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FirstSpear Friday Focus: USMC GEN III Flotation Cummerbund

Friday, May 20th, 2022

Life-Saving Flotation System For American Warfighters.

Recently showcased at Modern Day Marine May 10-12, 2022 (Pictured above is the current USMC PC GEN III with existing issued cummerbund on the right side, as worn, and the FirstSpear USMC GEN III Flotation Cummerbund on the left.

The USMC GEN III Flotation Cummerbund is FirstSpear’s answer to the United States Marine Corps need for life-saving kit during maritime operations.

This cummerbund features a 6/12™ Laser Fused Platform for weight reduction and Tubes® Fasteners, which are already being used on the current USMC PC GEN III. Tubes® Fasteners allow for easy everyday donning and doffing as well as emergencies.

Featuring a top access panel, the cummerbund allows users easy access to the 38 gram CO2 cartridge for pre-mission checks and inspection. The CTAF (Cummerbund Tactical Aid to Flotation) is designed to be user friendly with repacking and maintenance at the unit level.

Authorized for Naval Use (ANU), this CTAF (Cummerbund Tactical Aid to Flotation) is on contract with DOD. Compatible with all sizes of the USMC GEN III plate carrier, the cummerbund fits 6” x 8” and 6” x 6” sides plates and requires no modifications to the current USMC PC GEN III.

Check out FirstSpear for more cutting-edge innovation.

SOFIC 22 – Crye Precision

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

If it wasn’t enough that Crye Precision launched an entire alpine clothing line at SHOT Show they are following it up with a new member of the JPC line. Meet the R-Series JPC.

Made up of 16 components, the R-Series takes modularity to a new level for the JPC. They’ve strengthened the vest to to improve load carriage and changed how you size the vest by developing a single front panel and leaving sizing selection solely to the rear panel.

This new front panel standardizes the amount of load carriage real estate across your force, regardless of individual stature. This means that smaller troops will be able to carry the same gear as those with wider chests. That’s because designer Matt Johnson developed a plate pocket that will accept not only different sized plates, but also different shapes.

Thanks to the scalability of the system, you can also configure it for simple load carriage missions where no armor is desired, or for front plate only with a chest rig like the Rhodesian rigs issued early in the war.

If you don’t need both front and back panels, there’s both a dedicated assault harness, or conversely you can set up a pack.

In addition to cummerbund options, R-Series also includes radio, magazine, and accessory pockets which can be mounted beside or below the front and back panels giving numerous options. These pockets also make the load more streamlined.

In addition to beefing up the design to accommodate heavier loads which are generally more suited to AVS, Crye also integrated cable management channels throughout the design to help with keeping everything streamlined.

I am very impressed with the versatilty of this new system and it offers a more coat effective alternative for those organizations who are considering AVS.

Agilite’s K19 Plate Carrier just got Even Better-Meet the K19 3.0

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Agilite’s K19 is one of the best sold plate carriers in the USA and the 3.0 version just dropped with a series of small but significant upgrades.

“There’s no such thing as a stagnant product, if necessary, we evolve and upgrade them to move with the times. These upgrades came directly from our end users and client T&E program,” said Agilite Israel CEO Elie Isaacson.

See the upgrades explained in the video below:

Danish Military Signs Armor & Load Carriage Contract with TYR Tactical

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

PEORIA, Ariz. – On Monday, April 25, Jason Beck, Founder and CEO of TYR Tactical and the Danish Ministry of Defense (DALO) signed a historic contract worth $200,000,000.00 ($200M). The contract will provide each soldier in the Danish military the most state-of-the-art body armor system in existence.

This agreement will have an impact of more than 100 advanced manufacturing jobs for TYR Tactical, which is headquartered in the City of Peoria. This allows for higher economic growth and greater employment opportunities in the west valley spanning the next decade.

