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MATBOCK Monday – Medical Backdraft

Monday, June 15th, 2020

Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday,

Developed in coordination with some of the leading medics and combat first responders, the MATBOCK Backdraft is for small teams with relatively quick access to higher levels of care. The unit mounts on the back of the plate carrier via MATBOCK Ghost Tabs and is split into 2 separate removable pouches that are held in place via Velcro. The unit was designed to split medical equipment between bleeding and airway and is run in this setup by different units.

The bottom of each pouch is attached to an adjustable lanyard that connects to the side panel of the plate carrier. When the operator requires the contents of one of the pouches, he or she simply pulls the lanyard, releasing that pouch.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday at 4:30 PM EST as Jim and Casey conduct a live demonstration of the Medical Backdraft and answer all of your questions.

Comp-Tac Releases New Hybrid AIWB Pouch to Complement Appendix Lineup

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

HOUSTON, June 3, 2020 – Comp-Tac® recently released the eV2™ Magazine Pouch, a new inside-the-waistband, hybrid mag pouch, for customers who want to carry a spare mag in the appendix position.

This hybrid pouch is made with a top-grain, cowhide leather backing and a Kydex® shell that holds the magazine. The pouch attaches to the belt with a nylon clip that is ride-height adjustable, allowing the user to set the height of the magazine in relation to their belt. The magazine pouch is also tuckable to allow the shirt to be tucked in over the magazine for deep concealment.

Features of the eV2 Mag include:
– Top-grain cowhide leather
– Kydex body
– Nylon clip is ride-height adjustable and tuckable
– Index cut on leather and Kydex for improved draw capabilities
– Designed specifically for carrying compact magazines
– Created for wear in the appendix region for quick access

“Appendix carry has become more and more popular as the sizes of guns have gotten smaller,” explained Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac general manager. “Many of our customers who conceal carry also like to carry a spare magazine. While many individuals can drop a spare mag in a pocket, the number of EDC items is on the rise. Having a magazine pouch helps to balance the load of wallet, flashlight, medical kit, keys, personal items, etc. The eV2 Mag compliments our popular eV2 and eV2 Max holsters, giving users the ability to keep all their ‘hardware’ up front for easy access.”

eV2 Mag – comp-tac.com/ev2-mag-pouch

MSRP: $29.00



Monday, June 8th, 2020


Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday,

Specifically designed for JTACs by JTACs, this simple and lightweight design helps keep your IZLID securely stored when not in use. The TREE-GO Izlid Ultra pouch for the B.E Meyers IZLID Ultra and the TREE-GO IZLID 1000 Pouch for the IZLID 1000 Light Saber both are available in MOLLE or Velcro and sold with or without retention.

Tech Specs:
• 1000 Denier Cordura
• VELCRO Model – 5 inches L, 4 inches W, 1 5/8 inches D
• MOLLE Model – 6 1/4 inches L, 1 3/4 inches W, 1 5/8 inches D

RT4 Gear Keeper Specs:
• Specs:Extends 36″
• 60 lb Break Strength
• Nylon Line
• Impact-Resistance Plastic Case
• Saltwater Proof
• Quick Connect-II (Q/C-II)
• Optional Side Release System
• Self-Cleaning Feature: Flushes sand and debris when operated in water


TREE-GO IZLID 1000 Pouch

Don’t forget to join us on Monday at 4:30 PM EST as we go live on Instagram to demo the TREE-GO IZLID Pouch and answer all of your questions.


ThirdBlockGear Surveyor Bag

Sunday, June 7th, 2020

Our friends at ThirdBlockGear developed a very specialized bag for their own use after considerable investment in time, working out all of the features. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive to sell and believe it or not, this is all too often the case.


AWS Inc – Strike Vest

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

AWS has been around for almost 40 years and one of their most classic products is the Strike Vest, a design worn by some of the nation’s elite for almost as long as they’ve been around. It’s a simple design that has lasted the test of time. Great for wear under outerwear for low-viz.

This single rig can be used to carry:

– 4 ea M-16 30 rnd magazines or

– 8 ea MP-5 9mm mags

– 4 ea 9mm or .45 cal pistol mag

– 2 ea AN/PRC-148s

Available in Black, Coyote and OD.


