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UK MOD Extends NP Aerospace Vehicle Contract

Thursday, May 25th, 2023

The UK Ministry of Defence has extended its Protected Mobility Engineering and Technical Support vehicle contact (PMETS) with NP Aerospace to March 2026.

The £63m contract covering more than 2,000 vehicles was awarded to NP Aerospace, global armour manufacturer and vehicle integrator via a competitive tender in March 2019. Since then, as Engineering Authority for the fleet, and in partnership with vehicle OEMs and industry partners, NP Aerospace has worked on over 140 individual tasks that maintain, sustain and upgrade the vehicle fleet for use on operations.

According to David Petheram, Managing Director & Senior Vice President, NP Aerospace Vehicle Systems, Services & Spares, PMETS tasks range in scale and complexity from lighting systems, software enhancements and communication system upgrades, through to full scale re-engineering programmes. He said: “Through PMETS we have introduced significant innovations into the fleet such as the Mastiff and Ridgback XC offroad platforms and hybrid demonstrator projects – both of which improve overall capabilities and operational vehicle performance. Working closely with industry partners, NP Aerospace is able to maximise through life capability and introduce new innovations that benefit the Armed Forces.”

NP Aerospace has worked on MOD vehicles for over 20 years, leading complex integrations. The platforms covered under the PMETS contract include Mastiff, Wolfhound, Ridgback, Buffalo, Choker, Foxhound, Jackal, Coyote and RODET. Key partners include Atkins, HORIBA-Mira and ITS, vehicle OEMs General Dynamics and Supacat, and a variety of technology partners. The prime contracting model with NP Aerospace as engineering authority is fully scalable and can be applied to other platform types and global markets.

The PMETS contract is estimated to have generated in excess of 200 jobs in the UK supply chain, with the team at NP Aerospace providing oversight of all deliverables and managing all activities on the contracts, utilising highly experienced staff in a unique way across the variety of vehicles in the fleet.

RMA Armament Announces Female Armor Plates & Kits

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

CENTERVILLE, Iowa (May 22, 2023) – RMA Armament, Inc., the King of Armor®., the industry’s leader in ceramic hard armor performance in law enforcement and civilian markets is pleased to announce its women’s hard armor product line – the first of its kind available for direct purchase.

Beginning with the Level IV FSAPI armor kit, RMA is revolutionizing female hard body armor with the shape, curvature and size requirement needed to not only properly protect, but also provide comfort for female wearers.

Let’s face it; women have a vastly different anatomy than men. So women’s armor protection needs to take on a different size and shape. Accordingly, RMA’s new FSAPI Level 4 body armor for women has a proprietary female architecture. And, this FSAPI plate doesn’t cut corners when it comes to protection. Firstly, it’s rated to defeat the Level 4 body armor standard 30.06 M2AP. Additionally, it will also defeat M80 NATO, 7.62×39 MSC, M855, M855A1, XM193, and more.

The 1118 FSAPI Level IV female armor plate from RMA is available in a custom-engineered 9″x11″ size and also weighs only 7.0 lbs. (+/- .125lbs).

“We’re thrilled to launch this female armor line that’s been years in the making. Years of research has gone into the sizing and curvature of these plates. Obviously, protection from rifle threats is a very real need for women, but so too is functionality,” said RMA founder and owner Blake Waldrop. “So this life saving product hopes to fill the need the void that armor companies in the past have neglected. And this is just the start. We have many more exciting plans for our FSAPI plates in the future.” 

Due to the custom shape and size of the FSAPI front and back plates, RMA, along with its partner Shellback Tactical, have created the Queen Plate Carrier (QPC), specifically manufactured for RMA’s proprietary FSAPI plates.

AARDvark Tactical’s PROJECT7 Armor Releases Their All-New External Patrol Vest

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

La Verne, CA: The newly-released External Patrol Vest (XPV) from AARDVARK Tactical’s PROJECT7 Armor is a revolutionary platform built to reimagine how police officers, detectives, K-9s, firefighters, and paramedics are armored. Featuring a four-panel design, similar to a tactical vest, it offers a better fit and greater coverage all without sacrificing mobility. Compared to traditional two-piece armor systems, the XPV’s four-piece platform and cummerbund mitigate the risk of coverage gaps due to misaligned panels, small weight fluctuations, or poor-fitting vests.

The XPV consists of an external carrier, an optional internal concealable carrier, and four soft ballistic panels. The vest offers multiple configurations to fit the mission of the individual officer. The XPV can be worn with its external carrier and ballistics alone or for missions that require concealment or when wearing a Class A uniform, the optional internal concealable carrier can be worn with soft ballistic panels alone.

This platform features internal radio channels for cable routing and a concealed magnet pouch for simple attachment of an Axon body-worn camera.

