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SHOT Show 23 – Agilite Showcases New Products

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Agilite previewed several new products including their upcoming K-Zero plate carrier, the new Warfighter Cummerbund, new Flank side armor carriers as well as new pistol versions of their patented Pincer pouches.

Agilite’s claw machine drew a large crowd and visitors won prizes from Agilite and partner companies Ops-Core, Black Rifle Coffee, Oakley SI, Invisio and Unity Tactical.

The machine ran only on Israeli 1 shekel coins that the Agilite team were handing out.


SHOT Show 23 – Crye Precision

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

The items showcased in the Crye Precision booth are “coming soon” which means we should see then during this calendar year.

ATO High Loft Parka & Pants

The ATO ALPINE TERRAIN OPERATIONS High Loft Parka is a static insulation layer for cold weather environments. The Climashield Apex insulation is thermally mapped with three different weights that deliver optimized warmth while minimizing overheating. The unique reversible design provides both alpine and woodland concealment as needed. It is constructed with a durable nylon outer fabric that is wind resistant and packable. The ATO High Loft Parka features an expandable front zipper that allows the flexibility to layer up or down and even provides coverage for fully loaded plate carriers and vests. Hand pockets are lined in fleece for warmth and interior mesh pockets accommodate cold weather gear like goggles.

ATO HD Overwhites

The ATO Overwhites provide alpine concealment in a robust combat feature design. Built from a durable ripstop nylon shell, it utilizes water resistant reinforcement in areas of high wear like the shoulders, seat, and lower arms. You’ll see some M1951 Fishtail Parka DNA in there. Shoulder and cargo pockets stow essential cold weather items and pit zipper pass-throughs.

G4 Aviation Uniform

Developed in conjunction with a SOF aviation element, the G4 Aviation Uniform is offered in both male and female fit. It utilizes the same fabric as G4, the FR Commando Twill. There are also both Field and Combat models.

You’ll find some aviation unique features like dual entry shoulder pockets, center front zipper and loop placement to accommodate ID. The pants also have double seats, oversized patch pocket on calf, vertical zippered entry on thigh pockets, and a multi-tool pocket.

Offered in MultiCam m, Black, and Ranger Green.

LVS Female Fit

Crye’s proprietary 3 dimensional forming technology allows them to shape the vest to directly match the contours of the human body. Now they’ve applied it to the female form. Because it is molded, the armor will not crumple and fold up in the bottom of the carrier. Infact, the LVS Base Vest requires no external carrier at all.

FB/40mm Pouch

The FB/40MM POUCH is designed to accommodate flashbang and 40mm grenades. It is constructed from laser-cut AIRLITE and features a welded attachment strap with a unique tab geometry. Heavy-duty elastic provides a secure fit while the flap is tucked into the pouch. The dual security closure allows for extra security of your flashbang. Available in single, double and triple pouch.


Coming this year! Purpose built for multi-day recce missions, the SMOC (Special Missions Operations Coat) is designed to provide combat-specific weather protection and allow storage of critical gear. Constructed from a durable water repellent ripstop nylon shell and fully lined to provide warmth and wind protection, while the mesh venting at the chest pockets and underarm help to avoid overheating during movement. Designed with thumb loop cuffs, an elastic crotch strap and a shock cord cinchable waist to ensure proper fit and security.

See the 2023 Crye Precision catalog here.

Premier Body Armor Announces Newest Body Armor Innovation

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

GASTONIA, N.C. – January 16, 2023 – Premier Body Armor is proud to announce both the continued collaboration with Viktos and the newest innovation in ballistic protection. With the release of Viktos’ newest chest rigs comes Premier Body Armor’s brand-new body armor design, ArmorSHIFT.

“When Viktos came to us with a goal of utilizing a full 10″x12″ soft armor insert with the Taculus and Low Key chest rigs, we were excited for the challenge” said Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “After working through several prototypes, we landed on our new ArmorSHIFT design. ArmorSHIFT allows the wearer to nearly double their armor coverage on the fly! Simply pull the webbing loop at the bottom of the dual insert design and the secondary armor panel shifts into position giving a full-sized 10″x12″ coverage. We’re excited about this innovation and can’t wait to see what else comes out of this partnership in 2023.”

The Low Key and Taculus by Viktos both feature versatility that improves the functionality of the chest rig. While the smaller dimensions make these rigs perfect for EDC carry, it also brought about the challenge of providing 10”x12” ballistic protection of the Cardiac Box, home of the most vital organs. This is where ArmorSHIFT was born.

