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AARDVARK Partner Sky-Hero Wins Innovation Award At Milipol Paris 2021 with LOKI Mk2

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Sky-Hero’s LOKI Mk2 tactical sUAS, distributed exclusively in North America by Aardvark Tactical, recently won an Innovation Award at Milipol Paris 2021. This award aims to reward the most innovative companies in terms of products, materials, services, solutions, or business models in the homeland security industry. The jury, composed of international experts in their respective fields, presented the winning title to the NATO-approved Beligan company, Sky-Hero, for its innovation in the category of drone & anti-drone systems and robotics.

The LOKI Mk2 is the second generation of the widely used LOKI Mk1, which was the first sUAS specifically built for tactical indoor use. Already adopted by more than 1,000 teams across six continents, 47 U.S. states, and all ten Canadian provinces, LOKI Mk2 is the world leader in tactical indoor sUAS.

Designed, tested, and produced in Europe and the United States in conjunction with the world’s top counterterrorism teams, LOKI Mk2 is a rugged, purpose-built sUAS that acts as a scout in close-quarter, indoor, and confined spaces. LOKI’s integrated flight stabilization system allows it to autonomously hover without user input in a completely denied environment. Its impact-resistant body can withstand the full-contact nature of indoor flight and allows LOKI to self-right in the event of a crash. Its forward-facing day/night camera and on-board HD microphone provide real-time, lag-free intelligence to the operator in any conditions, while front and bottom selectable and dimmable IR LEDs maximize visibility in changing light conditions and allow LOKI to operate in total darkness. LOKI features a custom-built Stand-Alone Ground Controller that can control up to four devices simultaneously and does not require GPS, WiFi, or cellular service to operate. LOKI is also designed to act as a platform for tactical payloads, including less-lethal diversionary devices, light and laser packages, alternative cameras, and breaching payloads.

The LOKI Mk2 is exclusively distributed in North America by Aardvark Tactical. AARDVARK finds, develops, and manufactures products that are purpose-built to protect tactical operators.

Learn more about the LOKI Mk2 Tactical sUAS at

FN 306 – A New Less Lethal System

Thursday, October 21st, 2021


FN Herstal, a major international actor in the field of kinetic energy Less Lethal capabilities with almost 25,000 FN 303® systems in service, will present for the first time a completely new concept; the FN Smart ProtectoR™ at the MILIPOL Paris exhibition. Thanks to this totally innovative concept the Belgian manufacturer will be able to propose a credible alternative to systems such as rubber ball launchers and electroshock handguns for short and very short range engagements.


The FN Smart ProtectoR™ is an integrated, wearable and compact solution, which can be used safely in a proportional manner to deal with threats from individuals who are not using a firearm at short and very short ranges.

The FN Smart ProtectoR™ presented at MILIPOL Paris is composed of three complementary elements:

1 the FN 306™ launcher

2 the FN VictoR®-SP image recognition system

3 a red dot sight


Fitted with a 5-tube magazine, the FN 306™ launcher fires 12.55mm FN SP calibre cartridges featuring an elastomer projectile. This elastomer, specially designed for this level of force, has been made to drastically reduce the risk of bodily harm. Both the cartridge and the calibre are specific innovations from FN Herstal.

The incapacitation level of the FN 306™ and its ammunition is equivalent to the effect generally given by a strike from a baton (30 joules) with a clear advantage for law enforcement and security forces: being able to intervene from a distance of up to 10 meters, with extreme accuracy.

Unlike some Less Lethal systems on the market, there is no minimum safe distance for intervention with the FN 306™. Handling of the launcher, which is compact and similar to a pistol, requires drills and procedures already acquired and mastered by police and security personnel.


Combined with the FN 306™, the FN VictoR®-SP is an innovative safety enhancing system that captures and analyses images in real-time to detect the shape of a human body, and categorize specific parts of the body as areas that are authorized or forbidden to engage. If an area that must not be engaged, such as the head, is recognized, the system warns the user or blocks firing.