“We have spent decades building strong relationships locally, nationally, and ones that span the globe. We have had the honor to serve the Danish Military for over 10 years with our life saving products and been extremely proud of how we have designed and manufactured the best in the world. Our Danish friends have been incredible partners in innovation, working with us to protect those who protect us.  Their commitment to providing the world’s best protection for their military personnel is incredible. With this historic signing, we are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with the Danish military, and our friendship with the Danish people. Today is a day of celebration that we share with our friends from Denmark, the entire TYR family, and our incredible employees whose commitment to 100% quality control results in saving lives,” said Jason Beck, CEO.

One hundred percent of the tactical gear that Denmark will receive will be manufactured in Peoria, Arizona.

Aardvark Tactical Launches New Website, Prioritizing Operators’ Voices, Advice From Industry Leaders, and Product Tutorials

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

Tactical products and equipment specialist AARDVARK Tactical is launching a new and improved version of their website in April of 2022. This site will be geared towards more efficient product browsing, how-to videos for operators, and a purpose-built armor configurator for optimized platform customization.

The new website is designed to provide tactical teams with a wealth of educational resources – from demonstrations that accompany our products to in-depth conversations between leaders about the tactical field today. Product tutorials cover a myriad of topics, answering questions such as how to best use the LOKI Mk2 tactical sUAS, how to maintain your Kinetic Breaching Tool (KBT), how to set-up your PROJECT7 armor platforms, and much more.

AARDVARK is also pleased to release our “Lessons Learned” video series, featuring conversations between leaders in the tactical community. Viewers can expect advice on issues operators face in the field alongside in-depth knowledge of the industry. “Lessons Learned” topics include “Interior Drone use for SWAT Team,” “Understanding Threat Levels and Choosing Rifle Plates,” “Choosing Communications Gear,” and more. Website visitors can also request future video topics on the redesigned site. AARDVARK’s hope is that these series inform, inspire, and lead to continued innovation.

AARDVARK’s new digital storefront features a streamlined products and services navigation system that allows users to filter their search by brand, category, and featured products. The new browsing platform, powered by Shopify, provides an efficient and user-friendly experience. Plus, tactical operators and management staff are now able to request quotes online for products they need directly at shop.aardvarktactical.com.

When it comes to configuring the ideal PROJECT7 armor platform, AARDVARK is making it easy with a custom configuration system that allows users to set their specifications based on preferences and mission-specific profiles. Users can configure PROJECT7 platforms from the ground up, including belts, helmets, accessories, and ballistics.

With the release of the new AardvarkTactical.com, AARDVARK aims to continue to raise the industry standards for serving tactical operators with equipment, custom solutions, and continued education.

New Soldier-Protection Turret Developed for Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. — Soldiers are getting a chance to evaluate and train with a new armored turret system for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle, the latest U.S. Army platform within the high-priority Next Generation Combat Vehicle modernization program.

The new Objective Commander’s Weapon Station integrates with all five variants of the AMPV: a general-purpose vehicle, mission command vehicle, mortar carrier, medical evacuation and medical treatment vehicles. The AMPV is currently in low-rate production.

The OCWS system, which addresses the ongoing need to develop advanced armor protection and capabilities for Soldiers, is part of the broad sweep of modernization efforts within the U.S. Army. The advanced protection kit has a new armor alloy and a titanium hatch design.

The OCWS turret protects the vehicle commander, who operates as the gunner on the top side of the vehicle. Essential features include periscopes, motorized rotation and a spacious interior that allows the gunner to perform complex missions under protection. The weapon mount on the system gives the gunner full access to the suite of crew served weapons, providing a range of firepower options.

The OCWS was developed and prototyped by engineers at the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey. The Armaments Center reports to the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, which is part of Army Futures Command.

“The OCWS is definitely one of our more sophisticated turret systems,” said Thomas Kiel, who leads the engineering activity for U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps armored and tactical vehicle turrets within the DEVCOM Armaments Center Force Protection team. “The AMPV was developed to operate on the front lines of the battlefield, and our team had to accommodate the challenging requirements associated with that,” Kiel added.

