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FirstSpear Friday Focus – FS Sponsors Hunting with Heroes Wyoming

Friday, September 23rd, 2022

Giving Back To America’s Disabled Veterans

FirstSpear is proud to support Hunting with Heroes Wyoming – HwH WY. This organization honors disabled veterans by facilitating unique hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

HwH WY provides a supportive and healing community where disabled veterans can grow and enjoy the camaraderie they once knew. They were founded by veterans, for veterans. As a non-profit and charitable organization, HwH WY works with Wyoming state agencies, landowners and local volunteers to offer big game hunts and fishing outings designed to fit the special needs of each disabled veteran. 2022 marks their 10-year anniversary which now sees an average 275 hunts per year.

If you would like to find out more or get involved, please visit huntingwithheroes.org.

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FirstSpear Friday Focus: The Slick

Friday, September 16th, 2022

Ultra Lightweight Plate Carrier — SAPI CUT

The FirstSpear Slick™ is designed for wear underneath garments or Load Carriage Platforms. The Slick is light and comfortable, cut to fit either SAPI ballistic plates or swimmer / shooter plates that are the same size as carrier.

This minimalist carrier is not designed to be an outer most carrier for Tactical Operations.

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FirstSpear Friday Focus: 9/11 Remembrance

Friday, September 9th, 2022

FirstSpear Friday Focus: FS Launches New Hats

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

The new line of FirstSpear hats has you covered for every occasion.




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FirstSpear Friday Focus: FS Donated to HAVA 

Friday, August 26th, 2022

FirstSpear Sponsors Honored American Veterans Afield

FirstSpear is proud to support HAVA – Honored American Veterans Afield. HAVA is hosting 150 veterans 25-27 August, providing range time, meals and camaraderie.

As the number of injured men and women returning from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan grew, members of the firearms industry initiated a non-profit partnership called HAVA to aid disabled soldiers as they transition to their lives back in the United States. The ultimate goal is to increase their confidence and hope for the future by reconnecting with their love of the outdoors and the American traditions of hunting and firearms.

Visit honoredveterans.org to learn more about how the firearms community is supporting disabled veterans.

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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Split Bar Tubes Fasteners

Friday, August 19th, 2022

The Most Anticipated Release of The Year

FirstSpear is pleased to announce the official release of Split Bar Tubes® Fasteners for purchase on the web.

Male and female Split Bar Tubes® Fasteners are offered in 4 inch and 2 inch sizes as well as four different colors: black, coyote, foliage green and tan.

Tubes® Quick Release technology allows end users to don and doff in seconds. Single handed operation with a two-motion quick release allows you to engage the lift gate with 3 to 4 pounds of force and slide in either direction to release the buckle. Ditch your cable, faster re-assembly and repeatable fit every time. Tubes® Fasteners eliminate the need for additional layers of fabric and Velcro and effectively reduce weight. Tubes® Fasteners meet all U.S. military specifications for infrared signature reduction between 600 to 800 nanometers.

FirstSpear is in the business of providing innovative solutions to long unanswered challenges. Our Tubes® technology reaffirms that position. Quick to close and even quicker to doff, Tubes® fasteners are manufactured from lightweight high-performance polymers that exceed the strength of other molded fasteners currently used on operational equipment. Molded in signature suppressive colors and with a variety of choices for activation, this closure system can be rapidly deployed and completely reassembled in SECONDS. Tubes® technology will improve performance, enhance mission functionality, and reduce weight.

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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Squadron Smock in Multicam Arid

Friday, August 12th, 2022

Old World Design Meets Modern Performance

The FirstSpear Squadron Smock is a modern take on a classic design. This smock is American Sourced and American Built. Performance materials and expert craftsmanship are the benchmark of this design and build.

Built with brushed Nylon and ACM™ MID 400 American Merino Wool, the Squadron Smock is durable, warm and moisture wicking. The fit is loose to accommodate additional layers.

Boasting 18 various sized pockets and large buttons, this top provides utility and noise reduction for those venturing behind enemy lines.

The oversized hood will fit over helmets with most night vision attached and the easily adjustable stiffener in the bill helps to maintain its shape.

The Squadron Smock can be used as a uniform top, a weather barrier or even as a hasty load carriage system. The Multicam Arid pattern aids concealment and disruption of observation. Check out the Squadron Smock to learn more.

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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Non-Standard Non-Stocking

Friday, August 5th, 2022

Specialty Equipment For Professional Users.

FirstSpear Non-Stocking Non-Standard may sound strange and confusing when browsing through our website. In this weeks Friday Focus, we’re discussing exactly what Non-Stocking Non-Standard is and why these FirstSpear products are so incredibly important to American operators and tactical professionals across the globe.

Roll Up Style Cargo Pocket. Roll it out here.

The designation Non-Stocking Non-Standard refers to items that have been designed by FirstSpear at the request of professional users to meet unique and specific mission sets. Limited quantities and colors are available. The remainder of these items, after fulfilling the needs of the professional user, are made available on the Non-Stocking Non-Standard category of our website for other interested professions to purchase.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Med Pouch. Check it out here.

Eye Pro Field Case. See it here.

Items in the Non-Stocking Non-Standard category include everything from small pouches to complete plate carriers. A notable point about this equipment is the ability to purchase a piece of kit designed specifically for America’s finest.

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