Asked about this ground-breaking product, PROJECT 7’s Founder Jon Becker said, “The XPV is the product of years of frustration with patrol armor systems and two-panel carrier systems. We started with the goal of providing better coverage, greater accuracy in sizing, better protection, and a strong desire to build something new and better. I am very proud of our design and manufacturing teams, they truly delivered a product we can be proud of.”

Designed for operator comfort and protection, the XPV offers an innovative blend of coverage and comfort. Contact AARDVARK for more information on the XPV or visit to learn more.

Qore Performance Launches IMS VERSA: Universal Plate Carrier Cooling, Heating, Hydration for any MOLLE Plate Carrier

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

15 May 2023

Knoxville, TN — Qore Performance, Inc., the inventor of weaponized thermoregulation and hydration technology for military, law enforcement, prepared citizens, safety professionals and athletes, is thrilled to announce the launch of the IMS VERSA. Designed to meet the cooling, heating and hydration needs of modern armed professionals operating in ever hotter and more austere environments, IMS VERSA brings seamless internal, universal carry of ICEPLATE® Curve to MOLLE plate carriers everywhere for the first time.

IMS VERSA is a sleeve designed specifically for ICEPLATE® Curve, an innovative cooling system widely recognized for its durability and effectiveness in preventing heat injuries with existing hydration stores. Used by noteable enterprises such as Dutch Bros Coffee, Raising Cane’s and more, ICEPLATE® has more than 5.5M hours worked in the field without a heat injury. IMS VERSA, the newest addition to the IMS Collection, takes plate carrier performance to the next level, enhancing survivability and environmental innoculation for anyone wearing a military-style plate carrier equipped with MOLLE.

Key features of IMS VERSA include:

1. Universal: IMS VERSA is specifically engineered to integrate ICEPLATE® Curve seamlessly with any MOLLE-equipped plate carrier using unique laser-cut side slits and straps, providing tactical professionals with a flexible cooling/heating/hydration solution that fits effortlessly under their existing MOLLE-equipped plate carriers.

2. Advanced Thermoregulation: IMS VERSA utilizes Qore Performance’s patented ICEPLATE® Curve technology, allowing users to enjoy the full range of thermoregulation + hydration benefits 50 ounces of hydration can provide while simultaneously controlling core body temperature with up to 70 watts of cooling power or 52 watts of heating power. This cutting-edge system ensures optimal performance and endurance, even in the most demanding environments.

3. Durable and Lightweight: Crafted from ultra-premium US materials such as Velcro® brand hook and loop as well as our proprietary ICEPLATE EXO® Laminate technology, IMS VERSA is built to withstand rigorous use. Despite its robust construction, it remains remarkably lightweight, ensuring minimal additional burden on the wearer.

4. Enhanced Comfort and Ergonomics: Designed with user comfort in mind, IMS VERSA offers an ergonomic fit that allows for unhindered movement, particularly in confined spaces like vehicles where sitting flat is now easily accomplished compared to traditional legacy bladders. Its streamlined profile ensures optimal wearer comfort during extended periods of use.

“We are thrilled to introduce IMS VERSA to the market because it is such an elegant solution to a long-standing problem,” said Justin Li, Qore Performance Co-Founder and CEO. “Our team is obsessed with empowering high performance individuals with the tools that boost performance and survivability in the field.”

With the launch of IMS VERSA, Qore Performance, Inc. continues weaponizing temperature to tap capabilities, capacities and environments that were previously inaccessible. By combining functionality, durability, and advanced cooling technology, Qore Performance is one step closer to Building A Superhuman Future.®

IMS VERSA is now available for purchase exclusively on For more information or media inquiries, please visit or contact Qore Performance via email or by calling 703.755.0724.

Sneak Peek – Something New from Blue Force Gear

Monday, May 8th, 2023

During SHOT Show I had the opportunity to see new plate carrier from Blue Force Gear which featured new attachment system for placards and other pouches.

The Railz Plate Carrier and attachment system will debut during SOF Week, this week in Tampa, Florida.

Visit Blue Force Gear in the SOF Select Pavilion at the Westin to learn more.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Concealable Vests

Friday, May 5th, 2023

This week, we’re focusing on our concealable vest options. The Slick™ and Deceptor™ are durable and lightweight discrete carriers.

Designed for wear underneath garments or load carriage platforms, the Slick is light and comfortable. The soft material can be folded up and stashed on your cargo pocket when not needed. This is a minimalist carrier and not designed to be an outer most carrier for overt tactical operations.

Sizing corresponds to SAPI plate size. Swimmer Cut available here.

Designed to conceal rifle velocity protective plates in hight threat environments, the Deceptor will discretely hold a pair of special threat plates and two 6” x 6” rifle side plates. Our Ragnar pockets can quickly attach to the front or the back of the carrier as well. The Deceptor shines with SAPI cut plates in the 2.2 to 4.5 Ibs medium-sized weight range which are .5” or thinner. For larger, thicker, or heavier plates, you need to consider another capability. This carrier comes with stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps to accommodate user comfort preference.

