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NRAAM 24 – Microtech x SureFire Knife & Light Kit

Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Microtech and SureFire unveiled their limited edition collaboration consisting of a Luminary Automatic Knife from Microtech and a Stilleto Pro II, boxed in a carrying case and complete with a commemorative coin.

Aside from integrating the latest in technology from both companies, the knife and light feature a tritium vial on the custom belt clips.

Limited to 1500 sets, each comes with the serial number engraved on the knife, light and coin.

No word yet on when they’ll be released for sale but it will be by Microtech.

Sneak Peek – FMJ-42 Collab by Full Metal Jacket x Black Triangle

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

The FMJ-42 is a V42-inspired knife crafted from G10 which is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate often used for knife handles. Turns out, it takes an edge and is a very low profile material.

It’s manufactured by Black Triangle for Full Metal Jacket and drops on 05.25.24 @ NOON ET.

Shield Arms Unveils the Orc Sticker: Some Say It Was Made by the Elves, Everyone Else Is Wrong

Monday, April 1st, 2024

BIGFORK, MT (April 1, 2024) – Have you ever found yourself on the Fields of Pelennor facing an overwhelming Morgul host, without a reliable dagger by your side? Then fret no more, for Shield Arms, purveyor of all things pointy and stabby, is proud to announce the Orc Sticker!

The Orc Sticker: Like Goblin-cleaver, Only Smaller

This isn’t Denathor’s butter knife. The Orc Sticker is hand-forged from a blend of reclaimed troll hide and a special blend of malice and contempt, ensuring both durability and a healthy dose of existential dread.

“We all have those days where we just want to channel our inner Dunlending,” said Brandon Zeider, CEO of Shield Arms. “The Orc Sticker is the perfect outlet for those pent-up urges. Whether you’re battling rogue spreadsheets or facing down a particularly stubborn Balrog, the Orc Sticker will have you fighting like Gandalfin the mines of Khazad-dûm in no time.”

Features of the Orc Sticker:

• Machined G10 to a sharp point for that “special” touch
• Ergonomic grip, perfect for both normal people and lefties
• Comes pre-wrapped by our very own Tolkien LARPers

Don’t Be a Basic Blunt Object – Get Your Orc StickerToday!

The Orc Sticker is available for order now on the Shield Arms website (shieldarms.com, probably). Supplies are limited, so don’t wait! Remember, a high-protein breakfast is important, but a good dagger is essential.

Terrain 365 Introduces the Otter Flip-ATB

Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Rustproof-Edge Holding Flipper with Bolstered Construction

New for Spring 2024, Terrain 365™ releases their Otter Flip-ATB. A modern, streamlined, compact, folder made in the Barlow style with a fast flipper opening action, and integrated bolster style construction. Featuring their proprietary, corrosion-proof, edge holding,Terravantium™ blade alloy. This precision-made folder features a contoured, full titanium framelock handle construction paired with a variety of scale materials. Signature design details include their modern take on the classic Barlow profile, all titanium hardware, fine jimping, and a high-level, clean, design aesthetic. These are 100% non-ferrous, non-magnetic, and a completely rustproof build for all terrains.

The Otter Flip-ATB is available with Terravantium™ blades, titanium handles and paired withfat carbon, linen or canvas micarta, carbon fiber, or G10 or scales.

Creative Director and Co-Founder Patrick Ma of Terrain 365 states,

“While the wild otter is on the small side, it is pound for pound one of the most successful mammal predators on the planet. The Otter Flip-AT series is the customer favorite. Small, compact, cuts ‘big”, but easy to EDC. The flipper action makes this a very fast opener. This newest iteration with the integrated bolster construction dresses out this edition with your choice of premium handle materials.”

The Otter Flip-ATB is available from $319-$359 on their website.

VTAC Tomahawk Heart

Thursday, February 1st, 2024

If you jump in the “Way Back” machine and look at many of the tomahawks from the frontier days of our country you will see many hearts cut into tomahawk blades. They wanted to make something similar so here is the VTAC take on old school with the asymmetrical heart and new school made with 80CRV2 Steel. The tang is tapered and the handles are made from canvas micarta. The leather sheath was made by Melynda and is decorated with hearts as well. Make a donation to Stay in the Fight Foundation and receive this, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Available at www.vikingtactics.com/shop/vtac-tomahawk-heart

Battle Steel Partners with Winkler Knives for Exclusive Operator and Crusher Belt Knife Models

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Battle Steel, a leading name in tactical equipment, is proud to announce a partnership with Winkler Knives, renowned for their exceptional handcrafted blades. This collaboration unveils two renowned knife models: The Operator and The Crusher Belt Knife, both designed by Winkler Knives.

The Operator is a tactical knife, meticulously crafted for resilience and precision. Ideal for survival scenarios, it boasts a high-grade steel blade and an ergonomic handle, ensuring functionality and comfort.

The Crusher Belt Knife, versatile and robust, is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and tactical professionals. This knife embodies Winkler Knives’ dedication to craftsmanship, suited for a range of tasks from delicate cutting to demanding outdoor activities.

“Winkler Knives’ expertise in knife making is unmatched, and we are thrilled to bring these exclusive models to our customers,” said Mr. Botach, VP at Battle Steel.

Available for purchase on the Botach website and retailer store. The Operator and Crusher Belt Knife are more than just tools; they are a symbol of the fusion of quality and functionality.

For more information, please visit botach.com/winkler-knives.

Stroup Knives x Ferro Concepts Collaboration Knife

Monday, January 29th, 2024

This collaboration between Stroup Knives and Ferro Concepts debuted at SHOT Show.

It features G10 scales with one side Black and the other OD along with a full tang blade made from 1095 carbon steel, rock tumbled and acid etched with both company’s logos.

SHOT Show 24 – Black Triangle

Friday, January 26th, 2024

Black Triangle’s Premium G10 Knife line coming soon. MK53, Serval, Donovan. MSRP $150.

Prism PR-01X Decode, Black Triangle X2 G10 Knife, Black Triangle GL43X IWB Holster, Alterations Limited Concert Companion Non-Metallic Belt.