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Damned Designs Introduces Four Knives for Blade Show West

Friday, October 11th, 2019



The Wraith is a Sheepsfoot-style blade. Available in frame lock (Micarta or CF/G10 scales) or Titanium framelock, featuring M390 steel.



The Yokai is a Tanto-style blade. Available as Ti Bolster lock with marbled Carbon Fiber inserts and features M390 steel.



The Basilisk is a Drop point-style blade. Available as Ti Bolster lock with marbled Carbon Fiber inserts and features M390 steel.



The Oni is a Mini Tanto Liner lock and Frame lock. It will be crowdfunded via Indiegogo on 1st Nov (same day as Blade Show West).

Damned Designs knives will be available at Blade show west (Table J11) and after the show, on the site.

ROGAN Introduces Pocket Tools

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Check out the all new ROGAN Pocket Tools! These pocket prybars are designed to be used for everything you don’t want to risk breaking your pocket knife for! Save your knife for making fine cuts and these tools will handle all the gouging, prying, scraping, etc. All ROGAN Tools are 100% made in the USA and the bevels are ground by hand. We also offer a full line of accessories that include pouches, carabiners, patches and lanyards.

Check us out at www.roganusa.com

Zero Tolerance Knives ZT0223 Available

Saturday, September 21st, 2019

As you may have seen back ’round the time of Blade Show (see SSD coverage here), Zero Tolerance Knives recently released the ZT0223. A Tim Galyean design, the new folder takes its inspiration from what is obliquely referred to as a “classic military knife” (read, Ka-Bar), but the ZT knife is a folder, “…making it easy to EDC and ready for every task you ask it to take on.”

Details are as follow;

The blade is clip-point style with heavy jimping along the spine and a cutout to decrease weight. CPM 20CV blade steel offers exceptional hardness and wear resistance to take and hold a sharp edge, toughness to resist impact, and—with the highest level of chromium of any high-vanadium steel—excellent corrosion resistance. For an extra measure of blade protection, ZT adds black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, ceramic bead blasted for a non-glare finish.

The titanium handle is also DLC coated and bead blasted to extend the matte look. The 0223 has a sturdy titanium frame lock with a hardened steel lockbar insert for reliable lockup. ZT’s KVT ball-bearing system, combined with a highly ergonomic flipper, make the 0223 quick and easy to open, too. The 0223’s earth brown G10 handle scales are reminiscent of the original military knife’s stacked leather handle. Our G10 scales wrap around to the top of the handle and meet in the middle to provide a comfortable and secure grip—as well as helping to keep debris out of your knife.

The pocketclip is left/right reversible and made of bent steel with a black Teflon® finish. The bronze-anodized titanium tube spacer in the handle is secured by two custom screws. A series of decorative holes drilled in the ricasso of the blade echo the jimping along the spine and add to the subtle details of this remarkably handsome knife.

The ZT0223 full product sheet can be found online here; on IG @ztknives.

Specs include:
                    Made in the USA
                    Manual open, KVT ball-bearing system
                    Frame lock, with steel lockbar insert
                    Reversible clip (left/right, tip-up)
                    Steel: CPM 20CV, DLC coating
                    Handle: Titanium, DLC coating, earth brown G10 
                    Blade Length: 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
                    Blade Thickness: 0.156 in. (0.4 cm)
                    Closed Length: 5 in. (12.8 cm)
                    Overall Length: 8.6 in. (21.8 cm)
                    Weight: 4.7 oz. (134 g)

Read up on all the knives here on SSD

Terrain 365 Invictus-AT

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Technical, Rustproof, Non-Magnetic, Edge Holding Folder for All Terrains

Tuesday September 17, 2019 Terrain 365™ officially launches online their first folding knife the Invictus-AT, featuring their super alloy Terravantium™ blade. This technical framelock folder is engineered for use in any environment on land, in and even under water, without ever rusting, pitting or staining. The Invictus-AT is made with advanced and state of the art materials which are all 100% non-ferrous, non-magnetic, and rustproof. Terrain 365’s “AT” (A.ll T.errain) designated folders are required meet the trifecta of apex folding knife performance criteria; rustproof, non-magnetic and edge holding. The dendritic cobalt composition and our annealing process of Terravantium™ achieves all three.

