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Enforce Tac 24 – Fantosme Armor Adaptable Chest Rig

Thursday, February 29th, 2024

French company Fantosme unveiled their latest chest rig which is so new it doesn’t even have a name yet. Hot off the sewing machine from designer Flimmuur Tactical, this rig quickly accepts armor plate pockets.

There are three internal magazine pockets and the front and wings feature laser cut PALS slots. As an aside, the 40mm placard features the same retention technology used in Flimmuur’s MagPi inserts.

While the front armor plate bags goes behind the ammo pouches, the rear plate bag attaches externally and is compatible with Crye Precision zip-on panels.

It attaches via Velcro wrapped around the yoke of the harness. You can also see the sliding harness feature for improved fitment.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Strandhögg v3 Plate Carrier

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

The Strandhögg v3 Plate Carrier maximizes 6/12 technology and rapid closure systems provided by the FirstSpear Tubes fasteners for easy donning and doffing. The front panel has an internal zippered admin pocket along with a 4″x9″ loop field for identifiers. Along the bottom of the front panel is a second loop field for Ragnar style pockets & accessories like the FirstSpear Admin Placard and Fight Panel.

The Instant Access Back Panel allows for easier access to adjust your cummerbund. Both the front and back of the carrier features interior facing channels for foam to add comfort and ventilation. These foam inserts can be removed for a more streamlined carrier. The front and back have the ability to hold both soft armor and plates that are the same size and cut as the carrier.

Visit FirstSpear to find American Made kit and accessories, Built For The X.

Battle Steel Introduces Groundbreaking TACLite Line of Ballistic Shields

Saturday, February 17th, 2024

Battle Steel, a renowned innovator in the field of personal and tactical defense equipment, is proud to announce the launch of its latest advancement in protective gear: the TACLite line of ballistic shields. This new line of shields represents a significant leap forward in safety technology, featuring a revolutionary lighter polyethylene material that dramatically reduces the weight of the shields without compromising their protective capabilities.

The TACLite shields are engineered to address a critical issue that has long burdened law enforcement and military personnel: user fatigue. By significantly lowering the weight of the shields, Battle Steel enhances operational efficiency and mobility, enabling users to maintain higher levels of performance and endurance in the field.

One of the most impressive aspects of the TACLite line is its capability to achieve up to a Level III+ rating, providing unparalleled protection against special threat rounds, including the M855 and M80 7.62mm rounds. This advanced protection level is a testament to Battle Steel’s commitment to offering state-of-the-art defense solutions that meet the evolving threats faced by those on the front lines.

The TACLite series is available in various sizes to accommodate the diverse needs and scenarios encountered by law enforcement, military, and security personnel. The line includes shields rated at Levels IIIA, III, and III+, ensuring that users can select the optimal level of protection for their specific requirements.

With this new line, Battle Steel continues to set the standard for tactical defense equipment, offering solutions that meet the demands of modern threats while prioritizing the safety and performance of the individuals who protect our communities and nations.

For more information about the TACLite line of ballistic shields and other Battle Steel products, please visit

Crye Precision Announces R-SERIES Officially Available

Friday, February 16th, 2024

Brooklyn, NY – February 16, 2024– Crye Precision®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has announced the new R-SERIES™, a highly configurable, modular, and scalable system is now available for purchase through the company’s website. 

The R-SERIES™, the next evolution of the JPC 2.0™, is a highly tuned suite of load carriage innovations that strikes the nearly impossible balance between weight, durability, integration, modularity, versatility, and refinement. It was developed in collaboration with Special Operations Forces to address their unique and diverse requirements.

With the JPC R-SERIES™ at its core, the R-SERIES™ addresses the warfighter’s need to tailor the system to a constantly shifting mission profile. The design considers current cable routing requirements, various plate sizes and types, increase load carriage and additional extensive collaborations with end-user feedback.

A full suite of 18 components allow you to build four different configurations (ASSAULT, JUMP, RECCE, and PACK).  ASSAULT configuration is a mission-ready plate carrier with the JPC R-SERIES™ as the foundation.  The R-SERIES™ M4 JUMP FLAP can be removed, connected to the R-SERIES™ HARNESS ADAPTER and HARNESS to make a jumpable chest rig that can carry up to six, 30-round M4 mags.  Add the R-SERIES™ ZIP-ON PACK and ADAPTER and you now have a lightweight plate carrier.  Remove the front flap to align the PACK configuration.