While working on this project, FN Herstal’s objective is to propose to police and security forces in the coming months an effective and safe solution that will allow them to respect the physical integrity of the individual, or group of individuals, to be engaged.

Patented by FN Herstal, the FN Smart ProtectoR™ concept is based on the FN 306™ at present. FN Herstal has not ruled out integrating it later with current or future Less Lethal systems in the product range.

Come and discover the brand-new FN Smart ProtectoR™ concept on the FN Herstal booth (Belgian pavilion, Hall 5, J042) during the MILIPOL Paris exhibition, to be held from 19 to 22 October 2021.

Additional photos taken at Milipol by TR Equipement

SKYDEX to Showcase Latest Innovations for Protection to the International Homeland Security and Safety Community at Milipol Paris 2021

Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Denver, COLO. (Oct. 19, 2021) –SKYDEX, a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions, today announced that the company will be attending the?Milipol Paris trade show in Paris on October 19-22, 2021.

Milipol Paris is the leading event for international homeland security experts and professionals organized by the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior. The conference will span four days and provide a forum for presenting the latest technological innovations that are effectively meeting the needs of the sector as a whole and addressing challenges, current threats and dangers. The conference will include keynote speakers, discussion panels, case studies and interactive booths spanning a variety of homeland security areas including, cybersecurity, anti-terrorism, data protection, transportation security, financial security – among several others. With a variety of valuable opportunities?for networking, a platform for new business and partnerships and insight from top leaders, the Milipol conference provides an excellence space for industry professionals to build?relationships, share knowledge and explore the latest innovations in homeland security.

SKYDEX will send Rowland Wright, Business Development Manager, International, on behalf of the team to showcase SKYDEX’s latest innovations for protection for the international safety and security community. Wright will be attending in person to address the latest needs of the homeland security community by demonstrating the SKYDEX difference from blast mitigating floor mats that protect against underbelly blasts to new innovations for helmet protection.

“SKYDEX is very excited to be showcasing our latest solutions to international homeland security professionals at Milipol Paris,” says Alvaro Vaselli, President and CEO, SKYDEX. “This is a significant opportunity to physically connect with?industry leaders?that share our passion for creating solutions and fostering innovation that keep the people and things that matter safe.”

For more information about SKYDEX, please visitwww.skydex.comor contact the team via email at [email protected]to set up a meeting.

Milipol 2021: Meprolight Presents the Mepro TIGON – a Hybrid Thermal & Red Dot sight for Both Day & Night target Acquisition

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Combining the advantages of uncooled thermal technology with clear, see-through day optics in a single sight, the Mepro TIGON system enables significantly improved operational flexibility

Milipol Paris, 19-22 October, Parc d’Exposition, Stand 5A D067

19th of October 2021 Israel. Meprolight (1990) Ltd. – a member of the SK Group (founded by Mr. Samy Katsav) is a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, as well as self-illuminated sights for military, law enforcement and civilian applications. The company has completed development of the advanced MIL-STD Mepro TIGON sight. The system integrates the advantages of uncooled thermal imaging technology with those of see-through day optics (“red -dot” sights) in a single product, enabling complete operational flexibility, day and night.

Users in the defense, law enforcement and HLS sectors can benefit from the highly-advanced features of the TIGON, in one, extremely cost-effective solution.

The integrated technology enables operational flexibility for mission success in open terrain, CQB scenarios, densely-vegetated areas – such as jungles – and more. Being compact and lightweight, it reduces weapon-load, improves weapon balance, and simplifies operations compared with similar non-integrated solutions.

For day use, the Mepro TIGON’s large transparent display window and clearly-visible reticle enable rapid target acquisition, with both eyes open. At night, the thermal image projected onto the same display effectively supports spotting and engaging targets in complete darkness and harsh environment conditions, including smoke and dust.

To increase the effective day range of the sight, a tactical magnifier can be fitted behind it, while the digital x2 zoom of its thermal channel may be employed at night.