ArmorSHIFT is the new body armor design from Premier Body Armor that allows two smaller panels to smoothly shift into position with a quick pull on the release loop. This creates full coverage most “traditional” 10”x12” panels provide. The revolutionary design is the first of its kind, and already proves to provide a way to allow a greater variety of bag sizes to include Level IIIA protection. For Premier Body Armor, this means greater peace of mind for more people.

Premier Body Armor looks forward to seeing how ArmorSHIFT disrupts the body armor industry, and is excited for the continued partnership with Viktos.

Learn more about Premier Body Armor and their complete line of armor at premierbodyarmor.com.

Rooted in Ancient History, but Built for the 21st Century, Adept Armor Introduces the NovaSteel Ballistic Buckler

Saturday, January 14th, 2023


Adept Armor’s NovaSteel Buckler shield fills the gap left by contemporary body armor and helmet systems.

Tulsa, Okla. (January 2023) – Adept Armor, an armor system engineering firm, has just released its new NovaSteel Buckler Shield. The lightweight ballistic shield offers rapidly deployable protection for the vulnerable parts of the face, neck, upper torso, and arms. As such, it quite literally fills the gap left by contemporary body armor systems. Easy to stow, carry, and use – and compatible with a wide variety of lights and other accessories – the NovaSteel Buckler provides a reliable defense from a handgun, edged weapon, blunt impact weapon, and animal attacks, and can double as an extremely effective compliance weapon. It is especially well-suited for use in home defense scenarios.

“The buckler is not a new concept. It is so old that its origins are lost to history,” commented Jake Ganor, President of Adept Armor. “As firepower came to dominate warfare in the 16th and 17th centuries, bucklers gradually fell out of favor and eventually disappeared entirely. We have brought it back with the NovaSteel Buckler because its form makes it a uniquely useful and versatile implement today – especially when it is made of advanced ballistic steel alloy.”

Weighing in at just 3 lbs., the NovaSteel Buckler offers a Level IIIA/VPAM-3 protection. Constructed from an advanced alloy, it features a rugged and durable handle, a nylon carry strap, a Velcro patch for ID or light, and an optional lightweight LED shield light with a strobe function. The ambidextrous ability of the NovaSteel Buckler Shield allows it to be easily switched between hands when in combat and can be used by both left and right-handed users.

Though relatively small at 12.2 in. in diameter, the NovaSteel Buckler Shield is designed to be held away from the body, and as such, it can protect a significantly larger area than its size conveys. Held properly, at arm’s length, it offers a much larger area of protection than most armor plates or vests and can protect typically unarmored areas, like the neck and face. The NovaSteel Buckler is light enough to benefit from its user’s autonomic startle-flinch response, and, with some training, can reliably be properly positioned to protect its wearer from harm.

As the bucklers of olden times were designed to be used alongside the sword, so the NovaSteel Buckler Shield is designed to be used alongside a handgun. Supported on the NovaSteel Buckler Shield’s flat shoulder, handguns are stabilized, and the user’s most vulnerable parts are covered and protected. Furthermore, the NovaSteel Buckler Shield can be used as an offensive weapon in its own right, and particularly excels as a non-lethal compliance weapon. It was designed with this use in mind. MSRP is $195.

Interested in armor materials, systems, test methods, and current threats? Check out Adept Armor’s incredible knowledgebase of information and glossary. Learn more about Adept Armor on their new website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Receive a FREE bag and patch, as well as the latest news, offers, and promotions from Adept Armor when you sign up for the newsletter.


RTS Tactical Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Mini Shield Receives NTOA Test, Approval & Recommendation

Thursday, January 12th, 2023

Miami, Florida (January 10th, 2023)

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has tested and recommended the RTS Tactical Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Mini Shield. This shield is designed to protect law enforcement officers from rifle rounds and special threats. The NTOA is an organization of law enforcement professionals who test products and provide training for tactical operations.  

The RTS Tactical Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Mini Shield was put through rigorous testing, including shooting from different distances and angles as well as being exposed to various environments. After passing all of the tests, the NTOA gave the shield its stamp of approval.  This shield will now be added to the list of approved products for law enforcement agencies across the country.

Tested by a Police Officer from Iowa

I put the RTS Tactical Mini Shield through its paces and overall stood up to my expectations of being a quality piece of equipment. The shield is rated III+ (Rifle Special Threats), roughly measures 18×12, and weighs just over 11 pounds. The support/grab handle, padded comfort arm brace, and quick detach lower strap all feel and function well. I would not put this shield on the front of my stack, due to size, but definitely in my patrol vehicle for patrol applications and active shooter incidents. RTS does make two larger-sized shields in this model (14×24 and 16×30) that I have used on our team and they serve the purpose of team use. The size of the shield makes it easy to store in a vehicle. The only downside I found to this shield is it feels small when you get behind it.

