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NP Aerospace Acquires the Assets of Jankel Armouring Limited

Monday, June 10th, 2024

NP Aerospace, the global vehicle integrator and armour manufacturer, has today announced the acquisition of certain assets of Jankel Armouring Limited – in administration.

Jankel Armouring Limited entered administration on 27 February 2024 and Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP were appointed as Administrators. NP Aerospace has now acquired assets which include Jankel Armouring Limited’s intellectual property, patents and inventory and the right to transfer, assign and/or novate existing contracts. The acquisition will allow NP Aerospace to integrate a globally proven and successful vehicle product and support line into their already strong portfolio, which will now include Jankel Armouring Limited’s tactical vehicles, civilian armoured vehicles (CAVs), armour technologies, seating systems and through life support services.

Having received UK National Security and Investment Act (NSIA) approval, NP Aerospace can formally engage with key customers, including the Belgian MoD (BeMOD) and UK Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) regarding the delivery of former Jankel Armouring Limited contracts. With an existing pedigree of successful defence vehicle production, integration and support activities, NP Aerospace is ideally positioned to deliver on customer requirements, bringing production programs through to successful conclusion, onshore in the UK.

NP Aerospace has been successful in securing talent from the original Jankel Armouring Limited staff including pivotal engineers and critical executives with the required knowledge of the acquired assets. In addition, it is expected that the acquisition will create and/or sustain around 60-70 skilled jobs. The acquisition does not include any aspect of, or formal relationship with the US based Jankel business, including Jankel Tactical Systems and does not include any liability to former creditors, which sits in the hands of the joint administrators, Alvarez and Marsal.

James Kempston, NP Aerospace CEO, commented: “The announcement of the acquisition of Jankel Armouring Limited’s assets marks a significant phase of growth for the company, creating additional value for customers through new business synergies.” He added: “Our immediate priority is to push forward with existing customer contracts and deliver successful programmes to a global customer base. Beyond that, this announcement is good news for the defence industry, enabling continuation of capability, products and supply, whilst enhancing a very strong global defence export line, under the NP Aerospace brand”.

Mike Denny, Joint Administrator, Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP, commented: “The completion of the sale of certain assets of Jankel Armouring Limited to NP Aerospace will provide continuity to its customer base and create new opportunities for some of its skilled workforce. We are confident that the business will thrive under the ownership of NP Aerospace”.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: NEW Universal Shoulder Strap Kit & Tri-Fold Shoulder Pad

Friday, June 7th, 2024

Introducing the universal shoulder strap. It offers end users and teams a myriad of options — it bridges the gap between running a shoulder on all of the platforms. Easily transition or fit a universal shoulder on a Strandhogg, Siege R or AAC. One size shoulder strap would suffice to fit all your sizes. You are able to size up or size down as needed.

The Universal Shoulder Straps come as a pair.

The Universal Shoulder Strap Kit comes as a pair of straps and then a pair of 2-inch female split bar Tubes with a heat shrink pulls.

Please note if you are buying this to swap out a SIEGE R Shoulder, you will need the KIT. End users can cut at bar tacks along the shoulder to shrink down the sizing. Those that buy the kit can also run a FirstSpear ECP on the shoulder as well.

Always innovating, FirstSpear has improved upon this critical comfort item, introducing the Tri-Fold Shoulder Pad. Taking into account field feedback and utilizing new, advanced materials, this load carriage support item has been redesigned to enhance functionality and comfort. The lower tri-fold flap provides cable and tube management with greater security. It also allows end users to purchase a 2-inch female split bar Tube to integrate M.A.S.S. Biceps.

For more information, check out www.first-spear.com/low-profile-tri-fold-shoulder-pad or www.first-spear.com/universal-shoulder-strap-kit-1

Premier Body Armor to Exhibit at 2024 NRA Annual Meetings

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

GASTONIA, N.C. – May 13, 2024 – Premier Body Armor will be in attendance at the 153rd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, May 17-19, 2024. The event takes place in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. Premier Body Armor will be exhibiting on the show floor in booth #9664.

Premier Body Armor will feature its newest collection, the Fortis Line, available for purchase at exclusive NRAAM pricing. Where high performance meets high value, the Fortis Line delivers an affordable line of rifle-rated plates and a robust plate carrier, without compromising the industry-leading ballistic protection Premier is known for. The Fortis plate collection includes four (4) rifle-rated plates, each offering competitive pricing while remaining extremely lightweight. In addition to the comprehensive line of rifle-rated plates, the Fortis Line also delivers the Fortis Alpha Carrier.

In addition to purchase opportunities, Premier Body Armor will also be hosting a giveaway with a complete Fortis Plate Carrier Loadout, including 2 Level IV Fortis Plates, the Fortis Alpha Carrier and MAAP (Medical/Admin/Assault Pouch). This giveaway is exclusive to NRA conference attendees. Visit Premier Body Armor at booth #9664 and scan the QR code to enter the giveaway for a complete Fortis Plate Carrier Loadout.

