDC Belt, the brand’s newest, low-profile everyday wear belt.

The Vigil EDC Belt is designed for everyday carry and daily wear. It is rigid enough to support both inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband holsters, yet flexible enough to be worn comfortably all day. The belt features a minimalistic design with a low-profile magnetic buckle that fits through standard belt loops. The Vigil EDC Belt is made with nylon webbing wrapped in durable Cordura® fabric providing a clean and striking appearance. As with all HSGI belts, the Vigil EDC Belt features multi-line stitching for stiffness and durability.

“We have been working on the Vigil EDC belt for over 2 years,” explained Daniel Chaney, HSGI® senior designer. “Since many of us at HSGI and Comp-Tac carry every day, we recognized a need for an EDC specific belt and started from the ground up on this design.”

This belt has a width of 1.5 inches and is available in a variety of colors including Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, OD Green, Wolf Gray, MultiCam Black, and M81 Woodland Camo. The Vigil EDC Belt is offered in sizes Small to 3X.

For more information on the Vigil EDC Belt please visit here: www.highspeedgear.com/vigil-edc-belt.

MATBOCK Raider Kit

Friday, May 13th, 2022

Finally, It’s here! an efficient, lightweight and low profile waterproof pouch suite that quickly mounts onto your plate carrier eliminating the need for bulky and hard to get into dry bags. Designed to simplify for over the beach (OTB) and maritime operations MATBOCK introduces the Raider Kit. This kit includes the Raider front pouch, back pouch side pouch and rifle bag. This Raider Kit joins the very popular MATBOCK MR Dry Bag and Graverobber Assault Waterproof bag.

Each pouch in the MATBOCK Raider Kit has a heavy duty waterproof zipper but the material is lightweight and covered with our ghost material to protect it from punctures. Each pouch can quickly mount to your plate carrier without adding a lot of bulk. The rifle bag can be folded small enough when not in use and stowed in your cargo pocket. The Raider kit truly simplifies maritime operations and eliminates transition time from water.

Raider Front Pouch

The Raider front pouch is a waterproof low profile pouch that mounts directly to the front of your plate carrier keeping water and sand out of your magazines and gear. This pouch can quickly be unzipped allowing the operator full access to their magazines and gear and ready to move out in a fraction of the time it would take in the past.

Raider Back Pouch

The Raider back pouch is a low profile waterproof backpack that mounts directly to the back of your plate carrier with MOLLE attachment points. It can also mount to MATBOCKs GRAM insert and worn as a removable pack making access to your back pouch even easier. Keeping your gear waterproof and sand free without the bulk makes OTB and maritime operations so much more efficient.

Raider Side Pouch

The side pouch was designed to MOLLE onto your cummerbund for quick access to gear and equipment that is sensitive to water and sand. This pouch size is perfect for NVGs, grenades, breach charges and ammunition.

Raider Rifle Bag

Our rifle bag was designed to carry a variety of weapons during OTB and maritime operations. The lightweight and waterproof material can easily be folded and stowed in your cargo pocket when not in use.

To find out more: /www.matbock.com/collections/maritime/raider

FirstSpear Friday Focus: OEM Spotlight Brave Castle

Friday, May 13th, 2022

In this weeks Friday Focus, we featured another installment of our OEM Spotlight. An American brand, a solid choice in material and craftsmanship, enter Brave Castle. Guest interview with Loren Butchart, owner and operator of Brave Castle.

How did Brave Castle get its start?

Brave Castle got its start as a podcast, fully transitioning into a tactical nylon company in 2020. Retention solutions have always interested me and the ongoing challenges continue to be a puzzle I enjoy sharing my input on. Providing kit to Americans is one the highest honors I have attained and maintaining this is a responsibility that I respect and hold at a very high regard.

Why did you choose to collaborate with FirstSpear?