Luminae Chest Rig

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

The Made in the UK, Luminae Chest Rig combines their Luminae Quad Mag Pouch and Luminae Chest Rig Harness.

The designed Quad Mag Pouch is mase from laser cut laminate and designed to be compatible with the VIRTUS plate carrier. As you can see, it also works with the Luminae Chest Rig Harness. Fits 4 x 5.56 Magazines and features Kydex inserts. Look for additional options, coming soon.

The front of the Chest Rig Harness features 3 levels of height adjustment and 2 D-rings for added versatility. The rear zips can be ordered in either Crye Zip-on panel or PLCE zip-on pouch configuration. The Luminae yoke is also Cummerbund Compatible meaning cummerbunds can be easily attached to the sides.


MATBOCK Monday – Travel Kit

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Good Morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday,

With restrictions beginning to lift during this COVID-19 Pandemic, vacation season and work travel is right around the corner. The MATBOCK Travel Kit is the perfect addition to keeping your luggage organized and neat!

Workout Bag

Workout clothes smell bad. Especially after being in your luggage for a few days. Why does the rest of your luggage and work clothes need to smell like them? This bag is designed to contain the mud and smell and prevent the rest of your luggage and clean clothes from smelling like workout clothes on day 2 of your adventure with 6 days and 4 cities to go. Easily fits 2 sets of shorts, shirts and socks with room to spare and packs up small and light when not in use! Don’t let your workouts ruin your business meetings. Waterproof and odor proof material. Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching.

All Purpose Laundry Bag

Who doesn’t need a durable, lightweight, watertight bag to hold dirty laundry, groceries, beach supplies, ski boots or anything else your adventures might requires. Packs up super small and lights, holds everything you need a spot for. Waterproof and odor proof material. Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching.

Sneaker Bag

Running shoes smell bad. So do hiking boots. Not to mention the fact that our adventurers usually end up muddy. Why does the rest of your luggage need to smell like them? This bag is designed to contain the mud and smell and prevent the rest of your luggage and clean clothes from smelling like running shoes on day 2 of your adventure with 6 days and 4 cities to go. Large enough for big feet and midsize hiking boots but small enough when not in use to not even notice it’s there. Waterproof and odor proof material. Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching.

Toiletry Bag

Made of MATBOCK Ghost Heavy Material, this toiletry bag is light and strong and won’t absorb anything. No bacteria, no exploded 5 in 1 shampoo/car wash/dishwasher/laundry/face wash or toothpaste bottles, or anything else you keep in your toiletry bag. Let science work for you and upgrade to a toiletry case that can live up to any adventure you take it on. Waterproof and odor proof material. Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching.

Cosmetic Case

Ladies, This isn’t your high fashion cosmetic bag. Its built tough just like you are. Tired of your powder foundation exploding in your make up bag and ruining the clothes in your luggage or purse? The MATBOCK Cosmetic Case is the perfect solution. It contains everything in one simple (but large) bag that is easy to clean, doesn’t absorb or facilitate bacterial growth and is made strong and tough just like you. Waterproof and odor proof material. Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching.

Travel Kit

Need all 5 bags? We thought so cause we do as well. Buy the entire kit and save. Don’t let your gear slow you down. Waterproof and odor proof material. Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching.

Don’t forget to join Casey and Jim on Monday at 4:30 PM EST as they go live on Instagram to demo the gear and answer all your questions!

High Speed Gear Releases Two New Duty TACOs

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

SWANSBORO, N.C. – May 27, 2020 – High Speed Gear® recently expanded its duty line of gear with two new products, the Duty Triple Pistol TACO® and the Duty Double Pistol TACO® – Covered Plus.

These products were designed to meet popular demand from law enforcement seeking to carry additional magazines or fit high capacity pistol mags. While the Triple can hold three pistol mags as its name implies, the Plus is designed to fit either 21-round 9mm magazines, such as for the P320 X-Five, or 10-round 1911 mags. Both products are available now.

“We’re very excited about these two products,” said Bill Babboni, HSGI® vice president of sales and operations. “We’ve received a lot of requests for these two in particular and we’re always looking for ways to expand our catalog to better serve our men and women in blue.”

Duty Triple Pistol TACO


Duty Double Pistol TACO – Covered Plus