FirstSpear Friday Focus: NEW Universal Shoulder Strap Kit & Tri-Fold Shoulder Pad

Introducing the universal shoulder strap. It offers end users and teams a myriad of options — it bridges the gap between running a shoulder on all of the platforms. Easily transition or fit a universal shoulder on a Strandhogg, Siege R or AAC. One size shoulder strap would suffice to fit all your sizes. You are able to size up or size down as needed.

The Universal Shoulder Straps come as a pair.

The Universal Shoulder Strap Kit comes as a pair of straps and then a pair of 2-inch female split bar Tubes with a heat shrink pulls.

Please note if you are buying this to swap out a SIEGE R Shoulder, you will need the KIT. End users can cut at bar tacks along the shoulder to shrink down the sizing. Those that buy the kit can also run a FirstSpear ECP on the shoulder as well.

Always innovating, FirstSpear has improved upon this critical comfort item, introducing the Tri-Fold Shoulder Pad. Taking into account field feedback and utilizing new, advanced materials, this load carriage support item has been redesigned to enhance functionality and comfort. The lower tri-fold flap provides cable and tube management with greater security. It also allows end users to purchase a 2-inch female split bar Tube to integrate M.A.S.S. Biceps.

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