I have followed, collected and studied nylon companies for a long time. I found FirstSpear and was blown away at the level of innovation they were offering. FirstSpear quickly became one of my favorite companies and the Tubes™ connector system was something I had to have. When I started sewing kit, I really wanted to make a chest rig that utilized Tubes™ connectors. The relationship I have built with one of my favorite companies has been a true honor and everyone I have worked with at FirstSpear has been incredible to collaborate with.

Where did the need for the BCR-1 Chest Rig arise?

The Brave Castle Rig One (BCR-1) was born from some basic niche problems that I saw in the classic chest rig and micro rig designs. The BCR-1 is essentially a plate carrier minus the plate bags. The first solution I wanted on the BCR-1 was the utilization of the Tubes™ connector system for a more secure closure and ease in donning and doffing. The BCR-1 is constructed out of 7 individual parts, all of which can be replaced.

Explain the modularity of the BCR-1 and why you chose FirstSpear Tubes™ technology.

The BCR-1 is made up of 2 cummerbund sides, a front velcro based placard, a magazine shingle, a back sizing panel and 2 shoulder straps that form an X on the users back. Upgradability is native to the BCR-1. The heart of the BCR-1 is the front velcro based placard which accepts magazine shingles with ease. The wealth of knowledge, innovation, technology and experience make working with FirstSpear a gold mine for a creative brain like mine. It is a massive honor to be able to work with FirstSpear and I am eternally grateful for everyone who works with this company.

For more information on Brave Caste and the BCR-1, check out www.bravecastle.com.

For more information on FirstSpear, check out www.first-spear.com.

MDM 22 – ESSTAC 40 Deg Single Mag Pouch with Magnet

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

The 40 Deg Single Mag Pouch with Magnet was designed for competition shooting but may come in handy for duty use as well. As you can see, it configures your magazine at 40 degrees keeping it firmly in place until you need it but the magnet does not retain the mag in the pouch. That’s due to their Kydex Wedge Insert. They also have a 70 degree option.

Sure, you can slap your empty magazines on the magnet but you might it find it more practical for other items.

Also available without a magnet.

MDM 22 – Blue Force Gear Two-4 Waist Bag

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Designed to be worn as a stand-alone waist bag or in conjunction with a plate carrier dangler-style, the Two-4 Waist Bag integrates an adjustable strap and a removable plate carrier attachment placard seen below.

It has a water resistant zippered opening with the lid integrating ten-speed tourniquet storage. Inside there are slots for organization while externally there are PALS webbing. At the front the PALS is made from loop. At the rear, there is a slot which will accept sideways mounted mini tripods.


The New ExtraCarry Universal Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch for All 9mm Magazines

Monday, May 9th, 2022

Battle Ground, WA – The newly released, patented, ExtraCarryTM 2.0 Universal Mag Pouch is now available for most 9mm single or double stack magazines.

This new universal design is fully adjustable. The mag pouch moves in and out to fit single or double stack magazines. The vertical adjuster moves up and down to allow you to set how deep you want your magazine to reside in your pocket.

The ExtraCarryTM 2.0 Universal Mag Pouch is the newest and best way to carry spare ammo concealed in your pocket. It is made with carbon fiber reinforced nylon, has built in retention and is lightweight and ambidextrous.

Just slide it into any pocket and it looks unassuming just like any pocketknife with a pants clip. The Universal ExtraCarryTM Mag Pouch securely locks into your pocket with its patented integrated clip. Your spare magazine is well hidden and rapidly available when you need it.

The Universal ExtraCarryTM Mag Pouch provides a deep mag pouch covering the magazine’s first exposed round along with protecting the notch in the magazine which holds it in place in a pistol. No worries about foreign objects, like coins, dirt, debris, getting stuck between the magazine pouch and the magazine or dislodging a round that could easily cause a jam.

Made in the USA with a retail prices of $55.


Universal Mag Pouch Product Videos: vimeo.com/421674460

Universal Mag Pouch Assembly Videos: vimeo.com/429467116