The Invictus-AT is a collaboration between Terrain 365 and Prometheus Design Werx.


Creative Director and Co-Founder Patrick Ma of Terrain 365 states,

“The most significant factor behind all of the knives by Terrain 365 featuring our Terravantium is what goes into the super alloy and how we process it. The 2 primary material components are cobalt and carbide. It is their combined properties and how we process the precision bar stock castings that yields the superior performance characteristics. These types of cobalt alloys have actually been around for many years. Industrial applications are their use as engine valve seats, medical implants to lining the barrels of MK46 machine guns. Cobalt alloys are tough and long wearing. Unique to our Terravantium variety is that we do not roll our precision cast bar stock. This retains the original, dendritic crystalline structure of the carbide particles, best described as the microscopic saw teeth, which give our blades their cutting power and edge holding properties. Dendritic cobalt alloys are expensive and were not readily available to the consumer knife industry, but my partner and Co-Founder at Terrain 365, Michael Vagnino worked closely over years to develop and integrate a direct relationship with a foundry specializing in cobalt alloy so we are able to have a regular supply made to our specs and use in our edged tools. ”

The Invictus-AT will be available for $395.00 on their website at 12:00pm PDT, Sept 17, 2019.


Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

The Gerber Tri-Tip is a mini cleaver. Featuring a blade made from 7Cr17MoV steel, it has beveled leading edge for scraping and a full fine edge knife for cutting. The machined aluminum handle is textured for added grip and less slip while working.

Chisel Edge

Plain Edge

Full Tang

Textured Grip

Lanyard Hole

Ergo Grip



Push Tab Release


Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Unique Mini Balisong Knife Collaboration

This Tuesday September 3, 2019 Terrain 365™ launches their unique Mini-Butterfly knife in collaboration with Darriel Caston of D Rocket Design. A blending of design concepts from Terrain 365 and the CAD and engineering expertise of D Rocket Design, this compact balisong functions just like its bigger cousins in this genre, but in an uncommon size. Signature design details characterize this Mini-Butterfly and adds a new direction in folding knife models to this brand’s line up of products. Smooth bushings, billet pocket clip, and a latch round out the features. This first production run is being offered in the Böhler M390 blade steel.

The Mini-Butterfly will be available first in Böhler M390 stainless steel blades with future runs to also include their Terravantium™ super alloy.


“This basic design concept is actually from the other half of Terrain 365, Patrick Ma. It has his characteristic design language and the original design concept is actually a larger size with a 3.5″ weehawk blade. The concept design was sitting around for a few years and seemed like a great place to start. What is of note here is that we wanted to see how many blades we could cut out of our standard sized Terravantium bar stock. There’s actually quite a bit of waste when cutting larger folder blades and as the material itself is quite costly, we wanted to achieve a maximum yield from the Terravantium. From there we determined the overall working dims of the knife and Darriel Caston was able to integrate the Invictus style blade, adjust and shrink down the original size into the mini size it is now in CAD. Mike has known Darriel for many years and as most of us know, Darriel is a very talented designer in CAD as well as an engineer. Darriel’s skills were ideally suited for turning a concept into an actual working version in this different size or scale.”


Terrain 365™ launches the Mini-Butterfly on their website at 12:00pm PDT, Sept 3, 2019.

Sneak Peek – Benchmade Limited Edition Infidel

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

You know the Infidel. Benchmade designers decided to create a limited edition version. They DLC coated the CPM-S30V blade and blacked out the hardware.

This is a limited product run of 3,000 pieces. It will be available through dealers and the Benchmade web store, August 16th for $525.00.

Gerber Quadrant Bamboo

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Featuring a 2.7″ straight edge sheepsfoot blade made from 7Cr17MoV with satin finish, the Quadrant incorporates a frame lock and bamboo handle. Also available with a G10 composite handle.

It relies on a finger flip to open and incorporates a pocket clip for secure carry.