Check out FirstSpear to find American Made kit and accessories, Built For The X.

FROG.PRO – HAWK Plate Carrier

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

(GATTATICO (RE) – ITALY) – FROG.PRO®, the Italian reference brand for tactical tailoring, is proud to announce the launch of its new and long-awaited plate carrier: the HAWK.

“The last years marked big steps in our endless journey towards innovation. After the renovation of our website and our catalogue in 2021, we were still missing a fundamental piece: a new combat plate carrier, that could inherit the place of our previous models and answer the needs of contemporary warfare.

A year-long process of researching and development, supported by the advancing of our machinery and manufacturing techniques that made us reach soaring heights in terms of finishing and performance, finally resulted in a product that we can safely define a combat plate carrier of excellence: the HAWK plate carrier.

For creating the HAWK plate carrier, we took the strength points of its predecessors and reshaped them in a new advanced form.

Like our low-profile ergonomic plate carrier LC-AWPC, the HAWK plate carrier opens from the top side. This choice ensures a snug fit for all models of ballistic plates, and also gives an easy access to the frontal part, letting the user operate smoothly on the MOLLE PALS system when setting up the equipment.

The front is reinforced with Tegris® technopolymer, one of the latest additions to our roster of materials; a way to give sturdiness, but without the downside of added weight. This gives stability to phone and NAV boards, enhancing instrument usability while moving.

The LC-Hagakure was the more protective, armor-like of our former combat plate carriers. We choose to integrate its particular shoulder shape into the HAWK carrier’s shoulder pads, designed to distribute evenly the weight on the back area.

Both wings of the shoulder pads feature MOLLE system, so that the gear can be completely secured on it, essential for equipping LPU. It allows as well for passing cables, consenting their exit in every position.

The HAWK plate carrier also takes after the LC-Hagakure’s level of comfort, given by the internal closed cell foam padding panels. Fits like a t-shirt, but protects like an armor.

We placed QR buckles on the shoulders and the cummerbund, so that wearing and removing the plate carrier would be a fast, hassle-free deal even with an helmet on. The offset position of the QR buckles on the cummerbund also maximizes the front space, with an easier access to side mag pouches.

Last, but absolutely not of least importance, the HAWK plate carrier is designed to support our new U-LOK Modular Magnetic Attachment System; a new concept of modularity that brings countless advantages. To mention some, we go from instantaneous configuration changes to field repairability and the possibility to mount and dismount the panels autonomously with the plate carrier on. A system straight from a New Generation.

In any mission, whether it is a military operation or the development of a project, knowing your goal is fundamental. We had a clear vision of what we had to achieve: a combat plate carrier with the most minimal bulk to give freedom of movement, but also with an extreme modularity and capacity to support the loadout weight.

And we think we reached our goal pretty well.”

The new HAWK Plate Carrier, together with new cummerbunds and pouches, are now available on

For those who are not aware, they offer free shipping to USA on orders over 200 EURO (220 USD).

ProTact by Haartz Now Available for Tactical Applications

Monday, April 24th, 2023

New line of materials offers increased durability and versatility for military and first responders

Acton, Massachusetts, April 24, 2023 – The Haartz Corporation, a global leader in highly engineered and uniquely designed textile materials, recently announced ProTact by Haartz™ – a new range of coated fabric products for use in tactical applications.


ProTact is a multi-layer textile laminated together to form a superior product with all the qualities required for tactical vests worn by military, law enforcement, SWAT teams and other first responders. ProTact is compliant with the Berry Amendment.

“We understand the importance of strong, durable fabrics when used in high-stress environments. Our analysis has shown ProTact by Haartz offers a high tensile strength and proven durability when tested against flex and fatigue, fabric fraying, high-temperature laundering and high-temperature and humidity endurance testing,” stated Samit Sadavarte, director, business development – new markets at Haartz. “Our development of premier-quality material is drawn from decades of developing flexible fabric laminates and a deep understanding of application-specific performance requirements through our long history as a trusted supplier to the world’s largest automakers.”

ProTact laminates are compatible with high-energy laser ablation cutting processes which offer a lighter weight and more versatile replacement to the widely used Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system. Laser ablation avoids the risk of fabric tearing and allows for attachment points to be placed anywhere on the fabric, offering flexibility for applying the webbing feature in more sizes, shapes and locations. The laser cutting process also makes it easier for the wearer to adjust their ballistic load carrier and to remove ballistic plates when they are not needed.

A broad range of colors and prints are available, including solid colors using solution-dyed nylon fiber technology and multi-colored prints that can be adapted to conform to multiple common camo patterns. ProTact is available for large scale manufacturers and smaller individual companies in the United States and Europe in standard material constructions of 500x500d, 500x1000d and 1000x1000d yarn structures.

To learn more about ProTact by Haartz, please visit