The OCWS includes a combination of opaque and transparent armor that is specially configured to provide advanced protection and situational awareness for the Commander. The Armaments Center works closely with DEVCOM’s Army Research Laboratory to ensure that the high performing armor materials are lightweight, affordable and readily available.

“Our initial prototype was integrated with the vehicle at the test site for a formal user evaluation,” said Narayan Bhagavatula, Program Lead for Gunner Protection Systems within Program Manager Soldier Lethality, also located at Picatinny Arsenal.

Experienced warfighters, program managers and Picatinny engineers participated in a Human Systems Integration event at the Aberdeen Test Center for a complete evaluation of every aspect of the new turret. “It is critical that the OCWS meets the needs of the Soldier,” said Bhagavatula. “User feedback is the most important aspect of our development process.”

At the Soldier-centered event, the turret team gathers all comments and recommendations from Soldiers and incorporates them into the design. Engineering analysis of the updated computer models follows each design change.

“We’re able to really push the envelope on system complexity and performance because of recent advances in modeling and simulation,” said Kiel. The engineers work closely with the Gaming, Interactive Technologies & Multimedia team at the Armaments Center to evaluate computer models within a virtual environment that simulate various battlefield scenarios, from dense urban combat to open terrain, under certain weather conditions.

In collaboration with Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, the Armaments Center is acquiring new simulation technologies and toolsets that make it possible to evaluate the overall effectiveness of new weapon systems through fully immersive environments.

“Through advanced modeling, we can predict the behavior of our turrets under extreme stress, as well as understand how the system will be used during combat,” said Kiel. “The engineering data we generate is treated as a weapon system and is managed and secured as such,” he added.

The DEVCOM Armaments Center has the lead within the DOD in the development of Tactical Vehicle Turret Systems. More than 50,000 systems have been fielded on a variety of platforms, including the Humvee, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle and others. Objective Gunner Protection Kit Turrets are standard for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

At least 14 patents have been issued related to the development of turret systems, including three that were selected as Army’s Greatest Inventions. AGI awards are considered somewhat of a “Soldier’s Choice Award” because nominations are judged by a panel of noncommissioned officers with recent combat experience as well as practical, hands-on experience.

The Product Data Management team at Picatinny is responsible for processing and maintaining all aspects of weapon system data, which is used throughout the Armaments Center enterprise for various functions such as prototype fabrication, structural modeling, and cost analysis. “The technical data itself is a strategic asset for the U.S. Army and a crucial component in achieving military advantage,” Kiel said.

“We built all of the prototype OCWS turrets in-house over the last 18 months,” said Bhagavatula. “Meeting the aggressive test schedule was a top priority, along with finalizing the technical data package for the start of low-rate production,” he added. Assembled within its Prototype Integration Facility, the Armaments Center provided 20 OCWS turrets for test and evaluation.

The AMPV with OCWS has undergone reliability, availability, and maintainability testing at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, as well as live-fire testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Follow-on operational testing of the AMPV with Soldiers is underway.

By Ed Lopez, Picatinny Arsenal Public Affairs

Ultralightweight Yet Super-Strong Plate Carrier MX244 for Military and Police Special-Forces Goes On Sale 27 April, Says Lindnerhof-Taktik

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (25 April 2022)—Maker of high-quality tactical gear systems Lindnerhof-Taktik today announced it will this week begin offering its new MX244 Ultralight Plate Carrier for purchase.

The MX244—set to go on sale Wednesday—is the first of an entire line of Lindnerhof-Taktik products made with the company’s innovative Multiaxial Laminate MX material, notable for its extreme low weight and astonishing strength, said Lindnerhof CEO Jakob Kolbeck.

