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HSGI Collaborates with David Acosta Jr. of Allegiance Defense Solutions on Design, Development and Manufacturing of the Lo-V Magazine Pouches

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

SWANSBORO, N.C. – November 8, 2023 – High Speed Gear® has partnered with David Acosta Jr. of Allegiance Defense Solutions to develop the most versatile and concealable magazine pouch to hit the market. With direct insight from Acosta, HSGI® , the leading tactical gear manufacturer for military and police, has created a pouch that is concealable, comfortable, and most of all, functionable.

The Lo-V Mag Pouch series is the perfect harmony of high end fabrics and thermoplastic composites that provide balanced rigidity and flexibility. The exterior of the pouch features an industry leading cant compatible clip design. The Discreet Carry Concepts clips are held together with adjustable retention hardware to provide optimal security.

With a comfortable fabric backing infused with sweat guard technology, the pouch can ride alongside the user for all day comfort. This innovative and flexible construction allows for comfortable concealed carry of magazines of all calibers.

David Acosta Jr. of Allegiance Defense Solutions states, “Be it military, law enforcement, or civilian, if carrying a spare magazine is a want or a need, the HSGI Lo-V Mag Pouches should be your choice. Think of it as the one concealed pistol magazine pouch to rule them all”.

For more information regarding this product or others please visit the HSG website at:

Armageddon Gear Hunt – Possibles Bag

Monday, November 6th, 2023

Armageddon Gear recently launched their hunting line just in time for the fall season.

The Armageddon Gear Hunt, Possibles Bag was easier to create than to name. This style bag has been used since the 18th century by frontiersmen, trappers, rangers, explorers, and hunters that crossed over the Mississippi to head west. Over the years this style of bag has been called many things. Originally it was called a Bullet Pouch or Hunting Bag.

Used to carry the essential tools to operate a muzzle loader, fire starters, knives, and other small necessities. Later it became known as a possibles bag, which according to research was a larger bag typically carried by horse for camp items as well as furs. Waterfowlers have called this a Ditty bag which was originally a bag carried by seamen for their personal effects as well as tools. So, we have chosen to call this product…The possibles bag, since its possibilities are numerous.

Available in Oak or Tan waxed canvas.

Blast from the Past – Who Remembers The Eagle Industries Chest Pouch SF30 AK

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

I ran across one of these on Instagram earlier this week and did a web search looking for a new one. Sure enough, I ran across an article I had written in 2017 about this chest rig.

The SF30AK from Eagle Industries was the second chest rig I owned. While stationed in Germany in the late ’80s I had purchased a Arktis 42 Pattern Chest Rig. It was very lightweight and served me well but I was always checking out new kit.

Later, while stationed at Ft Bragg, I purchased the SF30AK chest rig, via mail order from Eagle Industries. I chose the OD version because that’s what gear was made from at the time and wouldn’t stick out quite as much as another color. I used it a bit during training but its only operational use was for a time during Operation Restore Democracy in Haiti. When we first went in, we wore RBA, making it a good choice to wear over the armor vest, but later in the deployment, I just wore a JS Industries Predator Vest with a Camelbak in the back slot or an issue ETLBV. Vests you could just slip on while outside the compound, were easier to don and doff than a chest rig.

Mine is long gone, but even years later, I still like the design for its innovation and carrying capacity. The pockets would accept up to 12 magazines and the GP pockets would take canteens or other gear. What’s more the ammo pouches featured Eagle’s silent closure which required a downward pull on the webbing tab to release or attach the flap.

At the rear, there were two male portions of 1″ side release buckles which would allow the attachment of the assault pack from the field pack, large internal frame. However, most everyone cut them off because they would dig in if you wore a pack. The Vest in the photos is later production and has Coyote buckles. Back in the day, they were Black.

-Four magazine pouches that carry three M4/ M16 or two AK47 magazines each.
-Two large side utility pouches with slotted webbing for “ALICE” clips to hang extra gear.
-Two extra pockets behind the utility pouches.
-One full length inside pocket.
-The back of CP-SF-30AK is padded and uses CoolMax mesh for ventilation and comfort.
-Drop loops will attach to the Eagle Duty Belt or military web belt.
-All closures and fasteners use Mil. Spec. hardware.
-Made in the USA

Unfortunately, they are no longer available.