These versatile arrangements can all be outfitted with an array of R-SERIES™ accessories that increase comfort and can accommodate new comms units, like the PRC-163 radio. These accessories can be mounted beside or below the front and back panels, furthering adding to the modularity of the series, and ensuring the load is more streamlined.

In addition to the accommodation of heavier loads and plate sizes, the new integrated cable management is designed to channel throughout the system to help keep everything streamlined.

“The R-SERIES™ started with asking our end users what they wanted changed from the JPC 2.0 and what they told us needed very little alteration,” stated Crye Precision Director of Marketing, Ernesto Rodriguez. “They had new load carriage and cable management requirements that needed to be addressed, along with the modularity created for the AVS™ system.  The R-SERIES™ truly defines mission specific scalability.”

Available now through, the new R-Series comes in MULTICAM®, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black.

NFM France, Cooneen Protection Ltd and Partners Awarded Major Contract by French MOI

Friday, February 16th, 2024

NFM Group and Cooneen Protection Ltd are proud to announce a landmark con-tract awarded by the French Ministry of Interior (MOI). The consortium, with NFM France SAS acting as the representative, alongside Cooneen Protection Ltd and NFM Production Sp. z o.o. has been selected to supply Individual Bulletproof Vests 2022 (GPB-I) and tactical vest for various French security forces.

NFM Group and Cooneen Protection Ltd take immense pride in being entrusted with the responsibility of providing state-of-the-art protective gear to France’s protectors. This achievement underscores our joint commitment to protecting those who safeguard French communities, and we are proud to contribute to their safety with our products.

The objective of the tender was to provide advanced protective gear for the Police Nationale, Gendarmerie Nationale, Gendarmerie Maritime, French Customs, Security and Defense Cooperation Directorate, and Penitentiary Administration.

“The solution is a combination of protection and modularity thanks to the combination of products including the tactical vest: it is scalable which leads to being fully compliant with the users need to accomplish all aspects of their daily missions,” says Johann Le Cunff Managing Director NFM France.

The contract includes two lots:

• Lot 1: Supply of a substantial quantity of Individual Bulletproof Vests and Tactical Vests, specifically designed for female operators.

• Lot 2: Supply of a significant number of Individual Bulletproof Vests and Tactical Vests, tailored for male operators.

The contract entails the delivery of up to 511,350 concealment vests and 415,596 tactical vests, catering to both male and female operators, over a period of four years.

The French Ministry of Interior (MOI) is at the forefront of a pioneering initiative within the protective gear sector, as demonstrated by their latest requirements set out in two distinct lots. It is particularly noteworthy that the French MOI has acknowledged and catered to the specific needs for female operators’ protective gear.

“In Lot 1, they have established an industry-leading approach by requesting a comprehensive range of body armour, distinctly designed for the unique requirements of female personnel. This progressive move reflects a profound understanding of the importance of comfort, fit, and protection in crafting gear for female end-users,” says Neville McIlwrath, Business Support Director at Cooneen Protection Ltd.

Lot 2, with its focus on male operators, ensures all personnel are equally outfitted with the highest standards of protection. Collectively, these lots underscore our dedication to fulfilling the diverse requirements of the French MOI, while showcasing our ability to innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving industry.

“NFM and Cooneen are honoured to be part of this visionary development initiated by the French MOI. Our contribution to supplying these bespoke products not only meets a critical need but also marks our participation in a significant shift towards inclusivity and innovation in protective gear,” says Johann Le Cunff.


NFM France and Cooneen Protection Ltd. came together in a unique collaboration to provide an innovative and leading solution to the requirements of the French MOI. Both companies who are leaders in their respective markets worked closely together to develop and submit a winning solution to both female and male body armour requirements established by the French MOI.

“We were excited by the prospect of working with NFM in this unique arrangement. Our collaboration highlights the value of combining specialized skills and industry-leading expertise, and we look forward to the successful delivery of the contract,” says Neville McIlwrath.

NFM France’s commitment to local expertise is also clearly demonstrated through our strong engagement with leading French raw material suppliers.