Invited members of the media are encouraged to contact Emily Stuchell at premierbodyarmorpr@murrayroadagency.com to schedule a meeting to visit the Premier Body Armor booth and get a first-hand look at the new Fortis line. 

Learn more about Premier Body Armor and their complete Fortis line of armor at premierbodyarmor.com.

NP Aerospace Extends Ukraine Support with Norway Contract

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

Ukraine soldiers wearing NP Aerospace body armour (image copyright NATO)

NP Aerospace is continuing its support for Ukraine with the delivery of a further 2,000 sets of body armour and carrier vests via Norway and the UK Ministry of Defence.

This takes the total number of ballistic plates sent to Ukraine from NP Aerospace to over 180,000 since the start of the war. In addition to NP Aerospace ballistic helmets and bomb disposal suits which are being used on the frontline.

The latest delivery is in support of Operation Ellisiv a Norwegian Ministry of Defence operation. Previous deliveries have been in support of Operation Interflex, aBritish-led multinational military operation to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and part of the UK’s commitment of £3 billion in military aid for this year. The 2,000 sets of body armour (4,000 plates and 2,000 vests) were contracted and delivered from Coventry in the UK in less than three months.

Peter Hardisty, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of NP Aerospace’s Composites and Armour Systems business, said: “Our team in Coventry are honoured to continue to support Ukraine with life-saving body armour and associated military equipment. We have expanded our facilities and team to deliver NATO programmes and will continue to do so for as long as the war continues.”

Together, We Save Lives: Safariland Hosts SAVES CLUB Event to Honor Injured Officers

Saturday, April 13th, 2024

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group®, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets and one of Cadre Holdings, Inc.’s (NYSE: CDRE) (“Cadre”) key brands, is proud to host its annual SAVES CLUB® Presentation on April 11, 2024, at its Jacksonville headquarters. The Safariland SAVES CLUB recognizes and honors officers who endured a life-threatening incident while in the line of duty, in which their Safariland Group armor or gear played a crucial role in saving their lives.

“The event serves as a platform to celebrate the bravery and resilience of the remarkable 2,193 SAVES members. We are excited to welcome three officers to share their inspiring SAVES stories,” said Brad Williams, president of Safariland. “These officers have not only survived life-threatening situations but have also become advocates for the law enforcement community. They are living proof of Safariland’s creed: Together, We Save Lives.”

Safariland will proudly host Officer Genevieve Bone, SAVES #2186, from the Memphis Police Department. On September 3, 2023, Officer Bone responded to an armed party disturbance at a convenience store. Despite facing a suspect armed with guns, knives, and a hand grenade, Officer Bone fearlessly confronted the assailant. She sustained three strikes to her chest with a fixed-blade knife. Thanks to her Safariland XT03 level II armor, Officer Bone’s life was spared, and she successfully apprehended the suspect, who has since been charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Officer Derek Williams from the Dallas Police Department, SAVES #2185, will also be honored. On September 14, 2023, Officer Williams and his partner witnessed a suspect commit a homicide. During the pursuit, the assailant opened fire with a .9mm handgun, hitting Officer Williams in the lower right abdominal area. Fortunately, his Safariland SX02 Level IIIA armor stopped the round. The Dallas SWAT team later apprehended the assailant, and Officer Williams has since returned to full duty.

The third honored SAVES member is Narcotics Detective Sean Stumpf from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, SAVES #2168. On January 2, 2023, Detective Stumpf and his partner engaged in a high-stakes pursuit of a suspect who had taken the life of the Chief of Police of a local agency earlier that day and injured another officer. During the pursuit, the suspect opened fire with a fully automatic 9mm Glock, hitting Detective Stumpf in the arm and center of his chest. His Safariland SM02 Level II armor protected his chest, and he was able to return fire alongside his partner, ultimately ending the threat. After undergoing surgery on his arm, Detective Stumpf made a full recovery and is back on active duty.

Safariland is honored to recognize these brave officers and their unwavering commitment to protecting their communities. The SAVES CLUB event will serve as a testament to Safariland’s commitment to providing high-quality protective equipment to the law enforcement community and reaffirm their dedication to prioritizing officer safety.

Safariland continues to innovate and provide solutions that enhance the performance and effectiveness of those who rely on safety equipment for optimal protection. To learn more, visit Safariland.com.

Hometown Army Fellow Joins PEO Soldier as Next Gen Body Armor Engineer

Monday, April 8th, 2024

Born and raised in Alexandria, Va., Britt Wieland grew up going to the Ft. Belvoir summer camp.

Now, as a civilian engineer with PEO Soldier, she works on the Army’s next generation body armor at Fort Belvoir.

Wieland’s primary focus as a Body Armor Engineer is the Army’s new hard armor.  In her current position, she enjoys seeing the direct impact of her work on the warfighter every day.