Additional features and advantages include:

– High accuracy zeroing system

– Wide FOV in both day and thermal modes

– Light sensor for seamless auto-adjustment of day reticle brightness

– Long operating time – thousands of hours in day mode, and more than five continuous hours in thermal mode

– Power-saving mechanism for maximum energy efficiency, without compromising reticle availability

– Low operating costs – powered by two commercial “AA” batteries

– Connectivity enabled through a video-out interface for external monitors and communications systems

– Quick-release high-durability Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) mount

“The Mepro TIGON was developed in direct response to the needs of military, security, and law enforcement users for a sight that both, has high performance capabilities, and, is cost-effective enough to enable large-scale fielding for significantly increasing numbers of night-combat enabled users within forces,” says David Shenhav, S.V.P. Sales & Marketing – Defense, at Meprolight. “It efficiently supports seamless transition between day and night operations combined with changing tactical scenarios, all while subject to harsh environmental and weather conditions.

The system is already in the process of being evaluated by the IDF and introduced to select forces around the world.”

IWI Expands Its Riot Control Solutions Portfolio with the GAL Versatile Protective Suit

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

IWI expands its riot control solutions portfolio, with the launch of its patented, unique and revolutionary riot-control protective suit – the GAL Versatile Protective Suit (VPS)

Adaptable to all scenarios, the VPS is designed for use by law enforcement agencies. Extremely lightweight, it provides complete protection from trauma injuries

Milipol Paris, 19-22 October, Parc d’Exposition, Stand 5A D067

19 October 2021, Ramat Hasharon, Israel. IWI – Israel Weapon Industries – a member of the SK Group (founded by Mr. Samy Katsav), and leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for military forces, police units, law enforcement agencies, and governmental entities around the world – announces the expansion of its comprehensive range of riot-control solutions as it launches the patented GAL Versatile Protective Suit (VPS). Designed for the protection of forces while maintaining public order, the lightweight, wearable protection system is adaptable to all scenarios.

The GAL VPS absorbs massive kinetic trauma and reduces and diverts the transfer of a blow to the body. A comprehensive, 3-level operational solution, the GAL VPS is flexible and easy to wear. It includes a vest and arm and leg protectors, all anti-trauma, and weighs just 4.4 kg at W2 and 5.9kg at W4, making it the most lightweight protective suit, while the unique design enables users from small to large size to wear it. The system is also covered with an anti-abrasion material as standard, or with flame retardant material according to the customer’s needs.

Together with the bullet proof and anti-stab ultralight vest and ultralight ballistic helmet, the GAL VPS is the most up-to-date, versatile protective suit available today. Moreover, following a stringent testing process and crash tests, the system has achieved German standard VPAM KDIW 2004 Cubic/ Wurfel.

“In the past year, we have witnessed the growing need for a professional personal protection system that provides a solution for security forces in the face of diverse missions and minute-by-minute situational changes,” says Ronen Hamudot, Executive VP of Marketing and Sales at SK Group. “We have developed a single kit that provides different levels of protection and addresses any scenario, including covert missions, search and arrest missions, dispersal of demonstrators, and more. This GAL VPS is an addition to the overall solution offered by IWI in the field of public protection. IWI continues to pursue its goal of providing complete solutions to its customers, by constantly developing the most advanced systems in the world.”

Honeywell Introduces Gold Shield MT for Multi-Threat Protection in Ballistic Vests for Law Enforcement

Monday, October 18th, 2021

·   New high-performing, lightweight ballistic material provides increased protection from both blades and spikes; meets stringent regulations for law enforcement vests

·   Company’s Gold Shield and Spectra Shield products used globally for advanced armor applications

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., Oct. 18, 2021 — Honeywell today announced Gold Shield® MT, a revolutionary high-performing ballistic composite material that provides advanced protection from multi-threats, such as blades and spikes, as well as bullet-stopping capabilities and controlled backface deformation in ballistic protective vests for law enforcement. The newest addition to the company’s innovative line of Gold Shield and Spectra Shield products, Gold Shield MT will be introduced at Milipol Paris.