Tested by a member from Louisiana

The RTS Tactical Level III+ Rifle Threats Mini Shield would be an excellent addition to any LEOs kit. With its compact size, it fits easily into the trunk of your unit. The padded backing of the shield gives you the comfort you want when carrying a shield for any amount of time. The main issue I have with this product is its weight. It is much heavier than you would expect for the shield size, but with that being said it is something I would be willing to deal with for a product that could potentially save my life. With all of that being said I will talk about its performance while at the range. It was fairly easy to hold the shield and still be able to fire my duty pistol at targets. The shield also withstood multiple drops onto the concrete and the only damage that I could find was chipped paint. Overall I was extremely pleased with this product and think it would be a valuable asset to any department.

Tested by a member from Michigan

This Mini Shield seems to have a unique place in law enforcement which was previously overlooked as an asset by many organizations. Previously, shields were issued to special units and patrol was left out of the loop as there was no need for a shield, if a situation arose the special unit would be called in. A school active shooter in Texas changed that mindset. Regardless of the response that day, many saw a need to train and equip patrol to better handle those situations where you could not wait for SWAT. This shield does just that with its small footprint it can easily fit in the trunk of any patrol vehicle. The affordable price allows departments to outfit every patrol vehicle. An officer could buy one of their own as many of us had to buy our own plate carriers and armor.

RTS Tactical will be in the Law Enforcement Section at ShotShow 2023 Booth #62403 come by to see this and more of our new products.

Click here to apply for a free T&E for your Department.

Premier Body Armor to Present New Products at SHOT Show 2023

Thursday, January 12th, 2023

GASTONIA, N.C. – January 12, 2023 – Premier Body Armor is excited to return to SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas to exhibit a variety of new products. As a leading provider of premium body armor and tactical gear, Premier Body Armor is thrilled to showcase the latest products & advancements in personal protection at this admired event for the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the newest Premier Body Armor offerings including the Female Concealable Armor Vest, Everyday Armor T-shirt, Discreet Plate Carrier, and ArmorSHIFT. These innovative products provide ultimate protection and comfort for professionals and everyday individuals alike.

In addition to showcasing these innovative new products, Premier Body Armor will also be highlighting industry partnerships with Vertx, Viktos, and Fieldcraft Survival. Together, these companies are committed to providing the best in tactical gear and accessories for all personal protection needs.

Attendees are encouraged to stop by the Premier Body Armor booth #75313 in Caesars Forum from Tuesday, January 17 to Friday, January 20, and booth NS-23 at Industry Day at the Range on Monday, January 15 for a first-hand look at these new body armor products. Learn more about Premier Body Armor and their complete line of armor at premierbodyarmor.com.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: Ragnar Vest

Friday, January 6th, 2023

A carrier for multi-mission flexibility.

Named for the intrepid explorer and cunning warrior Ragnar Lodbrok, the Ragnar Vest and its accessory components are suited for a wide variety of roles and circumstances. The carrier is covered in loop fabric and can be altered with different cummerbunds. Four special built-in pockets with retention tabs allow for storage of accessories based upon situational requirements. You can upgrade the cummerbund to the Ragnar Tubes Tactical Cummerbund to increase functionality. This is a great multi-mission vest with the sort of flexibility that allows you to use one system for a variety of profiles.

*While Supplies Last

Visit FirstSpear to find America’s best tactical gear and equipment.

S&S Precision Announces Price Reduction for PlateFrame-Modular

Thursday, December 15th, 2022

How often does this happen? S&S Precision has just announced a price reduction for the PlateFrame-Modular.

The patented (US10605574) is customized to fit any 10×12 shooter/swimmer, (E)SAPI, or Velocity Systems ULV plates. It features reinforced shoulder pads, integrated interior load bearing wings, and adjustable Heavy Auto-Fit Cummerbund.

Now for the pricing details. The previous list price for the PF-M was $1,192.50. The new price is $765.75 (Black, Tan and Toadvine) and $844.75 for MultiCam, due to material demand.

If you need an entire setup including PlateFrame and pouches, check out SSP’s bundles.

• Direct Action Bundle – includes PF-M, SOCS, Triple Mag Pouch RAP, Radio and Hydration Pouch

• Basic PF-M Bundle – includes PF-M, SOCS and Triple Mag Pouch RAP