“We procure and field the latest body armor to our Soldiers,” explained Wieland.

“I have some friends serving in the Army, and every time they receive the newest gear, they call me to rant and rave about how excited they are, and I take a sense of pride in knowing I get to play a part in serving those who serve us. There aren’t many jobs that give you that kind of opportunity and fulfillment.”

Having trained as both a Hard and Soft Armor Engineer, Britt frequently is called upon to brief Soldiers, Army Senior Leaders, and industry partners on the Vital Torso Protection (VTP) system.

VTP is a subsystem of the Soldier Protection System, the Army’s newest Personal Protective Equipment. The Army is currently collecting data to verify trade space of weight reduction with protection ability for Soldiers to reduce the Soldier’s load and increase mobility in tactical environments.

“Our goal is to rebalance the testing to optimize the time and cost spent, while maintaining performance. This will allow industry to redirect resources towards developing more advanced designs and technologies, which in turn, benefits the Soldier.”

As the chair for the Vital Torso Protection Purchase Description project, Wieland has had an opportunity to work on the Army’s newest hard armor, where she has demonstrated her leadership skills during the process of changing the testing and evaluations for VTP.

“We’re looking to make the test procedures more statistically significant, operationally relevant, and aligned with the original requirements,” explains Wieland.

“I feel really special knowing my leadership trusted me to represent them even though I was less than a year into my career.”

Britt has served in key briefing roles to the special operations community, including the Spear Side-by-Side, which aimed to develop understanding and communality amongst the kit used in SOF versus the general Army, and USASOC Women in ARSOF, which supports holistic improvements to not only the kit of female Soldiers, but also improvements to uniforms, healthcare and quality of life.

“Britt has been able to brief key senior leaders and a large group of female Sergeants Major from ARSTAFF on improvements to PPE and paths forward for iterative changes based on Soldier feedback. She’s also taken part in HFEs to gain knowledge on Soldier kit,” said Maj. Kim Pierre-Zamora, the assistant product manager for the body armor team.

“There’s also a special place in my heart for the Army’s mission to better equip female and small statured soldiers,” Britt Wieland said.

“As a smaller female myself, I take pride in being a female engineer that gets to help take on this task and find it extremely rewarding every time I get to fit a female Warrior with a new kit that was made with them in mind,” Wieland said.

Britt Wieland graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lawrence Technological University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. She became an Army Fellow in 2020 and joined PEO Soldier as a Department of the Army civilian in 2023.

By Scott Sundsvold, Army

Sneak Peek – DefTex x Send NODS Climate Management Plate Carrier Pads

Sunday, April 7th, 2024

Germany’s Defence Textile is working with Send NODs to introduce a new climate management padding system for your plate carrier.

Inroducing the MX042 Plate Carrier from Lindnerhof Taktik

Thursday, April 4th, 2024



Lindnerhof, a renowned name in tactical solutions, proudly presents its latest innovation: the MX042 Plate Carrier, a versatile tactical gear designed to meet diverse needs.

Innovative Material and Design

The MX042 Plate Carrier serves as the MX version of the popular LT042/Il model. It features a specially developed MX laminate as its primary material, replacing the traditional Cordura fabric. Additionally, the plate carrier incorporates laser-cut MOLLE slots to minimise water absorption.

Enhanced Comfort and Functionality

The shoulder straps and 3-row skeletonised hip belt of the MX042 offer unparalleled comfort and functionality. They can be easily adjusted even while worn, thanks to the intuitive design featuring hook and loop areas, elastic cords, and cord stoppers. Additionally, the MX042 boasts an intelligent cable management system, ensuring cables and drinking tubes are neatly organised and out of the way. Furthermore, the plate carrier comes with suitable straps for attaching various ballistic plates, enhancing its versatility.

Customisation Options

Designed to meet the diverse needs of military and law enforcement professionals, the MX042 is fully MOLLE/PALS compatible. Its extensive loop surfaces on both the front and back facilitate seamless customisation, allowing users to attach various equipment, including admin pouches, magazine pouches, and radio holders.

Explore essential gear for police special units with a focus on the MX042 plate carrier.

Effortless Wear and Rapid Deployment

Featuring Lindnerhof’s patented ‘Hakenschnalle’ for seamless entry and exit, the MX042 plate carrier offers unparalleled ease of use. With its quick-release option, users can don the carrier from the side without the need to lift it over their head, providing added convenience and space for shoulder pads. The patented hook buckle on the shoulder and waist straps ensures swift detachment within seconds, whether in response to an injury, immersion in water, or changes in operational requirements. A simple pull in any direction is all it takes to release or reattach the carrier, making it ideal for rapid deployment scenarios.

Watch the video to see Lindnerhof’s unique multi-directional quick-release buckle in action.

For more information about the MX042 Plate Carrier and other products, please visit here.