Gold Shield MT uses Honeywell’s patented Shield technology made with aramid fiber and new innovative process technology for stab resistance, and extends Honeywell’s Gold Shield product line for law enforcement from ballistics protection to multi-threat protection from blades and spikes. Honeywell’s Gold Shield outperforms woven aramid products in protecting against various types of trauma such as multi-hit, ballistics and backface. It also enables ballistic protection vests to have the durability and strength that meet the strenuous requirements of law enforcement vest applications.

“Honeywell’s global supply of ballistic composite materials helps ensure that law enforcement agencies and militaries have access to the world’s leading armor technology,” said Tim Swinger, general manager of armor at Honeywell Life Sciences & Protection Industries. “With Gold Shield MT, manufacturers of ballistic protection vests can incorporate a multi-protection lightweight material into designs that offers increased protection against both blades and spikes, and contributes to ballistic resistance performance.”

Gold Shield MT meets global regulatory standards for law enforcement vest applications, including NIJ, VPAM, and CAST for stab and impact resistant protective equipment. 

To meet the global body armor demand, Honeywell in 2019 announced increased production capacity of its proprietary Spectra fiber, an ultra-strong, yet lightweight fiber made from ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) for use in advanced armor applications. Honeywell’s Spectra Shield and Gold Shield products have been widely adopted and proven for the most advanced armor applications globally, from bullet-resistant vests, breast plates and helmets to combat vehicles and military aircraft- all of which require lightweight solutions and superior performance. 

“Gold Shield MT will allow Honeywell to offer new solutions through our Shield portfolio to provide even more comprehensive protection with multi-threat ballistic material for next-generation protective gear for the military and law enforcement,” added Swinger.

Pound for pound, Spectra fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float. It has up to 60% greater strength than alternate aramid fiber. Spectra fiber is made from UHMWPE using a patented gel-spinning process.

Honeywell maintains an active Spectra fiber and ballistic materials research program focused on continuous improvement and development of high-performance materials. For more information about Spectra fiber, visit

IWI Announces the Launch of a New Assault Rifle in the ACE Family – the ACE-N 52 – with an Improved Ergonomic Design, Suitable for Standard NATO Magazines

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Compatible with 7.62X51mm ammunition, the new weapon is designed to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield

Milipol Paris, Parc d’Exposition, 19-22 October, Stand no 5A D067

October 13,  2021, Ramat Hasharon, Israel. IWI – Israel Weapon Industries – a member of the SK Group (founded by Mr. Samy Katsav) a leader in producing combat-proven small arms for military forces, police units, law enforcement agencies and governmental entities around the world – is launching the new ACE-N 52 assault rifle. The latest model in the ACE family, the ACE-N 52 has an improved ergonomic design that is suitable for use with standard NATO (AR-10) magazines, including 7.62X51mm ammunition.

Based on the reliable and proven mechanism of the famous GALIL assault rifle – which was the main assault rifle of the IDF – the ACE-N 52 has been designed specifically to enable forces to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield.

“As a leader in the field of small arms, IWI constantly continues to develop the most advanced products, according to the changing needs of its customers,” says Ronen Hamudot, Executive VP Marketing and Sales at SK Group and IWI. “In this way, the ACE-N 52, with its enhanced ergonomic features, meets the needs of the modern battlefield. An additional configuration of the ACE-N 52 has been adapted to the needs of the civilian market.”

The ACE-N 52 meets the standards of MIL SDT 810, and is able to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. With a foldable AR butt and adjustable cheek rest, the new weapon enables flexible operation and enhances mission accuracy. This highly versatile weapon also features a Picatinny rail, to adapt a wide range of equipment.

K9 Helm

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

K9 Helm M2 will see it’s European debut next week at Milipol Paris.