“We’re very confident that the military and police special-forces teams for whom the MX244 is designed will find it an indispensable piece of equipment,” Kolbeck said, adding that the carrier is designed to serve as a grid for toting SAPI L-sized plates.

“There are many reasons why we believe the MX244 will quickly become a bestseller, but two of the most important are its exceptional durability and it weighs only 450 grams,” Kolbeck continued. “In fact, until the MX244 came along, there’s never been a more reliable, lightweight option for carrying plates.”

Lindnerhof founder Josef Sixt added that the advanced-technology Multiaxial Laminate MX material used in the manufacture of the MX244 has very low water absorbency characteristics. Moreover, he said, the option exists for covering the carried plates with fully camouflaged sleeves.

“Although the MX244 Plate Carrier is a cutting-edge product, we incorporated many of our classic, time-tested, and field-proven features,” Sixt offered. “For example, we took our patented hook buckle for securely closing shoulder straps and waist belts and translated it into an extra-slim version, one that would stay more out of the way of the user’s weapon system, provide additional space along the waist belt, and yet clasp just as rock-solidly as the original hook buckle.”

Kolbeck said an objective in developing the MX244 was creation of a plate carrier that would allow users to quickly add accessories. Accordingly, the company has timed the debut of its MX244 to coincide with the launch of several Lindnerhof-Taktik accessory items.

These are:

• Front Panels (MX233 Velcro® Panel, MX231 Panel Front, MX234 Multi-Calibre front Panel)

• Carrying Sling (MX106 Single Point Velcro® Sling)

• Next-generation Multi-Calibre Pouches (MX119 Multi-Calibre Rifle Mag Pouch, MX519 Multi-Calibre SMG Mag Pouch)

• Slim Belt Grid (MX560 Modular Belt Grid)

“Common to the plate carrier and the accessory items—beyond being made with Multiaxial Laminate MX—is their extreme functionality and modularity,” Kolbeck said. “Consider, for instance, the new MX560 Belt Grid. It’s a laser-cut sleeve-grid. But as soon as it’s wrapped around our Tactical Harness [1000551 Edelrid Gürtel], the harness transforms into a slim, super-lightweight war belt. Extra slots stably attach it to common holster systems including Blackhawk, Safariland, and G-Code, as well as to other items.

“As for the MX231 Front Panel, it can carry three magazines for rifles ranging from the AR15 on up to the HK417. Both it and the MX234 Multi-Calibre Front Panel attach to the MX244 Plate Carrier by means of Velcro® fasteners and/or with an included pair of click-it-to-attach MOLLE buckles for faster gearing up.

“And, of course, all of the new products include other outstanding Lindnerhof features such as cable management, patch areas, and size adjusters.”

The MX244 Plate Carrier and most of its accessories (unveiled in March at the at Enforce Tac and IWA 2022 trade shows held in Nuremberg, Germany) will for now be available in only two colours—coyote and stone grey. The company said black will be offered later, as will the camouflage patterns MultiCam and 5fb Flecktarn.

Meanwhile, Kolbeck provided a sneak-peek at a coming capability of the MX231 and MX234 panels. “In additional to their classic functionality, the front panels also can form the basis of a fully configured and ready-to-use micro-rig, but we’ll have more about that in the next few months,” he revealed.?

All the Lindnerhof-Taktik products coming available for purchase this week reflect a recently adopted strategy of developing and rolling out new items with greater frequency.

“We create roughly a thousand prototypes of new products each year, but our goal now is to bring more of them to customers and to do so on a more consistent basis,” Kolbeck said.

For more information about these products and other Lindnerhof-Taktik gear, please visit the company’s website at www.hqg.de.

Sneak Peek – Lindnerhof Taktik MX224 Uktralight Plate Carrier

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

Dropping 27 April, Lindnerhof Taktik’s lightest Plate carrier yet. The MX224 Uktralight Plate Carrier features their proprietary MX material, a laser cut multiaxial laminate which is paired with their patented hook buckle.