Did anyone else use this chest rig?

OTTE Gear – V2 Helmet Bag

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

The new V2 version of OTTE Gear’s popular helmet bag was designed to fit up to a XXL Ops-Core FAST SF ballistic helmet with Wilcox G24 attached, AMPS mounted, plus all the related accessories within a Low Viz footprint. The interior is contrasting material to make it easier to identify your kit and they’ve increased the padding.

It also comes with a padded NODS box to protect your expensive gear.

It’s offered in several colors and patterns but that Chocolate Chip version seen here is limited to just 100 pieces.

Sneak Peek – Tigerstripe Seatbelt Chest Rig from Legit Kit

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Strap in for the new Seatbelt Chest Rig dropping THIS Friday Noon ET from Legit Kit.

Carcajou Tactical Introduces Belt Kit

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

It seems we are in full back to the future mode as more and more companies are releasing belt orders.

My friends at Canada’s Carcajou Tactical are joining the fight, with a complete line of belt mounted pouches, padded belt, and harnesses, all made from laser cut laminate.

Offered in Coyote, Ranger, Green, MultiCam, and M81 Woodland, there are options for a MOLLE yoke, padded MOLLE yoke, and more traditional H-style harness. You can order individual pieces or go for full sets of various configurations.

While I haven’t seen this particular line of products in person, Carcajou makes great stuff, in Canada I might add, and is owned by a retired Paratrooper. Looking forward to checking it out next Spring when I visit again. Maybe I can get them to make a set in Tigerstripe.

The website is simple to use and the prices seem reasonable.

Shaw Concepts – History of the Raid Pouch

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Shaw Concepts shared this image detailing the evolution of their Raid Pouch. I thought it was worth a share because rarely do companies give us a look back at how their gear has changed over the years.

The RAID Pouch continues its evolution this Friday November 3rd. Since April 2019 the RAID has been one of our flagship products and a leader in hanger pouch innovation. The V3 is no different and further refines the feature set to ensure the RAID Pouch best serves the end user.

DECKED Reveals Next-Generation of Drawer Systems for Pickup Trucks

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Complete redesign of award-winning truck bed storage system provides optimized storage and gear management for outdoor adventurers

DECKED, manufacturer of premium, American-made storage and organization systems for mid to full-sized pickup trucks, unveils its second generation of drawer systems nearly a decade after transforming the disorganized chaos of truck beds with its first award-winning solutions in 2014. The upgraded systems were completely re-engineered to provide increased drawer storage capacity, more efficient use of truck bed space, increased drawer extension, and integrated cargo tie-down solutions. DECKED drawer systems create a flat load floor in the bed of the truck which is perfect for use as a sleeping platform or loading heavy objects like ATVs and motorcycles, and below the deck, full-bed-length weatherproof drawers efficiently secure gear, tools, and essentials for any adventure.

“After ten years of listening to the feedback from our most rigorous testers and critics, and constantly improving our products, it was time to scrap the old playbook and overhaul the design of our system from scratch,” said DECKED VP of Marketing, Greg Randolph. “DECKED’s new family of systems is a total redesign that uses new molds and tools as well as our very own in-house manufacturing. This is a huge leap forward for the customer and for DECKED.”

DECKED’s all-new drawer systems are offered in two distinct configurations: full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans and mid-size trucks. For the first time, the midsize drawer system isn’t a scaled-down version of the full-size and is completely re-envisioned to better suit the use cases and limited bed space of modern midsize trucks. Both of these offerings address and solve concerns around wasted bed space, drawer usage and function, weatherproofing, and cargo management. Additionally, new molding technology has improved impact resistance and durability by over 25-percent.