“The contract highlights our strong collaboration with leading French raw material partners and underscores NFM’s commitment to incorporating first-choice French materials in our product composition, showcasing our pride working with top-tier local suppliers,” says Johann Le Cunff.

This contract with the French MOI marks a significant milestone for both NFM Group and Cooneen Protection.

“This partnership not only reinforces our commitment to supporting those who protect us but also strengthens NFM’s position as a major player in France,” says Johann Le Cunff.

“Cooneen are pleased to have been selected to continue to supply vital body armour products to the French MOI and look forward to further developing our position in the French market,” says Neville McIlwrath.

AARDVARK Tactical’s PROJECT7 Launches P7 Saves Initiative, Celebrates First Save

Friday, February 16th, 2024

La Verne, CA – PROJECT7 Armor is proud to announce the launch of its new P7 Saves Initiative. This project celebrates the resilience of law enforcement and military personnel who survive critical incidents in the field while wearing PROJECT7 products. The program will highlight the inspiring survival stories of the men and women PROJECT7 was founded to protect.

P7 Saves launches with the story of Jordan Robison, a San Bernardino, CA police officer who survived multiple gunshot wounds from a 10mm Glock during a vehicle takedown of an attempted murder suspect in August 2021. Robison was hit a total of seven times, with five rounds hitting outside the coverage of his PROJECT7 Scalable Entry Vest. Robison was struck once in each arm (fracturing both), once in the shoulder, once in the abdomen below his armor, and once in the leg resulting in a shattered femur. Two additional rounds were stopped by his armor with one deflecting off of his cummerbund creating a grazing wound to his side, and the second in the center of his rifle plate directly over his abdominal aorta.

After multiple surgeries and intensive physical and occupational therapy, Jordan was released from the hospital to continue his road to recovery. Today, Jordan is currently retired from law enforcement and working toward becoming a Physician’s Assistant. His goal is to work in the same hospital that treated him.

Jordan’s survival was due in large part to the heroic actions of his team members. This is especially true for Officer Chris Shipley, who treated Jordan with his own tourniquet despite also being shot in the leg, and Medic Spence Brumbaugh who kept Jordan alive during transport, giving the trauma team precious time to save Jordan once he arrived at the hospital.

Reflecting on the experience, Jordan said, “If I had to say one thing to the people who trained me, to all the people I’ve worked with over the years, to the people who made my armor, to the doctors who actually saved me– from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

AARDVARK CEO and Founder of PROJECT7 Jon Becker summed up the experience by saying, “Jordan is the first save for PROJECT7. When we set out to build PROJECT7, we knew that eventually, someone’s life would depend upon our armor. That is why we chose the best possible ballistic partner in Safariland and it is what inspired us to build the best possible armor system. It is hard to express how grateful we are that Jordan is alive and healthy to experience the rest of his life.”

Jordan’s story is a real-world example of PROJECT7’s purpose. To celebrate this occasion PROJECT7 has released a short documentary of Jordan’s story which can be found at:

MATBOCK Monday – Lightweight Powerhouse

Monday, February 12th, 2024

The MATBOCK Berserker only weighs a little over 1lbs, and comes fully equipped with a 5.56 mag insert, kangaroo pouch, dual radio pouches, side armor pouches, shoulder pads, and 4-way stretch for versatile plate compatibility; it’s the last plate carrier you’ll ever need.

Using their proprietary Ghost Material, this carrier is super lightweight, extremely durable, and will have you running cooler than traditional materials on the market.

They have a cool feature with their radio pouches as well check out this clip:

To find out more about their carriers checkout or email them at [email protected].

Exclusive AXL + Shaw Concepts ARC V2 in MultiCam Black (Limited Release)

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Available one-time only while supplies last, this will not be a regular stocking item, so if you’re on the fence, now is the time.

Introducing the Shaw Concepts ARC V2 Suite in Multicam Black. This first-ever Multicam Black offering is available exclusively through

This limited bundle features the Shaw Concepts ARC V2 carrier in Multicam Black and AXL’s add-on accessories in one comprehensive package.

The set comes with:

-ARC V2 Front and Rear Plate Bags

-Base Shoulder Straps

-ARC Pontoons

-ARC V3 Placard

-Triple 5.56 Insert

-AXL Equinox Cummerbund

-AXL Structural Shoulder Pads

-FirstSpear Tubes Buckles