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Sneak Peek – Limited Edition Platatac MK5 Peacekeeper Rigs

Some special projects from the Platatac skunkworks do see the light of day…although in very small numbers.

25 x Platatac Peacekeeper MK5’s in limited overrun MultiCam Alpine will be offered in mid-February if you’re quick enough.


• Can carry up to six 30 Round AR/M4 style magazines (Each pouch will also accommodate 2 x AK mags, or a single 20rnd. 417/.308 mag)

• 2 x Accessories/Water bottle/GP/ANPRC 152 pouches with front zip admin pockets  

• 1 x Large Velcro mesh pocket with included Velcro in zip

• 2 x Tweave 4 way stretch pockets at the flanks

• 1 x Horizontal zippered pocket with webbing loops to attach elastic loop inserts to carry a TQ, Plasti Cuffs or Cyalume 

• PALS areas between pouches and on the sides of the GP pouches to attach additional MOLLE-compatible pouches

• Velcro sandwich for sub load pouches to boost carrying capacity

• Colour matched velcro loop for IFF, C/S or Flag patch with embroidered Platatac logo

• Sewn drainage holes in all pouches

Platatac Silks Alpha restock in MultiCam & MultiCam Tropic also available mid-February (MultiCam Alpine coming mid-year).

2 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Limited Edition Platatac MK5 Peacekeeper Rigs”

  1. Liam Haakon Babington says:

    Funny how the rest of the world is catching up with the arctic camo…had that for years….

  2. Doc Ras says:

    Its live now, about 10ish left