Full-size Truck Drawer Systems

Drawer Performance Improvements and Specs

Boasting the same 2,000-lb payload capacity and 200-lb per drawer weight rating, the full-size drawer system still weighs in at 200-220 lbs, depending on bed length. Focusing on drawer functionality, DECKED increased drawer extension, making reaching the back of an open drawer easy and practical. The drawer itself is noticeably larger at an 18-inch width with an updated square profile that increases volume by over 10-percent per drawer in a form factor more conducive to storing commonly shaped items.

Added Cargo Tie Downs

Addressing the complaint of the system covering bed tie downs, users will notice the addition of topside cargo tie downs integrated into the outbound edge of the deck of the system. Eight tie down locations (four per side) have been added with a D-ring tie down system, which lies flat and countersunk in the surface when not in use. These tie downs make a steel-to-steel connection with factory bed tie-downs for a 400-lb load rating. The drawer system still utilizes factory bed tie-downs for a drill-free installation in nearly all fitments.

Greater Truck Bed Space Efficiency, Increased Storage

Also new and vastly improved is the removal of corner bins called “Ammo Cans”, which formerly connected the system to the truck bed and offered small additional storage compartments. In their place, users will find an uninhibited pass-through to the wheel well both fore and aft outbound of the drawers. This not only enables storage of longer items, like camp chairs, but also makes access to side-mounted electrical outlets without any modifications possible, reducing wasted space in the bed to just the center support beam. These passthroughs are covered from above by waterproof and lockable stash bin lids. DECKED also includes four removable Stash Bins that lock into these openings from above and can be used or not in any of the four corner locations.

Enhanced Weatherproofing

DECKED has always been clear that its drawers are not Tupperware-tight, but very effective at keeping the elements out. Designers increased protection from the outside environment by adding cabside and drawer-side panels that enclose the drawers in a protective shield as well redesigning the drawer face to better seal against the elements. These additions vastly reduce the amount of air that can swirl around in the bed and possibly deposit dust or other airborne particulate matter into drawers.

Mid-Size Truck Drawer Systems

Complete Redesign

Seeking to maximize storage capacity and eliminate wasted space in the bed, DECKED created one “Super Drawer” to replace the two asymmetrical drawers previously offered. Reducing the system payload requirement from 2,000 lbs to 1,000 lbs more accurately reflects the use cases and capacities of modern mid-size trucks. It also enabled engineers to create the single Super Drawer with a 400-lb payload rating. The Super Drawer spans from wheel well to wheel well and runs the full length of the bed. With 30-percent more drawer storage capacity than previous versions, midsize customers will now have more than enough space for their tools, camping gear, or bug-out essentials. This drawer can also be reconfigured into a big sliding tray by removing the drawer sides for better access and storage customization with DECKED’s line of D-co Cases. Improvements in drawer extension were also realized with a 3.0-inch extension gain in 5.0-foot beds and 8.0 inches in 6.0-foot beds, leaving a scant 14 inches of the drawer supported under the deck when fully extended.

Maximized Efficiency

Similar to the full-size system, users will find that the “Ammo Can” corner bins have been deleted and in their place are two pass-throughs, one on each outbound side, reaching from the tailgate to the wheel well — and even beyond, in some fitments. Mid-size systems have two stash bin access ports, one on each side, which are also covered by a waterproof and lockable lid. Four Stash Bins come included for dropping into these locations as desired. On the cabside end, the system is fitted with two access ports that pop open to provide access to any space left unoccupied by the wheel wells outbound of the drawer.

Added Cargo Tie-Downs

The mid-size Drawer System features six burly 400-lb load-rated steel-to-steel bed tie-down locations atop the deck, three on either side. Just as in the full-size, cargo tie-downs are integrated into the outbound edge of the deck of the system using a D-ring tie down system. When not in use, these D-ring tie-downs lie flat, countersunk in the surface.

Enhanced Weatherproofing

Just as in the full-size update, increased protection from the outside environment has been realized by adding cabside and drawer-side closeout panels which wrap the drawers in a protective shield as well as a more effective drawer face seal against the elements. These additions vastly reduce the amount of air which can swirl around in the bed and possibly deposit dust or other airborne particulate matter into the drawer.

To learn more about DECKED and the second generation of drawer systems, visit: