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B&T RBS50 Suppressor for Barrett M107A1

Thursday, December 21st, 2023

As seen at Milipol Paris, the new B&T RBS50 QDB for Barrett M107A1.


Caliber .50BMG

Length: 449mm

Length added beyond muzzle break: 347mm

Diameter: 69mm

Weight: 2.8kg

Material: Inconel+Thermax

Aku Flyrock Mid GTX

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

During last month’s Milipol in Paris I got a sneak peek at some of next year’s new footwear from Aku.

New to the commercial outdoor side is the Mid variant of the Flyrock, which is AKU’s lightweight, fast hiker. Coming Spring/Summer, the Mid GTX features a GORE-TEX lining and offers more ankle support.

The color that caught my eye is the Black and Silver combo which will blend in to many environments. This color scheme even extends to the outsole which is a Vibram Traction Lug sole with Megagrip paired with a High Cushion and High Rebound EVA midsole.

Fantosme – Maritime Plate Carrier Gen 2

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Launched during the recent Milipol Paris expo, the Maritime Plate Carrier Gen 2 was developed by Fantosme in France and Flimmuur Tactical in the UK. As you can see, it’s a low profile design.

From the outset it was designed for ease of manufacture with fewer pieces. It includes a semi-rigid cummerbund to help support and stabilize load utilizes the 2M ROC Buckle.

Accepts Multiple placards.

Rear panel accepts Crye Zip-On Panels.

It’s also lightweight. The carrier with 3 mag pouch is just 700 grams.

Above you can see the construction of the panels which accept a pad.

By Eric Graves

NFM Hjelm HC 160F & HC 120MT Helmet Data

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

During the Recent Milipol Paris exposition, Norwegian soldier systems manufacturer NFM released two new versions of their 4th generation ballistic helmet called Hjelm which is the Norse word for helmet.

The HC 160F & HC 120MT replace previous models. Utilizing their FREC-2 pressing technology, the HC 160F is the lightweight option while the HC 120MT offers protection from a wider range of threats. Below is the tech data.

HJELM 4th Generation HC 160F

Aerial density: 4.9 kg/m2

HJELM 4th Generation HC 120MT

Aerial density: 6.7 kg/m2

In addition to the new ballistic shell options, the Hjelm Helmet System continues to incorporate several innovative features.

Edgemount Attachment System – Rather than permanently attached rails, the Edgemount uses hardware to attach just that enabler to the edge of the helmet.

HASP – The Helmet Attachment System Pattern replaces the stationary Velcro loop found in most helmets with a structural web of high-strength composites that provide a stronger and more reliable system throughout the shell exterior. In addition to camouflage, enablers can be attached to HASP.

Koroyd – The Koroyd impact protection system uses core tubular technology which absorbs most energy by creating crumple zones. In addition to being lightweight, Koroyd also allows for ventilation within the helmet.

The Hjelm Helmet System is offered in Coyote Brown, Raven Black, and Helhound Grey.

By Eric Graves

Integris Composites Launches Rapid Don/Doff Body Armor at Milipol Paris

Friday, November 17th, 2023

Integris seeks feedback from military and law enforcement on its new soft armor vests

PARIS—Integris Composites, the global leader in armor protection for the world’s elite military and law-enforcement units, invites active military and law enforcement people attending Milipol Paris 2023 to visit Stand 5 F009 and review prototypes of the company’s new Rapid Don/Doff body-armor vests, making their debut at the event.

New Integris Composites Soft Body Armor

Soft body-armor vests, carriers and tactical gear constitute a new category of personal protection from Integris Composites, the new name for TenCate Advanced Armour.

“For more than 25 years the company has been the go-to producer of ballistic plates that slide into the pockets of vests and carriers made by body armor manufacturers and used by the world’s leading military and law enforcement teams,” said Jan Grimberg, the senior vice president of marketing and sales EMEA at Integris.

“Moving one step further in the value chain, we are developing a new system of ballistic vest gear for law-enforcement and military units. Milipol marks the first public presentation of equipment that dramatically reduces time for donning and doffing one’s body armor rig—by 50 percent or more,” said Stephen Jackson, regional director Turkey, Middle East & Africa.

Public debut of the Integris Rapid Don/Doff vests is taking place at Integris Composites Stand 5 F009 during Milipol Paris 2023, Nov. 14–17 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

Early versions of Integris Rapid Don/Doff vests/carriers have been tested in recent months by law enforcement groups in Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

During Milipol, military and police visitors in active service will be invited to test three prototype vests, each featuring a different magnetic latch and Rapid Don/Doff one-side or two-side opening system.

Message to Police and Military Users

“Our message to users? ‘Put it on and take it off as many times as you want. We want to hear your questions.’ We are not telling people, ‘This is what you need.’ We are saying, ‘Tell us what you need, and we will deliver. We are committed to making the gear you want and need,’” said Jackson.

Integris Composites Magnetic Buckle System

“Using our magnetic buckle system, they can take it off, put it on in two seconds —much faster than traditional gear with only hook-and-loop Velcro® fasteners. Even more, it enables us to create a personalized fit the first time it is set up. Users are now able to rapidly don and doff vests repeatedly without losing their settings,” added Jackson.

Integris is also displaying standard vests, custom-designed plate carriers and shields that are also part of the personal protection portfolio.

New Focus for Integris

“Integris began a pivot from a standalone supplier of ballistic plates into the role of an end-to-end solution integrator in early 2022 and we are continuing to build momentum following the announcement of our name change in September,” explained Grimberg.

Integris Composites Facility in France

“The company is becoming a full-spectrum supplier of the highest level of personal protection for military forces and law enforcement. “We want to position Integris as a holistic protection company—the resource for whatever protection you need,” Grimberg added.

Integris is an engineering company and the manufacturer of composite armor for land vehicles, aircraft, naval craft, protective housing for optronics and other sensitive technology in addition to personal protection gear. The company’s scope includes the design, development, production, sales, and services of composite armor solutions. Integris’ product portfolio consists of panels or ready-to-install kits made from high-strength materials like HDPE, aramids and ceramics. For more information go to:

Milipol 23 – EXOM EXO-Skeleton

Thursday, November 16th, 2023

EXOM is a joint project between Mehler System and Mawishi which wishes to make good on the aspirations of USSOCOM’s so-called “Iron Man Suit” which world to beat the weight of heavy, full-body armor for breachers and the first man through the door.

They are doing this by using the Mawishi UPRISE exoskeleton to help bear the weight and reduce fatigue, combined with Mehler’s expertise in body armor and helmets.

Milipol 23 – 3D Printed Lightweight Plate Carrier from SEYNTEX

Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Belgian textile manufacturer SEYNTEX showed off a 3D printed lightweight plate carrier concept.

Here you can see lattice work which adds padding and airflow.

Milipol 23 – Monte Cervino Tactical belt from FROG.PRO

Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Exhibiting in the MP-SEC stand at Milipol, FROG.PRO showed us their Monte Cervino Tactical Belt.

Designed to serve as an outer belt, it integrates with their Cobra trouser inner belt via Velcro and the lumbar region is wide in order to stabilize the back and support equipment.

It also features the new Snake Bite Cobra Buckle which prevents the webbing from creeping on the adjustable end.

Finally, the belt integrates FROG-PRO’s U.Lok system which is fully PALS compatible.